Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco featuring Cheryl Porter - Rise upSunflowermusic Records welcome back singer Cheryl Porter who teams up with Antonello Ferrari and Aldo Bergamasco on the marvelous "Rise up". The compelling 'Meltemi Sole Mix' is an inspiring soul/funk infused production guaranteed to make you yearn for more through the infectious organic backdrop, sumptuous jazzed-up keys and Cheryl Porter's unrivaled gospel tinged powerhouse vocals. The energetic 'Club Mix' oozing with a fervid feel-good vibe is a sure-fire peak time weapon guaranteed to take over dance floors globally by storm.

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Abstract Latin Vibes Vol. 5NiteGrooves Records present the latest volume in their ever-popular "Abstract Latin Vibes" series loaded with not less than twenty-three handpicked tracks from their unrivaled back catalogue. This verily eclectic selection of unforgettable tracks lets you explore the full spectrum latin infused house music has to offer, featuring music from an illustrious list of artists such as Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer, Dimitri from Paris, Rancido, Mateo & Matos, Frankie Feliciano, Ananda Project, Max Marinacci, DJ Fudge, Julius Papp, Bah Samba, Namy, Kiko Navarro, Fuminori Kagajo, Heather Johnson, Mark Di Meo, Peven Everett and many more.

MAQman - The 2018 RemixesRenowned GoGo Music truly bless us with this phenomenal release by Swiss born (now Vietnam based) DJ/producer MAQman simply entitled "The 2018 Remixes". Undeniably, this splendorous EP oozing with his one-of-a-kind soul/funk/disco infused uber soulful and truly uplifting sound has timeless written all over and is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine... The EP features new interpretations of his celebrated songs "I don't see love" and "No better love" as well as the undervalued original version of "Chains" (originally released in 2010 through Paradax Records) all featuring Joseph Junior's incredible vocals, as well MAQman's dazzling rendition of "Our love is a star" by Ralf GUM featuring Jocelyn Mathieu on vocals. By no means to be missed...

Soulista featuring Tai Malone - Complex emotionsItalian based Soulista aka Sebastiano Di Filippo joins forces with UK vocalist/songwriter Tai Malone for the paramount "Complex emotions", to cut right to the chase this is masterly crafted timeless soul infused gem using a smooth yet intriguing organic backdrop as foundation for sublime jazzed-up keys, heavenly chords and Tai Malone's incomparable deep-rooted vocals. Next to the vocal and instrumental versions, the package includes a fervid funktified dub version. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the wonderful "Complex emotions" will make you yearn for more... Essential.

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Brian Power presents Kathy Kosins - Can we pretend (The SoulHouse Mixes)Brian Power is following up his grandiose "SoulHouse Vol. 1" album released at the beginning of the year with paramount four-to-the-floor re-imaginations of Kathy Kosins incredible cover version of the Bill Wither's 1974 classic "Can we pretend" (taken from here newly released album "Uncovered soul"). Kathy Kosins amazing soul/jazz tinged vocal truly shines on these stunning uber soulful yet intriguing interpretations laced with illustrious jazzed-up keys, heavenly chords and gentle yet spell binding rhythms. Next to the equally brilliant ' Club Mix' and 'Smooth Mix' the package includes a glamorous chill-out acoustic 'Ocean Mix'.

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Tokyo Calling (King Street Sounds 25 Years Essentials)Undeniably, Tokyo's thriving music scene has proven to make one of the most sought-after cities in the world for performers. This is especially true for house music aficionados who are the true connoisseurs of the genre,with KingStreet Records being on the forefront of East meeting West dance music collaborations for over two decades and nowhere has it been more evident than on the verily eclectic continental crossover compilation series "Tokyo calling" where artists, producers and remixers come together to blend sounds and styles. The "25 Years Essentials" collection features not less than twenty-five choice cuts fromartists such as Fuminori Kagajo, Stephanie Cooke, Chieko Kinbara, Souldynamic, Monday Michiru, Roland Clark, Satoshi Tomiie, Blaze, Heather Johnson, Satoshi Fumi, Mondo Grosso, P'taah, DJ Hiro, Joe Claussell, Orienta-Rhythm, Dazzle Drums, Tomo Inoue, Hundred Birds, Guri Guri Boys, Namy, Federico d'Alessio and many more.

Ezel featuring Rebel Layonn - Let goBeyond the shadow of a doubt, Ezel has been pulling out all the stops as he blesses us with the ingenious "Let go", a dazzling truly paramount musical collaboration with singer Rebel Layonn hat is special on many levels and will soon be released on Bayacou Records. To cut right to the chase, the uplifting "Let go" is a masterly crafted and orchestrated uber soulful gem having timeless written all over that oozes with magical Caribbean reggae vibes and the unmistakable vocals of Rebel Layonn. Sheer musical bliss...

Mikki Afflick featuring Jah Rain - Afro sunBack in January, we introduced you to the splendorous "Afro sun" by Mikki Afflick, an uber melodious and soulful yet tantalizing production with smooth relentlessly thumpin' rhythms leading the way for inebriant dreamful chord progressions and cool vocal sprinkles. The brand new vocal version laced with Jah Rain's inimitable spiritual spoken words takes the song to a whole new level and is by no means to be missed. To be released any day now on Soul Sun Soul Music. But hold on, there's more to it than that... Afro Sun Recordings will be re-launched soon with a jaw-dropping verily mesmerizing afro-tek remix by Mikki Afflick and Abicah Soul that is guaranteed to cast a spell on you through inexorable rhythms and enticing melodies.

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