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Groove Assasin featuring Pete Simpson "Like what U do (girl)" (Camio Records CD Promo)

With "Like what U do (girl)", Camio present an outstanding release that has timeless classic stamped all over it. Produced by Groove Assasin and featuring the incomparable Pete Simpson on vocals, this is a beautifull orchestrated, absolutely resistless and soulful gem that will be rocking the dancefloors for years to come. Dom Navarra contributes a laidback, percussion driven latin house interpretation, while M-Sol delivers a deeply rumblin' reworking that is spreading an uplifting feeling through the beautiful keys and chords. H&H provide a laidback reworking featuring a great jazzy sax and lovely guitar riff. Closing the package is a wonderful, live instrumentated mid-tempo reprise by label head Jonny Montana.

Exclusive Preview: Chaka Khan featuring Mary J. Blige "Disrespectful" (Matthias Heilbronn Mixes)(Burgundy/Sony Records CD Promo)

Chaka Khan returns with the Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis produced "Funk this" album this month, with "Disrespectful" being one of the first singles to be released. The song is a duet with Mary J. Blige, and its pure funk bliss with the two divas providing strong inspirational vocals. Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn reworks the song in a wonderful way, with his 'SoulFlower Mix' being a smooth and soulful funky jam on a midtempo tip, while his 'PDP Mix' is an uptempo house take that nicely blends the funky vibes with wicked keys and a relentless groove. The 'Disrespected Dub' is a great addition to the 'PDP Mix' that puts the keys centerstage.

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Dennis Ferrer featuring Mia Tuttvilla "Touched The Sky (Different Take by Joe Claussell)" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

One of the standout cuts from Dennis Ferrer's "The world as I see it" album comes in yet another great variation, this time by Joe Claussell who serves a magical eleven mintue dub-take that adds a spiritual touch to the track with various beautiful layers of synths and organs. Also included is 'Dub Beats' version that is perfect to play around with. Yass' 'Dubstrumental' is a respectful interpretation of the original taking it to deeper grounds, strengthening the resistless vibe of the track.

DSF "Cover Letters (ProgCity Deep Records CD Promo)

A former Spirit of House exclusive has finally found its home at ProgCity Deep and gets a release complete with slammin' remixes by Anto Vitale. "Cover letters" by Greece based producer DSF is built around an irressistible beat that is enriched with sweet percussion, lovely strings and wicked spaced out keys, with an outstanding organ droppin' in after around two minutes that will drive you crazy. The 'Reprise Mix' gives the track a moodier edge with a slight deeper feeling. Anto Vitale takes the track to an even deeper level, giving it a techy outfit. His 'Key-A-Pella' is a beat-less take letting the synths and organs do the talk.

Soulfood presents Waterfall "Beach Music EP 2" (AX Music Records CD Promo)

AX Music continue to celebrate the summery season of the year with the second EP in their "Beach Music" series, offering three more tracks courtesy of Soulfood who present Waterfall. All three tracks are pure deep house bliss, featuring beautiful keys over nicely crafted backing grooves that altogether create a groovy yet laidback feeling perfect for chilling.

Craig Alexander "Love American Style (Glenn Underground Remix)(Unified Records CD Promo)

Glenn Underground is taking on Craig Alexander's "Love american style" which features a soulful vocal performance by Kimberly Askew, providing a wonderful rendition featuring a marvellous piano alongside melodic keys that are nicely arranged over a deep yet smooth percussion enriched backing groove, giving the track a laidback vibe.

Exclusive Preview: Ledesi "Alright" (Matthias Heilbronn Mixes)(Verve Records CD Promo)

Here we have another massive remix by Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn. This time he takes on the beautiful r&b song "Alright" by Ledesi (from her "Lost and found" album released just a few days ago), with the 'SoulFlower Mix' being a deep and groovy reworking that keeps things soulful from the beginning to the end, with a fierce groove leading the way for the sensitive vocals and wonderful keys. The 'PDP Mix' strips most of the vocals, letting the keys and an added organ create an irresistible vibe.

Steven Stone featuring Sibylle "All I need is love" (SP Records CD Promo)

This truly soulful production by Steven Stone that features vocalist Sibylle was originally released last year on Player Records. Here we have the unreleased 'Revival Remix' that keeps the soulful flavors of the original alive while taking it to deeper grounds, with melodic keys nicely accompanying the sweet and passionate vocals by Sibylle.

Rhythm Kings "Twisted" (SoulTonic Records CD Promo)

SoulTonic follow up the massive succes of "Believe" (by Roberto De Carlo meets Steven Stone featuring Seyla) with "Twisted" courtesy of the Rhythm Kings. The original version is a groovy feel-good production spiced with funky flavors and featuring wicked keys alongside a soulful male vocal. Soularis provide an irresistible deeply thumpin' reworking that is led by great chords, while Richie Robinson gives the track a darker, more dirty sounding on his take.

Justin Michael featuring Jason Lent "Dancefloor"(Swank Records CD Promo)

"Dancefloor" is the 2nd single lifted form Justin Michael's debut artist album "Everything" featuring singer Jason Lent who provides a passionate vocal performance. Justin Michael reworks his funky flavored original into a nicely groovin' extended version with a great piano, while Raul Rincon reworks the track into a stormin' peaktime monster. Newcomer M-Sol provides an uplifting take with beautiful melodic keys nicely arranged over a deeply thumpin' groove. Part two with more remixes will follow in a couple of weeks.

Marquito featuring Duane Harden "Face it now" (Panevino Music Records CD Promo)

Here we have another former Spirit of House exclusive that gladly will see the light of the day soon. Marquito's "Face it now" is a beautiful production on a retro tip with a great arrangment and orchestration alongside a wonderful vocal performance by Duane Harden. With its classy keys, strings, horns and the funktified backing groove, "Face it now" has all it takes to become an instant classic. Panevino rework the track into a deeply stormin' affair featuring irresistible keys that get to full effect on their dub that is perfect for late nite play. Lastly, Marquito's 'Late Nite Dub' is the pick for the bigger rooms with its catchy synth lines.

Exclusive Preview: Marques Houston "Wonderfull" (Serge Negri Remix)(CD-R)

Wonderful reworking of this marvellous r&b slow jam by Marques Houston (lifted from his "Veteran" longplayer released in march of this year) courtesy of Serge Negri that keeps the sweet and sensitive vibe created by Marques Houston's vocals alive while adding a deeply thumpin' beat and great keys to turn it into a laidback house interpretation.

Patrick Dream featuring Roy Davis Jr. "Feet don't fail" (Spiritual Blessings Remix)(Mile End Records CD Promo)

Spiritual Blessings on remix duty here, taking on "Feet don't fail" by the team of Patrick Dream and Roy Davis Jr. who provides the soulful vocals and sweet keys. This remix is built around a deeply stompin' beat that is enriched with jazzy horns, melodic synth lines and jazzy keys that altogether create a beautiful laidback feeling.

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