The Pour Le Connaisseur reviews for 2003.

December 21, 2003

Incognito "Morning sun" (Dimitri from Paris Remix)(Pony Canyon Japan Records 12")

This is the fourth 12" in the "Love X Love - Who needs love Remixes" series featuirng four Dimitri from Paris remixes of "Morning sun". Dimitri gives the song a fresh, 2k3 discofied vibe, coming in various versions.


December 7, 2003

Various "The Room - 10th Anniversary (Cream)" (Sony Japan Records 12")

This is one of three japanese 12" that Sony Records release to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Room. The highligs on this 12" are the Jazztronik remix of Monday Michiru's "Talk" and the Kenny Dope remix of "Shine" by Kyoto Jazz Massive featuring Chris Franck & Guida de Palma.

Incognito "Love X Love - Who needs love Remixes" (Pony Canyon Japan Records 3x12")

These threee 12" feature mixes from the "Who needs love" remix project that is available on CD. The first 12" features the extended and reprise versions by Danny Krivit of "Morning sun" that are not available on CD, as well as "Who needs love" (Little Big Bee remix) and "People at the top" (DJ Nori remix). The second 12" features "Where love shines" (Kyoto Jazz Massive remix), "Don't be a fool" (Toshio Matsuura remix), "Cada dia (day bay day)" (Yukihiro Fukutomi remix) and "Byrd plays" (DJ Mochizuki remix) while the third 12" features "Stone cold heart" (Soul Bossa Trio with Dazzle-T & Quicky remix), "Can't get you out of my head" (Brand New Heavis remix), "On the road (Part 2)" (Danny Krivit re-edit) and the Yukihiro Fukutomi dub version of "Cada dia (day by day)" that cannot be found on the CD.


November 2, 2003

Mark de Clive-Lowe featuring Abdul Shylloin "Relax... unwind" (MAW Records 12")

"Relax... unwind" is a soulful broken beat track with jazzy keys and smooth male vocals courtesy of Abdul Shyllon coming in both vocal and instrumental mixes. A welcome twist on MAW Records.


October 26, 2003

Peven Everett presents Billie Jewel "Kissing game" / "Puerto rico" (Kindred Spirits Records 12" Test Pressing)

Peven Everett is best known for his collaboration with Roy Davis Jr. on "Gabrielle". The two tracks here are taken from his forthcoming longplayer "Kissing game". They both feature new singer Billie Jewel as well as pcercussionist Larry Billups. Both "Kissing game" and "Puerto rico" are soulful productions with lots of percussion and smooth vocals that will appeal both to nu soul and house lovers alike.


September 21, 2003

Ursula Rucker "Release" / "Untitled flow" (!K7 Records 12")

A two track upfront release from the Ursula Rucker's forthcoming album. "Release" is produced by Lil Louie Vega and features background vocals by Raul Midon & Anane. It's a mellow track full of percussion courtsey of Luisito Quintero. The flip features the King Britt produced "Untitled flow".


August 31, 2003

Rima featuring Julie Dexter "Let it go" (JCR Records 12" Promo)

Titonton & Tejada's remix comes across in a powerful but peaceful mood with grooving beats, combined with eletric keys on a minimalistic tip. Rima deliver two mixes: a dub that is on am ore patient tip with warmer keys and a 'House Mix' with a bouncy beat and melodic keys.

Ben Mono "Plastik passion" (Compost Records 12" Promo)

"Plastik passion" is a broken beat track coming in two differnt versions to choose from: John Tejada gives it a techy edge while Landslide add some nice melodies with warm keys over a deeply bubbling groove. The flip features a drum'n'bass remix by Dharma One of "Suburban resident".

Steppah Huntah "Walk this step" (Compost Records 12" Promo)

"Walk this step" is an abstract broken beat track in its original version that gets remixed by Seji. He gives the track a melodic outfit with warm keys and deep grooving bass. The bonus cut "Earth" is on a more laidback broken beat tip.

Trüby Trio "A festa" / "Jaleo" Remixes)(Compost Records 12" Promo)

On "A festa", the Trüby Trio is combining bossa nova with drum'n'bass. "Jaleo" had been the first single from the current longplayer "Elevator music" and has been remixed for this 12". Cuica turn it into a tribalistic affair with few vocals, casual beeps and emphasized drums. Senor Coconut gives "Jaleo" some mambo moves.


August 17, 2003

Alison David "Dreams come true" (Goya Records 12" Promo)

After Alison David had been dropped by her former label, it was not clear if these mixes by Bugz in the Attic would ever come out. Gladly they do, as Bugz in the Attic deliver an epic rework featuring stunning beats coming in a broken vein. Both vocal and beats versions featured on this pressing.


July 27, 2003

Manzel "It's over now" (Dope Brother Records 12")

Masters at Work get their hands on this classic jazz-funky odyssey from Manzel. They freshen up things for 2003, coming complete with a dope dub and 'Keyapella', bringing you live drums with plenty of spaced out keys and funky elements.


June 22, 2003

Incognito "On the road" (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)(Ibadan Records 12" Promo)

Danny Krivit, the master of edits, with an incredible example here reworking this gem by UK jazz-funk icons Icognito.


June 8, 2003

Trüby Trio "Jaleo" / "Satisfaction" (Compost Records 12" Promo)

This 12" is a teaser for the forhtcoming longplayer "Elevator Music". "Jaleo" features Concha Buika on vocals who sings her heart out giving you a flamengo loaded track that also features a cajón played by Nacho Velasco. On "Satisfaction", the Trüby Trio is reminiscing of their favourite 80's artists who kept it soulful. It is a beat driven track with lots of nice keysboards creating a warm and soulful sound.

Joseph Malik "Remixed 2" (Compost Records 12" Promo)

This 12" features "Evil things" which is a modest acoustic guitar track, remixed here by Bobby Hughes delivering a laidback, down beat style version. Gavin 'Fudge Fingas' Sutherland goes for a r&b slow-jam turning out trippy in the end. Also featured is "I don't want", here in a Kenny MacLeod remix that takes the original jazzy ans soft drum & bass track to snappy house groove with an acoustic guitar loop, ending up in breakbeat action and deep bass.


June 1, 2003

Various "EPiology Vol. 1" (Sahara Records 12")

This EP combines different influences from west africa, funk, hip hop and breakbeat over the five tracks. Nomo delivers two tracks for the lovers of quality jazz-funk. T. Kolai teams up with Yuri for "I loe it", a laidback groover. "Never letting go " by Friends of Ibadan (aka Katsuya from Japan) features Mustafa Akbar on vocals over a mellow groove with warm keys. Finally T. Kolai delivers a broken beat production featuring flute and strings.


May 25. 2003

BB Boogie "Tell him" (Giant Step Records 12")

A remake of the Roy Ayers classic that is produced by Daz I Kue & Cliff Scott for Bugz in the Attic, "Tell him" features the vocal stylings of Andrea Clark and Twin Rems who are Dee, Miriam and Deena. It was first out in 2002 on Laws of Motion in the UK and comes here complete with remixes by other Bugz in the Attic members under the moniker Booty Bounce. It's all about the production here with lots of live instruments creating a perfect funked-up dancefloor tune.


May 4, 2003

Daniel Magg "Set for seizure" (Compost Records 12" Promo)

Former Worldless People member Daniel Magg presents "Set for seizure" which in its original verison is best described as techno soul, blending the soul voice of singer Alessandro with old school basslines, hard drums and synthetic chords. Anthony Nicholson, founder of Clairaudience Records, softens the song into a laidback and mellow groover with flutes twittering like birds. Spanish brothers Javi & Luis use delicate break beats for their 'Wagon Cookin Remix', to create a lost in space groover. Finally there is the Ennio Styles with a jazzy starting mix that metamorphoses into a harder, almost ambient style track.


April 20, 2003

Cassandra Wilson "Vodou EP Parts 1 + 2" (Spiritual Life Music Records 2x12" Promo)

The wait for this record must have been several years, often charted be the lucky few who got it in advance. Joe Claussell takes on the jazz legend Cassandra Wilson and delivers epic remixes that are full of his organic sounds.

Blaze featuring Amira "I think of you" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is the third single taken from the "Spiritually speaking" album. Beside the original album version, there are new remixes that keep the song on a midtempo vibe. Restless Soul deliver a funky boogie remix keeping it soulful while Redtop, a swedish producer, delivers an almoust retro-disco sounding mix.


March 14, 2003

WMC 2003 Preview: Natural Elements "Organic" (Elan Records Promo CD)

I was given this CD at last years Winter Music Conference. Behind Natural Elements are Robert Tillmann & Brent Talley who gave us "Soulis..." under the name The Right on Brothers last year. "Organic" is on a different tip with a mellow vibe, having a laidback feel to it.


February 23, 2003

Various "Playlist EP" (JCR Records 12")

Accompaning the first ever JCR label compilation, this 12" features strictly new material. There is "Forward", a taster of the forthcoming album by Rima who are Domu & Volcov, both famous broken beat producers. "In the pictures" by The Underwolves comes in an exclusive broken beat remix by Intega. Finally there is the Faze Action remix of "Better place" by Victor Davies that keeps the soul and spirit of the original alive while turning the song into a laidback club groover.


January 12, 2003

Slam Mode  "Alpha Outakes" (Spiritual Life Music Trax Records 2x10" Promo)

This limited edition 2x10" comes on clear vinyl and features a selection of deep and jazzy, mellow ambient and deep vocal house tracks, all on a spiritual tip.

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