The News for 1999.

December 26, 1999

After Earth, Wind and Fire classics got remixed in a pumping disco way this year, expect some classy house mixes by Tiefschwarz for release next year.

Roy Malone, the man who made Wamdue Kid's "King of my castle" one of the biggest tunes in Europe this year, has just finished mixes of "Fired up" by the Funky Green Dogs which should be released early next year.

The next Everything but the Girl single "Temperamental" has been given the remix treatment by DJ Spen & Karizma, Ananda Project, Wamdue Kids, Ralphie Rosario and Hex Hector. It is currently on promo only (triple vinyl in the US), and it is not clear which mixes will get released commercially.

Boris Dlugosch has remixed "Give me you" by Mary J. Blige for MCA/Universal Records. No release date available as of yet.


December 19, 1999

Next week, I will review the "Soul Boy Records Gold Pack" which I got on promo CD. Miss it at your own risk!!

"Music" by Tiefschwarz is now also released on Wave Records as 2x12" including a total of 7 mixes.

"Believe in yourself" by SoulSwitch featuring Meli'sa Morgan has been released by YellOrange Records this week as 2x12". Finally I got it on vinyl!

"That sound" by Michael Moog has been released by Strictly Rhythm Records as 2x12" stateside and as single 12" in Germany. Both releases include the original version, two mixes by Full Intention and a Club 69 remix.

BeBe Winans has been dropped by Atlantic Records so it is unclear if the Masters at Work remixes of "I have a Dream" will ever get released.

Frankie Knuckles remixed "Don't you ever give up" by Innervision feat. Melonie Daniels for Nervous Records, but this mix cannot stand up against the original versions. Frankie also remixed the new single "D"Votion 99" by D*Note featuring Beth Hirsch for Virgin Records.

Meanwhile, his DEF-mix partner David Morales remixed "Rhythm Divine" by Enrique Iglesias for Interscope Records, the result is a commercial record. Included is also a tribalesque mix by Lord G.


December 5, 1999

If you missed "In and out of my Life" by ATFC presents OnePhatDeeva when it was first around on Defected Records, you can now get it on the german label ClubTools/Edel Records. Their release includes the original version, the Knee Deep vocal, the accapella and the Lab Rat's vocal version.

Henry Street Records rereleased "The Bomb!" by the Bucketheads (it is on red vinyl). If you need to replace your worn out 12", it is your chance now.

The long awaited Joe Claussell album "Language" is out now on double-album on Ibadan Records.

Joey Negro will release a compilation entitled "Can't get high without U" on Azuli Records in January 2000. The DJ friendly triple vinyl pack and a mixed CD will feature classics from Joey Negro catalogue including Thelma Houston "I Need Somebody Tonight", Doug Willis "Got To Get Your Own", Z-Factor "Gotta Keep Pushing", Karla Brown "Get Another Love", Diana Ross, The Knowledge, and many more.


November 28, 1999

Talkin' Loud Records have a white label of Innerzone Orchestra "People make the world go round" with a Kenny Dixon remix on it.


November 21, 1999

"A certain peace" by Lonesome Echo Strings has been bootlegged. It includes both a mix by Rainer Trüby and Joe Claussell.


November 14, 1999

There is a one-sided US bootlegg titled "Bigger Love - Vocal Mix" available which is of course "Big Love" by Pete Heller with a female vocalilst.

YelloRange Records just put out two new promos: SoulSwitch featuring Me'Lisa Morgan "Believe in yourself" and Miguel Plasencia featuring Figueroa "Cuidado con los enbori". Since only a few lucky ones get those promos, I won't be able to do a review until the records are commercially available.

Recently, I credited the remix of Tina Turner's "Missing" to Boris Dlugosch, but the mix has been done by austrian duo 7th District. The record is now available on italian 12".

"What'cha gonna do" by Eternal is now available on italian 12" which includes the Masers at Work vocal and dub mixes.


November 7, 1999

"In and out of my Life" by Adeva has been rereleased on EasyStreet Records 12" including the 1988 original version and the 1995 remix by Roger S.

If you missed the UK remixes of "Byrdman's Revenge", you can get it now as part of "The Complete Upstairs Loung" by Mike Delgado, a double 12" package on Henry Street Records wich also included the original version.

This week, I found the original japanese 12" of Misia "Remix 1999" on BMG Japan Records which I reviewed on US white label (not japanese as I noted). 


October 31, 1999

"Blackout" by Lil'Louis has been released on FFRR Records. Grab it if you didn't when it was first released.

Giant Step Records have "Jingo" by Kalawang, produced by Ron Trent. It features Big Muff's Itaal Shur and Groove Collective and should be out soon.

Yellow Records did release "Plein Soleil" by Yasushi Ide presents Lonesome Echo Strings this week.

"Snowboy" by Joe Claussell on Ubiquity Records has been causing a storm in New York recently so you should grab your coby quick. I should get my copy for review shortly.

Check the Upcoming page - lots of new records added this week.

Bobby D'Ambrosio's album "Here I am" will be released in January 2000 on Definity Records.

And also check the Album Reviews page - you will find reviews of "Language" by Joe Claussell, "The many Shades of Mateo and Matos", "Soul Electrica" by Roy Davis Jr. and "Shoki Remixed" by Femi Kuti.


October 24, 1999

If you missed "A world Celebration" by Cunnie Williams feat. Heavy D. on Peppermint Jam Records, you don't have to worry. It is now released on ClubTools Records

The album by Kerri Chandler and Dennis Ferrer is now released as a double pack on Sfere Records (review follows as soon as I get it).

TomTomClub Records released a white label 12" with the 'Un-Edited Original Mix' of "Heavenly Stars" by Black Masses.


October 17, 1999

There is a new Larry Heard album out called "Genesis" on Mecca Recordings.

The Boris Dlugosch mixes of "Missing You" by Tina Turner should be out on promo very soon.

Blackmale Records are back with Romanthony remixes of "N'Rapture" by The Soulvation Army.

Slip'N'Slide Records just released "Wishing you were here" by Blaze, but only on a single 12" that does not include the Joey Negro instrumental that got played by most DJs.


October 10, 1999

There hasen't been any new rotary mixer available since Urei stopped making them. But now, Rane Corporation introduced their MP 2016 Rotary Mixer which will be sold around US $ 1'50.-- (price for the main unit). Check their page for more information.

In april, I reviewed the Mousse T. remix of "To be number one" by the Scorpions. This is now available on bootlegg in two versions, and the quality of the pressing is excellent.

Another excellently pressed and interesting bootlegg is "Dancefloor Fillers: Gwen Guthrie". It includes her classic "Padlock", "Ain't nothing going on but the rent" (vocal and dub) and "Seventh Heaven".

Wave Records released the 12" of Cearia Evora "Carnaval de São Vicente" with four mixes by Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell and Francois K.

"Chocolate Sensation" by Lenny Fontana & DJ  Shorty will be out on FFRR/51st Records soon.

Distance Records will release the African Blues album entitled "Colour in rhythm stimulate mind freedom" on october 18th.

The Mood II Swing remixes of "Bagdad Cafe(Callin' U)" by A:Xus will be released on Guidance Records in the next few days.

For those of you who missed some of Barbara Tucker's 12" there is a chance to get some of the mixes  now: Positiva Records release a series of six 12" titled "Positiva Classics". On volume 5 there are "Beautiful People", "Stay together" (Armand van Helden Remix) and "I get lifted" (two versions).

R*Senal Records released a 2x12" with new mixes of  "Be with U" by Junior Sanchez featuring Dajae. Among the original versions, we finally get Junior's dub version as well as two new mixes.

"The Rough Guide to House", written by Sean Bidder, is a guide to the key producers, artists, DJs and record labels involved in creating house grooves. This guide features key biographies of the past and present plus plenty of exclusive photographs and is a nice little handbook, sold around US $ 10.-- (ISBN 1-85828-432-5). For example, you can order it from Amazon US or Amazon Germany.


October 3, 1999

The hard to find Jay Denes mixes of Maxwell's "Fortunate" are now available on bootlegg which is pressed in good quality.

Swiss label Purple Music Records will release Kings of Tomorrow remixes of "Free call" by Delicious Inc. on a limited edition 12" soon. Meanwhile, Billie (former H2O singer) is working on her forthcoming track titled "Take it easy" that features background vocals from Michael Proctor.

Satoshi Tomiie will soon release his debut album "Full Lick" on INCredible Records including a Pete Heller remix of "Come to me".

Yoshitoshi Records just released "Rise" by Eddie Amador which was getting lots of attention since some white labels were given away at the Winter Music Conference in Miami in march. You can expect lots of mixes when it gets released on Rise Records in Italy and Defected Records in the UK soon.

Now that MAW Records just put out the so far unreleased Masters at Work dub of "Days like this" by Kenny Lattimore, lets hope they do the same with the unreleased dub of "Thank you" by BeBe Winans.


September 26, 1999

The Blaze fans might want to search the limited edition single-sided 12" of "Cult of Soul" on Slip'N'Slide Records.

The Yaz/Yazoo classic "Don't go" has been rereleased with new mixes by Todd Terry on Mute/Reprise Records 12" (in the US it is a double 12" coupled with new mixes of "Situation"). Their original name was Yazoo, but they had to change it into Yaz in the US for legal reasons.

Azuli Records will soon release the new Black Masses 12" "Heavenly Stars" complete with mixes by Joey Negro.

After the successfull "Deep Condition EP" which included "Soul Talkin'" which was released on Wave Records just a few weeks ago with mixes by Matthias Heilbronn, Deep Bros. will release a new EP soon on Rewax Records.

Pino Arduini, the mastermind behind Deep Bros., will have his collaboration with Mr. Mike titled "Let's do it again" out soon on Peppermint Jam Records.


September 19, 1999

There is a rumour that the massive David Morales produced "Needin' you" by The Face will get a rerelease as Face 2000 with a full vocal version.

While we are still waiting for 'The Horn Mix' of "Thank you" by BeBe Winans to get released, the Masters at Work already work on their remix to BeBe Winans "I have a Dream" (which samples part of Luther Kings speech).

Yellow Records France have licensed the marvellous Masters at Work remixes of "Plein Soleil" by Yasushi Ide presents Lonesome Echo Strings feat. Clémente.


September 12, 1999

It looks to be a hot automn coming up with all those great records we are waiting for. Just see my Upcoming page for some details...


September 5, 1999

Don't miss my review of "Plein Soleil" by Lonesome Echo Strings on my Connaisseur Page - you can listen to this dope shit there (I uploaded two RealAudio files). There is a rumour that is has been bootlegged...

My store finally got the double-packs of "Very Important People" by Gus Gus on 4AD Records UK. There are two: the first has the Masters at Work and Fire Island mixes, the second has the Ron Trent and Francois K. mixes.

Mecca Records will re-release the club classic "Coming on strong" by Desiya. Not sure wether there are new mixes or just the original ones, but there is a huge list of remixers credited: Tony Humphries, Todd Terry, 'Little' Louie Vega, Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales, Larry Rausen.

"Circles" by Mustafa feat. Natalia is now also out on a double-pack promo on GoBeat Records which includes another remix by Pete Heller (tougher than the reviewed one on the single promo) and the original version.

Jocelyn Brown's '84 club hit "Pickin' up Promises" got remixed for '99 and is now out on EasyStreet Records 12" Test Pressing. The mixes are on the poppy side of house, and no info who has done them is available.

R. Kelly's "I believe I can fly" is now out in a house version by B.O.P. feat. Club Artists United on SoundMen on Wax Records 12". The full vocal is a gospel-ish cheesy house affair while the other two mixes take it to the club.


August 29, 1999

F-111 Records released some more mixes of "Sing it back" by Moloko stateside. Included are the 'Mousse T. Bootlegg Dub', 'Levents Funk-O-Rama Dub' and 'Can 7 Supermarket Mix'.

Altantic Records US put out the 2x12" promo of Everything but the Girl's "Five Fathoms" including the outstanding Kevin Yost remix.

The Restless Soul remixes of "Blow" by Fini Dolo, reviewed on this site in early February, is available again on 12" - not sure wether it is a promo or a bootlegg, but the quality of the pressing is good.

The next 12" by Dina Caroll got the remix treatment from Roger S. and will (hopefully) be released on Manifesto Records.

Columbia Records have put out a very limited white-label promo with Jay Denes mixes of Maxwell's "Fortunate". Hopefully I'll be able to find one.

I reported that "Very Important People" by Gus Gus will get released on two 2x12" packs on 4AD Records in the UK. I haven't seen those double 12" so far, instead I saw just one single 12" so far. Let's hope the doubles get released soon...


August 22, 1999

Sony Records UK will release a four records 12" Box by Jamiroqui in september which will include the Masters at Work remix of "Canned Heat" as well as both the Pete Heller and Restless Soul mixes of "Supersonic".

"Very Important People" by Gus Gus is now set for a release on two 2x12" packages on 4AD Records soon.

Masters at Work have remixed "Wa'cha gonna do" by Eternal for EMI Records.

MAW Records finally put out the promo copies of "Latin Lover" by Stephanie Mills. I haven't heard it so far, but everyone is telling me it is an outstanding production.

SoundMen on Wax Records will soon release both the album "Blessed" and a new 12" by Kenny Bobien. They also have the long awaited DJ Spen remixes of "Thank you" by SuSu Bobien on 2x12" out soon.

Strictly Rhythm Records will be 10 years old soon, and to celebrate it they will release an album mixed by 'Little' Louie Vega.

Yellow Records started a new series of 12" titled "Yellow Dance Classics". The first 12" included the Blaze remix of "Innershade" by Shazz and "Le Voyage" by The Mighty Bop.


August 8, 1999

"The Wanderer '99 Revisited" by Romanthony is now available on US 2x12" on Density Records. Sounding very much like the 'old' Romanthony so it is only for his hardcore fans.

There is a rumour going round that Jazz'N'Groove/UBP remixed the classic "Rhythm of Life" by Keith Thompson.


August 1, 1999

We can expect "A Basement, a Red Light and a Feelin' 2" by Kerri Chandler very soon on MadHouse Records.

"Very Important People" by Gus Gus will also see mixes by Ron Trent on the retail release.

Arista Records UK once again put out a very limited white label with house remixes of a r&b song. This time it is MJ Cole mixing "Unpretty" by TLC in his usual 2-step style. Also included are two r&b rubs with a 2-step bassline.

Azuli Records licensed "Sunshine & Happiness" by Darryl Pandy meets Nerio's Dubwork, one of this years favorites for Ibiza. New mixes are courtesy of FutureShock.

"Make me believe in You" by Patti Jo got rereleased on Original Sound Track Recordings, inlcuding a 're-edited and re-enhanced' version by Phil Asher & The Black Science Orchestra.


July 25, 1999

Well, it is summer time, and not much going on.As usual, some interesting records still in the pipeline, but no breaking news at all...


July 18, 1999

Spiritual Life Records have just put out new promos and test pressings: a Sampler with new cuts to come in the future, a new Mateo & Matos EP, a 12" by Scott Grooves. They will also have the albums by Marc Cary and Joe Claussell released later this year.

YellOrange Records released the Masters at Work remxies of "Rescue me" by Sunkids feat. Chance. The record didn't make it to Switzerland so far, but I got informed the mixes are different from the ones I reviews on test pressing.

There is a bootlegg of "Latest Craze" by Seal with mxies by Joe Clausell & Kerri Chandler.


July 11, 1999

Again, there is a bootlegg you might want to get hold off. It inlcudes the so far unreleased Masters at Work remixes of Kenny Lattimore's "Days like this" as well as the long version of Luther Vandross "Are you using me".

Pete Heller and Terry Farley are back as a team will release "Deep Sensation" on Junior Boys Records soon.

ClubTools Records released the promo-only ClubTools Summer '99 sampler including "Music" by Tiefschwarz, "World wide party" by Black & White Brothers, "I found it" by Kiez Kidz and "Sing it back" by Moloko. And the artwork is one of the best I've seen in the past few month - it gives you the right summer feeling...


July 4, 1999

I'm glad there isn't too much stuff this week to be reviewed. At 30 degrees celsious, it is no pleasure to listen to records and write the reviews... Don't miss the new Upcoming Releases section, a huge list of records to watch out for in the coming weeks and months. If you want to contribute to the list, just send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Defected Records will soon release the double-pack promo of Phunkie Souls "Tha Music" which is licensed from Strictly Rhythm Records. New mixes by Knee Deep and Funk Force will be included.

ClubTools Records are ready to release "Music" by Tiefschwarz soon complete with mixes by Matthias Heilbronn. They also will add new Tiefschwarz remixes for their release of "To be in Love" by India which will also include the original version as the Full Intention remix. They also have "Love Thang" by Neal Lorenzani as well as a ClubTool Summer 99 Promo, a 4 track balearean sampler including "Music" by Tiefschwarz, "World Wide Party" by Black & White Brothers, "I found it" by Kiez Kidz and "Sing it Back" by Moloko.


June 27, 1999

Sound of Barclay Records released a 10" of Femi Kuti "Truth don't die" with two new mixes: 'Kerrys Main Vox Mix' by Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham and 'MAW House Instrumental' by the Masters at Work.

Peppermint Jam Records released "Sing it back" by Moloko with new mixes by Mousse T. and Can7. It will also be out on ClubTools Records as a double-pack soon with even more new mixes.

"Nights over Egypt" by Incognito has been released in the US on Blue Thumb Records with the so far unreleased 'Terrys in N.Y. Mix' by the Masters at Work.

Azuli Records put out new mixes of "Makes me love you" by Eclipse by Richard F (filtered and funky) and Funk Force (puming filtered house) on test pressing.

"Cant' get enough" by SoulSearcher is back on ClubTools Records with a brand new Tom Novy & Pufo remix   on a single-sided 12". The mix is a nicely bumping edited version of the original, perfect for the dancefloor.

Watch out for "Thank you" by True Solace on Atlantic Records with mixes by Eric Kupper and DJ Spen & Karizma (currently on promo).

EastWest Records released a promo of "She's a Bitch" by Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott with Blaze 2000 remixes. It's not clear if Blaze 2000 are Blaze or someone else, but the mixes have a techno-ish tribal feel and are on the harder side of house music.


June 20, 1999

"Rescue me (Y don't U)" by Jazmina is now available on test pressing from Dance Tracks Records and should be out soon. It was out in late march as a mysterious one-sided UK test pressing.

Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat" is now available on two different bootlegg pressings with the same mixes but in different quality, so you better check before you order.

"Rescue me" by Sunkids feat. Chance is now available on a UK white-label which includes the original mixes from the US 12" as well as the so far promo-on ly Masters at Work vocal remix. There is no information if this is a bootlegg or a promo from AM:PM Records who licensed it for the UK.

"Body & Soul Vol.ume 2" should be out soon on WaveMusic Records inlcuding "Sangue de Beirona" by Cesaria Evora, "Vai Minha Tristeza" by Tom & Joyce, "Love and Respect" by The Carlos Sanchez Movement, "Dancing in Outerspace" by Atmosfear, "Ibo Le Le" by Jephté Guillaume and much more.

"Future Love" by Presence sees a second 12" promo with the dub mix by Pete Heller on Pagan Records.


June 13, 1999

If you couldn't get enough of "House Music" by Eddie Amador, it was just released with new DJ Sneak mixes and the acapella on double pack 12" on Yoshitoshi Records.

Azuli Records licensed the Candido classic "Jingo" which should be out soon with new mixes. There are currently some white labels around titled "Bingo" including some of the new mixes.

If you missed "Byrdmans Revenge" by Mike Delgado the first time around on Henry Street Records, you'll get another chance to pick it up soon on Sunflower Records complete with new mixes by Mutiny UK and the Rhythm Masters.

ClubTools/Edel Records just sent me some more information of hot upcoming releases that inlcude "Here I am" on 12" and "Here I am - the Collection" (the album) by Bobby D'Ambrosio, and they already signed the upcoming single by Soulsearcher.


June 6, 1999

Universal Music Records UK have decided to release a promo 12" of the DJ Spen mixes of Mary J. Blige "Beautiful". But how many bootleggs have already been sold worldwide?

The famous remix of Whitney Houston's "It's not right but it's ok" (the one using the salsoul classic) was commercially released by Arista Records US this past week.

The new single "VIP" by Gus Gus is remixed by many people, among them the Masters at Work. Promos should be around soon.

"Sing it back" by Moloko has been picked up by Peppermint Jam Records and will soon get released with new mixes by Mousse T. It will also be out in the US as a double-pack soon.


May 30, 1999

Two WestEnd Records classics have just been reissued: "Hearbeat" by Taana Gaardner and "Is it all over my face" by Loose Joints. There will also be a CD titled "Larry Levan Classic Mixes".

Two Masters at Work remixes of "Canned heat" by Jamiroquai are available on bootleggs now. As strong as the album version was they just added some NuYorican Soul flava to it.

The wait for "Never forget" by Hardrive 2000 will be over on friday june 4th when it will be released on Strictly Rhythm Records. Some other hot tracks from the Strictly stable include "2morrow Future 2day" by Junior Sanchez (out june 11th) which inlcudes the massive "Be with you" featuring Dajae on vocals and will be out on R-Senal Records, the new label run by Roger Sanchez. "God help those" by DJ Spen on Basement Boys Records and "It's all good" by Da Mob feat. Jocelyn Brown on Subliminal Records will be both out on june 11th.

Azuli Records are preparing their 100th release that will be "Makes me love you" by Eclipse.

"Rescue me" by Sunkids feat. Chance will get remixed by Boris Dlugosch for its release on AM:PM Records. There is still no word when the slamming Masters at Work remixes will be released.

The next 12" for Byron Stingily on the UK's Manifesto Records might be a cover of the Ten City classic "That's the way love is".


May 23, 1999

Thanks to William Gantt for informing me that the Mood II Swing mixes of "Fly to the moon" by Indigo had already been released in 1995 with the same mixes.

Good news from Sony Records: the Masters at Work remixes of the new Jamiroquai 12" should get a release date soon.

I'm still working to get the two latest 12" on SoundMen on Wax Records by DJ Pope and SuSu Bobien. There are some problems getting them from the USA.

A few month ago there was a rumour that the legendary "25 Years Later" album by Blaze will get rereleased. Now it looks like it truly is only a rumour...

Edel/ClubTools Records are currently on the works for some hot upcoming releases that will include the remixes of "To be in Love" by India, "C'mon everybody" by Mousse T. and "Music" by Tiefschwarz (complete with remixes by Matthias Heilbronn).

Frankie Knuckles remixed "From the Heart" by Another Level for Maximum Productions. The mixes are in a very poppy way.


May 16, 1999

Bitter sadness falls upon us again this week: Alan Anderson of YellOragne and John Robinson have passed recently. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect to their families and his friends. Alan's Anderson's Biography

Wave Classics Records just released "Together Forever" by Exodus, a classic from 1982.

"What you need" by Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden has finally been released this week both stateside and in the UK.

May 9, 1999

If you're looking for some information about a 12" released since 1986, you might want to try this record search powered by Panthera Records (a swiss record store).

SoleMusic Records released phat DJ Spinna r&b remixes of "What a Surprise" by Cooly's Hot Box.

When will they stop putting out Martha Wash bootleggs? There is a new MW#5 just released...Also there is a bootlegg wth a Dimitri from Paris (??) remix of the O'Jays "Back Stabbers".

"Rescue me" by Sunkids feat. Chance will soon be out. AM:PM Records did license it for the UK so maybe new mixes will become available soon.

CeCe Peniston will release "He loves me too", her next 12", soon on Sylk Entertainment Records.

SoulShine Records have a few goodies coming soon, check their homepage for details.


May 2, 1999

"Flowers" by Armand van Helden feat. Roland Clark is now also available in the US on Armed Records.

"Rescue me" by Sunkids feat. Chance has been licensed by DreamBeat Records for Italy. Rumour is that AM:PM Records have got the license for the UK.

A track to look out for is "Spread love" by The Messangers, already causing a storm with the garage heads. The track is coming out of Italy with remixes currently being finished.

The beautiful Platinum Doll 12" (done by Matthias Heilbronn and Tommy Musto) will get released on May 12 on SubUrban Records.

The release of the slamming "The real thing" by Mateo & Matos on Glasgow Underground Records is coming closer, complete with Kings of Tomorrow remixes.

"House Music" by Eddie Amador will get another release on Yoshitoshi Records with DJ Sneak remixes. Also included will be the acapella.

Airplane Records from Italy released a 2x10" with a pretty good Mas Collective remix of "Body" by the Funky Green Dogs.


April 25, 1999

"Flowers" by Armand van Helden feat. Roland Clark has been put out by FFRR Records on 12" including the original version and a 'Dubstrumental Edit'.

The double-album "One Starry Night" by Kevin Yost has also been released on !i Records. It included four additional tracks to the UK release on Distance Music Records, and some tracks are featured in a different version.

Masters at Work remixed the forthcoming single by Jamiroquai, but Jamiroquai seem not to like the remix. Let's hope Sony Music are smart enough to release the mixes anyway.

Also, look out for Masters at Work remixes of the forthcoming Kelly LeRoc single.

There is a rumour going around that "In my arms" by Voices from the Vatican feat. Una (a former Pick of the Week review) won't get released. Let's hope YellOrange Records will rethink this decision.


April 18, 1999

Prince and the Revolution have put out 'The New Masters' of "1999" on her own NPG Records. Included is a deep house version featuring Rosie Gaines on vocals and Doug E. providing an additional rap.

NiteGroove Records will soon release "Abstract Afro Lounge II".

Look out for a 95 North remix of the forthcoming 12" by Blak Beat Niks on Large Records.

Some people are still speaking about a rumour about Masters at Work remixes of the next Jamiroquai single, but let me make clear that this is no rumour.


April 11, 1999

"Joy" by Kathy Brown is finally released as 2x12" on Definity Records.

The DJ Spen mixes of "Beautiful" by Mary J. Blige are available on bottlegg now after they have not been put on vinyl by here label. Just try to get the bootlegg which has four versions of it (there is also another one which has only one version).

There is a hot, one-sided white-label coming from the UK with a lady singing "Rescue Me" (has nothing to do with the Sun Kidds release on YellOrange Records). I'm trying to find out more about this slamming piece of music...


April 4, 1999

"Big Love" by Pete Heller might finally get released soon. Essential Records, the label who bought the license from Junior, has put out new promos.


March 28, 1999

More WMC 99 Infos

This week, I got a list from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with some more records that were given away at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. This list inlcudes the more deep recordings (Chris' list had some more titles but I cut it down to the - at least for me - most interesting titles):

  • Glenn Underground "A Story of Deepness LP" (NLC007)
  • Jacob "The Jacob EP" (NLC008)
  • Tim Harper "Reincarnation" (NLC009)
  • Roy Davis Jr. "Don't you stop Lovin'" (NLC010)
  • Taurus "Together" (Clairaudience Records)
  • Descendants "Light shines through" (Clairaudience Records)
  • Monica Elam "Ebony Angel (the resurrection)" (Clairaudience Records)
  • Mix the Vibe "Joe Clausell" (NiteGrooves Records)
  • Kimara Lovelace "I love you more" (King Street Records)
  • Basil "Time to be free" (King Street Records)
  • Angora "Enchantment (Nu Generation Remix) (Presciption Records)
  • A:xus Feat Naomi "Calling U" (Guidance Records)
  • Nu spirit Helsinki feat. Kasio "Take it back" (Guidance Records)
  • Li'sha "Thats why I'm Here" (Remixes)(Yoshitoshi Records)
  • Roy Davis Jr "Love, Wisdom & Understanding" (Underground Therapy Muzic Records)
  • Miquifaye (Anthony Nicholson) "Never let you go" (Metaphor Records)
  • Petal Pushers "Breakin' it down" (Naked Music Records)
  • Femi Kuti "Truth don Die" (MAW & Kerri Chandler Mixes)(Sound of Barclay Records)
  • Soul Dahamma "Flower Part 2" (King Britts Scuba Mix)(Velocity Records)
  • Glen Scott "Heaven" (Giant Step Records)
  • Shazz "Pray" (Bob Sinclair Mixes)(White Label)
  • Dj Rasoul "When The Morning Comes" (Large Records)
  • Mateo & Matos "Frontiers" (Large Records)
  • Toka project "You can get it" (Earth Records)

Other Infos

And here is some information about Sole Music releaeses in the future:

  • SOLE009: Cooly's Hot Box "What A Surprise (Frankie Feliciano Remixes)"
    Release Date: April 2nd 1999
  • SOLE009L: Cooly's Hot Box "What A Surprise (DJ Spinna Remixes)"
    Release Date: April 9th 1999
  • SOLE010: Sole Music VS The Jay I Geez "Introvision (DJ Spinna Remixes)"
    Release Date: tba
  • TSOLE021: Copa America "Fire In Your Hands (Louis McCrawfish Remixes)"
    Release Date: April 9th 1999
  • TSOLE022: Over Street "Part 2"
    Release Date: tba
  • TSOLE023: Steve Middleton & Ross Cambell "The Guiro EP"
    Release Date: tba
  • Also to come before the summer is Cooly's Hot Box album

For information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


March 21, 1999

WMC 99 Infos

The Winter Music Conference is over, and lots of new records have been presented there. Here is a list of records to look out for in the near future (of course, this are all promos, test pressings or tapes):

  • Sunkids "Rescue Me" (YelloRange Records 12")
  • Jose Nunez feat. Octavia "Holdin' on" (Subliminal Records 12")
  • Junior Sanchez feat. Dajae "Be with you" (Narcotic Records 12")
  • Donna Allen  (SoulFuric Records 12")
  • Roger S. feat. Cooley's Hot Box "I never knew" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")
  • Soul Dhamma "Flower" (Velocity Records 12")
  • Tiefschwarz "Music" (Clubtools Records 12")
  • Johnny D. & Nicky P. "Yes dew" (MAW Records 12")
  • Critical Point feat. Vikter Duplaix "Messages" (MAW Records12")
  • Hardrive 2000 "Never forgot" (a MAW production / Tape)
  • Pete Heller "Big Love" (FFRR Records 12")
  • Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden "What you need" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")
  • Ruffneck "New Life" (Flatline Records 12")
  • Shawnee Taylor "Betcha wouldn't hurt me" (Velocity Records 12")
  • Voices from the Vatican "In my arms" (YellOrange Records 12")
  • Mateo & Matos "The real Thing" (Glasgow Underground 12")
  • Mutabaruka "Dis Poem ‘99" (Joe Claussell Mixes)(Guidance Records 12")

Masters at Work have been giving away a tape including snippets of remixes or productions, among them are Femi Kuti and a japanese singer named Micha.

Yellow Records gave away a double-pack inlcuding some of their upcoming releases.

Other Infos

"Joy" by Sub City feat. Kathy Brown is out now on Azuli Records in the UK, on D-Vision Records in Italy and on Definity Records in the USA.

"Big Love" by Pete Heller is available as a bootlegg now everywhere (or is it just a clever marketing action by FFRR Records?). Buy the bootlegg - rumour is this version won't get released due to some licensing problems with the vocal sample.


March 14, 1999

Last weeks Pick of the Week "If she only knew" by Kevin Yost has been released by i! Records in the USA.

The Winter Music Conference in Miami is on (and will be over soon). The big question as every year is what tunes will be the big ones for this year. Many labels have prepared what they think will be the 'big hit'. Only time will tell...


March 7, 1999

"My only Love" by Bob Sinclair is out now on a second 12" with the so far unreleased 'Superfunk Remix' on Yellow Records.

Purple Music Records are starting to promote "For you" by Jamie Lewis feat. Michael Watford. Currently only a one-sided promo, the full release will also included remixes by Boris Dlugosch.

As reported last week, Hot97 has dropped the Tony Humphries mixshow. Gladly, the YellOrange website is up now and has a brand new mix by Tony Humphries you can listen to using RealPlayer G2.


February 28, 1999

"Joy" by Kathy Brown will be released on Azuli Records on March 15th.

FFRR Records have licensed "Big Love" by Pete Heller from Junior Records and will release it on March 22nd.

Once again, there is a rumour going around that Hot97 (one of the famous NYC radio stations) has dropped Tony Humphries mixshow once again. Let's hope this is not true...

It looks like Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson might split up. On the promo of "Every Day" by Lost Tymezz on NiteGroove Records, there is the message "the final chapter from the USG Team".


February 21, 1999

Winter Music Conference News:

  • If you go there, you shouldn't miss the Def House Party which will take place on March 17th at the Liquid (1439 Washington Avenue Miami Beach). Featured DJs will be David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie, Bobby D'Ambrosio, Lord G, Baby Hec Romero, Allen Jeffrey & Danny Rampling. Live on stage you can see Diane Charlemange performing "Come to me", Alisha Hill performing "The Spirit" and Kathy Brown performing "Joy".
  • The Masters at Work will have plenty of stuff (remixes and productions) to offer - details will follow soon.
  • Yellorange Records will have the already heavily played (by Tony Humphries, of course) "Rescue Me" out on test pressing right for this big event. Word is that there will be remixes.

ClubTools Records feature release will inlcude "Happy" by Jestofunk feat. CeCe Rogers with a Bob Sinclair remix and the long awaited vocal version of "Check it out" by BMR feat. Felicia.

"Can't get enough" by Soulsearcher feat. Thea Austin which was released by Defected Records in the UK a few weeks ago is now out as double 12" on SoulFuric Deep Records including all the remixes.

Mariah Carey's latest offering "I still believe" is out on Columbia Records as a double 12" including four house mixes by David Morales but those are a big disapointment for his fans since only his 'Eve of Soul Mix' sees him on top form.

A few weeks ago I reported that there will be a double 12" of Kenny Lattimore's new 12" "If I loose my woman" on Columbia Records. There is no word when this will be available, all I can tell you is that there is a single 12" promo sent out to the DJs this week.


February 14, 1999

Maxi Records released a double 12" of Big Muff "Feel what you know" with an additional dub mix by Kerri Chandler.

Talkin' Loud Records have put out a double white-label of "Nights over egypt" by Incognito. It features the original Incognito version, speed garage mixes by MJ Cole as well as an uknown jazz track.

"You don't know" by Armand Van Helden feat. Duane Harden is out on Armed Records with a so far unreleased 'Raw Mix'.

A lot of people (including myself) are waiting for "Big Love" by Peter Heller which is out on promo on JBO Records for some time now. My sources tell me it won't be out before March or April.


February 7, 1999

The remixes of "The Reason" by Sylk 130 have been released this week on double-pack on Ovum Records.

Richard F. is back with a double-pack titled "The Blue Dice Project EP" on Sublminial Records. Four funky and filtered cuts for the dancefloor.

If you can't get enough of Steve 'Silk' Hurley's disco grooves, try to find the promo of "Rush" by Kleshay on Jerv Records UK.

The new single by Monica has been remixed by the Masters at Work while David Morales is behind the club remixes of the new Mariah Carey single.

Columbia Records will release a double-pack 12" of the new Kenny Lattimore single with remixes by the Masters at Work. Also included will be the unreleased mixes of "Days like this".


January 31, 1999

Rumour is that the new Incognito double promo of "Nights over egypt" with the Masters at Work remixes will be out next week. I will keep my eyes open.

In contrast to the last two weeks, there isn't that much news this week. And we are still waiting for lots of records that could be preordered, especially from the UK, to drop in.


January 24, 1999

Silk Entertainment released the remixes of "Nobody Else" by CeCe Peniston. But this release is very dissapointing. Booker T. is doing the usual (boring) speed garage remixes while both Maurice Joshua and E-Smoove do some of their badest remixes ever.

This week, I discovered the french release of "Mothership Reconnection" by Scott Grooves (on Virgin France Records). It has a new, 16 minute long 'Scott Grooves Remix, Jam Session Reconnection' in a very smooth style.

"Bliss" by Mutiny has just been released on MAW Records with the slamming Masters at Work remixes already reviewed last year, while we are still waiting for the UK release.

WestEnd Records re-released "I'm coming" by Taana Gardner with additional mixes. Among them is an acapella and the full dub version (which was faded out on the first release).

For all you Mariah Carey fans out there is something rare to look out for: Columbia Records UK released a 10 record box set containing mixes of 10 of her single hits. Lot's of David Morales mixes included although no unreleased mixes are included as far as I know. Since the box was only made for the DJ's, this is already rare and very expensive (Hard-to-Find in the UK is already charging £ 80.--).


January 17, 1999

"Boy you knock me out" by Tatyana Ali feat. Will Smith, a r&b single, has been remixed for the clubs. Just don't know who has done the mixes and if they are any good...

Champion Records have a new triple-pack test pressing out: "Just doin' what we love" by Carole Sylvan is on the UK garage tip with lots of different remixers involved.

There are two double-promos of remixed M-People tracks doing the rounds at the moment. Most interesting for the soulful house heads will be the Joey Negro mixes.

As we could expect, "1999" by Prince will be released in many different flavours this years. Starting it off is a one-sided white label from the US with production credits given to Roger S.

Bob Sinclair's next 12" "My only Love" is remixed by Tommy Musto and should be out soon.

"Darkness" by Satoshi Tomiie feat. Robert Owens and Cevin Fisher is out now on promo on Incredible Records. It is a very dark and pretty hard track, not the usual soulful stuff we get from Satoshi.

Gerald Levert once again got the remix treatment. His "Taking Everything" got remixed by Timmy Regisford and is out now on EastWest Records.

Don't miss "Melting Pot" by Boris Gardiner, out now on Wave Classic Records, a cover of the classic Booker T. song.

Part 2 of the remixes of "The Reason" by Sylk 130 is out on Ovum Records promo, but part 1 has the better mixes.

The DJ Spen remixes of "When you get home tonight" by Montell Jordan are available on bootlegg. You find it at your local record store with "Spen's House" written on the label.

95 North are busy in the studio. One of their next releases will be "Sun Goddess" on Large Records, already getting lots of attention by the lucky ones obtaining a test pressing.

"Freak it" by Studio 45 has been remixed by Pete Heller (one half of Fire Island) and Black Science Orchestra and is out on limited double-pack test pressing on Azuli Records. But it is still the original version getting the best response of all mixes available.