The Reviews for 1999.

December 26, 1999

Runner-Up for Pick of the Week Miguel Plasencia presents Figueroa "Cuidado con los Enbori" (YellOrange Records 12")

After putting out lots of slamming vocal tracks, YellOrange Records release this little nugget of a driving percussive cut with a killer xylophone on top.

Azuli Promotional 2000 (Azuli Records 4x12" Promo)

An eight track compilation including unreleased mixes of "Make a move on me" by Z-Factor and "Dancin' with you" by Bini + Martini and six upcoming releases. "Happiness" by Bini + Martini is another filtered disco-ish track sampling an odd classic, "Believe" by Ricky Montanari is a bumping house track, "Oh Baby" by First Mission is a funky and filtered cut sampling "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang, "Love to see ya" by Love Rush is a driving house cut using some filtering and a nice piano hook, "So Excited" by Pepper Mashay is a UK garage track with a decent two-step beat while "Groovejet" by Monorage is a funky stomper with retro keys.

Soul Boy Gold Pack (Soul Boy Records CD Promo)

This should be in the shops in january/february 2000 as a 2x12", currently a few lucky ones have this on test pressings, and others like me have it on CD promo which unfortunately only has edits. All eight tracks consist of heavy garage vibes by Charles Dockins, a man that always goes his own way. Lots of quality vocal tracks to be found here including "All for Love" by Robin Rush, "Party of the Year" by Kimani feat. Sheila Ford, "Can you feel it" by Lynette Smith, "Da Party" by C-Dock with vocals remembering me of Rod Stewart,  as well as dope grooves like "Beautiful People" by Doc Groove, "Heaven" by Soul Pie using a latin samba groove and Robin Rush's vocals, "Life" by Charles Dockins, a combination of heavy garage and disco, and there is also a new slamming remix of the James Howard classic "Wake up".

Rick Wade "Quantum Expression" (Moods & Grooves Records 12")

Rick Wade brings back the warm and laidback, nearly old-school house grooves.

Abstract Afro II Unreleased Project "Straight Magic / Afro Tech" (Nite Grooves Records 12")

Some unreleased mixes can be found here. "Straight Magic" by Ananda Project feat. Heather Johnson comes in Wamdu Kids style deep and moody mixes while "Afro Tech" by Jaymz Nylon comes in a pumped-up jazz-funky style.

Incognito "I can see the Future" (Talkin' Loud Records 12")

Ex Galliano member Ski delievering these mixes on a disco-ish tip with lots of strings and other jazzy and funky ingredients.

Weekender "Limited Sampler" (Toko Records 12")

A sampler inlcuding a preview track to their forthcoming album titled "Channel Check", a groovy and deep track in both vocal and dub versions as well as the so far unreleased 'Hyde Dub' of "Spirit in your Soul".


December 19, 1999

Runner-Up for Pick of the Week Kevin Yost "Night of 1000 Drums Pt. II (i! Records 12")

"Trouble in Paradise" is another proof that Kevin Yost is one of the most versatile producers when it comes down to create irresistible jazzy house tracks. Simply outstanding!! Also included are "Simply so" and "Forgetting about it", the first being another jazzy house track while the second is a jazzy midtempo groover.

M.A.S. Collective featuring SuSu Bobien "Stand up" (AirPlane Records 2x12")

Top notch vocal house with gospel-ish vocals by SuSu Bobien and CeCe Rogers on background vocals. The M.A.S. Collective mixes are on smoothly bumping house tip with a funky bass and nice horns. Various remixes supplied here, all working the vocals to full effect, over different house grooves. 

Kimara Lovelace "I love you more" (Part II)(KingStreet Records 12")

The only interesting mix for us soulful heads on this 12" is the original version by Roland Clark with a bumpy groove topped with the souful vocals by Kimara and a laidback flute.

Fazed Idjuts featuring Sally Rodgers "Dust of Life" (Joe Claussell Remixes)(U*Star Records 12")

Mr. Claussell giving us more of his percussive medicine with these remixes with different edges: one version is concentrating on the guitar while another one is going for a real jazzy piano.

Defected Millenium Sampler (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

A double pack including the forthcoming single for Defected in the new millenium. Included are "Rise" by Eddie Amador, "Hazin' + Phazin'" by Choo Choo Project, "Believe" by Ministres De-La Funk featuring Jocelyn Brown and the brand new "It's over" by Astrotrax. "It's over" is a bumpy garage number with a more fierce and driving dub mix by Jaxon Jinx.

Eddie Amador "Rise" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)
Choo Choo Project "Hazin' + Phazin'" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

The original mixes of "Rise" coupled with new funked and filtered up mixes by Future Shock, CZR and Funk Force, which will give it a great sales potential but still the original mixes are the ones for me. "Hazin' + Phazin'" comes in its original mixes and brand new mixes by Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero as well, all on a funky and filtered tip with a crazed out keys. The Lab Rats and Sounds of Life are responsable for the remixes, both taking on different variations on funkily bumping tip.

Peshay feat. Kym Mazelle "Truly" (Farley & Heller Remix)(Blue Records 12" Promo)

Farley & Heller create a hypnotic groove with spaced-out synths on top.

Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty "Chocolate Sensation" (FFRR Records 2x12"  Promo)
Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty "Chocolate Sensation" (FFRR Records 12" White-Label)

The original version that was promoed on a one-sided 12" kicks off the double-promo which gets coupled with new mixes by Jazzy M, David Morales and ATFC. Jazzy M creates a groovy bumper while David Morales turns it into a stomping affair and ATFC go for a slightly funked up groove. The white label has another mix by David Morales on a classic piano-led mix and a stripped-down version by ATFC. Finally, there is a percapella version.

Taxi Driver "On the Rails" (Estereo Records 12")

Jazzy and percussive grooves with Restless Soul giving it the housey touch with a deep bubbling groove.

Basement Boys Allstars "Holiday" (Basement Boys Records 12")

The gospel taking over on house once again, might be a bit to cheesy for club play, but don't miss to check the accapella.

Three Fierce Divaz "Sweet Love" (Basement Boys Inc. 12")

DJ Spen & Karizma creating a soulful and funky groover based of the Anita Baker classic.

True Solace "Thank you" (Intimate Records 12")

This UK release includes the original vocal versions by Eric Kupper and DJ Spen & Karizma and two new mixes by JC & Errol Henry which are on a soulful tip with classic strings.

Glenn Turner "Runnin' away" (HipBone Records 12")

The original is a laidback jazz-funky version while Jule St. Cyr adds a pumping groove and turns it into a soulful house track. Richard Les Crees adds a funky bass and fierce house groove.

Nicolicious "Vermillion Vibe" (Vinylicious Records 12")

Laidback jazzy groove with a killer flute, smooth guitar vibes, a scary organ and some spaced out elements - simply a beautiful and cool record!!

Miguel Migs "Future Flight" (Large Records 12")

Large Records continues to release great vibes. This four tracker by Miguel Migs includes house grooves perfect for both listening and a smooth house set.

Brothers Vibe "Can U dig it" (New Generation Records 12")

"Can you dig it" is simple house grovoe with both jazzy keys and a laidback guitar. "Words to a Nation" is pumping house track with a spoken message.

Ron Carroll & Spero Pagos featuring Mea Fisher "Gimme Love" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

Funky and bumping house track with a sample of a classic I don't remember at the moment (shame on me!!), with a more laidback dub also included.


December 5, 1999

Bob Marley "Rainbow Country" (Remix)(Edel/ClubTools Records 12")

After the remix of "Sun is Shining" which was this years Ibiza anthem, we now get a remix package of "Rainbow Country". Funkstar de Luxe add a bumping house beat while Knee Deep go for a funky house groove. Also included is a so far unreleased Funkstar de Luxe remix of "Sun is Shining" which stays close to the original version.

Kad Achouti and the London Latin Syndicate "Latiname" (Malek Records 12")

Latin music is getting an impact on house music recently, and this is a very cool piece of it. Over the groovy house beat there are trombones, bongos, flutes, trumpets, a piano and more which create a real jazzy latino feeling.

Jazztronik "Ms Loneliness" (Yellow Records 12")

Are you ready for more latin vibes? Taken from the "Bossa très... Jazz" compilation, it features the original version, a DJ Gregory remix whit a tribal-esque beat and Bougie Soliterre delievering a jazzy and percussive interpretation with Kerri Chandler on keys.

Mistura featuring Carolyn Harding "Runnin'" (Z Records 12")

A cover of the classic "You can't run from my Love" by Stephanie Mills, produced and mixes by Joey Negro. The club mix is pretty close to the original while having a pumping and driving groove. The 'Solar Jazz Mix' is an instrumental take with added jazzy keys. Both a dub and acapella complete the package.

Jasper Street Company "Flay Away" (Frankie Knuckles Remix)(Basement Boys Records 12")

Frankie Knuckles with both a vocal and dub in classic DEF-mix style. Also included is a Junior Vasquez remix of "God helps those (who help themselves)".

Latanza Waters "Ordinary People" (Basement Boys Records 12")

E-Smoove remixes a Basement Boys production, and the result is a funkyily bumpin track in typical E-Smoove style. The original version is on an old school tip.

Glenn Underground "Moving" (NiteLife Collective Records 12")

There is a '70s Vibe Mix' with a real 70's disco feeling, a filtered dub, a dub on the laidback garage tip, and a deep grooving dub.

Black Masses "Wonderful Person" (Remix 2000)(Oxyd Records 12" White Label)

No details about the mixes, all I know is that they are done by Italy's hottest remixers Bini & Martini. As usual, they bring the funk into it, and here they use a funky guitar over a nicely bumping beat.

Shaft "Sway" (Knee Deep Remix)(Universal Records 12" Promo)

The Knee Deep duo creates a stunning funky and rhumba-esque stumper of the original salsa track.

B.O.P. Entertainment presents "Rendition of Soul Vol. 2" (SoundMen on Wax Records 2x12")

Four tracks all produced by the Brothers of Peace which will likely get released on 12" soon with new mixes. Included are "Through the Fire" by Dawn Tallmann, "Don't change" by Darryl D'Bonneau, "Somebody Nu" by Carmen B and "All 4 U" by Joey Washington, all on the garage tip, but gladly not as cheesy as some recent B.O.P. productions.

Joe T. Vannelli Project feat. Vlynn "Don't bring me down" (DreamBeat Records 2x12" Promo)

A change of style for Mr. Vannelli - but a nice one. The main version is on a classic groovy tip with gospel-ish vocals. There is also a melodic take of it as well as a tribal and a pumped up version. Mixes by Gianni Bini on a funkily pumping tip complete the package.


November 28, 1999

Shazz featuring Ken Norris "Innerside" (Ron Trent Remix)(Distance Records 12")
Shazz featuring Ken Norris "Innerside "(Lenny Fontana Remix)(Distance Records 12")

New mixes of this beauty that was first around with mixes by Blaze and Joe Claussell. Once more, Ron Trent delievers superbly smooth and soulful mixes on the first 12" while Lenny Fontana goes for mixes on the garage tip.

Roy Davis Jr. "Michael" (Presence Mixes)(NuPhonic Records 12")

Charles Webster behind the remixes which are on a laidback atmoshperic feeling.

U.C. Heights featuring Anthony Falagan "Never lost Faith" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

Dennis Ferrer teams up once more with Anthony Falagan to deliever an outstanding vocal production. The original mixes are on a bumpy garage tip while the Chilli Funk crew adds a new bassline and takes it onto a more soulful level.

Vernessa Mitchell "Higher" (Silk Entertainment Records 12")

A Pick of the Week a few month ago when it was part of a limited edition EP, now finally available on 12". Beside of the original 12", there is now a dub reprise and a 13 minute "Journey to Heaven" interpretation.

The Experiment featuring Lisa Millett "Music is my Way of Life" (SoulFuric Records 12")

A cover of the Patti Labelle disco-area classic (check the Classic Page for a review of it), produced by in-demand remixers The Lab Rats from the UK. A stomping beat accompanies the classic disco-ish production on the vocal version while the dub version uses some filtering.

Indigo Tracks Part One "Rites of Passage" (Prescription Records 12")

No writer or producer credits here, but this sounds like Ron Trent and/or Anthony Nicholson being behind it. An atmospheric U.S.G. type groove in two different variations.

Kerri Chandler "Night Moods EP" (Metaphor Records 12")

This man is putting out record after record, and everytime it has something to discover. Here we get a three track EP. "Dub Life" is a deep and groovy bubbling track while "Lonely Love" is a bumpy laidback groover. "Sunday Sunlight" sees Kerri himself providing vocals over another laidback house groove.

Eric Clapton "(I) get lost "(Reprise Records 12")

David Morales' vocal mix is on a cheesy pop-house tip while his dub is on a dark RedZone-style tip. The delight on this 12" are the Kevin Yost mixes which are based on a hypnotic groove with an irresistible accoustic guitar on top.

Yukihiro Fukutomi "Brasilia 2000 EP" (Nite Grooves Records 12")

"Brasilia 2000" is a percussive groove driven by a real jazzy piano. "Ritomo Number One" is a house groove on a jazzy-percussive tip. "HSG" has cathy house groove with brasilian-style vocals while "Gemi's Afro Groove" is a simple house track driven by a gutar riff.

Rhythmcentric feat. Jeanelle "Come to me" (Look at You Records 12")

The original version is a mitdempo groover on the laidbak tip. The Pound Boys remixes are on a bumpy house tip with a deep bass.

Aquarian Dream "Love and Tears" (Defender Records 12")

The Soul Creatures remixes found on this 12" use lots of percussion over a bubbling bassline, topped with a groovy guitar.

Spiller "The Mighty Miami EP" (Fruit of the Moon Records 12" Test Pressing)

Already getting lots of attention from DJs (it should be out soon), "Groove Jet" is the track to hunt down from this EP. It is a simple bumpy house track grooving alongside classic disco-ish strings done the Salsoul way which get completed with a cool guitar. "When the Beats" stripps it down to the bumpy groove.

Envelop "Hear my Answer" (Plate Records 12")

The two original versions are on a jazzy old-school groove affair which gets remixed in different ways. Fredrik Stark creates a deep and laidback house groove while Kevin Yost goes for a bumpy house groove added with jazzy elements.


November 21, 1999

Intense featuring Charvoni "I got my happiness" (Remix)(SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

DJ Spen and Karizma give this their usual classy funkily bumping feeling with a couple of cool mixes to choose from.

Groove Collective "Everything is changing" (Naked Music Records 12")

The standout cut from their "Declassified" album gets a full 12" release. The original album version gets coupled with a dub mix by Swag that takes it to an old-school jazz-funk mission while Jay Denes gives us a smooth housed-up version and Baby Mammoth goes for a jazzy take.

Boogie Daze & Disco Nites 12" Sampler (Slip'N'Slide Records 12")

A tastemaker for the compilation "Boogie Daze & Disco Nites" inlcuding "Spread yourself" by Matthias Heilbronn, "Kissin' U" by Davidson Ospina and "C/Drells" by Alliance DC.

The Brand New Heavis "Apparently Nothing" (Roger S. Remixes)(FFRR Records 12" Promo)

A cover of the Young Disciples classic, with Roger Sanchez providing the remixes on a nicely bumping house tip with a nice guitar on top.

Roy Davis Jr. "Michael" (NuPhonic Records 12")

Another soulful production by Roy Davis Jr. with a Charles Webster remix with a laidback and flowing jazzy groove.

Ron Carroll "Stronger" (After Hours Records 12")

Mazi's version is a pumping affair which samples the Inner Life classic "I'm Caught up (in a one night love affair)" and uses some sweet filtering while the DJ Spen & Karizma remix is using a funkily bumping groove to create a deep feeling.

Lu & Jii Hoo "Shelter" (F-Communications Records 12")

L u & Jii Hoo are L. Ulfstedt and Jori Hulkkonen, and they create an afterhours like deep house cut with female vocals.

DJ Rasoul "Soul Searching Vol. 4" (Large Records 2x12")

A quality double-pack including a vocal version of "Soul Searching" featuring Shawn Benson and new material ranging from a downtempo-ish tech-houe track to funky slices of music, a worthy pack for every DJ.

 Steve Lora & Kenneth Graham "Feel me" (Distant Music Records 12")

The original is a driving funky track that sounds fresher in Jon Cutler's remix which uses an additional trumpet.

Soul Providers "Tango" (Basement Boys Records 12")

A funky and pumping house groove with a wicked guitar giving it that something special that will make you even like it or hate it.


November 14, 1999

DJ Dove meets Inaya Day "I'm touched" (Slip'N'Slide Records Test Pressing)

Another quality record for the label that just recently celebrated their 100th release. DJ Dove delievers a fierce groove with Frankie Feliciano supporting him on the keyboard part, and Inaya Day glides through the vocal. A melody that won't go out your head. The dub is on the darker, Subliminal-esque side.

Tiefschwarz "Holy Music" (Benztown/ClubTools Records 12" White Label)

Destined to be the final installment of mixes but no information if they will be commercially available, the 'Holy Mixes' are on a groovy tip with a cool, laidback feeling.

Fire Island featuring Love Nelson "There but for the grace of God" (Remixes)(Junior Records 12")

Joey Negro on remix duty where he filters the vocals over a house groove to create a discofied result. Futurshock speed it up a bit and add a driving beat and simple piano line that creates a hypnotic mix.

Deep Dish "Mohammad is Jesus" (Remix)(DeepDish Records 2x12")

First around on their "Junk Science" album on DeConstruction Records last year, now here on full 12". Included are the original version and a dub, both on a classic smooth Deep Dish tip while their new remix is on a darker tip. A trippy remix by Brother Brown is also included. But why did they not include their 9 minute version that was on a limited 2x12" promo-album sampler last year?

NuPhonic 02 Promo 12" (NuPhonic Records 12" White Label)

A 12" promo sampler from the 'NuPhonic 02' compilation (see Album Reviews section) which includes the alternate version of "Moving Cities" by Faze Action - a nice variation of the original version. The flip has "Born under Punches" by Fuzz Against Junk.

Roland Clark "I already miss You" (Liquid Groove Records 12" Test Pressing)

A one-sided taster with one mix only (the other mixes aren't finished yet) that sees Roland Clark back with a nicely bumping  house track that lives of Roland's irresistible vocals.

Antonio "Enamocandose" (Tribal Winds Records Limited Edition 12")
Antonio "Agua de Coco" (Tribal Winds Records 12")

Antonio contiues to put out more of his smooth percussive grooves on his own label. "Enamocandose" is an easy listening track with a jazzy edge while "Agua de Coco" is driven by a trumpet which lays over a percussive groove with congas.

New Vision "(Just) me and you" (AM:PM Records 2x12" Promo)

AM:PM Records licensed it from Stritly Rhythm Records and put some new mixes onto this double promo together with two of the original mixes. Joey Negro adds some filtering and a more driving beat to it while Grant Nelson goes for a solid bumping house groove on one mix with an added new keyboard line and taking away the sample while his other mix isn't that far away from the original or Joey Negro mixes. DJ Disco speeds it up heavily and creates a progessively pumping mix.

The Revisionaries featuring Elexis Sutter and Glenn Turner "Keep it together" (Z Records 12")

Licensed from New York's HipBone Records whos original Filthy Rich (a disco-groove with hot percussion and some smooth filtering) and Chilren of Planet Earth (jazzy old-school club groove) mixes are also included here, it is Joey Negro delevering the remix with a heavy 90's disco-house groove and classy disco-strings.

Dan K "Pacific Connection EP" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

Percussion combined with jazzy keys and an ambient groove on "Sunburst" while on "Pacific Connection" Dan K goes for a jazzy, afterhours feeling. "Dish Washer" is a midtempo track with a jazzy piano and a classic warehouse-style groove.


November 7, 1999

Unreleased Project 2 (MAW Records 12")

Here you get an alternate vocal version and the keyapella of "Wonderful Person" by Black Masses and the sax version of BeBe Winan's "Thank you".

Mary J. Blige "Let no man put asunder" (Universal Vibe/MCA Records 12" Promo)

Finally available on vinyl, this is a nice cover of the First Choice classic which has been produced by Maurice Joshua whos remix has a classic feeling while Steve 'Silk' Hurley adds some up to date beats on his remix.

Michael Moog "That Sound" (FFRR Records 12" Promo)

Huge on the dancefloor already in its original version with a deep bubbling groove, this promo also includes the long awaited Full Intention remix with a pumping beat.

Nerio's Dubwork feat. Darryl Pandy "Feel it" (Reshape Records 12" Test Pressing)

It is hard to produce a follow up to a club hit like "Sunshine & Happiness", but the result here is set to be another club hit. With a chic-ish guitar and a driving funky groove and Darryl Pandy's vocals, this should rock your dancefloor. 

Malawi Rocks feat. Dihanne Moore "Something to smile about" (KingStreet Records 12")

Francois K. with a lovely remix on a laidback grooy tip with nice keyboard play on the club mix while his dub is a darker affair.

Cooly's Hot Box "We don't have to be alone" (Guiro Remix)(SoleMusic Records 12")

Yet more mixes of this club scorcher, this time by Guiro aka Steve 'Sole' Middleton. The mixes are on a gorgeous guitar stomped and bouncing garage tip.

Kojak "You can't stop it" (DJ Spinna Remix)(ProZak Trax Records 12")

DJ Spinna adding phat beats to generate an old school feeling to the slamming original which is included here too.

"The Rural Harvest EP" (Peng Records 12")

"Window Pain" is a house tracks with female vocals that really takes off in the middle when the jazzy elements are coming in to top the driving groove. "Right or wrong" has deep bubbling beats, female vocals and some spacey keys on top to create a moody groover.

Snowboy featuring Liliana Chachian "Casa Forte" (Ubiquity Records 12")

Tru samba music in its original version (also to be found here), remixed by Joe Claussell in two versions. Beside the very percussive beats version, there is a full 13 minute long version with the percussive groove topped by both jazzy and spaced out keys and horns.

Naked Soul "So happy" (NiteLife Records 12")

Kurt Harmon being the vocalist on this slice of jazzy deep house music with wicked mixes by Roy Davis Jr. and Glenn Underground remix.

Mateo & Matos "Selective Styles" (Underground House Sounds United Records 12")

Here, Mateo &  Matos are adapting what is hip at the moment: they use some filtering over bumping grooves on the two tracks on the a-side while the b-side track is a moody grooving track with both jazzy and spacey keys.

Furious Styles "Furious Grooves" (Undaground Therapy Records 12")

"Get on down" is build around a classic with the same title (the artist escapes me right now) and has some very laidback and smooth female vocals over a bumpy beat coupled together with a wicked guitar and jazzy keys while the instrumental version is more simple.

Money Chocolate "Keep the Love "(Midnite Records 12")

A little underground bumper in a souful retro guitar-lick style. best working in the Smash Hunter remixes.

VJS Inc. featuring Roberta Gillian "Take me" (WestSide Records 12")

A deep bubbling groovy affair in the original Victor Simonelli mix with a funky bass and jazzy keys. The E-Smoove mixes are on a happily bumping funky tip.

Introducing Deluxe Audio "Promotional Sampler" (Deluxe Audio Records 2x12" Promo)

A six track sampler of a new label with some interesting stuff on it. "Bring your loving home" by Mindchime featuring Mark Mack is based around the bass of the classic "Vertigo/Relight my fire" and is a driving house track. "The Beat goes on" by Ripple comes in a really nice updated version by Luxury Unlimited Orchestra keeping the original vibe alive. "Feel the real" by David Bendeth comes in a remix by Jazz'N'Groove which is on a classic disco-ish tip (don't know wether this is a new song or a classic).


October 31, 1999

Eddie Matos presents "All the way back" (83 West Records 12")

Eddie Matos with a solo EP including four tracks sampling grooves from the past. Not as strong as the new Mateo & Matos album (see the Album Reviews section) but the tracks might be usefull for your set.

Sfere "First Steps" (Sfere Records 2x12")

Kerri Chandler and Dennis Ferrer present this double pack including some dope shit. Check "Waterfall" which is a male vocal track with a deep bubbling groove, or "Living", another track with a deep groove featuring male vocals. The package gets completed with some jazzy, funky and pumping grooves.

Terry Callier "I don't want to see myself (without you)" (Talkin' Loud Records 2x12" Promo)

Farley & Heller and the Kings of Tomorrow have been choosen for the remixes. K.O.T. build a wonderful driving groove based around a wicked guitar (check their which has a cool intro with the guitar) while Farley & Heller decided to gor for a more percussive take with a jazz-funky flava.

Sister Soul "How long can I wait around" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

I only got the one-sided test pressing which includes the 'Vocal Club Mix' (there should also be a test pressing with all three mixes that will be released) of this Lenny Fontana production. A house groover with some classy disco-touch to it, topped by female vocals.

King Britt & Ursula Rucker "Circe" (Guidance Records 12")

The original version by King Britt is an old school groove. Rob Yancey created a hypnotic and deep groove while Jazzanova give it a jazzy feeling with trippy beats on a midtempo groove.

Kavita Singh "Gypsy" (FlipSide Records 12" Test Pressing)

Bougie Soliterre responsible for the mixes which are on a guitar driven percussively take. Both instrumental and guitarpella are inlcuded, too.

Wamdue Project "King of my Castle" (AM:PM Records 12"  Promo)

A huge club hit in Europe (especially in Germany) thanks to the remix by Roy Malone (aka Walterino from Italy) who maximized the horny vocals by Gaelle over a bumping beat which is inlcuded here together with a brand new remix by Bini & Martini who give it a funky feeling. Mixes by Armin Van Buuren which will make this huge on the commercial dancefloors complete the package.

Osio "Move your Body" (Bobby D'Ambrosio Remix)(Waako Records 12")

The classic house anthem by Marshall Jefferson got remixed by Bobby D'Ambrosio who adds a pumping beat but it is still the original piano that kicks the record. The 'D-Dubmental' is the mix that should rock your dancefloor with its C&C Music Factory like keys.

Bobby D'Ambrosio "The Collection - Preview Sampler" (Definity Records 12")

This preview 12" to his forthcoming album (release in January 2000) includes "Thinkin' of you" which he produced together with Davidson Ospina. It is a driving house groove with a funky feeling. "Here I am" which will be the first full single lifted from the album features Kelli Sae on vocals and stays in the tradition of classic piano led DEF-mix style. "So thankful" features Ronnell Bey on vocals is a laidback and jazzy midtempo groover.

Testament "It is well" (AfterHours Records 2x12")

A production by Ron Carroll and Spero Pagas. Gosepl-ish vocals over a bumpy groove with jazzy keys on its original version while Lenny Fontana delievers a classy garage take on his version. Mazi's mixes have a rougher touch and a deep funky bass added with a guitar. And the accapella of the great vocals is also inlcuded.

Brick Nation feat. Craig Travis "Speak to me" (Velocity Records 12")

Roland Clark produces a progressively pumping track which gets saved by 95 North on their mixes with a groovy garage beat.

Kenny Bobien "U gave me Love" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Kenny's falsetto vocals over a bumping funky groove courtesy of DJ Spen and Karizma. Their dub may be the one for the dancefloor with some filtering used.

Norma Jean Bell "Do you want to party" (PandaMonium Records 12")

Jazzy keys and a groovy house beat on the 'Planet Mix' while Kenny Dixon Jr. takes it a bit deeper with his moodier groove.


October 24, 1999

Groove Collective "Declassified" (Liquid Sound Lounge Records 12")

The cut on this album sampler you have to check out is "Everything is changing", bringing back the 70's feel of soulful funky club music.

Glenn Underground "Ascension" (NiteLife Collective Records 12")

A four track EP of deep house grooves on the jazzy and disco-ish tip.

Soul Vision "Don't stop" (Remixes)(Soul Vision Records 12")

Included here is a remix that replaces the original keys with new, atmospheric keys, and a new edit of the original version as well as an accapella.

Satoshi Tomiie "Inspired" (Columbia Records France 12")

First out in Japan on 12", now here on a french release. Satoshi goes for the classic DEF-mix piano-led house style in both vocal and instrumental versions. A classic combination of disco-ish strings, the beautiful female vocals by Diane Charlemagne,  slamming drums programmed by David Morales.

Next Evidence "Sand EP" (Versatile Records 12")

Deep percussive grooves coming our way from France. "Sands of Time" has a flute over the jazzy percussion while "Dune" uses a sax over the percussive vibes.

Femi Kuti "What will tomorrow bring" (Barclay Records 12")

Joe Claussell and Funmi Ononaiye team up for a percussive afro-funk extravaganza. On the flip, there is a nice grooving deep house version (both vocal and instrumental) remixed by Cyril K.

"The Lost Tribes of Ibadan" (Sfere Records 12")

Not many words need to be written here: there is a full vocal version of the classic "Atmosphere" and a Dennis Ferrer remix of "Orixas" which has a tougher groove than the original.


October 17, 1999

Nu Spirit Helsinki "Colors of my Mind" (Guidance Records 12")

Percussive old-school house groove with a real jazz flava on a laidback afterhours tip. The flip has a moodier version as well as a downtempo take.

Anthony Nicholson "Dance Anthology Volume 2" (PeaceFrog Records 2x12")

Two tracks in different variations featured on this double 12". Like the African Blues releases, lots of percussion and afro elements are present all over the four sides of this package.

OnePhat Deeva "In and out of my Life" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

This 12" samples the voice of Adeva over the beat of Fatboy Slim's "Right here right now" and was first around as a bootlegg and is already a huge club hit in England. Defected are the lucky ones to have it licensed for release, and they couple the original version together with new remixes. Knee Deep give it a funky edge while the Lab Rats turn it into a stomping dark club groover. Olav Basoski pumps things up, and an acapella is included too.

Christian Falk "Make it right" (Tommy Musto Remixes)(Atlantic Records 2x12" Promo)

The only interesting mixs on this double pack are the ones by Tommy Musto. His mixes are on a melodic tip with some sweet percussion and the soulful SubUrban sounds.

"The Night Affair EP" (Transport Records 12")

"Luv Soundz (Transport Theme)" is a house track with both jazzy and spheric keys and a deep bubbling groove. "Those Nights" is a house track with a moody feel thanks to the dark keys its got.

Jersey Street "Vaya a vivir / In the beginning" (Glasgow Underground Records 12")

Two very percussive tracks, both having a killer flute on top. "In the beginning" has in addition a real jazz piano while "Vaya a vivir" uses both a jazz piano and a guitar.

The Black Science Orchestra "Sunshine" (Farley & Heller Remix)(Afro Art Test Records 12")

Terry Farley and Pete Heller deliever both a vocal and dub remix on a smooth tip with a deep bubbling groove and laidback keys.

Crispin J. Glover presents Philip Ramirez "It's Music" (Nitelife Records 12" Test Pressing)

The original version has a classic club-house groove with disco-ish strings, funky elements and the gopsel vocal by Philip Ramirez. Lenny Fontana's remixes are on a melodic and smooth house tip with a nice horns.

World, Sky and Universes "The answer" (Prescription Records 12")

Ron Trent together with Mona Mira give us deep groover on  the USG tip.

A:xus feat. Naomi "Baghdad Cafe (Callin' U)"(Mood II Swing Remixes)(Guidance Records 12")

The classy, old school original gets remixed by Mood II Swing in a melodic way with a serious house groove, both in vocal and instrumental verions, while their dub is on a darker tip. The original version is included as well.

Montana Orchestra (Philly Sound Works Records 12")

Vincent Montana Jr. is back with this four track Ep. "The best Vibes around" has a long vibes solo by Vincent Montana Jr. backed with a sdeep house groove. "Bonnie's Lounge Sax" is a simple funky groove in an 80's style topped with a saxophone. "I'm still the best" features a female vocal and comes with a deeply bubbling groove. "Jersey Party Grind" is more club friendly version of "I'm still the best" with a deep funky bass and rumbling beat.

The Funky People "Funky People" (Remixes)(Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

The 20/20 Vision crew pump it and create an electic groove around the original funky riff. Knee Deep give it a different funky feeling while Jinx give it a funky disco-ish feeling over a stomping house groove.


October 10, 1999

Maxwell "Fortunate" (Jay Denes Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

Columbia Records put out a very limited white label promo of these mixes that are now bootlegged. Jay Denes of Naked Music Records did the mixes which are on a deep mellow tip.

Seal "Latest Craze" (Bootlegg 12")

Already the second bootlegg coming my way (the first one only had one mix included). Two mixes by Kerri Chandler and Jerome Sydenham (no, Joe Claussell hasn't been involved with it even when the inlcuded sheet says so) to choose from, one on a laidback groove with jazzy horns, the other one having a deep bubbling groove.

Ministers De-La-Funk feat. Jocelyn Brown "Believe" (Subliminal Records 12")

Subliminal Records continue to release quality dancefloor music with pumping beats, funky elements and great vocals.

Eddie Amador "Rise" (Yoshitoshi Records 12")

It was hard for Eddie to produce a follow up to "House Music", but this one is of the same quality and it is already rocking the dancefloors all over the world. A simple groove with spheric keys, a few vocals, some smooth filtering elements will keep the crowd dancing. And more mixes are already on the way...

Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler "Coro" (Nite Grooves Records 12")

I stopped counting how many records this man released in the past twelve month, and we know of some more productions still on the way. In the meantime, check out this bumping track with deep beats.

Karizma "The Power E.P." (Black Vinyl Records 12")

"The Power" is a track with a deep bubbling bassline and slamming beats which are topped by a jazzy piano. "The sea" is a deep and moody track while "K II S" is having trippy beats and some spheric keys.

K. Dope presents "Strictly Rhythms Vol. 1" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales is best known for creating slamming beats, and this is exactly what the rhythm tracks on this 12" are based on. Nothing groundbreaking, but great for mixing.

Naofumi Hataya "We are burning rangers / I just smile" (KingStreet Records 12")

Both songs are from the Sega game "Burning Rangers", but if you don't know this fact you will never have that idea. "We are burning rangers" features Dennis St. James on vocals and is remixed by Matthias Heilbronn. Check his dub mixes with slamming beats and nice keys for full effect. "I just smile" features Pamela Driggs on vocals and comes in one remix by Maurice Joshua which is on a mellow groovy tip.

Bernard Badie feat Donna Blasingame "In love "(Distance Records 12")

Driving house track with a jazzy piano and soulful female vocals on top of it. DJ Quad adding some percussive elements on his take.

The Baltimore House-Ing Authority "Volume 1" (POJI Records 12")

Four track EP coming your way. Charles Dockins presents "Desire", a bumping house groove with female vocals. DJ Spen and JoSane present "Tequila", a simple but effective tribal track. DJ Pope & DJ Oji are featured with "Gotta feel the musick", a driving track with a pumping groove. Finally, there is "BMore Bump" by DJ Feelgood, a progressively pumping track.

Bougie Soliterre "Something" (FlipSide Records 12")

Bettina Costanzo and Orin Walters present a real nugget for the music lovers here. Jazzy, percussive and with some NuYorican Soul style beats, and all this coupled with laidbak female vocals. Quality speaks. 


October 3, 1999

Unreleased Project "Smooth like this / Boogie on the dancefloor" (MAW Records 12")

Two so far commercially unreleased remixes/productions from the minds of 'Little' Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales. "Smooth Like this" is just the track from Kenny Lattimore "Days Like This" remix with a muted trumpet replacing the vocal. "Boogie On The Dancefloor" is a cut up of an India vocal sample from "To Be In Love" that serves as a great dub to compliment all the other mixes.

Solar House " Universal" (Large Records 12")

Fresh &  Low produced this little nugget. "Universal (part 1)"' kicks off with some percussion befor the laidback groove with a jazzy flava kicks in. "Universal (part 2)" is on the moody side with an ambient groove. "Basement Nights" has a bumping beat with a laidback moody groove.

Boyd Jarvis feat. Zap Mama "Alibokolijah" (Novus Records 12")

The main version is a percussive afro track. The mixes on the flip add a house beat to create a tribalesque feeling.

Beth Orton "Central Reservation" (Ibadan/Spiritual Life Remix)(Arista Records 12" Promo)

Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell and Jerome Sydenham deliever the same vibe that you could hear on "Heaven" by Glen Scott. On the flip, Deep Dish create a deep and darker track. In the US, this is promo only so far, but it is already released in the UK on Heavenly Records.

Cassio "Baby Love" (Remixes)(Glasgow Underground Records 12")

DJ Q doing a 'Disco Dub' with some philly beats added while Ashley Beedle creates a deep bubbling remix with dark beats.

Groovelet feat. Tafuri "Ever since you" (Hysteria Records 12")

Eric Kupper licensed this from Italy's Lemon Records for a relase on his own label, including his remixes. Nothing groundbraking, just some solid Eric Kupper remixes with a nice bassline and the usual keyboard work.

Lovestreet feat. Rob Jones "Move me / Something in my Soul" (NiteLife Collective Records 12")

The highlight is the Glenn Underground remix of "Move me" with a nice bubbling house groove and jazzy elements while the original version is on a darker, pumping underground tip. "Something in my Soul" gets remixed by Boo Williams who adds some acidic elements to the original which has a deep and funky bassline.

Sabrynaah Pope "Black man" (Hole Records 12")

A lovely peace of house music coming from Italy complete with live bass and live congas, produced by Ivan Iacobucci whos two mixes are on a groovy tip with a funky bass. On the flip, Jamie Lewis goes for a more melodic remix.

Edesio "La Fiesta de la Cintura" (Stella Music Records 12")

The follow up to the massive "Blen Blen Blen", again remixed by Boris Dlugosch and Michi Lange. A solid house groove based around the original samba vocal.

Kerri Chandler "Night Time EP" (Bassmental Records 12")

Out for a few weeks already, containing three tracks by Kerri Chandler. Not his best release this year, but you can't deny that those tracks might work on the dancefloor. The piano heads should check 'Latin Love Affair'.


September 26, 1999

Eternal "What'cha gonna do" (Masters at Work Remix)(EMI Records 12" Promo)

Long awaited, finally here. 'Little' Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales deliever an off-da-hook remix of this r&b song, coming in vocal, dub and beats versions. You know what to expect: slamming beats and a top notch production!!

Cesaria Evora "Carnaval de Sâo Vicente / Sangue de Beirona" (BMG Records France 12")

An EP containing both the already classic "Sangue de Beirona" and the new "Carnaval de Sâo Vicente", mixed by Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell and Francois K. World music for your body and your soul. More mixes of "Carnaval de Sâo Vicente" coming soon the 12" release on Wave Records.

Davids Daughters "Dreaming of loving you" (ZTT Records 2x12" Promo)

A double-pack, four mixes, but only one mix is really of interest for us. Sharp go for the pumping euro house mixes, Mark Picchiotti goes for a solid but rather commercial house mix. The best mix is the 'Classic Club Mix' by the Basement Boys with a driving funky groove and a really nice guitar, and the second part of the mix gets really percussive.

Heller & Farley "Deep Sensation" (Remix)(Junior Records 12")

The Black Science Orchestra turn this into a funky and jazzy house groover while Nick Holder gives it a laidback afro house touch.

Jazz Transit "Let's do this" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12")

Depp bubbling house track produced by Deep Swing with nice wurlitzer keys on the jazzy tip. Brian Tappert & Marc Pomeroy add a funky bassline to it on their take.

Clepto-Maniacs 2 (SoulFuric Trax Records 12")

Already huge in the clubs is the track "Numero uno" thanks to the sampled Patrice Rushen classic. The flip has "X-Press", a disco-house cut with a Chic-ish guitar and some filtering.

Kenny Bobien "I can't give you anything / Blessed" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12" Promo)

Both songs are by Kenny Bobien and Moise Laporte (aka Big Moses), and probably taken from Kenny's forthcoming album.  "I can't give you anything" is a gospel house song, a bit to poppy for me. "Blessed" is a splendid garage production with the wonderful vocals by Kenny.

Aphria "I got it" (Betty Cann Research Records 12")

True garage music from the UK with a male lead vocal and female, gospel-ish background vocals. Also included are mixes by Bobbie & Steve who add a really funky bassline.

Johnny D. & Nicky P. "The Bay Ridge EP pt 3" (Henry Street Records 12")

As its two predecessors, this is a perfect playground for the DJ with four tracks sampling some old-skool grooves to the max.

Sergio & Valente "Timbale Voyage EP" (Metro Trax Records 12")

The a-side has the percussive "Bang the Drumz" with vocals by Ras-Anthony, while the b-side "Timbale Ride", a house track with laidback keys and some percussion as well as "Timbale Beats".

Cooly's Hot Box "We don't hae to be alone" (Basement Jaxx Remix)(Sole Music Records 12")

The Basement Jaxx vocal version uses some NuYorican style beats while their dub uses some deep house grooves.


September 19, 1999

Like last week, there are many new mixes of club stormers...

95 North presents Heather Rose "Unbelievable" (Frankie Fecliano Vocal Mix)(K2 Records 12")

Haven't we been waiting for this too long? After the first 12" had just the instrumental version by Frankie Feliciano, now here we get his full vocal version and a beautiful acapella version along with the beats and radio versions by 95 North.

Roger S. "I never knew" (Dlugosch & Lange Club Remix)(INCredible Records 12" Test Pressing)
Roger S. "I never knew" (Roger S. Dub Remix)(INCredible Records 12" Promo)

The first 12" includes the full vocal version by Boris Dlugosch & Michael Lange which was requested by many DJ's so INCredible decided to press it up (but no info wether it will get a full release). It has more punch than their dub version wich was on the first promo 12". The second 12" has the 'S-Man R*Senal Dub' Mix by Roger Sanchez.

Sunkids feat. Chance "Rescue me" (Bini & Martini Remix)(AM:PM Records 2x12" Promo)

Bini & Martini have been choosen to do the european house remixes. They do not fail with adding a pumping groove with a funky bass and some nice filter effects. The double also includes the original mix, the Masters at Work remix and the Deep Swing dub.

Black Science Orchestra feat Jenny Devivo "Keep on keepin' on" (Murda Mixes 1)(Afro Art Records 12")
Black Science Orchestra feat Jenny Devivo "Keep on keepin' on" (Murda Mixes 2)(Afro Art Records 12")

Problem Kids and DJ Spen & Karizma behind these remixes. Both deliever two versions each, spread across two 12". The Problem Kids deliever pumping and groovy versions while DJ Spen & Karizma add some funky flava and a wicked guitar.

And now for the fresh stuff...

Robyn "Good Thang" (Masters at Work Remixes)(BMG Sweden Records 12" Limited Edition)

Smooth and soulful vibes courtesy of 'Little' Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales on this limited edition 12". A fully featured vocal prodution with a funky bass, jazzy sax and piano.

Satoshi Tomiie "Up in Flames" (INCredible Records 2x12" Promo)

Taken from his forthcoming album, this is a driving dancefloor cut with tribal beats and the haunting vocals of Kelli Ali. Satoshi's own mixes are on a deep, hypnotic level while David Morales takes into a  moody Redzone style affair.

New Vision "(Just) me and you" (Strictly Rhythm Records 2x12" Promo)

Albert Cabrera is behind this production, a bumping house groover taking off where "What you need" by Powerhouse left on the dancefloor.

Next Evidence "One hundred  Ways" (Basic Records 12")

"Over the waves" is a laidback and jazzy deep house cut with lots of percussion and a nice bassline. "Memory" has a NuYorican style beat which is added with a jazzy flute and female spoken words.

Faze Action "Got to find a Way "(NuPhonic Records 12")

Taken from the forthcoming album "Moving Cities", this has a 80's club groove with male vocals and violins played in philly style, and the percussion is here too.

Salome de Bahia "Outro Lugar / Favelas" (Yellow Records 12")

Bob Sinclair is behind this nugget where the sleeves says "This recording is intended for people who are searching for the skills necessary for listening to authentic latin rhythms". "Outro Lugar" is an old Stevie Wonder song on a jazzy house tip. "Favelas" is a hypnotic house track.

Fuzed "The Choice" (QuietRiot Records 12")

An excursion into deep percussive sounds on the housy tip.


September 12, 1999

This week is full of brand new mixes of club stormers...

Molocko "Sing it back" (Remixes)(Echo Records 12" Promo)

Mousse T. behind this brand new remixes (I stopped counting how many mixes are around now) which are sampling the Donna Summer classic "I feel love" to great effect.

The Messengers feat. Lisa Millett "Higher / Spread Love" (Undiscovered Records 12" Promo)

"Higher" comes in a progressively pumping disco-house mix, and "Spread Love" sees two more mixes by Boris Dlugosch and Michael Lang, both on a soulful and smooth house tip.

SuSu Bobien "Thank you" (DJ Spen & Karizma Remixes)(SoundMen on Wax Records 2x12")

Originally out with B.O.P. mixes, now coming with deep bubbling mixes courtesy of DJ Spen & Karizma taking this gospel stomper to a higher ground.

Kevin Yost & Peter Funk "Dreams of You" (i! Records 12")

The classy, laidback and jazzy original version gets coupled here with a B-Boy style funky groover and a seriously deeper cut on the after hours tip.

Deep Swing feat. Xavior "Shelter" (Remix)(SoulShine Records 12" Promo)

7th District on remix duties. They created a bumpy house groover with a funky bass and some nice philly elements.

And now for the fresh stuff...

United Future Organisation "Flying Saucer" (Talkin' Loud Records 2x12")

The original, jazz-funk experience is included here for your pleasure, together with the stomping club remixes by Kings of Tomorrow and Modaji giving it their jazzed up feeling.

Russel "Fool for Love" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Played by Tony Humphries since february, now finally released, but it might not get the attention it would have gotten back in march or april. It samples the bassline of  "Spread Love" that is also out in two different variations by The Messengers and Lenny Fontana. Don't get me wrong, it is a really nice production with a funky groove and jazzy horns but the bassline sounds so familiar...

House Avengers "Danicn' Yeah! / Go Bang!" (Focus Records 12")

"Dancin' Yeah!" is a disco-hous cut sampling the Bee Gee's classic "You should be dancing" - ok but nothing you really need to hunt down. "Go Bang!" is a house track with the sampled bass of "Plastic Dreams", a funky guitar, jazzy horns and a groovy beat.

E-Smoove + Ni-che feat. The Voices of Freedom "Lift your hands up" (Focus Records 12")

Simple and gospel-ish vocals over a catchy house groove courtesy of E-Smoove. Only one version included (pressed on both sides).

Kimara Lovelace "I luv you more" (KingStreet Records 12")

John Ciafone (of Mood II Swing fame) goes for a progressively pumping mix while Bobby D'Ambrosio goes for a classic house remix with  on the vocal with a deeper dub also included.

Intence feat. Charvoni "I got my happiness" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

Tyron Payton back after some time of absence with nice little garage number making me remember the great releases coming out of deepest New Jersey a few years back with those great piano lines.

Len "Steal my Sunshine" (Work Records 12" Promo)

Check the Bougie Soliterre remix for a smooth and soulful housey affair. The Idjut Boys go for an instrumental take on a laidback old school tip. On the flip, Neon Fusion take it to a completely different side with some nearly trip-hop like beats.

Cunnie Williams feat. Heavy D. "A world Celebration" (Peppermint Jam Records 12")

An easy floating house song with different remixers involved. Mousse T. delievers his usual solid work, Can 7 take it a bit deeper and CJ Mackintosh does another one of his famous soulful remixes.

Beth Orton "Central Reservation" (Heavenly Records 12" Promo)

The vocals on this one might sound a bit strange, but you should still check it out. Joe Claussell does a remix similar to his remix of Glen Scott while Deep Dish go for a bubbling groove.


September 5, 1999

Still waiting for some cool records (Stephanie Mills "Latin Lover" hasn't made it to Switzerland this week) so there are only a few 12" reviewed this week.

Saudacao Aos Orixas feat. Vera Mara "Orixas" (Ibadan Records 12")

This weeks 'runner up', close for being my pick of the week. Kerri Chandler and Jerome Sydenham are back with another irresistable piece of music. Pure quality as usual - outstanding 'accoustic' house music, this time featuring a vocalist, but can someone tell me what kind of instrument a 'siku' is?

GT Express "Baby don't stop" (Slip'N'Slide Records 2x12")

Terry Hunter, Georgie Porgie and Richard Rogers behind this number that also has remixes by Big Bang Theory (aka Seamus Haji). The original versions are on the soulful side (not unfamiliar to the older UBQ stuff) while Seamus Haji goes for a 80's style old-school groove.

Soul People feat. The Black Masses Orchestra "Our time" (Tom Tom Club Records 12" Test Pressing)

The bassline and groove are remembering me of the early Marshall Jefferson productions, although this is a fresh sounding gosepl-ish house production. 

Kathy Brown "Happy People" (Remixes Part II )(USS Records 12")

More mixes to suit your tastes. The mixes by Ralf Grim sound somewhat like an older Blaze production from the Quark days. Both Knee Deep and Birth of Cool are present with a dub mix. Knee Deep go for a nice soulful groove while Birth of Cool take it deeper on their bumping ride.


August 29, 1999

After the tons of reviews last weeks there are only a few this week.

Nine Yards "Always find a way" (Todd Terry Unreleased Mixes)(Virgin Records 12" Promo)

Decent remixes by Todd Terry, much better than his mixes on the first promo 12".

Danny Rampling "Community of the Spirit" (Remixes)(Distance Records 12")

The original was a big club hit in the UK, now it comes back with new mixes. The Constipated Monkeys gor for a pumping, subliminal-esque filtered house mix. The Kings of Tomorrow add some heavy beats, and the jazzy keyboard together with the vocals shines though in the breaks.

Roy Davis Jr. "Something inside me" (KingStreet Records 12")

In the past few month, Roy Davis Jr. has become a very reliable source for putting out great music. This time, he delievers a deep bubbling house groover with nice laidback vocals sung by himself.

Samble Orchestra "Inner Spirit" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

Produced and mixed by Toshiyuki Goto, this is another single lifted from the fantastic "Abstract Afro Lounge II" compilation, and it is a great piece of african influenced, spiritual house music on the percussive tip.

Brian Harden "Instinctive Funk" (NiteLife Collective Records 12")

The title is a bit confusing since it is all about deep and jazzy house music with some spacey elements on the four cuts here. 

Pound Boys "Jack it up" (Loot at You Records 12")

Just listen to the vocals where the female singer (isn't it Dajae?) gives a tribute to 'Chicago and the House that Jack built'. The track itself has not much to do with that classic 'House Music' from the mid 80s, it is more an uplifiting and bumpin' piece of house music.


August 22, 1999

Diana Ross "Not over you yet" (EMI Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Among the Sharp boys who deliever the progressive mixes we've got Erick Morillo on remix duties. Both his vocal and dub are on a pumping and groovy house tip added with some smooth filtering.

Everything but the Girl "Five Fathoms" (Virgin Records 2x12" Promo)

The original version is a nice deep house affair. DJ Sneak speeds the tempo up and goes for a driving funky-filtered mix. Kevin Yost adds his tasteful jazzy flavours to produce a deep jazzy house remix.

Valerie Etienne "Misunderstanding" (CleanUp Records 2x12" Promo)

MJ Cole goes for heavy 2-step remixes while for the house heads, Roger S. builds a nice soulful remix of this rather commercial song.

Jamiroquai "Supersonic" (Sony Records 2x12" Promo)

Pete Heller goes for an enegertic and upfront ride on his remixes using some percussive elements. The highlight are the Restless Soul remix on a mellow deep house tip.

Masters at Work feat. India "To be in Love '99" (ClubTools Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

This valuable double pack includes the original, '99 remix, 'Rascal Dub' and 'Indias Piano Reprise' by the Masters at Work, the accapella, the Full Intention remixes and a brand new remix by Germany's Tiefschwarz who turn things around by adding a new piano and an accoustic guitar which make it sound different from all the other versions.

Gabrielle "Sunshine" (GoBeat Records 2x12" Promo)

Among 2-step mixes by Wookie, we have Frankie Knuckles on remix duties. As on most of his recent remixes, he cominbes the sleezy techno sounds with the classic lush piano sounds. Best is his smooth reprise mix.

Paul Johnson "Get get down" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

One of the hottest tracks in Europe's clubs at the moment, licensed from Moody Records. Many mixses to choose from: the cheesy piano-led original version gets added by heavily pumping subliminal-ish mixes by Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero, Sounds of Life mixes which add a jazzy flavour to it thanks to a jazzy piano and funky bass, and Nerio's Dubwork go for a jazz-funk affair.

Mustafa feat. Natalia "Circles" (Pete Heller Remix)(GoBeat Records 12" Promo

Interesting promo 12" having "I fel good things" by Daddy's Favourite on the a-side (released earlier this year) so "Circles is only the aa-side. Pete Heller goes for a driving and energetic deep house bumper with wicked keys.

The Brand New Heavies "Saturday Nite" (Full Intention Mixes)(FFRR Records 12" Promo)

What a return for the Heavies to the dancefloor, thanks to these great Full Intention remixes. A deep bubbling groove added with a funky bassline, disco-ish strings and the sampled "Got to give it up" (the Marvin Gaye classic) make this a winner.

CeCe Peniston "He loves me 2" (Silk Entertainment Records 12")

Steve 'Silk' Hurley produced this 12" which already got lots attention since played by the likes of David Morales back in February. A typical Hurley groove on the commercial tip. The flip sees Paul Johnson responsable for two club friendly dub mixes using a guitar as highlight.

Lovetronic "You are Love" (Nakd Music Records 12")

Jay Denes, togehter with Dave Warrin, is back with another one of his deep and soulful house productions, this time vocoding parts of the vocals to give us something different from the usual. And - jazzy and percussive it is too.

Deep Bros. "Soul Talkin'" (Wave Records 12")

It is great to see that this swiss production by DJ Pino Arduini (together with keyboarder Alessandro Oliveiro) made it to the Body & Soul and was such a success it got licensed by Wave Records. The original is added here by new mixes from Matthias Heilbronn who gives it a stomping and bumpy groove.

Brothers' Vibe "Wave Files 2" (SOM Records 10")

"2 AM" is an easy-listening summer groove with a jazzy piano and laidback guitar. "Get Away" is a deep underground house track.

Spen &  Karizma presents Deepah Ones "In the Sky" (Basement Boys Records 12")

DJ Spen & Karizma going for an filtered funky and groovy affair. Something for the DJ to play around.

Tawanna "In my World" (Basement Boys Records 12")

House music with a funky guitar, jazzy keys and a disco-ish feeling to it.

Studio 45 presents Le Pamp Play House "I like the Sounds" (Definity Records 12")

Much talked about, long awaited, the original version sounding like an adaption of the DJ Pierre Wild Pitch mixes. DJ Sneak goes for a pumping funky groove while Unabomber get it to the tough side.

Phunky Data "Hard Night" (Sekence/Edel Records 12")

The french funksters Phunky Data are back with "Hard Night", a funk disco-ish groove with a catchy piano. "Hot Night Mix" on the flip is a tougher mix of "Hard Night" without the piano.

Bob Marley "Sun is shining" (ClubTools Records 12" White Label)

When you've been in Ibiza this summer, you will know this one. A huge summer smash produced by danish production team FunkStar Deluxe. The reggae legend the gets the 90's treatment, a simple but effective house groove, some filtered effect give it the special little something.

Julius Papp featuring Roger Glenn "Imaginary Voyage" (Paper Records 12")

Mr. Papp is back with a jazzy piece featurijng Roger Glenn on vibes and flute - mellow, laidback and really jazzy.

Lynette Smith "Keep On" (SoulBoy Records 12")

Charles Dockins is behind this solid garage production with a catchy groove.


August 8, 1999

Gus Gus "Very important People" (Ron Trent Remixes)(4AD Records 2x12" Promo)

4AD Records put out to doubles: the first had the remixes by the Masters at Work and Fire Island, and this second has the remixes by Francois Kevorkian and Ron Trent which haven't been reviewed here so far. Ron Trent goes for a deep and mellow percussive ride. Very enjoyable indeed, with a jazzy piano giving it the little something extra.

Carl Cox "Dr. Funk" (Worldwide Ultimatum Records 12" Promo)

You may be surprised to see Carl Cox, one the most successfull techno DJ's and producers here, but he really deserves it. His original album version is on the disco-funky tip. The Rhythm Masters give it the commercial touch on their remix. The 12" also includes an electro remix.

Mongobonix "Mas-Pito / So Deep" (Subliminal Records 12")

Harry 'Choo-Choo' Romero is back with this double-header. "Mas-Pito" is a pumping Subliminal-style track with a featured saxophone on top. "So deep" is a deep bubbling groovy track featuring Glenn Turner on vocals.

Kings of Tomorrow "My Love is real" (Distance Records 12")

One-sided appetizer for the forhcoming "It's in the lifestyle" album. The included version features a funky guitar over a driving beat, all completed by female vocals.

DJ Romanthony presents Qiana Tara "Sommore" (Distance Records 12")

Romanthony is back with another one of his phat and deep grooves, topped by Qiana Tara's vocals. A simple house track like most of Romanthony's productions.

Kleshay "Rush" (The Silk Remixes)(Jerv Records 12" Promo)

You may find Steve 'Silk' Hurley's remixes too boring since they sound very similar each and every time. But this is one of the better with a nice 'Silk Raw House Mix' on the bumpy Silk tip.

Nine Yards "Always find a Way" (Modaji Remixes)(Virgin Records 12" Promo)

Beside the commercial Todd Terry remixes, this 12" has two cool remixes by Modaji which are on a smooth, laidback percussive tip.

Antonio "Azande" (Tribal Winds Records 12")

Antonio continues to release his own style of percussive, afro-house music. Very special, but interesting.

Different Worlds EP Vol. 1 (83 West Records 12")

Four producers involved here. Kerri Chandler includes a deep house track with his trademark sound, Jon Cutler goes for a nearly ambient house groover, Eddie Matos goes for a groovy and bumpy track with a jazzy sax. Finally, Osheen's contribution is a funky track with some filtered keys.

Soulstice "Tenderly" (House Remixes)(OM Records 12")

Never heard the original version(s) of this. My favorites among these remixes are Kevin Yost's remix where he combines his usual slab of jazzy elements and percussive beats, and Pepe Bradock's remix where he gives it the french touch on the funky tip. Not to forget to mention that the vocals are something similar to Björk.

DJ Rasoul & Miguel Migs "True Formula" (Large Records 12")

A nice four tracker, everything on here is on the groovy tip. The styles range from the deep mellow and jazzy to the more underground side. And a downbeat r&b groover is inlcueded here as well.

Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn presents "The Bass Ale EP" (4th Floor Records 12")

Three tracks featured here, my fave being 'Bass Ale Jazz', a jazzy and percusive cut. The flip has both a tribal and progressive and hearly acidic house track.

F&L "Love Capsule Deluxe" (Remixes)(Airtight Records 2x12")

Licensed from Guidance Records who had a big success with this one last year. The new mixes have a tougher edge, but keep the original feeling. And two of the original versions are included here as well.

Basement Jaxx "Rendez-Vu" (XL Records 12")

My favorite from their strange album "Remedy". A driving house cut with vocorized vocals and a cool guitar. The flip has the so far unreleased "Miracles keep on playin'" which samples the Jackson Sisters classic "I believe in miracles" and is a good house track. You also can find "All U crazies", a track that is ok but nothing special at all.

Liquid Measure feat. Jocelyn Brown "Take me up" (Airplane Records 12")

Jocelyn Brown has to be one of the busiest singers on this planet, here featured on this italian production that got remixed by the Pasta Boys. They deliever a solid remix sounding like an old Chic song with a 90's groove.


August 1, 1999

Tiefschwarz "Music" (ClubTools Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Best known for their remix productions, Tiefschwarz aka Ali Schwarz and Basti Schwarz release their first 12" on their own. This one was presented at the Winter Music Conference and given away to a few lucky people. Among the original version, this double has a smooth laidbacked version, a piano led jazzed up version and a filtered affair on the disco tip. Remixes by Matthias Heilbronn will be added to the retail release (planned for October 4th).

Lamagra feat. Roland Clark "Sacrifice" (Prescription Records 12")

Produced by Roland Clark and Phillip Damien, mixed by Ron Trent who gives it his deep bubbling feeling, topped by Roland Clark's vocals and a jazzy trumpet.

Marvin Springer "Lies" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Marvin's vocals are in a R&B style over a bumpy house groove with both funky bass and funky guitar.

MAW featuring India "To be in Love" (MAW Records 12")

The US release including the Masters at Work reworkings and the long awaited Frankie Feliciano remix, a lovely smooth ans soulful 'Ricanstruction' only he can do (but where is the instrumental/dub version?).

Open Door  featuring Dana Jaret "Get into You" (HipBone Records 12")

Every now and then, this label brings out a 12", and they are always stunning.  Mixes inlcuded vary from a jazz-funky house version to a midtempto funky groover, to the full house versions with a jazzy edge and a cool organ.

Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham "Powder" (MadHouse Records 12")

Kerri & Jerome back with another deep joint, featuring a wicked flute. Deep and bubbling as usual, the mixes vary from the percussive side over a jazzy late-night dub to the pumping club version.

Palmer Brown & Blaze "More than Gold" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

Percussive afro-house track featuring Palmer Brown on vocals, more afro than house.

Cricco Castelli "Life is changing again" (Kult Records 12")

Back for more, these new mixes have been around since the Winter Music Conference and got finally released. Two fierce and pumping dub mixes, but for me it is the main pass which is the one to go for with the jazz-funky feeling.

Solaris Heights "Elements" (Guidance Records 12")

Deep house meets athmospheric house, added with jazzy elements. On the flip, there is a more ambient take of it.

GU "Fly with me" (Mark Grant Remixes)(Guidance Records 12")

Mark goes for an old school style remix on the vocal version, while on the dub he chooses to deliever a house groover. And don't miss to check the old school beats.

The Exclusive Club feat. Freddy Turner "Thinkin' about your Love" (Distance Records 12" Promo)

Presented by Lenny Fontana, this cover of the Skipworth & Turner classic stays true to the original by adding the 90's house groove to it on the vocal version. The dubs add some smooth and jazzy keys to it.

Majestika "Majestika" (BBE Records 12")

Albert Cabrera putting out this little funky house gem driven by a mad guitar played by Cool Daddy.

Inner Shade feat. Maysa "Heaven" (Rice Records 12")

Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick of Incognito produced this, so it is no wonder what the main version sounds like. But also check his 'Batucada Mix' with the jazzy flute and a driving house groove.

Southsugar "Sugar" (ClubTools Recors 12" Test Pressing)

More disco-filter stuff coming to ya, mixed by germans disco-house cracks Wackside. The flipside has a commercial pumping filtered remix by 2 Phunky People.

Chris Gray "Trippy Fingers EP" (TrackMode Records 12")

Three track EP, all tracks on the percussive old-school tip.

USG presents African Blues "Afrodrama Therapy" (Distance Records 12")

Anthony Nicholson continues to release deep bubbling afro-house on the jazzy edge under the moniker African Blues.

Funky-kong "Le Jazz" (Rue du Louvre Records 12")

Three tracks featured here, the one to go for is "Le Jazz" on a jazzy samba-house tip.

Femi Kuti "Beng Beng Beng" (Talkin' Loud Records 2x12" Promo)

Included are the original Mateo & Matos vocal version as well as a new remix by Ashley Beedle on an athmospheric afro-house tip. Also included are mixes by Da Lata on an afro-funk tip.

PJ "Happy Days" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

Another Ibiza smash, here coming with lots of new mixes. Phatts & Small add some filter elements and turn the beat into a phat bumping groove. 95 North go for a Subliminal tip by looping things up. Also, the original and an unreleased version by PJ himself are incluced.


July 25, 1999

Sunkids feat. Chance "Rescue me" (Masters at Work Remixes)(YellOrange Records 12")

Finally released and already reviewed a few weeks ago on test pressing with a slightly different mix which featured a horn a the end which has been replaced here with some keys. As a bonus, this 12" inlcudes a ultracool 'Keyapella Mix'.

The Messengers feat. Lisa Millett "Spread Love" (Disk 2)(Undiscovered Records 12" Promo)

This 12" inlcudes the radio edit and full club version by Boris Dlugosch & Michael Lange as well as an edit by Brian Tappert of the original version.

Shea Welsh "Rock this House" (SoulBoy Records 12")

Charles Dockins is known for putting out special (should I say obscure?) garage and house records which do no apply to the mass of people. Here he uses a heavy rock guitar and some hip-hop vocal snippets over a bumping house beat.

Heller & Farley "Deep Sensation" (Junior Records 12")

Back as a team after a long team, Heller & Farley present his percussive and tribalesque stomper with male vocals and a cool flute.

Ron Trent "The Godson II" (KDJ Records 12")

A deep and deeper bubbling cut by Ron Trent pressed with a heavy bassline... The flip has an obscure downbeat house track which is also on the deep side.

Latanza Waters "Sing Sing Sing" (Focus Records 12")

E-Smoove back again on his own label with an uplifting happy-house production featuring a funky guitar. The flip has a dub version with an ice piano.

Calico "The Basic Funk EP" (DeepTouch Records 12")

The standout track of this ep is the laidback "Feeling you inside" which is on the deep side with some jazzy keys coming in two variations.

Frankie Valentine featuring Anita Davis "Lift your Soul" (QuietRiot Records 12")

After a few quality instrumental takes, Frankie Valentine releases this easy-listening female houser with a laidback and groovy beat.


July 18, 1999

Men from the Nile featuring Peven Everett "Watch them come!!!" (Undaground Therapy Records 2x12")

I have no idea how I coul overlook this one when it was first out last year, but gladly the slamming original version is included here. A deep bubbling afro house track with Peven's vocals sitting perfectly on top of it. Jazzanova turn it into a percussive jazzy track while DJ Pierre pumps it up to generate a harder mix without the afro feeling and finally, Tommy Musto heads for a deep bubbling groove.

True Solace "Thank you" (Atlantic Records 12")

The Eric Kupper vocal mix is a laidback house vocal with smooth keyboards while his dub roughens the beat just a bit and has an extra piano line. DJ Spen & Karizma go for a really tasty and soulful affair with a funky bass and a nice guitar working the vocals to a maximum. 

Lenny Fontana presents Black Sun "Spread Love" (Estereo Records 12")

Another cover of the Al Hudson classic, a soulful house track lead by the male vocals and a laidback guitar. The flip side has a cool 'Musapella Mix' with just the vocals, the keyboards and the guitar.

Alison David & The Black Science Orchestra "Sunshine" (Afro Art Test Records 12")

After the successful "Keep on keepin' on", this is a welcome return for Ashley Beedle and his crew. A real groovy and easy summer vibe on the house tip, should not be missed.

Busta Rhymes featuring Janet Jackson "What's it gonna be" (Elektra Records 12" Promo)

I don't know who is behind the '2000 Watts' remixes (maybe Blaze who also did the remixes for Missy Elliott "She's a bitch"?), but the mixes are right on point with a bumpy beat, and they are not as hard as the "She's a bitch" remixes.

Eri Ito "Sona mi areru ec sancitu" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

Ron Trent did the remixes for this 12", and they are another chapter in the endless story of great productions/remixes with that USG sound, here on the percussive side with female vocals (maybe japanese) on top. And, by the way, this is music from a game that got remixed...

Kerri Chandler featuring Treasa 'Diva' Fennie "Heal my Heart" (King Street Records 12")

After putting out a few EP's with only instrumental tracks, Kerri Chandler is back with a full vocal production. By the first beats, you can hear that it has to be a Kerri Chandler record, but he successfully manages to vary his records so they get not boring.

Aaron Carl "Soldier" (Sound for People Records 12")

A very nice package of vocal house coming our way in form of this 12". For the ones interested in gospel house, there is the 'Sunday Church Mix', for those that go for Garage there is the 'Classic Redemption Mix'. Also included are two remixes by C&M, taking this lovely piece into the underground with a deep dub and a pumping vocal version.

Roy Davis Jr. and Peven Everett "Don't you are stop loving" (Nite Life Collective Records 12")

Roy and Peven team up again for a deep house song, working best in the Glenn Undergorund remixes who gives it a deep jazzy edge on his 'Dedicated Dub'.

Terry Hunter "The Disco / Sweet Music" (MAW Records 12")

"The Disco" is a simple track with a solid house groove with a trumpet on top of it and disco arrangements. "Sweet Music" is a bumping track with disco-ish feeling to it and again, a trumpet can be found on it.


July 11, 1999

Overjoyd "Welcome to the real World" (Klub Zoo Records 12" Test Pressing)

Bobbie & Steve have done it again: a superb UK garage production full of great gospel vocals, fierce keys and a great flute. Let the spirit flow!

Liquid Women "Gome and go with me" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

Lenny Fontana on a roll at the moment. This is an upbeat disco vocal based around the classic "Wear it out" by Starguard  with a cool dub on the flip side which should keep this hot for some time.

All Blue "Prisoner" (WEA Records 2x12" Promo)

A double-pack that includes an excellent r&b version by Linslee as well as some speed garage remixes, a funky disco-ish version and two remixes by the Masters at Work. Their vocal is a smooth affair with a funky bass, and they work out the saxophone to full effect. Their dub is the one for the dancefloor with its rougher beat.

Common Nature "Can't you see the Sunshine through the Rain?" (Guidance Records 12")

Soulful garage music at its best featuring the very talented Mandel Turner on vocals. Everythting to make this an outstanding experience is included: a trumpet, a fender rhodes, percussions and a guitar. A truly joyeuse record.

Gus Gus "Very important People" (4AD Records 12" Promo #2)

This second promo includes the dub mixes by both the Masters at Work and Francois Kevorkian as well as brand new mixes by Fire Island in their very own style, this time on the smooth edge of things.

2 DJs At Work "All Night is Party-Time" (DreamBeat Records 12")

Swiss DJ's N-Joy and Frankie Frank team up with vocalist Sabrina Stokes for this possible summer anthem that heavily samples the Miami Sound Machine classic "Dr. Beat". A killer rolling bassline topped by the soulful vocals give you an uplifting house anthem with a very deep bubbling dub included.

Markus Enochoson "Don't walk away" (Svek Records 12")

This swedish label has just started putting out quality house music (before they put out lots of obscure techno-house). Here we get a true deep house cut featuring Ingela Olsson on vocals. Deep grooves, percussion and a nice xylophone included to enjoy you.

Ernest Saint Laurent feat. Chezere "We are one" (Remixes)(Yellow Records 12")

Frankie Felicano with another one of his smooth and soulful ricanstruction grooves while the Constipated Monkeys go for a filtered dub-style club version.

Kerri Chandler "The wolrd is yours" (FlipSide Records 12")

When you hear it, you know Kerri Chandler is behind it. A beautiful record groove with great mixes to choose from.

Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn presents Tribute "Soul Flower EP" (Boombastic Records 12")

"Spread yourself" is the track to go for on this one. It gives a tribute to the classic Paradise Garage sound (think of "Padlock", for example). A fresh and funky groove coupled with a nice wah-wah guitar and a deep bassline topped by the smooth female vocals.

Michael Procter "Paradise" (White Label 12")

A new label (I think swiss) sees Michael Procter back with a track in the same style as his previous releases on SoulFuric Records. As usual, his voice tops perfectly the uplifting garage beat.

Tazma Funk "Bob's Trumpet / Devestation" (MAW Records 12")

"Bob's Trumpet" is a bubbling percussive house groove with a sax giving it the little extra while "Devastation" is a deep hypnotic groover and might indeed be devastating on the dancefloor.

DJ Disciple feat. Taka Toom "Wannabe" (Catch 22 Records 12")

Cricco Castelli on the mix on the a-side delivering a puming house groove with a jazzy piano and bubbling bassline while the Rhystem Masters goe for a heavily pumping disco-ish dub.

Hardrive 2000 "The EP" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12" EP)

'Little' Louie Vega presents this taster for the forthcoming album. The current 12" "Never forget" is inlcuded here together with four new tracks proving that we can expect lots of slamming grooves, full of percussion and deep basslines.

The Messengers feat. Lisa Millett "Spread Love" (Disk 1)(Undiscovered Recors 12" Promo)

This is part one of a two part set, and it was played by Tony Humphries back in october 1998. Gladly, the fabulous original funky-house version is included here together with a new dub version by Boris Dlugosch & Michael Lange.

MJ Cole "Waiting for the Day" (Talkin' Loud Records 2x12" Promo)

MJ Cole, one of UK's leading speed garage/2-step producers and DJ's puts out his new single, taken from the fortcoming longplayer. The main vocal version is a groovy affair with 'smooth' 2-step beats while the dub mixes take it to a harder, more underground sound. Also included is the beautiful "Sanctury", a speed garage track with a really jazzy feeling to it.


July 4, 1999

Lisa Hunt "Treat me right" (White Label 12")

Coming from the UK, this disco-house cut is based around the sampled Crusader classic "Streetlife" and with its filtered effects sounds really fresh.

Alexkid "Soul College" (F-Communications Records 12")

A four track EP with the deep bubbling jazzy house cut "Esmeralda" taking you on a ride through a hot summer night.

Moloko "Sing it back" (Remixes)(Peppermint Jam Records 12")
Moloko "Sing it back" (More Remixes)(ClubTools Records 2x12" Promo)

A hot contender for this years summer anthem, here coming with new mixes. Both formats include the 'Mousse T. Bootlegg Dub', the 'Can7 Supermarket Mix' and the 'Levent Funk-O-Rama Mix'. The single 12" on Peppermint Jam also has the 'Boris Dlugosch Funk Dub' while the double-pack on ClubTools comes with the 'Boris Dlugosch Reprise', bonus beats from both Mousse T. and Boris Dlugosch amd the 'Herbert Tasteful Dub'. Funky house flava in different variations, so there sould be something for everybody.

Incognito "It ain't easy" (Many Records 12")

Coming from Italy (I wonder why Talkin' Loud Records isn't releasing a new single in the UK), it sees Dave Sears delievering a strong, driving and soulful house remix.

The Rurals (Peng Records 12")

Already the 4th release by The Rurals on this label, and as the previous ones, it is an untitled EP. Three tracks, all on the deep house tip, ranging from the percussive over the jazzy to the disco-ish side.

Li'Sha "That's why I'm here" ( Yoshitoshi Records 12")

Written by Dave Warrin and mixed by Miguel Migs, this shows us the soulful side of Yoshitoshi Records. Two vocals and one dub to choose from.

DJ Spen "Midnight EP" (Chez Records 12")

Funky grooves to keep the party going, one side featuring a sax and the other a weird organ ride.

Junior Sanchez "2morrows Future 2day" (R*Senal Records 2x12")

The track of interest on this EP is "Be with U" which features Dajae on vocals. A catchy and bumping house groove right for summer.

Lenny Fontana presents Freemen "Time to get on" (Perception Records 12")

Take Bohannons' "Let start the Dance" classic and add some percussion and new beats, and you get a rocking house track.

Nate Williams "Jump stump da Party" (Bangin' Trax Music 12")

The title says it all: jump to this simple but irresistable funky groove.

Smokin' Beats feat. Beverly T. "I feel good" (Remix)(Smokin' Beats Records 12")

Smokin' Beats moved to their style to the UK garage grooves with some 2 step influence on it. The a-side mixes are bumpy and soulful while the b-side mixes have a ultrafunky guitar.


June 27, 1999

Crystal World "You got me running" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

Soulful and percussive garage groove by Lenny Fontana with a ultra-laidback guitar on top of it, and smooth male vocals. The flip has a guitarpella as well as bonus beats.

SuSu Bobien "Thank you" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

Finally, this record made it to Switzerland. The Brothers of Peace (aka B.O.P.) deliever a pumping groove for this garage song.

B.I.T.S. featuring Una "Yearnin' for your Love" (Look at You Records 12")

The Brothers in Struggle (aka B.I.T.S. aka DJ Pope & DJ Oji) are back with this deep garage production with gospel-ish background vocals (maybe to 'black' for the mass of the people). Victor Simonelli delievers a nicely grooving house remix.

Destiny's Child "Bills, bills, bills" (Columbia Records 12")

Maurice Joshua delievering both a vocal and dub remix of this r&b song, smooth house with an accoustic guitar, a bit commercial but good anyway.

Crystal Waters "Who taught you how" (Bootlegg 12")

A nicely bumping house beat with Crystal Water's unmistakables vocals on top of it. No idea who produced it, but it could be the Basement Boys or DJ Spen.

Vault Series 001 "I feel the Rhythm" (Prescription Records 12")

An old Ron Trent production from '93 gets remixed. Karl Injex & Chriss Brann deliever a deeply bumping house groove with some ambient and jazzy keys and percussion while Paul Johnson goes for a deep monotonous and driving groove with a jazzy piano and jazzy keys..

Romina Johnson feat. Norma Jean & Luci Martin "My forbidden Lover" (Ocean Trax Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Bini & Martini with behind the mixes on this double-pack. Based around the original guitar, they create a bumping and funky groove on the main vocal mix. The other mixes are build around a funky bassline.

?? feat. Tanya Louise "People" (Animus Records 12" Test Pressing)

No information for whom Tanya Louise is singing the vocals, the mixes are by Lenny Fontana. A driving beat combined with a killer piano gives you an outstanding house record.

Kiez Kidz "I found it (yes, it's you)" (ClubTools Records 12" Test Pressing)

A few lucky ones got this at the Winter Music Conference, now here is the complete set of mixes. A pumping groove with male vocals that lets you think of the glorious disco / philly sound area for the art of the production. Sure to be big on the dancefloors.

Restless Soul feat. Nathan Haines "After Hours" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

Quality soulful house music, featuring Nathan Haines on sax and flute. Coming in different variations, it's the jazzy feeling that is coming through in all versions. Included are remixes by Dennis F. & Jerome Sydenham turning it into a club stormer.

STP feat. Kevin Yost "Sister" (i! Records 12")

When Kevin Yost gets involved, the result always includes the jazzy side of the music. No exception here, a funky bassline added by jazzy keys can be found. Also included is a drum'n'bass version.

The Amalgamation of Soundz feat. Yvonne Webbley "The World" (Chocoloate Boy Records 12" Test Pressing)

The 'Northern Hemisphere Mix' is a midtempo old-school groover while the 'Southern Hemisphere Mix' is a deep bubbling house groove, both with a jazzy and laidback sax on top. Eric Kupper delievers stunning house mixes with added keys and bubbling organ ride.

C-Dock "Electro Pop" / Baltimore Soul Tree "Party People" (Defender Records 12" Test Pressing)

Double-header coming our way. "Electro Pop" by C-Dock is an interesting piece of music out of the minds of Charles Dockins. A deep bubbling house groove coupled with jazzy piano and some weird keys. "Party People" comes in a brand new percussive remix.

DJ Spen "Disco Dreams Volume 2" (Black Vinyl Records 12")

More pumping disco grooves for your dancefloor.


June 20, 1999

Sunday Brunch "Midsummer" (SVEK Records 12")

Smooth deep house with jazzy keys on the a-side. The b-side has a killer jazzy version on the percussive tip

Soul Vision #2 "Lowdown" (DeepVision/BassClef Records 12")

Sandy Rivera and Jose Burgos with Jaquita May Perkins on vocals on this deep and soulful garage track with a solid groove and jazzy keys.

Bob Sinclair "The Ghetto - Uptown" (Yellow Records 12")
Bob Sinclair "The Ghetto - Downtown" (Yellow Records 12")

Funky house from Bob Sinclair in various styles. On the 'Uptwon' disc we have Ian Pooley's simple but driving funky groove and At Jazz's jazzy old-school take. The 'Downtown' disc has Bob Sinclair's original, a funky groove with jazzy keys and John Cutler's groovy and effective remix featuring Nedelka Prescott and an extra sax.

Jori Hulkkonen "Detach yourself" (F-Communications Records 12")

Two versions to choose from. The first is jazzy and percussive with a nice guitar while the second takes it deeper and adds some spacey elements.

Roy Davis Jr. "God is Israel" (Afterhours Records 12")

Roy Davis Jr. himself is the main vocalist on this bumping houser with a jazz-funky guitar on top.

Tim Harper "Reincarnation" (NiteLife Collective Records 12")

Check 'Sabrinas Dance' on the logo side, a bubbling house track with a funky guitar and spaced out keys which give this a jazzy edge.


June 13, 1999

Kathy Brown "Happy People" (EasyStreet Records 12" Test Pressing)
Kathy Brown "Happy People" (Remixes - Part 1)(USS Records 12")

The oroginal (to be found on the EasyStreet test pressing)  is a classy Blaze production remembering me of their classic outings in the late 80's on Quark Records. Check the dub for a deep bass ride. The first part of the remixes features Knee Deep with a funky house beat and B.O.C. who inlcuded their deep pumping groove.

Romanthony "The Wanderer" (Sony Music/Epidrome Records 12")

Romanthony remixed his own classic in a club friendly way with stomping beats. The (strange) original version is included here too.

Mettle Music Collective "Heavens Gate / Spirit / Dark Day" (Toko Records 12")

Three tracks from the minds of Nic Conef, Si Brad and Mark Wadsworth. 'Heavens Gate' is a track based around a deep bubbling base with a killer sax and driving rhythm. 'Spirit' is a jazz-funk fusioned house track while 'Dark Day' has a driving organ ride over a really deep bass added by some percussions.

Eclipse "Makes me love you" (Azuli Records 12" Clear-Vinyl Test Pressing)

This could be one of the summer anthems coming up. Based around the guitar riff of the Sister Sledge's classic "Thinking of you", with some filter effects added (not unsimilar to "Big Love"), this Bini & Martini production is full of energy and sure hit big on the dancefloor although it might be too commercial for the real garage heads.

Love Journey feat. Latanza Waters "So Glad" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

Latanza Waters is back with this Eric 'E-Smoove' Miller production, a solid piano-driven garage song with a gospel-ish chorus and nice organ rides.

DaMob feat. Jocelyn Brown "It's all good" (Subliminal Records 2x12")

In addition to the alredy reviewed nice original version, there is an instrumental and a harder 'Dronez Dub' included. An absolute winner is the remix by Full Intention with a stomping disco-groove.

Aniki featuring Shawnee Taylor "Betcha wouldn't hurt me" (Velocity Records 12")

Sandy Rivera from Kings of Tomorrow is behind this little gem, a house tracks for the deep heads among us.

Shazz "Pray" (Bob Sinclair Remix)(Columbia Records 12")

The original version from the album (also featured on this 12") is a piano driven house track with a touch of the classic chicago house. The remixes by Bob Sinclair add a jazzy flava to it.

The Rockmelons feat. Doug Williams "Love's gonna bring you down" (Hysteria Records 12")

Bobby D'Ambrosio delievering stunning club remixes of this classic that was out a few years ago on Mushroom Records. The 'Eric Kupper Classic Mix' from back then is included here, too.

Jamiroquai "Canned heat" (Remixes)(Sony Music Records 12" Promo)

This UK promo has the already bootlegged Masters at Work remix as well as a pumping house remix by Futureshock. The bootlegg also had an acapella introed version by MAW.

Ron Trent "In the spirit" (Peacefrog Records 12"  Promo)

Another great grooving and deep production from Ron Trent featuring both male and female vocals, the dub having a nice, laidback guitar. Also included is the bonus track 'Koda', a bubbling downtempo groover.

Richard Rogers "On the Dance Floor" (Vinyl Soul Records 12" Promo)

I would describe this as 'Disco House Music', although some funky elements are here too. And even Richards' vocals sound like he is coming straight from the disco era...

Deep Swing presents Toney Jones "Across the Land (Spread Love)" (SoulShine Records 2x12")

Uplifting house music on SoulShine once again, with the main mix (by Louis Benedetti) sampling some classic philly strings to full effect.

Kerri Chandler "Digitalsoul" (Large Records 12" Test Pressing)

I stopped counting how many 12" Kerri Chandler already put out this year, but his stuff is always very, very good. This is a four track EP full of deep and slamming tracks, the jazzy elements are not missing. And it is on Large so you know you get quality stuff.


June 6, 1999

Jamie Lewis feat. Michael Watford "For you" (Purple Music Records 12")

Out on a limited one-sided test pressing for about three month now, the full release finally arrived complete with remixes by Boris Dlugosch/Michael Lange. Jamie Lewis 'New Jersey Club Mix' is an uplifting garage mix, and on the three other mixes Boris Dlugosch/Michael Lange turn it into a house stomper.

Catalan FC & Sven Love feat. Nicole Graham "Private Number" (Virgin Records 12")

Subtle garage music coming from France with two soulful remixes on the flip by Terry Hunter.

Martha Wash "Come" (Logic Records 2x12" Promo)

Martha Wash is back with her powerful voice, coming with lots of mixes. Best of the package are the versions by Danny D. with a stomping beat.

Jamiroquai "Canned Heat" (Work Records 12")

Only the album version included here (the remixes will hopefully be released soon), but this is the one that already caused lots of attention with its disco feeling. On the flip is an unreleased version of "Deeper Underground".

Nerio's Dub Work feat. Darryl Pandy "Sunshine and Happiness" (Spotsound Records 12" Test Pressing)

Based around the sampled "My forbidden Lover" by Chic, this is a funky-filtered happy house track.

De-Ryus "Grass ain't greener / Times together"  (Word of Mouth Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Grass ain't greener" comes in a two-step remix by MJ Cole and a   'Club Dub' by CJ Macintosh. "Times together" comes in two jazzy-ish house remixes by Northside Productions.

E-Smoove feat. Michael White "I hear Music" (Focus Recordings 12")

Uplifting, with a funky bassline and a soulful feeling, could be set for bigger things this summer.

Monica Elam "Ebony Angel: The Resurrection" (Clairaudience Records 2x12")

My all time favorite USG record is back with slamming new mixes. The 'house versions' can be found on disco two while on disc one there are two totally different versions - but stop, go and listen for yourself, I'm sure you will like it!

Black Science Orchestra feat. Jenny Devivo "Keep on keepin' on" (Afro Art Test Records 12")

Take a hammond, a tenor sax and think of Ashley Beedle and Marc Woolford as producers, spoken word by Jenny Devivo and you get this: a grooving disco-ish house groove to die for.

Ernest Saint Laurent feat. Chezere "We ae One" (Yellow Records 12")

Another quality house record coming from France this week, and it's another proof that they know much more than doing the filtered funky stuff. A deep bubbling bass is toped by a fender rhodes and Chezere's vocals.


May 30, 1999

Deep Fellow  "Flow / Juice" (Wave Records 12")

Two excellent deep house cuts for your ears.

Kevin Yost "Spring again" (Plate Records 12")

Remixes of an old Kevin Yost production that stay close to the original version by just changing the percussion a little bit.

DJ Rasoul "Love's Theme" (Greyhound Records 12")

Another classy deep house track with the main version driven by a 303 (memories of acid coming back to ya?) and a piano. The two versions on the flip take it deeper to the underground.

Rasoul & McArthy "Retrospect EP" (Guidance Records 12")

In a similar vain to the above "Love's Theme" also taking a restrospective take on classic deep house music using the classic 303 sounds of back then.

Lydia Rhodes "Unitl the Moment" (Liquid Groove Records 12" Promo)

Jahkey B. is back with this deep driving cut with rough beats. Various mixes included by Wamdue Kids and Timewriters, all keeping the underground feeling of this track.

DJ Pope "Help me" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

Bumping house groove by DJ Pope featuring Ed Ramsey on vocals.

Dina Carroll "Without Love "(Manifesto Records 2x12" Promo)

The only mixes of interest for the house and garage heads are the ones by Mood II Swing. Two versions to choose from, the 'Special Mix' has chungky 2 step beats with a hooky bassline, the 'Extended Mix' is a classic Mood II Swing house version.

Donna Allen "He is the Joy" (SoulFuric Records 2x12" Promo)

The recently available 12" was only available on a limited amount of test pressings, now here comes the full promo including new mixes among the original ones. Jose Nunez has been chosen for remix duties and he gives us the Subliminal style of groove on both his vocal and dub mixes.


May 23, 1999

Da Mob feat. Jocelyn Brown "It's all good" (INCredible Records 2x12" Promo)

The Dronez smoothing things down on their vocal mix here and add some jazzy flavours to it. Unfortunately, the other mixes included aren't that good: Phat's & Small go for a funky disco-ish mix while Future Shock go for the cheesy house.

Romatt "Froggy'z Congaz" (Chez Records 12")

The original version by Romatt is very percussive and full of congas. Matthias Heilbronn adds a housey beat and some jazzy keys which turn this into a driving track.

The Ananda Project feat. Heather Johnson "Straight Magic" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

Another track taken from the Abstract Afro Lounge II compilation. It is a laidback afro-house proudction with some spacey keys and laidback vocals on top.

Joe Claussell "Je Ka Jo" (Ibadan Records 12" Promo)

Just the 'Demo Version' included on this limited 12" which is a taster for the forthcoming album that will be out in june. Based on his trademark percussions, Joe builds a smooth track with a guitar and strings that make you forget this is a house record.

Jacob "Misunderstood" (NiteLife Collective Records 12")

Deep House the way it should be: kept simple with a jazzy edge.

Liquid Dope "Terra-Humara / Air Beats" (Henry Street Records 12")

Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales is back with another slamming groove based on cool beats only he can do.

USG presents African Blues "Sunpower" (Distance Music Records 12")

Ron Trent with a classic USG groover. The flip has a wonderfully jazzed-up version.

Mutiny UK feat. D-Empress "New Horizons/Dream Daze" (Sunflower Records 12" Test Pressing)

With a bold piano, a bouncing acoustic base and some touches of a  sitar, 'New Horizons' gives you an upfliting summer tune featuring the smooth vocal of D-Empress. 'Dream Daze' takes a harder approach with industrial beats and jazzy flutes.

Ira Levi "Let it go" (Train Records 12")

Another stunning M.A.S. Collective production, with a deep bubbling live bass.

DJ Frankie Frank Project "And the Party goes on" (DreamBeat Records 12")

Swiss DJ Frankie Frank is back with a slamming piece of vinyl. Based on a sample of the classic "In the mix" by the Mixmasters he creates a track full of energy and a pumping groove . DJ N-Joy gives it a  disco-ish feeling by adding some strings. Djaimin rebuilds the track into an athmospheric groover with the very important words 'House Music is not dead' on top of it.


May 16, 1999

MAS Collective feat. SuSu Bobien "Joy" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

Massive disco garage stomper coming from this italian production team. As the title suggests, this is an uplifting piece of music coming in various flavours. You can choose betwenn a classic disco-ish garage version, a filtered-up affair and a bass-driven version.

NE-Groove "Jaded" (Pure Filth Records 12")

A classy, soulful deep-house track with a jazzy flavour featuring Marcus Begg on vocals and Nathan haines on sax.

Miquifaye feat. Javairia Ali "Never let U go" (Metaphor Records 12")

Anthony Nicholson is getting deep again in his usual style without getting boring.

Descendants "Light shines Truth" (Clairauidience Records 12")

And another Anthony Nicholson release, this time featuring Jenifa Mayanja on vocals. This is a deep and fresh groove with a laidack guitar and a deep bass. The flip has the 'Ambien Path Mix', a very cool afterhours affair taking it down to the groove and the vocals.

Janet Rushmore "On my own" (Shelter Records 12")

Janet is back with this Eddie Perez production. Eddie together with Freddy Sanon did the mixes which are on a mainstream house tip (maybe they want to copy the success of B.O.P.).

The Mood Men "Lumpkins Groove (Project 1)" (i! Records 12")

i! Records continue to release cool jazzy vibes. On this 12" we see Wayne Gardiner and Tony Varnado putting out some serious grooves all on a laidback jazz tip.

The Astrotrax Team "You are my everything" (Astrotrax Records 12")
Astrojazz "The Groove EP" (Astrotrax Records 12" Test Pressing)

The first is a powerful UK garage production featuring female vocals and a jazzy sax on top of the bumping groove. The second is an EP with four jazzy cuts using a sax and trumpet with a similar groove.

Children of Planet Earth feat. Raven "Flay away" (HipBone UK Records 12")

As usual, HipBone release a 12" full of quality reproductions of a good song. Here, it is up to Roy Davis Jr. and Pal Joey to impress us with their jazzy interpretations.

Disco Elements "Volume 6" (Azuli Records 12")

Zaki 'Hot Pink' Dee and Rob Mello putting out another 12" in their series of disco classic sampling house cuts. One of the two cuts is sampling Slick classic 'Space Jam'.

East West Connection feat. Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges "The more I get" (Chilli Funk Records 2x12")

Sold as two separate 12", this is a quality package of 'Soulful Music for Funky People' as Chilli Funk describe their label. This is a welcome re-release including serious house remixes for the clubs by Diesel as well as laidback jazzy versions.

The Rurals (Peng Records 3x12")

Three 12" released on Peng Records so far, all including material by the Rurals. If you're looking for deep grooves on the deep house or jazzy tip, you should check these records out.

Platinum Doll "Believe in a brighter day" (SubUrban Records 2x12")

A very strong and soulful production coming our way with Tommy Musto and Matthias Heilbronn on the mix tip. Tommy's mixes are on the NYC uplifting house tip while Matty gives us some soulful and jazzy house vibes.

Nicolicious feat. Karla Brown "Goin' on" (95 North Records 12")

2nd release for this label, and another classy one. It is a solid UK style garage production with two dubs with heavy bumping beats turning it into a dark club monster. The 95 North remix is a smoother take with jazzy keys.

95 North "Da Holligans 3" (Henry Street Records 12")

Richard Payton and Doug Smith turn out three driving tracks on this release. For all Sharon Redd fans, there is 'Feel it' which samples 'Can you handle it'.

Peppermint Jam Allstars 2 (Peppermint Jam Records 12")

Two tracks included: the laidback jazzy groover "Cruisin'" and the guitar-driven 'Dance with me' which is lifted from the 'Miami Special EP'.

Presence "Future Love" (Pagan Records 12" Promo)

Pete Heller and Charles Webster have been chosen to do the remixes. Pete Heller gives us a smooth Fire Island style groove, Charles Webster goes for his trademark deep house grooves.


May 9, 1999

Basement Jaxx "Red Alert" (XL Records 2x12" White Label)

Already released, and a huge success in the clubs (especially in the UK). Six mixes on this white label but I don't have a track listing. Among the slamming original there are remixes by Erick Morillo and 2-step mixes by Marc Gurley.

Soul Dhamma "Flower" (The Original)(Velocity Records 12" Test Pressing)

More mixes of this club stormer including the vocal version by K.O.T. whit the same slamming beat they used on their dub on the first 12". Also included are the original mixes full of soulful vibes.

Brian Chambers "Higher Love" (Full Intention Remix)(Klub Zoo Records 12")

This massive UK garage hit gets new pumping, piano-driven remixes by Full Intention.

Mateo & Matos "The real thing" (Glasgow Underground Records 12" Promo)

For once, a vocal production from Eddie Matos and John Mateo. They decided to cover this Stevie Wonder classic featuring Littleton Brown and Kim Armstrong on vocals. The result is a beautifully grooving vocal house number with club-friendly underground mixes by K.O.T.

Mistique Journey "Before the Storm / The Morning after" (Shelter Records 12" Test Pressing)

Produced by Mark Wilson and mixed by Freddy Sanon, both tracks are on a jazzy tip with the first track having heavy beats while the second is on the deep tip.

Victor Davies "Brother" (FlipSide Records 12")

Bougie Soliterre on the mix and what do they give us? Real music on the percussive-jazzy tip.


May 2, 1999

Glenn Scott "Heaven" (Joe Claussell Mixes)(Giant Step Records 2x12")

You will be surprsised by the vocal remix which: not the usual deep underground percussion tip, it is more a dance cut but it really works. The dub is pure percussion heaven.

Pete Heller "Big Love" (Subliminal Records 12")

Finally released with the original version being the hightlight. The promoed b-side cut 'Atlanta' is replaced here with a 'Dronez Dub' and an accapella by the The Dronez (aka Erick Morillo, Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero and José Nunez). The dubbs has added vocals by Octahvia (and some background singers).

Kim English "Unspeakable Joy" (Bobby D'Ambrosio Remix)(Nervous Records 12")

Bobby D'Ambrosio delievers a piano-led New York style house interpration of this Maurice Joshua production whos original mix is also included.

DJ Rasoul featuring Shanan "Soul Searching Vol. 3" (Large Records 12")

Like the first two volums, this is deep soulful house music can be found on this EP.

Phunky Data "Music" (ClubTools/Edel Records 12" Test Pressing)

Two-step like and filtered funky stomper build around the sampled "Music" by D-Train (an old Prelude Records classic).

Masterbuilders feat. Philip Ramirez "Midnight Lady" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

Cool summer vibes on the house tip driven by both a piano and a saxophone featuring Philip Ramerez on vocals.

José Nunez feat. Octahvia "Hold on" (Sound of Ministry Records 2x12" Promo)

Licensed from Subliminal Records and added with some remixes, this is sure to to slamm the dancefloors. The original by José Nunez is in his own Subliminal-style while Jazz'N'Groove go for a 'Nu Disco Mix' with soulful disco-ish strings while Studio 45 pump things up on their funky-filtered remix.

Playin' 4 the City "Phase Two" (Straight Up Records 12")

True soulful deep-house music coming out of France with lots of jazz into it.

Antonio "Happy, Joyous & Free" (Tribal Winds Records 12")

Another percussion-led deep house cut out of the mind of Antonio with a laidback jazzy feeling.

Indigo "Fly to the Moon" (Mood II Swing Remix)(Defender Records 12")

Well produced vocal garage in this Mood II Swing remix with warm keys over a bumpy beat.


April 25, 1999

Alexander O'Neal "Criticize" (Bini & Martini Remix)(ClubTools Records 12" Promo)

Not the first remix of an Alexader O'Neal classic released this year, but by far the best. Bini & Martini create a pumping groove full of energy, featuring a filtered guitar riff in different variations on the included mixes (check the dubs for full pleasure). Sure to rock your dancefloor.

Soul Vision "Don't stop" (Deep Vision/Bassclef Records 12")

Wicked underground track with a driving beat featuring a few vocal lines by T.J. (sounds familiar, but can't think of the name).

Faith, Hope & Shine "Joy" (SoulShine Records 12")

A Lenny Fontana production whos original vocal mix is in a classic piano-led garage style while on the dub he heads for a deep dub. Louis Benedetti goes for a funky byss driven version.

Pound Boys feat. Dajae & Earl Bennett "Heaven knows" (Look at You Records 12")

Originally done by Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer, the main vocal version sounds like an update of the original with that cheesy sounds. Best of the package is the 'Midtown Dub', full vocal featured with a really kicking beat on the underground house tip. There is also the tough 'Love Dub' included.

Kerri 'Kaoz' Chandler "The Deep Thoughts EP" (83 West Records 12")

'Its a jazzy thang',  'Get up',  'Eternal Life' -  all these three tracks are kick-ass jazzy house cuts.

Mateo & Matos "Club House Kit" (United Underground House Sounds Records 12")

I have to call them Masters of Tracks - each time they put out an EP our album, there are outstanding tracks included, and this one stands in that tradition.

Teddy Douglas and Luis Radio "The Violin" (Basement Boys Records 12")

A big track from this years Winter Music Conference, driven by a beautifully played violin by Francesco Carmignani.

Charles Dockins feat. Sheila Ford "Journey" (Tommy Musto Remix)(Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

Tommy Musto up for part two of the remixes. He delievers a smooth NYC like house version with a dub included, too.

Toka Project "U can get it / Time is up" (Earth Records 12")

Two afterhours deep house cuts with a J.T. Donaldson remix of 'Time is up' included.

Eric Benet feat. Faith Evans "Georgy Porgy" (Dance/Club Mixes)(WB Records 2x12" Promo)

Only time will tell if these mixes will get released or not. The Hani mixes are the cheesy ones for the clubs and radio while Hippie Torrales goes for a solid house remix using a real piano. Roy Davis Jr. uptempo mix has a bumpy groove with a funky guitar, but unfortunately he only uses parts of the vocals. There is also a nicely done downtempo groovy mix by Roy Davir Jr. included.


April 18, 1999

Basil "Time to be free" (King Street Records 12")

Subtle afro house by Basil with Roland Clarke providing the background chants. Check the flipside for an athmospheric dub.

Taurus "Together" (Clairaudience Records 12")

Since their collaboration with Wave Music, Clairaudience are getting better and better with every release . Deep beats coupled with warm keyboard sounds give you this athmospheric groover. Anthony Nicholson has been chosen to remix this gem. He adds a jazzy piano and makes it more clubfriendly.

Angora "Enchantment" (Prescription Records 12")

Peven Everett and Roy Davis Jr. present a deeply grooving record in the vocal version with a real jazzy sax and fierc congas. Their dub is a different affair running at around 130 bpm (but it is no problem to pitch it down). Over a driving bass, the congas and additional jazzy keys give you a laidback groove.

Cooly's Hot Box "What a surprise" (Frankie Feliciano Remix)(SoleMusic Records 12")

Classy and very sutble remix by Frankie Feliciano with a killer piano line on top of a deep groove. The packages included an instrumental as well as a reprise just using the vocals and keyboards.

Charles Dockins feat. Sheila Ford "Journey" (Joey Musaphia Remix)(Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

Joey Musaphia again on remix duties for a Charles Dockins production. And it is another fine UK garage remix with Joey style keyboards. More mixes by Tommy Musto to follow.

Faith Evans "All night long" (Federation of Soul Remix)(Word of Mouth/Arista Records 12" Test Pressing)

Already getting lots attention worlwide, this Federation of Soul (aka Zoo Expericence together with Brian 'Keys' Tharme) remixes (vocal and dub) transfer the brilliant r&b original into a kicking garage remix with tough beats.

DJ Spen "Disco Dreams Volume 1" (Black Vinyl Records 12")

The main track 'Trapped when you touch me' is a killer disco-cut sampling some old disco classics.

Bougie Soliterre "Got the Bug" (Sfere Records 12")

Behind this little jazz-funky gem are Bettina Constanzo and Orin Walters. This has to be called 'real music'. A beautiful production with a slammin remix by Kerri Chandler and Dennis Ferrer by adding some fierce horns and keeping the original alive and shining through.

Femi Kuti "Truth don die" (Sound of Barclay Records 2x12")

Afro-house out of the hands of the Masters at Work and Kerri Chandler together with Jerome Sydenham. The Masters are featured with two versions. The first is a full house affair while the second is in their traditon of NuYorican Soul concentrating on the beats. Two bad the other mixes they sent in were not chosen for the release. Kerri and Jerome are present with three versions. Two of them are afro-house in their Spiritual Life style with the third is a real deep house dub.

Charles Schilling "No Communication, No Love (Devastating)" (Pschent Records 2x12")

French house music on the run again. The original is a deep house cut with some jazzy elements. Among the remixes you find Salt City Orchestra turn it into a slamming house track while Street Corner Symphony bring some percussion and a jazzy piano in.

DJ Eric "We are Love" (Club Tools Records 2x12" Promo)

This one won't  go away. Licensed from Englands Distinctive Records, this still gets lots of attention and club play. Sampling "I can't go for that" (the Hall & Oates classic) it comes in a variety of mixes spread over two separate 12". The 'Gridlock Remix' makes use of the piano of  'Dreamlover' (from the classic David Morales remix of the Mariah Carey song). Funkforce roughen the beats. The second disk kicks off with the original version. On the flip are the filtered remixes by Robbie Rivera.


April 11, 1999

The Scorpions "To be Number One" (East West Records One-Sided 12" Promo)

House remix of a rock group by Germany's no. one remixer. Only one version here titled 'Mousse T. Club Mix'. Mousse T. does what he can do best: deliever a funky and driving groove, added with a really nice piano. Only snippets of the vocals were used so these is more of a dub than a club mix.

Darryl D'Bonneau "Let there be a way" (Tiefschwarz Remixes)(Easy Street 12" Test Pressing)

Actually being a german pressing but no details of the record label available to me, Tiefschwarz deliever a slamming remix of this beautiful song that was released on limited pressing on Easy Street Records last year. Kicking beats combined with some nice keys, topped with Darryl's beautiful vocals, and we got a classic production. Check the dub for the funky flava.

The Ananda Project feat. Gaelle Adisson "Cascades of Color" (Remixes)(Nite Grooves Records 12")

Jask & Mario Rivera deliever a fine remix for club play with a serious groove and the sax and guitar on top of it while Chris Bann (from Wamdue Productions) delievers a bubbling deep groove with jazzy keys.

Mateo & Matos "Frontiers" (Large Records 12")

I can't believe it: another stunning four track EP from John 'Roc' Mateo & Eddie 'EZ' Matos. How can they put out that much of quality tracks?

Ruffneck "New Life" (RealTime Records 12")

A few lucky ones like myself have this one on a very limited promo 12" on MAW Records for a year now. On this double-pack you get lots of slamming remixes by Blaze, Backroom Productions, Basement Boys and the Nocturnal DeeJays. The outstanding cuts are the Blaze instrumental with a killer sax on top, the funky DJ Spen remixes and the moody dub by Backroom Productions.

95 North feat. Heather Perkins "Unbelievable" (K2 Recordings 12" Test Pressing)

95 North deliever a wicked female vocal track which will hook you immediately. The vocal version is full of energy with driving beats and a nice flute while the dub version is a deep groovy affair with a funky bass. Also included is a 'Ricanstruction Istrumental' by Frankie Feliciano (his vocal version will be the next release on the label).

Johnny D. & Nicky P. "Next to me / Yes you dew" (MAW Records 12")

More disco-ish tracks from Johnny 'D' DeMario & Nicholas Palermo, Jr. On 'Yes you dew' (the better track in my opinion) they sample India to full effect over a slamming beat added by classic disco-elements.

Mental Instrum feat. Angel "Dancin' Free" (Smack Music Records 12")

Sounding very british with its two-step alike beats, this is a solid garage production with a selection of slamming dubs included.

Donna Allen "He is the Joy" (SoulFuric Records 12")

Classic SoulFuric dance music from U.B.P. (Marc Pomeroy and Brian Tappert) with a disco-edge only they can do.

Pete Moss "Late Night Up North" (Ovum Records 12")

Deep house cut for the after hours session. Check the dub for some atmospheric keys. Josh Wink pumps up things just a little bit on his remix.

Petal Pusher "Breakin' it down" (Naked Music Records 12")

Nicely grooving house track by Miguel 'Migs' with Ledisi on vocals.

Soul 71 feat. Jaime "Save your soul" (Kumba Records 12")

Kevin 'Kimani' Wilson produced this male vocal track, but it is up to Charles Dockins to deliever the garage remix on this one while Oscar G. does the tribal-house mixes.

Brothers Vibe "Wave Files "(SOM Underground Records 10")

"Mood Swing" is a jazzy house track while "Disco Revolution" samples an old Georgio Moroder song (can't remember the name).

H2O "All over your Face" (Liquid Groove Records 12" Promo)

Taken from their just released album "You can run...", this is a bumpy house track with a remix by Terry Lee Brown Jr. included.


April 4, 1999

Dewayne Davis "What cha do for me" (PandaMonium Records 12")

Based around 'Papa was a rolling Stone', this is a simple but effective house track. The 'Kelli Hand Mix' uses a solid piano line instead of the sampled classic from the Temptations.

Ron Trent + Sonti "I fight for what I believe" (SI Project Records 12")

Ron Trent with another one of those irrestisible USG grooves he and Anthony Nicholson created some time ago.

Full Intention "You are somebody" (ClubTools Records 12")

Strong package with four slamming mixes. The 'Original Mix' is a pumping disco-house affair only Full Intention can do while the 'London Mix' is a stomping UK garage mix with those slamming speed garage drums that are so hype these days. 'The Classic Mix' is a smooth and stylished house version. Finally, the 'String Express Dub' makes most of the sampled 'Aint no mountain high enough' strings over a pumping groove.

Rum Runnerz "Hang on / Moonlite" (Vinyl Peace Records 12")

Two killer tracks produced by Dino & Terry on the disco-funky tip.

Sabrina Johnston "Satisfy my Love" (Superbird Mixes)(Club Culture Records 12")

Another fine remix coming from germanies Superbird. Solid house music with a funky bass.Check the to dubs for pleasure.

Edesio vs. Boris Dlugosch "Blen Blen" (Stella Music Records 12")

Boris Dlugosch delievering an tropical house remix. Check it out!

Nu Spirit Helsinki feat Kasio "Take it Back" (Guidance Records 12")

Another stunning 12" from this label that can do no wrong. Kicking off with a jazz-funkgroover followed by a deep house version for the after hours. And there is also a ultra funky rare groover on the flip that gets real jazzy. Should not be missed!

Ricky Nelson "Give me Love" (New Generation Records 12")

New Jersey garage the way I like it. Okay, forget about the B.O.P. mix which is good in its own right, but it's Mike LaBirt delievering the goods here.

Sister Unlimited "High steppin' Hip Dressin'" (ClubTools Records 12")

Sure to be a huge club hit thanks to the disco-house versions sounding very much like Full Intention. The flip has a version in 70's style and a grooving midtempo version.


March 28, 1999

Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero feat. Inaya Day "Just can't get enough" (Remixes)(AM:PM Records 2x12" Promo)

Maybe the biggest hit for Subliminal Records so far, being released in the UK through AM:PM Records with new remixes by Pete Heller. Both his vocal and dub have a kicking latino style house groove. Robbie Riviera is present with two of his funky filtered extravaganzas while the Live Elements have done a cool full vocal filtered house groove.

Whitney Houston "It's not right, but it's ok" (Bootlegg 12")

Based on a funky beat, added with the sampled strings of "Love is the message" (the MFSB classic), this is the best we got from Whitney in the past few years (although it may be not authorized).

Donna Montgomery "Go head go on" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

A B.O.P. production who's original mix is on their usual poppy garage tip, the real joy comes in the JoVonn remixes. Both his vocal and dub versions are deep as only he can do.

Gabrielle Roth & the Mirrors "Waves" (Tribal Winds Records 12")

Another exceptional and outstanding inspirational record on the percussive tip.

Fredrik Stark & Citydreams "Loungin'" (i! Records 12")

Four track EP on the jazzy tip in slightly different variations. Quality stuff for your afterhours set.

Y.M.C. "Last Stop EP" (Yoshitoshi Records 12")

House music with an ambient edge is what you get on this EP.

Phunkie Souls "The Music (floats your cares away)" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

Richard F. is back with this slamming piece of driving funky house music with the filtered elements not missing.

EDZY "Do it 'til you burn" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

Another strong 12" for the dancefloor on the funky house tip sampling an old disco classic.

Sven Love Catalan FC feat. Mandel Turner "Save me" (Sony Records 12")

Nice garage music coming from France. The original is a bumping garage track while the Victor Simonelli dub is a driving house groove. Jay Denes delievers a deep and laidback groove.


March 21, 1999

Pete Heller "Big Love" (Bootlegg 12")

This had to happen: around for a couple of month now and being one of the favorites of many DJ and still not released, someone mad this bootlegg which sounds as good as a commercial release. Outstanding kick-ass track. My advise: buy it!!

First Choice "The Player" (One Step Music Records 12")

Get this if you don't have the original version which is included here. Also included is the 'Bootleg Mix' which is the Johnick remixes featuring the full vocals.

NYC Live & Direct (Part 3) "I want you" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

Davidson Ospina is back again with a slamming funky track with jazzy keys which will rock your floor.

Soul Dhamma "Flower" (Velocity Records 12" Test Pressing)

Phat Manhatten give us the bumping 'Londonn Rose Vocal' version while K.O.T. go deep with their 'KOT Black Orchid Dub' and the 'KOT Black Orchid Beats'. King Britt's 'Underwater Garden Dub' is a spaced-out ambient mix.

Turnstyle Orchestra "Latin Soul" (Guidance Records 12" Promo)

The 'Original Mix' is a reworking of an old Carlos Santana classic and is in a trancy, epic latino house style. The flip has a tribal workout with driving percussions.

Fresh Cool Juice "Feelin' strong" (Guidance Records 12" Promo)

Driving house cut coming in different flavors to ya. Blue Boy is doing the laidback midtempo groover and you also get the 'Original Rare Version' - a rare groove killer.

Visual Tools feat. Curtis Harman "Keep reachin'" (Distance Records 12" Promo)

Anthony Nicholson again with one of his deep driving grooves with a full vocal. The 'Paradise Guitar Mix' is the standout cut for its lovely guitar used.

Larry Heard "And so I dance / Give me Heaven" (Distance Records 12")

"And so I dance" gets remixed by Anthony Nicholson heading for a rhumba style remix. In the middle, this ten minute mix goes jazzy. "Give me Heaven" gets remixed by Chris Gray in true deep house style.

Dino & Terry "Morning, Motion and Moon Dub" (Classic Music Records 12")

"Morning" makes use of a guitar over a grooving beat. "Motion" is a house cut with jazzy keys. "Moon Dub" is simply a filter house track.

Frankie Valentine feat. Mandingo "Merangada" (Dynamite Joint Records 12")

Extremly jazzy and percussive grooving track.


March 14, 1999

DJ Spinna presents "Vibes Abroad EP" (TronicSole Records 12")

The organ ride on this one jazzy grooverwill drive you nuts...

Lost Tymeez "Every Day" (Nite Grooves Records 12")

Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson with another one of their deep excursions.

Tim Deluxe "I Know" (Cross Section Records 2x12" Promo)

One of last years biggest funk-house tracks is back with new mixes spread over a double-pack. The fantastic original is included and sounds still wicked. DJ Sneak is featured with a cool remix.

Mousse T. "Ooh Song / More I get" (Peppermint Jam Records 12")

Two kicking funky tracks by Germany's well known producer and remixer, ready to explode on the dancefloor.

Peppermint Jam Allstars "Miami Special" (Peppermint Jam Records 12" Promo)

Four-track EP with no production credits so we could only guess who is behind which track. All four tracks are made to shock the dancefloor so you better hunt down to your local record store to grab a copy (if they are lucky to get it).

George Michael + Mary J. Blige "As" (Epic Records 12" Promo)

Another year, another cover of this Stevie Wonder classic. And it is a welcom back for CJ Mackintosh who did the mixes. Both a r&b and a classy house version are included here.

Jamico feat. Jackie Cohen "This luv is real" (King Street Records 12")

A dissapointing 12", only interesting if your looking for a tribalesque and percussive dub version which can be found here.

Kimani Wilson "Afro Kozmik Soul EP" (K2 Records 12")

This EP included two nice laidback, abmient afterhours cuts with some jazzy influences.

J.T. Donaldson (Earth Records 12")

Three tracker from Mr. Donaldson. Driving house cuts with a laidback feel to them.


March 7, 1999

Anthony Nicholson "Dance Anthology" (Peacefrog Records 2x12")

Anthony, one half of USG, is proving with this four tracker that he can produce outstanding music on his own. Grooves for your mind, body and soul...

Lutricia McNeal "Stranded" (E-Smoove Remix)(Epic Records 12" Promo)

From time to time, a US major label delievers a quality house record. On this promo 12", E-Smoove is present with two nicely done remixes (both a vocal and a dub version). Funky bass, groovy beats and a jazzy piano make this a winner.

Romanthony "Hold on" (Roulé Records 12")

His fans will by no doubt buy this just for his trademark grooves on the main mix. Also included is a r&b version as well as a pumping dub.

Kenny Lattimore "If I loose my woman" (Columbia Records 12")

As his previous single "Days like this" (which is featured here with so far unreleased mixes, most interesting is the 'NuYorican Soul Dub') this is again remixed by Masters at Work. A top song with a rock-solid remix - nuff said.

95 North feat. Big D "Think About" (Hysteria Records 12")

Pumping groove with spoken (male) words by Big D courtesy of 95 North. There is a 'Hard Version' with a groove similar to 'The Request'.

Jay-J presents Clay Cox "Searchin'" (SoulShine Records 12")

Solid male house production.

Open Door "Lights" (HipBone Records 12")

Deep house cut on the jazzy tip best working in the 'World Style Glow Mix'.

I-D feat. Michael Watford "Understand Me" (Hole Records 2x12")

Produced by Ivan Iacobucci who is also behind most mixes provided on this double pack. He is covering the italian style of funky and garage house music. The Crash boys deliever both a vocal and dub remix. Their vocal version is my favorite for its subtle grooves while their dub takes it a bit deeper.

Terry Hunter "The Sound" (Vinyl Soul Records 12")

Piano driven voal house with gospelish background vocals, the main vocals provided by Scarlett.

Toka Project "Be Free EP" (Guidance Records 12")

This EP opens with the laidback title cut "Be Free" which is followed by the midtempo groover "Pale Rider", a old school track. The flip side has "The Toka Love Project" and "7:38", the first being a pumping house cut while the second is a percussive afterhours number.


February 28, 1999

BMR feat. Felicia "Check it out (everybody)" (ClubTools Records/Peppermint Jam Records 12")

Already a big club hit in its original instrumental version, it is now ready to go again with a full vocal by Felicia. The 'Nu Club Mix' is just the original added with the vocals and is as well as the 'Knee Deep Dub' on the funky tip. Sounds of Life smooth it up a bit on their two mixes.

Jestofunk feat. CeCe Rogers "Happy" (ClubTools Records 12")

Bob Sinclair does a french-funky style remix on this beauty, made strictly for the dancefloor and perfectly working with the vocals by CeCe Rogers.

Glasgow Gangster Funk Tracs "Deeva Feeva" (Regal Records 12")
Glasgow Gangster Funk Tracs "Deeva Feeva" (Pete Heller Remix)(Regal Records 12")

Sampling "I got the feeling" from the Two Tons of Fun classic (both the main vocal line and the bass), this is true 90's disco-house. On the remix 12", Pete Heller is doing a Fire Island style remix by keeping the original feeling.

Alton Miller "Sweet in the Morning / Vibrations" (Distance Music Records 12")

Nice double-header. The first one is a grooving house-track while the second is on the jazzy-house tip.


February 21, 1999

Monica "Inside" (Masters at Work Remixes)(Word of Mout/Arista Records 2x12" Promo)

Available in all good record stores (although a promo), go straight for the dubs for the full pleasure. The record is kinda nice but not the best remix MAW have done (just think of their fantastic remix for Kenny Lattimore and you get the idea).

Candi Staton "Love on love" (React Records 2x12" Promo)

This cover of the Jesus Loves You classic is another of those double promos which is a bit of a disapointment just for the mixes included. The best is the 'Club of Love Mix' by David Morales with nice percussive parts in a latin way. Robbie Rivera is doing his usual funky thing, while K-Klass do the commercial cheesy piano-house remix. I hope there will be an additional promo with the Morales dub (heard that on a Morales mix on tape, and it's slamming).

Capriccio "Get on up" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

A cover of Jazzy D.'s "Get on up", this is a funky house track in its orginal form with bright guitars. The Jazz'N'Groove remixes are on the K-Jee flavoured tip while Richard F. goes for the filter extravaganza.

Jovonn "New York EP" (Estereo Records 12")

Remember his releases on Goldtone Records a few years back, and you know what kind of deep grooves to expect on the two featured songs "Sunshine" and "When it rains".

Brian Scott "In my life / Tonite" (Smokin' Beats Records 12")

Old school garage coming from the UK in form of "In my life", while "Tonite" cleverly samples George Benson's "Give me the night".

M People "Dreaming" (BMG Records 12" Promo)

Mixed by David Morales and edited by Albert Cabrera, this is the return for M People with a new single. Just what you would expect from this collaboration: nothing revolutionary, just solid club music.

Mateo & Matos "Just a Dub" (Glasgow Underground Records 12")

More deep house grooves by these two guys.

Merimaid "Luv is" (Remixes)(Club-U-Nite Records 12")

More remixes of this classic. Mellow Man is going for a fully vocaled jazzy-laidback classic house remix while Michael Lange delievers a bumping instrumental version. Sounds of Life add a funky bass on their instrumental excursion.

USG featuring Monica Elam "Life 4 living" (Prescription Records 12")

If you remember and love "Ncameu", you won't miss this one! It could be easily titled "Ncameu Part 2", and it is of the same excellence.

Michelle Weeks "Step out on Faith / Follow your Dreams" (Rambunctious Records 12")

"Step out on Faith" is a gospel-house stomper with a nice background choir while "Follow your Dreams" is a deep New Jersey style garage production.

MKL vs. Soy Sos "Skin / Moments in my Life" (NiteGroove Records 12")

More jazzy house from the "Abstract Jazz Lounge II" compilation.

Alton M. "Song of the Drum" (Moods & Grooves Records 12")

Deep house music at its best coming in the form of three tracks. If you love the Guidance stuff, you love this.

Latino Circus "In your Soul" (Yoshitoshi Records 2x12")

The original was already a hit, and these Cevin Fisher remixes and Deep Dish edit are garanteed to slam the dancefloor.

Deep Dish "Summer's over" (DeepDish Records 12")

Something for the Deep Dish fans: strange and bizarre (at least for me).


February 14, 1999

Black Science Orchestra "Ladyland" (White Label 12")

Finally available to the masses (but why as a white label?), this is a fine house groover coming in different flavours.

Merimaid "Luv is" (Remixes)(Shelter Records 12")

Licensed from Germanys Club U Nite Records, this still is a big club hit in NYC. These new mixes by Paul Simpson will give it some new life on the dancefloors.

MSD "Mystery Science EP" (Wave Records 12")

Four track EP with the driving 'Satisfy' and the percussive 'Love Line (Edit)' being the standout cuts.

Francois K. "Time & Space" (NRK Records 12")

Thankfully, the original version with the percussions by Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell is included on the flip, and coupled with a classic Farley & Heller remix (their best for ages), this is a quality package.

Nick Holder "Da Sambafrique" (NRK Records 12")

Instead of 'copying' classic disco records (what he usually does for DNH Records), Nick Holder here is on production duties on a mellow samba-house groove with a smooth Abacus remix on the b-side.

Third Generation feat. Chavell "You don't live here anymore" (Sfere Records 12")

Nicely grooving house production, produced and mixed by Kerri Chandler. Not for peak hour play, but good enough for after hours play.

95 North "The request" (Sounds for People Records 12")

Funny record with a spoken dialog between the male DJ and a femal guest about playing 'something with a beat'. And - what a surprise - the record does have a beat you can dance to.

Maurice Joshua presents the Reunion Project "Yeah, Get down" (Nervous Records 12")

Maurice Joshua got Eric 'E-Smoove' Miller and Steve 'Silk' Hurley to remix his own production, a bumping house track.


February 7, 1999

Spirits of Rhythm "Music" (Original Mixes)(Azuli Records 12" Promo)
Spirits of Rhythm "Music" (Boris Dlugosch Mixes)(Azuli Records 12" Promo)

Out last year as a limited one-sided promo, now back on full promo with a release scheduled for march. On the first 12", we find a classy grooving club version and a jazzy two-step take. The second 12" has the Boris Dlugosch remixes with the usual groovy funky bass added.

Mutiny feat. Mary Joy "Bliss" (MAW 4am Mix)(Sunflower Records 12")

The so far unreleased (and unpromoed) 'MAW 4am Mix' is featured here among the original version.

Moloko "Sing it back" (Boris Dlugosch/Booker T. Mixes)(Echo Records 12" Promo)
Moloko "Sing it back "(Todd Terry Mix)(Echo Records 12" Promo)

Boris Dlugosch & Michael Lange deliever the club-friendly mixes with a heavy bassguitar while Booker T. does his usual speed-garage mixes. The second 12" sees Todd Terry in one of his better moments. He delievers a driving club mix.

Tempo 2 feat. Kurt Harman "You are a superstar" (Clairaudience Records 2x12")

We have to call Anthony Nicholson a superstar when it comes to produce soulful cuts for the garage heads. No exception here, he takes his USG grooves to another level by adding a real jazzy piano.

Kenny Bobien "Let me show you" (SoundMen on Wax Records 2x12")

DJ Spen & Karizma take this Brother of Peace production to the garage floors with their jazz-funk take.

Soul Creation feat. David Watson "Up in smoke" (Bassclef Records 12")

Jazzy house cut with a flute as the highlight.

Vick Lavender "P.M. Blues" (NiteLifeCollective Records 12")

Glenn Underground is involved here as the executive producer, and you can hear it: four deep cuts from Chicago with a jazzy edge.

Urban Babies "You worry too much" (Liquid Groove Records 12" Promo)

Produced by Roland Clark who also delievers the main mix, a stomping house version. Liquid Groove are present with a two-step version. Saucerman see their soulful and funky bass driven take included as well.

Phunky Data "Fashion" (ClubTools Records 12" Promo)

Funky food for the DJ's to make the crowd go crazy. Ian Pooley does a superb remix with some fine jazzy moments in there. The promo has the exlusive funky-filter attack remix by Rok Star which won't be on the commercial 12".

Cunnie Williams feat. Monie Love "Saturday" (ClubTools Records 2x12" Promo)

Out late last year on single 12" on Peppermint Jam Records, shortly to be re-released as double-pack. Produced and mixed by Mousse T., you get a quality release from the beginning to the end. Now there is a total of four house mixes with two dubs to choose from as well as the slamming D'Influence r&b remixes.

Talvin Singh "Vikram the Vampire" (Island Records 12" Promo)

Francois Kevorkian on remix duties giving us a deep and moody groove to dance to.

Bob Sinclair feat. Lee A. Genesis "My only love" (Yellow Records 12")

The original version by Bob Sinclair is led by a funky guitar. Tommy Musto is on remix duties on the flip side.

Kodo "Remix 1" (Kevin Yost Remix)(Columbia Records 12")

Coming from France, this is Kevin Yost on another one of his outstanding jazz excursions.

Fini Dolo "Blow" (Arthrob Records 12" Promo)

Restless Soul are present here with grooving garage mixes.


January 31, 1999

Rise & Shine "Hungry animals '99" (ClubTools Records 12" Test Pressing)

A techno classic that got remixed for '99 including a nice grooving and delightful deep house dub by Sinan.

Danny J. Lewis feat. Don Ricardo & Son of Noise "Best Friends" (Totolee Records 12" Promo)

Uplifting UK garage with a male vocalist. Deep Bros. deliever a niecly bumping 'Late Nite Mix' in a dubby style.

Clepto-Maniacs "Let's get down / Funk it up" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12")

Two more disco classics revamped for the late nineties.

Colourful Karma feat. Terra Deva " For the Music" (Boombastic Records 12")

Charles Webster back with a monster club track. The energetic groove will catch you immediately. Stephan Mandrax does a dark but groovy dub on the flip.

M.A.S Collective "Where were you" (Airplane Records 12")

The italians again delievering a vocal anthem for the clubs, the keys sounding very much like Mood II Swing. Check the dub for a hypnotic groove.

Johnick "Brooklyn" (Henry Street Records 12")

Johnny 'D' De Mairo & Nicholas Palermo Jr. kick off '99 with a four track EP containing solid grooving tracks.

Big Muff "Feel what you know" (SM:E Records UK 12" White Label)

Bob Sinclair and Kerri Chandler providing the mixes, the ones to check out are by Kerri. His first one is a mellow midtempo groover while his second is the full house version with that same mellow feeling.

Underground Ministries feat. Kenny Bobien "I shall not be moved!" (Flatline Records 12")

Inspirational New Jersey style garage song with gospel-ish vocals.

Mutabaruka "Dis Poem '99" (Guidance Records 2x12" Promo)

Guidance kicking the year off with a winner. Disc one has the so called 'Real House Mixes' with a solid and driving house groove while disc two has the 'Arican Blues Mixes' by Ront Trent & Anthony Nicholson in the deep USG style.

Marcel "On the beach" (NuPhonic Records 12")

Licensed from Juice Records Budapest (Hungary), there are are two deep and mellow piano driven versions, both in a jazzy way, one having a long ambient intro.


January 24, 1999

Dewey B. presents Disco Surreal feat. Kim Baker "My friends" (YellOrange Records 12")

Another song made for the clubs so you might not getting hit by first hearing it at your record store but this is real solid house music.

Colonel Abrams "Celebrate" (Smack Entertainment 12")

A Nick Jones production for the New Jersey heads.

Johnny Corporate "The Back to Work EP" (4th Floor Records 12")

Disco grooves by 95 North made to make your crowd rock the dancefloor.

Ch'i feat. Alison Crocket "Loneliness" (SubUrban Records 12")

The original version by DJ Cosmo is a nice and smooth jazzy affair. Sandy Rivera does the remixes: the first is simply the sax with the bass while the second is a driving house remix.


January 17, 1999

Blak Beat Niks "I'll be there" (Large Records 12")

Great garage track with strong remixes on the flip side by Kerri Chandler in deep groovy style.

Roy Davis Jr. "Electric Soul / Someday" (Peacefrog Records 12")

"Electric Soul" is a groovy track with an electric organ to drive you crazy while "Someday" feat. Peven Everett on vocals is a soulful midtempo groover.

Jombo Life "The Jombo Life EP" (Clairaudience Records 12")

Anthony Nicholson back with another winner on this quality orientated label. Two groovy tracks for those who understand.

Mateo & Matos "Full Circuit" (United Underground House Sounds Records 12")

These guys can do no wrong with their EP's. On each one, there is a least one outstanding track, and here we have no exception. Slamming tracks as usual.

Kelly G. feat. Sharon Pass "Go down Moses" (Silk Entertainment Records 12")

The main mix by Kelly himself is a gospel-ish affair. Steve 'Silk' Hurley does a short funky vocal with his kicking beats. Mark Grant does a more underground orientated dub version.

Kerri Chandler "Finger Printz 2 EP" (Mad House Records 12")

What should I say about this? Get it while it's hot, and it will be hot for a long time. Four tracks of outstanding quality for the dancefloor.

Kamasutra featuring Corrina Joseph "Burning" (WildFlower Records 2x12")

Classy house music coming from Italy with a very strong dub version.

Deep Swing feat. Xavior "Shelter" (SoulShine Records 2x12")

Outstanding vocal record in double-pack format. My favorite mix is the original version by Deep Swing with a driving beat. Louis Benedetti does a couple of classy remixes with a really nice piano.

Johnny Fiasco "The E.Z. Traks EP Vol #2" (Distant Music Records 12")

'E.Z.' means - for those who don't know - easy, and this ep has some nicely grooving tracks.

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