The Reviews for 2003.

December 28, 2003

Mena Keys "Dizzy's delight" / "Playa San Juan" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")

A hot three tracker produced by George Mena that obviously is inspired by the great Dizzy Gillespie. "Dizzy's delight" is driven by a killer tumpet track that is backed by sublime rhodes and a rich bassline. "Playa San Juan" takes it to the more latin flavored side with a spanish guitar, organ hooks and percussion. "Dizzy's delight Part 2" is closing down, a smoothly pumped up and filtered take of the original. Two copies needed to work this in the club.

DJ Oji & Una "We lift our hands in the sanctuary" (Remixes)(SancSoul Records 12")

Yet again another remix you might think. But stop - this one is really, really worth being checked out as the song is given a total new vibe. DJ Pope reworks this gospel house anthem into a jazzed-out groover that is based on a broken beat and features an outstanding break that must have been recorded in church, and DJ Pope is the reverand alongside the wicked organ ride. Also included is the already legendary 'Original Friday Night Live Mix'.

Handcrafted featuring Kemdi "You've got it" (Coco Soul Records 12")

Coco Machete - known for their more 'twisted' sounds - launch their new label Coco Soul. The first release is a gorgeous female vocal track featuring the soulful voice of Kemdi over a bouncin' track added with a stompin' bass and jazzy flute and rhodes, creating a soulful and laidback vibe.

Jon Cutler featuring Luna "Alone" (Alix Alvarez Mixes)(Distant Music Records 12")

Alix Alvarez delivering some fresh mixes of this lovely tune. He keeps most parts of the original intact and adds some smooth string arrangement that harmonise perfectly with Luna's sweet vocal performance. The dub takes it to a more late-night vibe with its lush chords and guitar solo taking the the place of the vocal.

J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science featuring Omega "Rainfall" (OM Records 12")

The track of interest on this 12" is the Kaskade remix of "Rainfall" that keeps the instrumentation of the original intact. Based around phat beats, Kaskade's remix is a driving affair with a deeply storming groove and lovely instrumentation that has a melodic and warm feeling.

aFRO-mYSTIK "Follow me" / "Rhythm is?" (OM Records 12")

OM Records are taking us onto a deep ride with this two tracker. Marques Wyatt takes on "Rhythm is?" and gives it a warm feeling that is based on the deeply storming groove and jazzy keys. Fred Everything reworks "Follow me" and gives it such a heavily stomping beat that might be a real test for your sound system. Together with the sexy vocals and lovely guitar, the result is a stunning deep house remix.

Marlon D presents "Christ Factory EP" (Underground Collective Records 12")

Marlon D from the Underground Collective coming up with a hot two tracker featuring the perfect vibes for an underground set. "Afrika vs NYC" cleverly reworks the main hook and the "Africa" chants from the Tribal House classic "Motherland (Africa)" into a deeply storming track. "Straight out of the jungle" is a fierce track that is built around a deeply rumbling bassline and wicked guitar solo that are topped with a repeating vocal chant, creating an irresistible feel.

Louie Vega presents Anane "Nos vida" / "Mon amour" (Vega Records 12" Picture Disc)

This picture dis is a limited collectors item that has, unfortunately, not the best sound quality so hopefully there will be a 'normal' vinyl release coming soon. Featured are two tracks from Louie Vega's longplayer "Elements of life" in new versions. First is "Nos vida" that is remixed by the Master at Work themselves, a bossa-infused bomb featuring the soft and sultry vocals of Anane. The original that was on a mitdempo tip has been given an uptempo treatment with brazil-inspired beats and a carnival feel. The flip features the DJ Gregory remix of "Mon amor" that also features Anane on vocal. DJ Gregory takes the song deep into electro-disco territory, featuring his unmistakable sounds. Again,

Rain People featuring Marcus Begg "Trippin' on love" (Remixes)(Soulshine Records 12")

If you thought the original mixes were hot, then you gotta think again after you hear these Louis Benedetti remixes.They feature a genius piano line, and once the electric guitar kicks in, the track is taken to a whole new level. Marcus Begg's great vocal performance together with the powerful but smoothly bumping groove make this a winner.

Grant Nelson "Ethnicity Part III" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

Swing City will kick off 2004 with part III of the "Ethnicity" series, produced by Grant Nelson. This is definitely a jam for the underground with its stabbing organ riffs (don't they bring back memories of the Lil' Louis classic "French kiss"?) and shifting drums, all arranged around a broken up house beat and added with a couple of vocal chants. Overall, the track has a 'back in the day' feel, keeping it on a simple but effective.

Runner up: Deepswing featuring Donna Washington "Take me to the disco" (Generate Music Records 12" Promo)

Eric Wikman & James Donaldson aka Deespwing team up once more with singer Donna Washington for another smash. Their original mix is driven by massive drums and a smooth but peak time sample that serve as playground for Donna Washington's soaring soulful voice. Hardsoul deliver a truly hot remix full of soul, with a disco-house feel that is created by old school house chords and both funky bass and guitar as well as electro keys. An acapella is included to.

Bobby & Steve featuring Overjoyd "Welcome to the real world" (Zoo Groove Records 12"9

"Welcome to the real world" is an uplifting, feel good garage production by Bobby & Steve with gospelish vocals courtesy of Overjoyd & Brian Chambers over a smooth groove that is added with a funky bass guitar.

Niko "Love and music" (Elan Rouge Records 12" Test Pressing)

The original production is a stomping affair with filtered effects and disco-elements, available in club and dub versions. Joey Musaphia comes up with a peak-time reworking that removes the disco elements and instead features catchy keys and cool guitar riff over a drving beat.


December 21, 2003

Soul Fuzion featuring Vee "I got rhythm" (DopeWax Records 12" Promo)

This is the first track taken from Kenny Dope's forthcoming longplayer. "I got rhythm" comes with a storming and hard hitting broken beat that is topped with warm and melodic keys and Vee's sweet vocals.

Runner up: Markus Enochson featuring Jocelyn Matheieu "Feelin' fine" (Frankie Feliciano Remix)(MAW Records 12" Promo)

The maestro of soul-drenched house turns out a wonderful remix of the summer smash "Feelin' fine". Frankie Feliciano uses subtle instrumentation including warm keys, lush athmospheric strings and a delicate latin beat to create a melodic and laidback vibe, that compliments perfectly with Jocelyn Matheieu's emotive vocal.

Various "Dimitri from Paris in the House Sampler" (Defected/ITH Records 12" Promo)

This is a limited edition sampler from the forthcoming "Dimitri from Paris in the House" compilation. It features exclusive new Dimitri from Paris edits of "Any love" by Rufus & Chaka Khan, "I love music" by The O'Jays and "New dance beat" by Lil Louis.

Larry Heard "Loosefingers EP" (Alleviated Music Records 12")

Larry Heard re-introduces his Loosefingers moniker that he used before bcoming Mr. Fingers back in the mid 80's. Three tracks to choose from: the soothing mid-tempo cut "Glancing at the moon" that is followed by the raw Chicago houser "Lamentation". "Deep inside" is a smooth and jazzy song with Larry Heard on vocals and a lovely guitar.

Roy Davis Jr. featuring Ayro "I know what your thinking" (Ubiquity Records 12")

Ubiquity are presenting a sublime slice of soulful house courtesy of Roy Davis who teams up with Ayro who supplies the vocals. The track features a muted trumped line, a funky groove with crisp beats and a jazzy rhodes in the background.

Goapele "Closer" (LoveSlap! Records 12")

LoveSlap licensed this track from Skyblaze and bring us a hot set of rmeixes. Charles Spencer & Miss Spank turn out a chunky late night gem with sublime piano line and warm bassline on the 'Loveslap Remix'. The 'Loveslap Gets Closer' rework is all about the a wonderful rhodes line, used together with a funky bassline. The flip features Charles Spencer's '4am Dub' jacks up the beats with a reworked bassline groove and added synths. Finally, the 'Deep Soul Mix' stays close to the original with just a few minor changes.

Moments of Soul "Celebrate life" (Wave Records 12")

This 12" is a teaser for the forthcoming longplayer (due out spring 2004) of Moments of Soul aka Kalim Shabazz & Nick Jones. Princess is the featured vocalist on this catchy and uplifting production that features a lovely guitar over a smoothly bumping groove. Also included is the bonus song "Falling".

Mr. Mike "Let's do it again" (Peppermint Jam Records 12")

Originating back to 1998, "Let's do it again" finally drops on vinyl. The original still sounds fresh with it's latin driven beat, being a real stomper. Both Torso and Jazz'N'Groove deliver hot new mixes, with the Jazz'N'Groove remix already being from 1999 (this mix was released on a strictly limited 10" test pressing).

DJ Mark Farina with Kaskade "To do" (OM Records 12")

"To do" is a groovy mid-tempo affair with some nice chords, jazzy saxophone and floating vocals. Both Derrick Carter and Kaskade step up with more uptempo mixes, showcasing their unique sound. Also included is the bonus song "Dream machine" featuring Sean Hayes, coming on a downtempo tip.

Markus Enochson & E-Man "I am the road" (Bugz in the Attic Remix)(MAW Records 12")

Masters at Work have hopped onto the broken beat bandwagon with this Bugz in the Attic remixes of "I am the road". Featuring cut-up beats and bumping acidic basslines, the track turns out it funky flavour.

DJ Gregory "Don't know malendro" / "Vasefa" (Faya Combo Records 12")

"Don't know malendro" has been around for a while now on limited one-sided 12", now this discofied monster tune got a full release with the brand new track "Vasefa" on the flip that is quality DJ Gregory style music with slamming beats, drums,  effects and vocal snippets.


December 14, 2003

Kaleidescope "Love is all" (Seasons Records 12")

Behind "Love is all" are JT Donaldson and Damon Bell who provides moody spoken lyrics over the late night deepness that is producec by JT. The bonus track "Hollow body blues" is on a jazzier vibe.

Deborah Bond "Givin up" / A.S.E "Tango ya ba wendo" (Sahara Records 12")

Two different tracks are featured on this 12". First of is "Givin up", a sultry r&b downtempo number in its original version that gets remixed by Stevie G who is funking it up with some deep basslines grooves and added percussion. On the flip is the mellow tune "Tango ya ba wendo", an african-flavored chiller with some superb guitar licks.

Various "EPiology Vol. 2" (Sahara Records 12")

Volume two in this series brings us another EP of new tracks and unreleased mixes. The highlight is "Take it back" that features a rap by Krayola over the music produced by T-Kolai that is on a stompin' disco tip with a deep funky bassline. Also included are a new version of "Kenji kuan" and various bongo and drum tracks on the flip side.

Elevators "Brazilica" (Tribal Winds Records 12")

Elevators' "Brazilica" gets new life in form of this new mixes. Antonio Ocasio delivers a layered latin pleaser that features a jazzy vibes play along with subtle percussions, funky bassline, organ riff and lovely flute solo. Deep Orchestra come up with a more 70's funky approach on their take, giving the organ line more place to evolve.

Runner up: DJ Pope presents "Trax from the Vatican IV" (TrackMode Records 12")

Baltimore's DJ Pope is unleashing some truly hot tracks on this fourth part of his "Trax from the Vatican" series. "Running wild" leasd in with blazing bongos and a solid bassline, the track steering directly on a latin course, guided by a superb guitar lick. The flip features the 'Guitar Percussion' version of it, with the majority of the original is stripped away, leaving it to the guitar and percussion to work it out. "Code Red Groove" is another latin-tinged track with plenty of great chords that go along with a rich bassline.

Monkey Brothers "Invisible" (Papa Records 12")

"Invisible" is another superb production from the Restless Soul camp, coming with an early 80's rare groove feel with chunky beats and Vanessa Freeman and Rikki Collins soulful vocals. Jon Cutler gives it a deeper, US garage feel on this re-work.

Copyright featuring Shovell "Bulo" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

Sam & Gavin aka Copyright come up with a twist on their lastest production "Bulo". It is full of african beats and comes with the vocal debut from Shovel, former M-People percussionist. The flip has the 'Afro Disco Mix' that adds some disco-ish elements to the african style vocals. Both mixes have a funky edge to them.

Various "Soul Sounds 2" (Bootlegg 12")

No info who his behind this second volume of "Soul Sounds", I don't even know the titles of the two included songs. Both sound somehow similar since they use almost pretty identical keys with different vocals over a driving beat.

Various "UBP Vault Sessions" (12" White Label)

What a clever move for SoulFuric to go to their vault, choose a few unreleased gems and put them out on white label. First off is "Nice n tight" by Puzique, a track that brings back the vibes of disco with up-to-date beats and effects. With a real funky flava, this one is set to turn the dancefloor on fire. Then there is the unreleased Jask dub mix of "Deliver me" by UBP featuring Michael Procter that is much more powerful than his vocal version.

Mary J Blige "No more drama" (Mauric Joshua Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

Already featured here early last year when it was on CD-R only, now there are some vinyls doing rounds. This is your chance to pick this oustanding Maurice Joshua remix up. The flip features a dub version that is on a more underground tip.


December 7, 2003

Runner up: Masters at Work featuring India "To be in love" (Knee Deep Remix)(Defected Records 12" Promo)

Knee Deep come up with hot new mixes of this classic that is on a totally different vibe compared to all the other mixes available as of yet. Laminar keys over a smoothly stompin' groove, added with a jazzy piano in the background, are the playground where India's powerful but sweet vocals come to full effect. With both jazzy flute and xylophone added, this mixes are not to be missed.

Crystal Waters "Gypsy woman" (Dimitri from Paris Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

This Dimitri from Paris remix is the most soulful dance version of "Gypsy woman" ever with touch of jazz in it thanks to the lovely trumpet and bouncey beat.

Daniell Spencer & Funky Transport featuring Downtown "Butterfly" (Osunlade Remix)(Chez Records 12")

Osunlade providing a rock solid set of remixes based on broken beats, melodic chords and Downtown's sultry vocals. All of this is combined with a fuzzy synth line and deeply bubbling bassline. There is an instrumental version on the flip that brings out the full beauty of this deep groover.

Phlash 3000 featuring Rich Medina "Chaos in the boardroom" (Estereo Records 12")

Phlash 3000 are Phil Asher, Rich Medina & Mark de Clive-Lowe. They come up with a nearly 12 minute long production that features Rich Medina on vocals, together with the sublime keyboard work of Mark de Clivw-Lowe, creating a straight forward and hypnotic house groove.

Jamsteady Volume 5 (Bootlegg 12")

Out for a few weeks now, it is time to turn your attention to it. David Harness takes on Aaliyah's "Miss you" and delivers a soulfully bumpin' rework while Floetry's "Say yes" comes with jazzy mellow keys over a percussion driven, fierce beat.

Duron Tarik & Intense "I am" (83 West Records 12")

Duron Tarik & Intense team up with vocalist Anthony Flanagan here. "I am" is an uplifting garage production with a percussive groove topped with Anthony's sweet voice giving it a soulful feeling, not to forget to mention the lovely guitar that is included. The flip features a bass driven, tougher version with extra keys.

Exlcusive: Ursula Rucker "Release" (RedSoul Re-Edit)(CD-R)

RedSoul is back after his stunning remix of "Frontin'" with another winner. This time, he takes on the 'Little' Louie Vega produced "Release" by Ursula Rucker and does a fierce re-edit that comes complete with a thumpin' groove.

Mini Coola presents "Space jam" (DuffNote Records 12")

With Richard Earnshaw involved in this project, you know it is gonna be a quality production with melodic sounds. Deep bubbling bass, warm keys and female vocals can be found here. Richard himself delivers the house version while Eddie Hernandez delivers a broken beat version.

Audiolife featuring LT Brown vs Groove Junkies "Spend the night" (WhiteLabel Group Records 12")

"Spend the night" is an uplifting production by the Groove Junkies with a pumpin' groove, deep rumbling bass and melodic keys that features singer LT Brown.


November 30, 2003

Exclusive Review: Ashanti "Ooh baby" (The Acetate Mix)(CD-R)

Phil Remy & William 'BigWill' Gantt come up with a nicely done remix of Ashanti's "Ooh baby" giving it a definite old-school touch. They use the  sounds from the classic "Stomp" by Kyze together with philly-style percussions to create a fierce, deeply stomping rework of the r&b original.

Runner up: Colonel Abrams "Music is the answer" (2003 Remix)(... Records 12")

This almost 20 years old classic (it dates back to 1984) is back with brand new mixes that keep the magic of the beats and keys from the original alive by just subtly updating it. The dub version is having a more underground vibe to it by just using the male background vocals.

Lathun featuring India Arie "When love came in" (Fall Out Records 12")

Quentin 'EPOD' Harris is presenting another one of his soulful reworkings, creating a warm and organic vibe that features a percussive, soulful wiggling house beat together with a wonderful piano solo on a jazzy tip.

DJ Oji presents Sande "Happiness" (POJI Records 12")

DJ Oji returns with a live instrumented production that features a gospel vocal performance by Sande and jazzy saxophone solo over a percussion driven beat this added with a deep bass guitar and melodic keys. The dub on the flip is on a pumpin' tip featuring parts of the classic "Once in a lifetime".

Underground Dance Artists United for Life featuirng Joi Cardwell "Be yourself " (KingStreet Records 12" Promo)

"Be yourself" takes on where "Elevation" left. It is one of thos magic Blaze productions with a timeless vibe created by the wonderful instrumentation including a smoothly groovin' beat, warm meldodic keys, those magnificent background vocals Blaze are known for and of course Joi Cardwell's sweet and sexy voice.

Michelle Weeks & Dawn Tallmann "Joyfull noise" (Remixes)(Equal Records 12")

One of my favorite tunes of the year is back in form of these hot remixes. 7th District add a thumpin' groove and extra keys to the original vibes. DJ Auguy gives the song a more laidback feeling with extra bass guitar and piano. DJ Pope delivers a truly soulful mix with a smooth beat, melodic keys and wonderful guitar, featured here in its instrumental version. Also included is the accapella.

Jay-J featuring Alexander East "Higher ground" (LoveSlap Records 12")

Jay-J teams up with Alexander East for a production that comes with a thick bassline, funky guitar, spacey keys and Alexander's soulful vocals. Not to forget the great organ that is present too. The flip of this 12" features chunkier mixes by Movido with edgy synths.

Kaskade "Soundtrack to the soul" (OM Records 12")

OM Records drop a hot release from Kaskade that features a scintillating vocal appereance by Anthony Green. "Soundtrack to the soul" features an amazing acoustic guitar part, toegether with warm keys and pounding beats.

Outkast "The way you move" (Kaskade Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

Kaskade giving the Outkast's smash hit "The way you move" a new life on the dancefloors with stompin', stripped-down beats, big bass and plenty of the original elements.

Pharell & Jay-Z "Frontin'" (Redsoul Edit)(Bootlegg 12")

One of my favorite r&b cuts getting the house remix treatment by RedSoul. It is simply a great take on this stunning r&b smash hit with a storming beat and wicked keys, that keeps many parts of the original like alive.


November 23, 2003

Infinity featuring Malik "Back 2 Chigaco" (King Street Records 12")

"Back 2 Chicago" is produced by Roy Davis Jr. together with Malik who bring us a deep and soulful groover with a powerful vocal that brings back the memories of older Roy Davis Jr. releases. The track features a lovely flute, soft percussion and a rhodes solo. Two mixes to choose from, one being on a deep house tip, the other one coming with a broken beat.

Abicah Soul meets G.U. "Esta hermosa cancion" / Gene Hunt "I live" (Moods'N'Grooves Records 12")

This 12" features two so far unreleased mixes of previous Moods'N'Grooves releases. First off is the 'Flute Mix' of "Esta hermosa cancion" by Abical Soul meets Glenn Underground. The flip features a dub version of "I live" by Gene Hunt featuring Cei Bei & the Funk Farmacist.

Owusu & Green "Nevermore" (Naked Music Records 12")

Owusu & Green are from Copenhangen/Denmark and present their first release on Naked Music. Philip Owusu provides a silky smooth vocal over the music produced by Allan Green. The original is a chicago-infused slice of rhythem heaven. A set of different remixes are featured including an electro-tinged version by Andy Caldwell, a dub-savvy offering from Triangle Orchestra and a stripped down 80's treatment by DJ T.

Julius Papp "Freed" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

San Francisco producer Julius Papp is back with a deep track coming in four variations, ranging from the afterhours side of things to the more peak hour orientated sounds. All versions feature a strong bass, tight percussion and jazzy sax work.

Natalie Cole "Tell me all about it" (Bootlegg 12")

Being sold as "Alan Smithee in Blue Blackness", this is in fact a bootlegg version of the Natalie Cole classic "Tell me all about it". These new versions are on a mellow tip with a deeply subbling groove added with strings, jazzy piano and melodic keys, creating a warm feeling. Already a favorite a New York's club Shelter, you know why when you listen to it...

Stacy Kidd featuring Byron Stingley "Where did it go" (KenLou Records 12" Test Pressing)

Stacy Kidd with a surprisingly different track from his recent works coming with a groovy vibe that is driven by a wonderful guitar and Byron Stingley's voice over a percussion driven groove. The dub version is on a more laidback vibe and features an additional piano that gives the song a more jazzy feel. Finally there is a percussion-loaded beat tool.

Mama Razzi "Show me love" (Remixes)(SuSu Records 12" Promo)

Two more mixes of "Show me love" by Groovefinder and Richard Earnshaw can be found on this 12". Both mixes keep the soulful vibe of the original procution and the lovely instrumentation to create a laidback vibe.

Kathy Brown "Never again" (Defectd Records 12" Promo)

Copyright deliver a hot mix package for Kathy Brown's latest offering featuring funky bass, jazzy saxophone and sublime keys, the result being an uplifting house track to dance to.

Teddy 'Q' Zamara featuring Angel "Alive" / "Union city blues" (CleanCut Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Alive" is an uplifting feel-good track with a fierce groove with sweet vocals, guitar lick and lovely xylophone solo, creating a driving feeling your feet will be moving to for sure. Andy Ward supplies a very workable dub to it. "Union city blues" takes it to the underground with a deeper vibe including an organ solo and moody keys over a storming beat.

11AM "Give it up" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

11AM are from the UK and present a sublime and soulful tune with four mixes to choose from. The original mixes by 11AM - vocal and sax driven dub - come on a smooth vibe with lush strings and bad bassline. The flip features tougher but still soulful mixes by Sean McCabe providing a prime-time dub and Southern Divide provide a vocal version.


November 16, 2003

Glenn Underground and DJ Pap featuring Naked Soul "A walk in Ituri" (L'Amour Records 12")

"A walk in Ituri" is a sweet and sexy production that features the absolutely astonishing piano skiils of Glenn Underground. What you get is a piece of music that will take you into dreamland with its sexy and mellow vibe.

Malena "Vida Mia" (MettleTrax Records 12")

"Vida mia" is produced by Kid Costa & Dank Funk aka Southpaw Productions and features the sublime latin vocals by Malena. The track includes funky guitar, flute and rhodes over a percussively bumpin' groove. Faze Action turn it into a jazzy broken beat groover while the 'M Trax Dub' is on a techy tip.

Donnie "Rocketship" (Quentin Harris Remix)(GiantStep/Motown Records 12" Promo)

After his "Cloud 9" remix, Quentin Harris once more delivers an outstanding remix featuirng his own mellow vibe that is created of  jazzy keys and a laidback groove that here comes on a percussive tip. The resulting is a melodic vibe taking you on a journey into soulful sounds.

Dihann Moore "True to yourself" (Slaag Records 12")

Slaag come up with another sure shot winner after the slammin' "Spirit of the dance" by Carlos Sanchez Movement III featuring Lorenzo Tyler. First off is the Big Moses remix that features live guitars performed by Agbola over a smoothly bumpin groove with warm keys, creating a laidback feeling. Ron Carroll uses a deeply storming beat that is topped with both jazzy and techy keys while Dihann herself delivers a soulful mix that is driven by a funky guitar.

Duron Tarik featuring Children Speak "Not over" (Space Kat Records 12")

"Not over" is produced by Duron Tarik and features a five piece gospel choir over a true garage backing that is smooth as it can get with jazzy keys and trumpet, creating an emotional ride into the soulful grounds of house music.

James Ingram & Patti Austin "Come to me" (Jay-J Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

Jay-J takes on the 1983 classic written by Rod Temperton and gives it modern outfit with a smoothly bumpin' house groove that is layed under the original instrumentation, this way bringing the original feeling to full effect.

Arnold Jarvis "Love of my life" (WestEnd Records 12")

Arnold Jarvis teams up with the Basement Boys for "Love of my life" for a song about hope and happiness that will lift your spirits and keep you dancin'. The Basement Boys deliver a beauty in form of the smooth stompin' beat that is topped with melodic keys and Arnold Jarvis' heartbreaking vocal performance.

Groove Junkies "Midnight" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

Evan Landes & Parrish Wintersmith aka Groove Junkies can't be stopped at the moment as they unleash another dancefloor shaker. "Midnight" is built around a groovy beat with irresistible keys that creates an uplifting feeling that will make your feet dance. Towards the end, a jazzy piano comew in that will drive you crazy. An alternate version that is on a more pumpin' tip is also included.

Colonel Red & Ian Wallmann "Feels good" (Smokin' Beats Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Feels good" keeps the promise the title makes. It certainly will make you feel relaxed when you listen and dance to it thanks to the lovely instrumentation that includes male vocals and catchy keys over a driving groove that is enhanced by a deep bassline. Also included is the 'Funk Club Mix' which adds a bumpy beat and funky edge to the song.

Mama Razzi "Show me love" (SuSu Records 12" Promo)

SuSu are on a winning streak that they continue with this soulful production courtesy of Richard Earnshaw that comes complete with female vocals, lovely strings, jazzy piano and lovely guitar over a bubbling house groove that has got a warm feeling.

Axwell featuring Nevada "Wait a minute" (DeVice Records 12" Test Pressing)

This must be described as an absolutely massive record that will destroy the dancefloors with its irresistible feeling created by the fierce and driving groove that are topped with an oustanding performance by Nevada and a wicked guitar riff. The dub takes it even one step further with extra keys, giving it a peak-hour vibe.

Teddy Pendergress "U can't hide" (Smokin' Beats Remix)(White Label 12")

Neil & Paul take on the Teddy Pendergress classic "U can't hide" and deliver a stompin' house remix that is based around the infamous bassline. Only a few of the vocals are used in form of snippets.

M-Gee "Can't let go" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

M-Gee aka Grant Nelson & Matt 'Asmodeus' Schwartz are back with a brand new dancefloor fury."Can't let go" has heavy disco influences, a killer bassline and cool vocal hook. Together with the clever breakdowns and catchy keys this one will set the dancefloor on fire.


November 9, 2003

Runner up/Exclusive Preview: Kenny Carvajal featuring John Pierce "My words" (Phuture Sole Records CD Promo)

Phuture Sole has become a label not to be missed with just two releases out. With this, their soon to drop third release, they strengthen this position. "My words" is an uplifting song with a laidback vibe that features the soulful voice of John Pierce over a bumpin' groove that is surrounded by a warm instrumentation featuring an absolutely marvellous rhodes solo by Rick Gehrenbeck. Man of the moment Quentin Harris gives the song an even more laidback vibe with added percussion and a smoother beat, turning out a warm and mellow feeling.

Runner up/Exclusive Preview: Joe Davis "My house is full of soul" (Bumpin' City Records 12" Test Pressing)

If you're looking for soulful dance music with a timeless touch... your search ends here. "My house is full of soul" by Joe Davis is a top notch production featuring marvellous vocals and warm, melodic keys over a deep and soulful bumpin' groove.

A.S.E "Bongo "(Sahara Records 12")

A.S.E come up with a quality afro-funk groove that features lots of moog and electric keyboards, coupled with raw jazz saxophone work. Lots of spiritual vibes in, the instrumentation includes keen piano stabs, percussion, pretty strings and an outstanding bassline. T. Kolai provide a couple of hot remixes.

Wagon Cookin' "Mar" (Remixes Part 2)(Appetizers Records 2x12" Promo)

'Little' Louie Vega & Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales with a hot remix for Wagon Cookin'. They take "Mar" to a whole new level on their mixes by keeping the latin vibe and combining it with jazzy vibes and a deep bubbling groove. Frankie Feliciano provides a wonderful synth solo.

Joe Flame presents D.C. Washington "Never be the same" (SoulShine Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Never be the same" is a New Jersey flava garage tune produced by Joe Davis and vocalist D.C. Washington in its original version. Louis Benedetti provides the remixes that feature his polished soulful signature.

Ivan Iacobucci featuring Black Shampu "I'm leavin'" (King Street Records 12")

Italy's Ivan Iacobucci for once with a release on a US label. Featuring vocalist Black Shampu, "I'm leavin'" is a soulful contender on a percussive tip featuring a jazzy flute and warm keys together with a funky bass.

The 12:01 AM Project "Ain't no doubt" / "Look around" (Paradax Records 12" Test Pressing)

First off is "Ain't no doubt" which is produded by Soulato and features Wayne Howard on vocals over a stompin' beat that is added with jazzy keys and a truly deep bassline. The flip side holds "Look around", a production courtesy of Paul Zazaddze on a laidback tip with warm and melodic instrumenation including atmospheric elements.


November 2, 2003

Runner up: Mark John featuring Simon Grey "You give me everything" (Look-At-You Records 12" Test Pressing)

"You give me everything" is a strong vocal production by Mark John  that features a fierce groove with a deep bubbling bass, jazzy piano and lush keys that are topped by Simon Grey's powerful voice. The Pound Boys deliver piano driven remixes with a stompin' beat and funky guitar.

Georg Levin "In your car" (DJ Spinna Mix)(Sonar Kollektiv Records 12")

Almost overlooked by yours truly... but finally here it is. DJ Spinna with a soulful remix featuirng rohdes, triton bass and spheric keys over a bumpy house beat with an overall laidback feeling. Steffen 'Dixon' Berkhahn delivers an edited version of it as he does on the bonus track "You know what you want but you won't get it".

Tony Glenn "I just wanna dance" (New Generation Records 12")

New Jersey's New Generation Records - currently celebrating their ten years anniversary - with another soulful garage production courtesy of Tony Glenn who provides all of the lovely instrumentation himself. Big Moses' dub mix comes with melodic keys over a thumpin' groove while Todd Gardner goes for a tougher but still soulful vibe on his take.

Jay-J featuring Latrice Barnett "Fantasy" (Large Records 12")

Jay-J once again teams up with singer Latrice Barnett for a deep vocal house cut that features a lovely funky guitar and electro-style bassline. The 'Fantasy Dub' turns out the funky vibe of it while the 'Guitar Dub' is on a chilled out tip.

DJ Jorj featuring Simon Grey "Brazil horns" (Remixes)(Distant Music Records 12")

New mixes of this dancefloor shaker courtesy of Danny Krivit who does what he does best by delivering a hot re-edit of the original and Joeski who gives it a smooth tribalistic feel.

Homecookin' featuring Andrea Clarke "Do what you wanna" (Richard Earnshaw Remixes)(SoulFuric Records 12" Test Pressing)

Originally released on Scottland's Sole Music, it is back for more action with brand new remixes by Richard Earnshaw who turns out a set of soulful mixes. On the vocal mix, he showcases the sweet vocals of Andrea Clark while on the dub he takes the soaring synth lines to create a peak time affair. Also included are instrumental and acapella versions.

Sile "People let me down" (Look-At-You Records 12" Test Pressing)

Sile's 'Camouflage Mix' is a on an underground tip with acidic elements and strings over a minimalistic beat. Richard Earnshaw gives it a soulful and sweet feeling on his 'Main Mix' with melodic keys over a bumpy groove. On his 'Vocal Dub',  he replaces parts of the keys with elements from the 'Camouflage Mix'.

Julius Papp "Gotta keep movin'" / "Drum de Voodoo (Part 4)" (NeoDisco Records 12" Test Pressing)

Hot off the heels of the first release on NeoDisco, Julius Papp returns with a hot two tracker. "Gotta keep movin'" is a slick vocal cut featuring D'Layna and funky synths over a bumpin' groove. The flip side features the 4th installment of the "Drum de Voodoo" series that sees the track on a trbal percussive journey with spheric keys.

Next Evidence "The one" (Faya Combo Records 12")

After the still massive "Elle" by DJ Gregory, Faya Combo come up with "The one" by Next Evidence. It is an electro house track based around a stomping beat that is added with female vocals and wicked keys that create an irresistible atmosphear.

Ashanti "Rock with U (Awww Baby)" (Pound Boys Mixes)(Murder Inc. Records 2x12")

A double 12" with a disc one that can be forgotten since it features remixes by Armand van Helden that are on a hard, acid tip. The second disc features mixes by the Pounds. Their 'Club Mix' comes with a techy keys and a funky flava over a stompin' groove. They also provide a smoothly thumpin' mid tempo groover and an acappella version. Finally there is an old school take by JunkYard Dog giving the song an 80's touch.


October 26, 2003

Runner up: Joey Musaphia featuring Rita Campbell "Love will find a way" (Pound Boys Mixes)(Refunkt Records 12" Test Pressing)
Runner up: Joey Musaphia featuring Rita Campbell "Love will find a way" (Joey Muspahia Mixes)(Refunkt Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Love will find a way" which is produced by Joey Musaphia is sure shot winner for his Refunkt imprint and comes  in form of two 12". Both Joey himself and the Pound Boys deliver slamming mixes that are guaranteed to rock the dancefloor with their powerful and driving vibe. The Pound Boys add a wicked funky flava to it that comes to full effect on their dub version while Joey gives it a more melodic touch.

Runner up: Nu Life feat Kenny Bobien "My joy" (Ricanstruction Records CD Promo)

What a way for Frankie Feliciano to start his own label Ricanstruction Records. "My joy" features the unmistakable voice of Kenny Bobien who delivers an oustanding performance over a groove that has all of Frankie's trademarks written over it: both smooth and fierce at the same time with a wonderful instrumentation, creating a warm and laidback vibe.

Exclusive: Imbrya "Passion" (CD-R)

DJ Stacey and DJ Pope are behind this hot production that features the sweet and sexy voice of Imbrya. The 'Main Mix' of "Passion" is based around a deep rumbling beat that is added with a wicked organ ride and irresistible keys that create an almost hypnotic vibe. Alternatively, there is the 'Piano Mix' where the organ is replaced by a jazzy piano.

Blvd. East featuring KT Brooks "It's your life" (SoulShine Records 12" Test Pressing)

Blvd. East and KT Brooks team up for a soulful house tune with a deep rumbling groove, added with melodic keys and KT Brooks stunning voice. JoVonn add his production skill to it. The flip features a tougher dub by Jeremias Santiago.

Nathan Haines featuring Lyric L "Doot dude" (ChilliFunk Records 12")

Ashley Beedle with a strong remix that features lovely strings in addition to the original instrumentation including soprano sax, flute and soft synth, not to forget to mention the spoken lyrics by Lyric L. Everything is beautifully layed over a deeply grooving backing track.

Soul Central present Christopher Hall "My vow" (KenLou Records 12")

Originally just an instrumental track titled "Song for sharma", producers Andy Ward & Paul Timothy did a full vocal version featuring Christopher Hall that has been picked up by MAW Records. "My vow" is a jazzy, smooth guitar influenced groove with full vocal harmonies around engaging rhyhtms, topped with warm keys and delicate guitar hooks. Gladly the original "Song for sharma" is included on the flip side.

Sara Devine "Take me home" (12" Promo)

This simply has to be described as an awesome remix by the Masters at Work, among the best they've done in a while. Sara Devine's powerful r&b like vocal performance harmonies perfectly with the soulful bumpin' groove that is flanked by warm keys.

Mankz "En la piscina" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

Swedisch DJ and producer Mankz makes his debut on Swing City with "En la piscina" that brings tropical heat to the dancefloor. It is a sexy spoken voice work-out over a melodic latin musical backdrop with crisp drum attacks and acoustic guitar.

Keith Thompson "I found lovin" (Hysteria Records 12" Promo)

Keith Thompson is back with a cover version of a song that has been covered many times before. This take here pays respect to the original with Keith's powerful vocals and the catchy keys and guitar hook that together with the bumpin' beat create an irresistible vibe.

Rhythm is Rhythm "Strings of life" (Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

This all-time Chicago house classic gets revamped in a brilliant way, featuring an absolutely wicked jazz piano solo in addition to a funky groove.

Ashanti "Aww baby" / Eddie Kendricks "Its no t what you got" (Bootlegg 12")

The a-side features two house versions of Ashanti's "Aww baby" that take the song on a nice deep house ride. The b-side features a reworked version of the Eddie Kendricks classic "Its not what you got" that is on a deeply stomping funky tip.

Mr. Fingers "What about this love" (MAW Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")

Here we go with another bootlegg... it features Masters at Work mixes of the legendary Mr. Fingers production "What about his love".

Earth Wind & Fire "Runnin'" (Benji Candelario Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")
Stevie Wonder "I can't stand for it" (Benji Candelario Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")

Benji Candelario on the rework of two classics. First his takes on the Earth Wind & Fire's "Runnin" which was releaed on their "All'n all" album back in 1977. Then he takes on Stevie Wonder's I can't stand for it" which came out in 1980 on the album "Hotter than july". Both tracks have been given a stompin' house update that keeps the vibe and feel of the original alive.

32 Project "The root of the world" / "Summon" (Ibadan Records 12")

Hiroshi Watanabe is back with another release for Ibadan Records. Two track can be found on this 12". "The root of the world" comes with ambient-ish keys and jazzy piano over a deeply stomping beat. "Summon" is on a percussive tip with both warm and spheric keys that create an afterhours vibe.


October 19, 2003

Runner up: Pepe Bradock & Michelle Weeks "Distorted echoes" (KIF Records 12")

Pepe Bradock with a stunning rework of the Greg Gaulthier & Tony L produced "Movin' on" creating a completely new vibe that is based on wicked drums and keys, and of course the marvellous voice of Michelle Weeks.

Maxwell "No one" / Machine "Is it love" (K.Asia Re-Edit)(FallOut Records 12" Bootlegg)

FallOut are known for releasing soulful house reworkings of r&b songs. This time, they bring us re-edits of two Shelter anthems: Maxwell's "No one" and "Is it love" by Machine which originally got released back in 1980.

Downtown Brooklyn Inc. "10 Jay Street" (Ibadan Records 12" Promo)

Ibadan Records with more spiritual madness for the dancefloor. The a-side is produced by Jerome Sydenham and features the "Extended Mix" that makes use of a laidback percussive groove topped with jazzy keys, flute and spheric keys. The b-side features the "610 Dub" courtesy of Spencer & Filipsson is on a moody tip with warm acidic-ish keys and deeply storming beats.

Floetry "Getting late" (DFA Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

The DFA boys present another soulful take of a r&b song. They give us a dose of laidback vibes with a lovely instrumentation including a jazzy guitar and melodic keys over a bumpy house groove, that harmonice perfectly with the sweet vocals by Floetry.

AlphaMotive "The light" (Wave Records 12")

Featuring the vocals from Dina Richardson, "The light" is a deep groover with subtle synth stabs, trumpet, funky percussion and delicious bassline in its original version. The 'Comin Up Funk Vocal Mix' is much funkier, the beats are tougher, some vocal parts are stripped away to make place for a tumping kickdrum. The 'Apex House Mix' is is on a dubier tip with a more progressive attitude.

Barbara Walker "Saved me" (SoulShine Records 12")

Louis Benedetti turns out two very strong mixes on "Saved me" featuring subtle percussions, a fat bassline and great bass arrangements that are topped with organ chords and a lovely sax. There is a full vocal version where Barbara Walker's powerful voice turns this into a wonderful peaktime tune. The flip features a stripped down dub without the vocals where the beats and bassline do the talking together with the sax and organ chords.

Cee Rule "Can you feel it" (Bumpin' City Records 12")

This one-sided 12" features two hot mixes of "Can you feel it", produced by Cee Rule. Not much needs to be said about it beside that it is lovely house track with jazzy instrumentation over a bumpy groove that will keep your feet moving.

Morten Trust "Love has come around" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

Donald Byrd's timeless 1981 classic "Love has come around" is taken to the dancefloors by this cover version produced by Morten Trust vom Denmark. Morten turns "Love has come around" into a pumpin' soulful bliss featuring both a jazzy trumpet and a deep, funky bassline. The Groove Junkies deliver a hot reworking of it.

Orange Muse "Keep the funk alive" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

Hailing from Sweden, Orange Muse bring this deep workout featuring spoken words, rhodes and a strong bassline. Jazz'N'Groove add their trademark production skills to it with handclaps and congas while the Soul Avengerz a pumpin' prime time mix that enhances the original elements to the maximum.

Gadjo "So many times" (MuschiTunes Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Besame mucho" by Gadjo was one of last years summer anthems. Now Gadjo return with a strong follow up. "So many times" is a full vocal production featuring a latin-piano with the original mixes creating a hypnotic feel, especially the dub that comes with an irresistible guitarpella breakdown in the middle. Deep T gives it a more off-beat twist while DJ Nielson adds some old-school electro elements.

Subman featuring Rocca "To the stars" (MuschiTunes Records 12" Test Pressing)

"To the stars" is an almost soundtrack-like production in its original 'Sommer Auf St. Pauli' version that has been going through some changes that turned it into a full vcol house tune featuring female vocalist Rocca. This 12" features Subman's own mixes as well as a more pumpin' dub version by Lil' Devious that features almost ambient-ish keys.

Subman featuring Rocca "To the stars" (Remixes)(MuschiTunes Records 12" Test Pressing)

Here we have the second 12" of "To the stars" that offers more mixes. There is the Lil' Devious main mix that is on a UK-style pumpin' tip as well as two electro punk remixes. Finally there is the 'Pleasurebar Mellow Mix' that gives the track a more laidback feeling.


October 12, 2003

Runner up: FM Groove featuring Dee Holloway "Say it" (Primal Groove Records CD Promo)

Primal Groove is a brand new, New Jersey based label by Franke 'Da DJ' and Anthony Zales. Their first release "Say it" is an uplifting and powerful production featuring the sweet and soulful voice of Dee Holloway, together with a great instrumentation including melodic keys and a deeply stomping groove. The dub version takes the song on an underground ride featruing an irresistible groove and spaced out keys.

Deee Lite "Bittersweet lovin" (Bootlegg 12")

"Bittersweet lovin" dates back to 1996 and is produced by the Masters at Work, but beside the album version there was never any of their mixes released (only a Todd Terry remix was released sor far). This is the extended Masters at Work mix featuring their trademark beats and some extra acidic keys.

Stephanie Cooke "I never told you (you could stay)" (KingStreet Records 12")

Taken from her forthcoming debut lonplayer "Everything", "I never told you (you could stay)" is a lively r&b styled groover with a smooth, deep bubbling backing track courtesy of Frankie Feliciano, featuring warm and melodic keys and the lovely vocals by Stephanie Cooke. Joshua Collins provides to techier mixes on the flip side.

Arnold Jarvis "Music is my friend" (DFA Remix)(MadHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

Darryl James & Fred McFarlane - best known for their lovely remixes of r&b cuts under their moniker DFA - take the Kerri Chandler produced "Music is my friend" to another level on their smoothly bumpin' remix featuring a laidback groove and a marvellous trumpet solo that are arranged in a beautiful with the rest of the instrumentation, creating a truly soulful expierence.

DJ Spinna featuring Shaun Escofferey "Music in me" (Blaze Remix)(Wonderwax Records 12")

The original was a standout cut on its own, now Blaze take care of it and deliver a gorgeous and soulful rework with plenty of bouncy rhythms and moody keys. The result is a fierce and driving track featurin a strong vocal performance by Shaun Escoffery that will keep your feet moving.

Georg Levin "(I got) somebody new" (MAW Records 12" Test Pressing)

Licensed from Germany's Sonar Kollektiv label, this is gonna be Georg Levin's second club smash right after the DJ Spinna remixes of "In your car". The Masters at Work give it a deep and moody vibe with a deeply storming groove, spheric keys and jazzy piano but manage to keep it soulful and mellow. On the 'Ritual Dub', they work the guitar to the max.

DJ Gregory "Elle" (Louie Vega Remix)(Defected Records 12")
DJ Gregory "Elle" (Copyright Re-Edit)(Defected Records 12")

Defected have licensed this years summer anthem and are ready to give it a second life. Over two 12", both the original mixes and new remixes can be found. Copyright do a good job on their re-edit that is a good alternate version to the original ones. Louie Vega reworks the track and turns out a fresh remix featuring brand new beats and additional instrumentation including a spoken female message.

Mr Elephant presents Undercover Vol. 2 "All U are" (Bootlegg 12")

"All U are" is a production by Austria's 7th District featuring a female vocalist over a stomping groove with a catchy hook. The flip features a laidback Black Masses Orchestra remix giving the song a funked-up and soulful feeling.


October 5, 2003

Ambrosia "That's how much I love you" (Shelter Records 12")

"That's how much I love you" is a Big Moses produced sultry garage track featuring the soulful and sexy vocals by Ambrosia. The original features punchy beats while Timmy Regisford gives it a smoother vibe with a warmer bassline on his take.

Souledz featuring Kenny Thomas "You can't hide your love" (Remixes)(SuSu Records 12" Promo)

These all-time classic by David Joseph sounded very much like the original in the first part of the mixes, now this second part gives the song a twis. Axwell pumps the track up to make it a floorfiller while Keith KCC Franklin & Paul Emanuel give it a smooth latinesque vibe.

Marfikizolo "Morena" (MAW Records 12")

The follow up to the huge "Loot" is finally here in form of the superbly Kenny Dope remixed "Morena". He delivers two mixes to choose from: the 'Main Mix' layers plento of african flavours to the great african chants from Mafikizolo and the funky bassline. The 'Alternative Mix' gives more room to the flute to grow.

Beyonce featuring Jay-Z "Crazy in love" (DirtDiggers Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")

DirtDiggers aka Sir Piers with the help of lots of musicians create a block-party rocking house take of the chart topping r&b/&hip-hop tune with plenty of punchy beats, grand piano and smooth vibe licks, creating a soulful feeling.

Deepswing featuring Chance "Freedom" (Part 2)(Generate Music Records 12" Promo)

The second 12" gives the song a funked-up feeling on the 'Funky Snippet Mix' that is being driven by a funkily stomping groove with driving keys sitting on top. Vincent Kwok puts Chance's gospelish vocals on top of a bumpy east-cost style groove that is added with warm, melodic keys. Also included is an edit of the original version.

Luis Radio & Darryl D'Bonneau "What is" (Equal Records 12" Promo)

Luis Radio and Darryl D'Bonneau team up for "What is" that comes in four different mixes. Luis Radio's mix is on a laidback vibe with melodic keys and a deep funky bassline. Red 5 deliver a driving dub with a hypnotic organ ride. Both Floor and Solsonik give the song a twist and add a funky flava to it.

Mekkah "Race of survival" (Unreleased Mixes)(Soul Love Records 12" Promo)

Last years huge club smash is back in form of these unreleased vocal dub, instrumental and acapella mixes. With sampled parts of Earth People's "Dance dance dance" and Carl Bean's "I was born this way", this is a feel good track to please the crowd.

Wikkaman featuring Jacqui Williams "Just that way" (Knee Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Just that way" was promoted at this years "Winter Music Conference" as part of the Clean Cut Records 2x12" sampler and has now been picked up by Knee Deep Records. It is a nice'n'bumpy track featuring the soulful and sweet voice of Jacqui Williams and warm, jazzy keys. The flip features a dub by Knee Deep that gives the track a driving feeling with some filtering effects and spheric keys.

Mindprint "Sing it" (Elan Bleu Records 12" Test Pressing)

Elan Bleu is the first label that is part of the Elan Colore Serie. The first release is produced by the UK's Mindprint aka K&M Productions. "Sing it" is an electro stomper with a tech-funky edge to it.

Ian '45' Carey presents Illicit Funk "It's alright" / "Party time" (Elan Rouge Records 12" Test Pressing)

Elan Rouge is the second label that is part of the Elan Colore Serie. The first release is an EP produced by Ian '45' Carey, one half of the Soul Providers. Two tracks are featured, both on an electro-disco fusion tip with lots of filtering effects and edits.


September 28, 2003

Exclusive: Ashanti "I found lovin" (Sley Remix)(CD-R)

My friend Sley is back with another hot remix (remember his take on Cunnie Williams "Everything I do"?) that takes Ashanti's r&b cover version of the Fatback classic to the uptempo dancefloors with a stomping groove and wicked keys.

Exclusive: Main Ingredients "Lean on me" (CD-R)

Main Ingredients aka DJ Funksta are behind this production that features James Ingram on vocals. It is a nice take on "Lean on me" featuring mooth but powerful male vocals over a deeply storming groove added with percussion and melodic keys to create a warm and laidback feeling. Should be out in a couple of weeks so watch out for it.

T. Kolai "Zouk" (ChilliFunk Records 12" Promo)

Originally out on Sahara Records (it was their first release), now getting a rerelease on ChilliFunk including a brand new remix by Restless Soul who give this calypso sounding african track that features congolese rhythm guitars and sunshine horn stabs a more club friendly appeal with a deeply stomping groove.

Kaskade "In this life" (Society Hights Records 12")

Society Hights is the brand new label of Jay Hannan who has choosen "In this life" by San Francisco's Kaskade for the premier release. Featuring the sultry voice of Joslyn, "In this life" comes with sharp west-cost style beats and spheric keys, creating a warm and soulful vibe.

Duron Tarik featuring Darryl Dixon "Dipps groove" (SpaceKat Recorrds 12")

Originally out on Eclectic Records back in 2001,  "Dipps groove" is back for more. Duron Tarik presents this sultry house number coming on a jazzy tip, featuring a superb sax line by Darryl Dixon. Jon Cutler delivers a fresh remix with some subtle delays and extra keys courtesy of Scott Wozniak.

Fleetwood Mac "Big love" (House Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

A makeover of the Fleetwood Mac classic using those magic keys from the original over DJ Gregory style drums and beats.

Miguel Migs "Diversify EP" (NRK Records 12")

After his "Dubplate Sessions", Miguel Migs is back with two strong tracks coming in two versions each. Both tracks feature nice and fresh twists and turns while having a techy and electric feel.

Various "Soul Sounds 1" (Bootlegg 12")

A strong two tracker featuring featuring - to my knowledge - Richard Earnshaw remixes of "Thankful" (couldn't figure out the artist yet) and India's "I can't get no sleep". "Thankful" comes with a deeply stomping groove,  melodic keys and jazzy piano, topped by the marvellous male vocals. "I can't get no sleep" features a new set of beats and additional keys while keeping the original vibe alive.


September 21, 2003

Runner Up: Lefunken featuring Tyrah "Do right" (Eclectic Records 12" Test Pressing)

Back in June, Eclectic Records promoted a double-sided 12" including the two songs "Do right" and "Angel" (of course reviewed here on SpiritOfHouse) in its original versions. Both of these will get a full 12" release soon with "Do right" being the first one to drop. The song is produced by Lefunken (who are Duron Tarik & Tyron Payton) and features the explosive yet soulful voice of Tyrah. The a-side features the original mix with warm jazzy keys and mellow percussion laid over a deeply bubbling groove while on the b-side there is a brand new mix by Quentin Harris & Tyrone Francis that gives the song an even more mellow and sweet feeling with both jazzy and melodic keys.

Runner Up: Maxine Inniss "I appreciate" (Jellybean Records 12" Promo)

After their massive success with "Keys of life", Underground Collective aka George Mena & Marlon Duque are back with "I appreciate", a tune that has been a favorite here at SpiritOfHouse since this years Winter Music Conference back in March. Featuring the sweet and soulful voice of Maxine Inniss, "I appreciate" is an uplifting production with a wonderful piano and strong keys over a driving groove. Three mixes to choose from, including a lovely 'Percapella'.

Alicia Keys "Fallin'" (House Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

Kyle Smith comes up with an over 13 minute long remix that samples some classic 90's acapellas over a deeply bumpin' groove. Alicia's vocals come in about half way through, together with the warm an jazzy keys.

Kevin Yost "Good times" (64 Music Records 12")

Kevin Yost has constantly been putting out records over the past few month, but "Good times" is definitely the best one out of the bunch. I features a groovy  beat, warm keys and jazzy elements like a xylophone to create a bumpy vibe.

King Britt featuring Ivana Santilli "Superstar" (Remixes)(BBE Records 12")

The mixes by Next Evidence, Marques Wyatt and Philipp Charles give the song different flavas ranging from the laidback and deep to the more grooy side of things, with even a touch of electro to be found.

Lemar "Dance (with U)" (Kings of Soul Remix)(White Label 12")

Kings of Soul deliver a soulful remix of this r&b song with orchestral elements over a smoothly thumpin' beat.

Tyron Dixon "Underground music" (Almost Heaven Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Underground music" by Tyron Dixon is a simple track with spoken words and spheric keys that builds throughout the song as new elements are added. Gene Douglas provides a more chill-sound version while Gary Lanziere gives it a harder edge.


September 14, 2003

Stacy Kidd "Lost angels" (Bumpin' City Records 12" Test Pressing)

Stacy Kidd is back on Bumpin' City with this soulful silky vocal houser that features Matthew Yates and Lady Joy on vocals over a deeply stompin' groove with warm keys, live guitar and saxophone solo. Both vocal and instrumental versions are included on the 12".

Various "Abstract Latin Lounge III - Part 1" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

NiteGrooves continue their "Abstract Latin Lounge" series with this four tracker that includes some older material. First an unrleased dub mix of AK's "Say that you love me" that is followed by "Vocé (é o meu amor)" by Fluide featuring Baccara, "Las luces del norte" by Los Ladrones and "Sunshine" by What's Happenin. The styles range from musical bossa house to stripped down 80's disco with heavy percussion.

Antonio Ocasio & Def Räädu "Eesti" (Tribal Winds Records 12")

"Eesti" comes in three versions that  feature vibrant percussion and a deep bassline groove, creating a funky and lating vibe. The 'Modern World Mix' adds a superb saxophone to it.

Whitney Houston vs DJ Pope "Love will save the day" (Bootlegg 12")

The Jamsteady series continues with a fab rework by DJ Pope of Whitney Houston's classic "Love will save the day". He gives the song a laidback feeling that is created by the warm keys, jazzy piano and xylophone solothat is all arranged around a percussively bumpin' groove.

Soulstation "You "(WestEnd Records 12")

The legendary WestEnd Records is back with a marvellous release. "You" features the impressive vocal talents of Rob Burns over a smoothly groovin' beat that is added with melodic keys, creating a warm and soulful vibe. Definitely one DJ Spinna's best mixes to date. The original mixes have a more underground feeling.

Aretha Franklin "The only thing missin'" (Arista Records 12")

The mix of interest comes from Blaze who add their medicine to the song using their trademark beats and keys that harmonise nicely with Aretha Franklin's powerful voice and the background chorus. The jazzy saxophone gives the song an extra kick. Sadly on a vocal version is included on the vinyl. And we better don't talk about the other three mixes that are included...

Louie Vega "Nico's song" / "Africa / Brasil" (Vega Records 12")

"Nico's song" is taken form the "Elements of life" album which has only been released in Japan so far. It is a mellow latin house track with great instrumentation and arrangement. "Africa / Brasil" combines african beats and grooves with brazilian elements.

Solu Music featuring Kimblee "Fade" (Remixes)(Wave Records 12")

New mixes of this groover with a funky, anthemic edge by Hex Hector who proves that he can keep it deep and is not limited to progressive sounds. His mixes feature a lovely guitar which harmonies nicely with the warm keys. Also included is a chunky and percussive dub by ADNY.

Southern Divide featuring Azhar "Ate o amanhecer" (deVICE Records 12" Test Pressing)

While DJ Pufo's "Mon amor" is rocking the dancefloors worldwide at the moment, deVICE have another bomb ready that they picked up from small UK label Mountain Records. "Ate o amanhecer" is an uplifting piece of latin house with an irresistible groove, wicked keys and sweet vocals by Azhar.

Copyright "Samba" (White Label 12")

Not really a white label since it has white writing on black ground (so we could develop the term "Black Label") but let's go back to the music. "Samba" is a niecly floating track on a mellow tip with jazzy guitar, jazzy keys and a tumpet over a smoothly stompin' beat with samba elements.


September 7, 2003

Runner-Up: The Jersey Maestros featuring Shotyme "Keep on" (Generate Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

It was about time that "Keep on" got a release. Since we exclusively got it on CD-R back in april 2002, we've been dancing to it. It is a fierce production feautiring gospelish vocal by Shotyme over a deeply thumping groove that is added with jazzy keys and a lovely guitar. Deepswing give it a funky touch on their take with nice keys and a catchy guitar hook.

Runner-Up: B-sOuL featuring Sheila Ford "Love" (POJI Records 12")

"Love" is taken from DJ Pope's full length album "My way". It comes here in two very lovely live versions featuring lots of live instruments. Kicking off with a very percussive broken-beat, before the instrumentation including guitar, jazzy keys and tumpred kicks in and Sheila Ford blesses us with her marvellous voice. Simply timeless.

Various "Mix the Vibe: David Morales: Past - Present - Future" (King Street Records 2x12")

"Mix the Vibes" is a mix-CD series that always gets accompanied by vinyl releases including selected cuts from the mixes. The interesting thing about this series are the unreleased mixes and upcoming tracks that most of the times are included. In this case here, there are unreleased mixes of both "A better world" by Ageha featuring Jocelyn Brown & Loleatta Holloway and "Glory glory" by Ananda Project featuring Terrance Downs. Also there are the new tracks "Freed" by Julius Papp and "Soul connection" by Mateo & Matos. The other cuts have all been released on 12" before.

Ilayali & The Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble "Is it the way (U)" (Soulplanet Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Is it the way (U)" continues the series of jazzed up productions on Soulplanet. It comes with deep basslines and latin jazz chord progressions, and Ilayali's sultry voice and exceptional harmonies take you on a journey into jazzy and soulful vibes.

Urban Dance Institution "Like music" (White Label 12")
Urban Dance Institution "Omen" (K!dology Records 12" Promo)

Both of these songs by Dekky were exlusively previewed here on SpiritOfHouse back in 2002. They are now finally on vinyl, so with a bit of luck you should be able to get them now. "Like music" uses a deep and funky bass, together with a catchy guitar hook, a hot jazzy saxophone and sexy vocals by Lucy May over a bumpy house groove. "Omen" has been picked by K!dology, so it should be easy to find. This song features a funked up bass and both jazzy and spheric keys, and comes in a groovy way. Problem Kid delivers a dub with irresistible keys and a driving, pumped up groove of "Omen".

Kings of Tomorrow "Dreams" / "Through" (White Label 12")

Sandy Rivera aka Kings of Tomorrow is back with a two tracker that is most likely to be released on Defected or their sublabel Fluential. "Dreams" comes on a moody vein with a stomping groove, spoken male words and oriental elements. "Through" comes with hypnodelic keys and male vocals here and there over a deeply storming beat, creating a driving feeling.

Martin Solveig "Rocking music" (Mixture Records 12" One-Sided Promo)

After the recent success of his mixes of Salif Keita's "Madan", Martin is back with a slamming production that is already causing a buzz. It comes with sharp beats and a full vocal, and a rockin' guitar that gets a solo part that create an eclectic feeling.


August 31, 2003

Nikos featuring Tracy Carter "Bread of heaven" (Under My Skin Records 12")

The latest release on Under My Skin comes with deeply bumping grooves. The original features nice vocoded vocals by featured singer Tracy Carter that is backed with a melancholic deep groove. David Harness adds melodic, warm keys and uses the original vocals. An instrumental version is also featured.

Donnie "Cloud 9" (Quentin Harris Remix)(Giant Step Records 12" Promo)

"Cloud 9" is lifted from Donnie's highly acclaimed album "The colored section" and gets a marvellous remix by Quentin Harris, who turns the song into an irresistible ten minute groover on a mellow tip with a deep bubbling groove and wicked keys. The flip features "Heaven sent" and a Steve Harvey remix of "Rocketship".

Ritmo Da Rua "Universal love" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

Originally out on itialian imprint StreetVibes back in march 2001, it is now back with Brian Tappert remixes. His 'Reconstruction Mix' subtly updates the original vibe with crisp beats while the 'Prime Time Vibe Mix' has some massive breakdowns and comes with a driving and stomping beat. A lovely blend of latin house rhythms with soulful jazz.

Groove Junkies presents Indeya "Oh lord" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

What a follow up to the debut smash "Gonna get by" for Indeya. "Oh lord" is an uplifting production full of spirit and power that also features reverend Murrell D. Carr over smoothly pumpin' groove with lovely guitar and nice harmonies.

Rasmus Faber featuring Emily McEwan "Ever after" (Farplane Records 12" Test Pressing)

Rasmus Faber has recently gotten widespread acclaim for his various remixes, but now it is time for his own label Farplane. "Ever after" is a latin cut featuring the sweet and soulful voice of Emily McEwan over a fierce, percussion led groove with lovely guitar.

Intense & Voices of 6th Ave "You gotta believe" / "Call him up" (AceBeat Records 12")

"You gotta believe" is an uplifting and spiritual production continuing the tradition of soulful gospel house coming out of New Jersey. The power comes out of the lyrics sung by a full choir of singers. Beside the marvellous vocals, its all about the instrumentation and arrangement. The flip features "Call him up", a gospel garage classic from 1991.

Innerlust featuring Alyson Williams "Lost in you" (Danceaholic Records 12")

Out of the four mixes, the two by Tony V are the ones of interest. His 'Soul Interlude Mix' comes with jazzy keys over a smoothly bumpin' groove, creating a mellow vibe. The 'Jersey Underground Mix' gives the song a twist by using aggressive beats, giving it a driving feel.

Lisa Millett "Closer" (Look At You Records 12" Test Pressing)

This latest release for Lisa Millett is produced by Denver's own Pound Boys who come up with nicely floating track based on a deeply stompin' groove that is added with jazzy keys and a nice guitar solo.

Santiago Soul "Soul Rhythms Part 2" (Refunkt Records 12" Test Pressing)

Reza Hemming is following up part one that came out about a year ago with a hot two tracker. "Sublime soul" takes your right to Philly with those classic strings put over a disco laden groove while "Put it on" cleverly samples Chic - and especially the famous guitar - to full effect over a nicely bumpin' groove.

Mike Dixon "Deep House Damage Part 2" (Bumpin' City Records 12")

Mike Dixon with a one-sided release featuring two funked-up cuts that rework disco classics.

DJ Vitamin D. "Highs in the Upper Thirties EP" (Look At You Records 12" Test Pressing)

DJ Vitamin D. presenting some nice tracks to play around with. "It's the shit" is on a midtempo tip with moody and spheric keys. "Sit back & relax" uses stomping beats and a nice guitar together with a few female adlibs to create a hypnotic vibe. There is also a vartion titled "Sit back & jack" of it.


August 24, 2003

Exclusive Preview: The Beard featuring Amma "Call me" (NYSoul Records CD Promo)

Fresh from their recent sucess of "Keep hoping", NYSoul return with the same female vocalist, the very talented Amma. "Call me" is produced by The Beard. It is a soulful track with a funky edge featuring guitar licks, live percussion, jazzy keys and a superb sax solo, not to forget to mention the uplifting vocals by Amma.

Souledz featuring Kenny Thomas "You can't hide your love" (SuSu Records 12" Promo)

David Jospeh's 1983 classic is getting a superb remake in form of this Souledz production that features Kenny Thomas on vocals. It is a deep rumbling groove with bubbling keys and Kenny Thomas putting the soul onto it with his voice.

DJ Gregory "Don't know Malendro" (Faya Combo Records 12" Test Pressing)

DJ Gregory for once is leaving the electro territory to bring us a dirty discofied tune with phat beats and wicked keys. Simply anonther monster tune out of France.

Riverside featuring De'Monica "Raindrops" (Vino Records 12" Test Pressing)

The original version of "Raindrops" is a nicely bumpin' track with sweet a vocal by De'Monica and lovely guitar together with warm keys. The flip features a remix by Matthias Heilbronn which gives the guitar more space to develop over a percussively droppin' groove.

Belita Woods & Leroy Burgess "Best of me" (Sir Piers Mixes)(Basement Boys Records 12" Test Pressing)

What a wonderful duet we get here. The legendary Leroy Burgess and Belita Woods provide an outstanding vocal performance over a wonderful musical production and arrangement courtesy of Sir Piers that features lots of live instruments. Soulful dance music at its best.

Ann Nesby "Shelter" (Basement Boys Remix)(God's House Records 12" Test Pressing)

The massive gospel stomper "Shelter" is getting the remix treatment from the Basement Boys. They turn the song into a  bumpy groover that is added with catchy keys and a jazzy sax solo. Ann Nesby's outstanding voice make this a powerful and uplifting affair not to be missed.

Danny Marquez featuring Natasha McBeam "Vibrations" (Bubble Soul Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Bubble Soul Music is a brand new label founded by spanish DJ and producer Danny Marquez who is also responsible for the first release. His original production is on a deep and laidback vibe with live percussion, classic chords and the lovely voice of Natasha McBeam. On the flip, Jay-J gives the song a different vibe with a lovely guitar, deep bubbling bass and infectious background vocals by Latrice Barnett.

Julie McKnight "Diamond life" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

"Diamond life" is such a beautiful song that it had to be reworked once more, this time by Richard Earnshaw who gives the song a twist completely different from the previous ones. He uses a warm groove with nice orchestration and jazzy keys to create a relaxed vibe.

Negrocan "Cada vez" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)(Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is the second installment of the "Cada vez" remixes courtesy of Richard Earnshaw. He gives the song a warm and sexy feeling with a jazzy xylophone solo by keeping the original vibe alive.

Chris Lum "Smack up" (Bubble Soul Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

The seond release on Bubble Soul Music is produced by Chris Lum. His original has an electro feel to it, added with vocals that will haunt your mind. Danny Marquez & Ferry B turn out a driving mix right for peak time with catchy keys. DJ Pippi & I.K.L. go for a pumpier mix on their take.

Teddy Douglas "Bombelaya" (Basement Boys Records 12" Test Pressing)

Teddy Douglas is back solo with "Bombelaya", a tribalistic track based on phat beats and filled with percussion and afro elements. It comes on a minimalistic tip that creates a hypnotic vibe. You got to play around with it...


August 17, 2003

S.U.M.O. "Samba consumo" (Flamingo Discos Records 12")

Already big in Ibiza and being hyped by many DJs, "Samba consumo" is a latin tingued, fusion styled bossa house track perfect for the summer spreading a feel good vibe. CrisP delivers a stunning remix featuring great keyboard work and strong percussion.

7th District featuring Izabel Napolitana "Love breeze (brisa do amor)" (White Label 12")

"Love breeze" is a wonderful record for the summer that is full of warm melodies. It features the sweet voice of Izabel Napolitano who originates from Brazil. Together with a lovely guitar and smooth percussion, her sweet voice creates a laidback vibe perfect for a night at the beach.

Various "Upskirt Sampler EP" (Upskirt Records 12" Test Pressing)

This four track sampler gives you a insight of what to expect on Upskirt over the coming month. First up is the 'Barrio Kid' Hugo Madrid presenting a soulful track with warm twisted rhodes vibes and dreamy vocal flavours. Next up is "Come together" by East Beach Project, a track that gets seriously dirty and deep all over. The flip offers Los Fantasticos "Fantasticos Theme", a calttering house groove with a dose of funk and an extra horn riff. Finally there is "TNEP" by by Triple Daddy, a ruff track that builds, drops and pumps.

Manuel Ortega "Fed up with..." (7th District Remixes)(EMI Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is a limited edition 12" test pressing featuring the complete set of 7th District remixes of this pop song song (I guess the original is pop but I might be wrong). The mixes come on a good-feel vibe with catchy keys and stomping beats.

Hardsoul featuring Ron Carroll "Back together" (SoulFuric Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Back together" has been buzzling since this years Winter Music Conference back in march. Around in early june on limited one-sided test pressing, this is the full promo including brand new mixes by Hott 22 giving the song an uplifting feeling with catchy keys and driving groove. The included dub version is perfect for peak hour play. Not to forget the original version that is on a more laidback vibe.

Skyy "Call me" (Blaze Remix) / Double Exposure "Everyman" (Joe Claussell Remix)(Promo 12")

Classic Salsoul moments getting the remix treatment. Skyy's "Call me" gets reworked by Blaze who add their unique sound while Joe Claussell delivers a slamming re-edit of Double Exposure's "Everyman".

Eddie Matos "Nite Muzik EP" (83 West Records 12" Promo)

Eddie Matos going solo on this EP. The four featured tracks will give your set a deep, moody vibe by keeping it real to the underground. These tracks are not just fillers like many others found on various EPs, in contrast they can stand on their own and keep the crowd rocking.

Ashanti "Happy" (Spen & Karizma Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

Jazzy and deep remixes of Ashanti's "Happy" from Spen & Karizma with a full vocal version on the a-side while the b-side features a lovely dub with a nice piano solo.


August 10, 2003

Mateo & Matos "Mas alto" / "Hisa jazz" (NiteGroove Records 12")

Taken from the upcomfing "Abstract Latin Lounge III" compilation, this is a lovely latin house production featuring two tracks. "Mas alto" features latinesque piano chords and jazzy trumpets coupled with organic percussion. "Hisa jazz" is based around samba beats with saxy jabs, creating a more jazzy vibe.

R. Kelly "I'll never leave" (Bootlegg 12")

By now, you should now the DFA crew that has been putting out smooth house interpretations of r&b songs. "I'll never leave" continues this series with great instrumentation and lovely arrangement.

J.R. Hartley featuring Lucie Cunningham "Out of Time" (Duffnote Records 12" Test Pressing)

Duffnote is a new label setup by Richard Earnshaw and Danny Jones. This is their first release which is produced by J.R. Hartley and features the smooth but powerful vocals by Lucie Cunningham over a nicely floating groove with a deep bubbling bass, topped with a lovely guitar and warm keys. Richard Earnshaw gives it a more powerful edge on his vocal dub.  The release is schedulded for early september.

Harry Romero featuring Robert Owens "I go back" (Remixes)(Subliminal Records 2x12")

This years track of the "Winter Music Conference" is getting a supreme remix treatment. Todd Terry and Masters at Work team up and present two slamming mixes giving the song a different vibe. The other disk features mixes by Josh Wink and Dean Coleman.

95 North featuring Marie Tweek "Chasing my dreams" (Large Records 12")

It has been a long time since we last heard from Washington DC's Doug Smith and Richard Payton aka 95 North. Featuring Marie Tweek from the Rurals on vocals, "Chasing my dreams" is a smooth, old-school style groover with georgous vocals, warm melodiess and lovely guitar solo. The flip side features two hot dub versions.

Kerri Chandler & Arnold Jarvis "Music is my friend" (MadHouse Records 12" Promo)

One of the standout tracks from "A Basement, A Red Light and A Feeling Volume 2" is getting a full 12" release. Featuring the wonderful voice of Arnold Jarvis, Daphonic deliver a fierce groove with a deeep bubbling bassline and spacey keys, creating an hypnotic vibe. Also included is the original version by Kerri Chandler.

Junior Jack "E samba" (Rasmus Faber Mixes)(Defected Records 12" Promo)

Probably not a real promo and more of a bootlegg, but what counts is the quality of these Rasms Faber mixes of Junior Jack's smash "E samba". He gives the song a percussive vibe with a soulful tribal beat that perfectly keeps the samba vibe alive.

Bibi "Zum zum" (Claude Monnet Remix)(Chez Records 12" Promo)

This latin scorcher is already getting lots of play in its original version, now Chez Records present brand new mixes by Claude Monnet that are nice variations to the original having an more uplifting touch and featuring a hot percussive breakdown.

Negrocan "Cada vez" (Grant Nelson Remixes)(Swing City Records 12")

Originally released in late 1999, it is back right for the summer with hot new mixes by Grant Nelson giving it an uplifting latinesque vibe with an extra jazzy flute on his 'Carnival' mixes. Can you ask for more on a hot summer night?

Kerri Chandler "Trionisphere VI" (KingStreet Records 12")

The fantastic "Trionisphere" series get another addition in form of this three track EP. "Let him in" is Kerri Chandler at his best, present an uplifting and spiritual production featuring Jennifer Morrison on vocals. "Yellow" is a track straight for the dancefloor with a deep funky bassline, organ licks and jazz saxophone. "Ye yo ma" rounds it up, coming here stripped down to the drumz (the full version was releases on the longplayer "Trionisphere").


August 3, 2003

Flashback: "WMC 2003 Pick" Various "The Music for DeepDance EP" (SancSoul Records 12")

SancSoul have put together an outstanding EP featuring two new productions by Curtis Lee & Co and a Brett Dancer remix of Soul Mecca's "Love dance". "Keep it together" by Curtis Lee & Co is based around a percussive broken-beat style groove and features the wicked vocals by Eme together with unbeatable funky guitar riffs and melodic keys. "Stars (in your eyes)" by Curtis Lee & Co features Mustafa Akbar over a deeply stomping groove with acidic keys, creating an almost ambient vibe. Brett Dancer turns "Love dance" into a deeply grooving track with an irresistible feel.

Harley & Muscle with Nicole Graham "Just breathe" (Soulstar Records 12" Test Pressing)

After their recent success with "Inside your love" which features the legendary Robert Owens on vocals, Harley & Muscle return with "Just breathe". Featuring Nicole Graham, "Just breathe" features jazzy keys layed over a mellow bumpin' groove. Dino & Terry deliver a nice remix with a deep bubbling bassline and warm melodic keys.

Siji "Feelslike" (BBE Records 12" Promo)

"Feelslike" is a co-production between Siji and Osunlade. Osunlade provides the dancefloor mixes with his 'Original Mix' being on a musical rich tip while his 'Tribal Mix' is stripping it down a bit to create an irresistible vibe. Also included are two more soulful versions.

Alix Alvarez "Reflections EP" (Dance Tracks Records 12")

Beautiful piano melodies and latin drums make "Excursions", the first of two tracks on this EP, a track that can only be created in the heart of New York. "Runaway" is a minimal but soulftrack with with vocals for the deep headz.

Missy Elliott "4 my people" / Danny Krivit "Round and round" (Ibadan Records 12" Promo)

Danny Krivit takin' on Missy Elliott's "4 my people". He creates a deeply stoming groove with a catchy keys hook that are the perfect playground for Missy Elliott. On the flip is "Round and Round", a simple percussive tribal track which samples some classic vocals.

Various "Lost on arrivel Part 1" (Naked Music Records 12")
Various "Lost on arrivel Part 2" (Naked Music Records 12")

Naked Music continue to explore the horizons of beat driven musical adventure. "Lost on arrival" is an album combining the styles of dirty disco, electro funk and dub house that are rolling into a unique, nocturnal blend that is perfect for late night listening. The two 12" we talk about here feature selected tracks from the album.


July 27, 2003

Blaze "We are one" (KingStreet Records 12")

"We are one" is another anthem from the Blaze crew. It's one of those uplifting soulfhoul house gems that will be played for a long, long time. The horns set the pace, together with the catchy vocals. A solid set of mixes to choose from with nice dub and instrumental versions.

Rithma "Love + music" (OM Records 12")

Rithma is back with a fresh new single on San Francisco's OM Records. His own 'Extended Mix' is a feel-good deep house track with some nice jazzy parts. Kaskade delivers a chunky floor mover with strong bass. Joshua gives it a bubbling groove on his take while Michael Tello turns out a late-night groover on a jazzed-out techy edge.

Musique "Don't change" / Jill Scott "He loves me" (Todd Gardner Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")

Another hot booty that should get your attention. For all of you that couldn't get their hands on the massive Todd Gardner remix of Jill Scott's "He loves me", here is another chance. Also included is a brand new Todd Gardner remix of "Don't change" by Musique turning the r&b original into a soulful house track.

Jay-J  & Chris Lum with Latrice Barnettt "Without love" (Moulton Studios Records 12")

Jay-J & Chris Lum team up with singer Latrice Barnett to create a deep vocal house bliss with sweet keys, pumping drums and bass.With memorable lyrics, this might become a timeless classic. The flip features a bumpin' and funked up dub from Oliver Desmet & Chuck Diesel.

The Lost Tribes of Ibadan "Avareh" (Bombay Records 12")

This Dennis Ferrer produced afro-latin scorcher from the "Lost Tribes of Ibadan" series gets a re-release with new mixes from Sean Dimitri aka DJ Ali.

Gianluca Pighi "Trumpeetha" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

"Trumpeetha" is the collaboration beetween Italian DJ and producer Gianluca Pighi and some of Italy's best musicians. The result is a percussive jazz-funk drenched house track.

Uppypark featuring Georgia Cee "Over and over" (Equal Records 12")

Aldo 'Haldo' Carpanzano is behind this lovely production with sweet melodies, hooky keys and a catchy rhythms. Georgia Cee r&b roots shine through as she gives this track a sexy touch.


July 20, 2003

Runner up: Sant & Matteo Esse "You & me (in Miami)" (Remixes)(Cosmonote Blue Records 12" Test Pressing)

The first part got lots of attention at this years Winter Music Conference, and here we do have part two featuring some heavyweight remixes. Ralf Gum delivers a soulful, NuYorican flavoured groove with phat beats and brilliant arrangement. 7th District turn the song into a spicey latin summer anthem while Morris T adds punchy drums and a fierce bassline, not to forget the rockin' guitar that will take the dancefloors apart.

The Blackbyrds "Mysterious vibes" (Z Records 12" Test Pressing)

Masters at Work are delivering a package of hot remixes here. First of is their 'Broken Beat' mix giving the song a total new direction based on a phat broken beat. Then there is the housed up version coming on a jazz-funk tip based on an irresitible groove. Also included are both acapella and percapella.

Roy Davis Jr. "Paradise" (Large Records 12")

Featuring the silky vocals of Samantha Rose, Roy Davis Jr. latest offering "Paradise" is a soulful brazilian cut coming on a broken beat vibe. The flip features a stripped down 'Chicago Dub' and a dreamy percapella version.

Harley & Muscle featuring Robert Owens "Inside your love" (Bumpin' City Records 12")

"Inside your love" is a nice and soulful house song featuring the legendary Robert Owens on vocals. Beside the original mixes by Harley & Muscle, there are new mixes by Mike Dixon and Sweet Abraham, the later coming up with a suprising vibe with a broken beat and jazzy elements.

Mafikizolo "Loot" (MAW Remixes)(MAW Records 12")

This classic Mafikizolo afro-funk house tracks gets a new life with these Masters at Work remixes. Most of the original key elements have been kept on these remixes, including the superb vocal. On the a-side is the full version while on the b-side is is a percussive 'Beat Chant' for the DJ to play around with.

East West Connection featuring Sandy Mill "We're movin' on" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

Following from the club smash "High on life", Dr. Bob Jones & Lofty offer a jazz tinged sizzler featuring vocalist Sandy Mill, coming complete with horns and percussion.

VA "Pleasure House Limited Edition Vinyl Sampler" (Z Records 12" Promo)

Joey Negro with two edits of disco classics. First off is "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" from Sounds of Inner City which was originally producec by Vincent Montana Jr. The flip side features the Paul Simpson produced "Can't get over your love" by Simphonia.

Todd Gardner featuring Kimara Lovelace "Luv me rite" (Distance Records 12")

The long awaited Todd Gardner produced "Luv me rite" has finally been released. It features Kimara Lovelace on vocals over a rocking house beat. Leo Cuenca provides a slammin' remix with a more soulful vibe while keeping it powerful.

Bob Sinclar "Kiss my eyes" (Yellow Records 2x12")

More remixes of this blazin' tango house track to be found on this double 12". Both Radio Slave and Menimal aka DJ Gregory give it an electro feeling.

Bob Sinclar "The beat goes on" (Bootlegg Mix)(Yellow Records 12")

A crazed-up and so far unreleased remix of a previous Bob Sinclar hit.


July 13, 2003

Antonio Ocasio featuring Ana Lucia Perreira "Amazona - Corazon de Brazil "(Tribal Winds Records 12")

You know what you can expect when Antonio Ocasio goes to the studio: nothing but real vibes with lots of live instruments. This release here is a tribut to the 'Amazon Rain Forest' and features Ana Lucia Perreira with her sweet voice and live played congas, percussion and keys. The result is a very spiritual production on a laidback, jazzy tip.

The Freaky Afronaut "Can you hear me" (Fair Park Records 12")

Our friends from Fair Park come up with a soulful deep houser with a strong male r&b vocal over a bumpy, almost breaky beat. Included are remixes by Looseheads with a chunky dub mix and Demarkus Lewis giving the song a lush treatmeant.

Jay-J featuring Latrice Barnett "Summertime" (LoveSlap Records 12")

Jay-J returns with the assistance of vocalist Latrice Barnett with a summery house cut on LoveSlap!. The vocal makes full use of Latrice's vocal talents over a deep groove with funky percussion while on the dub Jay-J goes for a groovier take with a more prominent bassline.

Ruben Mancias featuring Michelle Weeks "Peace" (Devotion Records 12")

Devotion is a weekly party with resident DJ Ruben Mancias and guests. They now started their own label which is distributed by Shelter Records. The first release is a sultry piano-laden garage track with diva Michelle Weeks providing her sexy voice, combined with a funky bassline. The dub on the flip takes the groove a little bit deeper.

Summerheadz vs Jay-Z & Beycone "Girlfriend" (Sir Piers Remixes)(Headz Records 12" Test Pressing)

If our information is right, the mixes here are done by non other than Sir Piers who delivers a tasty rework of the r&b original with a bumpy groove, jazzy keys and even a xylophone that serve as playground for Jay-Z's & Beyonce's vocals.

7th District Inc. featuring Beverly T "Let love shine" (Distance Records 12")

An exclusive that you could hear in this years Winter Music Conference mixes now got the well deserved release. The original is a quality feel good production by 7th District with a funked up vibe. Joey Musaphia provides hot uplifting interpretations on the flip not to be missed.

Stacey Mallory featuring DC Washington "People of the world" (Phuture Sole Records 12")

Already a "Pick of the Week" in both the 'Original Mix' and the '280 West Mix' by Mark Mendoza, the 12" is now available and does include another stunning mix by Sons of David.

John Julian featuring Amber L. Jolene "Tell her" (Sounds Like Soul Records 12")

"Tell her" is a feel good house track with a stomping beat and jazzy xylophone, sweet female vocals courtesy of Amber L. Jolene and nice breakdowns. Richard Earnshaw provides a storming vocal dub interpretation that is set to rock the dancefloors.

Hardsoul "Caracho" (2003 Remixes)(Refunkt Records 12")

One of last years summer anthems is back to strike once again this summer with hot new mixes by Joey Musaphia and Hardsoul themselves. Hardsoul retouch their original version and do also provide a dub on a rough and dirty tip while Joey delivers a nice dub workout.

DJ Gregory "Attend 1" / "Attend 2" (Kitsune Records 12")

Out for quite some time ("Attend 1" was reviewed here back in early february this year as part of the "Kitsune Love Sampler 3x12"), this 12" featured two DJ Gregory tracks with dangerous heavy buts, monstrous bassline and minimal trippy effects.


July 6, 2003

Rollercone "The list" (12" Test Pressing)

"The list" is about a woman trying to get into a club (most probably). She's telling the door people that she is a celebrity person from the fashion world... But let us come back to music. This is a deep and moody track on a midtempo tip with absolutely wicked keys over a smoothly bumpin' groove, creating an almost hypnotic feeling. ..and before we forget, the woman does get into the club.

Stephanie Cooke "If I have to change" (KingStreet Records 12")

Stephanie Cook is having one of the sexiest voices, and here you get another example of it. DJ Spinna is providing the mixes with a deep and soulful groove with loads of sublime keys. Also included is a r&b version, perfect for black music radio stations.

Amma "Keep hoping" (NySoul Records 12" Test Pressing)

NySoul comes from the same people that are behind Inspirit Music. The first release "Keep hoping"  is a laidback groover with wicked guitars and a deeply bubbling bass, all arranged around a mellow bumping beat. Also featured is a jazzy sax solo.

Jill Scott "The interlude" (Bush Remix)(12" White Label)

This is actually a house version of Jill Scott's "I think it's better" from her album "Who is Jill Scott?". The mixes are by Bush (don't know who that is) and come on a deep and mellow vibe with warm and jazzy instrumentation.

Reel People featuring Jag "Second guess" (Papa Records 12")

Another teaster for the eagerly awaited long player is this jazz tinged, laidback gem that features the voice of the rising r&b star Jag. "Second guess" features heavyweight blend of musical bliss with live keys, sax, trumpet, trombone, guitar. In its original version, this is a jazz tinged groover while on remiy duty we find Blaze who lovingly tailored the song on their vocal and instrumental mixes to deliver one of their best mixes in a long time.

Agent K featuring Carleen Anderson "Rideaway getaway" (Giant Step Records 12")

Both Blaze and DJ Spinna provide a set of slamming mixes (vocal and instrumental each) of this wonderful Agent K production that features Carleen Anderson on vocals. The Blaze guys are coming up with a broken beat topped with warm, spacey keys, creating a melodic mood. DJ Spinna creates a more jazzy vibe with a groovy house beat topped with wicked keys.

Various "Unreleased Mixes Volume 01" (Bombay Records 12")

This is the first part in a serious featuring unreleased mixes of the Bombay Records catalogue. Featured on this 12" are "Watch them come" by Roy Davis in a Derrick Carter mix and the full version of "The opus diem" by the Red Nail Kidz.

JoVonn "Don't waste your time" (Remixes)(TrackMode Records 12")

One of the standout tracks from JoVonn's album "Spirits" finally gets a full 12" release. Baltimore's DJ Popes comes up with a soulful and mellow remix with a melodic instrumentation creating a warm feeling. JoVonn himself provides the second remix coming on a deeper vibe, driven by wicked rhodes solo, creating a classic New Jersey feeling, bringing back the memories of those classic nights at club Zanzibar.

Aaron Ross presents Rain People featuring Marcus Begg "Trippin' on love" (SoulShine Records 12")

"Trippin' on love" is a superb house record with ace beats by Restless Soul member Aaron Ross, coming your way with a souful groove and jazzy instrumentation, added with a wonderful vocal presentation by Marcus Begg.

Yass featuring Jay "Give me a sign" (SSOH Records 12")

SSOH is a fine french label that has put out some great tunes in the past couple of month. "Give me a sign" is a strong production full of live instrumentation and soulful vocals, creating a warm and melodic vibe.

Wil Milton "I'll never know" (WestEnd Records 12")

WestEnd Records with a twist in style again, this time bringing us the latest work from Wil Milton and featuring the sultry vocals of Lauren Chaplain. "I'll never know" is a deep and lush track that builds and builds the longer it runs thanks to the irresistible synth and percussion lines.

Martin Soleig "Heartbeat" (Africanism/Yellow Records 12")

The sharp beats created by Martin Solveig that can be found on on this record could truly be your heartbeat. They are topped with electro-styke keys and the screaming voice of Devy Shah.

Taja Seville "Sympathy for the devil" (Basement Boys Records 12" Test Pressing)

The Basement Boys take on a Rolling Stones standard, add a 4/4 kick and some blazing harmonica, and finally a church stump. And not to forget Taja Seville who blesses us with her magnificent vocal interpretation. Different but breath taking.

Bobby D'Ambrosio featuring Kelli Sae & Robyn Small "Optimistic" (Definity Records 12")

Originally written by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for The Sounds of Blackness, it gets another live thanks to Bobby D'Ambrosio and featured vocalists Kelli Sae and Robyn Small. Bobby's keeps is smooth on mixes with a jazzy piano and warm keys over a bumpin' beat while David Morales adds some extra pressure on his fierced up mix that is based on a stomping groove.

Asmodeus "Thru the fire" (Swing City Records 12" Promo)

Matt Schwarz teams up with singer Mica Paris here to bring us a chunky prime time groove with funky bass and rhythm guitar. The dub features additional keys looping around the vocal hooks.

Serge Imhof & ATFC "Spanish angel" (OnePhatDeeva Records 12")

Swiss producer and DJ Serge Imhof teams up with ATFC and singer Dominique 'Don' Borriello who gives us a vocal performance that is more orientated toward rock than to dance music, put over a hypnotically bubbling groove added with a wicked spanish guitar.

Smokin' Beats "Go back" / "Are you ready" (Smokin' Beats Records 12" Test Pressing)

Two tracks on this dodgy looking record (most probably only sold 'under the counter' - I'm sure you know what I mean). "Go back" is a simple track with a stomping beat, hypnotic keys and clever breakdowns consisting of a classic disco sample. "Are you ready" kicks off with stompin', broken-beat style beats before the first breakdown with sirenes comes in. The track then continues to deeply groove ahead with some effective filtering effects and more breakdowns.

Level 7 presents "Latrin Trix Pt. 1" (After Dark Records 12" Test Pressing)

Smokin' Beats offshot After Dark present their fourth release in form of this stomping track featuring latinesque vocals and instrumentation.


June 29, 2003

Various "It's all good in the rain" (Bootlegg 12")

This 12" includes two hot Pound Boys reworking. First off is the 1978 classic "Standing in the rain" by Don Ray, a Cerrone production that has been given a new groove underneath the original. Second is Terri Walker's "It's all good" that has been given a floor pounding remix treatment.

Exclusive Review: Scott Grooves "Darkness / The journey" (CD-R)

The CD that Scott Grooves gave me at this years Winter Music Conference has three tracks of which I only brought you one so far, so here are the other two. First we have the deeply stompin' "Darkness" that makes use of different sets of keyboards and it also features a jazzy piano to create a warm and melodic vibe. "The journey" is a percussion driven track with strings and spheric keys that create an anthemic feeling.

Shalamar "Make that move" (2003 Remix)(CD-R)

This timeless classic gets a welcome rework making it sounding fresh on todays dancefloors. Based around a pounding beat, the vibe of the original shines through and makes this an essential disco house track.

Shannon "Give me tonight" (2003 Remix)(CD-R)

Mixman Mike is a passionate music lover that is offering lots of remixes he has done on his own website. One of them is the Shannon classic "Give me tonight" that is turned into a driving house track based on a walking bassline added with piano rhodes and an jazzy guitar giving the track that extra kick.

Undercover Joe "There it is / Just vibin'" (Bootlegg 12")

Behind this project is Richard Earnshaw who reworks classic Shalamar tracks to create stunning dancefloor tunes. "Just vibin'" is a rework of the classic "Take it to the bank" and adds a fresh vocals over it. "There it is" is a rework of the classic of the same title.

JJK "Circles" (Bootlegg 12")

John 'Julius' Knight with an updated version of the Atlantic Star classic "Circles", adding extra funkyness and a stomping beat.

Axwell featuring Evelyn Thomas "High energy" (SuSu Records 12" Promo)

Some of you might remember the original version by Evelyn Thomas' "High energy" that was a huge club hit in 1984. Nearly twenty years later the song is back thanks to Axwell whos rework is a storming affair with a stomping groove and wicked guitar riff giving the song a driving feel.

Soul Treat featuring Ellesse "Doin thigs" (SubUrban Records 12")

"Doin things" is a splendid follow up to the first Soul Treat release. Rasmus Faber has produced a sweet and soulful track featuring the sexy voice of Ellesse and lots of live instruments including guitar, sax, flute and trumpet.

DJ Chus and David penn featuring Caterina "Baila" (Original Mixes)Defected Records 12")
DJ Chus and David penn featuring Caterina "Baila" (Remixes)(Defected Records 12")

DJ Chus hooks up with David Penn to follow on their summersmash from last year. "Baila" is a latin flavoured house track perfect for hot summer nights featuring sweet vocals and a killer piano hook coupled with percussive beats. Dennis Ferrer adds a soulful Nu-Yorican style flavour to it, taking the song to a deeper level. Peter 'Tha Zouk' & Bruno Marciano provide a tougher tribal reworking.

Joey Musaphia featuirng Lisa Millett "You are the best" (Refunkt Records 12" Test Pressing)

After the huge success Joey Musaphia had with "Heaven", he is back with "You are the best". This time, Lisa Millet is the choosen vocalist. Her powerful voice make this uplifting production a sure shot winner. It's a fierce groover with a deeply rumbling bassline, strong keys and jazzy saxophone creating the beloved Refunkt sound.

Dubtribe Sound System "Autosoul" (Rasmus Faber Remix)(Defected Records 12")

"Autosoul" is the first single taken from their forthcoming album "Baggage". The original is a deep chilled out cut with a sweet melody. Rasmus Faber gives it a more uptempo feel with a lovely warm instrumentation, creating a mellow vibe.

Jon Cutler featuring Vanessa Freedman "Focus (lifted up)" (Distant Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Jazz house guru Jon Cutler presenting his latest bomb featuring Vanessa Freedman on vocals over a truly groove beat that is added with a wicked, irresistible keyboard hook and deep bubbling bassline.

Mekkah featuring Stephen Granville "Dimensions (I'm happy)" (Soul Love Records 12")

Seamus Haji under his Mekkah moniker is bringing us another slab of funked up and discofied house grooves featuring Stephen Granville's powerful voice.


June 22, 2003

Audra Lomax "Givin' all my love" (Basement Boys Records 12" Test Pressing)

The former Chic and Sister Sledge backing vocalist is back with this Basement Boys production that is built around some slick guitar licks, funky percussion and a solid but underrated beat. The dub on the flip strips it down to a percussive workout.

Runner up: Klement Bonelli & Rochdee "Nocturne" (Elephunk Records 12" Test Pressing)

This track is growing the more time you listen to it. Over a tribalistic beat, the combination of spheric keys and strings played in an irresistible way make this an irresistible groove you need to dance to. The flip features beats and a interlude version for your mixing pleasure.

Los Amigos Invisibles "Ease your mind" (Long Lost Brother Records 12")

Originally out on MAW Records, "Ease your mind" is back for another round including brand new mixes by DJ Afro and Le Pico, both providing nice interpretations of the original. Also included is the 'Masters at Work Mix' on the flip.

Julius Papp featuring Jessica Marquez "Your life" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

San Francisco's very own Julius Papp delivers a scorching summertime excursion featuring the smooth vocals of Jessica Marquez that is backed with a dreamy instrumentation including lush strings, spanish guitars and an undulating bassline.

Barbara Mendes "Got to be in love" (Wave Records 12")

Eric Kupper and Francois K. teamed up on this production, a latin house production with the potential becomng an anthem, especially since Eric Kupper blesses us with his skills as keyboard player.

Ageha featuring Jocelyn Brown & Loleatta Holloway "A better world" (KingStreet Records 12")

Two legendary vocalists team up here on "A better world" - we're talking about Jocelyn Brown and Loleatta Holloway. Blaze proviee an uplifting and soulful house jam that is set to have the crowd at the legendary Shelter singing and dancing while Malawi Rocks give it a more techy edge.

Heather Headley "I wish I wasn't" (Nylon Records 12")

Don't let yourself fool, this is a booty even when it looks like a commercial release. Once again we gotta give Darryl James lots of props for turning a stunning r&b song to the dancefloor with spheric keys and both marvellous guitar and piano solos over a fierce and driving groove.

Ashanti "Rock with U" (Murder Inc. Records 12" Promo)

Ashanti is everyobdy's darling when it comes for a young, good looking woman in today's r&b music scene. Lazy Dog's Jay Hannan takes her to the house dancefloors with his remix that is build around a stomping beat added with a funked-up bass and wicked keys.

Pound Boys present "Funk Asylum EP" (Knee Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

The two tracckmasters from Denver are back with a hot EP that features two disco-funkers. "Behind the groove" consists of a stomping groove and a clever combination of various elements that include a retro-style piano and cool breakdowows and buildups. "The real deal" is an 80's inspired track with cool spoken word samples.

Peptia Project "What day do we have tonight?" (Pep Sounds Records 12")

The main track here is "What day do we have tonight?" is a simple but very effective club track that is build around strong rhythm sounds with an extra funky bassline and sound-effects taking you back to a late 70's disco. "Traffic" is a classic deep house track that will work both early and late in the night. It is build around nice melodies and wicked synth basslilne. "Sunny lady" is on a midtempo tip coming on a classy Detroit style, keeping it deep and moody, the featured vocals sounding like coming from another planet.


June 15, 2003

In the spotlight: Various "Private Mood EP - Session Two" (4 Records 12")

4 Records is a Swiss house music label presenting a hot EP featuring productions from four different producers, all hailing from Switzerland. "Canta a musica" is produced by Fabio Fragapane and features the vocal talents of Valeria Eva. It is a track with a laidback vibe featuring wicked keys and a lovely guitar that gives it a fresh summer sound. Lou Molani presents "Release me" that comes with with warm keys and soulful vocals by Tatiana over a smoothly bumping groove. On "The place to be", Tatiana again shows us her vocal talents. This Domeni Carluccio produced track has an irresistible vibe thanks to the deeply bubbling beat and hypnotic keys. Finally, C&M Productions present "What U want", a track for the dancefloor with a kicking beat, deep rumbling bass and spheric keys.

DJ Spinna vs Rich Medina "Reality" (Wonderwax Records 12")

DJ Spinna, Philadelphia's most prolific DJ, teams up with spoken word artist Rich Medina for this infectious groove with lovely rhodes and an extra does of funkyness.

Electracoustic "So close" (Blaze Mixes)(Outer Records 12" Test Pressing)

The first Electracoustic release got remixed by Kerri Chandler, for this, their second release, they got Blaze who come up with a lovely remix based around a bumpy groove added with jazzy keys and a wicked organ solo.

Craig David "Hidden agenda" (Vaults Records 12" Test Pressing)

The Vaults series had a couple of releases so far that are widely available including some rare remixes. This one is on limited test press run at the moment, featuring hot remixes of Craig David's "Hidden agenda". As with the previous releases, there are rumours surrounding this one - here saying that these mixes are courtesy of Masters at Work. Not sure if it is true or not, but neverless these are soulful house mixes with a lovely and warm instrumentation.

Guiro "FF to the money shot" (Sole Music Records 12")

Originally out back in 2001, "Ff to the money shot" is back for more with fresh Dave Storm mixes giving the song an uplifting vibe with a storming groove added with fierce keys and a jazzy piano solo on top. The flip features the original version and a Stevie Sole dub version.

Brothers "Love vicissitude" (KIF Records 12" Test Pressing)

One of the leading french house music labels with a strong three track EP scheduled for a release later this year. "Love vicissitude" is a deep, driving groove with lots of percussive elements, a jazzy flute and female vocals, creating an irresistible feeling. "Mind is over" comes with a tougher percussive beat that is added with a lovely guitar, deep bass, jazzy keys and female chants. "Light introspection" is an old school jazz-funk jam.

Julius Papp "Salvation EP" (Large Records 12")

The main track on this EP is "Salvation", a fine slice of deep afro-house whith sining beats, expansive chords and tribal chants. "Early departure" is a funkier house jam on laidback tip with that typical feel that Julius Papp is well known for.


June 8, 2003

Runner up: Kim English "New soulful sides" (Nervous Records 2x12")

A tasty double 12" including her SuSu release "Simply grateful" in both the Kyle Smith and Darryl James versions, the already classic Jon Cutler remix of "Treat me right" and brand new materiel including the Basement Boys produced "Love that jazz", a track that I've been waiting to drop for a long time. Lots of jazz elements are combined with a deeply stomping house groove. "Ces't la vie", "Destiny" and "Everyday" are co-productions between Kim English and Maurice Joshua, being on a soulful crossover house tip.

Exclusive Preview: DJ Stacey Mallory "Feel it" (Bumpin' City Records CD Promo)

Here we go with another hot exclusive for you... "Feel it" is produced by DJ Stacey Mallory and it is a beautiful instrumental track built around a deep and laidbak groove, featuring a deep bubbling bass, then it gets topped with jazzy keys and a marvellous trumpet solo that will drive you crazy.

Claude Monnet presents Monica Nogueira "Ken goes Brazil (Part 2)" (SSOH Records 12")

For some reason my local record store only got part two... This project is produced by Claude Monnet & Fred Devanlay and features the fantastic brasilian female singer Monica Nogueira. Certain of the best french jazz musicians are involved in this project, which also features hot remixes by Bibi.

Antonio Ocasio "Organic energy" (KenLou Records 12")

Tribal Winds maestro Antonio Ocasio drops spiritual deepness on Masters at Work new KenLou imprint, featuring gorgeous pianos and sultry guitar.

Markus Enochson featuring Jocelyn Matheieu "Feeling fine" (MAW Records 12" Test Pressing)

Markus Enochson with a wonderfully instrumentated production coming on a laidback tip, featuring an outstanding vocal performance by Jocelyn Matheieu. Two mixes to choose from: the 'Main Mix' that is based around a sharp house groove and the 'Suedo Jazz Mix' that comes on a jazzed out groove.

Benji Candelario & Arnold Jarvis "You've let love slip away" (KingStreet Records 12")

Arnold Jarvis, one of the most prolific vocalist of house music, teams up with Benji Candelario for a classy vocal house production with bouncy keys, shuffling beats and of course there is the unmistakable voice of Arnold Jarvis.

Soul Providers featuirng Robin Rush "Let the sunshine in" (Remixes)(Elan Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

This loved tune comes around for a second time in form of this remix package. Karizma delivers a warm and summery mix while Ian 45 Carey turns out a deeper and darker outing. Also included on this package are the mixes from the original release.

Brothers of Peace featuring Latasha Jordon "Praise him 2 nite" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

Brian 'Shark' Thompson & Paul Scott aka the Brothers of Peace are back with "Praise him 2 nite", a soulful garage production which features the very talented Latasha Jordon who delivers a stunning vocal performance, added with extra guitar and melodic keys.

Intense & Duron Tarik featuring Seychelle "Sweet water" (Space Kat Records 12")

Intense team up with Duron Tarik and singer Seychelle Elise for a deeply grooving garage production with lovely guitar and spheric keys, creating a mellow vibe. Jose Burgos provides the dub version that is featured on the flip.

Gene Hunt featuring Cei Bei & The Funk Farmicist "The next level" (Moods'N'Grooves Records 12")

Gene Hunt soothes your soul with a wonderful three tacker. "I live" is an emotional vocal track full of soul and jazz elements, layed over an accoustic bassline. The two other tracks are quality instrumental tunes, the first one featuring cuted beats with tickling piano, the second one having a more boogie feel with old-school piano chords.

Ron Trent presents African Blues featuring Morgana "Yemoya" (Distance Records 12")

More african vibes on Distance, this time courtesy of Ron Trent who goes for a beautiful melancholic and percussive groover.

Africanism "Block party "(JJK Re-Edit)(Defected Records 12" Test Pressing)

John 'Julius' Knight with a hot re-edit of one of the biggest Africanism tracks.

John Ciafone "Everyday" (Remix)(Boombastic Records 12")

DJ Mandrax' label with one of the most hyped releases of previous weeks, the devastating DJ Gregory remix. He uses his trademark sounds to create another slamming track. The included dub is edited by none other than DJ Deep.

The Invisible Man "True house" (Groove On Records 12" Promo)

A nice track produced by The Invisible Man with a bumpy groove and jazzy keys, with both George Morel and vocalist Marcus Fugate being involved in the project.


June 1, 2003

Grant Nelson "Feel the music" / "The sound" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Feel the music" features the vocal talents of Vula & Wayne Hernandez over a funky house groove consisting of funky bass, jazzy guitar licks, flute, rhodes and vibraphone that create a warm summer groove. On "The sound", Grant Nelson pays homage to the 1983 Dayton single "The sound of music", giving it a nice makeover by keeping it soulful and jazzy with a classic '80s vibe shining through.

2 DJs at Work "Free at last" (Glamour Records 12")

2 DJs at Work are back with their latest production "Free at last". The vocal version samples a famous late '70s classic over a funked up groove, creating a mood that combines the vibe of the glory days with todays house sounds. Their dub mix is built around straight forward beats, added with a deep bassline, funky guitar and percussions in a batucada vein. Finally the "Psycho Team reMix" uses a stomping beat added with techy keys and comes with nice breakdown and filter effects.

Groove Junkies featuring Solomon Henderson "Wake up everybody" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

Originally recorded by philly soul group Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes back in 1975, it is back to gain attraction once more, complete with additional lyrics courtesy of Groove Junkies and vocalist Solomon Henderson. This cover version comes with passionate soulful vocals by Solomon Henderson and gospel-ish backround vocals over a stompin but soulful groove.

Hardsoul featuring New Cool Collective "Sweatshop" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Sweatshop" is the return for Hardsoul to SoulFuric after their massive "La pasion de gozar". It features the New Cool Collective and the result is a jazzy tune perfect for the summer, coming in two different mixes. The 'Original Calypso Mix' is based around a pounding afro house beat, in contrast to the 'HardSoulFuric Mix' that uses a storming groove, right for peak hour play.

Bob Sinclar "Kiss my eyes" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

Kicking off with the tango-led original version (already featured on this site a couple of month ago), it is about the new mixes by G-Club giving it a summer feeling with a stomping peak time groove and some nice breakdowns.

Miguel Migs "Music 4 your ind" (Large Records 12")

Premier west coast house producer Miguel Makes returns to Large with a more underground approach compared to his last offerings. The main mix is based around a stomping beat with a jazzy sax, keeping it smooth put powerful. The flip features a stripped down version on a tribal tip and a broken beat excursion.

DJ Gregory "Faya Combo Cuts Vol. 1" (Faya Combo Records 12")

The hottest producer out there at the moment - DJ Gregory - brings you blazing DJ tools and beats on an afro tribal tip with his trademark organ stabs.

Brown & Brown "Good life" (Azuli Records 12" Promo)

Finally, Azuli are giving this a full 12" release. Spen & Karizma deliver an uplifting and gospel-ish remix with a strong live instrumentation.

Koloke "West african guitar goove" (Spiritual Life Music Records 12")

Joe Claussell & Jephte Guillaume deliver a carribean and afro inspired deep house groove that is filled with lush guitar lines and powerful afro rhythms, coming on a limited one-sided pressing.

Abicah Soul meets G.U. "Esta hermosa cancion" (Moods'N'Grooves Records 12")

"Chuckie's turn", the first collaboration of Glenn Underground and Abicah Soul made big waves throughout the club scenes. Now they are back with two new tracks on this 12", both featuring mind blowing keys over latinfield grooves, creating a mellow and laidback vibe.

Maxwell "No one" (DJ Spen Remix)(Basement Boys Records 12" Test Pressing)

DJ Spen with a remix that keeps the smoothness of the original production alive by just adding a deeply pounding groove under the lush vocals.

Nathan Haines featuring Marlena Shaw "Squire for me" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

Marlena Shaw, a pioneer vocalist in soul-jazz music, teams up with Nathan Haines on a Phil Asher produced and remixed track coming with spoken words, crunchy beats, jazzy flute and saxophone solos. The result is a smooth production featuring some jazz-funk elements.

Fab For featuring Robert Owens "I'll love you" (Flamingo Discos Records 2x12")

Fist out on the "Summer Edition 2002" sampler back in August 2002, this laidback groover with warm and mellow keys and cool guitar that features Robert Owens on vocals, now got a full release on double 12" including hot new remixes by Gucciman, SUMO and Soulcamp among the original mixes.

Asaph Womack "In my house" (EasyStreet Records 12")

In their 20th year of existance, EasyStreet continue to put out dance music. "In my house" by Asaph Womack is a powerful garage production with strong vocals and a jazzy sax over the smoothly bumping groove. The mixes on the flip give the song a funky house feeling.

Dalminjo "Bossa note" (Deeplay Music Records 12")

The original version comes on a bossa vibe house groove, creating a warm summer feeling. Jask adds some asiatic essence to it and gives the song a deeper vibe with sax and flute solos. Dalminjo himsels delivers a remix with a fierced up groove, adding some extra energy with extra percussion.

Master Tribes featuring Kika "Elisir" (Animus Records 12")

This italian based label offers us their latest release by Master Tribes that is based around a tribalistic, very percussive groove that is topped with female vocals and catchy keys, creating an irresistble vibe. A dub version and beats are included as well.


May 25, 2003

Funk la Planet "You gave me love" (Parts 1 and 2)(Funk la Planet Records 2x12")

Benjamin Deffe from New York is the producer behind "You gave me love" which features Nathalie Wallace on vocals. It comes over two seperately sold 12". The first 12" features the main mix comes on a mellow vibe with broken beats and warm, melodic keys. The flip holds a pumped up remix by Sanz perfect for peak hour play. The seond 12" features the accapella, a guitar dub with additional percussion based on the main version and a chill out mix by Stan Courtois on a smooth vibe.

Bootsy Collins featuring One "Dance to the music" (East West Records 12")

Bootsy Collins meets some of todays finest remixers. Knee Deep deliver a tasty and crisp remix full of power with huge chords, strings and their trademark beats. Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn delivers a funked up groovers with kicking piano chords and a nice broken flows.

Loftis IV "You are all I need" (Loftwerk Records 12")

Craig Loftis from Chicago delivers a brilliant production on a moody tip with slamming beats that are added with wicked keys and stunning male vocals. On the flip, Joe Smooth delivers a set of nice remixes giving a different vibe to the song.

Floetry "Say yes" (Fall Out Records 12")

Fall Out Records bring uns another soulful house workout of a r&b scorcher in form of these DFA remixes making use of deeply bumping beats, smooth guitar, jazzy sax and warm keys.

Panyard "Baby 3 times" (Diaspora Records 12")

Diaspora is stepping back into full vocal territory for spring with this release by Panyard featuring the vocal stlyings of James B. Coleman. The original version comes on a smooth and soulful tip with cheeky bump. Sweet Abraham's rub consists of deep dynamic basslines with shuffling drums and heart-wrenching chord progressions creating an irresistible feeling. New York's Adam Cruz (aka The Almagest) delivers a 'New York to London Mix' that, based on Sweet Abraham's version, comes your way with aggressive drum patterns.

Kaskade "Meditation to the groove / It's you, it's me" (OM Records 12")

On the flip are new mixes of "It's you, it's me" by Marques Wyatt that sizzles with killer bass, hot percussions and lite jazzy keys wh ile Jason Hodges delivers a mix smooth two-step beats, being on a Todd Edwards vein. But the real delight is "Meditation to the groove" coming in a Johnny Fiasco soulful journey with lush voclas, aggressive bass and blissfull breaks.


May 18, 2003

3 Generations Walking "Midnight bustling" (Spiritual Life Music/EFA Records 10")
3 Generations Walking "Midnight bustling" (Spiritual Life Music Records 12")

Francois Kevorkian giving us midnight dubbing session, creating a deeply grvooving track based on a ragga/dub beat.  The 12" features the vocal version and beats while the 10" has the dub and a fanfare version.

DJ Spinna featuring Shawn Escofferey "Music in me"(BBE/Rapster Records 12" Promo)

Taken from DJ Spinna's current longplayer "Here to here", this promo 12" features extended vocal and instrumental versions of this laidback track that comes on a mellow vibe with warm keys and a bumpy beat. Remixes by Blaze are on the way.

Terri Walker "Ching ching (lovin' you still)" (DefSoul Records 12")

Phil Asher for Restless Soul and Jay Hannan for Lazy Dog deliver once more hot remixes for the new diva of soul, reworking the r&b original into slamming house variations on a jazzy and deep vibe.

Pepita Project "Friends EP" (PepSouns Records CD Promo)

The "FriendsEP" we're talking about here features three strong productions. "Pepita's Theme" got released on German label Personal Records some time ago and is back here in form of a Jori Hukkonen remix that takes the heavy piano-riff  driven deep house track to a techy level. "Friends" is a melodic midtempo groover with warm keys and nice harmonies. "Playtime" is a broken beat track with spacey keys, sounding like a soundtrack to a computer game.

Inaya Day vs. D-Squard "Save me" (Look-At-You Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Save me" is a funky stomper coming on two different sets of mixes. The original mixes keep it based to the deeply stomping groove with funky guitar and some clever filtering while the 'Indeep Mixes' add some catchy keys to it.

DJ Afro presents La Casa Del Ritmo "Mala idea" (Look-At-You Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Mala idea" is a laidback groover on a latin vibe in its original mixes while the Pound Boys fierce things up on their take and add some funky flava to it.

Starbeach featuring D'Empress "Get naked" (SuSu Records 12" Promo)

SuSu is back with another quality release, produced by Axwell. His version makes use of classic disco-ish strings over a bumpin' groove that is added with a funky guitar. Alliance DC give it a more pumped up groove on their mixes with a dub that brings the funky elements to full effect while Angry Mexican comes up with a grooy remix.

Sessomato "Need somebody tonight" (Z Records 12" Test Pressing)

Joey Negro's Z Records with another production paying respect to the early days of house. "Need somebody tonight" by Sessomato is in the style of early Clivilles & Cole productions with a beat bringing back memories of Sandee's "Notice me". It is already blowing up dancefloors all over...


May 11, 2003

Cassio Ware "Happy birthday baby" (BlackHouse/FunkySoul Records 12")

The incomparable Cassio Ware is pack with an immaculate piece of timeless house music. Ruben Toro & Big Moses come up with an excellent remix giving the song a truly soulful vibe featuring a bumpy groove topped with warm and mellow keys.

Deep Swing featuring Chance "Freedom (Part 1)" (Generate Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

All I can say is: finally Deep Swing are releasing ths beauty!! Chance shows us how versatile she is by opening the song with opera chants before her powerful vocals take over and turn the song into an uplifting piece of music. The original mix features a stomping groove added with wicked chords and a jazzy sax. Whipped Cream give the song a more laidback feeling on their take with a smooth groove and warm keys.

Audiowhores featuring Blu "After the party" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is the first release for the Audiowhores on SoulFuric after prodiving hot remixes for JJK "Find a friend" and Deep Swing "Steppin' out". "After the party" is a funky number with a storming groove and classic disco-ish strings on top, also featuring a hot guitar solo. The dub version is the one for the more pumpy occasions.

The Rurals "Beauty comes from inside" (Remixes)(Peng Records 12")

BRS and the Blak Beat Niks each delivering a stunning remix that keeps it soulful and funky while remaining the laidback vibe of the original album version.

Osunlade featuring Jaffa "Native Tongue Revisited Part 2" (GotSoul Records 12")

Here are more hot remixes of "Native tongue". First off is Kaje stripping it down to a deep and steady tribal groove remembering River Ocean's "Love and happiness", using the horn from the previous remixes. Jaffa goes for a wild tribal rhythm while Miles Moore's take is on a deep, minimal afro-house style.

Billie "It comes back around" (SuSu Records 12" Promo)

This latest offering from Billie is produced by Kyle Smith whos version comes on a deep and moody vibe while the Pound Boys's mixes make use of various influences including some classic Salsoul-style drum lines and philly bass combined with a lovely flute. There is also a 12" release on Nervous Records that includes a reprise version by the Pound Boys, but misses the Kyle Smith version.

Cunnie Williams "Everything I do" (Martin Solveig Mixes)(Mixture Records 12")

The bariton voice of Cunnie Williams gets the remix treatment from Martin Solveig whos mixes come on a funky tip with a deeply stomping groove and a sexy gutar riff.

Osunlade and Pasta Boys presents Atelewo "Chimes of freedom" (Irma Unlimited Records 12")

This team up of Osunlade with the Pasty Boys puts out a soulful track with serious vocal harmonies sitting on top of a percussively deep bubblilng house groove featuring a lovlely instrumentation.

Reel People featuring Angela Johnson "Can't stop" (Papa Records 12")

Taken from the forthcoming, eagerly awaited Reel People album, "Can't stop" is a midtempo boogie track with nice keys and a wonderful horn arrangement in its original version. On the flip is an outstanding house remix by Dennis Ferrer with a wicked groove, added with slamming keys.

Domenica Navarra & Alex Wheeler featuring Rachel Harris "Find a place" (EasyStreet Records 12")

Big Moses with a hot remix featuring an epic groove with jazzy piano keys and flute solos, giving the track laidback feeling.  The original uses wah wah guitars with Rachel's sublime vocals floating over the groove.

DJ Oji presents Carolyn Victorian "I'm feelin' U" (POJI Records 12")

DJ Oji with a track that represents some of what we can expect from his upcoming longplayer "Underground X-Perience". Featuring Carolyn Victorian, "I'm feelin' U" is a track straight outta the clubs with a powerful and deeply stomping groove, having a raw edge that makes it a sexy affair.

Jasper Street Co. "Another day" (Blaze Remix)(Basement Boys Records 12")

Blaze with a rework of this gospel stomper, keeping the uplifting vibe of the original alive while giving the song an early morning feeling. The dub features toughened up beats and the keyboards are brought to the fornt.

Cerrone "The only one" (Jamie Lewis Remixes)(Malligator Records 12")

Featuring an irresistible guitar played by none other than Nile Rogers, these brand new remixes by Jamie Lewis keep it funky and soulful at the same time featuirng the mentioned guitar coupled with a set of hot keys played over a stomping groove.

Avalon featuring Emma Landford "Take me higher" (SuSu Records 12" Promo)

Rising SuSu Records present this catchy production featuring talented Richard Earnshaw on remix delivering rock solid mixes based around a classy house groove added with jazzy keys, a deep bubbling bass and guitar.


May 4, 2003

WMC Aftermath: Sir Piers featuring Monique Bingham "Don't you love me" (Remixes)(Curious Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

One of 2002's soulful anthems is back with hot new remixes by Louis Benedetti and DJ Jori that will be available on two seperate 12". Austrialians DJ Jori gives the track a smooth samba house vibe with melodic keys while Louis Benedetti does his thing with classy piano chords and driving percussion, all live played. His reprise version kicks off with a beautiful flute solo.

Greg Cash "Vocal Project EP Part 2" (Bumpin' City Records 12")

Part one had been the first release on Bumpin' City, now more than thirty releases later Greg Cash presents part two which includes remixes of "I can't live without you" by Greg Cash and "Love's really got me" by Mike Dixon among the two new cuts "On the dancefloor" by Stan Johnson and "Transformation experience" by DJ Sosa. Four solid vocal tracks to rock the dancefloor.

DJ MFR & D'Layna "Just because" (GoGo Music Records 12" Promo)

DJ MFR, who is best known for his previous releases on Transport Records, teams up here with singer D'Layna to deliver a slick and soulful track. His mixes come on a pure west coast flavour with kicking beats with a crazed out dub included, too. Kiko Navarro reworks the song into a more pumping affair.

WMC Aftermath: Various "WMC 2003 Sampler" (Clean Cut Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Clean Cut Records presented with this sampler at this years WMC some of their upcoming releases. There is "Just that way" by Wikkaman, a nice'n'bumpy track with a lovely female vocals and jazzy piano. Soul Central are featured with two tracks: "The outsiders" is a jazzy house track driven by a piano solo while on "The catalyst" they team up with Delesh Chauhan for a deeply stomping groove added with a guitar, having a bit of a jazz-funk vibe to it.

T. Kolai featuring Nagla & Suheil "Kenji kuan" (Sahara Records 12")

"Kenji kuan" is a song traditionally sung to the sultan of the nubian mountans, presented here by T. Kolai with the vocals being recorded in Sudan. A beautiful flute, lovely percussion and jazzy keys over the fierce groove are the trademark of this production.

Spencer Gray featuring Heather Johnson "Pillow talk" (LoveSlap Records 12")

This beautiful track is produced by Marc Alan Gray and Charles Spencer who deliver a creative original version with a beautiful jazzy guitar while Chris Brann under his Ananda Project moniker comes up with a sultry groove, giving the song a warm and melodic vibe.

SUMO "Don't you love me" (Seasons Records 12")

SUMO once more bring us a full vocal excursion on a soulful touch with serious bass licks, dope chord progressions, lovely keys and drum programming, creating a serious garage tune. Rasmus Faber delivers a strong remix with melodic keys and slamming beats.

Jon Cutler featuring Luna "Alone" (Distant Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

One of the masters of classy deep house grooves is back featuring vocalist Luna over a kicking but mellow groove that is added with warm, melodic keys giving the song an athmospheric vibe.


April 27, 2003

Pound Boys presents The SML Crew "Volume 2" (83 West Records 12" Promo)

Two tracks on this 12" to choose from, produced by the Pound Boys and Luke Howard. "Don't stop the bodyrock" cleverly rebuilds the Wuf Ticket classic "The key" into a funkily stomping house groover while "The one" is on a smoother jazz-funky tip reworking another classic which names escapes me at the moment.

India Arie "Strength, courage, wisdom" (Fall Out Records 12")

Yet another reworking of this beautiful song by India Arie, this time by EPOD who bring us a stripped down versoin on a percussive tip added with a jazzy piano, creating a laidback vibe.

DJ Katsuya "The Nature Soul EP" (Ibadan Records 12")

This EP is produced by japanese veteran DJ Katsuya Sano & Shin Hashimoto. They present us a fine explorations into mellow and jazzy grooves on a laidback tip. Three of the four tracks got reworked by Jerome Sydenham who got a little help from both Dennis Ferrer and T Kolai.

Jaheim featuring Mary J. Blige "Beauty & thug" (Fall Out Records 12")

Beautfiul dance music by the Smiths Boys which I believe is an acronym for Kylie Smith. A melodic groove added with warm keys turn this duet by Jaheim and Mary J Blige into a timeless production.

DJ Jori featuring Gary Pinto "Only you" (Blaze Remixes)(Distant Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Blaze with a set of organic and smooth remixes with majestic piano chords and a nice jazzy guitar solo placed around the soul drenched vocals by Gary Pinto.

Nikos & Lamech "The Nu Spirituals" (Under My Skin Records 12" Test Pressing)

"The Nu Spirituals" is a new series launched by Under My Skin that features a joint venture of DJ Nikos and DJ Lamech for the first release. Three tracks featured, starting off with "Jubilee funk", a joyful praise on a funky tip that is followed by "The Nu Spiritual" that has got a bluesy feel to it thanks to the jazzy instrumentation and wicked keys. Finally there is "Your love is true" that features tecky overtones.

Sugar Funk "The Real Love EP" (Soulful Solutions Records 12" Promo)

Sugar Funk is Rob Webster who had previously released under Boy Wunda. "Real love" is a guitar led floorfiller with a deeply stomping house groove that keeps it soulful. "Summer madness" is a cover version of the Kool & the Gang classic coming on a mid-tempo balearic tip. "Velvet" is a lush track full of deep chords, some bubbling acid and a funky xylophone.

Yug and Soul Providers present "Nobody knows" (Elan Records 12" Test Pressing)

Yug from Toronto/Canada and the Soul Providers team on this production that features Yug's sister Ava on vocals. "Nobody knows" is a deep and moody vocal house track with warm keys and a cool guitar riff coming in mixes by the Soul Providers giving it a jazzy feel and Yug who goes for a horn led vibe.

WMC Aftermath: Abdou Mboup "Nobnala" (SoundMen on Wax Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Given out at this years Winter Music Conference, this double 12" brings you a bumpy afro groove with a catchy afro chant on top. Comes complete with variations by SoundMen on Wax  giving it a twist by adding a lovely guitar to it and the Foremost Poets adding a deep bubbling beat and some extra effects.

Kenny Bobien "Dance for life 2003" (Disorient Records 12")

Out in 2001 on SoundMen on Wax Records, this beauty gets a new life with mixes by Little Big Bee who reworks his 2001 version into a gospel lating workout and the 2001 remix by Kenny Carpenter that is on a New Jersey house direction.


April 20, 2003

Revisionaries featuring Alexis P. Suter "What can I do for you" (HipBone Records 12")

The original is a groovy track that pays homage to the spiritual original from back in the days. Sole Music's Steve Sole & Geoff M. offer a powerful 4/4 mix while Frankie Valentine delivers a gorgeous instrumental take with Tony Allen on drums.

Anthony Nicholson presents Miquifaye "Future black fusion" (Clairaudience Records 12")

This is the latest release for Anthony Nicholson revolutionary project that brings us the combination of fresh house beats with 70's style jazz-funk.

Papa Wemba presente Nouvelle Ecrita "Mawe" (Distance Records 12")

Part of Distance's "World Series" that takes original african compositions and turns them into dancefloor gems, it is up to Ron Trent to turn "Mawe" into a deep afro-centric house groover.

Mateo & Matos "Zulu Funk 2" (Large Records 12")

This is the follow up to their monster sucess "Zulu Funk 1" that includes "Return 2 the motherland", a Fela Kuti inspired afro house track with a classy jazzy flute. On the flip side, there are two tracks digging into two dancefloor stomper that feature the Mateo & Matos trademark drums.

Mood Rotation "Deep water" (Sfere Records 12")

"Deep water" is a beautiful vocal house track coming here in versions by the Black Beat Niks on a laidback vibe with a lovely instrumentation build around a bouncy groove.

Restless Soul featuring Maiya James "Peace in my life" (Clairaudience Records 12")

First being released on the highly aclaimed "Songs inspired by Life + Movement" compilation, this outstanding Phil Asher production now gets a full 12" release. Featuring Maiya James on vocals, "Peace in my life" comes on a mellow, jazzy vibe.

SuSu Bobien "Joy / I'll be loving you" (SoundMen on Wax Records 2x12")

Two songs are featured on this double 12". "I'll be loving you" is written, produced and mixed by Markus Enochson and is pure soulful heaven, coming on a smooth vibe with warm keys and SuSu Bobien's phenomenal vocals on top, creating a soulful feeling. "Joy" gets the remix treatment from Whipped Cream. Their vocal is mix is a nice garage groover while on the dub they go for a pumpier groove.

TriSpirit featuirng Tonni Smith "Rejoice" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

If you're into the classic soulful garage vibes outta New Jersey, this one is for you. Big Moses gives this gospel house song an uplifting vibe on his mixes that are driven by a marvellous piano and the gorgeous vocals of the involved singers.

JoVonn "Dance to Dance EP" (SoundMen on Wax Records 2x12")

JoVonn brings us more of his deep house grooves. From the laidback "Sunday down" that features jazzy keys over the deeply stomping "Mind games" that samples Liz Torres to "Afro man", a track that features wicked keys over a deep rumbling groove, added with a couple of afro chants - this is a lovely selection of tracks that keep it true to deep house music.


April 13, 2003

Ron Trent presents The Kings Dub "Welcome sire / the rhythm" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

Ron Trent with a production with lots of live percussion that are combined with african drums. Some amazing changes floating easily into each other and some dreamy keys and an aggresive piano round it up.

WMC Aftermath: India Arie "Little things" / "Brown skin" (aka "Jamsteady Volume 3")(Bootlegg 2x12")

DJ Pope delivering soulful house mixes of two India Arie songs. On "Little things" comes on a laidback and smooth vibe with a jazzy piano and live percussion while "Brown skin" comes with a tougher beat, coupled with a jazzy organ ride.

WMC Aftermath: Harry Romero featuring Robert Owens "I go back" (Subliminal Records 12" Test Pressing)

Probably the most memorable song at this years Winter Music Conference. Harry Romero brings back some old-school deep house with a reminiscense to early Mr. Fingers stuff. Featuring the incomparable Robert Owens on vocals, this has the power to rock the dancefloors worldwide.

Tweet "Boogie 2 nite" (Bobby D'Ambrosio Mix)(Bootlegg 12")

This slamming Bobby D'Ambrosio mix has been a favorite with many DJs for a long time (at least for those that good get their hands on a CD copy). Bobby gives the song an uplifting feeling with a bumpin' groove and wicked keys that make this a hands-in-the-air tune.

Michelle Weeks "The light" (Sandy Rivera Remix)(Defected Records 12" Promo)

More remixes of last years biggest club tune, courtesy of Sandy Rivera. He delivers the deepest mix yet with a deeply stomping beat, warm keys, a deep bass and a lovely guitar that harmonise perfectly with Michelle Weeks' smooth voice. Also included are the original mixes by Jamie Lewis, if you missed them first time around.

Solar House "Magic of the city" (Large Records 12")

Solar House deliver a jazzed out odyssey with lead vocals from Angie Reid. "Magic of the city" is a sensual, lush track featuring trumpet, unmistakeable beats and warm chords. Kerri Chandler takes the song to a deep and mellow level on his remix.

WMC Aftermath: Aaliyah "I miss you" (David Harness Mix)(CD-R)

David Harness is taking Aaliyah's actual r&b scorcher and delivers a brilliant house version based around a soulfully stomping groove that is added with a warm instrumentation, keeping the original vibe alive. This is taken from David's "2003 WMC Show Reel" that includes more hot music to be featured here on this site.

Various "The Disco-Tech of... Julien Jabre" (Yellow Records 2x12")

"The Disco-Tech of..." is a new series started by Yellow Records that intends to introduce you to the favorite tracks of the featured guests. This is the unmixed 2x12" that features a selection of Julien Jabre's favorites. It includes the classics "Stars in your eyes" by Herbie Hancock, "I want you for myself" by George Duke and "Rude movements" by Sun Palace. Then there "The garden" by Blaze, a downtempo groover and Julien's own production "Deliverance", a cut from 1999 that was originally released on Basic Records.

Mankz "You're my solution" (Seasons Records 12")

Over west coast style beats, the warm and spheric chords create a dreamy atmosphere that are added with smooth femaile vocals. The flip features a downbeat version.

WMC Aftermath: Dana Byrd "I want to be free" (YO Ltd. Records CD-R)

Taken from the "WMC 2003 Sampler" that YellOrange gave out at the Winter Music Conference, "I want to be free" comes with an afro chant and soulful male vocals over an electrofying afro house groove.


April 6, 2003

Shakedown "At night" (2003 Remixes)(Defected Records 12" Promo)

New mixes of this huge club smash. First Kid Creme delivers an edit of the original version (this version was already featured on the "2002 Christmas Sampler"). Jazz'N'Groove deliver a stunning remix that is perfect for the peak hour with the stomping groove and warm and melodic keys. Jask uses warm, spheric keys to create a hypnotic feeling.

Roy Ayers "3rd eye (Revisited)" (Esay Breezy Records 12")

A superb rework of this Roy Ayers classic coming in a broken beat style on the mian version with shuffling live sounding drums and xylophone. On the flip is a true house version with jazzy rhodes and the smooth scat vocals.

Tortured Soul "I might do something wrong" (Osulande Mixes)(Central Park Records 12")

Originally released back in 2001, this soulful remixes by Osunlade use smooth bumping beats added with percussion and strings to create a mellow and warm vibe.

Sekouba Bambino "Decourage" (Charles Webster Mixes)(Distance Records 12")

Distance continue their "World Series" with these lovely release that sees Charles Webster adding his own, unmistakable style that lets brilliantly shine through the original african vibe and african chants of the songs.

WMC Aftermath: Mr. Mike & The Deep Brothers "Let's do it again" (Map Dance Records 12" Test Pressing)

Already promoted twice in the past (first only in a very limited quantity, then as 10" on Peppermint Jam with a hot Jazz'N'Groove Remix), but never fully released so far. It is back again, and this time it finally should get a full release. The flip features the classic original version that is on a laidback vibe while on the a-side is a brand new remix by Sole Music's Steve Sole & Geoff Middleton that features hot keys over a wicked beat coupled with Mr. Mike's voice.

Vinx "Tomorrow " (Elephunk Records 12" Test Pressing)

Elephunk Records come up with a serious afro house track that is build around a rockin' groove with great live instrumentation.

Eddie Matos "Groove Odyssey EP" (Look-At-You Records 12" Test Pressing)

Eddie Matos presents a truly hot EP. "Got a groove" is based around a stomping beat and features some classic disco-funk elements as well as a hot piano solo. "Stronger" features female vocals over a driving beat, added with a hot guitar riff and full guitar solo in the last part. The flip features "Flute's melody", a track with a bumpy groove and flute on top. Finally there is "At day's end", a jazzy track with a hot saxophone solo and wicked guitar.

The House Foundation "Difficult choice" (ZeroMeno Records 12")

This lovely track on a mellow and jazzy vibe full of percussion, jazzy keys and marvellous tenor sax is perfect for the early morning. The title may be "Difficult choice", but if it comes down to judge about the musical quality, it's an easy thing to do...

Jacquard "Ellagance" (Undesigned Records 12" Test Pressing)

Jacquard touches the great lady of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald. The result is a jazzy track with Ella's vocals over the laidback, deeply bubbling groove.

Ananda Project "I hear you dreaming" (NiteGroove Records 12")

The original by Chris Brann is a latin flavoured production with shuffling rhythms and hypnotic vocal harmonies. Larry Heard gives the song a nice 4/4 beat with a dark arrangement while Cottonbelly take the brazilian rhythms into a tropical workout.

A.S.E & Mustafa Akbar "Wonderful life" (Sahara Records 12")

Soulful deep house led by a serious bassline that is filled with warm harmonies, jazzy horns and classic rhodes. T Kolai delivers a straighter garage remix.

WMC Aftermath: DJ Kevin James "Glad today" (M-Break Records 12")

Music for your mind on this lovely three tracker. "Glad today" is a moody track with a deep bassling and spoken message by Rev. T. Snead. "The Wiccan" is a deep and jazzy track featuring trumpets played by Jimmy Wilson while "Thoughts of you" is a deep and laidback groover featuring female vocals.

Jamison Braye featuring Jannae "Stronger" (WakeUp Records 12")

A record that I've been sleeping on when it came out. A beautiful garage production by Jamison Braye featuring vocalist Jannae Jordan over the mellow groove that is added with jazzy elements.

Don Freeman "Fracture in my soul" (RawFusion Records 12")

Philly born singer, keyboard player and songwriter Don Freeman delivers a a supa-soulful house tune mixed by Markus Enochson. The flip holds a soul-jazz mix from Las Gammas.

Michelle Weeks "Movin' on" (KIF Records 12")

This time, Michelle Weeks has been choosen by french producers Greg Gauthier & Tony L who use a full live instrumentation for this deep garage hymn with an extra touch of jazzy vibes.

MAW featuring Billie "Every now & then" (Terry Hunter Remix)(MAW Records 12")

Terry Hunter deliverung a funk drenched remix of this jumping vocal house production by the Masters at Work.

Roy Davis Jr. "There's a place" (Bombay Records 12")

Chicago legend Roy Davis Jr. delivers two stunning tracks on this 12". "There's a place" is a slice of spiritual garage with warm keys over a laidback groove. "About love" is a soulful house track with eletcro-tech keys and a jazzy sax. Mr. Ali delivers a remix of "About love" using a stomping house beat that creates an irresistible vibe.

WMC Aftermath: Brandy "What about us" / Craig David "What's your flava" (Markus Enochson Remixes)(Gamm Records 12" Promo)

Markus Enochson presents two slamming remixes of r&b songs. First is "What about us" that comes with a bumpin' house groove added with an electro flava. Second is "What's your flava" that uses a broken beat mix and comes on a soulful tip.

Janet Jackson "Unknown" (Mood II Swing Mixes)(Vaults Records 12")

Most likely the releases on Vaults are bootleggs with this one here being "Volume 1". It includes three Mood II Swing mixes of a Janet Jackson song starting off with a techoy dub by John Ciafone. Next is a soulful vocal version that is followed by the soulful 'Pacific Vox' version.

Various "Cry real tears" / "You make me happy" (Vaults Records 12")

This is volume two in this new Vaults series, mistakingly credited to Kim English. It includes two unreleased songs that haven't been available previous. "Cry real tears" by Eternal was an r&b song in its original form and is remixed into an uplifting production with a catchy hook by Boris Dlugosch while "You make me happy" is the long awaited Pound Boys production featuring Yvoenne Brown that is supposed to be released on YellOrange Records.


March 30, 2003

Exclusive Review: Kim Beachum "Let's talk about love" (Promo CD)

Produced by none others than the Jersey Maestros, the original version is more than a year old. But it is this new version that instantly caught my attention when Kim Beachum performed it in Miami. Based around a stomping, together with the wicked keys and Kim's soulful vocals, this groove won't get out off your head for a long time and it will keep your feet moving every time you hear it.

Exclusive Review: India Arie "Strength, courage and wisdom" (Sunshine State Remix)(CD-R)

India Arie is getting lots of bootlegg versions recently - thanks to her label not putting out any dance mixes at all. Gladly this is not another take on "Brown skin". Instead, the wonderful "Strength, courage and wisdom" gets a rework paying tribute to the power of the lyrics and vocals. It featues a wah-wah guitar riff and warm, melodic keys combined with a bumping groove - creating an outstanding result.

Exclusive Review: Souljerz "Unknown" (Promo CD)

Souljerz had one of my fave records from last years conferene: "So natural" by DJAJ featuring Carmen Miller. This year they gave out a limited amount of CDs with some material available for licensing. I've choosen this vocal cut for review since it showcases perfectly why New Jersey is the home of garage music. The whole song is soulful and features a talented vocalist over a nicely arranged and instrumented production.

Exclusive Preview: Legacy featuring Mikkhiel "Sexy love song" (Needs Records CD Promo)

Needs Records are known to release just the best of mellow house grooves. "Sexy love song" continues this tradition being on a jazzy vibe with lots of live instrumentation, and featuring the smooth and soulful vocals by Mikkhiel. The result is a laidback track with warm melodies and wonderful arrangement.

Exclusive Preview: SoulPlanet Jazz Ensemble featuring Xavior "Sugar, baby, darlin'" (SoulPlanet Records CD Promo)

This is the third release for SoulPlanet, which sees the return of Xavior as featured vocalist. "Sugar, baby, darlin'" is like the two previous releases a real music production featuring beautiful instrumentation and arrangement keeping it soulful and jazzy while Xavior once more supplies an outstanding vocal performance.

Exclusive Preview: Narada Michael Walden "I shoulda loved you" (7th District Classic Mix)(Promo CD)

Soon gonna be released on a 2x12" package, this is the 'Classic Mix' where 7th District keep it true the original by just giving the song an updated outfit. All the trademarks from the timeless classic still can be found here. This is excatly how an updated version should sound like when you want keep it real.

Exclusive Review: DJ Dagwood featuring Dajae "Deep house" (Promo CD)

DJ Dagwood out of Altanta presents this lovely track featuring female vocalist Dajae over a deeply stomping groove that is added with melodic keys. The title of the track leeds you in the right direction...

Exclusive Review: Odeon-D Productions "Follow me" (Odeon-D Records CD Promo)

Derrick Blackburn from Odeon-D Productions has been working on this track for some time now and the result has been worth all work done for it. Doing a cover version of a classic such as Aly-Us' "Follow me" is not that easy so you have to come up with a good result. Derrick takes the track to the underground with a deeply bumping house groove added with male vocals and female background singers in addition to a wonderful jazzy saxophone. As the synths stay close to the original, the magic of the original still shines through. Well done indeed.

Exclusive Review: Luis 'BuBu' Martinez "Bring it down" (Promo CD)

Luis 'BuBu' Martinez gave me a demo CD with ten tracks of which already the first one, "Bring it down", got my attention. It is one of those tracks that instantly catches you and will make you move your feet with its uplifting vibe consisting of a deeply bumping groove added with wicked keys and male vocals.

Exclusive Review: DJ Shark featuring Josef "I'll keep on walking" (Sharkastique Records CD Promo)

DJ Shark from Slovenia teams up with my close friend and vocalist Josef to deliver a hot demo version of their upcoming collaboration. The result is a catchy song with Josef's marvellous vocals riding along with the bumpy house groove that also uses melodic keys and female background vocals.

Exclusive Review: Jerk House Connection "Each and every day (life goes on)" (Promo CD)

French producer Bernaille 'DJ Bool' Stephane gave me his latest productions on an exclusive promo CD. I've choosen the jazzy tingled "Each and every day" in the 'House Mix' for review here. The song featues warm keys and both male and female vocals over a driving but soulful groove added with a wonderful jazzy piano.

Exclusive Review: Scott Grooves "Unknown" (Promo CD)

Scott Grooves gave me three unreleased tracks on CD. The one I've choosen to present you is based around a stomping groove with an irresistible hook using wicked keys and a lovely guitar.

Exclusive Preview: 7th District featuring Beverly T. "Let life shine" (Promo CD)

Let me give you a sneak tip to the forthcoming 7th District release on Distance Records. "Let life shine" is an uplifting production featuring the soulful voice of Beverly T. over the smooth groove that is added with jazzy keys and a bubbling bassline. The release will also features mixes by Joey Musaphia.

Exclusive Preview: Sant & Matteo Esse "You & me (in Miami)" (Cosmonote Blue Records 12" Test Pressing)

Given out at the WMC as a one-sided test pressing featuring the original version that is on a latin vibe with an impressive guitar solo and also featuring a funky driving bassline and sexy horns. Among the many mixes to follow is this 7th District remix that gives the song an uplifting feeling with the latin style piano and driving groove.

Louie Vega featuring Raul Midon "Cerca de mi" (Vega Records 12" Promo)

Produced by Louie Vega & Albert 'Sterling' Menendez, "Cerca de mi" is long awaited follow up to "Elements of life" and is taken from the forthcoming lonplayer. It is the first release on the brand new label Vega Records and features Raul Midon and continues where "Elements of life" left off. Lots of live instruments with a beautiful arrangement create an irresistible feeling on this one.

Frankie Feliciano presents Real Things III "Hydra" / "Living proof" (NiteGrooves Records 12" Promo)

While we're still waiting for a possible long player, here are two new cuts by Frankie Feliciano. Both are on a laidback vibe with "Living proof" being the choice for the marvellous harmonica solo over the bumpy groove that is added with nice percussion and a jazzy guitar riff.

MAW featuring Lynae "Life is but a dream" (Frankie Feliciano Remix)(MAW Records 12" Promo)

I've been waiting for remixes of this song for almost two years now, and finally here they are, courtesy of Frankie Feliciano. His interpretation takes the song to another level with a killer organ solo in the middle and phat ricanstruction beats which come to full effect on the 'Broken Down Mix' and beats version. Simply a splendid remix package.

Shaun Escoffery "Let it go" (Sir Piers Mixes)(Oyster Music Records 12" Promo)

The first installment saw remixes by Jazzanova, the second here sees Sir Piers turning out strong remixes using his trademark live sound, giving the song a jazzy feeling with added funky flava. Driven by a jazzy piano, this is a wonderfully instrumentated production.

AK "No one else" (Distant Music Mixes)(KingStreet Records 12" Promo)

For the second time, KingStreet have licensed a song from AK and deliver stunning remixes, this time by Jon Cutler. He gives the song a warm feeling with a laidback groove and extra jazzy flute played by Brian Jackson.

Ilayali & SoulPlanet Jazz Ensebmle "What I want" (SoulPlanet Records 12" Test Pressing)

"What I want" is the follow up to "Changes" and features the vocal talents of Ilayali over a latin-jazz flavoured house groove that is full of lovely melodies and harmonies, creating a mellow and laidback feeling. The dub version takes it deeper with lush four-part harmonies. Music at its best.

Various "MAW Miami 2003" (MAW Records 4x7" Box-Set Limited Edition)

This 4x7" Box-Set includes some upcoming stuff that will be released on MAW Records or their sub labels. First is "Feeling fine" by Markus Enochson featuring Jocelyn Matheieu, a wonderfully instrumentated laidback production. Next is "Morena" by Mafikizolo, an afro house track with a typical african chant on top. Antonio Ocasio will have "Organic energy" featuring Jainardo Batista on vocals, another one of his magic grooves. Stacy Kidd presents "Where did it go" featuring Byron Stingley on vocals, a guitar led and groovy track. Also featured are two different beats version of "Frenzy" by Kenny Dope, "It's over now" by Manzel and "Nervous" by New Master Sounds. This is a collectors item and much more enjoyable than last years 12" promo that included only two minute shorts edits.

The Society featuring Ovasoul 7 "How's life" (NiteGrooves Records 12" Promo)

NiteGrooves present us a laidback groover on a jazzy tip coming in a variety of different flavas, all including a classic string section and Ovasoul 7's vocals.

Cravo E Canela "Talking drum" (Pronto Musique Records 12" Test Pressing)

A simple but effective track coming in different versions for different occasions. Take some drum patterns, add percussion and a repetative vocal, and if the combination works you got a track to work the dancefloor lilke this one.

The Hot House Sessions "Baby girl" / En fuego suite" / "Extension 199" / "Since I fell for you" (Slang Records 12" Promo)

All songs are produced by Kasimu and Chris Henson. Both "Baby girl" and "Since I fell for you" are best described as r&b house productions with the later one including a rap. "En fuego suite" is a percussive jazzy groover while "Extension 199" is another r&b house song with vocoded vocals and a soulful two-step groove.

West Magnetic "The fire EP" (Ultrasound Records 12" Promo)

"Fire in the kitchen" is a nice vocal production with soulful vocals by Usra Leedham over a west coast style beat that is aded with jazzy elements and warm keys. On the flip is "Real" which features Ian Yim on vocal over a deeply bubbling groove with mellow keys, giving the track a laidback feel.

Greg Gibbs "The glow of love" (Silk Entertainment Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Steve 'Silk' Hurley reworks one of his favorite classics with choosen vocalist Greg Gibbs (the background vocals are courtsey of Chance and Sharon Pass). Steve's own mixes stay true to the original but gives the song a 21st century outfit. Stacy Kidd delivers a set of slamming dub mixes with a driving feel, the vocal dub using just the main refrain to create an irresistible vibe.

DJ Oji & Una "We lift our hands in the sanctuary" (95 North Remixes)(Sancsoul Records CD Promo)

The Ron Trent remix is a favorite of Joe Claussell and others, simply for its deepness. Now 95 North unleash some heavy remixes that take the song to another level again. With a stomping groove coupled with the melodic, warm keys, these mixes are set to give the song more exposure and make it a contender for peak hour play. Gladly 95 North manage to keep the power and beauty of the vocals alive.

Todd Gardner featuring Errol Lewis Greene "Back to the deep" (Subliminal Soul Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Back to the deep" - the title won't dissapoint you with Todd Gardner giving us a deeply grooving track with warm keys, a jazzy guitar solo and spoken words by Errol Lewis Greene.

8 Miles High "House Music EP" (Slang Records 12" Promo)

The standout cut on this EP is "House Music" which starts with a stomping beat before some of house musics biggest name talk and the warm synths come in. "So high" is an uptempo r&b house production. "Deepest" ist a laidback track with mellow and jazzy keys while "Chill" is a downbeat chillout track.

Ms. Alto "Taste the wine" / "Heat" (Slang Records 12" Promo)

Slang with yet another hot release for this years conference. This 12" features two equally good vocal productions featuring female vocals by Cristina Sanchez over bumping house grooves with jazzy and melodic keys.

Kurt Lykes "Yes lord" (Under My Skin Records 12")

"Yes lord" is another stunning release for Under My Skin featuring Kurt Lykes on vocal. The a-side is produced by Nikos and features the original vocal and a sax / preacher combination dub. On the b-side, Boo Williams & Glenn Underground deliver a jazzy and soulful ten minute rendition of the song.

Marque Henri "Shout" (Bounce Muzik Records 12" Promo)

This is only the second release for this label - the first was presented at the WMC 2001. "Shout" is written by Marque Henri who also is the vocalist. Produced by Gabriel Horizon, this is a nice bumpy track with deep bubbling bass, melodic keys and soulful vocals.

Joan Bibiloni "Joana Lluna" (Kiko Navarro Mixes)(Xocolat Records 12" Promo)

Kiko Navarro delivers a hot remix package using a smooth afro vibe added with a set of lovely guitars and an acoustic piano played the jazzy way.

Hollis P. Monroe "The heat" (WestEnd Records 12" Test Pressing)

Hollis P. Monroe with the help of vocalist Christa presents his first release for WestEnd, a track with a mellow vibe featuring melodic an jazzy keys.

Jask featuring Jocie "Surrrender your love" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

Jask returns with another sweet and deep vibe to SoulFuric after last years "Beautiful", again featuring the smooth vocals of Jocie. His original mix is on a deep tip while on the flip he teams up with Brian Tappert for more pumped up versions with a dub destined for prime time occasions.

Bibi presents "Zum Zum" (Chez Records 12" Promo)

Bibi presents this latin workout featuring the sounds of cuban instruments and live vocals recorded in the streets of Havana, Cuba.

Morris T & FJRMO featuring Barbara Tucker "Let me be" (Oxyd Records 12" Promo)

Oxyd Records present this catchy vocal anthem coming in a grooving, funky and chunky style in the original mix. 7th District give it an uplifting touch with a nice piano and deep bubbling bassline, creating a classy vibe.

House Bros. featuring Kim Mazelle "Feel like dancin'" (Cosmonote Blue Records 12" Test Pressing)

Diva Kym Mazelle returns with this Pagany & Melega produced soulful house track with lyrics that celebrate house music. Sant & Matteo Esse aka Solsonik provide the remixes that feature a hot guitar riff over the bumpy groove.

Sharon Pass "Runnin' away" (Silk Entertainment Records 12" Test Pressing)

Sharon Pass is best known for the 1998 crossover smash "The word is love" that featured her vocals. She returns with this collaboration of producers E-Smoove and Steve 'Silk' Hurley, delivering a disco influenced stomper with a catchy hook that is full of energy.

Deep Swing & Luis Radio presents Roman Jazz Project "Let the music take you there" (Generate Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Eric Wikman & James Donaldson team up with italian producer Luis Radio. The result is this jazzy track with a driving beat and full of power thanks to the vocals of Al Foster, the trumpet solo and live bass. The mixes take you from the original stomping groover over a more live feel intrepretation by Luis Radio to the 'Wurly Dub' that makes use of an additional wurlitzer key section.

Groove Junkies "Gonna get by (Part 2)" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

Two hot new mixes of this classy tune. The Groove Junkies turn out a a slamming peak hour vocal version while John 'Julius' Knight goes for a dub version using a catchy rhythm that is added with the refrain to create an irresistible feeling.

Disciples of Phunk "I want it right" / "No way back" (Catch 22 Records 12" Test Pressing)

DJ Disciple presents two tracks both being very infectious. "I want it right" comes with female vocals, hot keys and organ solos over the bumpin' groove, creating a jazzy vibe throughout the song. "No way back" features male vocals over the stomping groove that is on a funky tip with an added jazzy piano hook.

Kenny Dope "Frenzy" (DopeWax Records 12" Promo)

Sampling "Din da da" over an absolutely irresistible groove with Kenny Dope unleashing some fierce beats, before samples of "Everybody, be somebody" (remember it?) and spheric keys come in. Different but interesting...

MAW Electronic "Tranz" (Todd Terry Remix) / "Body" (Josh Wink Remix)(MAW Records 2x12" Promo)

Todd Terry takes on "Tranz" that comes here with additional vocals. His versions capture the beauty of the original's beats and instrumentation just changing thing here and there. Josh Wink reworks "Body" into two different styles. The first makes us of classic acid elements while the second one takes the song onto a deeper level with warm, spheric keys and a deeply bubbling groove.

The 2 Live Crew "Stop playin'" (House Mixes)(Silk Entertainment Records 12" Test Pressing)

Steve 'Silk' Hurley remixing a rap record? Yes, he did - this is the result, taking the original to the house ground with a simple but effective groove based around the sampled "Can you move" by Modern Romance. The instrumental might turn out as a good DJ tool.

Supasoul "Got 2 go disco" / "We love it" (Bubble Gum Records 12" Test Pressing)

This brand new Belgium label presents the collaboration of C-Mos and DJ Ken N. on two hot tracks. "Got 2 go disco" is pure disco heaven with deep filtered keys and a cool funky guitar riff over the stomping groove, added with a jazzy saxophone. The dub stripps it down mainly to the groove and uses less vocals. "We love it" builds and builds into a slamming funky jam with a preacher vocal.

Deli presents Demetreus "Better love" (Axwell Mixes)(Nero Records 12" Test Pressing)

The Deli studio project teams up with vocalist Demetreus to turn out this vocal anthem coming here with mixes by Axwell who turns out storming mixes with an irresistible groove added with hot keys.


March 14, 2003

Exclusive Review: Cunnie Williams "Everything I do" (Sley Vox Mix)(CD-R)

Being played by Tony Humphries already, but with no info supplied there, so let me give you the inside out. This mix has been done by a friend of mine some time ago based on the original version (featured on the album "Night Time in Paris") that is on a midtempo tip since he wanted to have an uptempo version on a soulfulf vibe. With warm keys and loverly guitar riff over a smooth groove, this is perfect track for the early morning.

WMC 2003 Preview: Copyright presents One Track Mind featuring Lisa Millett "Late at night" (SoulFuric Records 12" Test Pressing)

Copyright make lots of noise at the moment with a bunch of classy productions and remixes. Featuring an outstanding vocal performance from Lisa Millett, this is soulful house with a deep groove and warm and melodic keys. This could be their finest work with a groove that won't get out of your head for a long time.

WMC 2003 Preview: Groove Junkies featuring Diane Carter "Don't cha give up "(More House Records 12" Test Pressing)

Diane Carter is now newcomer as she already worked as backround singer for people like Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan. On this latest Groove Junkies release, here funkphisticated voice is featured over a bumpy house groove that is added with a live instrumentation including guitar, melodic keys and jazzy piano.

WMC 2003 Preview: Mambana "Libre" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

Last years massive "No reason" gets a follow-up on SoulFuric that might be one of this years summer monster jams. The sweet vocals are courtesy of Isabel Fructuoso (she was already the voice behind "No reason") and are layed over the bumpin' groove that together with the lovely instrumentation creates a perfect summer vibe.

WMC 2003 Preview: Moodbangers "Moodbangers" (Purple Music Tracks Records 12" Test Pressing)

Sandy Rivera is back with a underground-ish track with simple keys and a vocal chant that make this a banging track to rock the dancefloor at peaktime. The flip features varioius DJ tools to play around with.

WMC 2003 Preview: Liquid Prople featuring Heidi Levo "Don't you go away" (Africanism/Yellow Records 12" Test Pressing)

The Africanism series continues with a different vibe once more combining acidic bleeps, guitar and female vocals to create a flamengo style house groove. The result is quite special but might give your set a welcome twist.

WMC 2003 Preview: Carolyn Harding "Strength" (ArotOfDisco/Yellow Records 12" Test Pressing)

It is great to see Carolyn Harding back with this Freeform Five production that is based around a broken beat with lots of disco elements like classic strings and a funky guitar riff.

Kathy Brown "Don't give up" (Copyright Mixes)(Defected Promo)

Copyright are on a roll at the moment with their upcoming release on SoulFuric (see above) and this slamming remix package for Kathy Brown. Their mixes come on a soulful vibe with a funky guitar and melodic keys over the mellow groove.

A Hundred Birds "Georgia" (Wave Records 12")

"Georgia" is a sweet deep house production with influences from africa to brazil courtesy of this fifteen member live group based in Tokyo.

Kimra "Essential things" (Mantis Records 12")

This is the second single from Kimra for Mantis Records which is a beautifully swinging vocal with Germany's Needs delivering a full on vocal remix and a heavenly dub with a wonderful harmonica solo.

Glenn Underground presents "Flu bug / Black action" (Shelter Records 12")

Shelter for once bringing us two sensual and mellow productions, courtesy of Glenn Underground. "Flu bug" features a flute that glides through the early morning groove while the "Black action" features melodic keys and organs that take you to a journey into blissfull house music.

Roy Davis Jr. "Cluser 2 U" (Large Records 12")

It has been five years since Roy's latest release for Large - the classic "Gabriel". The title track comes with crisp beats coupled with deep Chicago keys and great chord progressions, topped by subtle spoken rhymes. "Soul muziq" is a Curtis Mayfield inspired track full of soul and laidback vibes.

Nothenshun "Unfinished business" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

Chilli Funk turn out another soulful house groove featuring wicked keys together with a live guitar and a beautiful lyrcial saxophone.

Souplanet Jazz Ensemble featuring Xavior "Changes" (Soulplanet Records 12")

"Changes" fuses the organic sounds of latin jazz with deep percussive house beats, coming with great live instrumentation as the base for Xavior's fine voice.

Next Evidence featuring N'Dea Davenport "Morning breeze" (Capitol Records 12")

Former Brand New Heavis singer N'Dea Davenport is the featured vocalist on this smooth and mellow house cut out of France featuring a lovely guitar and fantastic flute. Dimitri from Paris delivers a superb remix with both the strings and arrangement giving the track a timeless vibe.

Mekkah featuring Bryan Chambers "Found a love" (Soul Love Records 12")

The follow up to "Race of survival" is a feel good house anthem destined to rock the dancefloors with the catchy keys over the bumpin' groove. The flip features a harder dub.

Soul Rebels "The revolution will not be televised" (Defected Records 12" Promo)

Preacher led chant vocals over a stomping house groove combined with melodic keys. Should be tearing up the bigger dancefloors with ease.


March 9, 2003

Lil' Jay "You made me love you" (Timmy Regisford Mixes)(Fall Out Records 12")

Actually this is a Timmy Regisford remix of Jamiroquai's "Little L" where he uses the Blaze mixes and reconstructs his own edit out of them.

Stephanie Cooke "Rain (let it all fall down)" (Part 2)(KingStreet Records 2x12")

Part two comes a double pack featuring new mixes by Romanthony giving it a darker edge, Soul Dharma turning out a laidback soulful groove and Dennis Ferrer delivering mellow mixes featuring wicked jazzy keys and lovely horns. Finally there is a rerprise of Jay-J's version that was featured on part one.

Brent Laurence featuirng Reggie Watts "Closer" (Louis Benedetti Remixes)(SoulShine Records 12" Promo)

These new mixes by Louis Benedetti give the song a lovely new feel on a laidback vibe with a deep bass added with wicked keys, guitar and percussion. The dub mix takes it onto a more percussive vibe with a marvellous piano solo that will drive you crazy.

Lady Alma "Lift your voices" (83 West Records 12" Promo)

Alma Horton is back with this strong production featuring her fantastic voice over a groovy backing track added with jazzy keys that create a warm feeling, not to forget to mention her outstanding vocal performance.

Kim English "Simply grateful" (SuSu Records 12" Promo)

The original based around a midtempo groove is produced by Kyle 'Small' Smith and comes on a soulful vibe. Darryl James delivers an uptempo version with a storming groove, featuring soprano sax and both harmonica and trombone solos. As a bonus, the Jon Cutler remix of "Treat me right" is included.

Runner up: Soul Switch featuring Meli'sa Morgan "Don't say love" (WestEnd Records 12")

Cato Jones & Cameron Fitzpatrick aka Soul Swtich together with singer Meli'sa Morgan present us a timeless production with a wonderful arrangement of the instrumentation, including a killer piano. Classic garage music at its best.

Konrad Gordon (Pushi) featurin g Deborah Jordan "Destiny" (Smokin' Beats Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Destiny" is a funky groover with an infectious vibe featuring the unique voice of Deborah Jordan. The mixes are courtesy of Smokin' Beats who deliver a huge vocal mix while their dub is the one for peak hour play with its more powerful groove.

Cocolorez "You" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

Behind Cocolorez are swiss DJ's and producers Mario Held & Aston Martinez. Together with vocalist Sibillle Faessler they turn out a superb piece of dancefloor soul featuring athmospheric strings and guitar picks to create a driving feel with the dub being on a more hypnotic vibe.

Scott Wozniak & Keith Thompson "It's on" (Part 2)(InnerVibe Music Records 12" Promo)

Here we get Mateo & Matos creating a hypnotic vibe on the vocal remix with a bumpy groove featuring a wicked organ solo. The flip features the Groove Junkies remix coming with warm keys over a stompin' groove.

Brian Scott featuring Everton Barnes "Fallin'" (After Dark Records 12" Test Pressing)

After Dark is the brand new offshot label from Smokin' Beats presenting a slamming release here. "Fallin'" is on a funky vibe and comes with a deep bubbling groove added with a deep bassline and melodic keys that all get topped with Everton Barnes' soulful vocals.

Kaskade featuring Joslyn "It's you, it's me" (OM Records 12")

This is the title track lifted from the forthcoming Kaskade longplayer. It is a fierce track with a stomping groove featuring sharp beats, Joslyn's smooth vocals and a lovely guitar.

Amma "Heartbeat" (Inspirit Music Records 12")

The 'Beard Mix' is on a mellow vibe featuing a lovely guitar solo and a warm, melodic groove while Kaskade comes up with a remix based around sharp beats.

Satin Souls "Aziza "(Remixes)(Transport Records 12")

Movido come up with a nice remix using latin percussion and a big subby bassline combined with warm melodies on their main vocal while the dub gets a bit of a techy flavour. DJ MFR delivers a deep dub with subtle guitar melodies over lush pads.

Chris Brann presents Deliah "B strong 4 me" (Yosthitoshi Records 2x12")

The Chris Brann production that features Heater Johnson on vocals comes here in hypnotic mixes by Miguel Migs featuring a fierce groove based around stomping beats, added with acidic keys and a jazzy saxophone. The other mixes included by Martin Villeneuve are on a progressive tip.

Ann Nesby "Shelter" (God's House Records 12" Test Pressing)

Teddy Douglas & Jay Steinhour produced this funked up track that features the outstanding vocals from Ann Nesby together with an irresistible guitar riff over the stomping groove.

Copyright presents The Movement featuring Bryan Chambers "We get up" (Z Records 12")

The in demand Copyright deliver a catchy production featuring Bryan Chambers on vocals over a stomping groove added with funky bass and guitar.

Nick K presents Okazeon "Coming home" (Remix Part 2)(Camouflage Records 12" Promo)

Now here we go for a different vibe... The Tony Thomas remix is a progressive tribal take while Peter & Tyrone's take is on a minimalistic tribal tip.


March 2, 2003

Exclusive:  Faith Evans "You gets no love" (Original Drum Remix)(CD-R)

As promised, here is the sensational remix of Faith Evans that never got released. King Supreme did a marvellous job turning the r&b original into a slamming dance tune featuring slamming beats and wicked keys that harmonize perfectly with the soulful vocals.

Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler "Winter's blessing" (Ibadan Records 12")

Lifted from the 2001 long player "Saturday", this wonderful song finally gets a full 12" release including an extended album version and the 'Deluxe Version' which adds some new musical elements. Both versions keep it in an athmoshperic, stripped down vein, featuring jazzy organ pads and beautiful strings.

Kerri Chandler "Trionisphere V" (KingStreet Records 12" White Label)

No information on the track titles on this test pressing, but this makes no difference to the fact that this is a slamming continuation in the "Trionisphere" series. The a-side track features soulful vocals including some scatting and mellow keys over one of those stomping grooves we love Kerri for. The b-side track is a gospel vocal driven track with warm keys over a bumpy groove.

Richard Earnshaw "Joyride" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is the follow up to this major hit "People are people". Featuring dope choards and a simple vocal hook and one of his signature rhodes solo over a fierce groove, "Joyride" has a driving feel to it.

Muziq "Half crazy" (The Other Version)(Bootlegg 12")

After the stunning Darryl James remixes from last year, there is now this brand new booty featuring a different take on this slamming r&b song. Driven by a phat percussive beat, this is a deep and soulful old school flava groover.

Nigel Hayes "Augustus / Sarajevo" (Sunshine Enterprises 12" Test Pressing)

"Augustus" by is a pounding and imperial combination of afro elements with an irresistible jazz-funk groove. The flipside features "Sarajevo", a jazzy track that starts with a nice spacey intro before the broken beat drums kick in and the tracks starts to build up.

Dr. Bob Jones presents The Interns "Soulfoold" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

"Soulfood" is a latino tinged house groover on a soulful and jazzy vibe featuring a lovely instrumentation including wurlitzer, hammond, strings, piano and rhodes that give the song a warm and laidback feeling.

Abicah Soul "Chukie's turn / Lacumbia" (Jellybean Soul/Rush Hour Records 12")

Last year in may you got introduced to this jam here, but it took until now for a full release of this gem. Produced by Stax, together with Glenn Underground who also supplies the marvellous organ solo, "Chuckie's turn" comes with a rolling, jazz fuelled rhythm and the already mentioned organ. The b-side features "Lacumbia", an excellent deep house track.


February 23, 2003

Exclusive:  Boys 2 Men featuring Faith Evans "Relax your mind" (Original Drum Remix)(CD-R)

Original Drum Productions, run by King Supreme, are based in New Jersey, USA and did a sensational remix last year of Faith Evan's "You gets no love" (to be featured in one of the coming mixshows). King Supreme sent me a CD with some of their recent remix productions including this marvellous remix of "Relax your mind" that turns the original r&b song into a soulful dance tune with a mellow vibe, featuring jazzy keys and warm instrumentation. Expect more of their material coming soon here on the mixshows.

Exclusive Preview: SerJay featuring DragonFly "Mahal kita" (2003 Remixes)(White Label 12")

Not gonna be widely available until this years Winter Music Conference held in Miami from March 18 to 22,  this 12" features stunning remixes. Sound of Soul go for a melodic vibe with a mellow groove and warm keys, making the sweet vocals shine. The Rulers of the Deep turn it into a deep and moody groover with an ambient feel to it, using athmospheric and acidic keys that create an irresistible feeling.

Exclusive Preview: Peptide with Mr. White "Alone, with you" (CD-R)

Proud we are presenting you this currently unsigned song "Alone, with you" which is produced by Sean M. O'Daniels, one of Memphis (USA) most influential electronic music DJ's. The song uses a deep bubbling groove combined with melodic and spheric keys and strong male vocals, creating a smooth electronic house track.

Exclusive Preview: 12 Fingers "Jam jam jam all night long" (Led Records CD Promo)

Italian producer Ivan N sent me his latest track that is bringing the jazz-funk to the dancefloors. The gospel vocals make this a feel good tune that is loaded with jazzy keys, funky guitars and a deep bubbling bass. A musical bliss with a classic jazz-funk feel set to rock the dancefloors once the groove catches your body & soul.

Nikos & Sache "Supernatural healing" (Under My Skin Records 12")

Under My Skin is a young label out of Californa combining gospel vocals with soulful and funky grovoes. This laidback groover features the subtle vocoals of O'nita Hutton and the jazzy alto sax of of Donald Hayes, the result being an outstanding piece of gospel house.

Various "Hed Kandi 12" Sampler" (Hed Kandi Records 2x12" Promo)

Hed Kandi, known for various compilations covering different areas of house music, present this four track promo sampler featuring some of their upcoming 12" releases. "Breather" by Afterlife is featured here in its Eric Kupper remix that uses warm and jazzy keys over a moody groove. "How deep is your love" by Lazy Grace featuring Billy Godfrey is a soulful cover version taking the timeless classic to the dancefloor while "Do 4 love" by Fuel is a stomping track with spacey keys sampling the main hook of the classic "Ride like the wind" by Christopher Cross. Finally Craig Jenson gives the Lil' Louis classic "Club lonely" a new life with his new interpretation that is based aournd a bumping groove with warm keys and a catchy guitar riff.

Jay-J featuring Latrice Barnett "Keep on rising" (Copyright Mixes)(Defected Records 12")

Copyright with the phatest mixes of this Jay-J production so far turning out a set of peaktime mixes with irresistible keyboard work and a deep, funky guitar. Check their reprise that starts off on a laidback and mellow vibe before the action starts.

Scott Wozniak & Keith Thompson "It's on" (InnerVibe Music Records 12" Promo)

Legendary vocalist Keith Thompson on teamwork here with Scott Wozniak presenting a shining gem with Keith's cool vocals over a wicked groover with phat beats and catchy keys. The flip holds the 'Epic Dub' with warm rolling basslines and skatty vocal while the Mateo & Matos dub is a raw, sexy and sassy take. Part two will feature more mixes from Mateo & Matos as well as mixes by Groove Junkies.

Jay Da'Mour "Gamble" (Subliminal Soul Records 12")

"Gamble" is a great vocal production by Joshua Grant featuring songstress Tasita D'Mour over a backing track using live bass, beautiful deep organ chords and strong beats.


February 16, 2003

Exlusive Preview: Spanky Wonderland "How many times" (Audiowhores Remix)(Map Dance Records CD Promo)

I first got you this song back in may last year with the piano driven Lenny Fontana remix and the Aston Martinez remix that uses a bumping groove with both funky bass and guitar. Now with a release not too far away, there are new remixes by the Audiowhores giving the song another direction. A deeply bubbling groove, coupled with spheric keys and a lovely guitar solo give the song a driving feeling.

Deep Swing presents Audio Philes "Raindrops" (Generate Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Eric Wikman & James Donaldson come up with the new production name Audio Philes to present their latest jam "Rain drops" that features vocal snippets by singer Wayne Howard. They go deep and soulful here using smooth basic chords and a lovely jazzy flute to give it a real underground feel. Various mixes to choose from, all keeping it soulful and real,  including a hot acapella that is added with the flute and strings. Wayne Howard does a mix on his own with Jesse Outlaw adding the drum programming.

Racoon featuring Christine Lucas "Come alive" (Jay-J Remix)(Deep Touch Records 12")

Jay-J with a deep and sexy late night remix on a jazzy tip featuring live guitars, trumped and wicked keys that complement the sweet sounding vocals.

Chieko Kinbara featuring Liliana Chachian "A espera" (The Remixes)(Disorient Records 12")

Osunlade delivers a deep and soulful 'Yoruba Soul Mix' with phat and dirty latin beats while on the flip japanese producers Bayaka come up with an epic, nearly 13 minute organic remix.

East West Connection featuring Daniel Vacchio "High on life" (ChilliFunk Records 12")

ChilliFunk start the new year with their 50th release courtesy of the label heads East West Connection aka Dr. Bob and Lofty. "High on life" is a warm and uplifting groover featuring a jazzy piano and the luscious vocals from Daniel Vacchio.

The Rurals "Rebel EP" (Peng Records 12")

Two tracks, "Rebel" and "For life", are featured on this latest release from The Rurals. Known for their melodic and mellow releases, they delilver one of their deepest releases ever.

Room 5 featuring Oliver Cheatham "Make luv" (Positiva Records 12" Promo)

The main extended version makes heavy use of Oliver Cheatham's classic "Get down saturday night" using the main hook and some of the vocals of it,  giving the track a funky house touch. Axwell turns it into a peak-time stomper on his remix using a fierce groove.

Cue featuring Lisa Marie Binillia "Dreaming of you" (Aurei Records 12" Promo)

Sandy Rivera's label is bringing us a deep and soulful release from Miami based producer Cue who composed this song with lyrics written by vocalist Lisa Marie Bonillia & Angel Moraes. Expect smooth vocals and catchy hooks with warm keys over a bumpy house groove. Kings of Tomorrow deliver a remix using their signature beats.

Cue "Who is who (Part 1)(Deep Vision Records 12" Promo)

This is a tough, percussive track coming a hypnotic and hard-hitting way and featuring a phantom voice as well as acid tones, showcasing an other music style Cue is interested in. The beats version is on a tribal tip and very useful to play around.

Bob Sinclar "Kiss my eyes" (Yellow Records 12")

It's different once again what Bob Sinclar is offering... A stomping house groove with a real touch of tango and wicked keys and hot female vocals.

India Arie "Ready 4 love" (Fall Out Records 12")

This classic r&b song gets a deep house treatment that is based around a laidback percussive groove, topped with warm keys and India Arie's wonderful voice.

Carole Sylvan "Everybody say yeah" (Odyssey Records 12" Promo)

Lenny Fontana teams up with singer Carole Sylvan to present us with a stomping track that has an anthemic feel to it and  makes use of some hot filtering effects and wicked keys.


February 9, 2003

Exlusive Preview: Lil' Louis "Club lonely" (Rulers of the Deep Remix)(Promo CD)

The Rulers of the Deep take the lengedary vocals from this club classic and create a whole new song out of it. Full of warm keys, wtih a jazzy saxophone and a percussive groove, the result is a mellow, laidback vibe. Simply wonderful.

Runner up: The Sound of Joy "Now or never" (Purple Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

There is no stopping us here in Switzerland putting out soulful house music!! "Now or never" by The Sound of Joy will instantly capture your attention with its lovely instrumentation. The original version is on a soulful, laidback vibe while the Pound Boys turn the song into a powerful dancefloor stomper on their mixes.

Shaun Escoffery "Let it go" (Jazzanova Remix)(Oyster Records 12" Promo)

Jazzanova on remix duty for Shaun Escoffery, turning the original into a soulful house direction with rough beats and great, jazzy piano lines. With more mixes from Sir Piers coming soon, this should be big.

Deep Swing presents Jazz Transit "Steppin' out" (Remixes)(SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

This 1997 classic from Deep Swing gets a hot makeover by John 'Julius' Knight and the UK's Audiowhores turning this classy instrumental into a sure shot dancefloor rocker with a deep jazz flavor.

Lady Alma Project "Dreams" (KingStreet Records 12")

Blizz of Soul Dhama produced this beautiful record that features vocalist Alma Horton. It comes soulful with a deep jazzy feeling, featuring a xylophone accentuating the smooth voice of Alma Horton.

Jody Watley "Whenever / Photographs (Remix)" (Peace Bisquit Records 12")

This newcomer label from the US kicks off strong with this deep and soulful release from Jody Watley. There is also an exclusive US remix by Dave Warrin of "Photographs" that gives a rich warm feeling to the song.

Tèt Kale Orkestra "Kouzen" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

The original is a horny driven afro track with a touch of samba as base for the deep vocal chant. The flip holds a lovely acoustic version featuring live guitars and sharper beats.

Soul Providers featuirng Robin Rush "Let the sunshine in" (Elan Records 12")

The Soul Providers team up wth Robin Rush to create a bubbling track with a deep bassline and melodic keys.

The Blackbyrds "Mysterious vibes" (Z Records 12")

The 70's jazz-funk heroes return on Joey Negro's label with a hot remix of their classic and much sampled "Mysterious vibes". The original jazz-funk elements perfectly harmonize with the uptempo groove. Rumour has it that the Masters at Work will do remixes soon.

Audiowhores featuring Asia "House music all night" (Celebrity Records 12")

The Audiowhores with a jazzy house track featurint vocalist Asia, fender rhodes and guitar. Gene Farris delivers a set of really groovy remixes.


February 2, 2003

Exlusive Preview: Chris Specht & Claude 9 "Surrender" (Shoreleave Records CD Promo)

Shoreleave is a brand new US label out of Austin, Texas. The first release is a collaboration of the label owners Chris Specht & Claude 9. The three track kicks off with "Surrender", a lush groover that takes you on a deep house voyage on an ambient vibe that is filled with electro blips, scatting loops and smooth spoken words by Kimi Chi. "Tequilla shot" is a pumpin' peak hour cut with delayed horn snippets and dubby keys. Finally there is a track titled "Tool" - a cut up of the Jack's theme acapella featuring a funky scat loop.

Iramo "Tierra mia - abreme los caminos" (Ibadan Records 12")

Antonio Ocasio returns with a quality latin jazz-house treatment featuring a full cast of musicians, creating a truly spiritual feeling on the vocal version. The flip holds a dub that takes the song to a rougher and much more percussive vibe.

MAW presents A Tribute to Fela "MAW expensive" (Dimitri from Paris Remix)(MAW Records 12" Promo)

Dimitri from Paris retouches the Masters at Work tribute to Fela Kuti on a very gentle way. Two versions to choose from, with the main "Dim's Retouch" being a beautiful edited version of the original, while the "Dim's Deepah Touch" gives the song a deeper groove while keeping the afro vibe alive.

Ron Carroll "Natural" (Music 101 Recorrds 12")

Ron Carroll is back with a feel good gospel house production that features slick organ work and dreamy disco strings. The Blak Beat Niks deliver a smooth and mellow remix taking the track on a more laidback vibe.

Miguel Migs "The night" (Naked Music Records 12")

Naked Music present us this soothing late night track pearl by Miguel Migs featuring a set of hot remixes by Andy Caldwell, Sir Piers, DJ Rork (from Soldiers of Twillight fame) and Movido.

DJ Spen presents Deepah Ones "Freak EP" (Part 2)(Defected Records 12" Promo)

Part two of the "Freak EP" featuring more funky madness from DJ Spen. "Some day, some way" comes on a disco-ish tip featuring a storming groove while "Walk with me" is a piano driven track with a stomping beat. The flip features the 'Audio Drive Remix' of "Freak".

Hugo Madrid "Within my soul" (Upskirt Records 12" Test Pressing)

Barrio boy Hugo Madrid presents this latin flavored double sider kicking off with the jazzy "Within my soul" featuring a warm organ and late night sax meanderings. Second is "Deeplove" that gets the Craig Nelson arrangement with additional Gripper production, turning into a sparse latino builder.

Various  "Kitsune Love Sampler" (Kitsune Records 3x12" Promo)

This is a limited DJ promo-pack of the forthcoming "Kitsune Love" album. It features a selection of Kitsune's upcoming releases for this year that cover a wide range of electro influended house. The standout cuts are "Attend 1" by DJ Gregory and "Lovegames" by Shakedown (that is definitely influenced by the massive Mood II Swing remix of Lucy Pearl), the other productions are courtesy of Ernest Saint Laurent, Playgroup, Lacquer, Alan Braxe & Fred Falke.


January 26, 2003

Exlusive Preview: DJ Andrez Project "Muertos ride" (Demo Mix)(CD-R)

Here we go again with an exclusive preview you won't find elsewhere. DJ Andrez gave me this demo mix of a track he is curently working on. Wicked chants over a percussion loaded beat generate an irresistible feeling. You can contact DJ Andrez by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Runner up: Paul E. Lopes "Whatanaut:House" (Virgin Records 12" Promo)

Virgin Canada present a real surprise here. Augusta aka Paul E. Lopes & Patrick Paredes are behind all the tracks on this release. The standout track "See thru you" features Sacha on vocals over a laidback groove with a cool guitar riff and jazzy keys, creating a mellow vibe. "Feeling so good" features Ivana Santilli on both vocals and keys, and comes your way on a soulful and jazzy tip. Finally there is "Why can't I stay", a moody track on an electro tip.

Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn presents The II Deep Allstars featuring James Preston Jr. "Nature boy" (NightGrooves Records 12")

Deep, jazzy and soulful describe the latest release from Germany's mastermind Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn the best. Featuring his II Deep Allstar ensemble and James Preston Jr. on both vocals and keys, this is jazzy house at its best.

Khalil Productions featuring Letitia B "Wide open" (New Generation Records 12" Test Pressing)

One of my all time favorite New Jersey labels is back with a hot release featuirng slamming Big Moses remixes, giving the song a classic garage feelilng with melodic keys over a bumping groove.

Ray de Copas "Frontera Del Ensueno" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

Slip'N'Slide offer a latin house track by Ray de Copas featuring a lovely jazzy piano. The vocal version uses a pumped up groove while the instrumental is on a more laidback vibe.

First Choice "The player" (Unreleased Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")

Two chunky disco mixes of this classic from back in the days, the first one combining the original with a Chic-ish groove, while the second one adds a tribalish beat and features a lovely but short xylophone solo.

Manijama featuring Mukupa & L'il T "No no no" (Jask's Thaisoul Orchestra Remix)(Defected Records 12" Test Pressing)

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the 2x12" promo which features some fierce mixes. On this test pressing here, Jask takes the track to a total different vibe with warm and spaced out keys over a melodic groove.

Waldo Garrido "Give me the rhythm" (Kompactr Records 12")
Aviators featuring Lady K. "Poison to my mind (I keep movin')" (Kompactr Records 12")

Kompactr Records is based in Sydney, Australia. They  sent me their two latest releases. First we have "Give me the rhythm" which is a wicked latin track with Waldo Garrido providing the hot guitar. Then there is "Poison to my mind (I keep movin')" which is a fierce track with a stompin' groove and an extra funky flava. Funk Corporation aka Craig Obey & Paul 'Flex' Taylor are responsible for the remixes giving the tracks that extra punch to rock the dancefloors.

Destiny's Child "Independent woman" (Unknown Remix)(CD-R)

I got this remix in the mail this week with no sender mentioned, this remains a mysterious remix... It uses a deeply stomping groove with warm and melodic keys as playground for Destiny's Childs vocals.


January 19, 2003

Runner Up: Parliament of House "Inside" (Purple Music Tracks Records 12" Test Pressing)

Behind Parliament of House are C&M Productions who bring us this absolutely brilliant track with a deep bubbling groove added with wicked keys and a lady simply singing "Inside", giving the track an irresistible feeling. Made for the undergound to dance the night away...

Exlusive Preview: Urban Dance Institution "Like music" (Soulful Journey Mix)(CD Promo)

The original 'Natural Soul Mix' was reviewed here back in late november last year. Now producer Dekky sent me the new 'Soulful Journey Mix' giving the song a more laidback vibe with warm keys, a beautiful guitar and bubbling bass along the sexy vocals from Lucy May.

La Fuerza Positiva "Senorita" (MAW Records 12" Promo)

This track is a teaser for the forthcoming "MAW Latino" album. I'm not sure if Urban Magic are just the remixers are also the producers, but what you get are hot mixes with a fierce latin groove and lovely instrumentation and wicked vocals.

Soul Treat featuring Melo "All for the best" (SubUrban Records 12")

Rasmus Faber is presenting a soulful production featuring the stunning vocals by Melo over a fierce groove with warm, jazzy keys. Don't miss the bonus track "Es mejor asi" starting off on a mellow vibe, featuring an acoustic guitar and live percussion with a house-ish beat coming on later on.

Pound Boys featuring Shawn Benson "Chains" (Look-at-Yout Records 12" Test Pressing)

Once again the Pound Boys team up with vocalist Shawn Benson to create a groovy track with a warm vibe thanks to the jazzy keys and soulful vocals over th storming beat. Knee Deep deliver two very hot remixes with an incredible instrumental version where the jazzy keys and deep bubbling bass gets to full effect.

Groove Junkies featuring Solara & Raya Beam "Deper" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

This latest offering by the Groove Junkies features the sultry vocals of Solara and spoken word artist Raya Beam. Their oiginal mixes comes with a deep and funky bass and jazzy sax over the stomping groove. Brian Tappert gives the track a peaktime feeling with a stomping groove and extra keys by keeping the original vibe alive.

Significant Others featuring Enitan "Ain't o stoppin'" (Look-at-You Records 12" Test Pressing)

There really ain't no stoppin' this week with all these good music. This one here is a driving production with a retro feeling including funky elements and classic discoish strings.


January 12, 2003

Runner up: Barrie H Hayes presents Errol Reid "Celebrate life" (Tom Tom Club Records 12" Promo)

"Celebrate life" is a Black Masses Orchestra production featuring trumpet and sax in addition to the soulful vocals by Errol Reid. The result is a laidback garage song with a bumpy groove and a jazzy touch.

Ann Nesby "Let your will be done" (Louis Benedetti Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

Simply titled "Let it be", this bootlegg features the Louis Bendetti remixes that Universal Records never put out. Ann Nesby unveils once more here truly outstanding voice on this gospel song with Louis Bendetti adding a fierce instrumentation with jazzy keys and a bumpy groove.

Rhianna "I love every little thing about you" (Knee Deep Mixes)(Sony Records 12"Promo)

Knee Deep come up with a lovely remix using jazzy keys over a warm groove that is added with sweet percussion as the perfect playground for Rhianna's soulful vocals.

Soulsearcher "Feelin' love" (Part 2)(SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

Sweden's Axwell is providing us with a fierce vocal mix, based on a pumping groove coupled with strong keys. On the flip, Marc Pomeroy comes up with a dub full of nice breaks and effects, a definite DJ toy.

Solu Music featuring Karen Gardner "Love come around" (SoluMusic Records CD Promo)

Solu Music present us vocalist Karen Gardner  whos voice will grab you at the first second you hear it. "Love come around" is packed with thick keys, moaning guitars and a hook that will keep you singing. The dub version features sensuous strings and hypnotizing grooves, combined with more minimal vocals.

KimBlee "Naturally" (Blaze Remix)(SoluMusic Records CD Promo))

Blaze have the honour to present the first third party remixes for Solu Music. They take KimBlee's full original vocals and lay it over a mix full of amazing textures and soulful solos. The dub uses minmal vocals, adds more solos and features a great breakdown at the end.

Blacq & Wright "The damce" (Vinyl Junkies Records 2x12"Limited Edition)

Vinyl Junkies, a dance music specialist record store in London, presents a  jazzy and funky production on a soulful house tip with Markus Enochson delivering a set of hot remixes.

DJ Spen presents Deepah Ones "Freak" (Defected Records 12" Promo)

DJ Spen with a wicked track featuring an irresistible female chorus and male spoken vocals over a funky rhythm that will catch you as soon as you hear it.

Darryl D'Bonneau "Can we do it" (Odyssey Records 12" Promo)

The original version is a pumped up stomper with cheesy keys. Joey Musaphia gives the song a different twist with warm keys over bumpy groove.

Sandy Rivera "I can't stop" (Defected Records 12" Promo)

The Lab Rats are giving this latest Sandy Rivera production a more funky feeling, added with extra keys, compared to Sandy's original versions (which have previously been reviewed as part of the "2002 Christmas Sampler").

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