The Classic Tips for 1999.

December 26, 1999

Art of Noise "Moments in Love" (ZTT/Island Records 12", 1983)

Love that piano intro...


December 19, 1999

Sabrina Johnston "Peace" (EastWest Records 2x12" Promo, 1993)

An early Boris Dlugosch & Michael Lange remix from 1993 (I don't know if th is ever was released).


December 5, 1999

Alton McClain & Destiny "Crazy Love" (Polydor Records 12" Promo, 1979)

A classic garage track from the late 70's, mixed by Jim Burgess.


November 28, 1999

Patti Labelle "Music is my way of Life" (Epic Records 12", 1979)

SoulFuric Records just released a cover version, but this is the one that got the vibrant feeling to it.


November 21, 1999

Before the Storm "I've got the music" (Movin' Records 12")

The first record for this New Jersey based label and record store (don't know if the still exists) run by Abigail Adams.


November 14, 1999

Janice McClain "Smack dab in the middle" (RFC Records 12", 1979)

A Larry Levan remix with a true disco feeling.


November 7, 1999

Classic/Album Review: Larry Levan's Classic West End Records Remixes (WestEnd Records Triple-Album, 1999)

Nine classics in remixes by Larry Levan included on this triple vinyl package. Taana Gardner is represented with "Heartbeat", "No Frills", "Work that Body" and "When you touch me", you also find Ednah Holt "Serous, sirius space Party", New York Citi Peech Boys "Don't make me wait", Loose Joints "Is it all over my face", Sparque "Let's go dancin'" and Billy Nichols "Give your Body up to the Music".

This compilation represents some of the music from 1979 to 1982 that was made famous at the legendary Paradise Garage.


October 31, 1999

Machine "There but for the grace of God" (RCA Records 12", 1979)

A classic from the late 70's, covered by Fire Island a few years ago and to be released in brand new remixes by Joey Negro soon.


October 24, 1999

One Way feat. Al Hudson "Music" (MCA Records 12", 1979)

The lyrics on this one pretty well describe my feeling about music...


October 17, 1999

The Emotions "Flowers" (Columbia Records 12", 1976)

This was a classic tip already about a year ago, but it is one of my all time favorite songs, so here it is again. Pure soul music from the 70s...


October 10, 1999

Bootcamp "The Official RCA Records Label bootlegs 'Released'" (RCA Records 2x12", 1994)

This was put out as a limited edition only, and it is already pretty hard to get. The absolute gem on this package is the Basement Boys remix of "Leave a Light on" by Martha Wash. Also included are the promo only E-Smoove remix of "If only you knew" by Donell Rush, David Morales mixes of "I'll be your friend" by Robert Owens, "Instincutal" by Imagination and "Where love lives" by Alison Limerick, and more.


October 3, 1999

Lil Louis "French Kiss" (Diamond/EPIC Records 12", 1989)

One of those magic moments of house music with a deep, hypnotic groove that will people make dance every time it gets played.


September 26, 1999

Al Hudson and the Soul Partners "Spread Love" (ABC Records 12", 1978)

After being covered two times this year, and a third record using the bassline, it is now time for the timeless orginial version.


September 19, 1999

Classic/Pick of the Week: David Mancuso presents "The Loft" (NuPhonic Records Quadruple Album-Set)

The Loft, a legendary club in New York that inspired many other clubs like The Gallery, The Paradise Garage and The Warehouse and many more, goes hand in hand with the legendary DJ David Mancuso. Here you get a box set compiled by David Mancuso where he tries to bring over the feeling of this legendary club by selecting some of the biggest tunes of the club.

A total of 18 gems are spread over 8 sides of vinyl. You find "Ain't no stopping us now" by Risco Connection, "Life on Mars" by Dexter Wansell, "City, Country, City" by War, "Is it all over my Face" by Loose Joints (in a rare, unreleased original full lenght version), "Soul Makossa" by Manu Dibango, "The Spirits in me" by Pattie Labelle, "Stay free" by Ashford & Simpson, "Love Honey, Love Heartache" by Man Friday", "Devotion" by Ten City, "Mysterious of Love" by Fingers Inc., "Yellow Train" by Resonance, "Rude Movements" by Sun Palace, "Seriuos, sirius space Party" by Ednah Holt, "Say a Prayer for two" by Crown Heights Affair, "Get ready for the Future" by The Winners, "High Priestess" by Karma, "Love Money" by T.W. Funkmasters and "Aeo (Parts 1 & 2)" by Brian Briggs.

Truly a great collection for people like me not having all those great records from the past.

"The Loft just opened my Brain" David Morales


September 12, 1999

April Dawn "Love crime" (Remix)(Easy Street Records 12", 1989)

A Smack production getting the remix treatment by none other than Tony Humphries.


September 5, 1999

The Boys Choir of Harlem "Power" (EastWest Records 12" Promo, 1994/95)

Smack producing a track for a choir, available on two promos: the first having the album versions (found here), the second having the club remixes. Too bad it was never commercially available.


August 29, 1999

Ron Wilson "Prove it to me" (Alleviated Records 12", 1990)

A classic Larry Heard production on the mellow and jazzy house tip, very laidback.


August 22, 1999

Extortion "How do you see me now" (A&R Records 12", 1990)

A classic, picked up by Easy Street Records who helped it breaking into the clubs worldwide. Recently rereleased with new mixes. Here in a mix only available on the original 12" with the beautiful keyboards.


August 8, 1999

Buzzin Cuzzins feat. Romanthony "Let me show you love" (DJ Disciple Remix)(Azuli Records 12" Test Pressing, 1994)

Besides the mixes by Romanthony, David Morales and Sensory Elements there is this unreleased remix by DJ Disciple.


August 1, 1999

Mike "Why would anybody (want to hurt me)" (Fine Tune Records 12", 1991)

One of the many treasures in history of garage music, produced by Wali Umrani.


July 25, 1999

Bas Noir "My love is magic" (NuGroove Records 12", 1988)

A classic on a classic label, produced by Ronal Burrell.


July 18, 1999

Soulboy "Harmonica Track" (Minimal Records 12", 1991)

A real classic deep house cut produced and written by Danny Tenaglia with one of the best harmonica featured on a house track ever.


July 11, 1999

Sheer Bronze "Walin' on" (FFRR Records 2x12" Promo, 1992)

One of the best remixes by Richie Jones, in my opinion.


July 4, 1999

Classic/Pick of the Week: Frankie Knuckles presents Satoshie Tomiie "Tears" (FFRR Records 12" Promo, Original 12" from 1989)

One of the greatest moments in house music history is back for 1999. Originally out in 1989, this masterpiece features Robert Owens on vocals and was all about the soulful and piano-ish DEF-Mix sound when it was first released, complete with remixes by David Morales. Gladly, the original version by Frankie Knuckles is included on this promo along with an accapella and two outstanding remixes by Full Intention. They keep the original feeling and give it the '99 sound inlcuding the hip filter effects which work a treat here.


June 27, 1999

Mica Paris "Great Impersonation" (4th & B'way Records 12" Promo, 1988)

I don't know wether this was commercially available or not, but Blaze took this r&b song into clubland with their smooth mix.


June 20, 1999

Sublevel "Don't blame me" (Profile Records 12", 1989)

Wicked underground house tune, with an unbelievable deep 14 minute version.


June 13, 1999

Various Artists "Welcome to the Club" (Jump Street Records Album, 1987)

Hot club music from 1987 can be found here, including "Love don't live here anymore" by the Basement Boys, "Rescue me" by Lisa Mitchell, "B-Cause" by the Jump Street Man and more. This was definitely one of the most innovative label in the 80's.


June 6, 1999

DO "Guilty of Love "(Whte Labels Records 2x12" Promo, 1993)

One of many unreleased remixes, here done by Roger Sanchez when he was no doubt one of the hottest remixers around. Here you find a mix I did a few years ago (I mixed together the bonus beats, dubs and the vocal version).


May 30, 1999

Brian & Tony Gold "Action" (PowWow Records 12", 1991)

David Morales has remixed a few ragga stars, among them was Shabba Ranks and this weeks classic track.


May 23, 1999

Marshall Jefferson "Move your body" (Trax Records/DJ International Records 12", 1986)

One of my all-time favorite house tracks, and also one of the all-time classics in House Music history. Both Trax Records and DJ International Records had 12" but it's the one on Trax Records that made this a classic.


May 16, 1999

In Memory of John Robinson

Robinson Wall Project Vol. 1 (Black Rain Records EP, 1993)

John Robinson just died recently and will be sadly missed. Together with John Moore and Willie Wall he produced this EP which included 'Stand by' by Bryan, 'Family Prayer' by Clifton King, 'Stick together' by Spring and more.


May 9, 1999

Jovonn "Running" (WB Records 12", 1990)

One of many underground smashes from 1990 which started a series of classic Jovonn productions.


May 2, 1999

UBQ Project "Into the Night" (House'N'Effect Records 12", 1990)

The first in a series of outstanding EP's from the UBQ Project.


April 25, 1999

Beautiful People "I got the Rhythm" (Cabaret Records 12", 1991)

A really deep 'Deep House' cut by Pal Joey with a cool hip-hop mix on the flip.


April 18, 1999

The Legendary Long Versions Album: The Temptations / Rare Earth (Motown Records Double-Album, 1984)

This double-album was put out in 1984 by Motown Records Germany and features such classcis in the legendary long versions as 'Papa was a rolling stone' and 'Masterpiece' by The Temptations and 'Get ready' and '(I know) I'm losing you' by Rare Earth.


April 11, 1999

Urban Soul "Alright" (Polar Records 12", 1991)

Huge club hit from 1991, was picked up by Chrysalis in the US and Cooltempo in the UK to make it go to mainstream. A Roland Clark production with a classic Tony Humphries remix.


April 4, 1999

Masters at Work "The Album" (Cutting Records Double-Album, 1993)

This year, they have their 10th anniversary, and we can expect lots of goodies. In the meantime, let's not forget this album which showed both their house and hip hop side.


March 28, 1999

Hardrive feat L.G. "Sindae" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12", 1992)

Take it back to your box until the new Hardrive 2000 gets released!


March 21, 1999

Tribal House "Motherland" (Pow Wow Records 12", 1990)

A classic 'smooth' tribal house cut.


March 14, 1999

Jimi Polo "Living for the love of you" (Perfecto Records 12" Promo, 1992)

A shame this was never released. David Morales did the remixes, ranging from the classic DefMix house to his deep RedZone style.


March 7, 1999

General Public "I'll take you there" (Epic Records 12", 1994)

One of the best remixes Satoshi Tomiie has down during his career, also available on double-promo with lots of additonal mixes.


February 28, 1999

Roland Clark "Why" (Atlantic Records 12", 1987)

Yes, Roland Clark is in the business since the late 80's...


February 21, 1999

Powerline "Journey / Double Journey" (Wave Classic Records 12", 1998 Re-Issue)

Massive classic out in the early 80's on Elite Records, one of the best jazz-funk gems ever produced.


February 14, 1999

Tribute to Gwen Guthrie

Gwen Guthrie died on February 3 after she lost the fight against cancer. She contributed on many club classics in the eighties with her beautiful voice.

Among the songs remembered, there will be her appearance on the Padlock album which featured the collobaration of Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespare, Wally Badarou and Darryl Thompson. It was mixed by the legendary Paradise Garage DJ Larry Levan. The album features the classics 'Hopscotch', 'Seventh Heaven', 'Getting Hot', 'Peanut Butter' and 'Padlock' and was released in 1983.

Larry Levan also mixed many of the 12" she put out during her career. 'It should have been you' was released in 1982 and is one of the all time greatest club classics.

Other remarkable 12" inlcude 'Aint nothing going on but the rent', 'Outside in the Rain', 'Close to you' and 'Ticket to Ride' (just to name a few).

The Body & Soul DJs paid tribute to Gwen Guthrie when playing 'Seventh Heaven'.


February 7, 1999

Peter Brown "Overnight sensation" (RCA Records 12", 1983)

Huge hit here when it was released.


January 31, 1999

S.O.S. Band "The Ultimate 12" Collection" (CBS Records 12" Box Set, 1989)

It's time to pay credit to one of the most successfull dance outfits in the early '80s. CBS Germany payed tribute to them in 1989 with this limited Box Set release including their most successfull hits like "Just the way you like it", "Just be good to me", "Borrowed love" and more.


January 24, 1999

Arthur Baker "Breaker's Revenge" (Altantic Records 12", 1984)

Remember the movie "Beat Street"? Man, did I love it just for the music and breakdance scenes...


January 17, 1999

Oran "Juice" Jones "The Rain" (Def Jam Records 12", 1986)

What a classic, and what brilliant video there is to this story!

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