The Album Reviews for 2000.

December 24, 2000

Abstract Jazz Lounge III (Nite Grooves Records Double-Album)

This is already volume III in this series which has some goodies to offer. Lots of good music is featured here including "Sunshine" by Anthony Nicholson featuring Charlotte Hunt, "El Rio de los Suenos" by Ananda Project, "At les" by Innerzone Orchestra. And as usual, some unreleased mixes can be found here: the 'Romatt Jazz Mix' of "Spanish Dancer" by Romatt Project, the 'MAW Flute Instrumental' of "Give it up" by Rain. And there is even more stuff that completes the package.


November 5, 2000

Ananda Project "Release" (NiteGrooves Records Double-Album)

As you would expect, this album by Ananda Project's mastermind Chris Brann takes it into the deep and mellow grounds. Beside the singles "Cascades of colour", "Straight magic" and "Glory glory" there are new tracks - both vocal and instrumental - that keep it deep but still vary in style to create an interesting album.


October 15, 2000

Frankie Knuckles "Choice - A Collection of Classics" (Azuli Records Quadruple-Album)

Frankie Knuckles has put together a compilation of classics that is a reflection of what inspired much of what is known as 'House Music'. Over four disks, you get gems like "Let's do it" by Convertion, "You saved my day" by Cheryl Lynn, "Can you handle it" by Sharon Redd, "I want you for myself" by George Duke, "Night cruiser" by Eumir Deodato, "A little bit of jazz" by Nick Straker Band, and many more.


September 24, 2000

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Bob Sinclar - Champs Elyssee (Defected/ClubTools Album)

Mr. Smart & Smooth from France is back and delivers a great album full with nice and pumping tracks and songs. He brings back from nowhere some fine artitst from the past like D-Train and some other hot Motown singers and leaves all musical boundaries behind - going from down-beat to fast disco-house and some old-school sounding stuff. Definitly one of the must-have albums this fall!!!


September 10, 2000

Alton Miller "Rhythm exposed" (Distance Records Double-Album)

Jazzy and melodic house vibes underlayed with various styles of grooves. Not for peak hour play, but perfect for some chill-out or afterhours play. 

The Rurals "Headsongs" (Peng Records Double-Album

Out for a few weeks now, this double-album features eight songs all featuring the warm, mellow and deep sounds by The Rurals with that extra laidback and jazzy feeling that we know from the various 12" releases.


September 3, 2000

Mix the Vibe: Ron Trent "Urban Afro Blues" (NiteGrooves Records Double-Album)

This unmixed double-vinyl features some of the tracks Ron Trent used for the mixed CD. You can find unreleased mixes of "Wishin" by Kemeticjust, "Red Sun" by Kerri Chandler, "Passion" by Romatt Project, "Do you see what I see" by Mondo Groosso and "Wonderland" by Frankie Feliciano. Also included are "My Urban Soul" by Urban Soul, "Hard gets higher" by Kerri Chandler and "Time and time again" by Sublevel feat. Tracy Hamlin


August 13, 2000

Naked Music present "Bare Essentials Volume One" (Naked Music Records CD)

A restrospective compilation including mixes from the first eight 12" releases from Naked Music Records. Also included are unreleased mixes of "Breakin' it down" by Petalpusher, "Music & Wine" by Blue Six (my favorit release from Naked Music) and "Soulmate" by Summerland. A double album of it shouls be released soon.


July 16, 2000

Bossa Mundo... when Brazil meets the World (Wave Records Double-Album)

French label Yellow Records titled it "Bossa très... Jazz" while US label Wave Records title it "Bossa Mundo... when Brazil meets the World". There are new mixes by MKL vs. Soy Sos of "People from teh Sun and the Earth" by Calm and Anthony Nicholson of "Candomblé" by Utsumi. Also included is the US remix by FK & Eric Kupper of "Vai Minha Tristeza" by Tom & Joyce. Among the other nine tracks you can find the Masters at Work remix of "Plein Soleil" by Yasushi Ide and the At Jazz remix of "Searchin'" by Little Big Bee.

Kings of Tomorrow and Soul Vision "Going back to Blackwiz "(Deep Vision Records Double-Album)

In contrast to the recently released triple-album on Distance Records, this double-album is full of deep and stomping tracks.


July 9, 2000

More Bossa... (Remix Album)(Yellow Records CD/Double-Album)

The remix album to "Bossa très... Jazz" includes the Francois K. & Eric Kupper remix of "Vai Minha Triteza" by Tom & Joyce, the At Jazz remix of "Searchin'" by Little Big Bee, the Restless Soul remix of "Nacer do sol" by Kyoto Jazz Massive and other nice remixes to discover.

Masters at Work: The Tenth Anniversy Collection - Part One 1990 - 1995 (BBE Records Quadruple-CD/Quadruple Album)

Subtitled "The Definitive Remixes And Original Productions", this compilation shows why 'Little' Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales are considered to be amongst the most innovative and talented producers and remixers for over a decade now. The CD pack has 37 titles from the first five years of partnership (the vinyl pack has about half of them), including gems like "Love & Happiness" from River Ocean, "I can't get no sleep" by Masters at Work, "Voices in my mind" by Voices, "Carry on" by Martha Wash, "Ran Kan Kan" by Tito Puente, "Thrill me" by Simply Red, "Moonshine" by KenLou, "The Bomb" by The Bucketheads, "Souffles H" by Mondo Grosso, "Deep Inside" by Hardrive and much more. The booklet has lots of background information. Part two should be out soon. Check the BBE Records website for more information.

Larry Levan live at the Paradise Garage (Unmixed Vinyl Set)(Strut Records Triple-Album)

This is the unmixed vinyl set while the double-CD features a classic Larry Levan mix from 1979. "Bourgie Bourgie" by Ashford & Simpson, "At Midngiht" by T Connection, "Put your body in it" by Stephanie Mills, "Sun.. Sun.. Sun.." by Jakki, "Smack dab in the middle" by Janice McClain, "Right in the socket" by Shalamar and more can be found on this triple vinyl. 


July 2, 2000

Glenn Underground "Lounge Excursions" (Guidance Records Triple-Album)

Finally, Guidance Records make this stunning album available to the people. As with his latest 12" singles, Glenn Underground gives us laidback grooves in different styles of house music (jazzy, funky, disco-ish...). Simply top notch music to both listen and dance too.

May 14, 2000

Respect is Burning presents "A Night at the Play Mansion" selected gy Dimitri from Paris (Virgin Records Double-Album)

This double holds three classics in new edits by Dimitri from Paris: "Found a cure" by Ashford & Simpson, "Shangi-La" by La Pregunta and "Down to Love Town" by The Originals. Also included are two Dimitri from Paris remixes: "Talking all that Jazz" by Stetsasonic and "Motivation" by Atmosfear. Finally there are three tracks presenting todays disco grooves: "Star" by Mecca Headz, "Groove EP" by Astrojazz and "I'll be there 4 U" by Sunburst Band.


May 7, 2000

Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn "Selections" (Northcott Productions Records Triple-Album)

Matthias Heilbronn selected a dozen of his favorite recent tracks. Inlcuded are "Image of You" by Red Snapper, "Dreams are made" by Get Fucked, "You are love" by Lovetronic, "Panic of ant hill" by Street Vibes, "Wishing you were here" by Blaze, "Stomp your feet" by Mateo & Matos, "Questions" by Dino and Terry, "Quentintune" by D. Schito Street Vibes, "Soldar de Musique" by Sfere, "Casa Forte" by Snowboy featuring Lilian Chachian, "Mood Swing" by Boyd Jarvis and "The power" by Karizma. A great album to fit in your collection if you missed one of the records mentioned above.


April 30, 2000

Whitney "The Unreleased Mixes" (Arista Records 'Special Collector's Box Set' - 4 x 12")

The reason why I bought this is simply because I don't have the 'Jellybean & David Morales Classic Underground Mix' of "Love will save the day" (I was never able to find one of the 300 copies of this limited promo that was released in 1987). Also included is the 'Clivilles & Cole Classic Club Mix' of "I'm every woman", the 'Dronez Club Mix' of "I'm your baby tongit", the 'David Morales Emotional Club Mix' of "So Emotinal" and other unreleased mixes by Junior Vasquez, Hex Hector and Club 69.

Muschihaus Volume One (R.O.I. Records CD)

This is volume one of a brand new compilation series for house and disco music. DJ Helge 'TAFKAD' Hinrichs ('TAFKAD' stands for 'The Artist formerly known as Disco') presents a mixture of upfront house music and classics from the days back. From Fatback Band's "Spanish Hustle" and "1979 - It's dancin' time" by Revanche over David Bendeth's "Feel the Real" to "Very Important People" by Gus Gus, "If only shew knew" by Kevin Yost and E-Smoove featuring Ni'Che's "Lift your hands up" you get a total of 18 songs that are beautifully mixed together.

On the Muschihaus webpage you get the chance to listen to the featured songs and you can find background information about the project.

Germain "Tourist" (BlueNote Records Double-Album)

Ludovic Navarre aka St. Germain is back with a double-album containing nine tracks full of jazz flava. He is not simply going for house grooves, you can also find downtempo and old-school jazz tracks on the album.


April 23, 2000

Disco Spectrum 2 "Real Disco for Real People" (BBE Records Triple-Album)

Joey Negro once again compiled a beautiful collection of disco classics: "Standing in the rain" by Don Ray, "I want you for myself" by George Duke, "Music is my way of life" by Pattie Labelle, "Phoenix" by Aquarian Dream, "Don't let this rainbow pass me by" by Cloud One, "Let me love you" by Bunny Mack, "Do it any way you wanna" by Louis Ramirez, "Welcome to the Disco" by Air Power, "Spread Love" by Al Hudson, "Get another love" by Chantal Curtis, "I'll keep my light in my window" by NYCC, "Making Love" by Sammy Gordon & The Hip Huggers and "Let me be your fantasy" by Love Symphony Orchestra.


April 16, 2000

MAW Beats Vol. 4 (MAW Records Album)

We've just got "Volume 3" a few weeks ago, and "Volume 4" is already dropping. More cool beats to be added to your collection.

Femi Kuti "Shoki Remixed" (NuPhonic Records Double-Album)

Already released on Barclay Records France last October as triple-album, here is now the UK release. They included "Sorry Sorry"(Francois K. Old School Afro Dub), "Truth Don Die" (Kerri Chandler Lagos Dub), "Beng Beng Beng" (Ashley Beedle's Afrikans on Marz Remix), "Scatta Head" (Zenzile Dub Mix), "Blackman know yourself" (Chari Chari's Congo Dub), "What will tomorrow bring" (Joe Claussell Remix), "Beng Beng Beng" (Mateo & Matos Vocal Mix), "Victim of Life" (Dixon's AVDC Remix).


April 9, 2000

Joey Negro presents The Voyage: "Excursions into early House Music" (X:treme Records Double-Album)

A compilation of classic house music including "The Voyage" by Subculture, "Take some time out" by Arnold Jarvis, "Useless" by Kym Mazelle, "Let the music use you" by The Night Writers, "Alone" by Don Carlos, "Pleasure Control" by On The House, "What you need" by Soft House Company, "Holdin on" by Intense, "Love will find a way" by Stardust and "Never no more lonely" by Fingers Inc


April 2, 2000

Romanthony "R. hide in plain side" (Glasgow Underground Records Album)

Romanthony is back with more of his ultra-dark beats and grooves. For those who know and admire.


March 26, 2000

MAW Beats Vol. 3 (MAW Records Album)

As I said in 1998 to "MAW Beats Vol. 1 & 2": Not much words need to be lost on this one: beats by the unbeatable Masters at Work.

Byron Stingily "Club Stories" (Nervous Records Triple-Album)

"The Purist", the first album by Byron Stingily, included many tracks that appealed to the underground people, but his new album "Club Stories" is more orientated to the mainstream with productions by Danny Tenaglia, Basement Boys, Peter Rauhofer, D'Influence, Andrew 'Doc' Livingstone, Byron Stingily & Mark Grant and Rhythm Masters. I suggest you check it out before you buy this expensive triple-album.

Brother of the Underground present "Collective Grooves 3" (SOM Underground Records Double-Album)

Not everything included here is outstanding, so let me give you the highlights: "Nu born Love" by Cassioware is a soulful and mellow garage song, "French Riveria" by Todd Gardner is a bumpy track with a jazzy piano, "Come on (Propper Ghettoism)" by DJ Dove is sampling a disco-classic (I lost my brain and can't remember the name of it), "Sin Martillo" by Brothers Vibe is a simple percussion track.


March 19, 2000

It's a DJ Thing Volume 10 (Defender Records Double-Album)

Some interesting stuff to be found here. DJ Spen & Josane remix "Love and Tears" by Aquarian Dream, Miguel Migs remixes "Keep it steady" by Da Cuban Heelz, Jersey Street remix "I know a Place" by Jamz Nylon featuring Mooney, and some tracks are here too.


February 20, 2000

SAM Records Extended Play "Disco Classics" (Nervous Records Double-Album)

A compilation of a classic label. You get "Let's love dance tonight" and "Keep on dancin'" by Gary's Gang, "I can't stop" and "Ain't that enough for you" by John Davis & the Monster Orchestra, "This beat is mine" by Vicky D, "You don't like my music" by KID, "Just how sweet is your love" by Rhyze, "Don't let go of me" by Mike & Brenda Sutton and "Let's do it" by Convertion.

Incognito "Future Remixed" (Talkin' Loud Records Quadruple-Album)

An expensive vinyl package, but it is worth the money since it includes some unreleased remixes. Blaze deliever a stunning mix of "Fearless" where they keep the jazzy vibe alive and add a stunning groove, Carl Craig's already  classic laidback remix of "Out of the storm" is here alongside a Jazzanova remix of "Get into my groove", a Ski remix of "I can see the future", the Masters at Work remix of "Nights over Egypt", the Tom Middleton remix of "It ain't easy", United Future Organization remixed "Port Louis", and some other remixes as well.


February 13, 2000

Sessions Vol. 1 (Afterhours Records Double-Album)

A compilation showcasing the recent hits of this label: "When I'm with you (Trumpet Mix)" by Légo, "The Reason we took it Underground" by Studio Nova, "Natural Phreak" by Rick Garcia, "Groove on" by Johnny Fiasco feat. D'Luxe,  "Disco" by DJ Funk. Also included are unreleased tracks and mixes: "It is well (Ministers of Sound Mix)" by Testament, "Stronger (DJ Spen and Karizma's Deepah Dub)" by Ron Carroll and "Hold on" by Bocasonic.


February 6, 2000

The Joey Negro Compilation "Can't get high without you" (Azuli Records Triple-Album)

A compilation of classic Joey Negro productions and remixes including "Garden of Love" by Sunburst Band, "Got to get your own" by Doug Willis, "Get another love" by Dino & Terry present Karla Brown, "Think positive" and "You can't run from my love" by Mistura, "When you touch me" by Big Bang Theory and more. Also included is the soon to be released single "Can't get high without you". A limited amount of the albums does include a bonus 12" with Joey Negros remix of "Love Hangover" by Diana Ross which was previously unavailable.


January 9, 2000

Hi:Fidelity Lounge Volume One: Subterranean Soundtracks (Guidance Records Triple-Album)

Another outstanding compilation from one of the most innovative labels of the past year. "Bye Bye Blues" by Bang Bang, "Soulpower (Jazzanova Rework)" by Maschmellows, "Wind & Sea" by At Jazz, "Solid Water (Rainer Trueby Trio Remix)" by Extended Spirit, "Paul's Pal" by Paul Hunter, "Seasons" by Bobby Hughes and more to be discovered.

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