The Classic Tips for 2001.

December 23, 2001

The Todd Terry Project "Bango (do the batmobile) / Back to the beat" (Fresh Records 12", 1988)

Classic Todd Terry.


December 16, 2001

Shawn Christopher "Don't lose the magic" (Arista Records 12" Promo, 1992)

A classic Mike 'Hitman' Wilson production that got remixed by Todd Terry and David Morales. This limited 12" promo includes some rare mixes.


December 9, 2001

Park Ave. featuring Tony Jenkins "Don't turn your love" (Movin' Records 12", 1987)

One of the biggest releases for Movin' Records with slamming Tee Scott remixes included.


December 2, 2001

Sublevel "Don't blame me" (Profile Records 12", 1989)

The Basement Boys with an underground classic on a truly deep tip.


November 25, 2001

Valerie Johnson "Step into my life"(Emotive Records 12", 1991)

An early Jovonn production with one of his magic deep grooves.


November 18, 2001

Robert Owens "Too much for me" (Black Label Records 12", 1992)

Nelson 'Paradise' Roman teamed up with Robert Owens for this deep house track with lovely keys and a deep groove.


November 11, 2001

Velma Wright "You're not right" (Supertronics Records 12", 1989)

Supertronics had a couple of hits including this underground smash. Classic house with jazzy keys and a deep bubbling groove.


November 4, 2001

Urban Soul "Alright" (Polar Records 12", 1991)

First, this was big in the New York clubs with the included Tony Humphries remixes. It then got picked up by Cooltempo/Chrysalis who broke it all over the world.


October 28, 2001

Nu Yorican Soul "The nervous track" (Nervous Records 12", 1993)

Some tracks never go away. This was the beginning for NuYorican Soul back in the early 90's...


October 21, 2001

Masters at Work featuring India "When you touch me" (UMM Records 3x12", 1993)

This limited triple pack includes lots of mixes from Maurice Joshua, E-Smooth, UBQ and more.


October 14, 2001

Adeva "Respect" (Chrysalis/Cooltempo Records 12", 1988)

Classic Paul Simpson remix of a Smack production.


October 7, 2001

The Urban Blues Project presents 3 Deee featuring Michael Procter "Deliver me" (Bassline Records 2x12", 1995)

Marc Pomeroy and Brian Tappert hit big with this one - one for their best productions ever.


September 30, 2001

Black Magic "Freedom (make it funky)" (Strictly Rhythm Record 12", 1996)

A magic record produced by Lil Louis.


September 23, 2001

DJ Shorty presents Bamboo "Makao / Muy Larga" (Bullet Records 12", 1996)

Featuring Randy Muller (remember him from Skyy and Brass Construction?), Todd Gardner and many more - spiritual house music full of live instrumentation.


September 16, 2001

Lil' Louis & The World "Saved my life" (Epic Records 2x12" Promo, 1992)

Lots of slamming remixes on this double promo, with the Masters at Work providing the outstanding ones.


September 9, 2001

Sharon Brown "I specialize in love" (Profile Records 12", 1982)

A Tee Scott remix that got worldwide recognition.


August 26, 2001

Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk & Jesse Saunders featuring Darryl Pandy "Love can't turn around" (House Records 12", 1985)

One of the biggest vocal house tracks ever.


August 19, 2001

Ten City "Classics (1)" (Ibadan Records 12", 1992/1992/1989)

Including "Only time will tell", "All loved out" and "Suspicious". If you don't have them yet, buy this 12".


August 12, 2001

Roy Davis Jr. "Gabrielle" (Large Records 12", 1996)

First an underground favorite, than it got a worldwide hit.


August 5, 2001

Rosie Gaines "I want U" (Motown Records 12" Promo, 1995)

A huge club hit from 1995 with stunning mixes Hippie Torrales and Mark Mendoza. This rare promo has the 'Weekend Mix'.


July 29, 2001

Moods "A feeling" (Deep Dish Records 12", 1993)

The first ever release on Deep Dish Records - a very deep production.


July 22, 2001

Pépé Bradock "Burning" (KIF Records 12", 1999)

There is "Deep burnt" on this 12" which is already a classic, even it is only two years old.


July 15, 2001

Ten City "Classics (2)" (Ibadan Records 12", 1987/1989/1992)

If you don't have "That's the way love is", "Deep kiss" and "Devotion", you now get the chance to buy those on one 12" that just got released by Ibadan Records.


July 8, 2001

Venus Dodson "Shining" (RFC/WB Records 12", 1979)

A Leroy Burgess production, remixed by Tee Scott.


July 1, 2001

Robert Owens "I'll be your friend" (RCA Records 12", 1991)

Massive club tune produced by David Morales with Robert Owens supllying the vocals.


June 24, 2001

Tawanna Curry "Let me show you" (Republic Records 12"; 1989)

Republic was the label that was bringing Garage music over to Europe. This release is a timeless Blaze remix.


June 17, 2001

H20 featuring Billie "Satisfied" (Liquid Groove Records 12", 1995)

The first release for the label, produced by Stephan Mandrax & Oliver Stumm and featuring Billie on vocals.


June 10, 2001

Urban Blues Project presents Mother of Pearl featuring Pearl Mae "Your heaven (I can feel it)" (SoulFuric Records 12", 1996)

The first ever release for SoulFuric Records.


June 3, 2001

Philadelphia International All-Stars "Let's clean up the ghetto" (Philadielphia International Records 12" Promo, 1977)

One of my all-time favorite records, produced by Gamble & Huff, arranged by Dexter Wansel and featuring Lou Rawls, Billy Paul, Archie Bell, Teddy Pendergress, O'Jays and Dee Dee Sharp Gamble on vocals.


May 27, 2001

280 West featuring Diamond Temple "Love's masquerade" (Kaleidiascope Records 12", 1993)

A 15 minute epos from 1993.


May 20, 2001

Pato Banton "Beams of light" (Tribal America Records 12", 1992)

Early 90's club music produced by the Orb, featured here in a remix by Lost Children.


May 13, 2001

Repercussions "Promise me mothing" (Reprise Records 12" Promo, 1995)

A mid 90's club smash with slamming remixes by the Masters at Work.


May 6, 2001

The Boss "Conga" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12", 1994)

One of many anthems by David Morales.


April 29, 2001

India "You should be loving me" (Reprise Records 12" Promo, 1990)

'Little' Louie Vega with some early house mixes, sadly not commercially released.


April 22, 2001

T.C. Curtis "You should have known better" (Sire Records 12", 1985)

Classic 80's club music full of soul.


April 15, 2001

Barbara Mason "Another man" (WestEnd Records, 1983)

An underrated classic.


April 8, 2001

NuYorican Soul "The Nervous Track" (Nervous Records 12", 1993)

A timeless classic by 'Little' Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales.


March 22, 2001

Mass Order "Lift every voice" (Columbia Records 2x12" Promo, 1992)

The original on 2x12" promo with a total of 12 mixes by the Basement Boys and Tony Humphries.


March 18, 2001

Ten City "Devotion" (Atlantic Records 12", 1987)

Classic house produced by Marshall Jefferson with a bambastic mix by Bam Bam.


March 11, 2001

C & C Music Factory "Just a touch of love" (Columbia Records 12", 1991)

One of many club anthems courtesy of Robert Clivillés and David Cole.


March 4, 2001

Dimitri from Paris presents Da Mothaphunkin'Phrog "Jazzin' the House" (NiteGroove Records 12", 1995)

Classic Jazz-House by Dimitri from Paris.


February 25, 2001

Plutonic "Addicted" (Bold! Records 12", 1995)

A classic with slamming DJ Disciple mixes.


February 18, 2001

Diana Ross "Take me higher" (Blaze Mixes)(Motown Records 12" Promo, 1995)

What a shame that these marvellous Blaze mixes never got released !!


February 11, 2001

"Rough House Vol. 1" (Criminal Records Album, 1988)

"Took my love away" by Ellis D (aka Junior Vasquez), "Revelation" by Les Sun Ray and "Gotta have it" by Criminal Element Orchestra are just three of the eight tracks of this album. 


February 4, 2001

M.K. "Burning" (Area 10 Records 12", 1991)

Classic groove by Marc Kinchen with his trademark sound.


January 28, 2001

Blaze "Just a little different" (Polar Cap Records 12", 1994)

One of many classic productions by Blaze, with all their trademarks in it.


January 21, 2001

UBQ Project featuring Kathy Summers "When I fell in love" (House-N-Effect Records 12", 1991)

First out as part of UBQ Project Volume II, then released on a separate 12" with remixes. A true classic that need to be in every good collection.


January 14, 2001

Masters at Work "The album" (Cutting Records Double-Album, 1993)

"Can't stop the rhythm", "When you touch me", "I can't get no sleep" are are featured on this album, among other cuts not to be missed.


January 7, 2001

200 Sheep "The Hard Times March" (Hard Times Records 12", 1995)

The Masters at Work on a different tip...

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