The Pick of the Week reviews for 2002.

December 29, 2002

Exclusiv Preview: The Offsetters "Masterplan / Set me free" (Promo CD-R)

Once more Spirit Of House is bringing you another exclusive preview. While being in negotiation for a licensing deal for the productions reviewed here in September this year, the Offsetters have brand new and hot material. "Set me free" featues vocalist Christelle over a smooth and mellow vibe with warm, melodic keys. "Masterplan" is a track with a deep bubbling groove and cool, spacey keys, giving the track an  irresistible deep and moody vibe.


December 22, 2002

Jovonn "Spirit" (TrackMode Records Double-Album)

A legend in the New York deep house community is offering his long waited longplayer. Jovonn teams up with vocalists Kenny Bobien, Stephanie Cooke and Chevelle to bring us slamming productions with wicked keys. Also you'll get slamming floor pouding instrumental tracks and some downtempo r&b.


December 15, 2002

Jasper Street Co. "Interpretations - The Remix Collection Sampler" (Basement Boys Records 2x12")

As a tastemaker for the forthcoming album "Interpretations - The Remix Collection" there is this hot four tracker. First there is the last 12" release "Praisin' his name" which features Ann Nesby on vocals. Next up are the brand new songs "To god be the glory" and "Another day". The first is an uplifting production with a stomping beat, topped with gospelish vocals. The second is a favorite for many DJs for quite some time now with its wonderful sax solo intro, added with a horn section backing over the fierce groove. When the vocals kicks in, the song explodes to take you to another level. Finally there is an unreleased Mousse T remix of "Lift every voice" included.


December 8, 2002

Soul of Switzerland "Home away from home" (Purple Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Purple Music are back with an incredible follow up to the smash hit "The light" by Michelle Weeks. "Home away from home" features a hot collective of musicians and singers to bring you another anthem complete with Jamie Lewis delivering the mixes. Outstanding lead vocals get coupled with a background choir to create a feel good vibe together with the fierce groove that comes complete with jazzy keys and hot organ ride.


December 1, 2002

Donna Washington "It's allright" (Generate Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

The amazing gospel voice of Donna Washington is back after last years smash "We're going up" with a strong follow up produced by Eric Wikman & James Donaldson aka Deepswing. It kicks off with the 'Funky Rhodes Mix' with hot chords and jazzy flute riffs over an energtic groove. Then there is the 'Full Range Vocal Mix' with hard driving beats and some filtering. The flip holds the 'Black Rooster Mix' which comes with smooth pads, lush strings and a guitar solo. Finally there are the 'Full Range Beats', a simple drum track.


November 24, 2002

Jephté Guillaume & The Tèt Kale Orkestra "Al di yo" (Spiritual Life Music Records 2x12")

Once more, Spiritual Life take us on a musical journey. Percussion overlaid with live drumming, a touching acoustic guitar, breath taking strings and flute are the trademarks of this Jephté Guillaume production. It comes in a variety of mixes including wonderful interpretations with lead piano and lead trumpet, and some accapellas are included too.


November 17, 2002

Modaji "See the changes / One and the same" (Remixes)(Laws of Motion Records 12" Promo)

This is a promo 12" sampler for the forthcoming "Laws of Motion Volume 2" compilation featruing two hot remixes of Modaji songs. Anthony Nichsolson delivers a jazzy and percussive remix with a deep and funky bass of "See the changes". Jazztronik remix "One and the same" which comes with orchestral style strings and jazzy keys over a bumpy house groove.


November 10, 2002

Louie Vega & Jay 'Sinister' Sealee starring Julie McKnight "Diamond life" (Distance Records 2x12")

Long awaited, now finally out on limited edition double 12" (later gonna be available on single 12"). Jay 'Sinister' Sealee and Louie Vega team up on the production side with addtional production from Kenny Dope on some of the mixes. A crisp groove with Julie's magic voice and lovely instrumentation will make this one of this winters anthems.


November 3, 2002

Kyoto Jazz  Massive featuring Maiya James "Mind expansions" (Compost Records 12" Promo)

Germany's Compost Records bring us this absolute beauty, a musical bliss to listen to. It starts of  with an edit of the original album version, a soulful fusion with an electronic twist and lovely drum pattern. Next is the Butti 49 remix who takes the original up-beat arrangement in an offbeat context. The flip side features the Blaze vocal remix that gives the track a sophisticated house vibe with lovely instrumentation. Finally there is another offbeat version courtesy of Wai Wan who adds some extra, cool soundbits.


October 27, 2002

Tortured Soul featuring DJ Spinna "Fall in love" (Central Park Records 12")

John-Christian Urich teams up with DJ Spinna for a soulful house tune with a deep bass, jazzy keys, lovely guitar and sweet vocals. Simply one of the most soulful house tunes this year with an outstanding production and instrumentation. Definitely the kind of vibe that deserves more exposure than it currently gets.


October 20, 2002

Kerri Chandler "A Basement, A Red Light & A Feelin' Volume 2" (MadHouse Records Double-Album)

A marvellous album finally sees the light of the day! Words cannot describe how good it really is. Eight outstanding tracks featuring various vocalists like Jennifer Morrison, KT Brooks, Isis, Arnold Jarvis, Christopher 'Gate-Ah' McCray or the vibes of Roy Ayers - this is a clear statement for soulful house music by the legendary Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler.


October 13, 2002

Ms. Dynamite "Dy-na-mi-tee" (Yoruba Mixes)(Bigger Beats Records 12" Promo)

Osunlade with witth a wonderful remix consisting of a deeply bubbling groove, warm keys and lovely organ ride, coupled with Ms. Dynamite's soulful vocals. Osunlade once more proves with this remix his faible for soulful, mellow dance grooves.


October 6, 2002

Dino and Terry featuring Alana Bridgewater "Can you see my soul" (Crash Records 12")

Remember when this was an 'Exclusive Preview' on this page back in april this year? Dino & Terry finally relaunched their Crash imprint and put this mellow and warm groover with the soulful, gospelish vocal of Alana Bridgewater. The 12" features the original mix (both vocal and instrumental) and new remix with a tougher groove.


September 29, 2002

Exclusive Preview: The Offsetters "Da vibe / The way" (CD-R)

You might have never heard of The Offsetters, but you better keep their name in your mind. These french producers have a couple of hot, currently unsigned tracks on their hands. "Da vibe" is a laidback groover with warm keys,  deep bass and the soulful vocals by Johanna St Pierre. "The way" features Tony Lee on vocals over a mellow bumping groove with warm keys and a jazzy guitar. You can contact them by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


September 22, 2002

Blaze featuring Philip Bailey "Breathe" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

One of my favorite tracks from the brand new Blaze longplayer "Spiritually speaking" finally gets a full 12" release. Featuring Philip Bailey on vocals, the original album version gets coupled with two new hot reworkings. Ashley Beedle keeps the structure of the original alive and just changes a few things and adds some extra instrumentation to create a slamming remix. Hardsoul deliever a latinesque remix that creates a different vibe and feeling.


September 15, 2002

Michelle Weeks "The light" (Remixes Part 1)(SoulFuric Records 12" Test Pressing)

The tune of this years Winter Music Conference, produced by Jamie Lewis and featuring house diva Michelle Weeks, gets the remix treatment from Urban Blues Project and Jazz'n'Groove. UBP bring us the musical 'Classic Mix' featuring a lovely instrumentation including warm keyboard sounds and a deep bass. The flip features a pumped up dub right for peak time and phat beats from Jazz'N'Groove. Part two with more mixes will be coming soon.


September 8, 2002

Dennis Ferrer "Soul Collectives Vol. 3" (Large Records 12")

Dennis Ferrer once more is giving us an outstanding EP. First off is "Colors" which features KT Brooks on vocals and and a sax solo by Royin Ogunlade. This is one of these wonderful sexy productions with an extremly soulful feeling that is absolutely irresistible. The flip side offers "Ceba yo ye", a track with a driving beat, jazzy piano and spheric keys that create a laidback feeling. Finally there is "Palisade Park" that is driven by a jazzy trumped played by LeRon Thomas over a bumpy house groove that is added with jazzy keys and a wicked organ riff.


September 1, 2002

The Keith Thompson Project "The rhythm of life" (2002 Remixes)(Underground Solution Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Remember this huge classic from 1992? If you don't it is no problem because among all the new slamming mixes you also get the original mix from Tony Humphries on this double 12". Urban Blues Project's vocal remix takes it to a whole new level with a killer bass played by Alfonso Carey and a sultry saxophone. They also give us a wonderful reprise version which brings the smooth organs to full effect. Jazz'N'Groove deliever a steadily building, pumped up dub version with a groovy feeling that has classy breaks to make the crowd go wild. The package gets completed with the JohNick remix that is more stripped down and uses straighter beats and a sweete melody.


August 25, 2002

Julie McKnight "Diamond life" (Distance Records One-Sided 12" Test Pressing)

Jay Sinister and 'Little' Louie Vega team up on this latest production for Julie McKngiht. They create a track that is set to rock the dancefloor once it is more widely available (only a few test pressings exist at this time). The stomping, moody groove coupled with a deep bass and wicked keys is the perfect base for Julie's soulful vocals. Watch for the lovely change  in the middle where they take it to another level by giving it a different twist by simply changing the keys.


August 18, 2002

Colonel Abrams "Could it be" (YellOrange Records 12" Test Pressing)

As with many other releases, YellOrange always wait for the perfect time to release a product. I've been after it since last years Winter Music Conference where Tony Humphries played it and the crowd went crazy... This Paul Simpson production is a great return for Colonel Abrams to the dancefloors. His original is driven by a killer piano hook over a stomping groove that is absolutely fierce (the only downpoint is that they only put an edited version on the 12"). Kyle 'Small' Smith delivers fresh new mixes that make your way on a mellow vibe with warm keys, nice organ and extra vocal parts, giving it a different feeling.


August 11, 2002

Exclusive Preview: Inner Sence "Secret way" (CD-R)

A&R folks get ready to pick this up!! This brand new production out of France by Henri Fontaine and Mathieu Lespine is unsigned for the moment so this is your chance to get your hands on it. A laidback groove with lovely keys and a jazzy piano create a mellow vibe, perfect for those early morning hours when the sun is getting up and you want to create an afterhour feeling for the crowd. Listen to it a few times and you will fall in love with it...You can contact Inner Sense by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


August 4, 2002

United Future Organization "Listen love" (Brownswood Records 12")

One of the this years most amazing songs finally made it to vinyl after being only available on CD-R for several months. It is a beautiful cover version of the Jon Lucien production from 1991. The original is a jazzed out drum'n'bass version while the 'Yoruba Soul Mix' sees Osunlade on top of the game with the with wonderful jazzy groove and lovely instrumentation bringing the vocals and charisma of the song to full effect. Keep your eyes open for this hard to find japanese 12" - you shouldn't miss it.


July 28, 2002

Electracoustic "Funkin' Motion' Sampler" (Outer Recordings 12" Test Pressing)

Electracoustic's "Funkin' Motion" is a remix project of live jams that included artists like Simon Bartholomew of The Brand New Heavies, Akimbo from Acid Jazz, Aurora Dawn, a vocalist with Roots Manuva and Nightmares on Wax alongside keyboards from The James Taylor Quartet and Incognito, as well as horn players from Jamiroquai and Primal Scream. The idea of the project is to bring the live jams to the club dancefloors. The remixes are provided by the likes of Block 16, Alpinestars, Meat Katie, Blaze, Kerri Chandler, White Rabbit, the Funky Lowlives and Ben Chapman.

This 12" sampler inlcudes the 'Pacific Coast Highway Drive Back Mix' by  Kerri Chandler and 'Live Jam' by Eastcote Too. Kerri's take is a jazzy house track with a wonderful rhodes and funky guitar while Eastcote Too opt for a jazz funky broken beat.


July 21, 2002

Various "Spiritual Life Music" (Spiritual Life Music Records Double-CD)

A massive compilation of two CDs including many classics, promo only releases and some forthcoming material. The classics "The prayer", "Lakou-a" and "Ibo lele" from Jephté Guillaume & the Tet Kale Orkestra are here, as are the massive Joe Claussell remix of "All loved out" by Ten City whos "Nothing's changed" is also featured. Lots of other classics to be found like "Mixed moods" and "Idris rises" from Mateo & Matos, "Slavery days" and "To dub" from 3 Generations Walking, "Directions" from Blaze and many more. Also some new (or previously unreleased) material is included like "Beautiful" from Still Phil featuring Camilla T, "Talk show" by Heather Johnson and "Afrodejah's well" by Daniel Moreno.

A brilliant retrospective of this outstanding label. And I just forgot to mention that "Agore e seu tempo" by Mental Remedy, "Clouds" and "Life" by Slam Mode, "Odo oya" by Ola Jagun & the Ancestral Rhythms, "Homelands" by Nithin Sawhney, "Stubborn problems" by African Jazz and "Escravos de jo" by Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell & Kerri Chandler are also featured and complete this package.


July 14, 2002

Tom & Joyce "Queixume" (Reworked by Jamie Lewis)(Yellow Records 12")

At the Winter Music Conference people were trying to get hold of the Masters at Work mixes of this song, but if they would have known about these mixes...Jamie Lewis reworks the original with the help of keyboarder Flavio Cuva and the result is an absolutely slamming remix package consisting of a vocal and dub version set to rock the dancefloors worldwide with that irresistible energy this song is spreading everytime it gets played.


July 7, 2002

Urban Soul featuring Roland Clark "Brown James" (KingStreet Records 12")

Something different here, bringing funky vibes to the floors. Produced by Roalnd Clark, remixed by Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn with the help of his II Deep Allstars. Lots of live instrumentation can be found here that create a wicked funky track with Roland Clark doing a brilliant imitation of James Brown.


June 30, 2002

Ferry Ultra featuring Roy Ayers "Dangerous vibes" (Spen & Karizma Remixes)(Peppermint Jam Records 12" Promo)

This 1998 classic is still being asked for, so Peppermint Jam decided to re-release the original version all together with brand new mixes by Spen & Karizma. They take it to a whole new level with a funky killer groove, topped with a organ that will drive you crazy once you hear it.

Exclusive Preview: Lamar Thomas "Life and love" (House Remix)(T and T Music Records CD Promo)

This exclusive preview is lifted from the forthcoming Thomtay Compilation "The Morning" that will feature soul, r&b, hip hop, rap, house and more, all coming from the house of Thomas and Taylor Music Works.

"Life and love" is coming your way as an unpolished and raw house house track with wicked keys. Something for the real house head. And if you listen closely, some of the beats might bring memories of the Gwen Guthrie classic "Nothing going on but the rent" back to your head...


June 23, 2002

Martin Solveig "Someday" (Remixes)(Mixture Records 12")
Martin Solveig "DJ Tools from 'Sur la terre'" (Mixture Records 12")

"DJ Tools from 'Sur la terre'" features various bits & pieces of tracks from the album. There are beats, a guitar loop and the full acapella of "Linda", a bongo beat of "You are my friend", and some more toys to play around. "Someday" got remixed by DJ Gregory who gives us a wicked dub groove. Spen & Karizma give it a complete makeover on their mixes using a fierce groove with a funky touch.


June 16, 2002

Carolyn Harding "Dream a dream" (NextMoov Records 12" Test Pressing)

What we have here is one of the records I couldn't get my hands on while at the Winter Music Conference, but the wait is over and I finally found a copy of it. "Dream a dream" features the sensual vocals of the legendary diva Carolyn Harding over a JoVonn production. A kicking drum track with screaming keyboard ad-libs and a undertone sub-baseline guarantee this to be a deep and soulful smash for the coming month.


June 9, 2002

Mambana "No reason" (Part 2)(SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

Brand new and hot remixes of the track that is already creating damage on the dancefloors worldwide in its original mixes. DJ Meri goes deep on his remix with an ultra deep bassline creating a musical journey into mellow and warm house vibes. Jazz'N'Groove pump the groove up and add their trademark wicked keys - perfect for a big room.


June 2, 2002

Special Preview: Dino and Terry featuring Alana Bridgewater "In  his power" (Crash Records Promo CD)

Remember "Can you see my soul" that already got an exclusive preview on this page a few weeks back? From the same promotional CD comes "In his power", a powerful and uplifting garage production, once more featuring the soulful voice of Alana Bridgewater over a fierce groove with a deep bass and wicked keys.


May 26, 2002

Louis Benedetti presents Omega Brown "Cloud 9" (SoulShine Sessions Records 12" Test Pressing)

Wicked! A bumpy house groove with a kicking beat and soulful female vocals, and when the harmonica comes in the second part it simply takes the song to another level. That combined with the arrangement and production skills of Mr. Benedetti simply make this a sure shot winner.


May 19, 2002

Angie Stone "Wish I didn't (miss you any more)" (Blaze Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

This is the remix I've been waiting for many weeks to get my hands on. Only played at the Shelter club so far, this is probably the best dance mix of this outstanding r&b song. Blaze do a marvellous job by keeping the soul of the original alive by just adding orchestral strings, a jazzy sax and a bumpy house groove.


May 12, 2002

Abicah Soul Project "Chuckie's turn" (RushHour Records One-Sided 12" Test Pressing)

Abicah Soul, also known as Stax, is out of Chicago and presents his latest production he has done together with Glenn Underground who provides an absolutely wicked organ solo. Just one mix on this limited one-sided promo 12" that has a full release ahaed in a couple of month once all versions are completed, inlcuding a vocal version that will feature Wendell & Marianne (they've been singing for Salsoul Orchestra and Leroy Burgess). What you get here is the instrumental version with the already mentioned organ solo over a fierce groove with warm keys.


May 5, 2002

Martin Solveig "Sure la terre" (Mixture Double-Album)

This is an absolutely outstanding record you shouldn't miss at all. Soulful from the beginning to the end, treating you with vibes ranging from deep house over garage to afro and funky gems. Various musicians and vocalists are involved into this project. A masterpierce.


April 28, 2002

Arnold Jarvis "Rising into joy "(Black Vinyl Records 12")

Wonderful. Should I say more? Not much words needed to describe this record: produced by Alix Alvarez, with a wonderful flute by Bret Dancer over a soulful and deep groove with Arnold Jarvis' marvellous vocals on top.


April 21, 2002

Stephanie Cooke "I thank you" (KingSteet Records 12" Promo)

This record is dedicated to the Shelter family (the grand opening for the new Shelter was held on March 30th). The a-side was reproduced by Blaze who, together with Timmy Regisford, bring us Stephanie's smooth vocals over a laidback and warm groove. On the flip Lenny Fontana goes for a deep bubbling groove on his vocal mix while on the dub he goes for a darker, techy edge.


April 14, 2002

Special Preview: Dino and Terry featuring Alana Bridgewater "Can you see my soul" (Crash Records Promo CD)

Crash Records will be back later this year after a long hiatus. One of their upcoming releases will be "Can you see my soul" featuring Alana Bridgewater on vocals. It is is produced by Dino & Terry, two very successfull producers, DJs and remixers out of Toronto/Canada (watch out for some hot remixes of them coming soon). Here they give us a mellow and warm groove with jazzy keys that harmonise perfectly with Alana's gospelish vocals.

Kerri Chandler "Digitalsoul Session Four" (Large Records 2x12")

Large Records presenting the latest part of Kerri Chandler's "Digital Session" coming on a double 12" with six offerings. Once more Kerri lets the music tells stories of his life. "My daughter Kerri" is my personal favorite with its deep and jazzy vibe. There is "Look inside", a vocal production that comes with a bumpy beat and warm and jazzy keys. Their are four more jewels to be heard - go and check them out.


April 7, 2002 (Winter Music Conference 2002 Picks)

My tune of the Conference #1: Michelle Weeks "The light" (Purple Music Records 12" Test Pressimg)

Without a doubt one of the most played tunes at this years Winter Music Conference, courtesy of Jamie Lewis. Michelle Weeks gives us a soulful treat over an infectious groove with wicked keys. For all of you that couldn't get hold of one of the limited test pressings there is good news because the record will be out in early May.

My tune of the Conference #2: S3 & The Truth "Said I wasn't going to tell nobody" (YellOrange Records 12" Test Pressing)

S3 & The Truth is comprised of twenty men and women who gives us gospel dance music produced by Georges Sykes III. The lead vocal on this top notch tune with a groove that won't get out off your head for a long time is performed by Pamela McDaniels. Truly uplifting and bringing

DJ Pope featuring Voices of Freedom "America at War (freedom!)" (YellOrange Records 12" Test Pressing)

The Voices of Freedom are Josef (vocalist on the 95 North classic "Sun goddess"), Una and DJ Pope who produced this track that was created after last years September 11 tragic events. The Voices of Freedom deliver their message over an old-school house groove remembering of the early days when house music just started rising.

DJAJ featuring Carmen Miller "So natural" (Souljerz Records 12" Test Pressing)

Souljerz is the follow up to the legendary N'Sync Records. This brand new label starts off strong with a soulful garage production by Jason 'AJ' Summers & Daryl Yelverton  in a classic New Jersey style featuring the soulful vocals by Carmen Miller.

Taana Gardner "It's you I need" (Underground Collective Records 12" Test Pressing)

This HouseHedz production is part of the "Underground Collective Sampler" and features the one and only Paradise Garage diva Taana Gardner. A deep and moody groove with Taana giving us all she got on her vocals, coupled with jazzy keys and a killer horn section. The b-side features the "Underground Collective Anthem" that has a spoken message over a minimalistic groove.


March 21, 2002

M.O.D.E. featuring Leroy Burgess "Heaven" (Frankie Valentine Remix)(White Label 12")

Frankie Valentine bringing us a fine 'boogie house' remix on a soulful vibe with a groovy beat. This is just a one-sided copy, but there should bet a full release soon.


March 17, 2002

Luxury Productions featuring Cassio "Love is the only way" (New Generation Records 12")
Tony Coleman "We got the vibe" (New Generation Records 12")

Let's bring this weeks spotlight to a New Jersey based label that has been putting out great underground dance music for more than ten years now. They started off with releasing the now classic series "DJ's on Vinyl". Those releases always included vocal gems like "Keep on believing" by Jennifer Mickey or "Love is the only way" by Larry P. Rauson featruing Cassio Ware on vocals that just got a welcome rerelease on 12". Larry himself reedited his original version that sounds as fresh as it did ten years ago - classic garage vibes full of soul. Mike Labirt speeds it up on his dub remix. The flip holds "Dub 4 You Vol. 2" with two tracks: "Wise one" is a laidback percussive groover with a nice trumpet and there is the "(Party Mix) New Generation Medley".

"We got the vibe" by Tony Coleman again sees Larry P. Rauson Jr. on production, this time with partner Mike Labirt. As you might know, Larry usually plays all instrumentation on his productions on his own as he does on this one. Uplifting underground vibes for the soulful heads. Additional mixes by Todd Gardner and Ricci Mellilo are included as well.


March 10, 2002

Victor Davies "Sound of the samba" (Masters at Work Mixes)(JCR Records 2x12")

The music of Victor Davies is a multi-coloured patchwork of latin jazz, folk and acoustic soul. Louie Vega & Kenny Dope - both fans of Victor's music - got choosen by JCR Records to do a remix for this song. They start it off on the downbeat tip before they change to the uptempo groove. Their remixes are a beautiful mix of modern dance music and samba grooves with a full dose of jazz.

DJ Oji & Una "We lift our hands in the sanctuary" (Sancsoul Records 12")

DJ Oji once more brings us a production straight out the underground featuring an impressive vocal performance by Una with a special spoken word performance by DJ Sam 'the Man' Burns and Charles Dockins adding additional keyboards. This is an uplifting, r&b influenced garage production full of soul and positive vibes.


March 3, 2002

Evan "Africa" (Dance Tracks Records 12")

First reviewed on this site on August 20, 2000 from CD, it finally made its way to vinyl. Evan Adamafio and Khalis Bayaan produced this outstanding piece of music with Larry P. Rauson providing the deep and soulful mixes with a beautiful instrumentation. Evan's inspiring voice gets backed up with strong background vocals. This one is gonna be a favorite of mine for a long time.


February 24, 2002

Charles Webster featuring Terra Deva "Ready" (Statra Records 2x12")

A variety of classy mixes make this double 12" an essential purchase. Ron Trent delivers a deep bubbling workout with jazzy keys that gives the track a groovy feeling. Tommy Musto goes for a slamming beat on his vocal and dub mixes with a funky guitar riff and gives the track a warm feeling. Cassidy deliever a mellow remix with a laidback feeling right for your afterhours set. Finally, both Ceche and Lypid deliever some nice downbeat versions.


February 17, 2002

Copyright present One Track Mind featuring Angie Brown "Good for you" (SoulFuric Records 12" Test Pressing)

Copyright return with their second release on SoulFuric (they also had a couple of bootleggs after their smash "Where would you be"). Featuring the soulful vocals of Angie Brown over a bumpy house groove with a wicked hook, this is set to be an anthem for the weeks and months to come. The flip features a dub that will get the hands of the crowd in the air.


February 10, 2002

Jay-J and Chris Lum pay respect to their "Roots" (Moulton Studios Records 12")

Already a 'Pick of the Week' last April, and now finally availabe. It was given away last year at the Winter Music Conference in Miami and has been getting lots of attention since then. As reported two weeks ago, new mixes will be coming soon.

Review from April 2001: Jay-J and Chris Lum produced this laidback groover with a deep bubbling groove to pay respect to all the people that influenced them in the past before they started doing house music themselves. Chris Lum himself provides the spoken words, with JoJo Haley singing the background vocals.


February 3, 2002

Kimiesha Holmes "Ups and downs" (YellOrange Records 12")

Legendary producer Moses Laporte - better known as Big Moses - out of New Jersey produced this gem together with vocalist Kimiesha Holmes. What you get is a wonderfully soulful and warm song with the sultry vocals of Kimiesha coupled with truly jazzy keys. Uplifting dance music at its best.


January 27, 2002

Jamie Lewis featuring Chance "Streetlife" (Sir Piers Remixes)(Purple Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

The cover version of the Crusaders classic got even better on these remixes here by Sir Piers. He takes the original Jamie Lewis production to another level with lots of extra instrumentation (brass, strings, rhodes, guitar, drums and percussion) creating a warm and smooth vibe full of soul. Excellent mixes to choose from can be found on the 12" including a marvellous reprise version.


January 20, 2002

Masters at Work presents "West End Records - The 25th Anniversary Edition Mastermix" (WestEnd Records Quadruple Album)

The mixed Double-CD is already getting lots off attention, and this "Collectors Edition Vinyl" package includes eight of the the tracks that go reworked by the Masters at Work. The highligts of the package for me are "When you touch me" by Taana Gardner that features an extra rhodes and "Kind of life (kind of love)" by North End with an extra bass and harmonica solo. The other six tracks are "Can't you feel it" by Michele, "Give your body up to the music" by Billy Nichols, "Do it to the music" by Raw Silk, "Ride on the rhythm" by Mahogany, "Let's go dancin'" by Sparque. And of course they reworked "Is it all over my face" by Loose Joints that is also available on a higly limited 12" that includes both vocal and dub mixes.


January 13, 2002

Robert Owens "So into you" (The Boot  Mix)(Versaille Records 12" Bootlegg)

Dennis Ferrer with a superbly done remix. A bumpy groove with warm keys and the marvellous vocals of Robert Owens make this a sure winner.


January 6, 2002

Su-Paka-Pooh "In her arms / Muzika" (Flower Records 12")

Two wonderful tracks can be found on this 12". "Muzika" comes in a marvellous 'Straight no Chaser Remix' by Alton Miller. His mix is a mellow and warm affair on a melodic tip with hot percussion. "In her arms" comes with a bumpy house groove and jazzy keys which give the track a warm feeling.

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