The Pour Le Connaisseur reviews for 1998.

December 20, 1998

Glenn Underground "Fish Fry" (Mush Records 12", Acid Jazz)

For once, Glenn gives us some fine and smooth acid jazz grooves coming in three parts.


December 13, 1998

Mushroom Jazz " (OM Records Double-Album, Jazzy Vibes)

Already number two in this series (I missed volume one so I have to order it really quick), this double-album features twelve outstanding jazzy tracks, perfect for your listening pleasure.

Sole Visions Volume One (Sole Musice Records Triple-Album, House, Hip-Hop and more)

A great package with lots of quality music. Including masterpieces like "We don't have to be alone" and "Make me happy" (the fantastic DJ Spinna remix) by Cooly's Hotbox, "Deep down" by Robinson Wall Project and the so far unreleased "Black Woman" by Phuture Retro, it is simply a must have.


November 15, 1998

Dimitri from Paris "Une very stylish fille" (Atlantic Records 2x12" Promo, Old-Shool + Hip-Hop + House)

Taken from his album "Scenes from Sacrebleu", the standout remixes are by Kenny "Dope" Gonzales who does two hip-hop remixes and Dimitri himself who does a fine old-school style remix. Charles Dockins does the garage mixes, but you will be surprised.


November 1, 1998

Clara Moreno "Banana / When you gonna learn" (Avex Records Japan 12", read on for details...)

'Banana' is remixed by Joaquin Joe Claussell with the an extra appearance by Jephté Guillaume and more guests. What you get is a really spiritual remix with lots of percussion, sax, acoustic guitar and more in a jazzy african-house style. 'When you gonna learn' is remixed by Ashley Beedle. On the downtempo tip in a jazzy way, this will take you into dreamland...


October 18, 1998

Faze Action feat. Zeke Manyika "Kariba" (NuPhonic Records 12", African Jazz-Funk)

Robin Lee and Simon Lee are back with another goodie for your record collection. Over a house beat with a trumpet, trombone, sax and flute you get african chants by Zeke Manyika. Not to be forgotten the percussions. All this gives you an afro-jazz-funk thing.


July 19, 1998

Groove Collective "Dance of the Drunken Master" (Liquid Sound Lounge Records 12")

This is a sampler of the album (with the same title) out on Shanchie Records. The tracks range from jazz-funk over hip-hop and house to drum'n'bass.


June 21, 1998

Trip do Brasil #4 (Krypton/Sony Records France 12")

Thanks to Jemal at Dance Tracks in NYC hooking me up with this one. The b-side has a track by Joe Claussell titled 'Agora e seu tempo' in his so loved spiritual life style with live instruments.


May 24, 1998

Slam Mode "Distant Sun EP" (Spiritual Life Music Records 12", Ambient-House + Afro-House)

Truly an outstanding EP on a label to be watched. The killer cut is 'Life', a driving jazzy and ambient house cut. Definitely worth taking a close look.


Arpil 19, 1998

M&M Productions "Gypsy Heart EP" (Sushi Records 12" Test Pressing, Acid Jazz + Jazz House)

M&M Productions are Monday Michuru & Mondo Grosso for this outstanding EP. It kicks off with 'Gypsy Heart', followed by 'Searching for the Light' and 'Afternoon Stoll', three fine acid jazz tracks. The flip has a jazz house 'Frankie Valentine Mix' with a damn fine saxophone and a 'Ian O'Brien Mix'.


March 29, 1998

Prince "Crystal ball" (New Power Generation Records 4xCD, Funk + Acoustic)

You might be surprised by this, but I've been a fan of Prince since the early '80s. OK, this 4xCD is the retail version you might find at your record store - there is also a 5xCD which could be ordered over the internet in last october. The difference is a CD containing the 40 minute song prince wrote for his marriage.

The first three CDs contain unreleased songs, unreleased mixes, live takes and some new tracks. The fourth CD has acoustic versions of some songs.


March 22, 1998

Interplanetary Love Communication "EP" (Backbeat Records 12", Jazzy Drum'N'Bass/Funky Jazz House)

This is another special record by Mr. George Mitchell. The a-side has a jazzy drum'n'bass track called 'Moisture' with some spacey elements. The b-side hosts two tracks: 'A round town' is a jazzy house cut driven by a sax while 'Strong world' is driven by a guitar added with a nice piano.


March 15, 1998

Black Jazz Chronicles "Future Juju" (Nuphonic Records Double-Album, Jazz and more...)

The long awaited long player is finally here - and it hosts jazz track in diverse styles over ambient to drum'n'bass and more.


March 1, 1998

Bugz in the Attic "Family Factory EP" (TronicSole Records 12", Jazz-House)

This EP featurs four jazz house tracks and it's coming from the UK. This piece of vinyl is for the connaisseur of house music - the grooves won't get out of your head.


February 22, 1998

Neon Phusion "Theme from Firefly" (Laws of Motion Records 12", ?)

Well, I don't know what kind of style I should call it, but it's a killer cut (it's so good it could easily be a MAW production). It's got Drum'N'Bass style beats with jazzy and spacey elements.


February 15, 1998

Roni Size / Reprazent "Watching widows" (Roni Size meets NuYorican Soul)(Talkin' Loud Records 12" Promo - Drum'N'Bass)

Subtitled 'A Masters at Work Production', and you'll know you gotta have this in your collection! The beginning is in a downbeat Drum'N'Bass style with lots of soul. The mix then gets over into the NuYorican Soul sound. Le us take onto another journey into musical dreams...


February 8, 1998

Soul Ascendants "Tribute" (NuPhonic Records 12", Disco-Funk)

NuPhonic continues to deliever quality music. Here we get a disco-funked house cut by Nick the Record and Tim Hutton in two sax-driven mixes.


February 1, 1998

King Britt presents Sylk 130 "When the Funk hits the Fan" (Ovum Records Double-Album, Funk)

Well, this is a true musical album, and not one of those clean studio productions. In the 70s funk style, this got a fantastic live version of 'Whe the Funk Swings' included with a real jazz break into it - totally fierce. But check out for yourself - you won't be dissapointed.


Januar 25, 1998

Ramsey & Co "Love Call" (BBE Records 12", Jazz-House in disco-style)

The a-side sees DJ Harvey on control in a true disco-style jazz-house track which will remember of those great disco days in the late 70s, early 80s. The b-side has a remix by Restless Soul which adds a 90s beat to this disco-groover. No to be missed.

Over Street "Jazz Cigarette / Overture" (TronicSole Records 12", Jazz-House)

This 12" has two brilliant jazz tracks. The first one, 'Jazz Cigarette', sees a male speaking about jazz over a driving beat with a flute and a real nice trumpet. The second one entitled 'Overture' addes a guitar and funky bass. Something for the connaisseur.


Januar 18, 1998

Cassio Ware "Come go with me" (Sound of Music Records 2x12",  R&B/House)

This is a special and difficult record. It's not exactly what we expect of Cassio Ware, just check out the first disc. I don't know how I should describe these six mixes, so I go over to disc two. Here are the expected house grooves, but they are made for those real New Jersey people. Go and check out for yourself and let me know what you think of it (just send me a mail).


Januar 11, 1998

Sam Slater "It's on tonight" (LaFace Records CD, R&B/Soul)

Let's kick off this new review section with one of my favorite albums of the last few month. Sam Slater is a very talented, young soul singer which delievers a melodic debut album on a real soul tip. Not to be missed by the real soul fans.

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