In the Spotlight: Mikki Afflick "Venus in leo" (Soul Sun Soul Music Promo)

Mikki Afflick - Venus in leoThe ten year celebration of Soul Sun Soul Music is in full effect with this ingenious release by Mikki Afflick entitled "Venus in leo", a masterly crafted dance floor jewel produced in honor to legendary French disco-electro songwriter, producer, arranger and drummer Cerrone. In short, "Venus in leo" is a top-notch afro tek track guaranteed to send shivers down your spine thanks to relentlessly thumpin' rhythms and the utterly mesmerizing melodies (lead keys are by Jerrell Battle), coming your way in two equally glittering renditions.

Reviews June 30, 2019

review logoA blazin hot and truly massive update in the latest and greatest in vocal soulful/afro house awaits you this week... enjoy !!

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Pick of the Week: Sheree Hicks "With you" (Remixes)(FunkHut Records Promo)

Sheree Hicks - With you (Remixes)In February of this year, we were celebrating "With you" by Sheree Hicks, a paramount soulful gem produced by DJ Pope having timeless written all over, now this jewel returns in truly outstanding remixes taking the song to a whole different level... First up we have Richard Payton (95 North) adding his signature energetic yet truly soulful and melodious touch guaranteed to set the floor on fire, next up is Sean Ali whose verily soulful organic interpretation is sure to send shivers down your spine, and finally Conway Kasey contributes a sure-fire truly fervid afro infused dance floor weapon.

In the Spotlight: Sy Sez, Ayaba Poetic & Ash Damree "Light Body EP" (Ocha Records Promo)

Sy Sez, Ayaba Poetic & Ash Damree - Light Body EPOnce again, Ocha Records deliver the goods with this offering by DJ/producer Sy Sez who joins forces with producer Ash Damree and spoken word artist Ayaba Poetic on the truly seminal "Light Body EP" featuring two equally brilliant tracks titled "Love light dancing" and "Body wet". Without doubt, both these tracks are truly ingenious, oozing with the one-of-a-kind spoken word poetry of Ayaba Poetic, downright tantalizing melodies and intriguing rhythms. In other words, a phenomenal release not to be missed...

Reviews June 23, 2019

review logoAnother jam-packed update loaded with the latest in vocal soulful/afro house music awaits you... enjoy !!

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Pour le Connaisseur: Shamrock "Unapologetic African Sounds" (Peng Records Promo)

Shamrock - Unapologetic African SoundsMulti-talented South African artist Shamrock is back with his second full length album titled "Unapologetic African Sounds", similar to its predecessor "African Music by African People" released in 2016 we are blessed with an absolutely eminent truly eclectic and inspiring album featuring an illustrious list of guest artists. To keep it short and sweet, this incredible album perfectlyshowcasing the unique ingenious African rhythms and sounds of Shamrock is a masterpiece by no means to be missed.

Pick of the Week: Cool Million featuring D-Train "Stronger" (Opolopo and DJ Friction Mixes)(SedSoul Records Promo)

Cool Million featuring D-Train - Stronger (Opolopo and DJ Friction Mixes)Back in April, Cool Million graced us with "Stronger" a phenomenal old school inspired production featuring the unequaled vocals of legendary James 'D-Train' Williams, now this jewel having timeless written all over returns in downright dazzling remixes by Opolopo and DJ Friction. Without any doubt, both Opolopo and DJ Friction have been pulling out all the stops and added their landmark soulful yet intriguing touch to take the song to a whole different level while keeping the uplifting vibe of the original alive.

In the Spotlight: Mark Di Meo featuring Mike City "Lost time" (Soulstice Music Promo)

Mark Di Meo featuring Mike City - Lost timeUnquestionably, the verily soulful yet enthralling "Lost time" by DJ/producer Mark Di Meo oozing with Mike City's amazing deeply rooted vocals, illustrious keys, lovely guitar, grand saxophone and an infectious organic musical backing will make you yearn for more... sheer musical bliss. The icing on the care are the towering remixes by Sean Ali & Munk Julious, Emmaculate and Rightside all adding their signature truly beloved soulful touch to the song, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version...

Reviews June 16, 2019

review logoLet's turn up the heat with this weeks update loaded with the latest and greatest in soulful house music... enjoy !!

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Pick of the Week: T.S.O.N. (TheSoulOfNola) "Blessed & grateful" (ChiNolaSoul Music Promo)

T.S.O.N. (TheSoulOfNola) - Blessed & gratefulBeyond the shadow of a doubt, this upcoming release on ChiNolaSoul Music will make you yearn for more and send shivers down your spine... Written, arranged and produced by DJ Randall 'Smooth' Montgomery, the downright towering verily uplifting and soulful "Blessed & grateful" by T.S.O.N. (TheSoulOfNola aka Shakiel Smith, Nati Hardin and Tracci Lee) featuring truly inspirational gospel tinged male and female vocals, fabulous keys and enchanting chords over a smooth yet infectious funktified musical backing unquestionably is a masterpiece. "Blessed & grateful" will be released later this month, will remixes to follow.

In the Spotlight: Wipe The Needle & Sheree Hicks "Love of my life" (Kelvin Sylvester Remix)(Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

Wipe The Needle & Sheree Hicks - Love of my life (Kelvin Sylvester Remix)End of last year, we were celebrating "Love of my life" by Wipe The Needle (aka Lee Gomez), an expertly crafted soulful production oozing with Sheree Hicks unmatched heartfelt vocals. Now this jewel returns in paramount interpretations by Kelvin Sylvester having timeless written all over, with Sheree Hicks amazing vocals accompanied by illustrious jazzed-up keys, heavenly chords and gentle yet intriguing latin influenced rhythms. Just like the original release, this remix package is by no means to be missed...

Reviews June 9, 2019

review logoOnce again only the very best in vocal soulful and afro house made it into this weeks update... enjoy !!

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