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Tom Moulton "A Tom Moulton Mix" (Soul Jazz Records 2xCD)

Image If you talk about the people that are of most importance in the history of dance music, Tom Moulton will be among those named in first place. He was the one that invented the remix and 12" single, and he is the one that showed the whole industry who to extend the time of a song by taking out the musical parts and solely use the drums for a break, after that he brought the musical parts back in to let the song start again. Now, 30 years after his first landmark mix, Tom Moulton can look back to over 4'000 remixes , of which this double-CD only can bring you a selection of 16 of his reconstructions, but they all perfectly represent his "A Tom Moulton Mix" trademark. Included is a wonderful booklet telling the story of Tom Moulton and giving you a detailed insight who the 12" was invented.


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Osunlade "I don't know" (Yoruba Records 12")

"I don't know" was originally released in the beginning of 2000 on the "Beats De Los Muertos (Vol..1") EP and gets a welcome re-release in form of stripped down and reconstructed mixes on a superb nu soul/deep house tip. This release is a taster for the forthcoming Yoruba Records retrospective to be released later this year by Soul Jazz Records.

Zap Mama "Miss Q-N" (Steal Vybe Music Records 12")

After the remix of "Crazy life" by Big Moses & Quentin Harris, the honors go to Steal Vybe, Rhyhtm Kids and Kid Massive who rework "Miss Q-N". Steal Vybe deliver a groovy late nite house interpretation that features a wonderful flute alongside the wicked vocals by Zap Mama. On the dub, the vocals get replaced with a rockin' guitar. The Rhythm Slaves serve a more driving and bumping affair that is perfect for peaktime, while Kid Massive delivers a deeper,  keys driven workout that features lovely piano stabbs.

Rasmir featuring A Girl Called Max "Changes" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Rasmir, one of New Jersey's hottest producers, presents his latest production that features his wife Max on vocals. "Changes" starts with a broken beat before a wicked guitar and deeply bubbling bassline come in, shortly after followed by the incomparable vocals of Max and marvellous keys. This track has its own distinctive and raw vibe to it that stays true to the underground sounds of house music, spreading an irresistible feeling whenever it gets played.

Vincent Montana Jr. "The african track" (Philly Sound Works Records 12")

Rescued from the vaults of Vincent Montana Jr. comes this ethnic tribalish masterpiece full of african grooves and flavors that was originally produced back in 1979. Now finally seing the light of the day, the original is almost untouched (apart from minor tweaks). Louis Bendetti adds a persistant synth stab and percussion overdubs while keeping the original flavor. Two bonus beat versions complete the package.

Stacey Mallory "Synergy" (4 Real Records CD Promo)

"Synergy" is based on a deeply stompin' groove and features a deeply rumblin' bassline, sweet percussion, hypnotic chords and wicked keys on the main mix, creating an irresistible, almost hypnotic feeling on the dancefloor. The 'Guitar Mix' features a wonderful guitar that gives the track a perfect late night vibe.

Mr. V featuring Miss Patty "Da bump" (Vega Records 12")

"Da bump" is a raw house cut by the team of Alix Alvarez, Mr. V and Miss Patty. The a-side holds the vocal mix whre Mr. V and Miss Patty go back to back with their raps and the instrumental. On the b-side is a almost vocal free, stripped down dub version that creates an irresistible vibe by its wicked combination of drums and keys.

Big Moe featuring Sir Isaac "Guided me" (AceBeat Records CD Promo)

AceBeat Records continue to bless us with soulful and inspirational productions in 2006. Their latest offering "Guided me" is produced Moise 'Big Moses' Laporte who delivers a sultry and uplifting production that features passionate vocals performed by Sir Isaac together with melodic keys over a deeply rumblin' groove.

Kerri Chandler "After the other thing for Linda EP" (Downtown 161 Records 12")

In 1998, Kerri Chandler gave us "The thing for Linda EP", in 2004 "The other thing for Linda EP" and now in 2006 it is time for "After the other thing for Linda EP". In short: three tracks of finest deep house grooves featuring a true old school feeling that is reminiscent of his earlier work. The standout track is "Out to the boonies" with its energetic rhythm, spoken words and jazzy harmonica alongside the wicked keys. "I'll send it (I promise)" is on a more raw edge, while "Downtown" showcases the darker side of Kerri Chandler while keeping it deep.

Milesart Orchestra featuring Marcel "Disco tales" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Joan Ribas, the front man from Milesart Orchestra and long time DJ in Ibiza, presents a lovely production in form of "Disco tales", a groovy track that pays tribute to the origin of dance music - Disco. Joan Ribas creates a deep and laidback vibe with a jazzy edge by using lovely guitars, melodic keys, subtle rhodes and jazzy saxophone alongside discofied strings and spoken vocals by Marcel Schooler. The result is a delicious piece of soulful disco house.

Redsoul & RaShaan Houston "It's alright" (Generate Music Records CD Promo)

"It's alright" sees Dave 'Redsoul' Wareing and Rashaan Houston (with a little help from George Jackson and CeCe Peniston) deliver an incredible funked-up piece of gospel house. The original mix is on a smoothly stompin' tip, featuring a killer rhodes solo alongside and incredible vocal by RaShaan Houston and warm melodic keys. Soularis turn it into a wonderful broken beat track that features magnificent keys, while DJ Meme takes the song back to the days of disco on his interpretation that features great strings and lovely piano lines.

Audiowhores featuring Pete Simpson "Not going back" (Tempogroove Records CD Promo)

Graham Lord & Adam Unsworth (better known as the Audiowhores) launched their own label Tempogroove after having released productions and remixes on many of the hottest labels around. For the first release, they team up with singer Pete Simpson for "Not going back", an infectious production that features wonderful chords, punching beat, great horns and a soulful vocal performance by Pete Simpson in its original form. The dub is the choice for peaktime with its slightly tougher edge. DJ Meme delivers the remix, a disco infused reworking on a fierce funked-up tip that is spreading an uplifting feeling.

Afromento "Human wave" (SoulFuric Trax Records CD Promo)

Behind Afromento are DJ Fudge & Hedi Benromdan from Paris (France). "Human wave" was originally released on the french Blockheadz label as part of an EP in october 2005, and has been a favorite with many DJs since then. Now the track is getting a full release complete with lots of remixes. "Human wave" is a driving track featuring an irresistible string hook over a deeply thumpin' afro beat that is enriched with 'Bom-Bom' chants. Grant Nelson provides some nice variations of the original including a stripped down dub and 'Bom-A-Pella'. Christian Hornbostel gives it a deeper, more electronic outfit, while WaWa go for a pumped up peaktime affair. Lastly Raul Moros delivers a funky dub that features great guitar and horns over a laidback groove.

Primo "Cuban blues" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

Right in time for the upcoming summer, Primo returns with the latin flavored "Cuban blues" that features wicked tumped alongside a jazzy piano over a deep funktified groove. The 'Seminal Filthy Dub' toughens things up, using a catchy piano hook, while the 'Sunrise Dub' is on a deeper vibe. The 'Funk Distraction Mix' strenghtens the funky groove by using slammin' beats. Lastly DJ Jeroenski turns the track into an electro flavored affair on his take.

Basement Boys "Anthology" (Basement Boys Records 3xCD)

Image Twenty years ago - in 1986 - three young producers by the names of Jay Steinhour, Teddy Douglas and Thommy Davis started Basement Boys Productions. In 1989, Thommy Davis left, about the time DJ Spen joined the team. To celebtrate their successful career, "Anthology" has been released, featuring selections of their work, including their debut single "Love don't live here" (released on the legendary Jump Street label), an exclusive re-edit of Crystal Waters "Gypsy woman", various of their underground hits like "Tonite" (released as Those Guys) and "Don't blame me" (released as SubLevel) and more recent productions like "I walk alone" (released as Those Guys) and "Best of me" by Belita Woods. A total of 24 track spread over three CDs, all unmixed and in full length versions.


Various "Underground Sound of DC, Vol 3: Eternalize" (Step Ahead Records CD)

Image Step Ahead present a mixed CD compilation that is pleasantly different from your usal mixed CD - it is all about eclectic underground dance music with various influences put together into a continous flow of vibes that take you on a journey that will end much too early. T-Kolai have mixed this CD live at Club Five, chosing thirteen soulful tracks from the likes of Kimani Wilson, T-Kolai, Jask, 95 North, Khaimar and PM Project, creating an organic, ethnically diverse mixture of afro brazilian rhythms, spiritual and hypnotic house grooves that are spiced with asiatic ingridients you cannot resist to listen and dance to. this is highly recommended - miss it at your own peril.

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