The Reviews for 1998.

December 28, 1998

Femi Kuti "Beng beng beng" (Sounds of Barclay Records 2x12")

Ashley Beedle turns out two great mixes with lots of african beats and more while Mateo & Matos turn out two serious and smooth club mixes. Finally, there is the Chateau Flight Remix.

Rah Band "Clouds across the moon" (Tiefschwarz Mixes)(ClubTools Records 12" Promo)

The vocal version is a bit strange (I think on the original the vocals sounded better) but the dub is a fine example of the qualities Tiefschwarz have. Top quality house music with a nice piano added.

Carl Cox "The Latin Theme" (Edel UK Records 12")

Pitch it down by about 4%, and you got a very cool latin house record!.

Soul Purpose "Stalis theme" (Low Pressings Records 12")

One-sided 12" with a very cool and moody track in a dreamy style.

Kings of Tomorrow "The KOT Invasion EP" (NRK Records 12")

'The Sway' is a disco-style track (feel those classic strings) while "Simon says bounce" is a bumping house track.


December 20, 1998

Stardust "Music sounds better with you" (Remixé)(Roulé Records 2x12")

Now this has been a long wait, but finally Roulé released these mixes. The original can't be topped and is probably the best selling 12" this year, but these new mixes by Dimitri from Paris and DJ Sneak give this one new life.

Soul Searcher "Can't get enough" (SoulFuric Deep Records 2x12" Promo)

A UK test pressing with lots of new mixes. First, there is the full vocal version of that already classic original which is included too. Jazz'N'Groove also did new mixes on a 90's disco tip while Robbie Rivera is behind the funky and filtered grooves.

Romanthony presents Naida "It's on 2nite" (Glasgow Underground Records 12")

Easy house groover by Romanthony.

Mistura "Think positive" (Z Records 12")

Joey Negro is back with another stomping disco groover driven by a piano. Check the dub for full pleasure.

Brian Chambers "Higher Love" (Klub Zoo Records 12")

Solid UK garage music with fine remixes on the flip by 7th District.

DJB Productions presents Richard Rogers "Can't nobody" (Distance Records 12")

Produced by Bernard Badie, this is a nice return for Richard to the garage scene with this soulful deep house cut.

Studio 45 "Freak it!" (Azuli Records 12" Test Pressing)

Not going to be out until next year, this is set to do severe damage on the dancefloor. This is pure filtered funky house with nice disco-ish versions on the flip that is standing out all other filtered tracks.

Sylk 130 "The Reason" (The Remixes - Record 1)(Ovum Records 12" Test Pressing)

Now haven't we been waiting for these mixes are long time? DJ Sneak doing a funky thing adding samples from the Trammps classic "Disco Inferno" while Dave Morales goes for the stomping house remixes. Can't wait for record 2 with even more mixes.

Jask presents The Asiatic Jazz Connection (Nite Grooves Records 12")

More percussive and jazzy house vibes from the Nite Grooves camp.

Brothers of Peace featuring Soulystics "After the love is gone" (Fattboy Records 2x12" DJ Edition)

Don't know if this is for general sale or if this is a promo package, but what is for sure that this is the first record I've got with P&C credited for 1999. Four mixes to choose from, this is very close to be cheesy commercial garage in its vocal versions but gladly there are the 'BOP til U Drop Mix' and 'BOP to da Trax Mix' which take it down to a stomping groove.


December 13, 1998

Cheek "Venus (Sunshine People)" (Versatile Records 12")

Already out for a while with mixes by Mousse T. and Pépé Bradock, here are some new remixes. There is a new dub by Mousse T. alongside a brand new Braxton Holmes version. Wait for the break, because after that this really kicks off with an irresistible organ.

Azymuth "Ah voce nao sabe (You don't know)" (Far Out Records 12")

Brilliant record with the a-side on the jazz-house tip while the b-side is on the jazz-funk tip.

Foremost Poets "The Spy-Chiatrist" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

This is for all of us that loved that classic NuGroove sound so much.

Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero presents Inaya Day "Just can't get enough" (Subliminal Records 12")

If this one won't make your feet dance you will have to meet you psychatrist.

Kimara Lovelace "When can our Love begin" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records 2x12")

Finally, the Timmy Regisford dub version is released along the smooth original version by Roland Clark. There are also some (crap) remixes by Brutal Bill and StoneBridge included.

Kim English "Tomorrow" (Nervous Records 12")

This Todd Edwards production gets it's 12" release with a new boring Todd Edwards dub (why does everything from Todd sound the same way?), a commercial Mark Picchiotti remix and funky DJ Spen remixes.

Deep Sensation "Somewhow, somewhere" (Guidance Records 12")

'Somehow, somewhere' is a solid disco groover while 'Get Up' is a housed up jazz-funk track.

Pablo "All Praises due" (Guidance Records 12")

Coming to you in a NuYorican style version, a house version, a hip-hop version and a drum'n'bass affair, this is full of soulful vibes.

Mustafa featuring Natalia "Circles" (YellOrange Records 12")

Pumping underground house track finally released featuring the talented Natalia.

Julius Papp & Dave Warrin "Feel you" (i! Records 12")

Jazzy house vibes, solid as ever from this duo.

Eternal Sun "6/8 Drums" (Wave Records 12")

Since it's not a 4/4 groove, it won't be easy to be mixed, but it will catch you and your crowd for sure. Those drums keep hammering your mind...


December 6, 1998

Mateo & Matos "Mixed Moods EP" (Spiritual Life Music Records 12")

Mateo & Matos for once are one a deeply and groovy tip. Joe Claussell adds a jazzy and percussive touch to it.

Dawn Tallmann "I get happy" (SounMen on Wax Records 2x12")

The Brothers of Peace produced this bouncy garage track. Also included is the bonus track "Missing you", a typcial B.O.P. production.

Lyon "Get 2 U" (Next Moov Records 12")

Deep garage sounds with executive producer Jovonn - you know what to expect...

E-Smoove feat. Michael White "Be with you" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

A funky bass, a guitar, and Michael White on vocals on this solid house groover.

Björk "Alarm call" (One Little Indian Records 12")

Alan Braxe & Ben Diamond deliever the bass-driven funky groover including the vocals while Swag cut it down to a simple spacey groove without the vocals.

Next Phase "Piece of mind" (Remixes)(SubUrban Records 12")

The Basement Boys deliever some heavy piano driven grooving remixes.

Attaboy "New World "(Toko Records 12")

Irresistible groove courtesy of Attaboy featuring Azeem on vocals.


November 29, 1998

Soul Justice feat. Tanya Montgomery "Joy" (Remix)(Velocity Records 12")

Nice pumping garage remixes by Lenny Fontana.

Moise Laporte feat. Dania "So special" (Remix)(11:07 Records 12")

USG (aka Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson) doing another of their much loved remixes...

Johnny "D" & Nicky P. "The Bay Ridge EP 2" (4th Floor Records 12")

More slamming tracks on the disco tip courtesy JohNick.

D'Bora "Good Times" (Shelter Records 12")

Hmm... that's not the classic Shelter sound. Garage with a very european feel, having a nice saxophone.


November 22, 1998

Satoshi Tomiie feat. Diane Charlemagne "Come to me" (Sony Japan Records 12")

Now this one was hard to get 'cause it is limited and comes from Japan. Satoshi shows us in a perfect way what he learned at DEFmix. Those smooth piano lines are included as well as the pumping beats necessary to make a dancefloor rock.

Wackside "Turtle Funk" (Druck Records 12")

Funky house outta Germany, using a real rock guitar on the original mix. Best working is the smoother remix by Boris Dlugosch  & Michael Lange. For the harder edge, there is a remix by Junior Sanchez.

Cunnie Williams vs. Monie Love "Saturday" (Peppermint Jam Records 12" Test Pressing)

On the a-side are two fine r&b versions while on the flip, Mousse T. is doing the smooth house mixes with a funky bass.

7th District Inc. feat. Michael Proctor "Work it" (Remixes)(Raw Sienna Records 12")

New mixes of this austrian garage production with the dub having a nice new piano added.

Ultra Naté "New kind of Medicine / Pressure" (Strictly Rhythem Records 2x12")

"New kind of medicine" is here in its Albert Cabrera remixes which have already been released in the UK (but none of the David Morales and Danny Tenaglia mixes are included). "Pressure" had not been included on Ultra's album (it's taken from the movie "The 24-Hour Woman"). It is produced by Al Mack and edited by Albert Cabrera and uses a sample of the Jimmy Bo Horne classic "Spank".

Renato Pearson & JoVoon "Soundmen on Wax" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

Is JoVoon JoVonn (just a typing mistake)? Judging by the music IT IS JoVonn. It is so nice to have his grooves back. Deep house at is best...

Too Deep "Love & Understanding" (Remixes)(SubUrban Records 12")

More mixes by Matthias "Matty" Heilbronn & James "Sleepy Keys" Preston. Smooth body & soul house music for the laidback groovers.

Glenn Underground "Blue" (Three to Five Records 12")

Three tracker from Glenn Underground on this new label. Glenn gives us more of his lovely jazzy house productions.

Glenn Underground feat. Mikkiel "Fly with me" (Guidance Records 12")

The better of this weeks two 12" by Glenn Underground, a serious vocal house production with that jazzy edge by Glenn we all love.

Brother of Soul "Celebration of time" (Guidance Records 12")

Qualtiy four track EP on this outstanding label (did they have any bad 12" at all?). "Eyes of Love" is a vocal disco-housy affair while "Celebration of Live" is a driving percussive track.

Grace Jones "Hurricane" (12")

No idea if this is a bootlegg or just a clever limited release by a unknown label. It is an effective track for the clubs with a minimalistic beat.

Taana Gardner "I'm coming" (WestEnd Records 12")

Relaunch of  one of the classic dance music labels. The first release feautures Taana Gardner who had many hits on WestEnd back in the days. Even her original producer Kenton Nix  is back on the scene and is responsable for this production. Musicwise, it's a mix of todays house with the classic 80s club music. It's ok but nothing spectacular.

Kenny Bobien "Walk into the Light" (KingStreet Records 12")

Not his best release this year, it is the Trenton Boys remix doing it for me with it's nice garage feeling.

Next Soul feat. Woody Thompson "Luv U down" (Upbeat Records 12")

Solid garage coming from Germany.

Ian Pooley "What's your number" (V2 Records 12")

House on the jazz-funk tip with cool mixes by Bob Sinclair, Jazzanova and Swag.

Cevin Fisher "Music saved my Life" (IDNY Records 12")

Cevin's massive club smash gets the remix treatment by none other than Ashley Beedle. He brings the soul into it.


November 15, 1998

The Carlos Sanchez Movement "Flying high (got to keep on)" (Maxi Tracks Records 12")

Brilliant record. The main version is a smooth garage production with male vocals. Joe Claussell and Boyd Jarvis are behind the twelve minute plus 'Heart & Mind Mix', a journey into percussion-driven spiritual house music.

Danil feat. Sabina Stokes "My Man" (DC Records 12" Test Pressing)

Second release for this swiss label with a strong remix by DJaimin included. His 'Zanz Vocal Mix' is a solid house groover with nice piano and strings over a solid house groove. Not be missed should the 'R&B Mix', the other highlight of this package.

Ray Roc feat. D.C. "Whisper" (Slip'N'Slide Records 2x12" Promo)

Licensed from Freeze Records, this overlooked piece of work featuring Deborah Cooper on vocals gets a welcome rerelease with new mixes. Fire Island deliever a ten minute plus version and a dub in their typcial style. Big Bang Theory are responsible for the other mixes in a disco-flavored style.

Armand Van Helden "2 Future 4 U EP" (FFRR Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

What an energetic record, some tracks just too hard for us garage heads. "Psychic Bounty Killers II" opens with gun shots before a disco-stomping beat kicks in. "You don't ..." samples cleverly Jaydee's 'Plastic Dreams' and has a great disco loop and some male vocals on top. "Latino" has sexy spoken and groaned vocals over a driving beat. Two more cuts are included: "Necessary Evil" and "Aliens".

De'Lacy "More" (Superbird Remixes)(Easy Street Records 12" Test Pressing)

Out on DeConstruction Records earlier this year (on promo only, if my memory is right), now back with new remixes. Not an oustanding record, but the dub is nice to play around in your set.

Smokin' Beats feat. Everton Barnes "Rejoice for Life" (Smokin' Beats Records 12")

The best mix on this 12" is the original album version for its nice garage feeling. The new versions are having a pumpier beat which will help them to succedd on the UK dancefloors.

Pound Boys feat. Rashaan Houston "The right way" (Look at You Records 12" Test Pressing)

Solid garage groover with male vocals coming outta Denver.

Native Element "Brazil Minus Six" (Clairaudience Records 12" Test Pressing)

Thank god this label is still alive, now distributed through Wave Music. Here, we have Anthony Nicholson and Oscan McMillian team up to create beautiful brazilian beats. On the flip, Francois K. does a nice remix with the smooth piano on top.

Sandy Rivera feat. L.T. Brown "Come into my Room" (Distant Music Records 12")

Simple but effective groove with male vocals by L.T. Brown.


November 8, 1998

Ame Strong "Tout es bleu" (Remix)(Airtight Records 12")

Out on a french label about a year ago with hot Francois Kevorkian mixes, now licensed to this english label. 16B deliever two deep and smooth remixes.

Juliet Roberts "Bad Girls / I like" (Delirious Records 12" Promo)

Two mixes each feautured on this promo. 'Bad Girls' is - of course - a cover of the Donna Summer classic. Danny D stays pretty close to the original on his version while the 'Funk Force Supadub' pumps things up. 'I like' sees again Danny D doing the main mix in fine club style while the 'Power II Move Remix' is a euro house trash affair.

Blaze "My Beat" (Remixes)(True Records 12")

Two new mixes on this release, both taken this spiritual monster to another level. Check it out.

Frankie Valentine "Staring in the Face of Extinction" (Estereo Records 12")

Jazzy and percussice best describe this wonderful 12".

Ancestry feat. Mikkhiel "You're the one" (Large Records 12")

Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson put out this soulful houser with all their typcial trademarks added by the laidback vocals of Mikkhiel.

USG presents African Blues "Coconut Jam" (Distance Music Records 12")

It's again Ront Trent and Anthony Nicholson with a slamming release. In contrast to their other recent releases this might apply to a wider crowd. Great jazzy keys over the driving USG beat.

Brothers Vibe "Dub Plates #4" (SOM Underground Records 10")

"Raw Skin" on the a-side is the one to go for. Eddie Cruz is on percussion. A very simple but effective percussive cut.

The Good Reverend Dr. Gary Henry "Faith" (Sfere Records 12")

What a record! What an intro! Spoken words added with a piano befor the music kicks in. Produced by Kerri Chandler, this is pure gospel house.

The Eastside Movement "Touch the Groove" (NiteGroove Records 12")

Taken from the forthcoming 'Abstact Jazz Lounge II' compilation, Lenny Fontana is behind this jazzy house cut driven by a nice flute and guitar.

Thornetta "Should da been U" (Soma 12" Promo)

Cover of the Gwen Guthrie classic, the main Scott Grooves mix is a nice adaption to the 90s club music. More interesting is the Eddie Amador mix which takes this to a more minimal but still spiritual level in its own way.


November 1, 1998

Diva Surprise feat. Georgia Jones "On top of the world" (Remixes)(ClubTools Records 12")

Already huge on the (commercial dance music orientated) dancefloors thanks to the 'YMCA' sample courtesy of the Village People classic, it's up to Boris Dlugosch & Michael Lange to take it to the house floors. They add a driving funky beat and some additional keys.

Freestyle Orchestra "I just don't understand / Twi-Lite" (MAW Records 12")

Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales and 'Little' Louie Vega show us once again what makes up a really good track with two examples on one 12". They just know who to play around with the beats to get a track really slamming...

Disco Dust "Feel the Force / Feels Good" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12")

Classic disco revamped once again for the 90s. Marc Pomeroy has choosen to give 'Feel the Force' new life with added house beats and a nice percussive break while Brian Tappert is behind the funky houser 'Feels Good'.

Brothers of Peace feat. Ricky Nelson "Work it out" (SoundMen of Wax Records 12")

B.O.P. have choosen the vocal skills of Ricky Nelson for this gospel-ish garage production.

Warp Dub Sound System "God Said / Night places darkness upon the earth" (Prescription Records 12" Promo)

Ron Trent & Anthony Nicholson continue to develop their style with this release, getting more track orientated. Check 'Night places darkness upon the earth' for a really deep driving groove.

Presence feat. Shara Nelson "Sense of Danger" (Pagan Records 2x12" Promo)

Already reviewed on single-sided test pressing some weeks ago, this now is here on full promo. The original Presence mix from the test pressing opens the package which adds lots of remixes. Pepe Bradock does a thumping funky mix while the Furry Phreaks do both a vocal and dub version in spacey house music style. Stephan Mandrax contributed a really percussive dub while Attaboy gives us his funky medicine.

Kenny Hawkes presents "Space Volume 1 Sampler" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

This sampler includes the unreleased Bar Rhumba Mix by Derrick Carter of 'My Beat' by Blaze. Francois Kevorkian has done a remix of 'Stay with me' by Erasure (thanks god no vocals). Finally, there is 'Want me (like water)' by Furry Phreaks feat. Terra Deva produced by Charles Webster.

Charles Dockins feat. Sheila Ford "It's alright" (Remixes)(Slip'N'Slide Reecords 12" Test Pressing)

Finally this one will be commercially available for all of us after being around on limited amount of promo copies on Charles own label. Among his own mixes, there are new mixes by Joey Musaphia included in pumping house music style.

Red Snapper "Image of you" (Salt City Orchestra Remix)(Warp Records 12" Promo)

Salt City Orchestra do another cool remix with a thumping beat.


October 25, 1998

Weekender "Hugo Agogo" (Toko Records 12")

Easy listening house music with a nice melody.

Blaze "Lovelee dae" (Final Chapter)(Play House Records 12")

Out again on this german label for the 'Final Chapter', it's the remix by Carl Craig that should get your attention. He stretches the original version by Blaze and adds some more percussion.

CZR feat. Darryl Pandy "Bad enough" (Subliminal Records 12")

Both the original and Henry Street remixes are nice riding house mixes with the beautiful vocals by Darryl Pandy. A filtered dub version and an acapella complete the package.

Brenda Durman "Love is all around" (Prelude Records 2x12")

I don't know if this is the resurrection of Prelude Records or just a fake, but this Don Welch and Byron "B-Rude" Burke production should get your attention anyway. As usual with double packs, there are some crap mixes, but the main house mixes are on a soulful house tip with a nice piano and a sax. The 'Underground Network Jazz Mix' is the choice for all of you looking for the real jazzy feeling with additional jazz piano lines and sax tones.

Pat Barry "Crazy Legs EP" (Guidance Records 12")

The a-side has "Still lookin'", a jazzy midtempo groover while "Side to Side" on the b-side is a jazzy groover running with a house beat.

Glenn Underground "U-Topia-O-Disco" (Guidance Records 12")

Glenn teaches us another lession in laidback jazz house grooves with disco samples...

Island Groove feat. Keith Thompson "Deep Love" (ICU Records 12")

Italian production with vocoded vocals by Keith Thompson, coming in two vocal and two dub versions. The main vocal is a jazzy italian house affair while the second vocals samples the Chic classic 'My forbidden lover'. Both dubs take it deeper into club land.


October 18, 1998

Jennifer Paige "Crush" (Morales and Tiefschwarz Remixes)(Edel/ClubTools Records 2x12")

Jennifer (sounding very much like Mariah Carey) is already in the top five in the Billboard Charts with this number, gets the remix treatment by David Morales and Tiefschwarz. David Morales delievers a total of six mixes with three different vocal versions, all in the classic DEF-Mix and two cool dub mixes along an intro piece. Tiefschwarz are behind the other two mixes. They smoothly funk it up on their extended version while on their deep mix, they add some dreamy jazzy keys.

Impulsion "Higher" (Kings of Tomorrow Remix)(Small/Sony Records 12")

The Kings of Tomorrow do another driving remixes. Check their dub for full pumping beats pleasure.

Dope Sensation feat. Althea McQueen "All in my mind" (UK White Label Promo 12")

This one should have been out on Guidance Records under the name Deep Sensation, but for some reason it won't. It's now available on a UK white label promo under the name Dope Sensation. It's a laidback and cool house song featuring Althea McQueen on vocals.

Jii Hoo "Let me luv U" (Pan Records 12" Test Pressing)

Funky house with a jazzy fealling featuring remixes by East West Connection and the Blak Beat Niks.

The Dream with Kenard "Sunrise" (Twisted UK Records 2x12" Promo)

Cevin Fisher teams up with Kenard for this vocal house record. The best mixes on this double pack are 'Cevins Morning Club Mix' with a solid club groove and the 'Scoopa Vox Mix' by Rick Phifer with a jazzy 80s style groove.


October 11, 1998

Daddy's Favorite "I feel good things for you" (Kevin Yost/Restless Soul Remixes)(GoBeat Records 12" Promo)

Kevin Yost doing another smooth jazz-house remix with a tasteful piano while Restless Soul build up a serious jazzy stomper around the classic groove.

MAW featuring Luis Salinas "Pienso En Ti" (House Remixes)(Masters at Work Records 12" Promo)

Among the 'NuYorican Mix' which was already released on the original 12", there is a brand remix with a house beat and that cool guitar on top. The 'Keyapella' takes it down to only the guitar added by some warm keyboard sounds. The 'House Beats' and an short acapella round the package off.

Too Deep feat. Zhana "Love & Understanding" (SubUrban Records 12" Test Pressing)

James "Sleepy Keys" Preston and Matthias "Matty" Heilbronn are behind this strong production. The vocal is a driving house affair while the dub goes into body & soul territory with its percussive style.

Atmosfear "Dancing in outer space" (Francois K. Remix)(Disorient Records 12" Test Pressing)

After the Masters at Work remixes, this classic now gets the remix treatment from Francois K. He builds a dreamy atmosphere around the original saxophone.

The S.O.U.L. Experience presents Melvin Canady "Mind Games" (Partysan Records 12")

House music straight out of Germany, in a similar style to the SoulFuric stuff. A UK style, nearly speed-garagy house mix is included too.

Lighthouse Family "Question of Faith" (Remixes)(Polygram Records 12")

Boris Dlugosch and Michael Lange are behind these remixes build around a house groove with a funky bass and disco-ish strings.

Innervision feat. Melodie Daniels "Don't you ever give up" (Ricanstruction Records 12")

Strong female house with the main mixes coming from Frankie Feliciano.

Stars on 54 "If you could read my Mind" (Limited Edition Remixes)(Tommy Boy Records 12")

Steve 'Silk' Hurley does another one of his outstanding remixes of this song which features Ultra Naté, Amber and Jocelyn Enriquez on vocals.

Jersey St. "Nobody but my Lord" (Junior Boys Own Records 12")

Cool house track featuring feamle vocals, the flip-side has a Cricco Castelli remix.


October 4, 1998

Moa "Joy and pain" (Dimitri from Paris Mixes)(Tommy Boy Records 12" Promo)

Mr. Dimitri again on remix duties. This time, he concentrats on the 4/4 kick and adds some cool jazzy keys. Check out the instrumental for full pleasure.

Freeform Five feat. Carolyn Harding "One Day" (Salt City Orchestra Remixes)(NRK Sound Division 12")

The main mix is best described as a soul feeling but at a house pace. The vocal dub version has a total different track on a serious house beat.

Daddy's Favorite "I feel good things for You" (GoBeat Records 12" Promo)

Cover of an old Patrice Rushen song, on the funk house tip with classic disco strings.

Kurt Harman Project "Comin' back/Pop, Dip and Spin" (Prescription Records 12" Promo)

Anthony Nicholson and Ron Trent team up with Kurt Harman for this record. This one is in the spirits of the Clairaudience releases with a similar feel. "Comin' Back" is a male vocal with jazzy keys while "Pop, Dip and Spin" is an instrumental version of "Comin' Back".

Mateo & Matos "Passages" (Large Records 12")

Those guys release another hot four tracker - who can they have so many great ideas? The standout cut "Got to release" has got a jazzy after hourse feeling to it.

STP "Whispers in the Dark" (i! Records 12")

Kings of Tomorrow remix in a very percussive pumping style driven by a saxophone.

Pray For Me feat. Annette Taylor "This time Baby" (Defender Records 12")

Originally done by Jackie Moore in the late 70s, here remixed by Francois Kevorkian and Matthias Heilbronn. Their vocal is a solid 90s interpretation of the classic original while the 'Body and Soul Dub' is an instrumental version of pure excitement, especially when the percussive part kicks in.

Freeman "Everybody Dance" (Perception Records 12")

Lenny Fontana dropps a pumping funky track made for the dancefloor to rock you.


September 27, 1998

Big Muff "Porn Star" (Maxi Records 12")

On the sticker it says "the orgasmically funky new single" - and funky it is thanks to King Britt & Dozia who take it into a deep funky dub. Dozia himself does a dark underground dub.

Kimara Lovelace "When can our Love begin" (KingStreet Records 12")

Produced by Roland Clark and beautifully remixed by Timmy Regisford (hopefully, we will someday see Rolands mixes released - I'm sure they exist). And just forget about the Hex Hector mix that is here, too.

Raven Maize "Forever Together" (Basement Jaxx/Faze Action Remixes)(Heat Records 12")

What a clever move to rerelease this record. For those who don't know, this the record that Eddie Amador sampled for his huge club hit "House Music". Basement Jaxx remix this into a serious house groover  while Faze Action jazz it up into a disco-ish jazz houser. The original version completes the package.

Family of Eve "I wanna be loved by You" (The One Rascal Edit)(BBE Records 12")

Albert Cabrera doing a geat job reediting this funk classic for the dancefloor. Phat beats all over the record, especially on the dub.

ADNY presents Doreen Younglove "Life" (White Label 12" Test Pressing)

Smooth and percussive garage production coming out of the USA (no further info available) in three different mixes.

Antonio "A Celebration of Live/Una Celebracion De Vida" (Tribal Wings Records 12")

This brand new label is distributed by Dance Tracks Records, New York (they are also behind Ibadan Records and Spiritual Life Music). Soulful and percussive instrumental track in body'n'soul style, great for afterhours.

DJ Sampler Volume 1 (Joint Ventures Group 12" Promo)

The Joint Ventures Group distributes many labels like Area Code Records, Shelter Records, Funky People Records, Soul Society Records. This sampler features released tracks as "You got me going" by the Sons of Soul, "Mind Groove" by Wonderboys, "Nick of Time" by Roland Clark and "Moonwalk" by Funky People. But the highlight is the so far unreleased "Wonderland" by Alexander Hope, a jazzy r&b-like garage production.

The Klub Family featuring Sybil "When I fall in Love" (FunkyPeople Records 12")

Produced by Blaze, this is a solid garage production.

Karen Ramirez "If we try" (Manifesto Records 2x12" Promo)

Steve 'Silk' Hurley continues his winning street with another monster remix in vocal and dub versions in his own 'diso anthem' style you know from the massive "The Word is Love". As usual for this label, other mixes in euro house style are included.

Second Crusade "May the Funk be with You" (Apricot Records 2x12")

Licensed from Freeze Records which put it out in 96 (the original jazzy mixes are included here), Bob Sinclair and Fantome 1967 funk it up for this rerelease.

Ashley Beedle "Urbanisation in Country" (Disorient Records 12" Test Pressing)

Dark and funky with moody spoken words by a man, bringing the 70s disco feeling back to the dancefloors.


September 20, 1998

Mijan "Save your Soul" (95 North Records 12" Test Pressing)

What a way to open a label whit this garage monster which nearly made it to this weeks 'Pick of the Week' spot. No information about this release, but I think it might probably be produced by 95 North for their own label. Quality garage grooves.

DJ Pope "In the House" (Cutting Records 12")

Featuring Ed Ramsey on vocals, DJ Pope delievers a vocal house winner with a fine piano line. Turn it to the flip side to get a underground oriented remix by DJ Oji.

95 North presents Laura Harris "Bring back the Love" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

Seems to be the week of vocal house music. Another slamming house production by 95 North with driving mixes.

The Groove feat. Dawn Tallman "Feel it" (Nervous Records 12")

Only the b-side is of interest (the other has those stupid progressive remixes) with the deep house mixes by Playin' 4 the Deep.

Presence feat. Shara Nelson "Sense of danger" (Pagan Records 12" Test Pressing)

Only one sided so far with only a vocal version, but judging by this version this is gonna be a massive UK house groover on the dancefloors.

The Astro Trax Team feat. Shola Phillips "The Energy" (Satellite Records 12")

Getting a lot of response at the moment, this is UK house with a slamming bassline.

Feelin' Soul feat. Sharon Redd "Beat the Street" (Remixes)(White Label 12" Promo)

One of Prelude Records biggest classics gets the remix treatment (according to the hand writing on my record by Ralphie Rosario). Pumping house remixes sounding a bit like Fire Island.

7th District Inc. feat. Michael Proctor "Work it" (Raw Sienna Records 12")

This austrian production licensed to this UK label sees Michael Proctor back with a solid house groover. Check the funky dub on the flip side.

Roger S. presents Twillight "I want your Love"(Limited Edition Remixes)(Narcotic Records 12")

This limited edition 12" has the Roger S. instrumental version, an accapella and the Stonebridge remixes (vocal and instrumental versions) on a solid club tip.

Swift "Feel good" (ClubTools Records 12" Test Pressing)

Remixed by Peppermint Jam artist Michael Lange, this is a disco house stomper licensed from Italy wicked enough to kick the party in the clubs.

Gerideau "Bring it back to Love" (Inferno Records 2x12" Promo)

Joey Negro is behind the main mixes on this double pack with his combination of disco and garage, but also delievering a real disco house dub. The package is completed by some speed garage mixes.

Rose Royce feat. Gwen Dickey "Car Wash" (Remixes)(MCA Records 12" Promo)

Mixed emotions for this remix by The Monday Night Club since the original is that good. In fact, it's a clever remix by recovering the original feeling and adding the 90 house groove.

Melanie B. feat. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott "I want you back" (Virgin Records 12")

A remix by the Masters at Work that is not to impressive compared to the other stuff they've done already this year, but still much better than lots of other stuff released.

D'Influence "Rock with you" (Knee Deep Remixes)(Universal/Echo Records 12")

No info on the remixers, all I can say is that these mixes have a pumping beat with smooth keys which make this one rock on the dancefloors.

Jasper Street Co. "Temptation (lead us not)" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Jazz-funk added with a house groove might be the best description for this record.

N.Y.C. Live & Direct "Everything you need" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Presing)

Davidson Ospina back with part 2 which is another driving funky track.

Spiller "Batucada" (Peppermint Jam Records 12")

Clever house remixes of this classic.


September 13, 1998

Soul Searcher "Can't get enough" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12")

Hot with many DJs for the latest few weeks, this Marc Pomeroy production sees Donna Allen adding some background vocals over a disco-ish funky house beat.

H2O feat. Billie "You can run..." (Remixes)(Liquid Groove Records 12")

It took longer than expected for the remixes to drop, but here they are. On the a-side, Peter Rauhofer delievers the 'Club 69 Tribal Mix' which is for the mainstream crowd. This is followed by the 'Speedy Garagez' by Domie - the name says all.   The b-side Oliver Stumm gives us his garage interpretation. Finally, there is the 'Rozzo Summer Mix' which takes it down to a wicked beat-driven groove.

B.O.P. Entertainment presents "Rendition of Soul" (Soundmen on Wax Records 2x12")

The Brothers of Peace give us a four tracks with four different artists to choose. Featured are Dawn Tallmann, Kenny Bobien, Donna Montgomery and Ricky Nelson (his track will be out on 12" on Fatt Boy Records in the UK soon). On all the tracks, B.O.P. do their own poppy garage style of music.

MJ Cole "Sincere" (Birth of Cool Remix)(ClubTools Records 12")

This UK smash (licensed from AM:PM/Metrix Records) comes here with the original vocal and dub mixes by MJ Cole and the fantastic Ashley Beedle remix added by a brand new remix. Birth of Cool (Lars Behrenroth and Michael Carstensen) deliever a cool house version with an added guitar and nice breaks.

Roger S. presents Twillight "I want your Love"(Narcotic Records 12")

The great Chic classic is back, reanimated for the 90s. The main vocal mix is by the S-Man himself making use of that famous guitar riff on top of a modern house groove. Soulgrabber do their own funky disco-revival thang which has not much to do with the original. On the flip side, Ian Pooley is responsable for the other to mixes. His 'Main Mix' is an easy going house version while his 'Fierce Mix' takes is into more progressive grounds.

Bah Samba "So tired of waiting" (Estereo Records 12")

Phils Asher and Luke McCarthy aka Restless Soul give us a fine remixes of a class song. Ranging from jazz house over an accoustic version to a latin movement version, this is pure class to enjoy.

Scott Grooves feat. Parliament/Funkadelic "MotherShip Re-Connection" (Soma Records 12" Test Pressing)

Only one-sided at this time, this has just a remix by Daft Punk. Imagine the combination of Daft Punk and the Parliament/Funkadelic sample, and the result is a weird ultra funky track.

Cooly's Hot Box "Make me happy (deep inside)" (Sole Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Kings of Tomorrow take you deep and deeper into the underground with this driving remix. On the contrast, DJ Spinna completes the record with a fine r&b remix.

Eddie Amador "House Music" (Full Intention Remixes)(Pukka Records 2x12" Promo)

This is the third double pack I have, and yet more mixes. The main attraction here are the remixes by Full Intention. They add some more vocals (no details of the male vocalist), the rest is similar to the original version wich is included as well as the Deep Dish remixes.

Simply Smooth "Lady" (Big Bang Records 2x12" Promo)

This is the Commodores classic covered by this trio from Seattle. Lots of mixes on this double pack taking on many styles. Bobbie & Steve give us the UK garage remixes while London Connection go for the speed garage treatment. Steve 'Silk' Hurley does a marvellous job on his remix that takes off where 'The word is Love' left - pure madness which will catch you immediately. Kelly G does it the bump'n'hustle way while Bishop (of Blacksmith productions) is behind the r&b mix.

Darryl D'Bonneau "Let there be a Way" (EasyStreet Records 12" Test Pressing)

Haven't heard for a long time from this label (what happened, any idea?), but they are back with a solid garage track with no information besides the vocalist.


September 6, 1998

Joey Negro feat. Taka Boom "Can't get high without u" (Subliminal Records 2x12")

Licensed from Z Records (the disco-imprint by Dave Lee aka Joey Negro), this comes with new mixes by Eric Kupper and Constipated Monkeys, the later delievering a pumping dub remix. Eric Kupper provides the house remixes with a funky dub.

Lena Fiagbe "Can't smile without you" (Eric Kupper Mixes)(Curb Records 12" Promo)

Piano driven house mixes by Eric Kupper, close to being to cheesy and obvious.

Masterbuilders eat. Corrina Joseph "London Town (Summer in the City)" (Matrix Records 12")

Out for a few weeks now, this is a percussive sax driven jazzy house cut.

Soul Creation feat. Dawn Tallmann "Sunday Love" (BassClef Records 12")

Soul Creation return with another strong soulful garage production, this time using Dawn Tallmann on vocals. The flip has a darker, more underground dub mix by Kings of Tomorrow.

Norma Jean Bell "I'm the only Queen" (Pandamonium Records 12")

A heavy pumping beat added with jazzy keys and a sax kicking in midway through, flipped by "Things you do for me" which is a bit more soulful..

Moodyman "Forevernevermore" (KDJ Records 12")

One-sided single tracker, Kenny Dixon Jr. does another one of his jazzy-funky-housy-disco-revival cuts with an unusual title as always.

Space Jam "Chill Town New York" (Guidance Records 12")

Let's go back to the 80s, thats exactly what "Chill Town New York" is all aobut. The flip has "TSOP Club" (I'm sure you all can guess the style of that track) and "The Jumbo Jet Jam".

Soul Justice feat. Tanya Montgomery "Joy" (Velocity Records 12")

J.T. Donaldson is involved in this production, but this is not in the style of his recent productions. This is a pumping and funky house track made for the dancefloor.


August 30, 1998

Black Connection "I'm gonna get ya baby" (Xtravaganza/Edel Records 2x12" Promo)

Already reviewed last week on CD, the double pack promo has four mixes to choose from by Full Intention, Lemon and Victor Simonelli. All mixes are in modern disco style and sure to make your crowd jump to it.

Mateo & Matos "Limited Edition Album Sampler" (Glasgow Underground Records 12")

This sampler included two tracks from the forthcoming 'New York Rhythms (Volume 2)' album. You know what to expect.

Funky Green Dogs "Some kind of Love" (Twisted Records 12")

Murk (Ralph Falcon and Oscar Gaetan) are back with a remixed track from the album 'Fired Up'. Cool murky beats as they used some time ago, with fine vocals by Pamela Williams.

D'Influence "Rock with you" (More Mousse T. Remixes)(Echo Records 12" Promo)

This promo has three more remixes by Mousse T. His 'Orgastic Mix' is an instrumental take of his already promoed house version while the '80s Mix' has a groovy beat from the last decade. Also included is his 'R&B Mix' which features an additonal rap. Also included is a funky 'Funkshun Mix'.

Kenny Bobien & Danee Jones "I get lonely" (Bhadi Rock Records 12")

This is a cover vesion of the Janet Jackson song in garage style, produced by Big Moses.

PM Dawn "Movin' on up" (Morales Remixes)(GeeStreet Records 2x12" Promo)

Mr. Redzone back with a killer remix package. No gimmick used to make this mixes shine and rock. One of his best works recently.

Dina Carroll "Livin' for the Weekend" (Manifesto Records 2x12" Promo)

Co-written by David Morales, this surprisingly has NO mixes by him. Instead, Fire Island have been choosen for the remixes where they have choosen to add some disco elements to their usual style.

Next Phase feat. Helen Bruner & Tery Jones "Piece of Mind" (SubUrban Records 12" Promo)

Another quality NY garage release from this label coming in strong vocal and dub mixes.

Byron Stingily "It's over / Run to Me" (Nervous Records 12")

The long awaited Basement Boys remix of 'Its over' is finally here on vinyl added by a new dub version. On the flip, we get Eddie Perez remixes of 'Run to Me'.

Pound Boys feat. Earl Bennett "Stand up" (Look at You Records 12")

After putting out some tracks and remixes, the Pound Boys released a vocal production on their own. Classic house music for the lovers of the old school.

M.D.-V.S.-L.R. "Nothing stays the Same" (Remixes)(SubUrban Records 12")

DJ Dove and Backroom Productions each deliever a remix, taking that Marshall Jefferson feeling away and turning it into 90s style.

90 Lovers "I know you got Soul" (Tiefschwarz Mixes)(Urban Records 12" Promo)

Smooth and easy house music courtesy of Tiefschwarz. Also included is a downbeat version by Stonebridge.

Randy Crawford "Wishing on a Star" (Remixes)(Black Culture Records 12")

Two more dub mixes by Boris Dlugosch and Michael Lange are included as well as brand new mixes by Stephan Mandrax who gives this a more modern feeling.

Eddie Amador "House Music" (Remixes)(Yoshitoshi Records 2x12" Promo)

This has the already reviewed K.O.T. and Deep Dish Remixes as well as new Mysterious People and Marques Wyatt remixes.

Rhythm Section "Feel the Magic" (MAW Records 12")

Henry Maldonado (never heard of this guy before) is behind this cut which comes to us in fine mixes.

Mike Dunn "In Memory of a Friend" (DeepSoul Records 12")

This is in memory of Armando Gallop - may he rest in peace. The main track 'Now that youre gone' is a laidback groove driven by a flute while 'Deep Latin Soul' has a trumpet over a groovy house track.

Dino & Terry present Karla Brown "Get another Love" (Z Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is a cover of the Chantal Curtis classic. Joey Negro keeps the original feeling by just adding the 90s disoc beats. Dino & Terry do some serious garage mixes by keeping the classic feeling alive.

AJ "Can' get enough" (Yellorange Records 12" Test Pressing)

As usual, this is on transparent yellow vinyl. And it's the third outstanding release on Tony Humphries label. It sees Jovonn Armstrong back with his typcial deep and moody grooves.

Blak Beat Niks "Do you want me" (Remixes)(Pan Records 12" Test Pressing)

A new jazzy and deep vocal version and the 'Urban Sound Gallery Dubstrumental' can be found on this 12".


August 23, 1998

Luther Vandross "Are you using me" (EMI Records 12" Promo)

This is only the album version, but it's clear that EMI had to do this one sided promo to avoid those bootleggs floating around. A very strong soulful production by the Masters at Work, with full club mixes still to follow.

Pauline Henry "If I can't have you" (Riversal Records 2x12" Promo)

Eric Kupper on a commercial remix project. He does his usual piano led house grooves that might be just a bit to cheesy.

SKI feat. Valérie Etienne "Tress cun deo la" (Columbia Records 12")

The french amaze me again. This is a fine deep house cut with female vocals. King Britt delievers a funk extravaganza and to make the diversification complete, there is a drum'n'bass version included.

Everybody Dance! Remixed Dance Classics #3 (Rhino/Atlantic Records 12")

This is the third samnpler from that amazing remix project. The standout cut on this one is the Masters at Work remix of Manu Dibango "New Bell". But don't miss the Black Science Orchsetra remix of "The Night the Lights went out" by the Trammps.

A Tribute to PopKomm (ClubTools Records 12" Picture-Disc Promo)
Black Connection "I'm gonna get ya baby" (ClubTools Records CD Promo)

Those people at ClubTools/Edel do a damn fine job at the moment with having such a great release schedule for the next few month. At the PopKomm, recently held in Cologne (Germany), they gave away a promo sampler with four of their forthcoming 12". Included are "Sincere" by MJ Cole in its original version which has been licensed from AM:PM Records - the full release will include new mixes by Birth of Cool. Already out now is "Needin' U" by David Morales presents the Face. New productions included are "I want your love" by S.A.S feat. Sonare, a cover of that Chic classic produced by Roger Sanchez. The final release will be out on two separate 12" with mixes by Soulgrabber, Stonebridge and Ian Pooley. Finally, there is the new cut by Black Connection titled "I'm gonna get ya baby" - cool disco beats with solid mixes are by Full Intention and Victor Simonelli.

Peppermint Jam All Stars (Peppermint Jam Records 12")

Two tracker from this rock solid german label. The a-side sees " Check it out" by B.M.R (aka Boris Dlugosch and Michael Lange), the flip has "Funky shit" by Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn. Both are funky tracks for da dancefloor - play them!!

Eddie Amador "House Music Remix Part One" (Urban Records 2x12")

This is only the start - much more mixes will follow both on this label and on Yoshitoshi Records. Best of this pack is the K.O.T. remix taken this further into the underground. Ian Pooley adds a standard house groove while Deep Dish space it up on their two mixes.

Tony Ransom "Sanctified Lady / Music" (Voodoo Records 12")

Produced by Ben Mays, these old school record takes us back to the 80s.

Norma Jean Bell "One of those Nights" (Pandamonium Records 12")

One-sided 12" whit only one mix to choose, Norma Jean once again does a laidback, saxy deep houser.

Decked Out EP (Fair Park Records 12")

J.T. Donaldson and Lance De Sardi are the men behind this, a four track afterhours EP.


August 16, 1998

Furry Phreaks feat. Terra Deva "Soothe" (FSUK/Ministry of Sound Records 2x12" Promo)

This classic east-cost houser is back with brand new mixes. The '16B Remix' is a serious club remix while the 'Chicane Jazz' has a damn fine piano intro before the beats kick in. To make the package complete and perfect the original is included.

Bob Sinclair "Ulitmate Funk" (Yellow Records 12" Promo)

The french funk maestro is back with another one of his slamming productions. Alex Gopher is the man behind the remix.

Blaze "Directions Part 1" (Spiritual Life Music Records 12")

Finally fully released after being around on a single sided promo for many month, this Blaze production is an instrumental with some weird but cool keys in two mixes.

Ten City "Suspicious" (Ibadan Records 12")

Yet another Joe Claussell remix you might think, and you're right. As usual, lots of percussions added to the original production (by Marshall Jefferson) which still shines trough.

Elements of Soul presents Richard Rogers "Come with me" (SoulShine Records 2x12")

After some time of absence, Richard Rogers returns with this nice little piece of garage music. The mixes by Terry Hunter, George Andros and Louis Benedetti all keep the garage feeling.

Caravan feat. Arif St. Michael "The Promise" (Hysteria Records 12")

Eric Kupper is back with a fine and smooth deep houser.


August 9, 1998

Playin' 4 the City "More than ever" (Kool Groove Records 12")

This cool french jazzy deep houser gets the remix treatment from the Reynald C.F.M. Deschamps who delievers fine piano and guitar driven versions, but its the included original which is the one to go for.

Urban Soul "My Urban Soul" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records 12")

Ron Trent & Anthony Nicholson (aka U.S.G.) deliever some fine deep house remixes of this Roland Clark production.

LZ Love "It's your love" (?? Records 12")

I got no clue what the label is, it just says on the sticker 'Limited Edition US Remixes'. Soul Creation and Brothers' Vibe give this new New Jersey garage flava. And there is an excellent long percapella mix included.

Adamski's Thing "One for the People" (NiteLite Records 12")

This italian release finally has the Charles Webster house remixes (the UK release just had some dumb electro mixes). He takes this into the underground, especially on the 'Presence Summer Mix'.

Jasper Street Co. "Changes" (Boris Dlugosch Remixes)(Basement Boys Records 12")

Boris Dlugosch, one of germanys most reputated DJs, does a fine funky-house reworking.

Andricka Hall "I'll give you Love" (SoulShine Records 12")

Lenny Fontana is back with a vocal garage anthem which includes classy remixes by Jazz'N'Groove.

Moon Life "Dancing in the spirit" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

M.A.S. Collective produced this gospel-ish houser with CeCe Rogers and SuSu Bobien on vocals. Like the still unreleased 'You don't know' (by Jazpel United feat. SuSu Bobien), this is pure class.

Kenny Bobien "Rise above the storm" (MAW Records 12")

Take a Masters at Work production and add the sweet vocals by Kenny Bobien, and you've got a smooth garage song.

Freestyle Orchestra "Odyssey / I'm Ready" (MAW Records 12")

Two tracks with a jazzy feeling by the Masters at Work.

Kenny Bobien "Back to Life" (KingStreet Records 12")

This time, Kenny Bobien sings over an Big Moses production, a NY style garage track.

D'Influence "Rock with you" (Mousse T. Remixes)(Echo Records 12" Promo)

Mousse T. was choosen to do the house remixes of this cover version. He stays on the safe side with this mixes using the usual elements like funky bass etc. Check the 'Mellow Ride' for its laidback groove.

Manu Dibango "Soul Makossa" / Herbie Mann "Hi-Jack" (White Label 12")

Could this be rejected mixes from that 'Everybody Dance!' project? Anyway, only handwritten info is available on this release. 'Soul Makossa' is remixed by the Masters at Work (don't shoot me if the information is wrong) and stays true to the original. 'Hi-Jack' is remixed by King Britt in a jazz-funk way.

First Class People feat. Keith Thompson "Right here now" (Imperial Records 12" White Label)

Lenny Fontana again with a strong garage production which will catch you immediately.

Reggie Hall "I'm a Dreamer" (Urgent Music Works Records 12")

This label puts out quality garage productions every few month. On this release, props go out to House of Jazz for their smooth mixes.

Ron Raccoll's Black Pearl "Feel it, move it, shout it / The Underground Anthem" (Muzik Gallery Records 12")

Yet another garage record coming outta Chicago (like the above), and it's another one for the garage heads.


August 2, 1998

Blaze "My beat" (Slip'N'Slide Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

That brilliant album mix is included here along with jazzy remixes by Frankie Valentine and City People along with a Derrrick Carter disco-ish remix.

Roz White "A little more Love" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

This label seems to license all the brilliant New Jersey garage songs. This female stomper is no exception.

Barbara Tucker "Everybody Dance" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

The full release features along the full vocal version a brand new pumping dub by DJ Pierre & Davey Gold along a new UK remix by Club Asylum. Something for every taste.

Charlotte "Skin" (Rhythem Series/Parlophone Records 2x12" Promo)

Yet another double that has only two mixes worth of interest. They are by M&S in their recent more commercial style.

Jolynn Murray "Wrapped Up" (Raw Sienna Records 12")

Curtis & Moore deliever a fine garage remix of this beautiful r'n'b vocal (which is incluced on the flip).

Georgie "Don't want you" (Vinyl Soul Records 12")

Strong male house with clever remixes by Hippie Torrales & Mark Mendoza.

Mr. Hermano "Corcovado" (Disorient Recors 12")

Yet another cool jazz house record with a cool remix by Kevin Yost.

Laj "The Crunch/Out & Out" (NuPhonic Records 12")

Two disco-funk tracks made for the dancefloor.


July 26, 1998

Michael Watford "As" (Soundmen on Wax Records 12")

Michael Watford returns with this Brother of Peace production, a cover of the classic Stevie Wonder song. Typical B.O.P. sound, with more mixes coming soon the the UK laben Phuture Trax.

95 North "Da Hooligans Pt. 2" (Henry Street Records 12")

Four brand new tracks by Richard Payton & Doug Smith, all on a underground jazz-house style.

LP & S featuring Vincent Montana "Play Away / Vibe Vertigo" (Cutting Records 12")

Producer Paul Simpson teams up with legend Vincent Montana for two heavy vibes tracks. You all know what Vincent Montana stays for - need I say more?

Kevin Yost "One starry Night" (i! Records 12")

The standout track from his last EP gets the full 12" release with cool new jazzy mixes. Among the extended original version, check out the cool and jazzy drum'n'bass like 'D&B Kettle Version'.

The System "You're in my System" (Ibadan Records 12")

You either love or hate this one. Kerry Chandler and Jerome Sydenham take the classic by The System and back it up with their own "Athmosphere - The Lost Dubs".

Dubtribe Sound System "El Regalo de Amor" (Guidance Records 12")

Beautiful, abmient-ish jazzy house track.

Mateo & Matos "The Final Cut E.P." (United Underground House Sounds 12")

Four track EP with cool New York style house groovers.

Mad Moses Hard Country "Got the devil in me" (IDNY Records 12")

Mad Moses returns with this cool house track based around a live played harmonica.

Jocelyn Brown "Ain't no mountain high enough" (Morales Mixes)(INCredible Records 2x12" Promo)
Jocelyn Brown "Ain't no mountain high enough" (The Dronez Remix)(INCredible Records 12" Promo)

Another classic revamped for the 90s. The main mixes are courtesy of David Morales who turns this classic into the typical DEF-Mix sound. 'The Dronez Remix' might be the better choice for the clubs since its got a tougher edge.

K-Scope "3" (Twisted Records 12")

Eric Kupper returns with his own outfit. Strong EP of four tracks with the killer being the soulful 'Latin Blues Part 1'.

Romatt feat. Gail Powers "Push me up" (Yellow Records 12")

Pumping vocal house with a great piano dub.

Cassio "Baby Love" (Glasgow Underground Records 12")

This great classic gets the remix treatment by Muzique Tropique and DJ Q.

The Big Bang Theory "All Nite E.P." (Slip'N'Slide Records12")

Another great funk-jazz fusion 12" from this label.


July 19, 1998

Konfusion Kiddz (Prescription Records 12")

Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson do it again: another USG-style groover.

Blaze "Seasons of Love" (NiteGroove Records 12")

This is the first 12" taken from the fantastic "Abstract Afrou Lounge" compilation. True afro inspired, soulful house music.

Joe T. Vanelli presents Csilla "Play with the voice"(Virgin Records 12" Promo)

I'm not sure if these mixes were already released, but who cares? Both versions are very dubby with only a few vocals in a percussive style.


July 12, 1998

Patti Austin "Why yopu wanna be like that?" (RealTime Records 12")

Maurice Fulton is behind this already massive remixes. The a-side has a solid pumping vocal house version while on the flip, there is a the 'Dr. Scratch Stomp Mix' with lots of reworking of the drums.

Terra Dëva "Inside" (OM Records 12")

This San Francisco based label is putting out quality house music again and again. The main vocal is an easy groover in old school style. The 'Naked Lovers Dub' takes it a bit deeper. On the flip, more goodies in form of r&b and drum'n'bass wait to be checked out.

Francois K. "Time and Space" (Wave Records 12")

Spacey instrumental trak featuring percussions by Joe Claussell.

Todd Edwards "Isaiah 41:13" (I! Records 12")

Fans of his style will buy this. Nothing new, just another three tracks featuring his trademarks.

José Nuñez feat. Octahvia "In my life" (Remixes)(Sound of Ministry Records 2x12" Promo)

Among the classy original mixes athere are new club mixes by Eric Kupper and Danny J. Lewis. Eric adds his piano driven formula to this massive club hit while Danny does some UK garage style mixes which have some sort of speed garage feeling.

Ruffneck feat. Yavahn "New Life" (MAW Records 12" Promo)

This promo was given to the DJs at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. This is actually the flip side track (the other side has the already released 'Baby you'), and it's a fine and easy house number taken from the forthcoming album and expected to be the next single.

Jestofunk feat. Jocelyn Brown "Special Love" (Hurley Remixes)(ClubTools Records 12")

Steve 'Silk' Hurley delievers some rather commercial but slamming   remixes.

Shazz feat. Ken Norris "Innerside" (Joe Claussell Mixes)(Yellow Records 12")

Joe Claussell doing some more remixes with lots of percussions.


July 5, 1998

The Deep Bros vs. Mr. Mike "Let's do it again" (MAP Dance Records 12" Test Pressing)

Simple groover with Mr. Mike (a swiss radio dj) on vocals, could become a summer anthem. On the flip, there is a cool laidback jazzy version.

95 North "Forever Underground" (Large Records 12" Test Pressing)

One of the better 95 North productions around, this is another jazz-house track on the progressive tip.

Jamiroquai "Deeper Underground" (Sony/S2 Records 12" Promo)

Taken from the Godzilla o.s.t., it's again up to Roger S. to remix this for the clubs. Clever house mix build around the vocals, but check the dub for full pleasure.

Ultra Naté "New Kind of Medicine" (Albert Cabrera Mixes)(AM:PM Records 12" Promo)
Ultra Naté "New Kind of Medicine" (David Morales & Danny Tenaglia Mixes)(AM:PM Records 2x12" Promo)

Albert Cabrera does some fine edits on the original version (also included) by D-Influence. Danny Tenaglia does his twilo-style garage  mixes while David Morales does some heavy, pumping DEFmix style club mixes.

Kinane "So Fine" (Frankie Knuckles Mixes)(Coalition Records 2x12" Promo)

The last single was worldwide club hit with the Danny Tenalgia mixes, this time they have choosen Frankie Knuckles for the remix (amongst others who have done some euro house mixes). Three mixes to choose, all in the classic piano-driven style, the 'Classic Piano Dub' is the standout for it's nearly old school feeling.

Lenny Fontana "Heavy Vibes" (NRK Records 12")

Jazz-house track with the killer 'Musapella' version - all but no beats to die for.

Afro Nova EP (Prescription Records 12")

Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson are back with a two tracker. Both tracks are laidback groovers in the USG style.

Jasper St. Company "A Feeling" (Spensane Remix)(Basement Boys Records 12")

Ten minute extravaganza on this remix by Spensane on this jazz excursion version build around an irrisistible sax.

Bassmental EP (11:07 Pressentations Records 12")

Kerri "Kaoz 6:23" Chandler and Yahya Mc Dougal deliever an outstanding EP featuring Dreamer G, Dee Dee Brave, Grampa and Gate Ah on vocals. What does this make you remember? Yes, that classic sound of the 'A Basement, a Red Light and a Feeling' is back!

Kings of Tomorrow "I want you (for myself)" (Yoshitoshi Records 12")

K.O.T. are back with a soulful houser.

M.D.-V.S.-L.R. "Nothing stays the same" (SubUrban Records 12")

M.D. aka Mike Dunn and V.S. aka Victor Simonelli (but who is behind L.R.?) are behind this old-school houser, remembering me of the classic 'Open your  eyes' by The Truth.

DJ Rasoul "Soul Searching Vol. 2" (Large Records 12")

Four cuts for da dancefloor sampling some old disco cuts.


June 28, 1998

Ronaldo's Revenge "Mas que nada" (AM:PM Records 12" Promo)

Sergio Mendes classic readapted for a nike spot, now four different label are ready to release a remix, this being by far the best samba house interpretation. The mixes are by Full Intention.

Karen Ramirez "Special love" (SI Records 12" Test Pressing)

Much better than her other 12" on Manifesto Records, this is a uk garage style house record with fine mixes by Smokin Beats.

Ultra Naté "New Kind of Medicine" (AM:PM Records 12" Test Pressing)

Only one mix on this one sided test press where Danny Tenaglia takes this D-Influence production to the underground with his twilo-style garage mix. More mixes by David Morales to follow.

Shazz feat. Ken Norris "Innerside" (Blaze Mixes)(Yellow Records 12")

Soulful, jazzy house from france with top notch remixes by Blaze.

Stardust "Music sound better with you" (Roulé Records 12")

Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk is the man behind this recording which for sure you'll know be now. French funky beats, in my opinion much over-hyped.

Jam & Spoon "Don't call it love" (The Tiefschwarz Mixes)(DancePool/Sony Records 12")

House remixes of a trance act with a funky edge.

Rick Wade presents "Late Night Basix Vol. 2" (Harmonie Park Records 12")

Four after hours track to dream on.

Kenny Bobien "Over & over" (Equip Records 12")
Eddie Stockley "You're all I need" (Equip Records 12")

Two songs originally written by Ashford & Simpson (most known for 'Solid'), now here in a deep New Jersey garage style, only for the real garage heads.

Cassioware presents Mitch "Because of you" (Funky Soul Records 12")

Cassioware back with another fine pumping garage production featuring female vocalist Mitch.

T.J. Morris Jr. "You give me peace" (Imani Records 12")

Produced by Kelly Mack, this is an easy garage record for the later part of the night.

JoLynn Murray "Have a good time" (Urgent Music Works Records 12")

House of Jazz are behind the main mixes with a solid house groove.

It's a DJ Thing 8 (Defender Records 2x12")

Once again, Defender Records have put some cool tracks together onto this double-pack. Included are "Party People" by Baltimore Soul Tree, "Ritmo Caliente" by Deep Bros feat. Mayra Leon, Lenny Williams "Gotta Lotta Luv" and more.


June 21, 1998

SuSu Bobien "Gonna miss you" (Soundmen on Wax Records 12")

Produced by the Brother of Peace, this is a fine garage record with a more disco-ish mix on the flip.

Wambonix "Deep Affection" (Earth Records 12")

Chris Brann of the Wamdue Kids delievers this fine underground piece of vinyl.

The Lafayette Loft Project feat. Jackie Green "Get away" (Crash Records 12")

Another quality garage record from canada, best workin in the jazzy 'JP Live One-Off Vocal'.

Barbara Tucker "Everybody dance (the Horn Song)" (Positiva Records 12" Promo)

The title says it all: this is the vocal version of a huge Winter Music Conference anthem. There is only one new version (among the original) which is build on the original added by some new keys.

Cricco Castelli "A Day in Copacabana" (Junior Boys Own Records 12")

House music with a latin vibe. The flip has the jazzy 'She likes my Money'.

Prospect Park feat. Carolyn Harding "Movin' on" (AM:PM Records 2x12" Promo)

A bit of a dissapointing release for this label, the only mixes kicking are those by Joey Negro in a bouncy house style.


June 14, 1998

State of Mind "Take Control" (Ministry of Sound Records 2x12" Promo)
State of Mind "Take Control" (Out of Control Mixes)(Ministry of Sound Records Blue Vinyl 12" Promo)

The double-pack is a bit dissapointing with it's rather commercial original mixes and the speed garage remixes. The mixes to check out are on the additional single promo (which is on blue vinyl). Originally called 'The Live Mixes', they will make you remember of that 'Live Version' of Ultra Naté "Free" since they got a similar vibe to it. That funky bass is really kickin.

Mariah Carey "My all" (Morales Remixes)(Columbia Records 12" Test Pressing)

On this UK test pressing, there are two new mixes by David Morales which are much better than the previous released ones. The 'Def Club Mix' sees Mr. Morales back on the winning street with that classic DEFmix sound (not that cheesy shit that he does on so many other records). The flip has the 'My Intrumental' which is more underground (this mix is exclusive to this test pressing).

Jestofunk feat. Jocelyn Brown "Special Love" (ClubTools Records 12")

This german label is having top releases these days, and this is no exception. The main mixes are by Jazz'N'Groove who deliever a fine club remix with two groovy dubs. Also included is a disco-ish version by Joey Negro.

Randy Crawford "Wishing on a Star" (WEA Records 12")

You may think 'oh my good, another bad cover', but wait, this is a fine one. The mixes are by german house masters Mousse T., Boris Dlugosch, Michael Lange and Ferry Ultra. The mixes are based on a mellow house groove and save enough of the vibe of its original. You may even think its an updated version of the original.

Salt City Orchestra "Pagan Thing" (Pagan Records 12")

House track with an ambient feeling to it in two fine versions.

Orphies II (Realtime Records 12")

Three track EP, and like the first one, it includes quite special cuts, all by Maurice Fulton. First, there is the jazzy ambient 'The Sweetest Bedtime Story'. The two tracks on the flip are on the trip-hop tip.

Kerri Chandler "Raw Grooves 4" (Large Records 12")

This man can do no wrong (at least not this year). On the a-side, we get two jazzy tracks while on the flip, the two tracks are more underground.

Midnight Express feat. Sabrina Johnston "Freedom" (Basement Boys Remix)(YellOrange Records 12")

This remix is what I've been waiting for. The Basement Boys take this already huge hit into club teritory by adding new drums and keyboards. An instrumental is inlcuded as is the original version.

The Re-Vibe-al Experience (SoulFuric Trax Records 2x12")

This is a product by Brian Tappert and DJ John Julius Knight which is very intersting. This double-pack includes funky tracks with a disco feeling and some EFXs. And check the great cover!

Gruvtoobe feat. Nifa "Forever" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12")

Deep piano driven underground track featuring female vocals.

Textile Orchestra "Sunset Trip and Heavy Metal" (NiteGroove Records 12")

Check the a-side which has 'Sunset Trip', a jazzy track with sax and rhodes.


June 7, 1998

Baltimore Soul Tree feat. Sande "Hope in your Soul" (Velocity Records 12" Test Pressing)

Produced by Charles Dockins and DJ Oji, this is a smooth garage song outta Baltimore. The best mix is the 'Extended Original' with it's soulful vibe. The other mixes are courtesy of Frankie Feliciano who turns it into a more club friendly song.

Everybody Dance! Remixed Dance Classics #1 (Rhino/Atlantic Records 12")

Disco classics remixed for today? Well, you get some fine remixes on this one. First is the Tommy Musto remix of 'Weekend' by Phreak in a solid NY club mix. Then there is the David Morales remix of 'Can you move' by Modern Romance. Both those mixes stay close to the originals by just adding giving them a slight touch of todays sounds. Thad Kid Chris takes 'Rappers Delight' by Sugar Hill Gang into hip-house teritory. There is also a Todd Terry remix of 'Owner of a lonely Heart' by Yes included which is rock-house (this man really does everything for money).

Everybody Dance! Remixed Dance Classics #2 (Rhino/Atlantic Records 12")

On this second disk, the Masters at Work do some rework of the drums and re-edits of 'Funky Sensation' by Gwen McCrae, 'Just a touch of Love' by Slave and 'Runaway Love' by Linda Clifford. Todd Terry does a latin style remix of 'You are in my System' by The System and also included is a jazzy remix of 'Good Times' by Chic.

The Face "Needin' you" (Azuli Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Around since the Winter Music Conference and licensed from Definity Records, this David Morales production is a simple but effective piano driven track made for the dancefloor.

Martha Wash "Catch the Light" (Todd Terry Mixes)(Logic Records 12" Promo)

One of Todd Terry's better mixes, this has two different vocal versions and an acapella. Best of it is the 'In House Mix' with its nice piano.

H2O feat. Billie "You can run..." (Liquid Groove Records 12")

Based on the so far unreleased '48 Hours' (which is included here), this is not much of a vocal record (Billie sings only a few lines). Oliver Stumm does another one of his quality productions sure to slam on the dancefloors.

Midnight Express feat. Sabrina Johnston "Freedom" (Bustin' Loose Records 12")

This record is about six month old and has been played by Tony Humphries since then (he also licensed it for his Yellorange label which will release different mixes soon). Here we get the classic original version among a nice dub by Jamie Lewis and two mixes by Don Carlos.

South Funk Express (Purple Future Records 12" Test Pressing)

Cool 70's style funk with a house beat, unfortunately not due for release for a while.

DJ Pierre featuring Sabrynaah Pope "Together" (Maxi Records 12")

Fine production by DJ Pierre, using the vocal skills of Sabrynaah Pope. This body & soul style funky bumper is nicely edited by Danny Krivit.

Jazpel United featuring Su Su Bobien "You don't know" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12" Test Pressing)

Produced by italian team M.A.S. Collective and CeCe Rogers, this is a fine gospel houser in its original mix. Also included are club friendlier house mixes.

Michael Lange "Brothers, Sisters" (Remixes)(Peppermint Jam Records 12")

Welcome remixes of this already huge club track (taken from the 'Michi EP'). Remixes are by Boris Dlugosch, Kiez Kidz, Mellow Man and Michael Lange himself, all in a serious club style.


May 31, 1998

Afro Elements "Lagos Jump" (Ibadan Records 12")

This label continues to put out top quality tracks, seing Kerri Chandler and Jerome Sydenham on the afro-house tip on this one.

India and NuYorican Soul "I love the Nightlive (Disco Round)" (Work Records 2x12")

Taken from the soundtrack of the movie "The Last Days of Disco" (can't wait until this is gonna be in cinemas over here in Switzerland), this is a cover version of the Alicia Bridges classic. Mixes are by the Masters at Work and Sylk 130. The only mixes working are the dubs, the vocals are to obvious.

The Afro Love Project "One Love" (TronicSole Records 12")

Jazzy house track by Fred Blais, done not the conventional way, instead using a 2-step beat.

CeCe Peniston "Nobody else" (SilkEntertainment Records 12")

Produced by Steve 'Silk' Hurley, this is a welcome return for CeCe Peniston to the house scene after her last album that was on ther&b tip. This is a rather commercial house track, not as instant as 'The Word is Love' was, but it shows Silk's production skills.

Romanthony presents Naida "Do you think you can love me" (Limited Edition DJ Mixes)(Glasgow Underground Records 12")

New bumping house mixes of this by Romanthony himself.

Ujuzi "Sonny Daye" (Pan Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

This is a fine jazzy track. Disc one has midtempo house mixes, while disc two has the house mixes featuring female vocals.


May 24, 1998

Ladysmith Black Mambazo "The start and the wiseman" (K.O.T. Remixes)(AM:PM Records 12" Test Pressing)

The already reviewed promo gets another test pressing release including new bonus beats and dub mixes by Kings of Tomorrow. Their club mix is included as well.

Djaimin "Open the door" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

You may already know this (it has been produced for Tony Humphries as a jingle for his mix show). The mixes are by DJ Shorty with it's dark underground beats and DJ N-Joy with a disco fuelled version.

Remix Sampler #4 (Freetown Records 12")

Already number 4 in this series, this time including the unreleased "Colour of the Roads" by Colonel Abrahms in Nick Jones Mixes as well as "Just a Feeling" by Kimara Lovelace and the vocal version of "The Way U" by Arnold Jarvis.

The Outfit featuring Kevin Leo "Up and Down" (Smokin' Beats Records 12")

Sweet garage coming from the UK by Neil Rumney & Paul Landon (aka Smokin' Beats).

Shawnee Taylor "Spirit in my Soul" (EasyStreet Records 12" Promo)

First release for EasyStreet for a long time (or did I miss something?), this is a nice smooth NYC house cut.

Groove Collective "Deal with it" (HipBone Records 12")

The a-side has some dope jazz-funk versions while on the b-side, we get two hous interpretations. The first is a laidback body & soul groove by Ron Trent & Anthony Nicholson while the second is a true jazz-house by Filthy Rich.

Backroom Congregation "Sunday Morning" (D-Vision Records 12")

True gospel house from the Backroom Productions team.

Dennis Edwards "Don't look any further" (1998 Remixes)(Airplane Records 2x12")

This classic gets house remixes by MAS Collective in a fine italian funky-house style.

Naked Music NYC "If I fall" (OM Records 12")

Solid NYC house track from this california based label. Check out the jazzy 'Naked Spirits Mix'.

D'Shadeauxmen "Meesha Lueeba" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Afro-house is on the move, and this for sure will push it even further.

95 North "The Funky Stuff EP" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12")

Funky house tracks for da househeadz.

The Artist "More Trouble" (Flatline Records 12")

Underground female vocal house with a fine jazzy touch, check the b-side.


May 17, 1998

Kerri Chandler "The Thing for Linda EP" (DownTown 161 Records 12")

Another 12" by Kerri Chandler, and some more fine underground tracks.

Jawa Brothers "Dixie Jokes D Minor" (Angels of  Love Records 12")

Another record with a trumpet, and another good one. It's not as instant as 'The Horn Song' and sounds a bit special, but it's a good club record.

From The Mind of Byron Burke (MaxiTracks Records 12")

Two tracks on this 12" - 'String Section' and 'Harmattan' - by Byron Burke. As usual, Byron is going for something a bit special, and with the strings on the first track, this might get a favorite at body & soul.

Funky Green Dogs "Until the Day" (Twisted Records UK 12")

Twisted UK releases two separate 12" of this track, one of them inlcuding the 'Masters at Work 12" Mix', the full featured vocal version, much better than the previously in the USA released dub.

Zoo Experience feat. Brian Chambers "Got to be free" (Remixes)(KlubZoo Records 12")

The mixes to check out are by UBQ Project. They got a serious club vibe.

Detroit Soul Project (Pan Records 12")

This is an EP full of jazzy tracks, but they are quite special so you gotta check them out for yourself.

Liquid Measure feat. Jocelyn Brown "Take me up" (RealTime Records 12")

Now does Jocelyn have a good voice? And with this fine production with funky bass and jazzy sax, this is a beauty.

Julius Papp & Dave Warrin "Come Morning" (i! Records 12")

Quality jazzy and funky house coming to ya in two tracks with two different treatments each.

The Tim Gant Project feat. Roberta Thomas "Party Lies, Party Nites" (DeepSoul Records 12")

New label distributed by Nervous Records, kicking off with a nice female club house track featuring mixes by Mike Dunn and Mark Grant.

Norma Jean Bell "Dreams / Love's got it's hooks in me" (Pandamonium Records 12")

'Dreams' is a deep and moody house track while 'Love's got me...' is on the funk-jazz tip.


May 10, 1998

Byron Stingily "Testify" (ClubTools Records 2x12")

Out in Germany so far on two separate 12", this time the remix props go out to Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler, Jazz'N'Groove/Soulfuric and Tiefschwarz. Jazz'N'Groove do a vocal and two dub mixes in their usual style while Kerri Chandler takes it into serious clubland. But the best mix comes courtesy from the german guys Tiefschwarz who do a real solid job on this one adding a guitar and a nice break to it.

MJ Cole "Sincere" (Black Science Orchestra Remix)(AM:PM Records Test Pressing 12")

In its original form, this is a speed garage track (licensed from Metrix Records) which is doing lots of damage on the dancefloors in the UK. But Ashley Beedle (aka Black Science Orchestra) does some real fine remixes on this one. His 'Black Science Horse Ride' is a serious house version adding that famous funky riff from 'Lets clean up the ghetto' by the Philly All Stars from the late '70s. Also included are a phat vocal and instrumental hip-hop version.

Remix Sampler #3 (Freetown Records 12")

Not as good as the first two samplers, this one might be interesting for the lovers of Ront Trent. He did a 'Urban Sound Gallery Dub' of "Sacrifice" by Phillip Damien.

DJ Hiro feat. Masabumi Kikuchi "Koté Moun Yo" (Joe Claussell Remixes)(Nite Grooves 2x12" Test Pressing)

Body & Soul maestro, Mr. Joe Claussell, does another fine remix job. Jazzy saxophone, tribal rhythms, afro centric chanting - all this combined into that 'Spiritual Life' sound. Lot's of nice versions to play around are on this double-pack.

Shelly Nicole "Being me" (Imani Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is Nick Jones own label (distributed through KingStreet Records), and he presents a nice and smooth vocal jam. My favorite is the 'Jerrell Midnight Mix', a lovely deep female house affair.

Soul Creation feat. Cassio W. "Natural high" (Bassclef Records 12")

Cassio Ware responsable for the vocals, but check out the piano played by George Mena on this New Jersey style garage stomper.

Jose Nunez feat. Octáhvia "In my life" (Subliminial Records 12")

Pumping New York house groove featuring the talented vocals of Octáhvia. Check out the dub for full effect.

Lovebeads feat. Courtney Grey "On your knees" (Liquid Groove Records 12" Promo)

The remixes are courtesy of Fire Island, this time with darker beats then usual and not much use of their usual keys. The original version by Jahkey B. is a deep underground NY affair.

Deep Swing feat. A7 "I am somebody" (Kult Records 12")

The original version is a solid club groover while the Lenny Fontana remixes take it into a more commercial house groove with a fine dub.

MAW feat. Louis Salinas "Pienso en ti (I think of you)" (MAW Records 12")

The main version is a NuYorican style groove for over 11 minutes - dream on, dream on. The 'Smooth Out House Mix' has a serious house groove with that driven by the guitar. Finally, the 'Latin Soul Mix' is a percussion thing.

Alexis P. Suter "You don't know" (HipBone Records 12")

The 'Miss Vicki Blues' features a country guitar (the intro is wicked). The 'Warehouse Mix' is a jazzy instrumental interpretation with a flute. On the flip, we have the 'Get Out Mix', the full vocal version. Finally, it's nice to see Pal Joey back at work with his special interpretation adding a sax and harmonica.

Callisto "Nether-World EP" (Guidance Records 12")

EP with four ambient-ish tracks, ranging from the jazzy to the more underground style.

Boo Williams  (Guidance Records 12")

Another four track EP out on Guidance, this time by Boo Williams. He delievers serious club grooves for ya crowd.

Luke Solomon & Justin Harris "Future Movement" (Large Records 12")

This label is amazing me again with this three tracker. Funky, percussive and a bit dark are the word for this one.Cool.

Kings of Tomorrow "Let it go" (DeepVision Records 12")

This one came out in february, but I only got this last tuesday. For some reason, only a few lucky people in the US, UK and Italy could get it. It's a solid club track build using Dawn Tallman on vocals.

The Thompson Project feat. Gary L. "Messin' with my mind" (SoulFuric Records 2x122)

Top quality double-pack including strong mixes by Brian Tappert & Marc Pomeroy (aka Jazz'N'Groove and U.B.P.) with all their trademarks: funky bass, fine keyboard works, strong vocal productions.

Basil "City Streets" (KingStreet Records 12")

Kerri Chandler gives his medicine with his remixes to this Basil track. With spoken words and a free jazz sax, this is kind of a special record.

Aqua Bassino "Wave" (F-Communications Records 12")

Two jazz-house tracks on this EP coming from France.


May 3, 1998

KenLou 6 "Bangin'" (Masters at Work Records 12" Test Pressing)

Around since the Winter Music Conference in Miami as one-sided test pressing, this is set to kick your dancefloor with those great drums and breaks.

Atmosfear "Motivation" (Disorient Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Already reviewed as single 12", this is now around as a double-pack test pressing including six remixes by Dimitri from Paris and the famous original version. Now there are additional funky, electro and breakbeat versions included.

The Ballistics Brothers "Marching on" (Soundboy Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

It took my a while to get this, but last wednesday I finally got it in my hands. The Masters at Work/NuYorican Soul are doing are behind the massive remixes included here. No words need to be lost - you know what to expect.


April 26, 1998

Mateo & Matos "Night Moods" (Large Records 12")

Mateo & Matos return with another slammin' EP on this cult label. As usual, it's groovy and jazzy. And as a bonus, we get a downtempo bonus track.

Frederic Blais presents "First Impressions EP" (FairPark Records 12")

Fred Everything and Frederic Blais deliever an EP with solid tracks. 'Black Girl' is on the jazzy tip while 'World of Music' is underground style. Finally, 'Smoking Happines' is a downbeat track.

The Soul Movement "Gearing up" (Exclamation Records 12")

Quite a special Ep by Nick Jones & Jerrell Battle, best is 'If you could only see', a New Jersey jazz-house track.

95 North presents Basement Culture "Roots" (i! Records 12")

If you liked 'The Session' by Kings of Tomorrow, you gotta like this! Jazzy track with striped down beats.

Joi Cardwell "Found Love" (Eightball Records 12")

Mixed by grammy award winner Frankie Knuckles, this record separtes people. Some think it's a too commercial production made for mainstream, the others just like that classic piano sound created by DEF-Mix a decade ago.

George Morel "The EP" (Stricly Rhythem Records 12")

I was surprised by this because it is not that usual pumping commercial house George Morel did in the last few years. Instead, he produced slammin' club tracks. Best of the pack is 'Losing myself to you' featuring Andrea Tafuri on vocals, a serious groover. But don't miss to check out the others tracks as well.

Co*Bra "Free" (DreamBeat Records 12" Test Pressing)

You might be able to find this one sider in your local record store, currently only including the M.A.S. Collective mixes. Top notch production coming from Italy with a funky bass, best working in the 'M.A.S. Superfly Dub'.

The Powers in the Groove feat. Kimeisha Holmes "It's automatic" (Funky People Records 12" Test Pressing)

One of my favorite New Jersey labels returns with another killer. Remixed by Blaze, this is for the real Garage heads.The b-side has a 14 minute version starting with that Funky People sound with a sax on top before the pianopella kicks in and goes over to a full vocal. Wonderful.

Gerideau "Masquerade" (2x12" Test Pressing)

Already beeing played by lots of DJs all around the world, this double-pack includes both garage and speed-garage mixes. The garage mixes are courtesy of Brothers of Peace and work perfect with that gospel-ish vocals by Gerideau.

Lynette Smith "Only you" (Remixes)(Slip'N'Slide Records 12" White Label)

New mixes so this one will probably finally be released in the UK. No info who has done the remixes, but they are definetly slamming.

Daft Punk "Around the World" (MAW Remixes)(Virgin Records France 2x12")

Finally released on vinyl (Louie Vega played the 'Mellow Mix' on December 31, 1997 here in Switzerland !!), this double-pack has one mix over each side. Not the best remix the Masters at Work have done, but still worth getting.

Imajin "Shorty" (Jive Records 12" Promo)

Spensane are responsable for this remix and it does kick your butt with it's funky guitar over the bumpin' beat.

Playin' 4 the City meets The Deep (Straight Up Records 12")

Coming from France, this is quality deep house music.


April 19, 1998

Atmosphere "The lost Dubs" (Ibadan Records 12")

Ibadan Records continue their great releases with these two dub remixes (or so far unreleased dubs?) of the Kerri Chandler anthem "Atmosphere". Both dubs by Kerri Chandler and Jerome Sydenham are top quality house tracks with an atmospheric edge.

Atmosfear "Motivation" (Dimitri from Paris Remix)(Sushi Records 12" Test Pressing)

After last years killer remix of 'Dancing in outer space' by the Masters at Work, it's no up to Dimitri from Paris to turn 'Motivation' into a club monster - and he does it while staying true to the original.

Llorca "Little Computer People" (F-Communications Records 12")

Quality EP from France with four jazzy house tracks to choose from.

The Ananda Project "Cascades of Colour EP" (NiteGroove Records 12")

Chris Brann of Wamdue Productions bring us this uplifting EP which is taken from the forthcoming 'Abstract Afro Lounge Compilation'. The highlight is the 'Black Mix' of the title track in it's smooth and afterhour type pf house music.

Kerri "Kaoz 6:23" Chandler feat. Gate-Ah "Restriction" (ROI Records 12")

Just another Kerri Chandler record, and it's another good one. Taken from last years 'Mix the Vibe' album, this 12" features the hot original version and new remixes by Superbird (anyone knows who this is?) including some acid tones on top of a quality club remix.

Romanthony presents Naida "Do you think you can love me" (Glasgow Underground Records 12")

Romanthony returns with a fine vocal tune. My favorite version is the first one on the b-side (I can't you give you the name because my copy is labelled the same on both sides) with a midtempo beat.

Remix Sampler #2 (Freetown Records 12")

This is the second remix sampler and it includes fine remixes by Eric Kupper of "You're the best" by Kerri Chandler feat. Fonda Rae & Arnold Jarvis. This track really deserves to be released on a 12" for it's nice duett vocals. On the flip, DJ Device & Devibes take on Octavia "Strength" for a UK house remix.

Blak Beat Niks "Do you want me" (Pan Records 12")

Smooth UK Garage featuring female vocals. Also included is a more driving house version with a funky guitar.

Alton Miller (Guidance Records 12")

What can we expect from this label? Quality music, and this is no exception. Two fierce afterhours tracks on this 12".

The Aquanauts "Chigaco-Milano Connection EP" (Guidance Records 12")

And just another top 12" from this label. This one has four tracks to choose from. You gotta check out 'Stepping upon Mars (Underground Version), a deep and driving house excursion.

Oscuro P. "How we feel" (TronicSole Records 12")

Jazz-house in is best form, once again brought to you by TronicSole Records. Three mixes to choose from, all in equal quality.

Mysterious People "Fly Away" (Yoshitoshi Records 12")

Following the success of Eddie Amador, Yoshitoshi Records are ready to blast your dancefloor again with this harder edged house cut including a very club friendly dub by Kings of Tomorrow.

"Mama Kudela" (B.B.Boogie Mixes)(Totolee Records 12")

This is a one-sided red vinyl 12" in a clear jacket. This is a driving afro house cut destined for the dancefloor.

Shawny Taylor "Where do we go" (TT Records 12")

Produced by Roland Clark, the 'Dubstyle Version' on the flip gives you some nice old skool house.

The Don "The Horn Song" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

Great return for DJ Pierre, and maybe this years anthem at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Pumping house with a trumpet on top.

Harry "Choo-Choo" Romero "Mongobonix" (NiteGroove Records 12")

Another driving house cut using a trumpet, but in difference to 'The Horn Song', this one is played live by Todd Gardner so it gives this a more fresh feeling.

Bobby D'Ambrosio feat. Michelle Weeks "The Day" (Definity Records 12")

What a return for this label, and it stays true to the DEF-Mix sound. Featuring the vocal talents of Michelle Weeks, Bobby D'Ambrosio has created a quality vocal house record.

Euphoric "Adventures in the Light" (i! Records 12")

The label says 'Additional production, percussion and keyboards by Kevin Yost'. What does this mean? Very simple: top notch jazz house.

Big Man "EP Vol. II" (Vinyl Peace Records 12")

Greg Greene does it again: funky house sampling disco classics - for those who like.

Nick Jones Experience feat. Wanda Nash "Make it Last" (KingStreet Records 12")

Vocal house cut in the New York style by Nick Jones with strong club dubs.

Soul Grabber Pt. 3 (Aquarius Records 12")

Paul Jacobs gives us a cool disco cut with house beats in two different versions.

"Love me" (Ascenscion Music Records 12")

No artist credits on this one, but incredibly sounding like Kerri Chandler (doesn't it sound like "Magic"?), this has a fine atmosheric dub on the flip. Maybe it's by the man himself...??


April 5, 1998

Debbie Pender "Movin' on" (AM:PM Records 12" Promo)
Debbie Pender "Movin' on" (K.O.T Mixes)(AM:PM Records 12" Test Pressing)

Licensed from Azuli Records, this Blaze production comes with strong Full Intention remixes on the promo 12". Especially the funky 'Full Intention Dub' will kick the dancefloors. On the separate 12" test pressing, Kings of Tommorrow deliever two slamming underground mixes for the real househeads.

Sade "Haunt me" (12" Promo/Bootlegg ??)

I got no idea if this is an official 12" or if it is a boottlegg (I woulnd't be surprised if so). It's a percussion driven, jazzy house cut with Sade's smooth vocals on top.

Gisele Jackson & K.O.T. "Happy feelings" (Waako Records 12")

Gisele Jackson returns with this Sandy Rivera production, destined for the dancefloor. The mixes are by Kings of Tommorrow in a pumping house style.

Sadie "All night long" (Purple Music Records 12" Promo)

This swiss label run by DJ Jamie Lewis presents another slamming record. The main mixes are courtesy of Mood II Swing with a strong club vibe to them, their dub beeing on the darker side of club music. There is an additional '82nd Diner Extended Mix' which remembers me of those great classics by SOS Band.

Clubland "Set me free '98" (Purple Music Records 12" Promo)

Jamie Lewis remixes which will breath new life into this club classic.

Remix Sampler #1 (Freetown Records 12" Promo)

This 12" includes Masters at Work Remixes of People Underground feat. Michael Watford "My love" (a dub and an acapella) as well as Restless Soul remixes of Fonda Rae 'Living in Ecstasy'. More of these remix samplers should be available soon.

Kerri Chandler "Dekasphere - the Downtempo EP" (Subwoofer Records 12")

Kerri continues his sphere series with this four track EP. It should have been entitled 'Midtempo EP' because these tracks are not really downtempo. It's something for all those Kerrie fans out there.

Room Zero "Doo wop" / Mu Express "Liquid" (Defender Records 12" Test Pressing)

The first track is a pumping NY house groover by T. Pakdee & Greg Mitchell while the second track produced by Diesel, Phil Asher & Luke 'Duke' Mc Carty is another example of quality UK house with a jazzy guitar on top of a driving groove.

Leo Young "The Roman Funk EP" (Disorient Records 2x12")

Interesting double 12" containing some fine funk filled tracks. Some tracks are very percussive, some are very strange.

Game No. 1 (Imperial Records 2x12")

Featuring tracks by four different producers (Victor Simonelli, Yogi Haughton, Nelson Rosado, Boss Hogg), you shouldn't miss this double-pack. Quality stuff all over...


March 29, 1998

NYC Live & Direct "Move like this" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

Nice return for this label with this funky house gem driven by a saxophone and some female vocal samples.

Deep Bros. featuring Fonda Rae "Get into you" (Arthrob Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

The single 12" promo was already reviewed on March 8, this double-pack now brings more remixes to our desks. Eric Kupper delievers fine house mixes while Dafunkstarz do some UK house remixes, the dub beeing in speed garage style. Finally, the 'Deep Bros. Funky Dub' is included here, driven by a funky guitar and believed to be Tony Humphries choice.

Hinda Hicks "You think you own me" (Island Records 12" Promo)

Booker T. doing another of his slamming house remixes, nothing original here but his formula is still working on the dancefloors.

De'Lacy "More" (Deconstruction Records 12" Promo)

Another fine Blaze production whose original mix is also included here in fine New Jersey style piano house, Deconstruction is concentrating on the remixes by Hippie Torrales & Mark Mendoza. They use their usual formula, and it works.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo "The start and the wiseman" (Remixes)(AM:PM Records 12" Promo)

Roger S. and Kings of Tomorrow are responsable for these remixes. Roger S. has put together a funky beat over which he layed the original african vocals. K.O.T. deliever a simple but groovy house affair.

Mistura feat. Maxine McClain "Tonight" (Z Records 12")

Joey Negro production with remixes by Todd Edwards who takes this one into clubland with nice vocal and dub mixes.

It's a DJ Thing 7 (Defender Records 2x12")

As always, the compilations by Defender offer some fine tunes. This one has two smooth remixes by Mindchime of Robert Owens & Michael Watford "Come together". Another standout cut is Deep Bros. feat. Michelle Weeks "Victim of Love" in a dub version (a full 12" should follow shortly).

Cassioware with Debbie Pender "So beautiful" (Funky Soul Records 12")

Piano driven NJ house produced by Cassioware and Big Moses.

Jasper Street Company "Love changes / Solid ground REMIX" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Well, the killer track on this 12" is by no doubt the Tommy Musto remix of 'Solid Ground' which will take this much underrated gospel houser to the level it deserves. But don't miss on the new cut 'Love changes' which is another fine Spensance production, a quality vocal house production.

Glenn Underground (Guidance Records 12")

Not much words need to be said about both Glenn Underground and Guidance - quality on both sides. Three tracks on this 12" on which Glenn takes us on a ride with his jazzy and moody grooves.

Space Jam (Guidance Records 12")

Funky electro house, very cool indeed and something for the real house fan.

Bob Manning "Shine on you '98" (Blue Orange Records 12")

Check out the laidback groove on this remix by Harley & Muscle - could be one of my summer favourites.

Total Touch "Touch me there" (Frankie Knuckles Mix)(Nitelite Club Records 12")

This is the b-side (the main track is 'Doo be la dee', a commercial house track) and has only one mix by Frankie, but this is one is slamming. None of those gimmicks he used lately (this means no vocals sampled, no techno-ish keyboards), this is pure class.

Loleatta Holloway "Hit'N'Run" (Remixes)(Salsoul/Reshape Records 12")

Ivan Iacobucci takes this classic into funky house land while Harley & Muscle deliever another laidback groovy remix.


March 22, 1998

Ten City "My piece of heaven" (Ibadan Records 12" Promo)

Joe Claussell gives us new vocal and dub versions of this Ten City classic, originaly produced and mixed by David Morales. Joe took the original mixes and added some fine percussions to it.

Latecia Flavors "Love will make it right" (Clairaudience Records 12")

USG aka Ront Trent and Anthony Nicholson again deliever a true body & soul groover for the real music lover including a fierce dub.

Jephté Guillaume "Kanpe (get up)" (Spiritual Life Music Records 12")

Finally, the full release has arrived. Together with Joe Claussell, Jephté Guillaume delievers another example of quality music. Unfortunately, the 'Billys Organ Dub' from last years promo release is not included.

Symbols of Life "For the world" (Spiritual Life Music Records 12")

DJ Lucho and Disco Dave give us a fierce cut in two different versions. As usual on Spiritual Life Music, quality is the name of the game, and this is no exception to this rule.

Monday Michuru "Mermaid EP" (Polygram Japan Records EP / Bootlegg)

This is a record that people have been talking about for a few month now. I only got the bootlegg copy which has a poor quality, but it's the only chance to get these gems at this time - it looks like the original copies are soled out. It includes 'Sunshine after the rain' mixed by the Masters at Work in three different versions, the main mix beeing 12 minutes long and another example of quality club remixes of an jazz artist. Two dubs are included as well. The other side has 'Love Flow', another damn fine club cut (maybe by the Masters too?) among other quality songs. Something you gotta have...

Wink "Sixt Sense" (Ovum Records 12")

Only one mix of interest here: Kevin Yost does another one of his famous jazz excursions in the 'Booty in teh Butta Mix'.

Uptown/Downtown "Living for the City EP" (DNH Records 12")

This canadian based label gives us a fine three track EP. 'Bubble Music (Part I & II)' has a spoken intro followed by a sax driven groove. The flip side offers two cool tracks to play around.

Soul Creation "Dreams" (Distant Music Records 12")

Slammin' jazzy house track on this quality label with a hammer remix by Sandy Rivera (of Kings of Tomorrow).

Chic "I want your Love" (Classic Remixes)(Bootlegg ?)

This came from the USA and looks like a bootlegg to me, but the quality of the pressing is so good this even might be a marketing gag. No idea who is behind the remixes (vocal and instrumental), it's an adaption of the original for the 90's. And it's different from the mix that was bootlegged in the UK last year.


March 15, 1998

Rachid "Pride" (Universal Records 12" Promo)

Another Mood II Swing remix that takes us to dreamland. Rachids vocals are in a philly type over a smooth and mellow beat by MIIS - my fave of the moment.

Dimitri from Paris "Jazzin The House" (Record 2)(NRK Records 12")

Cool remixes by Claudio Coccoluto of  'Ca chauffe' on this 12" on a jazz tip.

Carinhoso Project "Baianihas / Hypnose" (Yellow Records 12")

Those french people show us again what funky house is all about - quality stuff.

Shazz "El Camino Part 1" (Yellow Records 12")

Part 2 was out about a year ago, now part 1 is another fine jazz house cut with a slamming remix by maestro Kevin Yost. Not to be missed is 'New York City Vibes', a jazz cut that would deserve a full release on its own.

DaMob feat. Jocelyn Brown "Fun" (INCredible/Sony Records 12" Promo)

Who else than Booker T. could be responsalbe for the remix? He is, and it's another example of quality UK house (and its not speed garage - thank god).

Mariah Carey "The Roof" (Morales Remixes)(Columbia Records 12" Promo)

Not as strong as 'Butterfly' was, this has a more commercial club mix and two more progressive dub mixes on the flip. I'm a bit disapointed by these David Morales mixes - where are the 'Classic DEF Mixes'??

Pepper Mashay "Happiness" (M&S Remix)(Azuli Records 12" Test Pressing)

For some reason, the name was changed from Pepper Mache to Pepper Mashay, but these M&S remixes are the best of this so far. Solid UK style house music. Also included is a speed garage dub by Tuff Jam.

Da Mooch "Deep in the Underground" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12")

Nicely done house track to rock the dancefloors.

Black Belt Roberts "Hai Karate! EP" (VinylPeace Records 12")

Four track EP with jazz-funk house cuts made for the DJ to play around with his decks.

Phillip Ramirez "See the light" (Crash Records 12")

Garage from Canada in classy mixes featuring marvellous Phillip Ramirez on vocals.

Mousse T. vs. Hot'N'Juicy "Horny" (Vocal Remix)(Peppermint Jam Records 12")

Well, we've been waiting for this one here in Switzerland, but it's a bit disapointing. It's ok for those who liked the original instrumental. The best mix is by far the 'D.Y.M.K. Dub' by Boris Dlugosch & Michael Lange.


March 8, 1998

Ultra Naté "Found a cure" (AM:PM Records 12" Promo)

Finally, the follow up to 'Free' is here. It's another production by Mood II Swing who also deliever the 'Extended Original Vocal Mix', another standout production. The song uses a rock guitar and MIIS turn it into another dancefloor anthem. Remixes are included by Full Intention, using the original MIIS bass over their beats. Finally, Eric Morillo does a smooth 'Classic Adventure'.

Jody Watley "Off the hook" (Booker T. Remix)(Atlantic Records 12" Test Pressing)

Man of the moment (at least in the UK) Booker T. gives this smash the uk style garage remix treatment.

Deep Bros. feat. Fonda Rae "Get into you" (Arthrob Records 12" Test Pressing)

Produced by swiss DJ Pino Arduini who delievers the smooth 'Deep Bros. Vocal', this also has two slamming Kerri Chandler mixes on the flip. Both his 'Latin Throb' and 'Sax Dub' mixes make us of the original vocals and the sax added by some percussions.

Conner Reeves "Nobody but you" (Booker T. Remix)(12" Test Pressing)

Booker T. again does a fine garage remix once more.

Michael Lange "Michi EP" (Peppermint Jam Records 12")

The main track 'The only way is up' features Ron Carrol on vocals and is a simple and nice house song. The flip side has 'Brothers & Sisters' and 'One more time', to funky tracks.

Marc Cary "Indigenous Music" (Ibadan Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is another example of quality jazz house driven by a piano and a sax.

Presence "Better day" (Salt City Orchestra Remix)(Pagan Records 12")

One of last years favorites gets a damn fine remix by the Salt City Orchestra.

Mateo & Matos "Keep on dancin'" (Glasgow Underground Records 12")

Taken from their 'New York Rhythms' album, this disco-ish track has remixes by DJ Q and Andy Carrick & Kevin McKay.

BSJ presents Martha Wash "Take this" (Boottlegg)

Be warned of the poor quality of this pressing (coming from Italy), it is a disco-ish cut sung by Martha Wash and it states the mixes are by Kenny Dope. The mixes are cool so it hopefully will get a full release.

Kerri Chandler "Love will find a way" (Soundmen On Wax Records 12")

It took some time until this came to Switzerland, but now it's here. Kerri is singing by himself (to be honest to you, I'd like to have Robert Owens sing it), and it's not that bad. This is a NY underground house style thing.

Future Homosapiens "Keep on rollin'" (4th Floor Records 12")

Licensed from Galactic Disco (UK), this disco track gets nice remixes by Tommy Musto. The slammin' original mix is inlcuded, too.

Abstract Truth "(We had) a thing" (StreetWave Records 12")

Well, this is another Body & Soul monster with lots of inspiration. The mixes are by Matthias Heilbronn.

Brothers' Vibe "Dub Plates 3" (Sound of Music Records 12")

The main track 'Satisfy me' has Sheba on vocals and is a NJ style garage cut. 'Rain Forest' and 'El congero' are two percussive cuts to play around.

Moise Laporte feat. Dania "So special" (11:07 Records 12")

Moise Laporte, better known as Big Moses, gives us a NY club cut with added remixes by Johnny Dangerous.


March 1, 1998

Fire Island feat. Loleatta Holloway "Shout to the top" (Junior Boys Own Records 3x12" Promo)

Sadly, this triple-pack only has two standout mixes of this Style Council cover. Best of the package and really slamming is the 'Fire Island Extended Mix' with its retro groove and nice tribalish breaks. On a more underground level is the 'Roach Motel Ruff & Raw Mix'. The remixes are courtesy of Industry Standard (speed garage), Frankie Knuckles (too cheesy) and Club 69 (commercial house).

Bob Sinclair feat. Salomé De Bahia "Eu so quero um xodo" (Columbia France Records 12")

Out only as a limited edition, this is another fine piece of french house. Bob Sinclair is responsable for all mixes on this 12". The 'Original Album Version' is a nice deep house version while the 'Reminiscence Vibe Remix' (in club, dub and radio versions) adds some tribal elements and a harder beat to it.

M-People "Angel St." (BMG/EMI Records 2x12" Promo)

M-People are back with nice Joey Negro remixes in disco style. Check the dub for a nice sax break.

New African Ochrestra feat. Ron Trent & Anthony Nicholson "Village Dance" (Nite Groove Records 12" Test Pressing)

Body & Soul music indeed, this is another damn fine USG production. As with USG feat. Monica Elam "Ebony Angel" (Clairaudience Records 2x12"), this has a ultra cool dub on it, very mellow.

Gerideau "The Tribute" (Fatt Boy Records 12")

UK-style garage by Gerideau. The main vocal mix kicks off with a Martin Luther King Sample. An instrumental is inlcuded, too. The flip has a speed garage and a R&B mix.

95 North "Jazz Ascension" (Large Records 12")

Top jazzy house cut on one of todays finest labels by some of todays most underrated producers.

Big Muff "My funny valentine" (Maxi Records 12")

Francois K. & Matthias Heilbronn give us a very sweet , Body & Soul-ish remix of this very smooth song which is included in its original form as well.

Terry Lin "Hush" (Soul Deep Records 12")

You might remember Terry Lin from his club hit 'Telephone Lover 'a few years back. As with 'Telephone Lover' he got Frankie Knuckles for remix duties this time again, and  Frankie does one of his best remixes for ages using all of those classic DEF mix trademarks.

Jay Collins "Don't turn your back on love" (I Records 12")

The 'Sunshine Bros. Remix' is a fine club remix with Todd Edward on additional keys. My fave is the 'Worldstyle Remix' in an underground jazzy house style.


February 22, 1998

Be Be Winans "Thank you" (Atlantic Records 12" Promo)

By the time you read this, you should already have this in your own hands. This is probably the most wanted record of the last 12 month, and it deserves it. Smooth mixes by the Masters at Work (four in total) to choose from. Need I say more? No.

Camille Douglas "Don't leave me hangin'" (Rhythm Series Records 12" Promo)

Remixed by Booker T. (he's gotta be the busiest working man in the UK), this is another example of quality UK garage.

State of Mind "This is it" (Ministry of Sound Records 2x12" Promo)

Hmm, a double-pack outta UK means lots of speed garage mixes, and this is no exception. Also included are mixes by M&S, very similar to Ultra Naté "Free" with that guitar again. Best of the package is the 'M&S Epic Dub Mix'.

Candy Dulfer "Saxymood" (E-Smmove Remix)(N2K Encoded Music Records 12")

E-Smoove does a fine job remixing this song driven by Candy Dulfer's sax play. More for the commercial dancefloors.

Changing Times (Juice Bar Records 12")

Coming to us in two parts, this J.T. Donaldson & Chris Penny production is another example of a quality, jazzy house track.

F&L "Love Capsule Deluxe" (Guidance Records 2x12")

Vocal deep house in a variety of mixes to choose from, also included are cool dubs and a downbeat, phat swing mix.

Basil "Getaway / Sex" (King Street Records 12")

Yet another damn fine deep house record from NYC. Check out 'Sex' with its nice flute.

Brooklyn's Own "Another seven" (Westside Records 2x12")

Great track for mixing in various mixes with philly keys, disco handclaps and more.

Blue 6 "Do ya like it" (Wave Records 12")

Check out the flip side for the 'Body & Sould Dub' by Francois K. - quality after hours sounds.

Limited Edition Double Pack (Love from San Francisco Records 2x12")

This one included a nice and deep remix of Phurry Phreaks feat. Terra Deva 'Soothe' by the Crash boys.

DJ Camacho feat. Eddie Stockley "Where will you be" (Wake Up Records 12")

New Jersey style garage cut with lots of spirit in it with legend Eddie Stockley on vocals.

Rick Preston "Chasing the Sun" (Glasgow Underground Records 12")

Eleven minute long driving house cut with a tenor sax and guitar.

Byron Wallen "Winds of Change/Earth Roots" (Melt 2000 Records 12")

These Black Science Orchestra remixes take you on a trip to quality jazz music with lots of spirit (used this word lots, didn't I?).


February 15, 1998

Byron Stingily "The Purist" (Nervous Records 3xLP)

Now here we go, a triple pack of an ablum we've all been waiting for. Of course, all his recent 12" are inlcuded ("Flying high", "Sing a Song", "Get up" and "You make me feel"). Also included is "Back to paradise", a Frankie Knuckles production, that has been hammered by all those importand DJs all over the world for about a year now in it's full near 10 minute version. "It's over", the already bootlegged underground killer song produced by the Basement Boys is included as well (another near 10 minute track). One of the outstanding new cuts on the album is "Keep love going" produced by Frankie Feliciano - a classic NY style garage cut. Not to be missed are "Found a love" and "Temptation", both produced by Maurice Joshua. Jazz'N'Groove produced "Testify" in their usual style. Finally, there is Oscar G. getting the production credits for "Beautiful night".

A CD is available too with bonus cuts: "Run to me" produced by Eddie Perez, "Feeling good, feeling happy" produced by Mike Dunn and "Don't fall in love" produced by David Morales. Unfortunately, all tracks are edited on the CD...

Saint Etienne versus Faze Action "Sylvie" (Label unknown - 10" Promo)

This is a Faze Action joint for all lover of that their style.

Expanded Soul "Expanded Soul EP" (Transfusion Records 12")

Three-tracker from the UK with the title track beeing the winner: a simple but effectiv keyboard driven house groove.

Glenn Underground presents S.J.U. Project "Medones thought / Musical high" (Defender Records 12" Test Pressing)

More after hours sounds from Glenn Underground to die for...

Gerideau "Le the sunshine" (Remixes)(Phuture Trax Records 12")

Speed garage remixes for those of you who like it. Mixes are by Booker T. and Kilo Kings.

Aqua Bassino "Pools" (F-Communications Records 12")

Abmient house from France. The first cut, "Time to go", is a deep, sax-driven jazz-house track. "When the bird flies" is an ambient track with a piano. "A mellow key" is a laidback jazzy rare-groove song. Finally, "Spacephy" is another house cut with acid elements.

Fused "Uncle sam" (Downboy Records 12")

Mousse T. doing some real disco-funk on his remixes here. He's using a sample of the 'Chic guitar' (find out for yourself from which song!!) over a ultra funky beat.

Charles Dockins feat. Lawrence D'Ior "Contagious love" (Fatt Boy Records 12")

I had to mail order this from the UK (my stores didn't get that import) and it has been worth the money. Another damn fine garage production by Chalres Dockins to dream about...


February 8, 1998

Towa Tei "Happy" (Elektra Records 2x12" Promo)

Finally, the Def-Mix production give us a fine remix after lot of crap. This time, it's Frankie Knuckles doing the remix with Terry Burrus and Eric Kupper on keyboards and David Morales on percussion. The best mix is the 'Morning Happiness Mix' which is a deep instrumental with that typical Def-Mix piano sound. The club mix is more powerful with sampled voices (like we heard them on the Morales mixes on the Jamiroquai 12"). Also included on this double-pack are lots of r&b mixes.

Cesaria Evora "Sangue de Beirona" (Francois K. Mix)(RCA Records 12")

Another 12" coming from France which Francois Kevorkian mixes, and it's the club mix getting the credits. Nice vocal workout, while the dub concentrats on the more powerful beat. Additional keyboards are played by Eric Kupper.

Bob Sinclair presents "Super Funky Brake's - Vol. 1" (Yellow Records 12")

Funky french house music courtesy of Mr. Bob Sinclair - and he has still another slammer in the pipeline (with Julius Papp on the mix)...

3rd Degree feat. Nancy Fletcher "Love's got me swinging" (Music Station Records12")

New Jersey garage courtesy of Gary Tutalo mixed by Eddie Perez and Kingsley O. with nice dub mixes.

Urban Soul feat. Ceybil Jeffries & Troyetta Knox "Love is so nice" (King Steet Records 12")

Most mixes are to commercial for my taste, the only mix of my choice is the 'Reunion Vocal' by the Pound Boys, a solid vocal house mix.

Fresh & Low "Besos de Los Angeles  EP" (Guidance Records 12")

Another slamming house track from this outstanding label, not to be missed.

T.P.O. "Hiroshi's Dub" (NiteGroove Records 12")

Remixed by Joe Claussell - need I say more? Quality  music as usual with the help of Boyd Jarvis.

The Space Invaders "Space Invaders & the Gang / Alien Communication" (Distant Music Records 12")

Two simple tracks, the first having a very laidback feeling, the second being spacey.

Kevin Yost "The Sticks and Stones EP" (I Records 12")

Mr. Genius is back with another four track EP, the winner track beeing 'On my way' which starts as an ambient house track until a George Benson-ish guitar kicks in. Very cool...


February 1, 1998

Voices of Life "The word is love" (Mood II Swing Dub)(AM:PM Records 12" Test Pressing)

Well, the fantastic 'Mood II Swing Dub' has finally been released on vinyl. This is the best remix of this monster track around now and it is courtesy of those magnificent Mood II Swing guys. The commercial 12" will be released on March 9.

Z Factor "Gotta keep pushing" (Salt City Orchestra Remix)(FFRR Records 12" Promo)

The Salt City boys give us two slamming 90s disco mixes for full dancing pleasure.

Jestofunk feat. Cinda "Stellar Funk" (Columbia Records 2x12")

Those italian funksters are back with another funk house anthem outta Italy. Very cool mixes to choose from including useful dubs.

D'Influence "Falling" (Echo Records 12" Promo)

This time, Booker T. gets the credits for remixing. He does another UK style house remix with bumping beats.

Native Soul feat. Trey Washington "A new Day" (Jus' Trax Records 12")

Stomping disco-house track with vocals by Trey Washington. Black Science Orchestra include a remix concentrating on a minimal but driving house beat.

Eddie Amador "House Music" (Yoshitoshi Records 12")

Very minimal chicago-style house music, sure to rock your crowd. Included are a vocal version and a beats only version.

Naked Music NYC "It's Love Vol. 2" (OM Records 12")

Only one mix included here that will cause your interest: 'Wamdues Dream' by the Wamdues Kids is a nice 5am after-hours version of this club hit.

Roc & Presta "Everybody over there" (MAW Records 12")

MAW Records proove that they're very openminded: this is a hardhouse track remembering me of those old Todd Terry tracks (like Royal House).

La Familia "Parranda '98" (MAW Records 12")

Percussive latin track which is best working in its dub.

Byron Stingily "You make me feel (mighty reel)" (Nervous Records 12")

This old Sylvester classic gets covered by one of todays most talented singers. Unfortunately, the mixes aren't that good - only the 'Don Carlos Dub' has a real house music feeling to it.

Club Artists United "Sweet Chariot" (Kerri Chandler & Julius Papp Remixes)(Nervous Record 12")

Kerri does a NY house thing in three different joints while Julius Papp gives us a fine, deep jazz-house interpretation.

Greg Greene "Funky Metal EP" (Vinyl Peace Records 12")

This Canadian label opens the new year strong whith this funky jazz-house EP including four tracks.

Michael Proctor "Fall down" (Grant Nelson Remixes)(SoulFuric Records 12")

Nice remix by one of the UK biggest remixers: Grant Nelson. This might work better on the dancefloor thanks to those two bumping dubs included.

Deep Swing presents Jazz Transit "Steppin' out" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12")

Great jazzy track (and a great cover with the skyline of NYC). This track got everything it takes: rhodes, bass, sax and flutes to make it an outstanding jazzy houser.

DJ Rasoul "Soul Searching Vol. 1" (Large Records 12")

First, let me give some props to Jason Jasberto for the design of the records on Large Records - I do love those designs. But now let's get back to the record itself: The first track, 'Let the music', is a fine ambient-ish jazzy-house track. On the flip, we get two tracks: 'Slingshot' uses the main hook of Tracy Webers 'Sure shot', a true club classic from the early 80s (out on Quality Records, Canada, in Larry Levan mixes). The record closes with 'San Francisco Nights'.

The Glenn Turner Project "Power" (HipBone Records 12")

Well, I had to fight hard for this record (only two copies came to Zurich so far), but it has been worth the fight! Opening with a jazzy dub followed by a jazzy gospel-ish vocal mix, this also has the terrific 'USG Dub' by Ron Trent', a 10 minute plus after hours jazz excursion. True power and spirit.

USG feat. Monica Elam "Ebony Angel" (Clairaudience Records 2x12")
USG feat. Rodney Blaylock "Introduce my love" (Clairaudience Records 12")

This is a hard-to-get laber over here in Switzerland, but the effort to grab a copy is worth it. Both are not to be missed by any cost, they are true house music and keep going back to the roots: soul, inspiration, spirit... you know what I'm talking about.


Januar 25, 1998

The Absolute "Catch me" (AM:PM Records 2x12" Promo)

As mentioned on the main page, AM:PM Records do release one slamming record after another. This is no exception: produced by Mark Picchiotti who also delievers the main mixes, go straight for the M&S mixes will catch your attention quickly. Solid as ever, they give us a club and dub version to play around. The acapella is included too, so this is a perfect DJ tool.

Lighthouse Family "High" (Boris Dlugosch Mixes)(WildCard Records 12" Promo)

One of many promos around (at least four different ones), this one included four fierce mixes by Boris Dlugosch. The 'Club Mix' doenst really work because the vocals doesn't fit perfectly with the beat. But the 'Club Instrumental' is pure slamming house in german style. Two dub mixes are included too which are also slamming.

D'Influence "Remix E.P." (Echo Records 12" Promo)

This promo included two so far unreleased, but already promoed mixes. First, we get the 'MAW Vocal Mix' of Hypnotize which is one of the Masters at Work best mixes of 1997 (the commercial 12" had only an edit of this). Second, we get the 'Black Science Orchestra Vocal Mix' of Magic, not to be missed either. This is for all of you who missed these two gems first time around.

Da Mob feat. Jocelyn Brown "Fun" (Subliminal Records 12")

This should have had Dajae as featured vocalist, but somehow Jocelyn Brown is   now the singer. Lots of mixes to choose from on this double pack, the winners are the mixes by Basement Jaxx in their typical, a little bit 'strange' style. Both Todd Edwards and DJ Sneak give us mixes in their usual style which can be overlooked. For the more commercial appeal, check out the original mixes by Erick Morillo.

Kinane "Business" (K-Klass / M&S Mixes)(Coalition Records 2x12" Promo)

Both K-Klass and M&S give us solid UK house mixes to choose from. Just make sure you get the right double-promo (there is another one around with progressive mixes).

Divine Soul "Shake that ass" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

DJ Choco aka G-Dubs gives us a NY style underground house vocal track. On the flip, there are two mixes in UK speed garage style.

16B "Black Hole" (Eye Q Records 12")

Another damn fine instrumental groover coming to ya from the UK with lots of percussion and a viola. Check the 'Live Version' for full effect. This could well be a Body & Soul favourite.


Januar 18, 1998

Voices of Life "The word is love" (AM:PM Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

When people here in Switzerland found out that I got this rare piece of vinyl (rumour is there won't be any promos, just some test pressings), my phone was ringing all day. Ok, you'll be among the first to get some information about this, but since I don't have any information about the new mixes (some mixes are by Mousse T., I've been told), lets keep it short.

The double-pack kicks off with the original mix which is still the best of all mixes around now. Side B has a new dub mix by Mousse T. which has some scratches. A vocal version of this is included on side C which also has another vocal version which is much smoother and funky. Side D has a new edit of the original version which is a bit harder. Sure to be massive all over Europe.

Sylk 130 "Last night a DJ saved my life" (Ovum Records 2x12" Promo)

Let's get our interest to disc 2 which has the house mixes. It's a remake of that old classic we all remember and loved to dance too. First we get a Francois K. vocal remix with a def mix-style piano and a sax, very nicely done. Both the Roger S. vocal and dub versions take it to a more trackier level. As a bonus, we get a jazzy deep house remix of 'Seasons Change'.

Blaze feat. Alexander Hope "Feel the music" (Shelter Records 12")

Not many words need to be lost on this kind of record: Alexander beautiful vocals over a superb Garage production by Blaze, just get this record.

Kimala Lovelace "Circles Part II" (King Street Records 12")

Not really an outstanding record, the only thing you might wanny but it is because of the 'Mentor Club Mix' (the dub has been released on the first part last year).

Twin City Sampler (Pan Records 12" Test Pressing)

The interesting side is the 'Chicago Side' including two nice tracks: first we get 'Ease your mind' by The Soul Survivors, a jazzy instrumental driven by a saxophone. The second track is a so far unreleased mix of 'Changes' by Blak Beat Niks. The other side, entitled 'Detroit Side', has two jazzy jungle tracks.

Usher "You make me wanna..." (Tuff Jam Mixes)(Arista 12" Test Pressing)

Tuff Jam with another remix and it's not real speed garage. It's a nice UK garage remix they deliever. Not one of those records you will remember in five years, but still good enough to be played.

G-Mack feat. Richard Rogers "I don't wanna say it" (Masquerade Records 12")

New label coming from New York, it's nice to see Richard back on a nice Garage track. The mixes are courtesy of Georgie Porgie, UBQ and Jay-J Hernandez.

M.A.S. Collective feat. Jimi Polo "I need somebody" (Narcotic Records 12")

The top italian producers are back with anoter fine house song, this time featuring Jimi Polo on vocals. Their original version is a piano driven vocal house song. The remixes included are courtesy of DJ Dove, and he takes it into a more NY style production.


Januar 11, 1998

Jody Watley "Off the hook" (Altantic Records 2x12" Promo)

The Masters at Work are back with another slamming remix. After some time of absence, they still are on top of the game and show all the newbies how it should be done. Especially the dubs are kickin' and should not be missed.

Moodlife feat CeCe and Sonya Rogers "Movin' on" (SoulShine Records 2x12")

Out already a few month ago on the italian Suntune label, this double-pack has the previous available mixes by Tommy Musto, Stephan Mandrax and M.A.S. Collective as well as new mixes. Check out 'Jays Dancefloor Dub' courtesy of Jay-J. Hernández, a very jazzy dub-cut of the song.

JohNick "Open up your yes / The captain" (Henry Street Records 12")

This is another of these fine disco reworkings that the people at Henry Street Records offer us from time to time. You know what to expect.

Blaze "Directions" (Spiritual Life Music Records 12" Promo)

Another one-sided promo from this truly outstanding label, this time offering Blaze. It's an instrumental track with some weird organs which will drive you crazy.

Laura Alford "I wanna get close to you" (Bassline Records 12")

Uplifting female house cut, best working in Byron Burkes ten minute club mix.

Deep Dish "Stranded in Dub" (Deep Dish Records 12")

Deep Dish have done some very strange records and remixes during the past few month, including "Stranded" which was only released in the UK so far on Deconstruction Records. This US release has some new Dubs. Check out the 'In Dub' including a new added sax which is more on the 'classic' Deep Dish tip.

Smokin Beats "Dreams" (AM:PM Records 2x12")

Released commercially on two separate 12", AM:PM Records have snapped this one up from Smokin Beats Records. The first 12" included the original mixes and some new commercial house mixes by Erick Morillo. The second 12" has the slamming Kings of Tomorrow mixes, both a vocal and a dub. Check out the dub with it's nice keyboards. Also included is a speed garage affair mixed by New Horizons and a 'Fierce EQ Mix' by Ian Pooley.

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