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Toni Granello featuring Linda Lee Hopkins "Lift him up" (MapDance Records CD Promo)

MapDance Records turn up the heat with this gospel house anthem by Toni Granello that features an outstanding gospel tinged vocal performance by Linda Lee Hopkins. The beautifully orchestrated original is a smooth yet fiercely stormin' affair built around thumpin', funk soaked groove, with the vocals creating an uplifting feeling. The dub intensifies the funky vibes for an even more captivating feel. The remixes are courtesy the MuthaFunkaz who turn out an absolute masterpiece in form of their deep, funktified mixes that feature masterly played keys, with their dub replacing the lead vocals with an incredibly sexy horn section, inviting you to praise the lord yourself.

Kenny Carvajal featuring Swaylo "You remind me" (Remix)(Phuture Sole Records CD Promo)

Stax (Abicah Soul) and Tony Loreto team up for this marvelous remix that takes this wonderful timeless song by Kenny Carvajal to a whole new level, with Consuela 'Swaylo' Ivy vocals being full of passion, coming straight from the soul. This new remix puts the vocals center stage, with the musical backdrop consisting of a deep yet smooth groove, incredible organ ride and classic strings fortifying the sultry feeling, and the added funky ingredients further strengthen the already infectious vibe. The instrumental lets you enjoy the full musical bliss. As a bonus, a beats version is also included.

Fudge featuring Mani Hoffman" Keep on" (2008 Remixes)(Stalwart Records CD Promo)

The 2005 soulful house classic from Stalwart Records gets a welcome makeover by the Layabouts and Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautier. First up are the Layabouts who deliver a wonderful energetic remix that keeps things smooth and soulful at the same time, with Many Hoffman's vocal adding the uplifting vibe to it. The dub mixes take the track to way grounds, letting the synths create a hypnotic feeling. Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautier contribute a fierce funk fuelled broken beat interpretation that should not be missed.

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The Rurals "I'm lost" (The Remixes)(Peng Records CD Promo)

Peng Records are hitting hard with three slammin' upcoming releases. First up is "I'm lost" which gets kicked off by a mesmerizing remix by Ananda Project built around a deeply thumpin', funktified groove that is enriched with wicked chords that perfectly harmonize with the sexy vocals. BRS provide two lovely versions, one being a groovy broken beat affair while the other one is a laidback jazz interpretation. Tone Control take the track to way deeper grounds on a slightly techified tip reminiscent of the classic Detroit house sound. Lastly there is the album version (taken from the "10th Chapter" long player).

The Rurals "Steps" (Peng Records CD Promo)

Like "I'm lost", this track is also lifted from the "10th Chapter" long player (with the album version being included here as well). The Rurals themselves contribute the 'Moonlit Flower Mix' which strengthens the funky flavors of the original while intensifying the overall vibe. The 'BitterSuite Remix' is a deeper interpretation on a dubbier edge that spreads a hypnotic feeling on the dance floor, while DJ Brazil serves a fierce yet smooth interpretation that is all about a deeply rumblin' groove and melodic keys giving the track an overall smooth vibe.

Tweek "Power of love" (Peng Records CD Promo)

The third release titled "Power of love" courtesy of Tweek (who released the wonderful "Like this" album last year on Peng that was way more than just house music), The Rurals' vocalist for almost ten years. The Rurals present a marvelous deep'n'funky reworking oozing with jazz elements, with Charlie Hearnshaw on the saxophone. The Cue Kids contribute a deeply groovin' take on a funky edge that features beautiful keys, while Deejay Kul's remix is a broken beat styled affair with an 80's electronic feeling. Closing the package is a tougher remix by Jeff Bass that is the choice for the bigger rooms.

DJ Alexia featuring Tai Lewis "Dance floor" (MusicPlan Records CD Promo)

The next release on MusicPlan will be courtesy of DJ Alexia, featuring Tai Lewis (background singer for Michael Jackson and Al Green) on vocal duty. "Dance floor" in the 'Strings Ensemble Mix' is a funktified affair featuring melodic keys alongside sensitive vocals over a smoothly groovin' backdrop. The 'Smooth Mix' is relaxing things to let the track spread a laidback vibe, while the 'Up Tempo Power Mix' is the contrary with the pumpin' groove that leads the way for big room styled synths. Next is the 'Elek-t-ro Club Mix', a serious electro rush. Lastly there is the 'Ray R&B Original', a phat down tempo r&b take.

Souldynamic featuring Nicole Tyler "Meant to be" (SunSoaked Records CD Promo)

"Meant to be" by Souldynamic is a feel good production featuring a marvelous vocal performance by Nicole Tyler over a smoothly stormin', funk flavored backing groove that is enriched with beautiful keys. There are two wicked dub mixes that emphasize the funky elements to create a more intense vibe, one with, one without vocals. Park Street give the track more of a classic sounding on a smooth and laidback tip, while Soularis come up with a bouncy interpretation that is deep and funky and features a great orchestration guaranteed to keep your grooving.

Greg Kozo featuring Orlando Vaughan "1975" (CD-R)

"1975" will be the next release from Greg Kozo, and just in time for Miami he sent an exclusive vocal version over for review. "1975" features a passionate vocal by Orlando Vaughan over a relentless, slightly broken beat styled groove that is enriched with funky electrofied synths that create an infectious vibe. Can't wait to hear the complete project.

Moses McLean "Peaceful journey" (Layabouts Remix)(CD-R)

What a incredible remix job the Layabouts posse (Leigh, Ben & Alex) have done on Moses McLean's "Peaceful journey", however currently the signs are looking not to good regarding seeing this the light of the day... The Layabouts deliver pure deepness here, with a deeper than deep groove and mesmerizing keys leading the way for the soulful vocals - absolutely relentless and hypnotizing, and guaranteed to rock any dance floor. Let's hope this dope remix will get a proper release soon !!

Various "Soul Selection Music WMC 08 Promo" (Soul Selection Music Records CD Promo)

Soul Selection Music showcase their first two releases on this lovely sampler. Sound Foundation team up with Nacho Vega for "In control", a deeply stompin' track built around a resistless groove that is topped with wicked chords and a great piano that altogether create an irresistible feeling. Step Mode rework the track into a minimalistic, more techy affair. The second release is courtesy of Step Mode (Juan Sanchez and Ed Lavao) who present "El paraiso", a deep and fierce production built around a massive bassline, with the various synth layers creating a slight ambient-ish, laidback and deep vibe. The dub goes a bit more hypnotic by stripping the lead synths.

Various "Tempogroove Miami 08 Sampler" (Tempogroove Records CD Promo)

Tempogroove showcase their next couple of releases with this sampler. "Thinking about your love" by Shena is included in the uplifting Soularis remix that is all about a bouncing groove, phat keys the passionate vocals by Shena. Next are Souldynamic who team up with the legendary Roland Clark who provides a spoken word vocal on the deeply stormin' "Make a choice" that is absolutely irresistible thanks to the catchy synths and relentless beats. DJ Jeroenski's "Pasta for 2" is all about the infectious synths nicely arranged over a deeply thumpin' beat, while "Dark side" by Backrooms Sounds is exactly what the title lets you believe: a deeply rumblin' affair with a slight dark edge that features lush chords and synths.

Various "Miami WMC 2008 Sampler" (DuffNote Records CD Promo)

Here we've got a hot sampler of things to come from DuffNote Records. First up is their next release "Lonely people", a collaboration between DJ Dervish and Charlie Edwards that is all about powerful female vocals courtesy of Patricia Golly over a heavily stompin' backing groove. This is followed by the catchy "Push the fader" courtesy of newcomers Beatz Kinetic included in the Danny Jones remix who delivers a resistless big room vibe. Next sees label heard Richard Earnshaw team up with diva Angie Brown for "Unbelievable", a production that got anthem written all over with uplifting vocals, wicked keys and a relentless groove. Lastly there is "Falling" by Soulmakers, a feel good track featuring captivating keys and soulful vocals over a fiercely stormin' groove.

Various "WMC 2008 Sampler" (Smooth Agent Records CD Promo)

This quality four track sampler by Smooth Agent will please all the lovers of soulful house music, with Bernard Badie kicking things off with "Truth hurts", a splendid deep house production featuring a sensitive vocal by Dajae and melodic keys over a moodily groovin' beat. Sean Smith teams up with Arnaud 'The Crazy Frenchman' for "Exotic erotic", a deep yet fiercely rumblin' track featuring classy strings and infectious synths that together create a hypnotic feeling. "Horizon" by Roy Davis Jr. features old school styled synths alongside sexy vocals by Terry Dextor, all nicely arranged over a smooth backing groove. Lastly there is an unreleased mix by Karu of Nature Love's "You turn me around" giving the track a lovely jazzy feel.

Bongoloverz featuring An-Tonic "The ministers" (SoulFuric Trax Records CD Promo)

The Bongoloverz unleash another bomb for the dance floor titled "The ministers" featuring a hotter than hot spoken word courtesy of An-Tonic. The 'Original Vibe' is all about the bass fuelled groove and melodic keys, while the 'Classic Vibe' will please you with the catchy uplifting synths and strings. The 'Big Room Vibe' takes the track straight to the bigger rooms with its polished synths and strings, before the 'Phonic Phunk Remix' brings back some memories of the 90's with its retro styled groove and synths. Various instrumentals and DJ tools are included in the package, making it an essential piece for DJs.

Julius Papp featuring Tonee Green "Primitive future" (Remixes)(SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

Massive remix package of last years club stormer "Primitive future" by Julius Papp that features spoken words by Tonee Green. Jask nicely restyles Kemal's version into an extended edit that is pure blissful deepness, while Julius Papp himself remodels the track with analogue elements and driving rhythms to give it a sounding reminiscent of the early days of house. Doruk Ozlen reworks the track into a deeply rumblin' affair featuring melodic chords and lovely strings. Then the track gets a twist into slightly more techy territory by Dave Mayer. The package also includes various instrumentals and DJ tools that give you plenty of options to play it out.

Various "SoulFuric Miami Sampler" (SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

This tasty sampler features selected mixes from the upcoming Bongoloverz release "The ministers" ('Classic Vibe' and 'Spokenapella') and the remixes of Julius Papp's "Primitive future" ('Papp Oldskool Mix' and 'Doruk Ozlen Remix') alongside a brand new and sparkling Bobby D'Ambrosio production titled "Love forever more, Amen" that features a passionate vocal by Kelli Sae. Included on this sampler are the 'Classic Mix' by Swiss rising stars Fabulous & Jones who serve an uplifting interpretation full of classy strings and lovely chords over a funk fused groove. The 'B & B Prime Time Dub' features infectious synths (somewhat remisnicent of the old Farley & Heller sound) over a relentlessly stompin' groove, making it a peak time essential.

Various "WMC '08 Samplers Parts 1 + 2" (MoD Records 2xCD Promo)

MoD Records are ready to devastate the dance floors in the coming months, with lots of massive projects to look ahead as their two WMC samplers demonstrate. Arnaud D is one producer to watch out for in the future, with none less than three different tracks present on these samplers. First up is "I won't last" featuring a captivating vocal by Emory over a deeply stormin' techified groove that is enriched with spaced-out synths in the original version, while Tom Conrad smoothes things down for a laidback take on his remix. Next he teams up with Quinsessa who provides a sultry vocal over a deeply stormin' groove that is topped with spheric synths on "Mend". Lastly, "Insomnia" is sort of an instrumental variation of the original version of "I won't last" that puts the emphasis on the synths. Avi Elman and Danny J team up for "Da braderz", a pumpin' track featuring electrofied keys in its original form, with Shik Stylko turning the track into an electro monster perfect for peak time play. The laidback "Can you feel it" by Steven Stone features a beautiful jazzy sax and sensitive vocals by Sibylle over a funktified groove. Dario D'Attis vs MoD present "Problem 2 fix", a mesmerizing funky house jam that is guaranteed to spread a feel good vibe with its uplifting funky flavors and the famous lyrics sampled from the InDeep classic. "La bete" by Berto Mene features sexy vocals by White Chocolate over a fiercely stormin' backdrop that is topped with lovely chords. Also included is the 'MoD Feelin Dub' of the recently released "That feelin'" by Parkstreet featuring Diana Waite.

Various "GFK Miami Sampler 2008 - Parts 1 + 2" (Gotta Keep Faith Records 2xCD Promo)

If you thought 10 tracks on the MoD samplers is a lot, what you gonna say of the Gotta Keep Faith samplers that bring you a total of 18 tracks? First there is a "Beautify me" by Eternal Sunshine, a wonderful melodic affair (just wait to short to play at 3:07). Next Steve Paradise presents the funkily groovin' "Star in the blue" featuring a passionate vocal by Kiara S, followed by Monsieur Cedric whose "Confused mind" is a lovely deep house cut featuring Japanese vocals by Mii. Logicalgroove's "You are the one" is included in two new mixes by Alex Dimitri (laidback and groovy) and Sergio D'Angelo (pumping and funky) as is Groovalicious "Love candy" in new mixes by Spiritual Blessings (deep and laidback) and Georg Neufeld (deep and spacey). "Free bird" by Jozsef Keller is a thumpin' track featuring sexy vocals by Regina, with the 'Stretch Dub' stripping the vocals to make room for the dreamy keys. Grantorino present the deep and laidback "What you won't do" featuring Sha'ron on vocals, followed Carl Michael's deep and captivating "High" featuring the sexy voice of Veronique Leboucher. Spiritual Blessings' "Fancy life" is included in three new versions by Carl Michael (deep and sexy), Sean McFerrin (groovy and funky) and OGC (deep and electronic). "Embrace the sun" by Steve Paradise is spaced-out deep house featuring vocals by Big Leo, while "Metrotendencies" by Duoswing is a cool jazz-funk house jam. "69th Street" by DJ Deibys is a lovely melodic deep house track. Lastly we have Robert Nimmo presenting the deep "Cascade" that combines jazzy keys with electronic elements.

CyberJamz presents "The Best of CyberJamz" (Unreleased Music Mixes)(CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

This sampler is set to inflict serious damage to the dance floors with tracks from various producers who exactly know how to turn the crowd into a frenzy. T.O.T. (aka Timmy Richardson presents "So addictive" that in the minimal and spacey 'Tripped Out Mix' will mesmerize all the dancers. Tony Loreto's remix of "So addictive" adds some serious keys and strings to create a hypnotic vibe on its own. Soul Oasis' "Deep dance" gets reworked by Marco Marquez & Jaysun Merced in a big anthemic way, while "He is a mighty god" by Jakdat M features a wicked preacher speech over a percussively rumblin' groove. Nef Nunez' "Lifted soul" gets a beautiful melodic reworking by Joe Flame, followed by the deep and percussive "Afterglow" courtesy of Mr. Cubanix. T.O.T.'s "La cura" is a tribalistic percussion driven track featuring wicked keys and spacey synths that creates an irresistible feeling. Lastly there is "Dueling congas" by Soul Oasis that is all about infectious conga play - very simple but extremely effective.

Gyasi "The dance" (Deeper Shades Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of JoJo Flores & Joe Di Padova's "Yes smoke" comes another deep house bomb, this time courtesy of Gyasi who presents "The dance", a moody track built around a deep percussion enriched groove that is topped with catchy chords and spoken words that altogether create a hypnotic vibe. Label boss Lars Behrenroth takes the track even deeper, enforcing the percussion elements and using irresistible synths to intensify the vibe to the max. Lastly, JoJo Flores contributes an excellent edit of Lars Behrenroth remix.

Jose Gonzales "WMC Sampler" (Fresh Sol Music Records CD-R)

Jose Gonzales has always been a lover of house music, but so far he sticked to his graphic / web design background and being a DJ. A couple of month ago he decided to get into production, and just in time for this years WMC he has some hot tracks ready. "Drumzation" is the kind of track that instantly catches and mesmerizes you with its simple yet effective tribal drumz & percussion and the catchy hooks. "The arrival" is built upon deeply stompin' beats and features catchy funky flavors and synths, while "Zulu dance" (the first single out on promotion right now) is another relentless tribalistic drumz & percussion track that will set the dance floor on fire.

Joi Cardwell "People make the world go round" (from the "Miami Sampler 2008" on Nervous Records CD Promo)

You should be familiar with the name Duce Martinez - together with Jose Burgos he forms the highly successful production team Soul Creation. Now he decided its time to do solo projects as well, with "People make the world go round" featuring the unmistakable voice of Joi Cardwell over a smoothly thumpin' groove that is enriched with classic strings and a catchy hook. Keep your eyes open for an upcoming release on MN2S Records titled "Could this be love" which features Stephanie Cooke.

DJ Kulbir presents Daniel Thomas "Love will find a way" (Feelin' Music Records CD Promo)

"Love will find a way" is produced by Deep Factor aka DJ Kulbir & Ian Mckenzie who turn out a truly uplifting track featuring a heartfelt, gospel styled vocal performance by Daniel Thomas over a funk spiced, old-school garage styled backdrop. The dub mixes go deeper, adding some wicked organ play and strings to create a more intense vibe, letting you choose between a vocal free and vocal flavored version. Lastly there is the reprise aptly titled 'Hands in the Air Reprise' because this will be the reaction from the dance floor. Guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire.

Various "Miami 2008 Sampler" (Feelin' Music Records CD Promo)

Like many other labels, Feelin' Music also have a sampler ready for Miami that features some of their upcoming releases - and believe us, they are hot. The BRG featuring Jonny Neves opens things up with "Let it go", here featured in the deeper than deep remix by Deep Factor that is based on thumpin' beats that get enriched with sweet percussion, catchy vocals by Jonny Neves and mesmerizing synths. Deep Bleuzue's "Monday 2 Sunday" features sexy vocals by Anika alongside warm melodic keys over a fierce yet smooth, funk flavored backing groove. Also included are the above reviewed "Love will find a way" by DJ Kulbir presents Daniel Thomas ('Unreleased Organ Dub'), the labels current promo "Pleasure superstar" by Factor 60 ('Extended Dub') and the recently released Scott Wozniak remix of "Friend of mine" by Deep Factor featuring Carroll Thompson.

Patrick Green featuring Will Barnes "Shades (Part 2)" (SofiTone Records CD Promo)

SofiTone Records drop another massive remix package of one of their earlier releases, this time its "Shades" courtesy of label head Patrick Green which features a spoken word performance courtesy of Will Barnes. Andy Holder contributes a fiercely thumpin' interpretation featuring great organ play and lovely chords that together create an infectious vibe. Hard Mix! deliver the wonderful 'Brazilian Classic Mix' which makes use of lovely jazzy keys and old-school styled synths over a funk soaked groove. For a deeper take, look no further than Jesus Gonsev's version that is dubby and a just a little bit dark, giving the track a hypnotic underground-ish feel. A reprise of Andy Holder's remix rounds off the package nicely.

Luis Machuca & Kavita "Spiritual" (i2i Records CD-R)

Luis 'Friskybeat' Machuca teams up with Kavita for the soulful and laidback "Spiritual" which features a passionate vocal over a deeply groovin', funk soaked backdrop that is enriched with warm melodic keys and great chords that altogether create an uplifting feeling. Can't wait to hear the full project.

Various "Miami Whoomp 2008!" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Purple Music present some of the upcoming releases from their various labels with the "Miami Whom 2008!" sampler. First we see Alfredo Azzetto following up his club hit "Colors" with "Near the ocean" which is all about beautiful melodic chords and keys over a deep'n'funky backing groove. Next are Panevino with their remix of "Need me want me" by Sound Famiglia, a marvelous deep house ride featuring mesmerizing keys alongside passionate uplifting female vocals. "Life" by the D Collective is a simple yet extremely hypnotizing track featuring phat spoken words by CeeJay alongside lush chords over a deeply stompin' beat. Mike Monday's "I dream of ducks" is a deep electronic affair with spaced out synths over sharp beats, while "Sunday light" by Jonathan Meyer features a sultry vocal by June Grey over a deep yet smoothly thumpin' beat that is enriched with wicked keys.

Rasmir "Shadows EP" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Our man Rasmir presenting more of his elusive grooves on the "Shadows EP". Our favorite is "N-her-space", a laidback track full of sweet percussion and warm melodic chords that are accompanied by a lovely jazzy piano, all nicely arranged over a smooth yet fierce groove. "Another day n my life" features catchy vocals over a deeply rumblin' backing groove that is raw and gritty, while "If a tree" is built around heavily thumpin' beats, with the rough electronic elements and phat vocals (including some sweet ones from a child) creating a hypnotic vibe. Lastly there is "Shadows" which combines spacy jazzy elements with resistless percussion fuelled tribal groove.

Sandra Lima "Higher" (Remixes)(Pesto Music Records CD Promo)

Pesto Music present the wonderful "Higher" by the beautiful Sandra Lima who provides a passionate vocal performance. The 'Original' is a marvelous laidback affair featuring a great jazzy piano alongside lovely chords, with the vocals giving the track an uplifting feeling. Jay-J is firing things up on his take that keeps things soulful, with a funktified groove leading the way for sweet percussion and melodic keys. Jon Silva contributes a great deep house interpretation which features wicked laminar keys over a deeply rumblin' groove, as well as a tougher, slightly progressive take that is perfect for the bigger rooms. More remixes by the likes of Justin Michael, Thomas White (of Natural Rhythm) and West Coast Collective's Torin Rea to follow.

Mr. Mama "The shot" (CD-R)

Italy's Mr. Mama is serving another one of his deep and hypnotizing productions that is built around a deeply rumblin', percussion enriched groove that gets topped with cool synths that assist in letting the track create a hypnotic underground-ish vibe.

Dr. Drummer "Disco Feelings Vol. 2" (Pino Music Records CD Promo)

Dr. Drummer presents another EP full lovely disco flavored house groove. "Disco frisco" features sexy male vocal over a funktified groove that is enriched with classic strings and melodic keys. "Ayero" is a fiercely stormin' track that is all about the funky ingredients and jazz-funky groove. Lastly we got "Hotshot" which features those beloved Philly styled strings over a smoothly groovin' backdrop.

Koro Koro "No smoke" (Tony Loreto SS Remix)(CD-R)

After JoJo Flores and Joe DiPadova gave us their interpretation of this timeless classic with "Yes smoke" on Deeper Shades Records (reviewed last week), we now see Tony Loreto taking on the original and turning it into an absolutely relentless track featuring captivating keys that together with the African chants create a hypnotic feeling on the dance floor.

DJ Odeon / 8th Street Alliance "O' lord lift me up" (Odeon Records CD Promo)

DJ Odeon together with the 8th Street Alliance presents the uplifting "O' lord lift me up" that is all about the captivating gospel vocals courtesy of Anaud Strong and Keith Fleming over an old school flavored garage groove that is enriched with a captivating organ ride and lovely keys. With an alternate vocal and two dubs included, this one is not to be missed.

Deep Y'all aka DJ Rico "Everybody move up" (CD-R)

"Everybody move up" by DJ Rico is a smooth funky house gem that makes uses of a percussion enriched funktified house groove that is enriched with hot guitar riffs, sexy female vocals, lovely chords and a cool organ play that altogether create an infectious vibe on the dance floor.

Various "WMC 2008 Promo" (Distar Records CD Promo)

Italian label Distar present a lovely sampler for Miami featuring some great productions. A highlight is "Show me how good" by Arduini & Pagany which is spreading an uplifting feeling through the soulful vocals and classic strings that are nicely arranged over a funked up house groove in the 'Funk Mix', while the 'House Mix' features a catchy piano over a driving groove. "Una familia" by Carlos Rubio brings back memories of Philly Disco by sampling a timeless classic (listen to it and you know which one - if you don't you have to back to music school) over a smooth percussion enriched house groove, with extra keys added for full pleasure. "La mia Afrika" by Casella kicks off with wicked afrikan chants before a fierce afro flavored groove comes in, together with some hot synths. "Do you love" and "To your heart" by Faz as well as "There she goes" by Vincy are slightly more commercial vocal house productions perfect for bigger rooms and peak time play. Kikko Martini presents two tracks: "Candela" is a tribal track features wicked chants, while "Stupisong" is a tougher affair for the bigger rooms. Also included are the 'Arduini & Pagany Deep Vocal' and 'House Bros Disco 54 Mix' of their current single "Keep on" by House Bros featuring Carol Jiani.

Soulpreachers featuring Nilsa "Tudo vale" (DeepTown Music Records CD Promo)

Markus Lerch from the Soulpreachers presents the uplifting and summery "Tudo vale" which features sexy Portuguese vocals courtesy of Nilsa over a latinesque percussion enriched backing groove, with a classy piano and lovely guitar creating a feel good vibe. The dub is firing things up for some serious dance floor heat thanks to the funk-electric elements used. Lastly we see Timmy Vegas taking the track to the main room with his deep and tough yet soulful makeover.

Various "DeepTown Music Miami Sampler" (DeepTown Music Records CD Promo)

Beside "Tudo vale" by the Soulpreachers featuring Nilsa, DeepTown Music have more goodies to drop soon as their Miami Sampler proves. "Soul meditation" sees DJ Le Roi and Roland Clark coming back together for a follow up to the worldwide smash "I get deep". Roland Clark provides some truly hot and sexy spoken words over a deeply thumpin' groove that is enriched with melodic keys. Ray Jones relaxes things for a deeper, more laidback take, while the 'Sunday Morning Mix' is firing things up with a rougher groove and electrofied keys. Next we see DJ Le Roi & Ray Jones team up with singer Pierre Piccard who provides a heartfelt vocal over a piano led, funktified backdrop on the 'Classic Mix', while the Club Mix' is all about mesmerizing synths over a fiercely stormin' groove. Then there is the 'Deep Mix' which takes the track straight to deeper territory. Lastly there is "All right" by G-Rillo which features a sweet and sexy vocal by Karol over a deep backing groove that is topped with catchy synths, with the dub going for a more hypnotic vibe.

Random Soul aka Yogi and Husky "Bodies movin'" (Celebrity Records CD Promo)

Australia's Random Soul (aka Yogi and Husky) deliver a funkily groovin' affair with "Bodies movin'" which features a passionate male vocal alongside lovely keys and chords, with their dubs opting for a slightly electronic feel. Chuck Love provides a beautiful, more laidback interpretation featuring a lovely piano over a smoothly thumpin' funk flavored groove, while his dub is on fierce west coast styled tip. David Drone contributes a raw and gritty dub, while Brian Gerrard adds two mixes to the package (vocal and dub) that are built around a massive electro-funk soaking groove that is enriched with spaced-out synths.

Various "SoulHeat Miami Sampler 08" (SoulHeat Records CD Promo)

Here we have another sampler offering a total of eleven tracks that let you choose from a variety of styles. "A tu lado" by U-Ness features Robina on vocals over a laidback latinesque backdrop, while "Let's stay together" by Des Mitchell is an uplifting and groovy affair featuring a passionate vocal by Sharon Agati. "Soulmate" by U-Ness featuring singer Fazee is a catchy affair. Ali Sural presents the powerful "Heavenly" featuring Gamze which is nothing less than a crowd pleaser with its funky feel good vibe. "Fallen" by Floy is a simple yet effective track thanks to the infectious strings, while "Sweet nightfall" by JedSet is a catchy track featuring lovely chords. Next is the unreleased 'JedSet Heats The Soul Instrumental' of "My love" by Audio Affinity featuring Gemma Roe. "It's a feeling" by Deemah is an uplifting track featuring a lovely piano and sexy female vocal over a fierce groove, followed by Coronabros featuring Victor Carillo who present the latin flavored big room styled "Vivir la vida". Then we have "Ay que lindo" by Miq Puentes which is a groovy latin flavored house track with some catchy keys. Completing the package is "Iniquitas" by Djamel, a deeply bouncing track featuring Detroit-ish spaced-out synths.

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