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Tone Control "Illusion" (Tone Control Records CD Promo)

Tone Control are Simon Finnegan and Marcus Harris who unleash "Illusion", the fourth installment for their own Tone Control label. "Illusion" features sultry vocals by James B. Coleman over a deep, slightly techifed yet soulful groove that is enriched with jazzy keys courtesy of Andy 'Touch' Fingers. The Rurals add their incomparable touch to the track, turning out a lush and groovy deep house interpretation, while Pablo Martinez contributes a fierce reworking full of punchy percussion elements and a moody bass, with wicked synths accompanying the vocals. Lastly there is the remix by Pedrosgroove (aka Ben Pedro) that takes the track to deeper grounds, giving it a slightly dark and techy edge.

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Monsieur Cedric featuring Missy Blue "Music is..." (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

The debut release for Monsieur Cedric is a deep house masterpiece - one that goes as deep as it gets, taking you on a laidback journey full of blissful melodies created by warm keys and a jazzy flute, with the French vocals courtesy of Missy Blue (aka Veronique Leboucher) adding a sexy touch to the track, while the smooth groove creates the perfect afterhours vibe. The dub gives the track a darker, slightly minimal feeling. Also included are an instrumental and wonderful reprise version.

JoJo Flores & Joe DiPadova "Yes smoke" (Deeper Shades Records CD Promo)

In 1989, Koro Koro released "No smoke" which became an instant classic. Now almost twenty years later, JoJo Flores and Joe DiPadova team up for their response "Yes smoke", the debut release on Lars Behrenroth brand new Deeper Shades label. "Yes smoke" is deep and subtle, featuring captivating keys by Shea Marshall over a smooth yet relentless, percussion enriched groove, altogether creating a hypnotizing feeling that will take dance floors by storm.

Mark Stone featuring Patimoro "Househeadz" (UDM Show Records CD Promo)

It took some time, but now the people behind the highly successful UDM radio show launch their own label. The debut release is courtesy of UDM resident Mark Stone with lyrics written and performed by Patimoro. The 'Main Mix' is an uplifting affair featuring lovely keys and a catchy piano hook over a funktified groove that is the perfect playground for Patimoro's spoken words and the background vocals courtesy of J-Key and Natasha Watts. The 'Deeper Mix' goes deeper, with wicked chords creating beautiful harmonies that make this the perfect choice for afterhours / early morning play.

Exclusive Preview: Okada Taxi featuring Monique Bingham "Come live me" (Yass Remix)(Symple Soul Records CD-R)

The original version of "Come live me" by Okada Taxi aka Kanoe is a beautiful jazz flavored broken-beat production featuring a passionate vocal performance by Monique Bingham. Now this track is being taken to the dance floors with remixes commissioned by Symple Soul Records. So far we could get hold off the Yass remix which is nothing else than mesmerizing, with the captivating synth chords and the relentless groove creating an intense vibe that gets taken to the next level by Monique Bingham's vocals.

Spin Science "Bad magic" (Cabrio Records CD Promo)

Spin Sciene present "Bad magic", a rumblin' deep house track on a slight dark and rough edge that features great laminar chords and wicked acidic tones in its original version. Da Funk relaxes things a bit on his take by smoothing down the groove and adding a sweet funky touch, while Santi Touch uses a thumpin' beat as base for his electrofied interpretation. All three mixes got what it takes to rock dance floors at peak time.

UPZ "United People of Zion II" (SoWhat Records CD Promo)

The follow up to last years stunning debut album by United People of Zion features highlights of their previous releases alongside remixes they have conducted for other labels such as Camio ("Open your eyes" by Jihad Muhammad featuring Lorraine Reid) and artists such as Robert De Carlo meets Steven Stone featuring Seyla "Believe" and Mustafa "Sao Salvador" (some of them unreleased as of now). But there are also brand new productions to be found on the album giving you a glimpse on what to expect in the future. It's all about soulful house grooves here, with influences from afro, latin, funk and more to be found throughout the album.

DJ Dealer "Joyride - Part 1" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Congratulations to Look-At-You on their #100 release - and they truly come up with a release that lives up to the expectations. DJ Dealer's album project "Joyride" has been two years in the making, now part one is available, including five tracks that are a blast from the past thanks to the inspiration DJ Dealer found in the classics from the early days of house. He perfectly melts the old-school influences with present-day grooves and sounds to create tracks that will cause damage on the dance floors. Raw, rough, deep and mesmerizing are some terms that best describe the tracks, with guest artists Charles Dockins and Lisa Millett providing the vocals (more guest artists will be featured on part two of the project).

Justin Michael featuring Donnie Romello "Music high" (Hermosa Records CD Promo)

Hermosa bless us with another soulful beauty produced by Justin Michael titled "Music high", with an outstanding vocal performance by up and coming artist Donnie Romello. The original is on a laidback tip, oozing with soulful flavors from beginning to the end. DJ Spen & The MuthaFunkaz fire up things on their mixes, intensifying the uplifting vibe by applying their trademark formula, while Random Soul contribute a groovy reworking that gets somewhat electrofied on the dub. Various dub variations are included as well, while Nikola Gala adding a dark dub that will sound perfect in the bigger rooms, while Pingo & Bobby serve a bubbling funk soaking dub. Dutchican Soul's dub is a deep and soulful affair featuring wicked synths. Lastly there is a deeply groovin' dub by Justin Brody included.

Steven Stone featuring David B. Whitley "Free to go" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

Barcoda present a beautiful production courtesy of Steven Stone who teams up with vocalist David B. Whitley for "Free to go", a smoothly stompin' affair that is all about the funk soaked groove, soulful keys and passionate vocals. Soularis turn up the heat on their bouncy take full of lovely melodies, while Central Avenue serve a groovy take featuring wicked keys, with their dub going for a deeper hypnotic feeling. The Deep Headz contribute a rough, slightly techy dub that is pure underground. Reprise and instrumental versions complete the package.

Twisted Rhythm featuring Stephen Granville "Get up" (MoD Records CD Promo)

"Get up" by Twisted Rhythm is a stormin' production built around a fiercely stompin', funk drenched groove, with a heartfelt vocal performance by Stephen Granville that is accompanied by an incredible jazzy piano line. MoD give the track a smooth yet deep feeling on their reworking that features catchy keys and classic strings over a fierce groove. Camilo Franco's interpretation is on a deep hypnotic tip featuring a catchy piano hook alongside lovely chords, while Pad Beryll contributes a groovy reworking featuring an old-school flavored piano.

MoD featuring Brian Lucas "Always" (MapDance Records CD Promo)

Swiss production team MoD present the uplifting "Always" featuring a passionate vocal by Brian Lucas over a deeply thumpin' beat that is enriched with wicked chords and synths. The 'MoD Deep Dub' goes a tad deeper and creates a hypnotic vibe with its spaced-out synths, before Ruben Alvarez generates a relentless feeling with his deeply bumpin' take that features both wicked chords and jazzy piano. For a classic, soulful interpretation look no further than the Central Avenue dub, while Kings of Soul contribute a funkily groovin' reworking featuring soulful keys. Lastly there is a soul-tech flavored remix by DJ Slider included in the package.

Zweiklang featuring Esteban Garcia "Lift me up" (TriCircle Records CD Promo)

Zweiklang are two brothers from Germany who team up with singer Esteban Garcia for the uplifting "Lift me up", a funkily groovin' affair in its original form. Subworks' interpretation is on a laidback tip that is perfect for both lounging and dancing, while Guido Craveiro comes up with a funk spiced deep house take. Junior Rex serves a funk dripping reworking, while the remaining four versions take the track straight to the bigger and main rooms with their minimal deep tech, dark and rather progressive sounding.

Rob Hayes "Looking for the sunshine" (Backhammer Records CD Promo)

With "Looking for the sunshine", Rob Hayes serves a beautiful production full of summery vibes in the 'Sunset Mix' which oozes with soul through the smooth yet deep groove, lovely chords and jazzy saxophone. The 'Dub Mix' is firing up things a bit while not letting down the soulful feeling, while the 'Sunshine Dub' by Roed Svensk is a relentless funk-flavored groover featuring a wicked saxophone. The 'Catalina Digital Dub Mix' is on the deeper side of things, featuring catchy synths and strings. Label heads Pingo & Bobby contribute the 'Mojito at Delano Mix' to the package, a wonderful chill-out version full of live instruments. Lastly there is the 'Progressive Mix' which goes all electro.

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