The Pick of the Week reviews for 2003.

December 28, 2003

Scott Wozniak featuring Aly Worth "Wake up my life" (Distant Music Records 12")

"Wake up my life" is produced by Scott Wozniak who brings up an absolute beauty here. His vocal mix is a groovy track driven by a jazzy piano and Aly Worth' wonderful vocal performance over a bumpy house groove. On the dub, he goes for vocoded vocals and additional instrumentation including saxophone and organ. Peter & Tyrone from 83 West Records are behind the additional mixes on this 12", and these mixes are absolutely wicked. Featuring a killer keys section and superb organ that are layed over a smoothly bumpin' groove, it is up to Aly Worth' to turn this into an uplifting and soulful song which she surely does.

Blak Beat Niks "The sun will shine" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

Chicago based Black Beat Niks are back with a latin tinged masterpiece that features the amazing vocal talents of David Blak. The 11 minute original version - an opus in its own right - is the perfect choice for the diehard fans of soulful vibes. Simon Grey is responsible for the outstanding remix that is featured on this package. It features ultra-tight funky beats and latin pianos and extra live instrumentation to give it a club friendly but still very soulful and melodic feel. For all the DJs, the accapella is included. It will be released in early february 2004.


December 21, 2003

House of 909 "Beautiful day EP" (Almost Heaven Records 12" Test Pressing)

What should I say about this EP... got it in the mail today, listened to it and fell in love with it... Three different tracks are featured on this 12" that will be released in early 2004. The main track "Beautiful day" is actually a re-release and comes here in two mixes. Fist off is the phat Cevin Fisher remix that uses a deeply storming groove and melodic keys along the male vocals to create a hypnotic vibe. Gene Douglas comes up with a dub remix that uses a pumpin' bassline to create an underground vibe. "Children we were" is a top notch deep house track with a truly deep bubbling groove and warm spheric keys that create a laidback vibe. "Raining souls" is an instrumental track with a moody groove that is added with jazzy keys, creating a more chilled out feeling.


December 14, 2003

Dennis Ferrer featuring Aaron Pearson "It's a beautiful life" (Sfere Records 12")

Dennis Ferrer coming up with a bomb here. It is a soulful production featuring singer Aaron Pearson over a smoothly stompin' groove that is added with a fantastic trumpet, warm melodic keys and lovely drum programming. The song has got an uplifting vibe to it with the background vocals giving it a laidback, relaxed feeling.


December 7, 2003

Franck Roger presents "Ekobah" (Needs Records 12")

Franck Rogers from Sraight Up Records out of Paris/France is known for his deep and evocative music. "Ekobah" his latest work featuring a jazzy saxophone as well as piano and xylophone solos over a powerful buth smooth afro-style groove. When the organ solo kicks in, the song is taken to another level, turning out the spiritual vibe of this wonderful production. The flip features a stripped down dub version.


November 30, 2003

No. 3 "Sandcastles" (Ibadan Records 10" Promo)

Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham come up with a surprise in form of this hypnotic deep, deep production that kicks off with percussion, a throbbing kickdrum and stellar synth. Later an irresistible piano line reminiscent to some classic Chicago house joints comes in and the track starts to build and build with a vocal refrain and string sounds coming in half way through. Towards the end, the track shows its full glory with all elements combined to create the climax.


November 23, 2003

Lisa Millett "It's alright" (Purple Music Records 12" Promo)

The first thing coming to your mind when listening to this latest Jamie Lewis production is that you heard that guitarlick before. It is taken from the Positive Force classic "We got the funk" and cleverly centers this soulfully grooving production that features songstress Lisa Millett who is surrounded by the melodic keyboard works of Flavio Cuva that, togehter with the deep rumbling bass, give the song an uplifting and warm feeling. Also included are funked-up vocal and dub versions.


November 16, 2003

Mariah Carey "Heart break" (DFA Mixes)(Fall Out Records 12" Bootlegg)

Mariah Carey's "Bringing on the heart break" (the original can be found on her current longplayer "Charmbracelet") is remixed here by DFA aka Darryl James & Fred McFarlane who deliver one of their hottest remixes to date. A wonderful instrumentation including melodic keys and a lovely guitar surround the sweet and sexy voice of Mariah, creating a laidback vibe that will infect you once you hear it.


November 9, 2003

Rawsoul Orchestra featuring Sybille "Superlover" (Underground Solution Records 12" Test Pressing)

It has been more than a year since the last release for Underground Solution (the massive remixes of Keith Thompson's "Rhythm of life"). Now the label returns with another smash in their hands, produced by Swiss production duo Mirco Esposito & Mario Held aka Rawsoul Orchestra (also known as Souxsoul). "Superlover" is an infectous and positive soulful groover with a a catchy main vocal hook courtesy of Sybille, uplifting string section and funky keys. John 'Julius' Knight comes up with a fat and fierced up dubattack set to rock the danceflooors.

Kerri Chandler "Street Musiq 2.0" (Large Records 12" Test Pressing)

Kerri Chandler continues the "Street Musiq" series with the second installment. Four tracks to choose from, all covering different areas of dance music. "Poverty" features lead vocals from Dennis Ferrer over heavy break beats that are topped with jazzed-up keys and a lovely guitar. "It will come to pass" is a George Benson inspired tune that uses a wicked organ ride, jazzy keys and male vocal over a deeply storming groove. Next up is a live remake of one of the true Chicago house classics: "Can U feel it?" by Fingers Inc. comes with a fantastic jazzy piano ride over a percussively, deep bubbling groove. And then tere is "Things I see", a heartfelt and moody track with a deeply rumbling groove added with soulful vocals and and oustanding key section.


November 2, 2003

Glenn Underground "Trust EP" (Large Records 12" Test Pressing)

Glenn Underground presents a mellow groover with a male spoken message that is added with swee female background vocals and warm, melodic keys over a bumpy house groove with a deep rumbling bassline. The flip features a broken beat version of it as well as the full acapella.


October 26, 2003

Passion Dance Orchestra "Worlds" (Versions)(Needs Records 12" Promo)

Originally released two years ago, the seminal 15 minute long "Worlds" has become an anthem with many DJs, and 'Little' Louie Vega just recently declared it a 'classic'. Now it is re-released with three brand new mixes. 'Theme 2' captures the great string-soaked moments of the epic original while adding a new organic flavour to it. The flip features both an athmospheric dub and beautiful reprise. These new mixes will further establilsh this as a timeless piece of music.

Don't miss to check the review of the compilation "Needs (not wants)" which features the original version.


October 19, 2003

SOLU Music "A Night at the Barracuda EP" (SOLU Music Records 12")

"A night at the barracuda" is an infectious tune with Bernard Ulrich's sax dueling it out with a cracking organ line and a killer hook that make this an umistakable piece of house music. The 'Champagne on Ice Mix' features vocals by Kai Martin and takes the track to a much more relaxed vibe, creating a laidback and mellow feeling. Also included is "Marcello", an almost chillout tune on a latin tip with sultry latin guitar alongside the mellow beats, keys and the lush deep bassline.


October 12, 2003

Various "Unreleased Mixes Volume 02" (Bombay Records 12")

Bombay went into their vaults and got a real treasure out in form of the Fred Everything remixes of "Astounded" by Bran Van 3000 featuring Curtis Mayfield. He turns the song into a truly memorable vocal house journey taking it as deep as it can get while keeping the structure and vibe of the original alive. Funk, featuring marvellous string - simply an outstanding piece of music. Also included on this 12" is a deeply grooving Johnny Fiasco edit of Miguel Graca's "Speak my mind".


October 5, 2003

Solar House "Harmony Blues EP" (Large Records 12")

Solar House aka Calum Walker from Fresh & Low stable are back with another EP full of deep house bliss, featuring a variety of styles. "Heaven (cloud nine)" is a  soaring and soulful deep house track featuring the smooth vocals by Angie Reid and a lovely keys. "Decisions" comes on a broken beat afro tip with vocals by Jer Boweh. Finally there is "Harmony Blues", featuring Angie Reid, a Kruder & Dorfmeister styled laidback jazzy groover on a midtempo tip.


September 28, 2003

DJ Romain presents "Late Night House Sessions Vol. 3" ((NuFaze Records 12")

DJ Romain is a busy man these days. Here he presents a slamming three track EP on his own NuFaze imprint. First off is "Going down", a smooth yet solid house track with lush chords courtesy of Jon Cutler and the cool and sexy voice of Miko.Next up is "New black messiah", a masterful spoken word track with jazzy upright bassline and deep fender chords, coming on a broken beat style. Finally there is "It's broken", being also on the broken beat tipo with funky stabbing bassline and syncopated drum beats.


September 21, 2003

Nikos featuring Mark Ledford "Speaking in tongues" (Under My Skin Records 12" Promo)

Once again, producer Nikos assembles an all-star cast. Singer O'Nita Hutton's unique voice  has already been featured on the previous releases. Here she gets joined by saxophone player Donald Hayes, organ player Tony 'Sache' Wilkins and Mark 'Shabba Led' Ledford who is a singer, trumpet and guitar player. "Speaking in tongues" is a splendid combination of jazz, r&b and gospel. The 'Original Vocal Mix' comes on a laidback and jazzy tip with O'Nita Hutton's smooth vocals while 'The Dub' comes on a moody tip with a deeply bubbling beat, wicked guitar and male vocals.


September 14, 2003

The Latin Project "Lei lo lai" (Electric Monkey Records 2x12")

Now that the summer is coming to an end, and after having heard this record, you could ask yourself: "is there a better way to end the summer"? Previous Giant Step artist Latin Project produced this latin gem that comes complete with mixes by the Masters at Work and Incognito who both stay close to the original but add their very own touch to the song. It's such a beautiful song that there was no need to create something different, all they did is making it suitable for different occasions. Coming back to the question we raised before: this is definitely one of the best ways to end the summer!!


September 7, 2003

DJ Oji "The Underground X-Perience" (POJI Records CD)

"The Underground X-Perience" is the second CD release from POJI Records by DJ Oji. It comes just a few month after DJ Pope released his longplayer "My way" which is a previous "Pick of the Week". It is DJ Oji's first lonplayer where he presents eleven track featuring different vocalists.

First is "Chelsea's groove" featuring Chelsea, a track that welcomes you to this album. The downpoint is that this track is only two minutes long (it definitely deserves to get a full release)... Carolyn Victorian is the featured vocalist on "I'm feelin' U" that has been recently released on 12". It was one of the buzz tracks of this years Winter Music Conference. She also sings on "Dance the night away", a musical experience coming on a midtempo groove. This song has been released on the "Sounds of Baltimore" 2x12" sampler on GotSoul Records just a few weeks back. Sande is no stranger to the house musc scene, and she's been working for DJ Oji for quite some time (for example on "Twstin' turnin'" that came out on YelloRange). Here she brings two inspirational songs titled "Happiness" and "Hope in your soul". Una has become a household name over the past few years, especially after last years smash "We lift our hands in the sanctuary" that got released on SancSoul Records. She can also be heard on "Nobody but you", a percussive track with a sweet brazilian feel. Next up is DJ Oji's wife Stay-J who wrote and recited the poem "Wedding in paradise" a their wedding day in the Virgin Islands.

Over to the male vocalists we find RaShaan Houston who delivers an inspirational message on "So glad to be alive", a song that also features DJ Pope and Una on background vocals and Charles Dockins playing the keys. Then there is "Libera mi alma (free my soul)" by Saint. Saint has done production work in the past on the POJI label. One day he called DJ Oji and asked him to remix a spanish male project which never got released until now that it is part of this lonplayer. Finally there is the funky "Strong music" by Original Man (this is a DJ Oji alius). Overall this is an outstanding project covering various styles and feelings of the soulful house music scene that should not be missed.


August 31, 2003

Julius Papp "Moonflower" / "Drum de voodoo (two)" (NeoDisco Records 12" Test Pressing)

San Francisco's deep house don Julius Papp unleashes his long awaited NeoDisco imprint with this two tracker. Julius Papp takes you on a musical journey including deep chords and relentless rhythms. "Moonflower" is on a  laidback tip with warm, spheric keys while "Drum de voodoo (two)" is a hypnotic groover with spacey keys.


August 24, 2003

Exclusive Preview: Working Underneath featuring Libby Jones "Speak to me" (Phuture Sole Records CD Promo)

Working Underneath are John Crockett and Charles Gatling whos original is on a classic underground tip with some acidic keys, remembering of the early days of house music. Mark Mendoza & Carl Dupree aka 280 West turn the song into a marvellous garage production featuring a jazzy flute and live bass. And as an extra bonus, Cassio Ware is featured with vocal adlibs adding a sexy touch to the song. They provide a full vocal and a reprise version. David Camacho & Quentin Harris provide a smoother interpretation with warm and jazzy keys over a deeply bumpin' groove, creating a laidback vibe.


August 17, 2003

Exlusive Preview: Stacy Brumell "Love power" (CD-R)

"Love power" is an exclusive to us here at SpiritOfHouse as it comes fresh out of the studio and is being shopped around at the moment to various labels. It is the latest production from DJ Stacey Mallory and features Stacy Brumell on vocals. "Love power" is pure soulful garage coming straight outta New Jersey. Think of warm and melodic keys arranged in a wonderful way that are layed over a fierce garage groove, added with Stacy's sweet and sexy voice. More mixes to come.


August 10, 2003

DJ Pufo "Mon amor" (deVICE Records 12" Test Pressing)

deVICE is a brand new label distributed by SoulFuric. Their firest release "Mon amor" by DJ Pufo is a prime time summery house tune. The 'Main Mix' comes with a big room vibe full of latin flavour. The 'Deep Vibes Mix' comes on a more mellow vibe and takes you on a journey into the deep. The packages gets completes by percapella and beatapelly versions.


August 3, 2003

Carlos Sanchez Movement III featuring Lorenzo Tyler "Spirit of the dance" (Slaag Records 12")

Carlos Sanchez is back with "Spirit of the dance" which is one of the most uplifting songs heard in a long time. Featuring the sweet and soulful voice of Lorenzo Tylor, it's all about the wonderfully floating melodies created by a marvellous keys section. With strong background vocals, jazzy organ and flute solos that take the song to another level as it moves ahead, "Spirit of the dance" has to be classified as a timeless classic.


July 27, 2003

Flashback: "WMC 2003 Pick" HiFi Mike "Stereo flava's" (Purple Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

We do have to bring this back to your attention as it is now confirmed that it will be released in September. Below is the original review from March 30, 2003.

Originally out on Trycycle Records out of Australia back in early 2001, it now gets a well deserved re-release. Jamie Lewis gives the song a rework on a classic tip including a laidback vibe with a deep bubbling bass along with warm keys and a saxophone solo. Not to forget the jazzy piano that will simply drive you crazy with its beauty. Also included is the Brian Tappert re-edit that was already featured as part of "SoulFuric Sessions Unmixed" triple-album on Defected Records.


July 20, 2003

Deep Bros featuring Dawn Tallmann "Go deep" (GoGo Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

A year ago we brought you an exclusive review of this songs original version that is built around a bubbling groove with a jazzy saxophone solo on top. Now it is ready for a full release on GoGo Music complete with new mixes. Benny Pecoraio and Sugarbeat team up for a slammin' dub with phat beats and a cool guitar riff. Ralf Gum & CrisP turn out a soulful and deep interpretation taking the song to another level. Sant & Matteo Esse aka Solsonik deliver a pumped-up, more powerful version.


July 13, 2003

Mood II Swing "Can't get away from you" (Defected Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is just a one-sided 12" with the 'Original Mix' as teaser,  to be available soon on several 12" including a huge remix package. "Can't get away from you" is simply one of those magic Mood II Swing productions with a fierce groove and those wicked keys we love them for. This song creates an irresistible vibe with a rhyhtm that won't get out off your head for some time.


July 6, 2003

Needs "Inner glow" (Needs Records 12")

The Needs crew continues to release exceptional music. "Inner glow" mirrors their soulful house roots in a unique andd triumphant way. This record captures the combined elegange, euphoria and rawness of the inimitable Needs vibe they have created over the past years. The full vocal excursion is titled "Dark world" and should become an anthem in its own right, while the hypnotic "Inner glow" on the flipside offers pure late nite bliss with irresistible keys.


June 29, 2003

Exclusive Preview: Lefunken featuring Tyrah "Do right / Angel" (Eclectic Records CD Promo)

Already getting lots of support in the US, it is now time to bring the debut release for Eclectic Records to a worldwide crowd. Behind it are Duron Tarik and Tyrone Payton who team up under the name Lefunken. With them is singer Tyrah who provides her explosive yet soulful voice to both songs. "Do right" comes with smooth vocals, warm jazzy keys and mellow percussion laid over a deeply bubbling groove. "Angel" is on a more laidback tip with Tyrah giving an outstanding vocal performance over the percussively bumpin' beat that is added with both jazzy and spacey keys.


June 22, 2003

Craig Jenson "Club lonely" (HedKandi Records 12" Test Pressing)

The timeless Lil Louis classic is back right for the coming hot summer nights with nice smooth mixes to choose from. The original (already featured back in feburary this year) is based around a bumpy groove with warm keys and a catchy guitar riff. Johnny Fiasco gives it a deeper, percussive rub with spheric keys, the result is an irresistible vibe. The Rulers of the Deep give it a more laidback and mellow feeling with warm, melodic keys, jazzy keys and a saxophone solo, all placed over the smoothly bumpin' percussive house groove.


June 15, 2003

Greg Gauthier & Tony L present Sabrynaah Pope "Someone for you "(KIF Records 12" Test Pressing)

Greg Gauthier & Tony L had been collaboring on a couple of successfull vocal projects over the past years. This, their latest project, features Sabrynaah Pope on vocal and comes in a variety of mixes. Their vocal is a nicely bumping groover with jazzy keys and lovely guitar. Rufuss & Chris Thomas give it a mellow feeling based on a percussive, laidback groove. Fudge come up with a strong remix featuring a fierce groove, added with wicked keys and funkily bubbling bassline. On the dub, they gor for a deep stomping groove with spheric keys, creating a moody vibe.


June 8, 2003

Cesaria Evora "Nutridinha" / "Nho antone escaderode" (Lusafrica Records 12")

Both songs are completely revisited by Kerri Chandler in fine style, keeping them on a soulful and laidback vibe. Choose between the vocal, instrumental or drum mixes, all having their own attraction.

Jasper Street Co. "Stand!" (God's House Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

There have been people asking me for some new Jasper Street Company stuff over the past few weeks, so here you go. "Stand!" is a hot double pack featuring some of the hottest gospel house tracks that have been released over the past month or even years. From the piano driven "Joy" to the chruch inspired "He's alright" to the funkily stompin "Got me goin'", then there is the mid-tempo "Stand on the world" and finally there is the old-school groover "Don't worry".


June 1, 2003

Exclusive Preview: Hardsoul featuring Ron Carroll "Back together" (SoulFuric Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is a very limited, one-sided test pressing with a full release scheduled for September. Hardsoul team up with Ron Carroll for a soulful production. A mellow groove with a funkily bubbling bassline, combined with warm and melodic keys, jazzy strings and Ron Carroll's soulful vocals - the result is the perfect record for those warm summer nights. Feel the magic of soulful dance music...

Exlusive Preview: Ja'Nel "My groove" (Jellybean Records CD Promo)

Remember "I'm a queen", the first ever release on YellOrange Records? Ja'Nel is the featured vocalist on this classic, and now she is back with "My groove" which is produced by Bruce Wayne, Louis Bendetti and Big Moses. Ja'Nel's is delivering her message through her uplifting and inspirational voice that is placed over a smooth garage groove with a deep bassline that is added with warm and melodic keys. Alternate versions on the CD promo feature a tougher beat and an extra guitar, and you can definitely hear the influence of Louis Bendetti on these mixes.


May 25, 2003

DJ Gregory "Elle" (Faya Combo Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

DJ Gregory delivers what might be this summers anthem. The main version is 12 minutes of musical bliss featuning a hip-shaking latin beat with balearic guitar, melodic keys and melancholic strings. The tracks build and builds until the full anthemic feeling will take on you. There are various versions offered on this limited double pack promo including a hot edit by Frankie Feliciano and bonus beats.


May 18, 2003

Exclusive Preview: DJ Stacey featuring D.C. Washington "People of the world" (Mark Mendoza Remix)(Future Soul Records CD Promo)

"People of the world" has been a previous "Pick of the Week" in its original form. This uplifting Stacey Mallory production full of strong gospel vocals got the remix treatment from Mark Mendoza who gives it a fierced up groove that is added with a funky guitar riff and warm melodic keys that ride along the jazzy piano.


May 11, 2003

Glenn Underground "Look inside" (Shelter Records 12")

Finally it has arrived on vinyl! Being one of my favorites since I first heard it a few month back, this is Glenn Underground at his best delivering an uplifting and spiritual production featuring deep rhodes and Cei-Bei's smooth vocals that generate an irresistible vibe on a mellow and soulful tip.


May 4, 2003

WMC 2003 Exclusive: Dino and Terry featuring Rayon "Peace of mind" (Crash Records CD Promo)

After Dino & Terry relaunched Crash Records last year with two successfull releases, they are back with another slamming production. If you remember "Can you see my soul", one of last years top soulful house tunes, you will love this new production. Coming your way on a laidback tip with a mellow groove and warm, jazzy keys, it is Rayon's smooth voice that gives the song an unmistakable feeling. "Peace of mind" is simply a timeless piece of music.


April 27, 2003

Tune of WMC 2003: Underground Collective featuring Jaque "Keys of life" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")

Underground Collective producers Marlon D. & George Mena are constantly raising up to the top of soulful house music producers, with having releases both on her own label and others like YellOrange and now Jellybean Soul who picked up "Keys of life" which became one of the tunes of this years Winter Music Conference. "Keys of life" comes with a deep bassline topped with light percussions and jazzy piano keys creating an athmospheric vibe. In the middle of the song, the vocals by Jaque come in and create an absolutely irresistible feeling, taking the song to another level. Simply a groove that won't get out off your head for a long, long time.


April 20, 2003

WMC Aftermath: A Tribe Called Quest vs. Sir Piers featuring Monique Bingham "After hours" (12" Test Pressing)

Two years ago, Sir Piers blessed us with his rework of the A Tribe Called Quest track "Bonita applebum", and this time he reworks their "After hours" together with Frank White. Their mixes that are based around a bumpy groove, added with a jazzy instrumentation and the smooth and soulful vocals by Monique Bingham. Not to forget the funky flava added by the lovely guitar.


April 13, 2003

WMC Aftermath: B-sOuL presents The Family "My way" (POJI Records CD)

It took some time, but finally DJ Pope presents his first full length album titled "My way" that features some of Baltimore's most talented singers and musicians. Among them is singer Sheila Ford (remember their release "Moody state of mind" on Black Vinyl Records). She's the featured vocalist on "Happy", "L.o.v.e." and "Let me go".Una (who brought us the hit song "We lift our hands in the sanctuary" on SancSoul Records) is featured on "I'll be there 4 U" (already reviewed on this page on 12" test pressing) while Ed Ramsey sings on "I'll be there", "Get up" and "More love" (a previous 12" release on POJI Records). Marti St. Michael gives us "All right", a gospel house tune". "The movement" features Teressa, a new spoken word talent. Finally there is "Be thankful" featuring John Redman. The songs range from gospel house to deep underground house to classic vocal house, all keeping a soulful vibe. An excellent album which features many timeless productions.


April 6, 2003

Fonda Rae "Over like a fat rat" (Remixes)(Z Records 12" Test Pressing)

Jazz'N'Groove rework this 80's classic and make it sound fresh and new. Fonda Rae's vocals are as powerful and energetic as the ones on the original version. They are placed over a fierce groove that is added with slammin' jazzy keys. A rocking dub and acapella are featured on the flip.

Melinda "Let me know" (Pep Sounds Records 12" Promo)

This is the first release for Pep Sounds out of Austria, presenting Melinda Barcöczy. "Let me know" is produced by the Pepita Project and features smooth piano hooks, rhythmix guitar licks and a funky bassline, the result being a wonderful soulful house tune on a smooth and laidback vibe.


March 30, 2003

WMC Picks

There has been so much good new music I heard at the Winter Music Conference this year - just check the five mixes with all new and exclusive material. Below are only a few of the highlights so don't miss to check out the Review section for the rest of the new music.

Michelle Weeks & Dawn Tallmann "Joyful noise" (Equal Records 12" Promo)

Luis Radio & Raffaele Scoccia turn out one of the best vocals productions heard for a long, long time. Featuring vocalists Michelle Weeks and Dawn Tallmann, "Joyful noise" has everything to be one of the biggest tunes of the year. The soulful vocals are combined with a groove that uses all kinds of live instrumentation including wurlytzer, guitar, trumpet and more, to create a powerful vocal anthem keeping it jazzy and soulful. 

HiFi Mike "Stereo flava's" (Purple Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Originally out on Trycycle Records out of Australia back in early 2001, it now gets a well deserved re-release. Jamie Lewis gives the song a rework on a classic tip including a laidback vibe with a deep bubbling bass along with warm keys and a saxophone solo. Not to forget the jazzy piano that will simply drive you crazy with its beauty. Also included is the Brian Tappert re-edit that was already featured as part of "SoulFuric Sessions Unmixed" triple-album on Defected Records.

Patrick Green featuring Big Brooklyn Red "I got sunshine" (InnerVibe Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Taken from InnerVibes first release, the "InnerVibe Winter Sampler 2003", it is up to Scott Wozniak and Dennis Ferrer to deliver some hot and shinny remixes. Scott Wozniak enhances the original with his trademark beats and a warm, funky bassline. Dennis Ferrer turns out one of his best remixes yet, with wicked synths and jazzy piano over the brazilian style groove, then there is the trumpet solo giving it the little extra.

Various "The Music for DeepDance EP" (SancSoul Records CD Promo)

SancSoul have put together an outstanding EP featuring two new productions by Curtis Lee & Co and a Brett Dancer remix of Soul Mecca's "Love dance". "Keep it together" by Curtis Lee & Co is based around a percussive broken-beat style groove and features the wicked vocals by Eme together with unbeatable funky guitar riffs and melodic keys. "Stars (in your eyes)" by Curtis Lee & Co features Mustafa Akbar over a deeply stomping groove with acidic keys, creating an almost ambient vibe. Brett Dancer turns "Love dance" into a deeply grooving track with an irresistible feel.

Various "NextMoov Tracks Promo Sampler" (NextMoov Tracks Records 12" Test Pressing)

NextMoov presented this truly hot EP at the WMC. "Set your spirit free" by Blvd East is taken from their forthcoming lonplayer "The Elements" and is a brilliant underground vocal production. On "Rush", JoVonn shows us his love for deep and mellow tracks with warm keys and a laidback feel. The piano driven "Keys of life" by Jeremias Santiago comes here in a new remixed version as does "Jurassic House" by JoVonn.

DJ Jori featuring Abby Joyce "Do you feel (Parts 1 and 2)" (KneeDeep Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

DJ Jori from Melbourne, Australia, has the honour to have the first release on the new Knee Deep label. His original production is full of live instruments and is not too far away from a Masters at Work production from a production point of view. Knee Deep deliver some hot and useful mixes starting with two edits using most of the original instrumentation and just adding their unique beat programming and arrangement. Then there are the more pumped up but still soulful mixes with a little filtering, peaktime beats and serious mooglicks.


WMC Showcase: GotSoul Records

GotSoul is a young labe based in Montreal, Canada. It was started by DJ JoJo Flores last year as their two upcoming releases show, they have lots of stuff coming in the furture.

Esperanza featuring Carolyn Porter "Saved" (GotSoul Records 2x12" Promo)

Produced by Herman Santiago & Ric Rapell, "Saved" is as soulful as a house production can get. Mike Clark delivers an outstanding rework featuring lots of live instruments like piano, hammond organd and bass guitar, givng the song a smoth and soulful feeling. There is a wonderful breakdown in the middle turning out the beauty of the instruments used. Tommy Musto delivers an inredible remix too, spicked with lovely drums and warm keys, creating a marvellous 4/4 jam.

Various "Sounds of Baltimore" (GotSoul Records 2x12" Promo)

This is the first in the new "Sounds of..." series. First stop is Baltimore where they've choosen DJ Pope, DJ Oji and Fertile Ground to be featured on this EP. It starts with "My way" by DJ Pope which features B-sOuL on vocals. It is lifted from DJ Pope's acutal longplayer (which will be reviewed soon in the album section). "My way" is a splendid garage production with wicked keys over a deeply driving groove. Next up is "Dance the night away" by DJ Oji featuring Carolyn Victoria which is taken from DJ Oji's upcoming lonplayer "Underground X-Perience". It starts off with a wonderful intro featuring a jazzy flute before the vocal comes in to create an old school feel garage tune. "Come to me" by Fertile Ground which comes here in remixes by Don-Ray Simmonds. Two versions supplied with the first one being on a deep and minimal but really soulful vibe while the second one goes for broken beats.


March 14, 2003

WMC 2003 Preview: Whiplash & Turner "Don't go loose your pride" (Purple Music Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

This track has been in the works for a long time, but it has been worth all the time Whiplash & Turner spent in the studio. The result is this limited WMC double pack promo featuring slamming mixes. Starting off with the original that kicks off with wicked keys and a jazzy piano over the driving beat that is added with a lovely guitar and the stunning female vocals. Then there is the more fierce 'Strong Mix' that uses phatter beats and a hot guitar riff with melodic keys to create an irresistible vibe. The dub mix gvies the song a nearly hipnotic vibe that will drive the dancefloor crzay. Finally, there is the wonderful reprise version.

This could be one of this years tunes at the Winter Music Conference...


March 9, 2003

Joey Musaphia featuirng Michelle Weeks "Heaven" (Refunkt Records 12" Test Pressing)

Refunkt bring us the first collaboration between Joey Musaphia and Michelle Weeks (with two more coming on the same label). "Heaven" is a big vocal production with a fierce groove, jazzy guitar and melodic keys creating an anthemic feel. Richard Earnshaw gives the song a warm, more mellow feel while Alliance DC turn out a darker vibe


March 2, 2003

Dino & Terry featuring Alana Bridgewater "In his power" (Crash Records 12")

After relaunching their Crash label last year, Dino & Terry again team up with vocalist Alana Bridgewater to unleash an outstanding garage production. The original version comes on a soulful and mellow vibe with a jazzy organ and deep bubbling bass adding that extra kick while the remix adds more power and turn the song into an uplifting direction.

Exlusive Preview: DJ Stacey featuring D.C. Washington "People of the world" (Future Soul Records CD Promo)

Produced by Stacey Mallory, this is gonna be the first release for Future Soul Records, coming in late march. "People of the world" is an uplifting production that features strong gospel vocals and a jazzy xylophone solo over an uplifting groove that is added with warm, melodic keys.


February 23, 2003

Missy Elliott featuring Ludacris "Gossip folks" (Mousse T Remixes)(Elektra Records 2x12")

The label has to be crazy putting 15!! mixes on four sides of wax. Beside the original hip-hop versions (vocal, instrumental, acapella) there are two Fatboy Slim mixes and a whole buch of Mousse T remixes who delivers both hip-hop and house reworkings in a variety of mixes which make this record a brilliant DJ tool to play around with. Wicked rap by both Missy and Ludacris with Mousse T supplying some phat beats - dope stuff.


February 16, 2003

Terri Walker "Guess you didn't love me" (House Remixes)(DefSoul Records 12" Promo)

Terri Walker is a new urban soul talent who recently worked with The Roots. Here on "Guess you didn't love me" she teams up with hip-hop maestro Mos Def. This promo 12" features two hot house remixes of her current single release. Kaskade makes use of west cost beats, adds a lovely guitar and creates a truly soulful groover. Ben Watt takes a different approach and gives the song a tougher edge but keeps it soulful with jazzy, melodic keys added to the deep bubbling groove.


February 9, 2003

Urban Blues Project featuring Michael Procter "Deliver me" (2003 Remixes)(SoulFuric Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

One of the all time house classics gets reworked eight years after its first release. Jask goes deep on his version with a deep rumbling groove, coupled with mellow keys being the perfect playground for the jazzy saxophone and the fantastic vocals. Joey Negro turns out a fierce but soulful vocal reworking that keeps that magic feeling of the original alive. For prime time action there are stunning dub mixes by both Joey Negro and Hardsoul.


February 2, 2003

Kerri Chandler "Street Musiq 1.0" (Large Records 12")

Large Records, now in their 10th year of existence, bring us a new series from jersey house producer Kerri Chandler. It kicks off with "We all R 1", a smooth and jazzy track which is followed by the driving spoken word track "The fix is U". The flip has the brazil-electro vibe "Carnaval" and the piano-laden vocal cut "Tomorrow". With the "Street Musiq" series, Kerri Chandler tributes to the urban soul and rhythm of life on the streets.


January 26, 2003

Lonesome Echo Production featuring Byron Stingily "Sweet dreams" (Lonesome Echo Strings Records 12")

Let me warn you right from the beginning: this is a japanese release so prepare for spending lots of money for it. Lonesome Echo Production aka Yasushi Ide present us a magic piece of music. Byron Stingily's unmistakable voice together with a fantastic string section and lots of live instruments create a musical masterpiece on a soulful, mellow vibe.


January 19, 2003

Markus Enochson featuring E-Man "Musical prayer" (Wave Records 12")

"Musical prayer" is the second collaboration of Markus Enochson and E-Man after the 2002 smash "I am the road" (released on MAW Records). It is a beautiful, spoken word tributre to their shared love music, featuring lovely guitar, funky drums, smooth keys and E-Man's signature spoken word. The flip features the fantastic 'Suedo Jazz' giving the song a true jazz vibe.


January 12, 2003

Jasper Street Co. featuring Ann Nesby "Praisin' his name" (Grant Nelson Remix)(God's House Records 12" Test Pressing)

Should this one be called massive or not? The power of this gospel house tune took the dancefloors in storm when released in its original form, now with the Grant Nelson reworking there is no stopping as this will be in every DJs box. Grant Nelson gently reworks it with keeping the magic of the original alive. The flip features an 'Organ dub' and as a bonus a new version of "God helps those (who help themselves)".

Una "I'll be there 4 U" (POJI Records 12" Test Pressing)

After the very successful "In my arms", Una is back with another hot production courtesy of B-sOuL aka DJ Pope. The 'Original Sanctuary Mix' is on a soulful tip with space effects now and then put over a funky bass line pattern and the snappy snare beat. The flip features the 'B-sOuL Live Mix' which is even on a more soulful tip with an extra live element.

"I'll be there 4 U" is lifted from the forthcoming B-sOuL album "My way" due out in march.

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