The Pour Le Connaisseur reviews for 2001.

December 9, 2001

Jazzanova "That night / Days to come" (JCR Records 12")

"That night" features the vocal artistry from Viktor Duplaix over a jazzy broken beat. "Days to come" is a wicked track with spaced-out keys over a fierce groove on a Detroit tip.


November 18, 2001

Koop "Summer sun" (JCR Records 12")

The original is a jazz masterpiece featuring young Yukimi Nagano on vocals who was spotted at a jazz talent contest. Markus Enochson keeps the spirit of the original alive on his marvellous deep house take that is full of warm and smooth vibes. On the flip is a "Relaxin' at Club f****n" which is remixed by Richard Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de los Asustrias. It uses a superb bassline, straight clean beats and moody sounds, with some nice jazz elements and breaks in it.


October 21, 2001

Ananda Project "Bahia / Expand your mind" (Nite Grooves Records 10")

This is a taster for the forthcoming longplayer "Re-Release" from Ananda Project. "Bahia" is remixed by Kyoto Jazz Massive into a laidback, percussive jazzy groover while King Britt adds his scuba flava to "Expand your mind".


October 14, 2001

Herbie Hancock with Chaka Khan "The essence" (Joe Claussell Mixes)(Transparent Music Records 12")

Kicking off in a jazzy drum'n'base style, before going over into a wicked percussive groove, this is a suprising but welcome Joe Claussell remix running for nearly fourteen minutes on the main version.

Monday Michiru "Sunshine after the rain/Mysteries of life/Chasing after the sun" (Polydor Records 12")

"Sunshine after the rain" comes in the previously released long Masters at Work version. "Mysteries of life" gets remixed by Ananda Project into a deep groove with a melodic arrangement. "Chasing after the sun" gets remixed by IG Culture in a future jazz style.


September 23, 2001

Frankie Valentine "Dance the happy life" (R2 Records 12" Limited Edition)

This is Frankie Valentine at its best. Lots of percussion topped with a piano taking you onto a jazz journey. Simply beautiful...


August 19, 2001

Atlantis featuring Naomi Nsombi "Future love" (Giant Step Records 12")

The follow up to "No more excuses" is a soulful and percussive cut, complete with a futuristic and deep remix by Chris Brann.

The Amalgation of Soundz "Alone / Guilty as charged / Ten scroats to a pound" (Compost Records 12")

"Alone" is full of uplifting beats, smooth and wonderful acoustic guitar and the vocals take you into dreamland. "Guilty as charged" is a break-beat journey while "Ten scouts to a pound" is a laidback, downtempo track with jazzy pianos.

Intuit "A new beginning" (Compost Records 12")

Four tracks with complex arrangements and lovely details, and they've got a certain brazil feeling.

Kyoto Jazz Massive "Substream" (Compost Records 12")

"Subsrtream" is an uplifting jazzy-funky track. "Eclipse" got remixed by Afronaught  - the result is sort of leftfield house. And there is the bonus track "A calmaria".

The Underwolves "In the picture / Shaken / Bird song" (JCR Records 12")

"In the picture" is sort of a trip-hop track with beautiful keys and lovely vocals. "Shaken" got remixed by Fauna Flash in a soulful tribal-ish way. "Bird song" is on a midtempo tip remixed by Earthbound.

The Underwolves "So blue it's black" (JCR Records 12")

A welcome release for this track that was promo-only on Island Blue Records. This is the proper release including the fantastic Phil Asher


June 17, 2001

Nitin Sawhney "Homelands" (Joe Claussess Remixes)(Spiritual Life Records 12")

First out on an extremly hard to get japanese 12" only featuring the vocal version, it is now available on US 12" with addtional mixes. A wonderful record where you can feel the spirit of music in the vocal version combining all sort of instruments. There is really nice 'Biswa Itjemi Dub' version that features a lovely piano.

Two Faith "Stars / ??" (Faith Records 12")

A rare 12" from Japan that took me some time to get my hands on. "Stars" is remixed by Malawi Rocks while "??" (I'm sorry, but the name is written in japanese) is remixed by Ron Trent.


March 18, 2001

Ronny Jordan "London lowdown" (Joe Claussell Remixes)(Spiritual Life Records 2x12" Promo)

After last years limited promo run on Blue Note Records, Spiritual Life Records now put out a double-promo which includes three new mixes so you get a total of five outstanding remixes by Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell.


January 28, 2001

Mondo Grosso "MG4 Album Sampler" (Sony Records 12" Promo)

The standout track on this sampler for the forthcoming album "MG4" is the jazzy remix of "Butterfly" by Francois K that I've been looking for a couple of month. The other tracks are a combination of Mondo Grosso's musical background of samba, bossa nova, jazz and soul with 2-step and hip-hop beats. Featured vocalists are Tania Maria, Amel Larrieux and N'Dea Davenport.

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