The Reviews for 2002.

December 29, 2002

Various "Abstract Afro Lounge Volume IV - P art 2" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

The one track to go for here is "Congo deep" by Mateo & Matos, a deep rumbling afro house groove with a lovely, jazzy flute and wicked keys (beats are included too). The flip holds unreleased mixes of "Love inside" by Alton Miller and "Pira Negra" by Ivan Iacobbucci.

House of Gypsies "Sume sigh sey" (Remix)(MAW Records 12")

Still using the classic beat from the original that got released in 1993, but sounding different with new keys on an acid tip. Both Masters at Work and Todd Terry reworked the classic.

Africanism "Soldiers" (Yellow Records 12" Promo)

DJ Gregory is here again with one of his wicked tunes full of crazy keys over a stompin' afro house groove. Like the releases on his own Faya Combo label, this is different from the majority of house releases.

Ginuwine "Stingy" (House Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")

There is no slowdown of soulful house remixes of r&b songs coming on bootlegg releases. "Stingy" by Ginuwine comes with jazzy keys and a harmonica over smoothly bumping house groove, paying respect to the soulful vocal.

Various "2002 Christmas Sampler" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

Defected are preparing a couple of hot releases for the next year. In the meantime, they present this nice sampler including "I can't stop" by Sandy Rivera, a deep, moody track with simple keys and sampled female vocals. Then three is a hot re-edit of the original version of Michelle Weeks' "The light" courtesy of Morera included giving the track a more underground feel. The package gets rounded up by a Kid Creme re-edit of "At knight" by Shakedown and the Antone Clamaran vs. Bob Sinclar mixes of "The beat goes on" by Bob Sinclar.

Mariah Carey "Through the rain" (Boris & Michi Remixes)(MonarC/Mercury Records 2x12" Promo)

This is the european double-promo including the Boris Dlugosch & Michael Lange mixes that are not on the US double-12". They use a stomping groove with techy keys on top to create a fierce remix, coming with a useful dub too.

Byron Stingily "So grateful" (JetSet Records 12")

Darryl James & Fred McFarlane on the remix here - they might be better known as DFA. Under that hame they put out some great remixes that have only been available on bootlegg. On "So grateful" they continue to keep it real and soulful with a lovely instrumentation, bringing Byron's vocals to full effect. The flip holds the original Smack Productions mixes giving it a classic New Jersey edge on the Rick Diddy mix.

Dawn Tallmann "Heavenly light" (Slaag Records 2x12")

"Heavenly light" is an inspirational song with the gospel-ish vocals by Dawn Tallmann. The main version uses a bumpy house groove with jazzy instrumentation. Ruben Toro gives it a classic garage touch with keys by Big Moses. Ron Carroll delivers a vocal dub on a harder tip.

Rich Medina vs. Kemeticjust "Minstrel speak" (Diaspora Records 12")

This is a nice laidback and mellow jazzy groover with a spoken poem by Rich Medina, coming in two flavas by Kemeticjust and Sweet Abraham.

Jordan Fields featuring Cassio Ware "The music" (Map Dance Records 12" Test Pressing)

Jordan Fields comes up with an interesting combination of a percussive samba-house groove with a spoken message from Cassio Ware. On the flip, Cosmic City turn it into a serious house track with spacey keys and a driving beat.


December 22, 2002

Exclusive Preview: Arnold Jarvis "Be right there" (Rulers of the Deep Remix)(Promo CD)

The Rulers of the Deep bring us this wonderful remix taking Arnold Jarvis into the deeper grounds with a deeply bubbling groove featuring warm, spheric keys and a jazzy flute.

Tee's Freeze Session "Fall down" (InHouse Records 12" Promo)

Todd Terry reworking the Tramaine classic "Fall down". Choose between a stomping house groove and the 'Tee Levan Mix' which borrows the groove from the David Joseph classic "You can't hide".

Slave "Just a touch of love" (Paul Simpson Remix)(Simpson Vault Records 12" Promo)

In 1998 Atlatic Records did put out the "Everybody Dance!" compilation which featured remixes of some of their all time classics. For some reason, the massive Paul Simpson remix of "Just a touch of love" didn't make it there. Now you can grag this fabulous remix featuring a fantastic piano solo.

Deep Bros. featuring Michelle Weeks "My love grows" (Balance Music Records 12")

One of the earliest productions from Deep Bros. finally gets a full 12" release. First is the DJ N-Joy dub (reviewed here back in july this year) which makes use of a pumpy groove. Souxsoul take the gospel-ish vocal and underlay it with a soulful groove, making use of wicked keys and a jazzy guitar.

Jay J & Chris Lum featuring Shawn Benson "Stronger" (Louis Benedetti Remix)(83 West Records 12" Promo)

Louis Benedetti comes up with a hot remix taking the original Jay J & Chris Lum production to a different vibe, giving it a warm and soulful feeling with a bumpy house groove filled with a deep bass guitar, electric guitar, trombone, trumpet, flugel horn and wicked keys creating a laidback vibe.

Full Frequency Productions featuring Ursula "He watches me" (Bumpin' City Records 12")

Bumpin' City out of Chicago keep it real here with a garage production taking us back to the early days of house with a deep and dirty groove, wicked piano and soulful vocals.

Mike Dixon "Deep House Damage EP" (Bumpin' City Records 12")

Mike Dixon is taking you back to the glory days of disco with two funktified disco-house track on the a-side while on the b-side there are two deeply bubbling undergound house groovers.

Jay J "Keep on risin" (Defected Records 12" Promo)

Jay J brings us this deep bubbling track full of funky flava and featuring a female vocal on top.

Lance De Sardi featuring Maurissa "Waterslide" (Llorca Remix)(Chez Records 12")

Ludovic Llorca from France is giving "Waterslide" an interesting twist on his remix using broken beat elements on the groove coupled with cool keys. Also featured is the unreleased dub by Lance himself.


December 15, 2002

Soulsearcher "Feelin' love" (Part 1)(SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing

I'ts been a long time since the last Soulsearcher release, but they are back with a big bang. The vocal performance is courtesy of Donna Allen who gives this track the extra kick with her storming vocal over the stomping groove that is added with classy strings and a hot guitar riff. Axwell supplies a peak time dub mix.

Wookie "After all" (White Label 12" Promo)

A hard to find song now available on limited edition white label promo. I don't know if it has been available before, but better get your hands on this funky production with a bumpy, percussive groove featuring soulful male vocals.

JJK "Always there 2K2 / Congobeat" (White Label 12")

John 'Julius' Knight brings us this tasty two tracker. First off is "Always there 2K2", seeing JJK on top form reworking the classic "Always there" to a funky monster jam. Second is "Congobeat", a simple track with a catchy, percussive congo beat.

Musiq "Don't change" (Pound Boys Remixes)(DefSoul Records 12")

Craig C & Dealer ake the Pound Boys with probably their best remix yet. They rework the r&b original into a driving house track with warm keys, deep bass and lovely guitar on the main vocal while on the dub they give it a harder touch with a storming groove.

Mariah Carey "Through the rain" (Full Intention / Maurice Joshua Remixes)(MonarC Records 2x12")

This US release features hot remixes by Full Intention who add a stomping groove with wicked keys. The real delight is the Maurice Joshua remix coming with completely new background vocals including Latanza Waters, Kim English, Byron Stingily and many more sitting on top of a bumping house groove with funky bass and guitar, added with warm keys. More mixes by Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange still to come on the european releases.

Runner up: Osunlade featuring Jaffa "Native tongue revisited" (GotSoul Records 12")

This label kicked off strong with their first release, and they top it with this release. Osunlade and Jaffa team up on this production that features fender rhodes coupled with saxophone, trumpet and percussion to create a jazzy monster jam. Nick Holder stripps it down a bit and adds some extra keys and turns it into a driving underground track.

Julius Papp "The awakening EP" (Large Records 12")

Julius Papp teams up with Charles Spencer. "Awakening" is a mellow track with wicked keys and lovely guitar, coming as full version and stripped down drum version. "Still movin'" samples the bassline from the classic "Let's clean up the ghetto" and has a funky edge.

Africanism "My beat / My dub" (Yellow Records 12")

If you got the seven record box set that came out in 2001, you've got the tracks. "My beat" is a simple drum track with Bob Sinclar himself providing the 'Doum Doum' vocals. "My dub" is a different story with some calypso elements.


December 8, 2002

Hanna Hais "Il parlait pas francais" (Distance Records 12")

Using french vocals with japanese spoken words - be assured this is different from the majority of releases. Larry Heard gives it a beautiful rework using a classic deephouse groove coupled with fantastic laidback keys. Frederic Stark goes for a laidback ride on his remix with warm, mellow keys.

Deep Sensuous Collective "I see a safe journey" (Sunshine Records CD Promo)

Sunshine Records is a finnish record store that just started their own label. This is their first release featuring Sauli Luttinen who provides his soulful voice over a mellow house groove that makes use of a lovely instrumentation including a hot organ ride, cool guitar riff and much more. The flip features a hot remix by the Star You Star

Jill Scott "He loves me" (Todd Gardner Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

At last! The Todd Gardner remix that got played by all the lucky DJs that got it on CD is now available on bootlegg 12". Todd gives the track a groovy beat with a standout piano on a jazzy tip and lovely guitar.

Runner-Up: DJ Jazzy Jeff featuring Erro "Rock with U (Yoruba Mixes)(BBE Records 12")

Osunlade is bringing us this super dope remix on a mellow vibe with a lovely live instrumentation. The flipside features "Love of da game", a nice new soul production.

Blaze Production presents James Toney Jr. Project "Betters days / Lovely ones" (LifeLine Records 12")

This 12" features the unreleased 'Lovely Shelter Voc Mix 1' of "Lovely ones" which is very similar to the main vocal version but uses a stripped down beat. "Better days" comes in a brand new remix version bringing the jazzy elements to full effect over a

Ivan Iacobucci "Pria negra" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

Italian producer Ivan Iacobucci with a deeply grooving afro-house track using a jazzy flute and male scats and extra congos.

Soul Khula "Musication" (Inspirit Music Records 12")

This is a relatively young label out of England presenting their seventh release with "Musication", a production not unfamiliar to some recent US west cost productions featuring the soulful voice of Soul Sista over a deeply bumpin' groove with warm keys and jazzy elements.

Salif Keita "Madan" (Martin Solveig Remix)(Mixture Records 12")

Martin Solveig with a stunning remix on a funky afro house tip featuring a hot guitar solo and even hotter african chants.

Bobby D'Ambrosio "So thankful" (Definity Records 12")

"So thankful" featuring Ronnell Bey is taken from Bobby's 2001 album "Here I am - The Collection" and comes in some fine versions.The 'Osio Remix' is a driving affair with a stomping groove while the other two mixes take it to a more mellow vibe.

HouseHedz featuring Taana Gardner "It's you I need" (Underground Collective Records 12")

The a-side features the original versions reviewed here back in march when I got a test press at the Winter Music Conference. They use a deep groove with jazzy keys and a killer horn section, with a very underground feeling. The b-side features brand new Bobby D'Ambrosio remixes using a bumpy house groove and warm and jazzy keys.

Prassay "Krvsin" (Faya Combo Records 12")

The second release for this french label is coming as a one-sider with just one track, "Krvsin". Prassay is none other than DJ Gregory who creates a unique blend of electro sounds with a stomping house groove, using a bit of afro percussion too.

Blaze presents "A Moment in Time Part 2" (Shelter Records 12")

This is the second 12" featuring the songs "What we need is love", a pure Blaze vocal anthem featuring Alexander Hope on vocals, and "Sign of the time".


December 1, 2002

Runner up: Everything but the Girl "Corcovado" (Knee Deep Mixes)(Virgin Records 12"  Promo)

What a return for EBTG to the dancefloors with these hot Knee Deep mixes bringing the "Pasilda" vibe back on their mixes. As an extra bonus, there is a Ben Watt edit of the Knee Deep vocal mix.

Heather Hedley "He is" (DFA Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")

Hot on the heels of their recent remixes, DFA score another big time with their rework of "He is" that comes with a bumpy groove and lovely, jazzy guitar riff. Simply another splendi house makeover of a r&b production.

Soma "Padlock" (InHouse Records 12" Promo)
Limelife "Peanut butter" (InHouse Records 12" Promo)

Todd Terry with two 12" both taking care of tracks from the all-time classic "Padlock" album. Both "Padlock" and "Peanut butter" come with a deep bubbling groove and hot keys and smooth vocals on top, underlayed with the typical Todd Terry beats.

Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn featuring Terrence Russell "That girl" (Wave Records 12")

This is maybe the strongest cover version of the Stevie Wonder classic I've ever heard. The main 'Deep Zone Mix' comes with an african influenced beat while the 'Soulfulwer Mix' is a straight-up house mix in typical, soulful Matty style. Finally there is the 'II Deep Dub' taking the song into a more dubby, underground vein.

Nathan Haines "Right by your side" (ChilliFunk Records 12")

Phil Asher for Restless Soul Productions together with Nathan Haines is behind this lovely production that comes your way in a very soulful way with acoustic piano, saxophone, guitar creating a nearly orchestral feeling through the song.

Runner up: MAW presents B.O.P. "Zabalaza" (MAW Records 12" Promo)

MAW Records bring us another hot afro-house gem in form of this latest Brothers of Peace production featuring hot strings and interesting african chants different from the ones that have been used on most of the other recent afro house records. There is also a stripped down 'Dubb Vocal'.

B.O.P. featuring Connie Harvey "You sun is going to shine" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12"  Promo)

Not to be confused with the other group named B.O.P. above, this guys are from New Jersey and bring us another hot garage production featuring Connie Harvey on vocals over a laidback and groovy beat with warm and lush keys.

Kenny Bobien "How I feel" (The Remixes)(SoundMen on Wax Records 2x12" Promo)

This Kenny Bobien and Basement Boys produced song gets another remix treatment, this time by man of the moment Markus Enochson and Rasmus Faber, both keeping it soulful on their take and bringing Kenny's voice to full effect.

Soul Central "Memories / Faith" (CleanCuts Records 12" Test Pressing)

A hot two tracker by Soul Central coming out of the UK featuring two soulful house productions on a mellow, deep vibe with spacey keys.

Various "Winter Music Sampler 2003" (InnerVibe Music Records 12")

This is a brand new label around the block from New York. They kick off strong with this three track EP featuring material from Patrick Green featuring Bib Brooklyn Red and Savapie featurinng Jeanine Lopardo both bringing lovely vocal tunes. My favorite is "Move your body" by Mateo & Matos and Wozniak featuring Sam Lopez which comes with a wicked and irresistible groove and hot keys.

Ralf Gum featuring Concha Buika "Nobody can touch me" (GoGo Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

This latest offering from Ralf Gum features Concha Buika on vocals. The original has a tasteful electronic flavour with with freaky beats and nice harmonies. Benny Pecoraio rebuilds it into a warm and mellow house tune with jazzy chords and live instrumentation. Sugar Beat give it a broken live beat, deep rhodes and some cool guitar licks.


November 24, 2002

Exlusive Preview: Urban Dance Institution "Like music" (CD Promo)

This is the second new production by Urban Dance Institution you can hear exclusively here at SpiritOfHouse. It features the same musicians and vocalist as their other production "Omen" that was featured here last week. "Like music" uses a deeep and funky bass, a catchy guitar hook and a hot an jazzy saxophone solo coupled with a bumpy house groove and the sexy vocals.

Exclusive Preview: Raven Fox "Inhale deep" (reMarkable Music CD Promo)

As promised, here is another exclusive preview to Raven Fox's debut album "Fashionably late". "Inhale deep" is a perfect afterhours track with warm keys and a little techy edge over the deeply bubbling groove creating a mellow vibe.

Runner Up: Francois K featuring Barbara Mendes "Awakening" (Needs Remix)(Wave Records 12")

The Germany based Needs production team takes "Awakening" into a atmospheric deep house journey on a moody tip with slightly darker vibe after the breakdown. With additional strings and an extra hookline this is a top notch, soulful production.

DJ Oji "Soul Funky EP" (POJI Records 12")

This EP features some great tracks on an underground tip. "POJI's groove" is a collaboration by DJ Oji & DJ Pope using a percussive groove with female vocals chants creating an irresistible vibe. "Real love (just for you)" by Soul Mecca is featured here in a DJ Oji remix giving the sound a deep, underground feeeling with a kicking beat. "Something about the music" is a catchy track with wicked a stomping groove and wicked keys.

Gladys Knight "Bourgie bourgie" / Ann Nesby "Let your will be done" (Pound Boys Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")

Here is some more dancefloor madness from our friends the Pound Boys. First they rework the Gladys Knight classic "Bourgie bourgie" to a stomping disco-house track sure to rock any floor. Second is their rework of "Let your will be done" by Ann Nesby (which is still awaiting a 12" release).

Rise Ashen "Second wind EP" (Bombay Records 12")

This Canada based label brings us a nearly broken beat house groover on a jazzy tip with a lovely saxophone solo over a deep and percussive groove, added with sparse female vocals.

Amp Dog Knights "I'm doing fine" (Mahogani Music Records 12")

Kenny Dixon Jr. once more is giving us a taste of his music style: moody grooves on a mellow tip with warm production and wicked, spaced out keys.

Vaceo "Many nights" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

A funky and percussive groove added with a jazzy flute and lovely guitar with smooth r&b-ish vocals on top are the ingredients for this latest Chilli Funk release.

Soul Station "I believe" (WestEnd Records 12")

WestEnd bring us a hot garage production featuring r&b style vocals, including slamming Moise 'Big Moses' LaPorte remixes. The song features Rob Burns on vocals over a bumping house groove with a deep bass and warm and melodic keys.

Selective Spirit "Do you feel me" (Subliminal Soul Records 12")

After the smash "Ride" on Refunkt Records, Dave Storm is back together with vocalist Charlie C on this fierce track featuring a jazzy guitar and a fierce groove with a stomping beat creating an irresistible feeling.


November 17, 2002

Exclusive Preview: SE:SA "...all together" (Delicious Garden Records 10" Promo)

Behind SE:SA are Syke'N'Sugarstarr who present us this hot track on a jazzy swingin' house tip. Lars 'LB' Behrenroth & Phonicfood deliver a hot remix containing a wicked organ solo.

Exlusive Preview: Funkastic "Secret" (K-Traxx Records CD Promo)

Here is an exclusive preview of an italian production to be released on K-Traxx Records soon. The track is producedc by Matteo Ionescu and features Wendy Lewis vocals over a bumpin' house groove that features a warm, jazzy keys and a deep and funky bass.

Exlusive Preview: Urban Dance Institution "Omen" (CD Promo)

Urban Dance Institution is a project by Dekky (DJ, producer, remixer) and Bart (songwriter, bass and guitar player) from Slovenia. "Omen" is one of their new productions featuring vocalist Lucy May and saxophone player Mario Marolt who co-produced the song that features a funked up bass and wicked keys, coming both jazzy and spheric, generating a groovy feeling.

Physics "The most beatiful boy in Brazil EP" (Deeplay Music Records 12")

This is a lovely three track EP. The main track is a nice percussive, jazzy track full of sax solos, flute and wicked keyboards. The flip side  features a grooy latin rhythm trhack with a funky guitar and a midtempo groover on a mellow vibe.

Urban Soul "Happy" (King Street Records 12")

Roland Clark aka Urban Soul once more pleases us with his unique voice. Blaze deliver the mixes of the song so what you get is a combination of the distinct Blaze sounds with Rolands vocals.

Martin Solveig "Linda" (Mixture Records 12")

One of the best tunes from the album gets a full 12" release featuring an unreleased Martin Solveig version and brand new Kenny Dope remixes working the afro house beat to full effect, added with wicked keys.

DJ Houz'Mon featuring Cei Bei "I can't turn around" (Bumpin' City Records 12")

Get a slice of classic, late 80's style old-school house music on this Curtis Harmon track.

Kaskade featuring Joslyn "I feel like" (OM Records 12")

"I feel like" is a laidback track featuring both a jazzy trumpet and flute and Joslyn's smooth voice over a deeply grooving beat.

Brent Laurence featuring Reggie Watts "Closer" (SoulShine Records 12")

Reggie Watts' voice remembers me of Maxwell and gives this track the little extra. The track comes with jazzy keys, deep bubbling bass and funky guitar and has an overall funky feeling.

Inaya Day meets Louis Benedetti "Shout it out" (SoulShine Records 12" Promo)

Louis Bendetti once more creates an uplifiting track with the usual fierce keys, here coupled with a stompin groove, funky guitar and not to forge the wonderful voice of Inaya Day.

Charles Webster "It's not what it was / Fantasy situations" (Dance Tracks Records 12")

Dance Tracks continue to put out deep underground releases. This time the honour is up to Charles Webster for his two moody tracks.

Pound Boys featuring Yvonne Brown "Shinin'" (Look-At-You Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is a welcome return for the Pound Boys with a little twist in their sound. This latest production comes on a smoother touch than most of their previous work with warm sounds thanks to the lovely instrumentation. Joey Musaphia gives it a different vibe with a driving groove and irresistible keys.

Various "Jetlag EP" (Naked Music Records 12")

Miguel Migs grives us "You bring me up" featuring Lisa Shaw under the Petalpusher moniker, witht he typical Migs style keys and beats, adding just a bit of a techy edge here. "Brighter day" by Kaskade features Joslyn on vocals over a deeply bumping groove with warm keys and a jazzy guitar giving the track a laidback feeling.


November 10, 2002

Runner up: Africanism "Wintersong" (Yellow Records 12")

S.U.M.O. aka Combo and Alf Tumble bring us the latest Africanism offering featuring Karime Kendra on vocals. Jazzy keys, lots of percussion, a deep bass, horns and guitar with a broken house groove make this a winner.

Stephanie Cooke "Rain (let it all come down)" (KingStreet Records 12" Promo)

Dennis Ferrer has been busy recently with putting out his own productions and several remixes. His remix of "Rain" that is included here definitely stands out of all these releaeses. A fierce groove with jazzy horns and keys are the perfect playground for Stephanie's subtle voice. Jay J's mix is driven by a deep bass topped with warm and spacey keys. The original versoin is on a soulful r&b house tip.

Bah Samba "And it's beautiful" (Estereo Records 12")

The original version that kicks the 12" off is a laidback groover on a mellow vibe. Jon Cutler reworks it by keeping the mellow feeling alive and adding a bumping house groove.

Naked Soul featuring Consuela Ivy "Talk to me" (Distant Music Records 12")

The original version is on a laidback, mellow vibe with a jazzy edge. Peter Primiani & Tyrone Solomon under the 83 West moniker deliver a deeply stomping groove with warm keys courtesy of SoufFingaz.

Peckham Royality "The Minor Villain EP" (Wave Records 12")

"Minor villain" features a killer piano hook coming your way as jazzy as it can get. Two version to choose from, one with a full house groove, one with a broken beat. "Your galaxy" is a jazz funky track on a downbeat tip.

Manijama featuring Mukupa & L'il T "No no no" (Deefected Records 2x12" Promo)

If you're looking for a track to keep your crowd rocking the dancefloor - look no further. A fierce groove with cool vocals and wicked keys that comes in a variety of different versions on this double promo.

Sir Piers featuring Monique Bingham "Don't you love me" (Curious Records 12")

Sir Piers teams up with vocalist Monique Bingham for a smooth and soulful house song featuring lots of live instrumentation that give the production a warm feeling.

Mark Grant featuring Chezere' "Hey you" (OM Records 12")

A deeply bubbling, funky groove with bass, sax and flute and Chezere' adding her sweet voice take you on a jazzy and funky journey.

Blaze presents "A Moment in Time Part 1" (Shelter Records 12")

This is the first of two 12" featuring the four new cuts that have been available on the japanese "Best of Blaze" album only so far. Here you get "So thankful" which features Alexander Hope on vocals and "Change".

Gerald Levert "Ain't it funny" (DFA Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")

DFA with another soulful house remix of a r&b tune, using a laidback house groove, lovely guitar licks and warm keys.

Ben Watt "Lone cat (holding on)" (White Label 12")

Ben Watt, responsable for some hot remixes recently, with a bumpy track that features catchy keys and both male and female vocal parts over it.


November 3, 2002

Exclusive Preview: Raven Fox "3AM" (reMarkable Music CD Promo)

Raven Fox has his debut album "Fashionably Late" in the works which will be out in early 2003. Over the coming weeks you can hear selected cuts here on the mixshows. The start makes "3AM", a deep and mellow track with a techy ambient feeling and jazzy piano, right for your after hours set.

Wesley Alexander "Falling for you" (TetKale Records 12")

Jephte Guillaume and Jared Dietch team up with vocalist Wesley Alexander for a deep and soulful production full of live percussion and jazzy instrumentation.

Victor Davies "Runaway train / Lady luck" (JCR Records 12" Promo)

Wahoo aka Dixon & George Levin bring us a soulful and deep boogie-house journey that is filled with warm and jazzy keys. The flip features a Misa Negra (a member of Bugz in the Attic) remix of "Lady luck" on a future fusion tip.

Los Amigos Invisibles "Ease your mind" (Bootlegg 12")

Somebody couldn't wait for the commercial release and made this bootlegg. Obviously both Frankie Feliciano and the Masters at Work have been involved in these remixes that are full of percussion and live instruments to create a mellow, laidback vibe.

Gordon Chambers "Don't give up" / Sharon Pass "The word is love" (Silk Entertainment Records 12")

While we're still waiting for the Voices of Life album, here is a cut taken from it by Gordon Chambers. This garage houser is produced by Steve 'Silk' Hurley and Tim Dudfield and features a bumpy house groove together with some cool organ solos. The flip holds the classic ten minute version of Sharon Pass' "The word is love" that got originally released in 1997.

Papo Sanche "Aguas puras" (Vinyl Soul Records 12")

This is a welcome return for this lovely tune with a soulful house remix by Terry Hunter with a laidback guitar and warm keys. Georgie Porgie pumps it up and adds a fierce and hypnotic groove with spacey keys.

Stomp Music presents Each 2 Their Own "The Promise EP" (Soulful Solutions Records 12" Promo)

This label lives up to its name with this EP that features Martin Miller on lead vocals. There is the late night SoulFuric style "You don't know" with a warm groove, "The promise" is pure gospel house with chunky house groove. The packags gets rounded up by "Lift your head up" that might well become a garage anthem with its uplifting feeling.

DJ Camacho presents "Renegade" (Shelter Records 12")

This one was originally released on Sumo Records back in early 1996. This time around it features some hot mixes by Freddy Sanon and Joe Claussell that use extra percussion and keys. Also included is the classic DJ Camacho 14 minute version.

Mateo & Matos "Zulu Funk EP" (Large Records 12")

The main track "Zulu Funk" is a jazzy and percussive afro house track with a wicked organ ride. "AfriSax" is a saxophone driven, ferice afro groover. "Gotta find myself" featueres a jazzy piano over a fierce percussive groove.

DJ Jori "Only you / Brazil horns" (Distant Music Records 12")

"Only you" features Gary Pinto on vocals over a brazilian style latin cut with jazzy piano and lots of percussion. "Brazil horns" is an instrumental track with a latin feel, full of percussion, flute, sax and tumpret.


October 27, 2002

Runner Up: Dennis Ferrer "Reach for freedom / Dem people go" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

"Dem people go" was already featured on "Abstract Afro Lounge IV" and comes here with additional mixes. But the real delight is "Reach for freedom" which features a jazzy guitar riding along the bumpy house groove, topped with gospelish vocals.

Bob Sinclar "The beat goes on" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

After being available on limited one-sided 12" on Yellow Records, Defected now presents the remix package. Roger Sanchez gives it a tribalish feel while Junior Jack add a funky-flava groove to the track. Brian Tappert adds a pumped up groove to the track while keeping the original keys.

Awa-Klash "Akoba" (Wave Records 12")

This is a collaboration of Awa Band and Klash Productions who bring us a funky afro house track featuring a lovely guitar, a wicked organ ride and african vocals on top with african chants in the background.

Andricka Hall "Stay inside my life" / Deep Swing presents Xavior "Shelter" (Soulshine Records 12")

This 12" is a welcome rerelease in case you missed "Stay inside my life" by Andricka Hall and "Shelter" by Deep Swing presents Xavior. Both are featured here in versions by Louis Benedetti.

Earth Wind & Fire "Remix Sampler" (Columbia Records 12" Promo)

Lifted from the (at this time) japanese only remix album, this 12" sampler features the Masters at Work album version of "Can't hide love" (the full lenght version is only available on a hard to get japanese 12" or badly pressed bootlegg) and the Phil Asher (aka Restless Soul) remix of "Let's groove".

Tweet "Make your move" (Bootlegg 12")

This UK booty features a house remix of Tweets "Make your move" with a deeply stomping groove, keeping much parts of the r&b original alive.

Mind Influence presents the Solid Gold Playaz "The best part" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

Mind Influence are Big Mike T & Kenny Gino out of Chigaco. This, their debut release, is a funky rhodes led track with smooth production and wicked chords. Theincluded remixes are by Copyright and SWAT (DJ Rasoul & Kwai Le Chief).

Usher "Can U help me" (DFA Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

I'm not sure who DFA is - some rumours say they it might be Darryl James or Dennis Ferrer. Like the recent bootlegg mixes of Muziq or Glenn Lewis, this features a soulful bumpy house groove with warm keys and a lovely guitar.

Nino "El ritmo del tambor" (Elan Records 12")

Mike Fiorita together with coproduer Ian '45' Carey (one half of the Soul Providers) is behind this salsa piano riff driven latinesque house track with a funky bassline that features spanish vocals by Leslie Molina.

Players Inc. "Feelin' alright" (Elan Records 12")

Players Inc. is the collaboration of the Soul Providers and DJ Jani who give us this disco drenched house track.


October 20, 2002

Runner Up: Dino & Terry featuring L.M.A "Summertime blues" (ChilliFunk Records 12")

Although the summer is over and the weather is getting cooler (at least over here in Europe), this laidback groover will hook you the first time you hear it. A deeply bubbling groove featuring Alana Bridgewater's sweet vocals on top of, added it with a jazzy flute and extra percussion make this an essential in your collection.

Soul Movement presents Princess "Don't stop" (Space Kat Records 12" Test Pressing)

Kalim Shabazz & Nick Jones are working hard these days and bring us another quality production with a mellow groove with warm keys, lovely guitar and the silky smooth vocals by Princess.

Intense Soul "Caught up" (Subliminal Soul Records 12")

Tyrone Payton teams up with vocalist Charvoni on this production, which is classic New Jersey style garage with a warm groove featuring jazzy keys and the smooth vocals of Charvoni. Also featured is the bonus track "Tybakuda".

Jamie Lewis featuring Michael Watford "For you" (2002 Remixes)(Aurei Records 12" Promo)

The voice of house music is back with brand new 2002 remixes of the Jamie Lewis produced "For you". Sandy Rivera & Haze give it an irresistible feeling with a moody groove and jazzy keys. There is a nine minute reprise version that will capture your hear and soul with Michael Watford giving you all he got


October 13, 2002

Michelle Weeks "The light" (Remixes Part 2)(SoulFuric Records 12" Test Pressing)

This second 12" of the remix set features more slamming mixes. It kicks off with the Jazz'N'Groove vocal mix that adds the vocal atop the massive dub vibe that was featured on part one. Also featured are the 'Word-a-pella', the 'UBP Classic Dub' and 'UBP Music-a-pella'. With the complete package now, there are many mix possibilities...

Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn presents The II Deep Allstars featuring James Preston Jr. "The greatest thing" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

Germany's Mr. Heilbronn is back with this organic afro house groover full of percussion, sexy keys and a lovely guitar.

Exclusive: Glenn Lewis "Don't U forget" (Oldschool Orchestra Remix)(CDR)

A fully reconstructed remix of this classic r&b cut by Glenn Lewis, courtesy of french' Oldschool Orchestra. This soulful remix makes use of a jazzy sax and funky guitar, coupled with live drums. It should be available on vinyl any day now.

Sinister Concepts featuring Wayne Gardiner "Divine inspiration / Gianni's Love" (Enuma Records 12")

You cannot go wrong when you're looking for classy deep house grooves with this release - Wayne Gardiner has been putting out deep grooves for more than a decade now (just remember his Classic Man outings on Nervous Records). "Divine inspiration" is a midtempo groover with melodic, warm keys. "Gianni's love" is on a jazzy tip with a sweet flute and lovely guitar.

Alma Horton "Lies" (Diaspora Records 12")

Philly soul lady Alma Horton once more proves her mic skills on this release. The main vocal is an uplifting, soulful house anthem that is coupled with a deeper dub by Sweet Abraham on the flip. Also included is a percussive house banger by the team of Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak.

Runner Up: Zuco 103 "Treasure" (BMR Remixes)(Ziriguiboom Records 12")

Originally a brazilian track, now turned into a groovy latin house track by Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange. This is a true anthem alert with a melody that won't get out of your head for some time...

Tom & Joyce "Partir" (Yellow Records 12" Test Pressing)

Next Evidence on remix duty for Tom & Joyce. They give "Partir" a totally different twist compared to the album version, with a stomping groove and some wicked, sometime weird keys combined with the jazzy elements from the original.

Sven Love & Catalan FC featuring Paula Ralph "Just keep holding on" (DJ Spen & Karizma Remixes)(Sole Music Records 12")

DJ Spen & Karizma with a brilliant remix that has even more soul than the original, and as an extra bonus Jasper Street Company deliver new backing vocals to lift the track to new heights.

Reza presents Santiago Soul "Soul rhythms EP" (Refunkt Records 12" Promo)

This is the debut release for Reza Hemming on Refunkt with a four track EP. All of the tracks make use of phat, funky grooves, with "Let's do it right" cleverly samping the SOS Band classic "Take your time".

Andrea Love "Mr. fairy tale" (Sound Division Records 12" Promo)

Jamie Lewis delivers a lovely remix of this catchy sing-along song that features a jazzy organ ride on top, coupled with a deeply bubbling bassline.


October 6, 2002

Musiq "Half crazy" (House Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

This is a mysterious US booty where I'm nots sure who is behind it, but id does not matter. What you get is a soulful and deep house reinterpretation of the original r&b song.

Jasper Street Co. featuring Ann Nesby "Praisin' his name" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Already featured here some time ago, but first time around it was missing the 'Deeepah Vocal Mix'. This mix has a deeper feeling with a stomping groove and a simple, extremly catchy piano.

Nathan Haines featuring Verna Francis "Earth is the place" (Jon Cutler Remixes)(Wave Records 12")

Jon Cutler remixing this Phil Asher production that was very successful in its original version that got released on ChilliFunk Records last year. Jon Cutler gives it a laidback feeling with a bumpy house groove with lovely instrumentation.

Camiel "Sunset" (Kemit Remix)(Central Park Records 12")

Kemit from KemeticJust Productions with a soulful remix using a live bass and warm keys, coupled with a deeply stomping groove creating a mellow vibe.

Wil Milton "The Weekend EP" (Wave Records 12")

This is a lovely four track EP with a variety of laidback, mellow and jazzy grooves. A perfect record for your latenight and afterhours set.

Prince Dred featuring Bunny Sigler "Are you a freak (like me)?" (Black Vinyl Records 12")

It's all about the funky elements and dance music veteran (or am I wrong?) Bunny Sigler on this release. A deeply grooving beat full of funky flava is the playground for Bunny Sigler's vocals.

Liquid People "See the stars" (Strictly Rhythm Records CD-R)

Doing the rounds on CD-R for some time now, this is one of those tracks that is simply irresistible. A hypnotic groove with wicked keys is all it needs to make this a sure-shot winner on the dancefloor.


September 29, 2002

DJ Gregory "Tropical soundclash" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

DJ Gregory's very successful track "Tropical soundclash" got picked up by Defected who release the original mix together with brand new mixes from Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales who gives the track a fierce groove and adds new pieces here and there. These new mixes make the track even stronger so it should be even more massive than before.

Movement of Soul presents Kalim Shabazz & Nick Jones "Pieces" (Element Records 12")

Kalim Shabazz and Nick Jones togehter with Onesongbyrd who wrote the lyrics bring us a true New Jersey style garage production full of sweetness and loveliness.

Powerplay of the Week: DJ John 'Julius' Knight "Find a friend (Part 2)" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

This Sylvester sampling track is back with two very attractive new mixes. The Audiowhores give it a very musical touch with jazzy keys while JJK himself delivers a hot dub mix that is sure to rock any dancefloor.

Kerri Chandler "Trionisphere IV" (KingStreet Records 12")

This 12" features two tracks from the upcoming "Trionisphere" longplayer. "Nigearian travels" is an afro house instrumental while "My paradise" is vocal track with a laidback groove topped with warm keys.

Solar House "Summer Funk EP" (Large Records 12")

Calum Walker from Fresh and Low Productions delievers three tracks with a mellow and jazzy vibe, all having a funky touch. Watch out for the forthcoming album "Magic of the city".

Blue 6 "Music and wine / All I need" (Naked Music Records 12")

Two unreleased mixes of "Music and wine" by Speakeasy and Satins Souls are inlcuded on this 12" both taking the song into deep and mellow grounds. The flip features "All I need" coming in a Jimpster remix using a broken beat and the original album version.

Triangle Orchestra "Elgin park / Viewfinder" (Seasons Records 12")

"Elgin park" is a jazzy track with a deep bass guitar, tumpet and jazzy keys over a funky house groove. "Viewfinder" uses a deep track with a funky bass and spheric keys to create a deep and moody vibe.

DJ Taco "The ghost" (Maya Records 12")

This 12" features a hot Lenny Fontana remix that featues an absolutely wicked saxophone and jazzy piano with catchy hooks over a bumpy house groove.

Monkey Boie Rascal "Everybody" (BrickHouse Track Records 12" Test Pressing)

Kid Creme is behind this record and delivers a simple but effective club track with a catchy piano and a funky edge. Wackside take care of the remixes and deliver a stunning remix.


September 22, 2002

Runner up: The Migthy Bop featuring Duncan Roy "I'll go crazy" (Yellow Records 12" Test Pressing)

Yellow Records once more teach us with a different take on house music. The vocals by Duncan Roy are in a true entertainer style as you would expect them from Frank Sinatra (who sadly died a couple of years ago). The music could well be from a big band. The more you listen to it, the more you're gonna like it. As I said before: different, interesting and very good.

MAW featuring Wunmi "The time is now" (MAW Records 12" Promo)

It took some time after "Ekabo" for Wunmi to be back again with the Masters at Work, but it has been worth the wait. "The time is now" is a hot cotender in the ever raising afro house territory with true african chants as background vocals over a storming afro house groove added with a hot ragga break.

MAW Electronica "Tranz / Body" (MAW Records 12" Promo)

Both "Tranz" and "Body" are taken from the forthcoming "MAW Electronica" album and indicate that the Masters at Work enter new grounds on this project. "Tranz" has a nimimalistic feel with vocoded vocals, bringing back memories of classic electronic dance music by the likes of Kraftwerk and others. "Body" is more melodic by still keeping it very electronic.

Deep Swing "This is the sound" (Generate Music Records 12")

Deep Swing once more provide us with a dancefloor anthem. A simple stomping house groove with Robert Wilson's spoken words with extra ad libs courtesy of Donna Washington  -not to forget the short sax parts - give it an irresitilbe feeling. Then there is the 'Hapy Mix' adding a classic disco touch to it. Jesse Outlaw gives it a mellow, laidback feeling with extra xylophone on his soulful remix that is based around a percussive groove.

Tom and Julie "Like ours" (Yellow Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is a taste for the forthcoming album release "Bossa très Jazz II... Step into the Gallery". The original is a mellow and laidback jazzy groover on a midtempo tip. MKL vs SOY SOS keep the jazzy vibe alive and add a mellow bumping house groove to it, creating a laidback and soulful remix.

Lance de Sardi featuring Maurissa "Waterslide" (Chez Records 12")

Chez Records bring us a lovely piece of music here. A soulful groove with a laidback guitar, warm keyboards and smooth female vocals by Maurissa create a mellow vibe.

Bob Sinclar "The beat goes one" (Yellow Records One-Sided 12" Promo)

This one-sided promo is getting lots of attention recently. People either love it or hate it. It shows Bob Sinclar on a different vibe with a track featuring electronic sounds over a stomping house groove with female vocals. The full release will include various remixes by the likes of Tim Deluxe, Brian Tappert an Bob himself.

The Truffle Tribe "The Aki EP" (Sukii Records 12" Promo)

My favorite on this three track EP is "The train" which makes heavily use of D-Train's classic "Keep on". You'll find parts of its percussion over a stomping house groove that is added with some jazzy piano licks and male spoken words. "Aki" features female african chants over a funky afro style house groove. Finally there is "Pupet", a much less attractive track on a more minimalistic tip.

Louis Botella "Sound Exposure EP" (Camouflage Records 12" Promo)

"Infinity" is a simple track with a deep bubbling groove and an old-school Detroit house techy edge to it (doesn't it remember you of an old Inner City classic?). The flip features "Dum dum" which features an ever deeper bubbling house groove. It also comes in a west cost style remix taking it to an electronic house level.

Pound Boys presents the SML Crew "Dance with me / Loose turn" (83 West Records 12" Promo)

The Pound Boys team up with Luke Howard on this double tracker. The result are two pumping house tracks with "Loose turn" is my favorite thanks to its nice jazzy keys.


September 15, 2002

Runner up: Jamie Lewis & DJ Pippi featuring Kim Cooper "Impress me" (Purple Music Tracks Records 12" Test Pressing)

Kim Cooper really works it out with her sexy vocals over the kickin' tribalish groove. Coupled with the sampled main hook of the Jimmy BoHorne classic "Spank", this is an absolutely irresistible track.

Jody Watley "Photographs" (ChilliFunk Records 12")

ChilliFunk bring us a premier production featuring the legendary Jody Watley. Both Restless Soul and East West Connection keep it really soulful on their mixes and add their own instrumentation to the mixes to create a variety of mixes to choose from.

Physics "My love" (Deeplay Music Records 12")

This swedish label is around for quite some time now and here they offer us an outstanding piece of soulful deep house music on the original mixes. On the flip, Fresh & Low give it a an even more laidback and mellow feeling.

MAW featuring Roy Ayers "Our time is coming" (Jazzanova Remix)(MAW Records 12"

About a year after the original version got released, MAW Records bring us the Jazzanova remix. Jazzanova totally rebuild the track by just using the original vibes played by Roy Ayers and add their own beats and jazzy keys thus creating a new and different vibe.

Jamiroquai "Feels so good" (Knee Deep Mixes)(Sony Records 12" Promo)

Once more a track from Jamiroquai gets the club rework. Again Knee Deep have been choosen to do some remixes. A wise decision, since they proove once more that they can take the funky original groove from Jamiroquai to another level.

Dave Storm featuring Charlie C "Ride" (Refunkt Records 12" Test Pressing)

Dave Storm comes from Estonia and teams up with american vocalist Charlie C here on "Ride". Dave's original mixes are based around a mellow house groove creating a soulful feeling. The flip featues Joey Musaphia remixes that take it to a more groovy and funky level.

Fairwind "Let me taste your love" (DanceGrooves Records 12")

Behind Fairwind is the production team TFP. Their original version is a stomping house track with a funky guitar and lovely keys. Joey Musaphia gives it an extremly groovy and funky feeling on his remixes, making it a sure-shot dancefloor stomper.

Marty Thomas "Thank you (power of love)" (WestEnd Records 12" Test Pressing)

After the very successfull "Resurrect me" Marthy Thomas is back with a new release produced by Warren Rigg. The original mixes make use of acidic keys over a rather poppy house groove. Blaze give it a relaxed feeling on their mixes where they use their trademark sounds.

Jamaica Underground featuirng John Lewis "Love existing" (Wave Records 12")

The original is a laidback and soulful production. Blaze are on remix duty delivering a solid result based on their trademark sounds.

Ananda Project "Justice, mercy" (NiteGrooves Records 10")

This is the tastmaker release for the forthcoming longplayer "Morning light". Aquanote bring us a laidback remix with melodic, warm keys. On the flip Mandalay

Viola "Liitle girl" (Unreleased Mixes)(Nervous Records 12")

Two unreleased mixes can be found here. First is an unrelased Masters at Work remix that featues extra warm keys over the bumpy beat you know from the other MAW remixes. Then there is a Pound Boys re-edit of the 'MAW Dub Mix'.

Seamus Haji presents Mekkah "Race of survival" (Soul Love Records 12" Promo)

A track from the mid 90's reworked for 2K02 using parts of Earth People's "Dance dance dance" (sadly that great Kerri Chandler remix never got a full release) and Carl Bean's "I was born this way" to create a fierce groove that is already getting lots of play from those DJs that have it on CDR for a few month already.

Timmy Vegas "Hear the music / That's love" (T.O.I. Records 12" Test Pressing)

Timmy Vegas, one half of Wikkaman, presents two tracks on this 12". Both tracks feature old-school house grooves with stomping beats and lovely keys, added witih catchy vocals.


September 8, 2002

Runner up: Lisa Shaw "Tellin on me" (Restless Soul Mixes)(Sirkus Recorrds 12")

Here are some more extremly tasty Restless Soul remixes. The 'Downbeat Mix' (might this be wrong labeled?) is the choice for the dancefloor with an extremly groovy beat and lovely keyboards on a jazzy edge that are the perfect base for Lisa Shaw's soulful vocals.  The total beauty of this track gets unveiled on the soulful and jazzy 'Soul Mix' that is actually the downbeat version.

Runner up: Roy Davis Jr. "Cherish" (Bombay Records 12")

Roy is back with an extremly soulful production where he presents his falsetto vocals over a mellow bumping groove added with a jazzy piano and lovely percussion. On the flip, Fred Everything gives it a more clubby feeling on his remix but keeps the mellow and laidback vibe and the power of the vocals.

Goove Junkies featuring Indeya "Gonna get by" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is a powerful and uplifting production featuring the soulful and fresh voice of Indeya over a fierce groove that is added with melodic keys and a jazzy saxophone.

Franky Boissy prsents The Lovely Day Project featuring Indra Jones "A lovely day" (Look-At-You Records 12" Test Pressing)

The Bill Whiters classic gets another life in form of this housey cover version. The 'Original Mix' stays pretty close to the original while David Harness gives it a different twist on his remix with warm and melodic keys over a bumpy house groove.

Rookie featuring Jelée "Nore more / Music" (GoGo Music Records 12" Promo)

Rookie, two prdocers from Berlin/Germany have created their own sound with their past releases, ranging from downtempo to dancefloor. Both productions on this 12" feature Miss Jelée on vocals. "No more" is a guitar driven track with a latin groove. "Music" has the potential to become a dancefloor anthem with its melodic rhythm.

Beyonce "Work it out" (Columbia Records 12" Promo)

Maurice Joshua once more gives a r&b song the soulful dancefloor makeover. Ron Carroll's mix starts off with just some drums and electric keys (not unfamiliar to Madonna's "Music") before the house beat comes in. Finally, there is a soulful r&b version by Azza.

D'Jima Project featuring Diva Blue "Unknown this place" (LifeLine Records 12")

This is a delightful piece of music with the main mixes coming on a midtempo tip with a laidback groove. The flip features an uptempo dub with extra jazzy elements.

Can 7 featuring Angela Caran "Eternally" (Peppermint Jam Records 12" Promo)

A tastemaker for the forthcoming Can 7 album. Can 7 is best known for both his melodic productions and remixes. On "Eternally" he continues this successfull story with a mellow and laidback track full of warm and melodic keys.

Patrick Green featuring Big Brooklyn Red "Shine your light on me" (Distant Music Records 12")

Soulful garage music with gospel-ish vocals courtesy of Big Brooklyn Red with additional female background vocals, coupled with jazzy keys over a warm and groovy beat. The Restless Soul mixes give it a deeper, more mellow feeling.

Jetlag "So right" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

Axwell is back after his summer smach "No reason" with another stunning production right for autumn titled "So right". This is a feel good tune with catchy voals and a stomping groove and warm keys. On the flip Axwell teams up with Brian Tappert for a peak time dub mix.

Hardsoul "Caracho" (Refunkt Records 12")

This track features vocal adlibs over a latin influenced, driving groove to make the crowd put their hands in the air.In short: fresh and uplifting latin house vibes courtesy of Joey Musaphia's label.

Audiowhores "The Midnight Mood EP" (Look-At-You Records 12" Test Pressing)

Three track from this UK masterminds who have bee releasing a couple of hot tracks in the past months (and more in the pipeline too). All three tracks make use of funky elements and stomping beats. This is the right choice if you want to have some funky stuff in your sets.

G Club presents Banda Sonora "Pressure cooker" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

This is a tribalish affair with a funky edge and lovely guitar that gives the 'Guitarra G Mix' a touch of balearic feel. Other mixes included on this double promo 12" take it to more progressive and minimalistic tribal level.


September 1, 2002

Runner up: Various "Summer Sampler" (Neat Music Records 12" Test Presssing)

Some lucky people already own this record as "Neat Music WMC Sampler". Glady Neat Music decided to give it another life in form of this "Summer Sampler. It features "Love is the answer" by Vincent Kwok featuring D'Layna which uses warm keys over a mellow bumping groove, the result being an uplifting song. The other track featured is "The vision" by C&M Productions featuring Marcel, being on a different vibe. A fierce and deep groove with a stomping beat and wicked keys bring Marcel's spoken words to full effect. This one is definitely set to rock the dancefloor.

Femi Kuti "What will tomorrow bring?" (Spiritual Life Music Records 2x12")

A truly hot package is served here by Spiritual Life Music.Remixes by Funmi Ononaiye, MKL vs Soy Sos and Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell take the afro original into different vibes. As a bonus, there is a Slam Mode remix of "Blackman know yourself" on a midtempo tip included.

Stephanie Cooke "I thank you" (Part II)(KingStreet Records 12")

Part one already hit the dancefloors hard, and here are more slamming mixes. First there are three more Shelter mixes by Blaze & Timmy Regisford, a vocal, a dub and a pianopella  version. Also featured are the original r&b and house versions, both on a very soulful tip.

Sam & Gigi "Come & dance" (Siesta Music Records 12")

"Come & dance" has a deep bubbling groove with melodic keys, jazzy flute and subtle female vocals while the flipside track "Lifestyle improvement" is a deep and laidback track with warm keys.

The Right on Brothers featuring Sam 'The Man' Burns "Soulis..." (R.O.I. Records 12" Test Pressing)

If you missed the chance to pick up the original release on Elan Records a couple of weeks ago, there is another chance getting your hands on it. R.O.I. Records picked this hymn up and release both the soulful, deep original mix and the pumping Soul Providers remix together with brand new mixes.B-Funk Productions' 'Bodyrock' remix is on a dark, almost techy edge while Titus puts some nice beats under the accapella.

Various "Mix the Vibe: DJ Spinna Eclectic Mindset Part II" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

DJ Spinna is presenting four tracks in which he was involved. Thereis the unreleased demo mix of "Deep rooted", the "Spinna intro", a DJ Spinna remix of "Reason" by Soulstice and a DJ Spinna edit of "Doremifa Girl" by Snooze.

Future Funk Essentials "I believe" (R.O.I. Records 12" Test Pressing)

Behind this production is DJ Rhythm from Chicago. His original version is based around a basic melody added with uplifting percussion and a beautiful voice. Deep house maestro Vincenzo turns it into a deep and mellow affair with melodic keys that give this track a warm feeling.

Exlusive: Alicia Keys "Girlfriend" (House Remix)(CD-R)

Here is an exclusive preview of a house remix of Alicia Keys's "Girlfriend". A stomping house groove with some nice keys are the base for the vocals which are pitched up to match with the beat. Only time will tell if this will ever make it to vinyl...

Mary Griffin "Without you" (Jazz'N'Grovoe Remixes)(Curb Records 12")

Jazz'N'Groove with a lovely remix combing a pumpy rhythm and warm keys as base for Mary's soulful vocals.


August 25, 2002

Rawsoul Orchestra "Specialice in love" (Reliance Records 12" Test Pressing)

Already reviewed here a few weeks ago, but that test pressing hat the vocal version on both sided. So here we go again, now featuring the Aston Martinez dub version on the flip that is on a more uptempto tip with a wicked guitar and deep bubbling bass.

Mr. Mike "Let's do it again" (Peppermint Jam Records 10" Test Pressing)

You got me: this one is not new, it is in fact quite old already. But since I only got it yesterday and I like the included Jazz'N'Groove remix I decided to bring it to your attention (for some reason, it was only released as limited test pressing with no full release). It features the typical Jazz'N'Groove keyboard work over a stomping house groove. The flip includes the original Deep Bros version.

Japser Street Co. featuring Ann Nesby "Praisin' his name" (Basement Boys Records 12" One-Sided Test Pressing)

DJ Spen & Karizma bring us the long awaited "Praisin' his name" as teaser for the upcoming Jasper Street Co. album. You might already be familiar with it when you're a regular listener to Tony Humphries, Bobby & Steve or other big DJs as this soulful gospel house stomper is already being killed for quite some time. The final copies will also included a deeper, more hypnotic version with stripped down instrumentation.

Kings of Tomorrow "Changes" (Defected Records One-Sided 12" Test-Pressing)

This is set to be the next big thing for Kings of Tomorrow. A deep bubbling groove with moody keys and male vocals over it generate another one of those monster hypnotic groove we know KOT for.

Steel Alley Productions "Summervibes / Lamma" (T.O.I. Records 12" Test Pressing)

The more tracky offshot from R.O.I. is bringing us two lovely tracks. "Summervibes" makes use of a nice piano hook that might suggest you of the legendary house classic "Sueno Latino". The track is ased around a moody, aphrodisican groove. "Lamma" is a bit more aggressive with a pumping bassline with a hypnotic simple melody.

Kohesive "Summa ganni" (Elephunk Records One-Sided 12" Test Pressing)

Elephunk is a new offshot from the Basement Boys camp and will concentrate on the jazzy, funky and experimental sides of dance music. Their first release by the band Kohesive is produced by Karizma. "Summa ganni" featurres african vocalist Abdoulaye Ndiaye and is an afro-beat track with a broken beat and a touch of jazz. The final copies will also include "Valdez in the country" which is a cover of the Donnie Hathaway classic coming your way on a more mellow vibe,  on an acid jazz tip with a funky rhythm.

Champion Soul featuring K'Million "Back II basics" (LifeLine Records 12")

This is a nice slice of old-school house. A simple groove with warm keys and vocals remembering you a bit of Robert Owens give it a laidback, mellow feeling with a touch of that classic house vibes from the late 80s, early 90s.


August 18, 2002

Runner up: Big Moses presents Ambrosia "Trust yourself" (Shelter Records 12")

Moise 'Big Moses' Laporte is back with an outstanding production. Featuring the soulful vocals of the very talended Ambrosia, "Trust yourself" is a wonderful garage song with a lovely guitar and warm keys that generate a laidback and smooth feeling.

Runner up: "R.O.I. Summer Edition '02" (R.O.I. Records 2x12" Promo)

What a lovely package I got from R.O.I. this wek in form of this summer sampler. The whole package is on a laidback, mellow tip. There is a Rurals remix of BOC Producitons' "Excursions" that is on a jazzy tip with a hot saxophone as well as a soulful and mellow Lovebirds remix of "Takin' me higher" by Deep Swing that both haven't been released before. The second disc features the warm and mellow demo mix of "Static duster" by Microlash that comes your way on a midtempo tip. Finally R.O.I. picked up the massive "Soulis..." by Right On Brothers which is present here in its 'Right On Mix'.

Los Soneros Del Barrio featuirng Frankie Vasquez "Hay craneo / Tumba mabo" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")

Both tracks are combining salsa elements with house music. "Hay craneo" comes in a powerful Urban Magic remix that is not to far away from an MAW remix. "Tumba mabo" comes in two mixes: Henry Maldonado goes for a latin, jazz tingled mix while Davidson Ospina goes for a tribal-ish take with extra horns.

Various "Abstract Latin Lounge II - Part II" (NiteGroove Records 12")

Included on this second part of the latest "Abstract Latin Lounge" you'll get the Ibadan Records classic "Escavos de jo" by Joe Claussell, Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham, an unplugged version of "Come to me" by Myra, "N'digo" by Soul Movement and "Te quiero" by Julius Papp.

Kid Creole & The Coconuts "Stool pigeon" (The Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange Mixes)(Polydor/Zeitgeist Records 12")

This 1993 classic got reworked by BMR aka Boris Dlugosch and Michi Lange to rock the dancefloor again. They take the funky elements of the original and combine them with a rocking house groove - the result being a reworking that keeps vibe of the original fully alive.

Rhianna "Word love" (Pound Boys Mixes)(Sony Records 12" Promo)

Craig C & Dealer aka The Pound Boys deliver a strong remix of this pop song with a touch of classic philly soul in the form of soulful keys, a laidback guitar and horns.

'Little' Louie Vega featuring Blaze "Brand new day" (MAW Records 12")

This is one of the those songs that MAW only gave away as an edit on their WMC sampler. Now it comes in its complete glory full of percussion and congos, keyboards and a killer organ solo, added with a baby's cry (this ain't no joke!), jazzy piano and a full vocal.

Joseph Malik "Remixed" (Compost Records 12")

Compost Records bring us another very interesting release  in the form of this remix EP from Joseph Malik. "Take it all in and check it allout" comes in a groovy remix by Aqua Bassino who uses a deeply bubbling groove with his trademark basedrum sounds as playground for Joseph's vocals. "Futuristica" gets the treatment from Grand Unified who goes for a mixture of offeats and house with a techy edge.

New Love Symphony "Love ballad" (Black Masses Orchestra Remix)(TomTomClub Records 12" Limited Edition)

A powerful and stomping garage production with gospel-ish vocals courtesy of Martyn Adebisi, coupled with a deep, funky bass and George Benson style guitar. A truly uplifting remix production by the Black Masses Orchestra.

Blaze featuring Palmer Brown "Do you remember house" (Slip'N'Slide Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

For many people, this was THE track of the WMC 2002.. This doulbe 12" includes the original album version as well as various new mixes. Bob Sinclar turns out a tough funky remix with an old school piano. Laid deliver a dirty style remix with an extremly tough bassline that remembers of Derrick Carter.  There are also a tech-house remix with acid tones and a progressive, hard house remix by Azzido da Bass included.

Matrix "Get out" (MadHouse Records 12")

Taken from the classic album "A Basement, A Red Light and A Feelin' Volume 1" that got released ten years ago and coming here in a slight updated version as a taster for volume two of above mentioned album coming to a store near your shortly.

Mass Production "Give it up / cat to it feels good" (Odyssey Records 12" Promo)

Mass Production bring you two pumping disco house tracks set to rock the dancefloors.


August 11, 2002

Exlusive: Mary J Blige "No more drama" (CD-R)

This is believed to be the Maurice Joshua remix that never got released by MCA Records, which is truly a shame. With an incredibly deep bass guitar and wondeful arrangement, this rocks the dancefloor everytime it gets played. Limited amounts of bootleggs have been around, but it is still hard to get hold of.

Exlusive: Soul Symphony "Lastin' love" (Kerri Chandler Mix)(CD-R/from Vinyl)

Here is another beauty that never got released for some unknown reason. Only a very few test pressings are floating around of these slamming Kerri Chandler remixes. A stomping groove with wicked keys make this a great vocal house track. Then there is the dub with an an irresistible groove.

Earth Wind & Fire "Can't hide love" (Master at Work Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

With the SoulSource remix project just being released in Japan that includes the album version of the Masters at Work remix, there is also a bootlegg doing the rounds that features the long version. The quality of the pressing is pretty poor (especially at the end), but it is still good enough to bring the energy of this remix over. The Masters at Work gave it a jazz-funky house twist with a  lovely instrumentation and arrangement as only they can do. The other side includes the original EW&F version.

Craig David "Fill me in" (House Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

A splendig house remix believed to be done by Alix Alvarez & Mr. V. Based around a moody and laidback groove with wicked keys, it is a perfect playground for Craid David's soulful vocals.

DJ Pierre featuring Queen Mary "Good luv (Part II)" (KingStreet Records 12")

This is the second 12" release for "Good luv" which includes the Dennis Ferrer vocal mix, a drum beat version and a DJ Pierre remix.

Shaun Escofferey "Space rider" (Oyster Records 12" Promo)

DJ Spinna again on remix duty for Shaun Escofferey. This time the vibe is on a mellow and laidback tip with absolutely wicked jazzy and spacey keys giving it the little extra.

Mondo Grosse "Blz" (Bob Sinclar Remix)(Sony Records 12" Promo)

Only available in limited quantities in Japan (gladly someone recorded it from vinyl and hoooked me up), this is a catchy Bob Sinclar remix coming in vocal and instrumental versions, both using a cool guitar riff.

Voices 2 "Can you see the light" (White Label 12")

I'm not sure weather this is a bootlegg or white label/test pressing of an upcoming release. What you get here is a classy reworking of the Voices classics "Can you see the light", updated to fit todays dance formats.

Filthy Rich "Are you in EP" (HipBone Records 12")

This four track EP features a variety of funky and discofied tracks that can give your set a little difference.


August 4, 2002

Runner Up: Osunlade presents Sambas "Obatala y oduduwa" (GotSoul Records 12" Test Pressing)

GotSoul is a brand new label out of Montreal, Canada, run by JoJo Flores who is known for playing soulful dance grooves (especially garage, house and afro-latin style) for many years. The first release for the label is created by Saint with additional production by Osunlade. It is a vibrant track in an afro-latin style with an energetic groove fused with horns, percussion and piano.

Special Preview: Brother Talipharaoh "Live together" (Bumpin' City Records Promo CD)

This song, where Brother Talipharaoh is singing about ending war and bringing global harmony, was written seven weeks before the September 11th tragedy. Produced by DJ Cee Rule, it is a deep and soulful affair with a laidback, bumpy groove and beautiful piano. Don't miss to check 'Sax together', an instrumental with a wicked jazzy saxophone.

75 Moods featuring Dexter Porter "My love" (Flamingo Discos Records 12" Promo)
Various "Summer Edition 2002" (Flamingo Discos Records 2x12" Promo)

This spanish label is getting stronger and stronger with every release... "My love" is produced by germany's 75 Moods and features Dexter Porter on vocals. The original features moody chords and wicked wah-wah guitar licks over a laidback groove. Markus Enochson gives it a deeper edge on his remix that kicks off with a broken beat before changing into a deep house groove. Rawsoul Orchestra give us a 'Latin Lover Mix' that aims straight for the for the floors with a pumpier beat and latin flavoured keys.

The "Summer Edition 2002" sampler includes the fantastic "I'll love 4" by Fab' For Robert Owens featuring a laidback groove with warm and mellow keys and cool guitar, coupled with Robert's singularlies vocals. Then there is the Markus Enochson 'Breakdown Reprise Mix' and the Kiko Navarro 'So Deep Mix' of "My love" by 75 Moods featuring Dexter Porter. Markus' version is a brilliant reprise of his remix that can be found on the 12" release. Kiko goes for a mody groove with jazzy keys. Also included is an unreleased dub of "Lovin' you" by Smurf & Perry featuring Concha Buika.

Bongo Maffin "Mari y phepha" (Dennis Ferrer Remix)(House Afrika Records 12")

African chants over stomping afro house groove with a jazzy sax and wicked keys, served by new label House Afrika, coming your way in a Dennis Ferrer dish. Let those african chants move your feet...

Brian Bristol featuring Lydia Rhodes "Dreams" (Hysteria Records 12")

I reviewed this record in April when it was out on Brian Bristol's own label, now it comes with a fresh 'Hysteria Edit' by Eric Kupper & Hunter Wilson taking Brian's original version to another level. Also included is the much played Tedd Patterson mix. If you didn't pick it up already, you know what to do...

Jon Cutler featuring Sarah Anne Webb "Dawn" (Papa Records 12")

Jon Cutler is back with his latest production featuring Sarah Anne Webb on vocals over a bumpy house groove that is topped with guitar, trumpet and cool keys. Also included are a beatless, accoustic version and bonus beats.

Vel Sylk "Do da do" (Bumpin' City Records 12")

Vel Sylk is back with another garage stomper produced by DJ Cee Rule. A simple production with a catchy piano hook lead the way for the main vocals.

Kathy Brown "You give good love" (Defected Records 12")

A cover of the unreleased 1994 original by Diana King (see this weeks Classic Review), remixed by Jay-J with the help of Chris Lum on one of the mixes. Moody keys over a stompin' groove with Kathy's soulful vocals make this a strong contender for the dancefloors.

Klement Bonelli & Rochdee featuring Audra Lomax "Don't Hurt Me" (Basement Boys Records 12" Test Pressing)

Thie is the first record from some hot young french producers coming on a limited one-sided test pressing.  A funky track with clever filtering and a stomping groove are set to rock the dancefloor everytime it gets played. More mixes to come.

DJ Rhythm featuring Blu "Do for love" (Infinite Soul Records 12")

A piece of laidback house vibes with soulful vocals over a stomping house groove with warm keys. The flip has a funkier dub with a hot guitar riff.


July 28, 2002

Special Preview: KimBlee "Naturally" (Solu Music Records Promo CD)

With "Fade" being licensed to Wave Records and getting an overhelming response, "Naturally" is the second release for KimBlee on Solu Music. A warm and melodic track with luscious textures, laidback guitar and gorgeous vocals coming in different flavas. The 'Original Mix' is a deep, soulful affair while 'Yearn Mix' is a downtempo version and finally the 'Spiritual Mix' is an uptempo version right for the clubs.

The Rurals "No power" (Peng Records 12")

Dino & Terry provide a soulful remix with a bouncy groove and a jazzy saxophone that will drive you crazy while The Cue Kids give it a funky twist.

Yukihiro Fukutomi "EP" (KingStreet Records 12")

This EP is a taster for Yukihiro's forthcoming US album release (the album has been put out in Japan last year) and includes the Danny Krivit edit of "Love each other" as well as three other tracks. "A day of maracana" is a jazzy house track while "Rest of everything" and "The spinning wheel" make both use of a broken beat and keep it jazzy.

Timmy Regisford "One Night at Shelter - Album Sampler" (Dance Wicked Records 2x12")

A lovely selection by Timmy Regisford of soulfual and jazzy tracks can be found on this album sampler: "Jehlaz" by Dennis Ferrer, "Rain" by Kerri Chandler, "Superficial people" by Kenny Bobien, "Midnight ceremony" by Boobjazz, "4 tha love" by Alex & Rai and "Alma jazz" by Shawn Ward.

Peven Everett "I can't believe I loved her" (Nite Grooves Records 12")

The 'Main Mix' uses an afro tingled groove with a jazzy piano while the 'Calypso Mix' is based around a warm groove with lovely keys.

Michael Watford "You got it" (Jack in the City Mixes)(Spectrum Records 12")

This Deep Bros. production was out on Azuli Records a couple of years ago and gets a welcom re-release with wicked remixes by Jack in the City that use a funky, stomping groove that bring Michael's unmistakable voice to full effect.


July 21, 2002

Special Preview: Ivan N "Dancin' on / Walked away" (CD Promo)

Italian producer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. presenting two of his recent productions. "Walked away" has a bumping beat and wicked keys topped with male vocals on the main version, while there is also an electro pop version available. "Dancin' on" features garage-ish vocals over a bouncey house groove with warm keys on the main version. The promo CD also features a filtered dub and old school mix.

Osunlade presents Nadirah Shakoor "Pride" (Set Records 12")

Osunlade presents vocalist Nadirah Shakoor whos soulful vocals harmonice perfectly with the warm and percussive groove.

Minus 8 "Theia" (Compost Records 12" Promo)

This 12" is a teaser for the forthcoming album from Minus 8 (aka Robert Jan Meyer). "Theia" is house influenced,  with a classic 80's style Chicago-House piano lick. James Hardway delivers a warm and jazzy remix. Also featured is "A concha cor de rosa", a latin drum & bass track.

Africanism "Balearic" (Yellow Records 12")

Diva (aka Tony Varone) is the latest one to produce a track for the Africanism series. It is a hypnodelic track with a true balearic feel.

DJ Reas & Sir George "XTC 2002 / Tribute to J.J." (T.O.I. Records 12" Test Pressing)

Sir George - better known as Club Session - teams up with DJ Reas to create two slamming tracks. "XTC 2002" is a melodic track with nice breakdowns and an irresistible funky power. "Tribute to J.J." is a dark and groovy track with a dirty touch.

Alex J featuring Romanthony "A better day" (Almost Heaven Records 12" Test Pressing)

Alex J teams up with vocalist Romanthony who gives this track that extra special note. An irresistible groove with hypnodelic keys make this a driving track. A variety of remixes by Tyron Dixon, Sebastian Wunder, Gene Douglas and SubMan are included.

Anthony Flanagan "It's alright" (Sfere Records 12")

Kerri Chandler and Dennis Ferrer with another hot production featuring the soulful vocals of Anthony Flanagan over a bouncy garage groove with melodic and warm keys.


July 14, 2002

Special Preview: Deep Bros. featuring Michelle Weeks "My love grows" (DJ N-Joy Remix)(CD Promo)

Friday night I got this remix from DJ N-Joy who finished it just a few days ago. In contrast to the mixes reviewed a few weeks back, this vocal dub is based around a much pumpier groove topped with wicked keys, giving it a driving feel.

Special Preview: Sammy Rock featuring Merlin "Ancestor" (CD Promo)
Special Preview: Sammy Rock featuring Merlin "Remember (the music)" (CD Promo)

A hot preview from DJ Sammy Rocks upcoming productions. "Ancestor" is a spoken word track based on a groovy beat with warm keys. "Remember (the music)" is an irresistible track with a hypnodelic groove, topped with wicked keys.

Rawsoul Orchestra "Specialice in love" (Reliance Records 12" Test Pressing)

The 1982 classic from Sharon Brown gets a welcome new life by the Souxsoul duo Mario Hold & Mirco Esposito. A funky bassline with soulful female vocals and an outstanding harmonica, and not to forget the hypnotic piano hook guarantee this to be an athem again in 2002.

Brooklyn Soul Boys "Fort greene jazzmatazz" (Catch 22 Records 12")

When jazz meets house... well, this is what DJ Disciple and Michelle Chiavarini give us on this record here. A jazzed out sax rides along the piano, rhodes and percussion over a bumpy groove.

Boriqua Bandits featuring Guida de Palma "Midnight espresso" (Catch 22 Records 12")

Out for some time now, but didn't make it to my home until this weekend... This is a refreshing latin house record with mixes by Jask who brings us the full vocal over a mellow latinesque groove and DJ Disciple who delilvers a rocking dub version.

Robin Rush "After the storm" (Elan Records 12" Test Pressing)

You might be surprised to find out that the Soul Providers are the production team on this record, but after hearing this gem here it is a shame they haven't shown us more of their diversity in the past. "After the storm" is based around a lounge type, laidback groove with warm, jazzy keys.

Phillip Ramirez "Happy people" (Elan Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Happy people" is set to be a hands in the air choon with Phillip Ramirez' falsetto vocals over a stomping groove with nicely added filtering and breakdowns, created by Soul Reles (the collaboration of Soul Providers and David Tobon). The flip holds a darker version by Ivan Iacobucci and a peak housr dub.


July 7, 2002

Special Preview: Deep Bros. featuring Dawn Tallmann "Go deep" (Rewax Records 12" Test Pressing)
Special Preview: Deep Bros. featuring Dawn Tallmann "Jumpin'" (Rewax Records 12" Test Pressing)

Two exclusive previews of forthcoming Deep Bros. productions. These test pressings on Rewax Records are extremly limited and are set to be released by a very popular label in the near future (watch this space for more info). Both tracks feature Dawn Tallmann on vocal. "Go deep" is based around a deep bubbling groove topped with jazzy saxophone solo. "Jumpin'" is an energetic track with irresistible keys that will keep the crowd moving.

Kenny Bobien "Reality" (Sfere Records 12")

Kerri Chandler & Dennis Ferrer team up with vocalist Kenny Bobien for a strong garage production.

Masters at Work featuring India "Backfired" (SuSu Records 10")

This limited edition 10" features the Joey Negro remixes, including the so far unreleased dub version.

Bryon Stingily "Light my fire" (Odyssey Records 12" Promo)

This Lenny Fontana production has only been available on limited one-sided 12" test pressing from R.O.I. Records so far, but will get a full release on Lenny's own label Odysey soon including fresh dub mixes that make use of an irresistible piano hook over a stomping groove.

Moses McClean presents Carolyn Harding "Superstar" (Easy Street Records 12")

Here we see Lenny Fontana delivering a hot remix pacakge. Carolyn's catchy vocals are placed over a bumpy house groove with a lovely xylophone.

Billie "It comes back around" (Nervous Records 12")

Kyle 'Small' Smith who gave us the wonderful "Little girl" by Viola is back, this time featuring vocalist Billie. The track is based around a deep bubbling groove, enhanced with a guitar and jazzy piano.

Various "Abstract Latin Lounge II - Part 1" (NiteGroove Records 12")

For the first time, NiteGroove split their lounge series into two separate release. This 12" included an accoustic version of "Aurora" by Kaoru Inouse presents Chari Chari, "Tone therapy" by Ananda Project and "The greatest thing" by Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn presents The II Deep Allstars featuring James Preston Jr.

Doruk Ozlen "Prayer for All EP" (Tribal Winds Records 12")

Inspirational grooves with the only upbeat track being "Thoughts for the orient" which comes with a percussive house groove and also features some typical oriental instruments.


June 30, 2002

Runner up: Chris Herbert presents Asaph Womack "Shelter me" (Easy Street Records 12")

Inspirational garage music produced by none other than Chris Herbert, one of the original members of Blaze. The mixes are courtesy of Dennis Ferrer whos mixes make us of a jazzy trumpet and lovely guitar while Lenny Fontana delivers another beauty remix in form of the 'Old School Dub'.

Runner up: Jaqueline Castellanos "Yara yara" (GoGo Music Records 2x12" Promo)

This is cuban born Jaqueline Castellanos' first visit to the house-floors. "Yara yara" is produced by Ralf Gum and Christian P who bring us a latin flavoured tune perfect for this time of the year. A hot selection of mixes is included by the likes of Ralf Gum & Christian P, Kiko Navarro, R&W and Ralf-e.

Chris Gray "Mental Patient EP" (Deep4Life Records 12")

Deep4Life continue to release only the best in deep house grooves with this latest four track EP by Chris Gray.

Elements of Soul featuring Mia Taylor "Head above water" (Guidance Records 12")

If you're into mellow and soulful vocal house, try this beauty here featuring female vocalist Mia Taylor. Various mixes included ranging from west coast house to an extremly laidback groove created by Axwell and bumpin remixes by Crazy Penis and Soularis.

Francois K "Awakening" (Faze Action Remix)(Yellow Records 12")

Faze Action with an uptempo and more powerful rework of the Francois K production "Awakening" that Yellow Records picked up from Wave Records.

Jay-J "Unreleased Dubs" (SoulFul Sessions Records 12" Test Pressing)

Unfortunately, no track information is available to me on this white label test pressing. Titled "Unreleased Dubs", all tracks are produced by Jay-J who gives us different takes featuring both male and female vocalists over jazzy house grooves.

Alicia Keys "Wit you"  / Maxwell "Like you" (Bootlegg 12")

Two more r&b songs getting reworked to rock the dancefloors... Check "Wit you" by Alicia Keys with a stomping groove, wicked organ and a touch of funky old school vibes. Slamming...

T Ski Vally "Catch the beat" (Peppermint Jam Records 12" Promo)

Remember it from back in the days... now back with new mixes by Dimitri from Paris & Mousse T and BiBi who rework this classic into a perfect record for the summer with an uplifting and warm vibe.

Jamiroquai "Main vein" (Knee Deep Mixes)(Sony Records 12" Promo)

After reviewing part two last week, here we go with part one that includes the Knee Deep. They go for a bubbling groove with classic strings and a funky guitar.

Three Kings featuring Jaygun and Bashy "Shake dat booty" (Pal Joey Interpretation)(Coco Machete Records 12")

A simplified groove with spacey keys, percussion and some strange vocals, the result being an irresistible record.

Lynn Lockamy "Fire" (Part 2)(U.M.E. Records 12")

On these mixes Kerri Chandler is going really deep. A deeply bubbling groove with some mad keys make this an underground anthem.

Pound Boys "Tales from the Boogie - Vol. 2" (Look-At-You Records 12")

Craig C & Dealer with four track reviving the good old boogie - I mean disco - era.

Amore "Tell me" (Bassclef Records 12")

A strong garage production out of New Jersey by Jose Burgos and Deuce Martinez with warm keys, laidback guitar and jazzy xylophone.

Nu Joy featuring Charlene Hines "The light" (Subliminal Soul Records 12")

Eric Miller, better known as E-Smoove, is bringing us a feel good record with a real summer vibe to it, thanks to the lovely guitar and soulful vocals over the bumpy groove with a deep bassline.

Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn "The ride" (Wave Records 12")

Matty with his latest  offering for Wave Records, a slamming track where he does all instruments and voices himself. Jazzy elements, a wicked groove and spoken words are the main ingredients here. And he used parts of the Beloved classic "The sun is rising" on it, too.


June 23, 2002

Runner up: Markus Enochson & E-Man "I am the road" (MAW Records 12" Test Pressing)

Kicking off with a broken beat that turns into a smooth and mellow house groove after about two minutes with E-Man adding his soulful voice over it that gets added with a jazzy flute and lovely instrumentation. Markus Enochson is proving here that he is one of the producer to be watched out this year.

Masters at Work "Unreleased project" (MAW Records 12")

More unrelease stuff from the Masters at Work. "Tribal flute" is an unreleased version of "Work" with a jazzy flute over a tribal backing track.  "The amazon" is a simple tribal groove.

Jamiroquai "Main vein" (Deep Swing Mixes)(Sony Records 12" Promo)

This is part two of the remixes (part one includes mixes by Knee Deep which I'm still trying to get) with Deep Swing on remix duty. Their vocal version uses jazzy keys over a deeply stomping groove. Their dub version is on a disco-house tip.

Everyday People "Simmer down" (Reel People Remixes)(Papa Records 12")

This 12" features the Reel People remixes that come with a wicked groove. The dub version brings the saxophone and trumpet to full effect with extra solos.

Osunlade "Beloved" (SoulJazz Records 12")

Various soulful and laidback mixes of "Beloved" can be found on this 12". Osunlade himself gives it a mellow and smooth house vibe on the main mix. The flip holds two totally different versions ranging from broken beats to jazz-funk.

Julius Papp featuring Gina Rene "A thousand years" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

Julius Papp with a lovely production involving Gina Rene on vocals, Charles Spencer on keys and Shan Kenner on guitar. What you get is a laidback track with a warm feeling.

Frankie Valentine "Scrap iron rebel" (Avex Records 12" Promo)

This studio production sounds like a jam session with all the jazzy and percussive elements included. The vibe is on a mellow and smooth tip on the main mix. The dub adds an extra deep bassline.


June 16, 2002

Runner up: Various "SancSoul EP" (SancSoul Records 12" Test Pressing)

"We lift our hands in the sanctuary" by DJ Oji featuring Una is taken into a mellow and laidback groove by Ron Trent, bringing the feeling of his earlier Clairaudience vibes back to the floor. 95 North present "Te quiero", a track with a fierce groove and jazzy keys. Finally there is "Not e-nuff" by Sundiata O.M. coming your way as a percussion groove with a jazzy touch.

Mary Mary "In the morning" (Columbia Records 12" Promo)

Taken from their upcoming album "Incredible", this track is produced by Maurice Joshua who also delievers the dancefloor mixes. His 'No Soul' mixes are on a soulftip with classic disco-ish strings while he pumps it up into a commercial vibe on the 'Nu NRG' mixes.

Glenn Lewis "It's not fair" (Bootlegg 12")

Since Columbia Records didn't release this beauty yet, someone came up with a bootlegg. The mixes are by Darryl James and Fred McFarlane of D-Train fame. If you liked "Days like this" by Shaun Escofferey you might want to get your hands on this one here. It is a soulful remix of an r&b song with a similar, uplifting feeling.

Alicia Keys "Trouble/Butterflyz" (J-Records 2x12" Promo)

Surprise, surprise... The Jay-J & Chris Lum mixes of "Trouble have been around on bootlegg for a long time, but J-Records still put it out on promo 2x12", coupled with Roger Sanchez remixes of "Butterflyz". Roger's mixes are a tad commercial but still decent enough with a rocking groove so you might give them a try.

Special Preview: Major Boys "Panamerica" (JetSet Records CD Promo)

This is another exclusive promo CD I got at the Winter Music Conference coming from swiss label JetSet Records - you gotta keep an eye on tehm in the future. "Panamerica" is a funky track with female chants over a stomping house groove with disco-ish strings. There is also a short version with a full vocal.

Gadjo "Besame mucho" (MuschiTunes Records 12")

It is summertime!! Nice weather, and most important of all warm and mellow grooves for your ears. "Besame mucho" is all about that summer vibe with a wonderful guitar solo, a soulful vocal and background chants. A perfect groove to dance into the a warm summer night...

Harley & Muscle featuring Dawn Tallmann "He did it" (Distant Music Records 12")

Talking about smooth and mellow house vibes... this is record is all about it. A deep and laidback groove with the soulful vocals of Dawn Tallmann on top of it riding allong the warm keys. Complete with remixes by The Troublemen and The Rurals, a wonderful package.

DJ Rasoul "Soulitude Vol. 1" (Large Records 12"9

DJ Rasoul back with three slamming tracks that all have a soulfuledge.


June 9, 2002

T. Kolai "The most high" (ChilliFunk Records 12")

After two very successful releases on Viniylicious Records, T. Kolai bring us another outstanding production. A lovely flute, guitar, bass, timbales and percussion are combined in a warm and mellow groove that gives this production a summer vibe, with  Mustafa Akbar adding his soulful vocals.

Various "Mix the Vibe: DJ Spinna Eclectic Mindset" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

KingStreet and NiteGrooves are heavenly forcing their "Mix the Vibe" series at the moment with DJ Spinna being the latest to present a mixed selection of choice tunes. This is the 12" sampler featuring four cuts kicking off with Spinna's own remix of Shaun Escoffery's "Days like this". Then there is "Always in heaven when I'm with you" by DJ Spinna featuring Christian Urich, a laidback garage groover only available on Japan import so far. MKL vs Soy Sos present "Moments in my life" while Johnny Dangerous brings us "War with the devil"

Moments of Soul "The live EP" (Wave Records 12")

Kalim Shabazz and Nick Jones are back with vocalist Sylvia Simone with a groovy track on a laidback tip with wonderful keys. The dub mix features extra horns by Larry Rauson. Also included is the bonus track "Judge me" featuring strings and vocals by Onesongbyrd.

DJ MFR featuring Amesela "So beautiful" (Cosmix Flux Music Records 12")

Another (at least to me) new west coast label offering a strong vocal production by DJ MFR aka Marco Celone. A bumpy groove with wicked keys and vocalist Amesela who is blessing us with her talent. She's giving the track that extra soulful edge.

Club Session featuring Chancelle "All U got" (Chez Records 12")

Club Session aka "Sir" George aka George Jacovides (confused?) present their newest offering. Featuring a lovely guitar and warm and jazzy keys coupled with the soulful vocals, "All U got" is a strong vocal garage production.

Simon Grey "One" (R.O.I. Records 12" Test Pressing)

Simone Grey is from Australia and has been choosen by Knee Deep to work on their forthcoming album. In the meantime, R.O.I. Records present Simon's own production "One", a fierce track on the funky tip with a driving groove. Knee Deep deliver the remixes where they give the track the right club appeal with a rocking beat and wicked keys.

Todd Gardner featuring Gynisse "Whatever" (Subliminal Soul Records 12")

Todd Gardner with a hot vocal production featuring a stomping groove. There is an outstanding "Cae Del Mar Dub" with a lovely guitar and jazzy trumpet - miss it at your own risk.

The Weather Girls "Your love" (Brickhouse Records 12")

The legendary Weather Girls back with an upfront production by Wackside with a stomping groove. Jamie Lewis is giving us another stunning remix with nice jazzy keys over a rocking groove.


June 2, 2002

V "In time" (MAW Records 12" Promo)

Finally available on 12" promo that is widely available (a marketing gag?) is one of the tracks that the Masters at Work only gave away as an edit on their "WMC 2002" sampler. A Touch of Jazz are behind this production that got extra help by the Masters at Work. Perfect for the summer, this one comes with a mellow groove and warm keys over a bumpy groove.

Groove Junkies presents Solomon Henderson "Inside my soul" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is the first offering from a brand new label that gets distributed by SoulFuric Records. Evan Landes is behind this production, a powerful but soulful track with newcomer Solomon Henderson on vocals, added with jazzy keys and sax.

Amy Helm "Own way home" (HipBone Records 12")

HipBone have choosen Alix Alvarez to do a remix for their latest offering. Like his other remixes (for example the ones he did for Central Park Records), the mixes are on a laidback tip with warm keys. Alix is one of the major forces right now when it comes to create mellow house vibes. The flip holds the original mixes.

Lynn Lockamy "Fire" (U.M.E. Records 12")

Kerri Chandler and Dennis Ferrer bringing us their latest offering. This is the first part including the Dennis Ferrer mixes that are on an underground tip with a deep groove and wicked keys. Part two will include the Kerri Chandler mixes.

JoVonn "Mo Soul EP" (TrackMode Records 12")

"Little drummer boy" is the cut to choose here. Based around a slamming and rocking drum beat are a jazzy xylophone and a laidback guitar that give this track an afterhour feeling.

Gregory "Tropical soundlcash" (Faya Combo Records 12")

DJ Gregory launching his own label Faya Combo with this release. The attraction on this 12" is the track "Tropical soundclash" that makes use of a stomping house groove thats get added with totally wicked guitar riffs and vocal chants. The result is a groovy track with a tropical feeling.

Shuffle Inc. "Morning star" (Court Squar Records 12")

Shuffle Inc. aka Jay-J & Julius Papp did this production a long time ago. The bubbling jazzy original version that already got featured on this page in february 2001 gets coupled with a brand new remix by ADNY aka Alex Delano who adds extra percussion and and female vocals to it.

Sampler "Off Limits 3 Part One" (Recreation Records 12")

This one already got lost in the amounts of records laying around in my appartment... The a-side features a hot remix of "That night" by Jazzanova featuring Vikter Duplaix done by Steffen  'Dixon' Berkhahn & Georg Levin who give the track a bumpy house groove. The b-side features a dub version of "Tonite" by Ãme, coming on a laidback vibe.


May 26, 2002

Louis Benedetti "Another night" (SoulShine Session Records 12" Test Pressing)

Louis Benedetti with another wonderful instrumental production on a laidback tip with a warm and sunny feeling.

Angie Stone "Wish I didn't (miss you any more)" (Unknown Remixes)(Bootlegg 12")

Yet another bootlegg with slamming remixes of my current favorite r&b song. No info who has done the mixes on this bootlegg, but they are definitely the most smooth and laidback ones.

Kim English "Been so long" (Wamdue Remixes)(Hysteria Records 12")

Lifted from a Kim English remix album that didn't got my attention due to the lack of good material on it, but gladly Hysteria picked the pearl of that album for a 12" release that is well deserved and included both the vocal and dub mix (which was previously unreleased). Chris Bran & Eric Stamile are behind the mixes that make use of great keys over a mellow groove.

Los Amigos Invisibles "Bruja" (MAW Records 12")

Subtitled "The Venezuelan Zingi Sound Vol. 1", this release is part of the Masters at Work vision to bring new sounds to the world. Warm and melodic, with lovely live instrumentation, this has a real summer vibe to it.

Mr. A.L.I. "Rial" (LoveSlap! Records 12")

One of those tunes I heard in Miami that caught my attention, but I didn't know the name of it... a fierce instrumental track with a killer flute over a backing track with a deep bass, percussion and guitar that comes packed on a melodic and mellow vibe.

Blaze "Spiritually Speaking - Album Sampler" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

Finally in my hands, this one had been really hard to get in Miami. This sampler features two tracks from the forthcoming Blaze album "Spiritually speaking". First is the wonderful "Breathe" which features Philip Bailey on vocals, a track that is full of energy and positive vibes with a typcial Blaze arrangement and production. Second is "Do you remember house" featuring Palmer Brown who talks about he remembers house over a stomping beat.

Jay-J and Chris Lum featuring Shawn Benson "Stronger" (83 West Records 12")

The ever busy Moulton Studios people with a strong vocal production featuring Shawn Benson on vocals. Jay Hernandez and Chris Lum team up for bumping groove with warm keys on this one.

Pound Boys featuring Rashaan Houston "Power" (R.O.I. Records 12")

The successful team of the Pound Boys and Rashaan Houston team up once again for a wonderful garage production that comes complete with slamming Sir Piers remixes who adds extra hammond, guitar, bass, flute and tenor sax to give us another one of  his live sounding remixes.

Koop "Bright nights" (JCR Records 12")

With their previous release "Summer sun" still getting lots of club play, here is the follow up that is on a different vibe. There is the "Rima Techno Chimp Dub Mix" which uses spheric keys and has a techy edge while the "Rima Fusion Mix" is based around crisp broken beats. Also included is the original dreamful version.


May 19, 2002

Special Preview: Spanky Wonderland "How many times" (MAP Dance Records Promo CD)
Special Preview: Trouble Inc "All my love" (MAP Dance Records Promo CD)

Here we go with another exclusive preview listen for your ears of upcoming material from MAP Dance, a swiss label putting out house music of various styles.

First their is "How many times" by Spanky Wonderland which comes with a piano driven remix by Lenny Fontana who gives it the right kick to rock any dancefloor. Then there is the Aston Martinez remix with using a bumping groove and both funky bass and guitar.

"All my love" by Trouble Inc is a cover version of the classic Luther Vandross track. Fresh sounding with a driving groove, wicked keys and great vocals, this is an irresistible track right for the dancefloor.

Rose "Power of one" (United Records 2x12" Promo)

I already reviewed this record last november, but it hasn't been available since then. Now it once again appears as a promo so finally the full release should be only a few weeks ahead. Kerri Chandler delivers four remixes of the King Britt production.

Ola Jagun & The Ancestral Ryhthms "Odo oya" (Spiritual Life Records 12")

Boyd Jarvis teams up with Ola Jagun to produce a percussive track with wicked keys and african chants. Wayne Gardiner's remix takes into the deep house territory.

Louis Benedetti "Flaked" (SoulShine Sessions Records 12")

Louis Benedetti comes up with a track combining an upfront house beat with funky elements, classic disco effects and strings.

Salome de Bahia "Theme of Rio" (Yellow Records 12" Promo)

Brazilian house with a catchy piano and jazzy trumpet taking you on a ride to the sunny Rio(unfortunately only in your dreams).

Dino V. "Superstar" (Nu Soul Records 12")

The mix of interest comes from Maurice Joshua who gives us another one of his driving but soulful mixes.

Various "Next Session EP" (NextMoov Tracks Records 12")

JoVonn and Jeremias Santiago are the producers on the tracks featured on this EP. Expect some really deep, moody grooves with wicked keys.


May 12, 2002

Greg Cash "The preacher" (Bumpin' City Records 12")

A deep tumpin' groove which samples "My love is free" by Double Exposure coupled with the speack of reverend Bradshaw and you got an inspirational house record like the one hre.

Francois K featuring Barbara Mendes "Awakening" (Wave Recors 12")

Taken from the forthcoming "Bossa Mundo 2" album, this sees Francois K teaming up with vocalist Barbara Mendes, Terry Burus who provides the keys and the piano solo and Eumir Deodato who conducts the strings.

DJ Rasoul featuring Star Stern "Reality "(Remix)(Soulfood Records 12")

The original version was out in late 2000 and gets a re-release with brand new and fresh. The beat is groovy with an off-beat kick and warm keys.

Automatic featuring Aswan "The one that got away "(ChilliFunk Records 12")

A bumpin' beat with warm, jazzy keys and female vocals by Aswan make this a groovy affair on a laidback tip.

Mood II Swing "Closer" (Identity Records 12" Test Pressing)

Remember the original that was out on KingStreet Records in the mid-90's? Here it is remixed for 2k02 (no info who did the remix is included with my copy) with a stomping beat and wicked keys, still featuring the classic vocals by Carole Sylvan.

Sixth Sense featuring Sepla "Walking on" (SubUrban Records 12")

SubUrban with a vocal production with a jazzy sax and guitar over a bumpy groove, topped with acidic keys and catchy female vocals.

Julius Papp "Move your body EP" (Large Records 12")

Julius Papp teams up with Bill Williams on this EP that features two tracks. "Move your body" is a simple, percussive track with jazzy keys. "Tekwork"  is a moody track with spaced-out keys on a techy edge.


May 5, 2002

Runner up: MAW featuring India "Backfired" (MAW Records 12")

When 'Little' Louie Vega played the Joey Negro remix at the Magic Sessions party at this years Winter Music Conference, the dancefloore eruted and everybody went crazy. Now this slamming remix is finally out on 12" coupled with the Frankie Feliciano edit that is taken from the "Our time is coming" boxset. But it is Joey Negros reworked mix that is the attraction on this 12" with its fierce groove that is set to let this one become an instant classic.

Pound Boys featuring Coco Brown "Get out of my life" (Look-At-You Records 12" Test Pressing)

Craig C. & Dealer with a groovy track that makes use of a deep bubbling groove with Coco Brown singing her heart out over it.

Serenetiy Project "The sun will shine" (Remixes)(Melodius Fonk Records 12")

The original was produced by the Blak Beat Niks and it comes here in slamming reinterpratations. 95 North go deep on their excursion with a moody bubbling beat with wicked keys. Bougie Soliterre go for a funky groove with a deep bassline and cool organ ride.

Snooze "Doremifa girl" (Nite Grooves Records 12")

Chris Brann aka Ananda Project with a wonderful remix on a laidback, percussive vibe with a lovely guitar and jazzy saxophone. The flip holds a remix by Isolée on a downtempo groove.

DJ Pierre featuring Queen Mary "Good luv" (KingStreet Records 12")

It is good to see DJ Pierre, one of the inovators of acid house, be back with a house stomper that has a soulful edge. For the remix, Dennis Ferrer from Sfere has been choosen. His dub mix features an extra flute over a laidback groove.

Nicole Graham "You light me up" (Remixes)(SoulGroove Records 12")

These new mixes by Mimos and Patrick Green will keep this a dancefloor favorite.


April 28, 2002

Greg Gauthier & Tony L featuring Arnold Jarvis "Where has love gone" (KIF Records 12")

The second relase for Arnold Jarvis this week. Full of percussion, added with a flugelhorn, fender rhodes and a live bass, this is soulful house at its best.

Alton Miller "Love inside" (NightGrooves Records 12")

Mellow vibes with a grooy touch and a jazzy flute, not to forget the lush vocals of Alton Miller.

Nathan Haines featuring Shelley Nelson "Believe" (Remixes)(ChilliFunk Records 12" Promo)

Two more hot remixes by Kenny Dope on this limited edition 12" promo including a nice instrumental workout.

Kim English "Treat me right" (Jon Cutler Remix)(Nervous Records 12")

A solid set of remixes by Jon Cutler with a bumpy groove that are coupled with cathy keys and rhythm guitar riffs.

Copyright "Give it to me" (Bottlegg 12")

Another chapter is written by Copyright who cleverly rework another classic (take care when buying this record - there is one by the Cleptomaniacs too with the same title doing the rounds at the moment).

Africanism "Viel ou la" (Yello Records 2x12" Promo)

This latest release in the Africanism series is produced by Bob Sinclar. He is sampling "Viel ou la" by Exile One (did you ever hear of them?) and the result is a wicked track. Different and special, but definitely cool. Check "On the Drum" wich is a tribal drum version, perfect for playing around with.

H2O "Falling by faith" (Liquid Groove Records 12")

One of my favorite tracks from the H2O album "You can run..." finally got a full 12" release. Produced by Oliver Stumm & Tony Lopes (r.i.p.), it features Cleon on vocals over a deeply bumping groove with wicked keys on top that create an irresistible vibe. Remixes by Kings of Tomorrow complete the package.

Classic Man "Lounge Session EP" (Natural Resource Records 12")

Remember Classic Man from  his early relases on Nervous Records? His real name is Wayne Gardiner who brings us an EP which includes three laidback and smooth tracks with my favorite "Lounge File #1" that includes a jazzy piano o

Aquanote "Nowhere" (Naked Music Records 2x12")

The latest release for Naked Music is produced by Gabriel Rene and features Zoe Ellis on vocals. Four mixes by different people can be found on this double 12".


April 21, 2002

Special Preview: Trent'n'Boyz featuring Scott Trent "Do for love" (Promo CD)
Special Preview: Jersey Maestros featuring Showtime "Keep on" (Promo CD)

As promised, I'm gonna give you more exclusive previews. This week, you can hear two very hot garage productions:

First is "Do for love" by the Trent'n'Boyz which is driven by sexy keys over a bumpy house groove, coupled with a deep bassline. The vocals are supplied by Scott Trent.

Then there is "Keep on" by the Jersey Maestros (they brought us "Looking up" featuring Kim Beachum on SoulShine Records) which is a fierce production featuring the gospelish vocals by Showtime over a deeply thumping groove that is added with jazzy keys and a guitar. Look out for them - they got more classy stuff coming your way soon. 

Intense Music "The Movement Continues" (AceBeat Records 12")

AceBeat Records was an early player in Garage music as we know it today. It has been quiet about them, but now they are back with a four tracker produced by Tony & Tyrone Payton, Ricky Nelson and Ace Mungin. What you get is classic New Jersey garage music featuring some of their hottest talents. There is a terrific cover version of the Jackie Moore classic "This time baby" by Charvoni which is mixed by B.O.P.

Brandy "Full moon" (Full Intention Mixes)(Atlantic Records 12" Promo)

Atlantic Records again putting out a hot promo of r&b queen Brandy. This time, Full Intention are on remix duty turning the original r&b production into a fierce house track by keeping the soulful spirit alive.

John 'Julius' Knight "Dancin' in paradise" (Remix)(Spectrum Records 12" Promo)

Originally out on SoulFuric Trax Records on "Knighttime Funk 3", this forthcoming UK release will feature the full vocal version which will breathe new life into this club scorcher.

Tom & Joyce "Queixume" (Masters at Work Remix)(Yellow Records 12")

The Masters at Work giving us a percussive remix with a broken groove on a mellow tip.

SuSu Bobien "Thank you" (The Itialian Job)(Centro Records 12")

A superb job the italians did on this classic they licensed from SoundMen on Wax Records. Three hot reworkings with an outstanding remix by Luis Rado who gives it a funky twist with a lovely guitar.

Zap Mama "Crazy life" (Shelter Records 12" Test Pressing)

An interesting record from the Shelter crew with a bumpy and mellow housegroove, topped with female vocals remembering of Björk.

Groove Culture featuring Arnold Jarvis "Feelin' it" (Henry Street Records 12")

Henry Maldonado has choosen Arnold Jarvis to sing over his retro disco-house groove. Simply a track to rock the dancefloor.

Shaun Escofferey "Days like this" (Spen & Karizma Remix)(Oyster Music Recors 2x12" Promo)

With the DJ Spinna mixes being a favorite for many DJs and clubbers for a couple of month now, it's gonna be a hard decision wether to stick to them or play these new Spen & Karizma mixes. They give it a different twist with wicked organs over a rockin' groove.


April 14, 2002

Deep Bros. featuring Michelle Weeks "My love grows" (Balance Music Records 12" Test Pressing)
Deep Bros. featuirng Carole Sylvan "Be myself" (Balance Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Both songs are taken from the 1998 album "House Hunters" and get a full 12" release complete with brand new mixes on the new swiss label Balance Music.

"My love grows" featuring Michelle Weeks is gonna be the first release and includes the unreleased original mixes as well as a Souxsoul remix that makes use of jazzy keys and a lovely guitar over a deep bubbling groove.

Next up on the label will be the DJ N-Joy remix of "Be myself" featuring Carole Sylvan. DJ N-Joy goes for a deep bubbling groove with smooth filtering layed over it to create a driving remix.

Brandy "What about us" (Dance Mixes)(Altantic Records 2x12" Promo)

A rare double promo 12" including remixes of the original r&b song by Steve 'Silk' Hurley, 95 North, Kelly G and E-Smoove. The mixes to check out are the ones by 95 North who keep it on a midtempo old-school beat and E-Smoove who goes for a fierce bumpin' groove.

Nica "Nica's dream" (Remix)(Foreplay Records 12")

A year ago I reviewed the limited 10" promo, and finally there is a full release. The flip holds the classic original version while on the a-side you get a new interpretation by Antonio Ocasio who got his own piano player and guitarist to create a laidback and jazzy percussive workout.

Joi "Cravin'" (Joe Claussell Remixes)(Common Ground Records 12")

Joe Claussell with a beautiful remix that is built around a deep and mellow groove, added with a lovely jazzy piano that comes to full effect on the 'Piano Dub' that is included on the flip side of this 12".

Jalal Ouissal "Prisoner of time" (Deep4Life Records 12")

The name of the label shows you exactly what you can expect on their releases: nothing but deep music. And they continue this tradition with this three track EP by Jalal Ouissal that will take you on a deep musical journey. For example, check the a-side track "Undelivered poetry" that has a soulful and jazzy feeling.

Mix the Vibe "Frankie Feliciano - King Street Ricanstructed" (KingStreet Records 12")

Right now, KingStreet relases their Mix the Vibe series nearly on a monthly basis. As usual, alongside the mixed CD there is a 12" that includes unreleased material. Here, it is a brand new and soulful garage production by Big Moses titled "Never again", featuring Kenny Bobien on vocals. There are also unreleased mixes of "Breaking down" by Ananda Project featuring Heather Johnson and "Come to me" by Myra as well as the 1994 classic "Hold on" 95 North featuring Sabrynah Pope.

Everyday People "Simmer down" (Papa Records 12")

Seji from Bugz in the Attic produced this soulful track that comes with bouncey house mixes as well as broken beat mixes.

The Rurals "Habits EP" (Peng Records 12")

This latest Rurals release has a tougher edge than their previous releases, but it still maintains to be a soulful production with a moody touch.

Bump & Flex "Promises" (Jazz'N'Groove Mixes)(FFRR Records 2x12" Promo)

The original mixes are are pure 2-step, so go straight to disk two to find the Jazz'N'Groove mixes who go for a driving groove with warm, jazzy keys and a lovely guitar.

Dajae + Full Intention "What do you want" (Brickhouse Records 12" Promo)

The Full Intention original production is a vocal anthem, and it is included here on the flip. But the main attraction on this 12" is the Wackside remix with its celestial keys over a bumpy house groove.


April 7, 2002

Pound Boys featuring Shawn Benson "Affection" (Remixes)(Look-At-You Records 12" Test Pressing)

Already successfull in its original mixes last year, new mixes by Jamie Lewis coming your way soon. He delivers a bubbling club mix with catchy keys as well as a raw vocal version. The flip holds a dubby take by the Floorfillerz.

Kevin Saunderson presents Randolph Paul "This means that" (KMS Records 12" Test Pressing)

KMS is finally back after a six year hiatus from the dance scene. They offer the first release of their latest singing Randolph Paul, who has been involved in various projects over the past years. The track is on a soulful tip with a bumpy groove with a classy piano solo and a bubbling live bass.

Big Moses featuring Derrick Givens "I'll be there" (Subliminal Soul Records 12" Test Pressing)

Once more, we see Big Moses delivering a warm and smooth garage production with Derrick Givens providing the r&b style vocals.

Masters at Work "WMC 2002 Andvance Sampler" (MAW Records 12" Promo)

Last year, MAW gave away two 12" with four upcoming tracks. After a couple of month, they got bootlegged. So this year the sampler only features short edits (around 2:30 each) of upcoming releases. Included are the MAW & A Touch of Jazz produced "In time" by V, "Brand new day" by  'Little Louie' Vega & Blaze, "Tranz" and "Body" by MAW (from the forthcoming electronic album) and "Zabalaza" by B.O.P. (Brothers of Peace).

Home and Garden presents Nkemdi "An invitation" (Osunlade Remix)(Central Park Records 12" Promo)

Osunlade once more pulls out a strong remix on a soulfip with a beautiful instrumentation including warm and melodic keys.

Tortured Soul "How's your life (Part 1)"(Central Park Records 12" Promo)
Tortured Soul "How's your life (Part 2)"(Central Park Records 12" Promo)

Over the two 12", you'll get a nice selection of mixes ranging from broken beats to a smooth house groove with a laidback feeling and warm keys, right for the summer.

The Right on Brothers present "Soulis..." (Elan Records 12" Test Pressing)

Behind The Right on Brothers are Robert Tillmann & Brent Tally of NEC (Natural Elements Crew) who haven choosen Sam 'The Man' Burns to tell the story about "Soulis..." over a lovely rhythmic house groove with a jazzy touch on the original mix. Then there is the 'Right on' remix with a broken beat. The flip includes a driving remix by the Soul Providers.

Julie McKnight "Home" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

It's hard to follow up the worldwide smash hit "Finally", but the Kings of Tomorrow do not dissapoint here. Their original mixes are fierce with a stomping groove that leads the way for Julie McKnight. A selection of hot remixes to choose from: Jose Burgos gives it a more underground appeal on his take while Knee Deep opt for a more melodic touch with an extra added piano and additional keys. Steven Mestre adding even more mixes to the package that use a deep bubbling groove with some smooth filtering.

Count Basic "Ain't you had enough" (7th Distric Inc. Remixes)(Reverso Records 12" Promo)

As every year, 7th District come up with a hot remix work right for the Winter Music Conference. A fierce groove with a rolling baseline that rocks make this a sureshot winner for the dancefloor.

Isley Brothers "Speechless" (Bootlegg 12")

This is actually labelled as "Jamsteady Vol. 2" and is from the same people that got you that Janet Jackson booty ("Jamsteady Vol. 1") some month ago. A house workout of a r&b song with melodic keys and a warm groove.

Richard Earnshaw "People are people" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

Richard Earnshaw is formerly of Fusion Groove Orchestra. Here he is on a solo tip with a track that features rhodes, a jazzy guitar and a catchy backing vocal hook, all combined in a smooth production with dope chords.

Mambana "No reason" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

Swedens Axwell is on remix duty on this Mambana production that features Isabel Fructuoso on vocals over an energetic but soulful groove with a summer vibe to it.

Octave One featuring Ann Saunderson "Blackwater" (Promo 12")

I had to pitch down this record more than 4%, but it still sounds very good at that speed. What makes this record different to the many others around are the strings that are coupled with a deep bubbling groove.

Victor Simonelli presents Keith Thompson "Living on the frontline" (Westside Records 12" Test Pressing)

Yes, this is an Eddie Grant cover version. But it is truly hot, especially in the 'Dubplate' version that has a broken beat combined with reggae/calypso elements. Props to Victor Simonelli for putting out this record that beakes the usual house boundaries.

Lydia Rhodes "Dreams" (Bristol Music Records 2x12" Promo)

Now this is what I call a perfect summer vibe: a warm groove with broken beats and melodic keys, added with soulful vocals by Lydia Rhodes. Tedd Patterson providing a hot remix giving it a more laidback vibe.

Team Factor featuring Kenny Bobien "It feels good" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12" Promo)

A Pasta Boys production with lyrics written by Duane Harden that is set to rock the dancefloors around the world. A pumping groove with Kenny Bobien's outstanding vocals on top, added with hot keys.

Deep Swing featuring Chance "Diva" (Generate Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Deep Swing with their latest production for which they have choosen Chance as vocalist. A fierce and thumping groove complete with a jazzy saxophone. A nice variation of mixes is included on the 12" to choose from.

HouseHedz featuring Jacque "How does it feel" (YellOrange Records 12" Test Pressing)

This track uses a harder house beat (I wouldn't necessarily call it 'Hard House'), but it gets soulful as soon as the powerful vocals by Jacque come in and get followed by the jazzy sax and vibes. This record proves that even with a harder beat you can create soulful vibes.

POJI Records presents "The Soul Controllers" (POJI Records 12" Test Pressing)

Tim Hatfield opens up with "Desire", a stomping track brining back memories of disco. The flip has "Strings of K" by DJ Karizma (from the Basement Boys) which starts just with keys and the strings before a broken beat comes in around the middle. "Venganza de orfeoso" by DJ Saint is a laidback track with a cool trumpet and jazzy keys.

DJ 'D' "The Club Odean EP #1" (Odeon-D Records CD Promo)

Three tracks to work your dancefloor. "Happyman" is a track build around a funky groove. "Crystal visions" takes it to the underground with acidic keys over a rough beat. The track is dedicated fo Brian Bristol who runs Bristal Music Records and it even uses some lyrics from Brian's latest release "Dreams" by Lydia Rhodes (review see above). And then there is "Central Park" which is dedicated to Tony Humphries. Listen to it and you know why: a deep and dirty groove remembering of all those great tracks that helped to create the legendary club Zanzibar days in the late 80's/early 90's when Tony Humphries was rocking it down with lots of deep music.

Vincent Kwok & D'Layna "Love is the answer" (Neat Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Taken from the "Neat Music WMC Sampler", this vocal production by Vincent Kwok is set for a full release later this year. Warm keys over a mellow bumping house groove coupled with the subtle vocals by D'Layna make this an uplifting song that makes you feel good.

DJ John 'Julius' Knight presents "Knighttime Funk 4" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

Two more tracks to rock the dancefloor by JJK. "Get over" is a rhodes driven track with a driving groove that has a soulful edge. On "Find a friend" he samples Sylvester and creates a 'hands in the air' anthem with a rocking groove. One to make your crowd go crazy.

Ken N "Nightlife EP" / Terry & Gregg "Funkadelic EP" (Byte Records 12" Promo)

This 12" out of Belgium features forthcoming material from two different acts, both of them presenting two tracks each. Fresh and funky is what you get in your hand here, with fierce grooves and clever arrangement and production.

Vincent Kwok "Skool's out EP" (Audio Expression Records 12" Test Pressing)

After providing the vocal "Love is the answer" with vocalist D'Layna (see above), Vincent Kwok, one of San Francisco's deep house maestros, gives us a four track EP that comprises of various styles of west cost house beginning with the melodic "Oma" over the laidback "Won't you tell me" to the funky "I wan't U" to the groovy "Skool's out".

Les Bandits du Temps "My people (a little bit louder now)" (Underground Solution Records 2x12" Promo)

This german label rules after their recent success with Jovonn's "Back to house" as they present this strong follow up. Plenty of mixes to choose from of this piano loaded tune that uses a driving bass line that gets topped with male vocals.

Sky Juice Procutions presents Infinite "The Distant Plateau EP" (Wave Records 12" Test Pressing)

After bringing you so many vocal gems, lets move on to a something different here. Jeremy Newall & Don Doobay aka Sky Juice Productions deliver a deep journey into jazzy dance music. The 12" opens with an ambient mix which is followed by the 'Original Vibe' which is on a laidback tip with a mellow feeling. The flipside has the more housey 'Skitzoid Club Mix'. As a bonus, there is the jazz-funk gem "DNA" included on the flip as well.

Mike Huckaby presents "Harmonie Park Classics Vol. 1" (Deep Transportation Records 12" Promo)

Mike Huckaby is best known for his relases on Harmonie Park Records, which have also been deep. And this 12" stands in that tradition with all three tracks being on a true deep house tip.

Castillo & Face "Done deal "(MST Records 12")

House music out of Texas? Yes, this record label's home is in Dallas. They bring us a percussive track with a mellow vibe on a laidbak tip. This is not their first relase, so if you get the chance check the previous ones too.

Samba Sol "Ritmo calma mi alma" (Audio Expressions Records 12" Test Pressing)

Samba Sol are Oliver Desmet & Daniel Spencer who bring us a combination of latin sounds with deep funky grooves.


March 21, 2002

Aly-Us "Follow me" (Full Intention Remix)(Strictly Rhythm Records 12" Promo)

It remains always the question if a classic should be retouched or not. Full Intention do a solid job here keeping the original keys (that made this a standout track) and combining them with a pumping groove.

Kings of Tomorrow "Young hearts" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

Already reviewed as one-sided 12" (most probably a bootlegg) and now set to get a full release soon. Different versions to choose from starting with the smooth 'KOT Classic Mix' over the pumping 'Extended Album Version' to the harder 'Sandy Rivera & John Alvarez Dark Mix' can be found here, together with various DJ tools like dubs, beats and acapellas.

DeSoto "Love come back" (Brando Records 2x12" Promo)

Brando is a new label coming from Sweden which is run by the people that brought us classic Swedish labels like Clubvision and Btech. The first release is by DeSoto which in its original version is an upliftiting and warm house track. Remixes are courtesy of France's DJ Jacques de Funk who delivers a filtered disco-affair dub with a couple of thrown in samples. Finally MaUVe deliever the peak hour club mix with a dark dub for the more progressive floors.

The Soul Movement featuring Onesongbyrd and Bayinah "Dreaming" (Reticualte Mixes)(Dance Wicked Records 12" Test Pressing)

This Nick Jones production was originally out on Shelter Records a couple of month ago and gets a new life with brand new mixes. The a-side holds the dance floore orientated mix with a heavy bassline added by acid tingles. On the b-side you'll find soulful mixes on a more sutbtle pace.

Big Moses featuring Pam McDaniels "You bring me joy" (Trinity Records 12")

Moises LaPorte latest production "Ups and down" by Kimiesha Holmes (out on YellOrange Records) is getting support from all over the world at the moment, but he doesn't sleep and gives us another beauty on a more laidback and soulful garage vibe.

Various "West Cost Sampler Vol 2" (Peng Records 12")

Four artists bringing us their vibes closer. It starts with "Pippete" by The Rurals, a jazzy house track. Next is the techy "Silk" by BRS with a moody groove. The flip has "Don't let anyone" by Kick Squad & Onlymatt which is on a jazz-funk tip with a stomping groove. Lastly, there is "Over me" by The Cue Kids, a laidback groover with a jazzy touch.

SNS Project featuring Lola Robinson "Get up" (Ovum Records 12")

The original mixes by Jason Jinx makes us of vocoded vocols which makes the mixes that are on a techy edge a bit cheesy. The flip has remixes by Rulers of the Deep who go for a deep bubbling groove on a moody tip.

Universal Love "Ritmo da zua" (StreetVibes Records 12")

This is a track with a percussive vibe featuring a lovely fender rhodes.

Funkdeluxe "I surrender" (Plaza Records 12")

Plaza Records are back with this Randy Muller production that comes with remixes by Romatt and Future Soul. All mixes vary the New York club style.


March 17, 2002

Runner up: Solu Music featuring Ariah "The way I'll feel (if you touch)" (Solu Music Records CD-Promo)

This one already made big waves just as a sample loop on the Solu Music website before it got a full release. Featuring the sultry voice by Ariah Firewalker, this is a soulful gem full of live instrumentation with an organic feeling and the warm Solu sound. The "Loft Mix" is the one for the peakhour with the funky bassline, slicky guitar and some damn hot rhodes. Also included is the downtempo track "I want to..." on a chilled out tip.

Mousse T. featuring Emma Lanford "Fire" (Peppermint Jam Records 2x12" / Edel Records 12" Part 1 and Part 2)

It has been a long time after his last 12" "Sexbomb" that featured Tom Jones on vocals. "Fire" is the first single release from the forthcoming album "Gourmet de Funk" that will be released in late may. Mousse T. delievers the main mixes with a stomping beat and deep rumbling bass with the stunning vocals by Emma Lanford on top of it. John Ciafone goes for a dark and driving dub while Shakedown go for an electro breakdown dub. It is out now on 2x12" on Peppermint Jam while there are also two separate 12" on Edel Records (I'm not sure if these are promos or not).

Second Life featuring Jimmie Wilson "Inner love (Give it up)" (Running Back Records 12" Test Pressing)

A new label out of Germany presenting their first release. The 'Original' is a piano driven and gospel vocals loaded peak-hour house track on an old school tip. The flip holds the 'Original Dub' and the marvellous 'Black Keys Rework' which is full of haunting flutes and moody chords to create a smooth and laidback vibe.

King Club "You were singing" (GoGo Music Records 12")

Fresh vibes from a french newcomer on the block. Soulful house grooves with a mellow vibe. A perfect tune for a warm summer night.

Needs "Walkin' thru circles" (Needs Records 12")

Deep house music out of Germany. A deep and moody groove on a laidback vibe.

Rawsoul Orchestra featuring Concha Buika "Everyday" (Flamingo Discos Records 12" Test Pressing)

Two weeks ago I reviewed the original version as part of the "Flamingo Discos Winter Sampler", now here is the full 12". First there is the Gucciman remix that leaves the house territory and takes it to another level with the soulful groove and marvellous guitar. The flip holds the garage version with a stomping but soulful groove and some hot beats to play around.

The Rurals "Messages EP" (Peng Records 12")

A must have for the lovers of The Rurals sound and those of you who like warm and mellow house vibes.

Red No. 5 "Happiness togetherness" (Subliminal Soul Records 12")

E-Smoove & Latanza Waters produced this feel good house track with an uplifting vibe that features Donica on vocals.

Soldiers of Twilight "Believe" (2020 Vision Records 12")

First out on Serial Records (France), but sadly overlooked by many people like myself. Gladly 2020 Vision picked it up for a UK release so there is another chance to grab this beautiful female vocal house track. Remixes by Fred Everything and 2020 Vision are included.

Yukihiro Fukutomi "Love each other / Play back" (KingStreet Records 12")

Around in Japan on Cutting Edge/Avex Records for a while, but hard to find but thanks to KingStreet Records it's now around for everyone. "Love each other" features Josh Milan on vocals over a jazzy and percussive house groove. "Play back" on the flip is a jazz fusion track featuring Liane Carroll on vocals that comes in the original version and Jazztronik remix.

Soul Movement featuring Doreen Yongloye "When you're in love" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

NiteGrooves bringing us a nice and laidback perucssive groover. Also included is a so far unreleased version of "The playa".


March 10, 2002

Jon Cutler featuring Kemdi "Groove me" (Osunlade Remix)(Distant Music Records 12")

Osunlade once more taking an already great song to another level on his remix with a broken groove that works a treat with the smooth beats and warm keys.

Deepstar featuring Donna Allen "Sugar" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

Marc Pomeroy returns under the moniker Deepstar, this time featuring Donna Allen's soulful vocals over a fierce groove with melodic keys. The flip holds a tougher dub by Jazz'N'Groove.

The Pride featuring Byron Stingily, Norma Jean & Jasper Street "Paradise" (Nervous Records 12")

The Change classic gets a massive rework by DJ Spen & Karizma who turn it into a stomping house track featuring a hot selection of vocalists.

Angie Stone "Wish I didn't miss you / Brotha" (The Remixes)(J Records 12")

The flip side is the one to check out. It includes the the Stoneface bootlegg remix of "Wish I didn't miss you" by the Pound Boys and the Spen & Karizma remix of "Brotha".

Nathan Haines featuring Shelley Nelson "Believe" (ChilliFunk Records 12")

Kenny Dope remixing the original Restless Soul production into a soulful house groover with slamming beats and Albert Sterling Menendez providing the warm and jazzy keys..

Naked Music presents "Petits Fours" (Naked Music Records 12")

Here you get an EP including four tracks by various artists from the Nude Dimenstion. The vibes present range from electro to house and even some balearic grooves.


March 3, 2002

Larry Heard "Praise" (Remixes)(TrackMode Records 12")

The second 12" of "Praise" offering more remixes to choose from. Chris Gray of Deep4Life opts for a deep and moody groove while Glenn Underground goes for a warm and jazzy vibe. Larry himself delivers a smooth tribal mix.

Nick Santillan featuring Jackie Green "Of your baby" (Loveslap Records 12")

With a beat somehow similar to the 'Illegal Mix' of Jill Scott's "He loves me", a deep bass, cool guitar and a wicked trumpet, the result is a stomping house track with beautiful female vocals.

"Flamingos Discos Winter Edition" (Flamingo Discos Records 2x12")

Another sampler coming from Flamingo Discos that should not be missed. "Let the wind blow" by Fertile Ground comes in two very strong new mixes. Also "Jack it up remember" by the Pound Boys vs. Martello Brothers is featured with a hot remix. And then there is the original mix of the upcoming 12" "Everyday" by Rawsoul Orchestra.

4 Hero "Hold it down" (Talkin' Loud Records 2x12" Promo)

Osunlade goes for some really laidback grooves on his remixes. Bugz in the Attic offer a real delight on their remix with a broken groove and lovely strongs on top.

Bougie Soliterre "Besides you" (Compost Records 12")

Tiefschwarz with a deep bubbling remix on the groovy tip with wicked laidback keys. Worldless People go for a more laidback tip. And the classy original is included too to make this an essential purchase.

Cam starring Anggun "Summer in Paris" (Inflamabale Records 12")

Laidback vibes coming out of France full of live instrumentation including trumpet and flute. Playin 4 the City are present with mellow and jazzy workouts.


February 24, 2002

Runner up: DJ Pope featuring Sheila Ford "Moody state of mind" (Black Vinyl Records 12")

Brian Pope with a soulful production with a lovely acoustic guitar and a mellow and jazzy saxophone. The Blak Beat Niks smooth things down even more on their remix with an extra flute added.

Rhythm Section "Sunshine/Praise" (MAW Records 12" Test Pressing)

MAW Records present the latest production by Henry Maldonado which is put out under the name Rhythm Section. "Sunshine" is a track with a bumped up beat that has got a groovy edge and wicked keys of all sorts over it. "Praise" on the flip is also on a bumpy tip with a laidback feeling to it.

Me'Shell Ndegeocello "Earth" (Bootlegg 12")

Once again Ben Watt adds his post-production technique to a r&b production and speeds it up. His 'Lazy Dog Remix' is of the usual quality, but would deserve a besser pressing quality than this bootlegg has to offer. I'm not sure wether there are official Maverick Records promos around or not, but if you see one you better pick it up.

"After The Playboy Mansions Sampler (Laidback)" (Virgin Records 12" Promo)

One of two samplers as taster for the forthcoming double-CD mixed set by Dimitri from Paris including a Dimitri re-edit of "Ibo lele" by Jephte Guillaume and a Danny Tenaglia remix of "Feel up" by Grace Jones.

Audiowhores "Got my eyes on you" (12" Test Pressing

A track straight for the dancefloor with a driving funky groove sampling Stephanie Mills voice over it.

Africansim "Takemussa" (Yellow Records 12" Promo)

Julien Jabre & DJ Gregory aka Soha are back with their latest offering for Africanism. "Takemussa" has a slamming beat that has a smooth tribalish feeling and uses wicked keys over it.

Nicole Graham "You light me up" (SoulGroove Records 12")

SoulGroove continue their series of groovy and soulful dance music. "You light me up" makes use of a cool guitar and the lovely vocals by Nicole Graham over a bubbling groove that is coupled with warm keys.

Jersey Street "Love will be our guide" (Blue2 Records One-Sided 12" Limited Edition)

Mark Picchiotti presents the UK's Jersey Street on his own Blue2 label, the vocal orientated sister label to Blueplate Records. They deliver a catchy vocal house track with a bumpy house groove.

Federal States featuring A.J. Lewis "Love changes everything" (Mainline Music Records 12")

UK based Mainline Music present this uplifting garage production with a groovy beat and talented A.J. Lewis is adding his soulful vocals over it.

"Paris is Calling Part 1" (Distance Records 12")

This is the first of two 12" samplers for the forthcoming "Paris is calling" album. "From Chicago to Paris" by Playin' 4 The City features the charismatic vocals of DJ Mel Hammond over a bumpy track. "House in you body" by Cyirl K uses a bumpy groove and is influenced by the late 80's Chicago house sound.

Pound Boys "Way back when" (Look-At-You Records 12" Test Pressing)

If you need a track to rock your dancefloor, look no further because you found it here. The Pound Boys present a pumping groove coupled with wicked keys are set to keep your crowd dancing all night. Both DJ Sensé and DJ Foxx & Wyatt Earp deliever very useful remixes to play around with.


February 17, 2002

Runner up: DJ John 'Julius' Knight presents "Knighttime Funk Volume 3" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

You get two funky tracks on this 12" that will do damage on the dancefloor. First there is "My mind" which cleverly samples "If you read my mind", a 1982 club classic by Columbus Circle. "Dancin' in paradise" is sampling "Dancin' and prancin'" by Candido. Both tracks consist of a driving and fierce groove with a funky edge.

Nature Love "Krazy" (Nuyoshi Records Promo CD)

"Krazy" is a soulful club house tune by Chicago's sultry diva Nature Love (aka Kacie Nemesis) that is already creating a buzz on the underground club scene. All mixes have a warm and mellow feeling with an extra touch of jazz in it.

Solu Music featuring Kimblee "Fade" (Wave Records 12")

After being very successful as an underground release on Solu Music Records, it is now time to for an even bigger success with this release on Wave Records. This 12" features the so far unreleased 'Earth Mix', a wonderful instrumental version.

Ruben Mancias "I rise" (Look-At-You Records 12")

This production by Ruben Mancias is coming out of Moulton Studios from San Francisco. It has got a moody groove remembering of Natalie Cole's "Pink cadillac" with cool keys and wicked spoken vocals.

The Pound Boys Express "Betty" (Look-At-You Recorsd 12")

The Pound Boys sample the rock classic "Black betty" over a pumping house groove and give the rock guitar a front seat to make this a peak hour tack for those who like it funky and a bit darker.

Ultra Naté "Twisted" (Giant Step Records 12")

This track is from her last album and got picked up by Giant Step for a well deserved release on 12". They've choosen Blaze to deliever the house reworkings who give it another one of their bumpy house grooves added with a beautiful saxophone.

Afro Medusa "Dreams" (BNoise Records 12" Test Pressing)

Afro Medusa return with this feel-good house track that got remixed by the Problem Kids who give it an uplifting feeling.

Unifunktion featuring Alexander East "Feel me" (SubUrban Records 12")

Tommy Musto together with Alexander East produced this deep vocal track that is on a r&b house tip. The flip includes a remix by Dana Kelley that features a more agressive groove and both jazzy and acidic keys.

Las-Civ-I-Ous "Nice to see you" (Central Park Records 12")

Pal Joey is back with this production, and to my (and maybe also your) surprise he is also singing on this record. The track is on a laidback tip with Osunlade supplying the remixes where he gives the track a warm an mellow feeling.

Streetvibes "In the memory of / Touchin' keys" (Streetvibes Records 12")

"In the memory of" features that infectious piano hook we all know form US3's "Cantaloop". Beside that, this track has jazzy keys and a deep bubbling bass. "Touckin' keys" is a moody track with a jazzy vibe and lots of live instrumentation including rhodes and a hammond organ.


February 10, 2002

System of Survival "Jaysong" (Wash U Like Records 12")

Wash U Like is an itialian kicking off strong with this release. A peak hour track with a slamming bassline and Masters at Work style percussion and vocal samples spread over it. The dub takes it on a techy level while the 'Soulful Remix' is sort is smoothing things down to a NuYorican style groove.

Sir George of Club Session "Let the flow" (T.O.I. Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Let it flow" is a warm and mellow track coming in two flavors. "Star track" is a disco-house track while "Reminiscence" is another one of those marvellouse laidback house grooves Club Session are known for.

Mix The Vibe "Danny Krivit - Music is my Sanctuary II" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

In addition to the double-album put out two weeks ago, there is now this 12" including a hot Danny Krivit edit of the Blaze mix of "Star suite" by Mondo Grosso, an unreleased mix of "Harmonies" by Nick Jones and the classic club mix of "I luv you more" by Kimara Lovelace.

Tribalfusion 1 "Buddha's groove" (Purple Music Tracks Records 12" Test Pressing)

This swiss label is going from strength to strength. On their Purple Music Tracks imprint, they bring us this slamming tribal track with an irresistible groove and some extra eastern instrumentation.

Una Mas "I will follow" (Defected Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Originally out on limited test pressings on Union Square Records, but now moved up to the mother label Defected due to the overhelming reactions. Produced by Full Intention who go for thumping mixes that cleverly sample the classic "Ain't no mountain high enough". Jay-J Hernandez gives it a superb soulful touch on his mixes.

Cerrone featuring She Belle "Supernature" (Urban Records 12" Promo)

Lenny Fontana with a rework of the 1977 classic. A deep groove with warm keys, a deep bass and the lovely vocals by She Belle give it a soulful feeling.

Big Moses featuring Agboola "Soulful strings" (Subliminal Soul Records 12")

Big Moses with a deeply grooving, soulful track featuring a jazzy guitar.

DJ Jose Burgos & DJ Duron Tarik featuring Ricky Nelson  "Better days" (Bassclef Records 12")

Garage music at its best coming out of deepest New Jersey where the know how to keep it deep and soulful. A fierce groove with a jazzy piano bring the wonderful vocals by Ricky Nelson to full effect.

Mateo & Matos "After Midnite EP" (Large Records 12")

"Joy 2 my life" features Sam Lopez on vocal who is also the songwriter on this EP. The track is on an underground tip with a deep and moody groove and the soulful vocals on top. "After Midnite" features jazzy keys and a cool organ over an ever deeper groove.

Intense featuring Ricky Nelson "I can feel it" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

The Intense mixes are on a mellow tip with a laidback groove giving it a warm and smooth feeling. The SOW mixes turn the track into a storming house track with a driving groove, but keeping the warm and soulful feeling alive.

Blue Six "Lets do it together" (NakedMusic Records 12")

Jay Denes with his latest Blue Six release taken from the actual album "Beautiful tomorrow". The original album version is on a laidback tip and gets remixed by Jay himself, Miguel Migs and Speakeasy in different ways, all keeping the soulful vibe alive.

Demarkus Lewis "The love lost EP" (Moods'N'Grooves Records 12")

Three jazzy tracks with a moody and mellow feel - right for your afterhours set when the sun is rising.

Larry Heard "Paradise" (The Remixes)(TrackMode Records 12")

Larry Heard is giving it a soft techy edge while Kemeticjust's remix is on an extremly mellow tip. Brett Dancer delievers a dub with a bumpy groove that is floating perfectly with the warm keys.


February 3, 2002

Runner up: C&M Productions present KhaiMar "Music 4 the people" (Remixes)(StepAhead Records CD Promo)

Coming soon on vinyl to your turntables are these hot remixes. Louis Benedetti gives it a retro feeling with his funky house groove full of classic disco elements like strings and a cool guitar. Both vocal and instrumental versions are included. Vincent Kwok goes for a moody groove with warm keys to give it a mellow feeling.

Viola "Little girl" (MAW Remixes)(Nervous Records 12")

When Louie Vega heard the original version, he wanted to do a remix with his partner Kenny Dope. They keep the vibe of the original alive and couple it with a wicked groove that bests works on the dub version.

DJ Pope & Una "In my arms" (YellOrange Records 12")

After bringing you the original version a couple of weeks ago (that unfortunately isn't included here), here are the new mixes by DJ Pope & DJ Oji. The mixes have an irresistible peak-hour groove that is set to rock the dancefloor.

Faith Evans "You gets no love" (Dance Remix)(Bad Boy Records 12" Promo)

Kelly G. on remix duty here giving Faith Evans a welcome appearance in soulful dance music territory. A bumpy house groove with warm keys topped by Faith' vocals give it an underground feel.

Hanna vs. Roy Davis Jr. "The praise" (Dedicated Musique Records 12")

This new label kicks off strong with this Warren Harris production. A wicked track on a laidback jazzy tip with a funky Roy Davis Jr. remix including an extra guitar and bass.

Kick Affiliates featuring Priscilla Ordonez "Don't wanna stop" (83 West Records 12")

The main mixes are based around a deeply bubbling and funky groove while Dennis F is smoothing it up on his take with lovely jazzy keys and cornet solo over shuffling percussion.

Dawn Tallmann "Goin' up" (Slaag Records 12")

Uplifting house music with gospel vocals in a variety of mixes by Glenn D. Thornton, Wil Milton and Ron Carroll.

Unknown "Get a life" (Bootlegg 12")

A mysterious white label (most likely a bootlegg) with a nice laidback house groove sampling (probably) Bobby Womack.


January 27, 2002

Runner up: Ananda Project "Breaking down" (Remixes)(NiteGrooves Records 2x12" Promo)

There are some dope mixes for the soulful heads on this 2x12" here. Blaze give us another one of their magnificent Shelter mixes with jazzy xylophones on their dub. 'Little' Louie Vega gives it a deep and smooth vibe on his 'Revival Mix' while on his 'Original Dub' he goes for a wicked groove with sort of broken beats (the vocal version can be found on the album "Re-Release"). Also included is the dub mix by Blu Mar Ten.

Loose Joints "Is it all over my face" (MAW Remix)(WestEnd Records 12" Limited Promo)

As mentioned last week, this is a higly limited 12" promo copy that includes the Masters at Work remix (also available on the quadruple pack album) and an exclusive dub as well as the bonus cut "All night (you can do it right)". You can see the labels at the Gallery page.

"Stoneface" (Bootlegg 12")

This booty includes two very well done remixes by the Pound Boys. First is "Wish I didn't (miss you any more)" by Angie Stone that should get a full release on Arista Records in a couple of weeks. Second there is "I love you baby" by Babyface. They are both r&b songs that got a soulful house makeover with a stomping beat that gives them that extra kick.

Unreleased Project "MAW theme / Clouds" (MAW Records 12")

"MAW theme" is a deep bubbling track with a wonderful harmonica solo. "Clouds" is the 'Guitar Version' of "More than a woman" by Aaliyah that Virgin Records didn't release on the commercial 12". Both come with extra bonus beats.

DJ Nori "Nori's EP" (Flower Records 12")

"Nomad" has got a smooth tribal-ish groove with a cool guitar on top. "Rockers" has a bumpy groove with a wicked bassline and a cool guitar.

Satin Souls "Aziza" (Transport Records 12")

A laidback vocal track with a mellow vibe and warm keys over a bubbling groove.

Trouble Men featuring Colonel Abrams "Hurt my feelings" (KIF Records 12")

A strong vocal house track coming from France with the legendary Colonal Abrams on vocals over a bumpy groove with a deep bass and jazzy piano.

Big Bang Theory "God's child" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

Remember this when it was around on bootlegg 12" last year? Here is now the officla double promo 12" from Defected including remixes by X-Press 2 and John 'Julius' Knight. A simple but effective track for the dancefloor.


January 20, 2002

Earth People "Dance dance dance" (Kerri Chandler Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

Out of the many bootlegg doing the rounds at the moment, this is truly a hihglight. Kerri Chandler with a slamming remix of the Earth People classic running for a full ten minutes.

Kings of Tomorrow featuring Terassa Fennie "Young hearts" (White Label 12")

This is currently getting lots of attention as the music in the "Red Square Vodka" TV ad (at least in the UK). KOT at its best with a deeply stomping beat topped with soulful vocals.

Jamiroquai "Love foolosophy" (Bini & Martini Mixes)(Sony Records 12" Test Pressing)

Bini & Martini remixing the latest single for Jamiroquai (other mixes from the likes of Knee Deep to follow soon). They use a deep and dark bubbling groove that comes to full effect on their dub mix.

Big Moses featuring Ambrosia "Believe in me" (Shelter Records 12")

First around last july as limited release on City Vinyl Records, now Shelter Records are now giving this laidback and bumpy garage track produced by Moise 'Big Moses' Laporte a full release.

Various Artists "Summer Sampler" (SOM Underground Records 12" White Label)

I don't know for how long this record is already available, but just this past week I came across it. Two beautiful tracks can be found here: "Tell me why" by Darry D'Bonneau, a DJ Camacho production with a bumpy house groove and jazzy piano on a soulful tip.And then there is "Deep" by Da Real Recordings featuring Jan'el on vocals, a track with a deep bubbling groove and distinctive underground feeling.

Mentor "Pressure / Everyobdy" (Pioze Records 12")

Two tracks for the serious DJ by Hippie Torrales to play around and make the people dance on the floor.

Molù in his African World "Musica" (Remixes)(Generate Music Records 12")

Presented by Deep Swing and Luis Rado first last year on Italy's Equal Records, here is the US release that includes new mixes. The 12" kicks off with the jazzy Deep Swing mix which is followed by Miguel Plasencia's soulful take with a bumpy groove. The flip has a pumping filtered mix and the Luis Radio mix which is on a jazzy funk tip.


January 13, 2002

Stevie Wonder "Visions" / D'Angelo "Spanish joint" (95 North Remixes)(Bootlegg 12")

These mixes have been a favorite with those that got it for a long time now. Out of nowhere, they now appear on a quality US pressing bootlegg 12" (there are also badly pressed UK 12"s floating around). Both songs got touched by 95 North who pay tribute to the originals with their interpretations. "Visions" by Stevie Wonder is the one for the dancefloor with a fierce groove and warm keys.

Knee Deep "Nassau rules" (R.O.I. Records One-Sided 12" Test Pressing)

"Funky nassau" - a Stax classic- reworked by Knee Deep. A stomping house groove added to the funky original bring earthquakes to todays dancefloors.

Lenny Fontana featuring Byron Stingily "Light my fire" (R.O.I. Records One-Sided 12" Test Pressing)

This is another stomper that should send shockwaves to your dancefloors. A Lenny Fontana production featuring Byron Stingily on vocals with a pumping groove.

Outlaw Sound System "Out" (Dance Tracks Records One-Sided 12" White Label)

I hope I got the artist and track information right (my copy comes with no information at all). It is a deep track with a moody groove and a wicked organ. The track has a real underground feeling bringing memories of the classic club Zanzibar days back to my mind.

DJ Ghost featuring Clarke "Bar talk" (Shelter Records 12")

Paul Simpson is back on the scene. The man that produced lots of classics, is bringing us a serious dancefloor stomper. A wicked groove with a woman talking over it is guaranteed to generate a storm on the dancefloor.

De Nada "Bring it on to my love" (Wildstar Records 12" White Label)

Knee Deep with a soulful remix that uses a warm and funky groove.

Million Dollar Orchestra featuring Steve Edwards "It takes heart" (Million Dollar Disco Records 12" Test Pressing)

If you're into classic disco vibes, you got check this out. Many of the elements used back in the disco days can be found on this production coupled with a stomping house groove.

Gypsymen "Camarera" (LoudHoue Records 12")

Here it is, the follow up to "Babarabatiri". Very similar in some parts, but can you blame Todd Terry? It surely works on the dancefloors with the irresistible groove.

Itaal Shur presents Milk & Honey "You, me & the music" (Wave Records 12")

Jon Cutler with a wicked remix. Very percussion loaded, with a cool guitar and a saxophone that will drive you crazy, this is a track to rock the dancefloor. The flip holds mixes by Scumfrog which use a jazzy piano and a driving beat.

"Abstract Fusion 3" (TrackMode/Music is... Records 2x12")

An interesting package including some 'abstract' house groove. Abstract in the mean of breaking into new grounds. The likes of Glenn Underground, Alton Miller, Larry Heard, KemeticJust. Rick Wade, Frankie Valentine and Theo Parrish all contribute to the package with a track. Definitely worth a listen.

Jon Cutler featuring E-Man "It's yours" (Jay-J Remix)(Music With Attitude Records 12")

Another remix coming our way, this time from Jay J Hernandez. He uses a bumpy house groove with some extra instrumentation. The original is also included.


January 6, 2002

Mental Remedy "Kotu rete" (Spiritual Life Music Records 12" Promo)

Jephté Guillaume and Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell are behind this latest relase for Spiritual Life Music. As usual, the quality is kept high with lots of live instruments (bass, acoustic guitar, percussions, flute). The 'Original' is a percussive jazzy track with a drum section in the second part. The 'Chords Mix' has a deep and groovy house beat with spheric keys.

Voices from the Vatican featuring Una "In my arms" (YellOrange Records 12" One-Sided Test-Pressing)

"Good things come to those who can wait". Indeed - the record in review here is the nearly two year old test pressing which just features the 'Original Mix'. But the full release complete with new mixes is very close now. But do you want to wait any longer? I don't want to, and since the song is to good not to be heard I give you the 'Original Mix' this week.

SuSu Bobien "Keep it to myself" (Eric Kupper Remixes)(SoundMen on Wax Records 12" Promo)

Eric Kupper with strong remixes of SuSu Bobien's former 12" release. He gives the song a classic feeling with a fierce groove and jazzy piano over it.

Urban Dance Institution "Moving & grooving" (CD Promo)

October last year, I reviewed this track as a white label. In the meantime it got signed by German label Electric Sparklers who plan to release it around March this year. The track is prodcued by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (from Slovenia) and features his friend Bart on bass and guitar and Laura Clive on vocals. The promo CD here features the remixes Dekky has completed with producer Samir Maslo. These new mixes give the track a distinct soulful feeling with a deep bubbling bass and a lovely guitar. Watch out for this record.

Kenny Blake "I've been watching you" (BrickHouse Records 12" Promo)

Creating a follow up to a smash hit is always a tough affair, but this new release from Kenny Blake is set to be at least as big as "Feel so real" was. A fierce groove with catchy keys and a great hook coupled with the vocals by Darnell P. create an uplifting track that will keep your feet dancing all night.

Shaun Escoffery "Into the blue" (Todd Terry Mixes)(Oyster Music Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

On this record, Shaun Escoffery's vocals a very reminiscent of Seal. Todd Terry delivers four mixes on this double pack. Disc one features a cheesy vocal mix and a dark dub while the second disc includes the nice 'Deep House Mix' and the 'Inhouse Mix' that brings the catchy, warm keys to full effect over the bumpy groove.

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