The Pour Le Connaisseur reviews for 1999.

December 5, 1999

Yasushi Ide presents Lonesome Echo Strings "Tatiana no namida" (Dirty Harry Records 12")

No house mixes this time on this japanese 12", but two fierce hip-hop grooves by Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales with some jazza flava. Among some other hip-hop mixes there is also a new mix of "Plein Soleil" on the downtempo tip with a deep, deep bassline.


November 21, 1999

Joe Claussell "Agora e seu tempo" (Alternate Demo Takes)(Spiritual Life Music 12" Promo)

Out for some time now but it took me a long time to get my hands on it. It was featured on "Trip do Brasil" and also released as 12", but this strictly promo-only release features two alternate mixes: an 'Acroostic Percusssion Version' and the 'Sacred Rhythm Vocal Version'. If you liked the released version, go and find yourself this little gem!!


October 24, 1999

Our Faces EP (Flower Records 12")

Taken from the "Our Faces" compilation (a double CD), this EP includes an At Jazz remix of "Spanish Storm" by Bayaka, "New Dance (my, my my)" by Toshiyuki Goto presents Influence (Falafel Avc Sushi Remix) and "Session 01" by Little Big Bee, all on a laidback jazzy tip.

October 17, 1999

Nitin Sawhney "Immigrant" (Outcaste Records 12" Promo)

The Rainer Trüby Trio going for slamming big beats on this jazzy remix.

Tate's Place feat. Julie Dexter "Burnin'" (Dynamite Joint Records 12")

Jazzanova giving us an outstanding jazzy remix with trippy beats.


October 3, 1999

Various Japan 12"

This week, I finally got some of those hard to find japan 12". Expensive they are, but if you're among the people that also got them, you know exactly what I'm talking about... 

Mishia "Title Unknown" (White Label 12")

This is a four track EP with the only info given ARISTA26 on the label. Two downbeat tracks, two uptempo of one is for sure remixed by the Masters a Work.


Masaki Ueda "Take me with you" (A.L.P. Records 12")

This is a nice little garage number coming from Japan, very laidback in its original versions. The flip has the more club friendly takes.

Bird/Latin Edition "Beats" (Sony Music Entertainment Japan Records 12")

The Masters at Work and Dave Darlington delievering some outstanding remixes here.

Monday Michuru "Yellow Bird" (Incognito Remix)(Polydor Records 12")

Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick of Incognito fame delievers both a vocal and instrumental remix which starts with a very laidback midtempo groove that gets into drum'n'bass in the middle. The flip features the heavy drum'n'bass remix of "Double Image".

Bayaka "Sunset / Freedom" (Flower Records 12")

A four track EP featuring two housey takes. Both "Sunset" and "Teruo's Dubby Sit" are on the jazzy side, being on a laidback and moody groove.

Yasushi Ide presents Lonesome Echo Strings feat. Monday Michuru "A certain peace" (Rainer Trüby Remix)(Dirty Harry Records 12")

Out for a while now with mixes by Joe Claussell (a total of four mixes that were spread over two separate 12" I still haven't found), now here with a brand new remix by Rainer Trüby with a deep and funky bass on the jazzy tip. The flip has a Kyoto Jazz Massive remix of "Somewhere" with a serious house groove and real jazzy keys.

And finally something not from Japan...

East West Connection "Three's a crowd" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

This label stands for funky music with a soul edge, and they prove it with every single release. And to please us, they always include versions that keep the vibe of the original but have a housey groove so they can get played on the dancefloor. And yes, this is a funky, jazzy and percussive track.


September 5, 1999

Yasushi Ide presents Lonesome Echo Strings feat. Clémentine "Plein Soleil "(Dirty Harry Records 12")

I'm sure you are aware how difficult it is to get a japanese 12" like this one. I got my copy just this friday from a very good friend, and it took him many phonecalls to get it. Mixed by the Masters at Work, it is pure class coming both in a housy 'M.A.W. Mix' and a 'NuYorican Soul Mix'.


July 25, 1999

Incognito "It ain't easy" (Talkin' Loud Records 12" Promo)

This promo 12" included the ther very cool 'Cosmos Remix' by Tom Middleton - perfect summer music.


June 27, 1999

Jephté Guillaume "Priyè-a (the Prayer)" (Remixes)(Chrysalis Records 2x12")

Johnny Palumba (never heard of him before) is behind three of the remixes (unfortunately, all under four minutes long). These mixes have a grooevy house beat with a nice flute and an flamenco guitar on one of the mixes. Jephté himself also delievers a remix with a driving house beat. From the original '98 release, the 'Original Mix' and the 'Acroostic Mix' are included.


June 20, 1999

Modaji "Lost Soul EP" (Laws of Motion Records 12")

'Wired Angles' is a spaced out and jazzy housey groover. 'The Latin Protocol' is a little jazzy and percussive track.Finally, there is '20-32 Unlimited', a jazzy and deep afterhours grovoe with NuYorican Soul style beats.


June 6, 1999

Glassen Collective "Close to Greatness" (JCR/Jazzanova Compost Records 12")

Jazz all over on this 12". The 'Deep Joy Mix' is a jazz-fusion excursion while the 'Who took away the Funk Mix' brings in the funk with a house beat. Finally, there is the 'Original Mix' on a jazz-funk house tip.


May 9, 1999

Roc Hunter "Magnetic Feel" (FarOut Records 12")

When you hear this, you'll be taken away by this percussive jazz-funk fusion courtesy of Roc Hunter with a killer organ-ride sitting on top.


April 25, 1999

Frankie Valentine "The Fox Congo Strutt" (Exelixis Records 12")

Yet again Frankie Valentine with an oustanding percussive production to be discovered.

April 11, 1999

Jephté Guillaume "Ibo Lele" (Spiritual Life Music Records 12")

Another haitian traditional brought to the clubs by Jephté Guillaume and Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell. Among the full vocal version there are nice percussive beats and a flute driven dub included.

Critical Point feat. Viker Duplaix "Messages" (MAW Records 12" Promo)

This always comes up with something fresh to discover. This is a rather special house record but you can't deny the quality of it. A percussive track with Vikter's vocals shining on top.

Frankie Valentine "The Spanish Dance Remix" (Estereo Records 12")

Not the average percussive house record, but would you expect that from Frankie Valentine?

March 21, 1999

Shazz feat. Charmaine King "Carry on" (Matthias Heilbronn Mixes)(Columbia Records 12")

For once, Matty does no house remix. This is a serious midtempo groover with real jazz flavor (check the keys).

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