Here we go with the final part - Part Three - of the Miami 2006 Reviews.

Luisito Quintero "EOL intro (clap your hands)" (from "Percussion Madness" on Vega/PonyCanyon Records CD)

This track from Luisito Quintero's longplayer "Percussion madness" (currently only out in Japan, to be released in the USA in may). This is an alternative, more percussive version of 'Little' Louie Vega's remix of Pushims' "Like a sunshine, my memory" that features additional instrumentation, punctuating the jazzy and percussive elements. And then there is the wonderful intro part that is simply incredible.

Jellybean featuring Stacey Mallory "Hypnotic progressions" (Jellybean Soul Records CD Promo)

It was only a matter of time until one of the leading soulful house labels became attentive of producer and DJ Stacey Mallory who has been putting out lots of great productions over the past few years. He teams up with the legendary John 'Jellybean' Benitez for "Hypnotic progressions", a fierce track based on sweet percussion and wicked drums that are enriched with an incredible organ line and marvellous keys that alltogether create an irresistible vibe.

GIT "Break Dance Project" (BigMoe Records CD Promo)

GIT is one of the most respected breaks producers from New York and has worked predominantly with hip hop artists. With the "Break Dance Project", he goes for something a little different. On "Break dance", he offers a hypnotic broken beat track that features lovely flutes and spheric keys. "We can do this" is on an old school tip, feauturing dirty beats and percussion that create a raw vibe.

Jersey Maestros featuring Steve Williams "Gotta give thanks" (Tony Records CD-R)

This brand new production from the Jersey Maestros has been picked up by Tony Humphries for his label, but no release date has been confirmed yet. "Gotta give thanks" features a gospel vocal by Steve Williams together with a wicked guitar and  live hand claps over a deeply thumpin' groove, spreading an inspirational and uplifting feeling.

Kraze "The party" (Milk & Sugar Records CD Promo)

Who can't forget this classic from 1988? When Reesha & Craig Kallmann came up with this prodcution, it took the clubs in storm and got licensed to many labels worldwide. It has been remixed many times since then, now in 2006 Milk & Sugar rework it, turning it into a big room stomper. Julian L's remix is on a different tip, giving it an electro outfit. Lastly there is the 'Love City Re-Build', a mash-up with the Jungle Brothers's "I'll house you".

Various "Peppermint Jam WMC 2006 Sampler" (3xCD Box-Set)

Image The price for the nicest presentation of their upcoming releases goes to Peppermint Jam who gave out a 3xCD box-set that will become a collectors item for sure. The first CD "The Future" showcases future Peppermint Jam releases that include new tracks from Incognito, Wayne Martin featuring Pete Hope and RC Groove featuring K. Ladawn amongst others, while the second CD "The Past" looks back at some of the most successful moments of Peppermint Jam, including "Keep pushin'" by Boris Dlugosch, "Dangerous vibes" by Ferry Ultra featuring Roy Ayers and "Horny" by Mousse T to name just a few.

The third CD "New Deep Collection" is an outlook to forthcoming releases on ProgCity and ProgCity Deep Records. Featured are new productions by Tiger Stripes who has the deep and spacey cut "Ka yoko" and the ambient-ish "My deep space", the soulful "Dream on" by  Ray Paxon featuring Syb (released just a couple of weeks ago), the moody "Subconscious dark" by Lars 'LB' Behrenroth, Liuqid People who give us the hypnotic "Abstract" and the techy "Siva" by Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn - and even some more tracks are included on this sampler. Watch this space in the forthcoming weeks for soundbytes in our Fresh Grooves series.

Grand High Priest "Mary Mary" (We-Ze Records CD Promo)

This track that samples Aretha Franklin has been getting lots of attention recently, as it couples the original gospel vocals (the name of the song in question is "Mary don't you weep") with a heavily stompin' groove on the 'Original Mix', while the 'Temple Mix' uses a deeper groove and has a discoish flavor to it.

Bazwaana "Free my soul" (Extended Mix) / "Ora cabessa" (KT's Reconstruction Mix)(Waking Monster Records CD Promo)

These two tracks by the south african afro-jazz group Bazwaana are taken from "Worlds Collide Vol. 1" which is mixed by the legendary DJ Camacho and should be available on limited edition vinyls soon. "Free my soul" features a sweet female vocal and wonderful horn section over a smooth, funkily bubblin' groove, creating a laidback vibe, while "Ora cabessa" is reconstructed by Keith Thompson who uses a thumpin' groove as base for the wonderful horn section, with the drums being twisted and turned around to create an irresistible groovy feeling.

Soulato's featuring Jessica Williams "Faith, friendship & love" (Paradax Records CD Promo)

Review from August 28, 2005: Paradax Records is one of those small labels that can do no wrong, each and every one of their releases is dope. Their latest offering "Faith, friendship & love" features  the soulful voice of Jessica Williams and continues this tradition. The 'Main Mix' by Aaron Arce is driven by an ultra funky bassline and features laminar keys together with sweet percussion, creating a funky house jam. Soulato take the track really deep on their dub, adding a wicked organ line to it. Lars Behrenroth provices both a vocal and dub, giving it a slight techy edge but always keeping it soulful. For an eletrofied interpretation, check the Frankie Medina remix, while Teddy Q's reworking is a funktified, percussive groover. The last mix is courtesy of Artie G. Dorian who delivers a stormin' affair with wicked keys. An oustanding package that should not be missed!

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