The Album Reviews for 2001.

December 23, 2001

Masters at Work presents "West End Records - The 25th Anniversary Edition Mastermix" (WestEnd Records Double-CD)

Two CDs including the most memorable classics of WestEnd Records that got remastered, re-equalized, re-edited and remixed by the Masters at Work and put into non-stop mastermixes. An unmixed vinyl-package should be coming early next year.


December 2, 2001

"The Latin Sound of Pacha" (Tommy Boy Records Double-Album)

A stunning compilation including the unrleleased Can 7 remix of "All good" by De La Soul featuring Chaka Khan which makes it worth purchasing this compilation that also includes other gems like "La pasion de gozar" by Hardsoul, "Sereia" by Mundo Azul, Ponle tumbao" by Ralf Gum featuring Mireilla, "You groove me" by Jon Cutler, "Let the wind blow" by Fertile Ground and much more.


November 25, 2001

Naked Music presents "Nude Dimensions III" (Naked Music Records Double-Album)

Naked Music presents a compilation which gives you a journey into sophisticated deep house music. The eight track album includes gems from a variety of labels including "Don't stop" by Deep Sensation, "Blue six tribute" by Miguel Migs, "Step into the light" by Jersey Street, "Recover" by Satin Souls and more. Many of them are unreleased ore re-edits.


September 30, 2001

"Total Prelude" (Warner Music France Double-Album)

The CD is mixed by DJ Kheops while the double-album includes the unmixed tracks. Classics from the beginning to the end including "Beat the street" and "Love how you feel" by Sharon Redd, "Inch by inch" by The Strikers, "The music got me" by Visual, "Keep on" by 'D' Train, "Must be the music" by Secret Weapon, "I hear music in the streets" by Unlimited Touch and more.


September 9, 2001

Osunlade "Paragidm" (SoulJazz Records CD/Double-Album)

This is the full album that includes the already reviewed 12" "Rader Du / Blackman" and "The deep".


August 19, 2001

Abstract Latin Lounge (NiteGrooves Records Double-Album)

They always manage to do stunning compilations with material from their own catalog, sometimes enhanced by licensed matieral - in this case "Casa forte" by Snowboy featuring Liliana Chachian. Older stuff like "That latin rhythm" by Essential Elements gets coupled with new music like "Come to me" by Myra or "Keep on movin" by The II Deep All-Stars. There is also "Latin ritual" by Groove Box, a 'Little' Louie Vega production.


August 5, 2001

Tiefschwarz "RAL 9005" (FourMusic Records Triple-Album)

The long awaited album is finally here, and it is a heavy triple pack to get your hans on. Ali Schwarz, Basti Schwarz and Peter Hoff took their time to complete it, and the result simply proofs it was worth the wait. Very versatile, sometime demanding to the listener, but always interesting to listen to. An album you got to check out before you buy it - very Tiefschwarz ineed.


July 29, 2001

Racoon "Universal Vibes - The Remixes" (Deep Touch Records Double-Album)

I never heard the original album versions, but there a couple of nice surprises here. Jay-J delievers a jazzy workout of "Come alive (don't be afraid)" coming in two versions while Live Element use a lovely guitar on their remix of "Sensacao". Harley & Muscle also deliever a remix of "Sensacao" which is a really deep and laidback affair. Not to forget to mention the Mimosa remixes of "E luande" and "Autour de moi" which is remixed by Lith de Lanka.


May 27, 2001

"Abstract Afro Loung III" (NiteGroove Records Double-Album)

NiteGroove continue their successful series with this latest compilation that includes gems such as "Afro cuban jivaros" by Louie 'Balo' Guzman, "Revolution" by Anthony Nicholson, "Deep Rooted" by DJ Spinna, "Read between the line" by Grupo Batuque, "Keep on movin'" by Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn presents the II Deep All-Stars and many more.


May 6, 2001

Kevin Yost "Road less traveled" (i! Records Double-Album)

After having a lot of succes with his 12" releases and various remixes, Kevin Yost now releases a double-album with twelve tracks, all on a jazzy vibe ranging from the downbeat to the house territory. If you're an admirer of his vibe, go and get this.

Sessions Twelve "The Magic Sessions" (Defected/Ministry of Sound Records Double-CD)

This is a truly hot mixed double-cd by the legendary Magic Sessions DJ's: Tony Humphries, 'Little' Louie Vega and Tedd Patterson bring you some of the latest grooves, including lots of upcoming attractions. Highlights are "Give it up" by Kathy Brown (forthcoming on Defected), "Joy to the world" by 3rd Ministry of Faith featuring KT Brooks (forthcoming on Sfere), "Could it be" by Paul Simpson featuring Colonel Abrams and "Let the past rest" by 4:20 featuring Farid Unique (both forthcoming on YellOrange), and there is also much more to discover.


April 15, 2001

"Body & Soul NYC - Volume 3" (Wave Records Triple-Album)

Already volume three in the compilation series dedicated to the club. It features "Closer I get" by Marie St. James, "Never forget" by Hardrive 2000 featuring Lynae, "Soul talkin'" by Deep Bros., "Jaguar" by Aztec Mystic, "Watch them come" by Men from the Nile, "Casa forte" by Snowboy and many more.


March 11, 2001

Jamie Lewis "For you" (TBA Records Mixed-CD)

One of Switzerlands most successful and best known DJs releases a mixed CD that showcases his past and recent work as remixer and producer. Not to forget that he runs the Dee Jay Service record stores (located in Winterthur and Geneva) since 11 years. And there is also Purple Music Inc., Switzerland's most famous house music label that counts artists and producers such as Michael Watford, Billie, Sabrinah Pope, Kenny Bobien, Chance and many more.

Daft Punk "Discovery" (Virgin Records Double-Album)

Daft Punk are known for the fact that their music cannot be categorized. In fact, this album shows even more diversity than their 12" did. Their should be something for anybody - simply give it a try.


February 11, 2001

"Planet - the distant music compilation" (Distant Music Records Double-Album)

Eight wonderful tracks can be found on this double-album: "Brazoul" by The Black Daniels, "Westchester Lady" The Space Invaders, "Come on (Remix)" by Sandy Rivera, "Fly" by Johnny D & Nicky P, "Keep on dancing" by Johnny Fiasco, ""The harmonica walk" by Jon Cutler, "The ride" by Jon Cutler & DJ Romain and "Something I feel" by Mateo & Matos.


January 28, 2001

Playin' 4 the City "8 Urban Soundtracks" (Straight Up Records Double-Album)

An album with eight beautiful tracks produced by Olivier Portal, ranging from vocal house over laidback and jazzy grooves to moody grooves.


January 21, 2001

Yoruba "El Primer Ano" (Yoruba Records Double-Album)

Yoruba Records celebrate their first year with this double-album that includes the unbelievable hot Frankie Feliciano remix of "Cantos a Ochun et Oya" with a killer harmonica and all the song from the 12".

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