Miami Sure Shots

Bobby D'Ambrosio featuring Lasala "Runaway love" (SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

Producer Bobby D'Ambrosio, best know for his work the the DEF-mix crew, makes his debut for SoulFuric with a cover of the timeless classic "Runaway love" originally performed by Linda Clifford. Chosen vocalist for this project is female singer Lasala who provides a soulful and emotional performance. The 'Osio Remix' is on a smooth and lush tip and retains the vibe of the original, with the dub firing up things. On th 'Classic Mix', Bobby brings back the classic DEF-mix sound. Also included is his lovely 'Reprise Dub'. The Cleptomaniacs deliver an irresistibly throbbing dub that keeps it soulful, while rising star Marquito delivers both a string laden 'Classic Rework' as well as two tougher dubs. A sure shot winner not to be missed.

Djaimin featuring Crystal Re-Clear "Give you" (2006 Remixes)(Purple Music Records CD Promo)

"Give you", one of the defining tracks from 1992, returns in brand new mixes by Djaimin and Jamie Lewis who both include that incomparable catchy loop that the track is so famous for. Djaimin updates his 'Zanz Mix' for 2006, giving it a stormin and groovy outfit. Jamie Lewis reworks the track into a stompin' affair that features an irresistible piano line that is pushing from the beginning to the end. Also included is a 'Gimik Loop', the perfect toy for the DJ.

Ciappy DJ "Sexy" (Tony Records CD  Promo)

About a week ago, Tony Humphries finally launched his new website and label Tony Records, and the release of "Sexy" emphasis why he is an inflluence for the whole dance community for many decades now as he picked up a track that is unique and has everything it needs to rock a dancefloor. Produced by Mr. Jean Productions with voices from Angi Partipilo and drums and sounds from Ciappy DJ, "Sexy" comes in three different flavors. The '2010 Mix' is an electrofied affair with a funky edge, but it sounds different from what you've heard in the past. Listen to it and let it grow on you - it's totally irresistible. The '80s House Mix' is a funky monster that pays reminiscence to classic dance music replacing the electro elements with samples from the past. Finally, the '80s Klub Mix' is a mix of the previous two versions, giving you the best of both.

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Various "Solu Music Miami 2006 Sampler" (SOLU Music Records CD Promo)

On their Miami sampler, SOLU Muisc present some of their upcoming 2006 releases. First off is Chris Brann who takes on the sultry "I feel" that features a sensual vocal performance by Kai Martin. His interpretation is on a mellow tip, based on a smoothly stormin' deep groove that is topped with sweet percussion, areal keys and jazzy piano line. "Me'soque" is a piece of delicious latin house feauring great percussion alongside wicked keys and a wonderful horn section, while "Tenement" is a funktified track that is grooving from the beginning to the end and features melodic chords and lovely keys that give it a laidback feeling.

Klement Bonelli featuring DragonFly "Nocturnal (Nocturne 2)" (Newlite Muzik Records CD Promo)

The original "Nocturne" from 2003 is a driving cut that features wicked strings and keys over a smooth tribalish beat. Three years later, Domenico Navarra gives it with "Nocturnal (Nocturne 2)" a completely new direction featuring sexy female vocals courtesy of DragonFly over a deep and moody groove that is enriched with harmonic chords, jazzy keys and wonderful saxophone solo. A great laidback reworking.

Steal Vybe featuring Cordell McClarey "Missing you" (Stalwart Records CD Promo)

French label Stalwart present the latest production from the ever busy Steal Vybe who haven choosen Cordell McClarey as featured vocalist for this release. "Missing you" comes in three mixes, kicking off with the 'Late Nite Mix', a laidback affair featuring a marvellous live instrumentation that keeps grooving and grooving, taking you on a journey into mellow deep house. The 'Club Mix' is a rougher affair based on a hypnotic groove that gives it a tougher edge by keeping it soulful, featuring spacey keys on top. The instrumental lets you enjoy the full glory of the beats and spacey keys.

Various "Double Shock Records Spring 2006 Sampler" (Double Shock Records CD Promo)

Just in time for Miami, young label Double Shock Records present their "Spring Sampler" showcasing wath they will be up to in the next couple of weeks. "Butterfly" by Fresh 27 featuring singer Robina is a wonderful laidback production featuring lush keys and sexy vocals that is spreading a relaxed feeling. "Dreams come true" by Alison David has been given the remix treatment by MoD who turn it into a funky affair that is absolutely fierce and keeps grooving and grooving... In contrast, the Jupiter Ace is twisting the track into a stompin' electro workout. Also included on the package is the Simon Grey interpretation of "Thinking of you" by Layers of Sound featuring Melissa D.

Various "LoveSlap! Miami 2006 Sampler" (LoveSlap! Records CD Promo)

LoveSlap! Records have a very interesting sampler ready for Miami this year that covers various styles of dance music. For our Miami preview we've chosen two bring you "What you gonna do" by Behind the Groove which features singer Carla Prather who provides a passionate vocal over the groovy backing music that is full of funky flavors and great keys, spreading an uplifting feeling. Our second pick from the sampler is "You" by So What, feauturing the one and only Kenny Bobien whose incomparable falsetto voice is layed over a deeply stompin' groove that is enriched with melodic keys, creating a laidback feeling.

H&H "After midnight" (Dom Navarra Magic Mix)(SoulTonic Records CD Promo)

This is one of the many track SoulTonic will be presenting on their two Miami samplers. Preben Hansen & LeeHesler (aka H&H) present "After midnight" that features sweet vocals by Suri Windrich, presented here in the Domenico Navarra remix that comes as a laidback affair featuring jazzy piano, melodic keys and a lovely guitar by R. Caan over a funky groove, spreading a relaxed vibe.

Jersey Katz featuring Libby Jones "Spirit" (Rapture Trax Records CD Promo)

Jersey Katz are Phil Hooton (from the UK) and Charles Gattling (from New Jersey/USA, one half of Working Underneath) who produced this Libby Jones written and performed song. "Spirit" is gospel house at its best with an uplifting vibe created by the passionate vocals and soulful backing music that features a deeply storming groove that is topped with wonderful keys and organ courtesy of Mark Gamble and a wicked trumpet by Peter Wraight. Inspirational garage music with more mixes to follow that will feauture the London Community Gospel Choir.

Roberto DeCarlo meets Steven Stone feat Seyla "Believe" (Unsigned CD-R)

By the time you read this, this production might well be picked up by a well known label (to find out more - watch this space). On "Believe", producers and DJ's Roberto DeCarlo and Steven Stone collide to create a soulful house track that has a classic vibe to it. The track is based on a groovy beat that is enriched with warm keys, melodic chords and a lovely guitar alongside the sweet vocals by Seyla that alltogether create a laidback feeling.

Soulato's featuring Chellena Black "I don't need you no more" (2006 Remixes)(Paradax Records CD Promo)

The original version was released back in late 2000 and did not receive the recognition it deserved, but with the quality of the new mixes it is ensured this won't happen again. First up is Jesse Outlaw whose reworking is a heavily stompin' affair featuring sharp beats and melodic keys. There is a nice variation that features an additional guitar of his version as well. Miguel Plascencia comes up with a driving mix that is based on a deeply stormin' groove and enriched with sweet percussion and laminar keys that create a deep and moody feeling. Lastly there is a tough electro mix by Roqsta that has a rock flavor to it.

Stacey Mallory "Deep changes" (4 Real Records CD Promo)

Stacey Mallory presents something a little different from his recent releases with "Deep changes" as it combines a deeply stormin' groove with kicking drums that is topped with both jazzy and spheric keys which gives this track a cosmic edge, creating an irresistible vibe on the dancefloor. Play it loud!

Hanna Hais "Jazz samba" (ATAL Records CD Promo)

"Jazz samba" is produced by Danny Marquez & Ferry B (Afrocatalans) and brings a breeze of fresh air to the dancefloors with its great combination of a a steadily groovin' house beat, wicked spanish guitar and samba elements. Ian Carey reworks the track for the bigger rooms, giving it a tougher groove that is enhanced with wicked keys. The 'Uranus Lounge Mix' is a on a midtempo, ambient-ish tip that is perfect for chilling.

Christian Hornbostel featuring Keith Thompson "All gods children got rhythm" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

Christian Hornbostel returns to SoulFuric with his new production "All god's children got rhythm" that features veteran vocalist Keith Thompson (do you remember he did the vocals on the Raze classic "Break for love"?). It is a spoken word track that features pulsating rhythms and atmospheric keys alongside the positive message expressed through the spoken words on the 'Swing Street Mix' that is perfect for peaktime. The 'Deeptronic Mix' takes the track deeper, featuring wicked eletronic keys. Also included are a 'Spoken-A-Pella' and 'Rhythm Tool' to play around.

Bongoloverz featuring An-Tonic "Spirit of House" (SoulFuric Trax Records CD Promo)

Right in time for Miami, the Bongoloverz have their new single "Spirit of House" ready (maybe I should consider this being the official anthem for the website?). This is an uplifting production featuring a positive vibe generated by the energizeed percussion, smooth keys and upfront vocals by An-Tonic. The 'Piano Mix' is driven by a wicked piano line and funky guitar riff that give the track a driving feeling, while the 'Bongoloverz House Mix' is a more stompin' affair for peaktime action. The 'Spoken Apella' and 'Drum Tool' complete the package.

Darrell Martin featuring Ramona "I got me" (Deep Secret Records CD Promo)

Every year in time for the music conferences in Miami, Deep Secret Records present a soulful bomb, with no exception this year. "I got me" features a sensitive vocal from Ramona over powerful yet soulful backing groove that consists of a funky bassline and funky guitar, jazzy piano and melodic keys that create an uplifting vibe. The Jinks provide the remix, funking things up on their take that features a lovely jazzy trumpet over a thumpin' groove that has a slight tribalistic touch.

House Bros & Britalics featuring Joy Malcom "Love what you feel" (OnBoard Records CD Promo)

If you're looking for uplifting house vibes with a funky edge, look no further. "Love what you feel" is spreading a feel-good vibe every time you play it through the uplifting vocals provided by Joy Malcom. On the 'Back to Funk Mix', a funky guitar riff and a funkily groovin' beat lead the way, while on the 'Back to Disco Mix' the beat is turned into a discofied stomper that keeps the funky flavors alive.

Milk & Sugar "Has your man got soul?" (Milk&Sugar Records CD Promo)

The original version - first presented at last years Winter Music Conference - is is full of funky flavors, bringing back the good old days of Disco dancefloor madness. The bassline is funky as hell, with the strings and keys reminiscent of the past disco area, and the female vocals add a soulful touch to it. This is now accompanied by a dub version and and brand new mixes (vocal and dub) by Jamie Lewis that are on a darker vibe, using a tribal groove as playground for the vocals and wicked keys. Also included is a remix by Timbalestics that gives the track a stompin' outfit full of funky flavors. More mixes by Ian Carey will follow soon.

Alex and Reverend P "Animal vibes" (Funk La Planet Records CD Promo)

Funk La Planet Records come up with something a little different this time. "Animal vibes" by Alexandre Finkine and Patrice Larrar (aka Reverend P) is driven by a smooth but deep as hell bassline and features infectious synth chords alongside a wicked piano solo - the result is an irresistible and fascinating track this is taking you on a ten minute journey into deep house with an ambient-ish edge, perfect for afterhours and early morning play.

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