The Pick of the Week reviews for 2000.

December 24, 2000

Photek featuring Robert Owens "Mine to give" (Science Records 2x12" Promo)

What a record to close the year down!! Finally we've got Robert Owens' back, and what a return this is. A stunning track produced by Photek with a tech edge that gets superbly remixed by none other than David Morales bringing us two mixes: the 'World Mix' taking the original and adding some extra grooves while the 'Happy Mix' takes it to a different level with a driving house beat and nice keyboards. Finally, there is a Satoshi Tomiie remix that is on a more progressive tip. Sure to be big when it gets the retail release in early 2001.


December 17, 2000

Richard Worth "Rise" (Giant Step Records 12")
Seek "Surrender / Ever after" (Giant Step Records 12")

"Rise" by Richard Worth is produced by Ron Trent, who has become a regular producer and remixer for Giant Step (not to forget that he plays regularly at the Giant Step parties in New York). It is a slamming instrumental track with a killer flute and deep bass, and the usual classy percussion and drums by Ron Trent himself.

Seek is a group out of Atlanta presenting two outstanding productions. Both songs are on a laidback tip with a smooth house groove. KemeticJust give it a deep bubbling edge working the jazzy elements to the maximum. "Surrender" gets remixed by Ron Trent who does a marvellous job by creating another one of his percussive journeys. 


December 10, 2000

Kevin Yost "Conquistadors"( i! Records 12")

Kevin Yost is one of those producers that is very innovative when it comes to combine jazzy sounds with house music. On this record here, he creates an irresistible groove on the 'Main Sail Mix' that will catch you the first time you'll hear it. On the 'Forward Mast Mix', he goes for a nicely floating groove on a laidback tip. 


December 3, 2000

Baltimore House-Ing Authority Vol. II (POJI Records 12" Test Pressing)

A slamming four track EP, kicking off with "I don't know" by Soul Providers, a simple track with really catchy keys. It is followed by "Sax drive" by Charles Dockins, a sax-driven track with a driving groove. The flip has "Oji Disco" by DJ Oji which uses repeated vocals over a simple but irresistible groove. Finally, there is "Deep Soul Sistah" by Brothers in Struggle, a really deep groove on a minimalistic tip. Overall, an outstanding EP with four killer tracks.


November 26, 2000

St. Germain "Rose Rogue Revisited" (EMI Records 12")

Blaze with a classy remix taking Ludovic Navarre's original into new grounds by giving it a driving groove with wicked keys on top. There is also a remix by Erik Truffaz Quartett who give it a serious jazz treatment. To make this an essential purchase, the original is also included.


November 19, 2000

Satoshi Tomiie "Mini Lick" (IncRedible Records 2x12")

His album "Full lick" will finally get released in the UK in a couple of weeks. This 2x12" is a four track sampler including the last 12" release "Inspired" and a slamming remix of "Come to me" by Pete Heller which has an infectious groove, both featuring Diane Charlemagne on vocals. Also included are the harder tracks "Sneaky one" and "Up in flames".


November 12, 2000

Blaze Productions present James Toney Jr. Project "Elevation" (LifeLine Records 12" Test Pressing)

Taken from the forthcoming album "Natural Blaze" coming on LifeLine Records soon, this is a simply outstanding piece of music. Blaze present a journey into soulful vibes with beautiful instrumentation and stunning vocals that are arranged in a way that will simply blow you away. 

It will get released on Shelter Records in December.

Jeymes Samuel "When it rains" (Restless Soul Mixes)(Giant Step Records 12" Promo)

Phil Asher did an incredible job here!! He took the original version that is reminiscent of Terry Callier and Jon Lucien and and created a totally new track with a fine array of musicians. Once you hear it, the groove will catch you immediately.


November 5, 2000

BeBe Winans "Brand new dance" (Motown Records 12" Promo)

This is on the b-side of his new promo "Coming back home" (which is far to commerical). "Brand new dance" is produced by 'Little' Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales. The one version included here is all about the music with it's soulful vibe and it is full of live instrumentation. Let's hope there will be more mixes coming soon.


October 31, 2000

Anastacia "Not that kind" (Giant Step Records 2x12" White Label)

One of the really hard to get records this year at the Winter Music Conference in Miami (not even 50 copies have been given away) is now finally available on 2x12". Kerri Chandler delievers two stomping vocal mixes, one of them using a cool organ ride, the other one using a nice keyboard. Maurice Joshua brings us a vocal mix on a more laidback tip with a guitar on top of it while his dub strips it down to a drviving groove. The 'JS Ecstasy Mix' is another vocal version with nice beats and a stomping groove. The 'Lt's not that Dub' is the deepest version of the package with a deep an irresistible groove.

This double 12" should be available in very limited quantaties in the stores in a couple of weeks, so keep your eyes open.


October 22, 2000

Monday Michiru "Mysteries of life / Chasing after the sun" (Joe Claussell Remix)(Polydor Records 12")

This is another one of those expensive and rare japanese 12". "Mysteries of life" is on a more jazzy tip than other Joe Claussell remixes while "Chasing after the sun" is on a downtempo tip.


October 15, 2000

Ronny Jordan "London Lowdown" (Joe Claussell Remix)(Island Records 12" Promo)

This is the kind of record that should be around more often. Full of spirit and musical poetry, with featured guests Jay Collins on sax and flute, Brian Mitchell on keys, Andy Gonzalez on bass, Boyd Jarvis on keyboard effects and Dafnis Prieto on drums and percussion, it is Joe 'Joaquin' Claussell once again serving us with a result that simply will blow you away when you hear it.


October 8, 2000

Frankie Feliciano presents Realthing "Wonderland" (NiteGrooves Records 12" Promo)

Frankie Feliciano is back with this very latin influenced and soulful groover which uses a guitar played by John Kevin Jones and keys by Albert 'Sterling' Menendez. Not much words needed to describe it: simply wonderful and timeless music.


October 1, 2000

"Summer 2000 Sampler" (Defected Records 3x12" Test Pressing)

After many weeks of searching, I finally found a copy (and believe me, it wasn't easy at all). This is a perfect showcast for the upcoming releases for Defected Records. The standout here are Satoshie Tomiie remixes of Loleatta Holloway's "Dreamin'", a record we've all been waiting for many month now. A truly fantastic update of the classic original, coming in both vocal and dub versions. A full doulbe-promo which will also include mixes by Jazz'N'Groove should be around soon. BMR take the Astrotrax classic "The Energy" and turn it into a club stomper that comes in vocal, dub and two acapella versions. Olav Basoski delievers a pitched and pumped up version of the First Choice classic "The player" which works great when played at minus three or four percent. "Love is what you need - look ahead" by King Unique comes in a very cool remix by Knee Deep which is on a classic tip with a slice of disco-funk.

Also included are "Sunday shoutin'" by Johnny Corporate (already out on promo) and the Nerios Dubworks remix of "Timba" by Awa Band (released on Edel Records 12" just this week).


September 24, 2000

Yolanda Adams "Open my heart" (Steve 'Silk' Hurley Mixes)(Elektra Records 12" Promo)

This one is around for a few weeks already, but  not easy to find (and therefor it got already bootlegged). Here, Steve 'Silk' Hurley creates a soulful and laidback vibe that is based around Yolanda Adam's vocals. Also included are club-friendly dub mixes.


September 17, 2000

Yukihiro Fukutomi "New Directions" (KingStreet Records 12" Promo)

Lots of talent involved here on this three track EP which features vocals by Zhana Saunders and Carl Hancock Rux. "Brazilia" features Zhana Saunders on vocals and uses live percussion, guitar riffs, a deep grooving bass and a rhythmic piano, mixed by Dimitri from Paris. "I am" is full of live instrumentation with a deep bass and break beat percussion with Carl Hancock Rux's vcoals on top."Complete communion" is a jazzy and afrocentric track.


September 10, 2000

Los Amigos Invisibles "Amor" (Pete Heller Remixes)(Giant Step Records 12")

Only around in 3'000 copies worldwide, these Pete Heller remixes are on a jazzy samba house tip with wicked percussion. The perfect sound for the summer that - unfortunately - is already over. So let those warm and groovy vibes bring you over the coming winter.


September 3, 2000

Kimara Lovelace "Misery" (KingStreet Records 12" Promo)

Uplifting and soulful mixes by Lil Louis that are already hot with the creme de la creme of DJs. On the flip, Jason Jinx are more upbeat and have a harder beat. A second 12" with more mixes will follow.


August 27, 2000

Mijan "Alright" (95 North Salsoul Remix)(Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Promo)

Already a Pick of the Week nearly a year ago and back then only available for a few lucky ones on white label, it is now set for a full release soon. It took Slip'N'Slide Records a while to clear the sample of Double Exposure's "My love is free" with Salsoul Records, but they made it and just pressed some new one-sided promos. The final release will also include the '95 North Gospel Dub'.


August 20, 2000

Larry Rauson "Various" (CD-R Promos)

Larry Rauson - a totally underrated producer in my opinion - sent me two CD's with hot new productions. To start off there are two Zanzibar classics from back in the days "Don't tell me" and Keep on believin'" by Jenifer Mickey. The second one (first released in 1991 on "DJ's on Vinyl Vol. 2" on New Generation Records 12") comes in a brand new deep grooving remix with a really jazzy saxophone.

"Track 27" and "Peace of Kotto" are both licensed by YellOrange Records for a future 12" release. "Track 27" is a deep and simple track bringing back memories of those deep tracks Tony Humphries used to play in the early 90's. "Peace of Kotto" fits into the same category with it's deep groove and uses some jazzy keys over it. There is also "One night I felt like singing", a track I don't know wether it is old or new. This is an example how a deep track should be done to keep it simple but soulful and jazzy.

"Africa" by Evan Adamafio is a brilliant peace of afro music that can stand up on its own. Larry Rauson delievers a remix that simply blows me away. Deep and soulful garage with a jazzy edge and an irresistible feeling. Finally there is "We need each other" by Alexis Suter. He has an unmistakable voice that stands out of the vast of vocalists and harmonizes perfectly with the deep bubbling groove.

Toni Braxton "Spanish guitar" (Mousse T. Mixes)(Arista Records 2x12" Promo)

Hyped a lot since the information about these remixes became public, and now that I have the result in my hands I only can say: go and hunt for a copy like I did (don't tell me what I did to get it, I won't tell you)! Mousse T. giving us a nice selection of mixes inlcuding two dubs that take it to the latin grounds of house music. On the deep vocal and instrumental he goes for a kicking groove on an underground tip which - of course - features the guitar.


August 13, 2000

Sharon Phillips "Touch me" (Brickhouse Records CD-R Promo)

Sharon Phillips is from Tobago where she already won numerous awards. She now signed to Brickhouse Records, and this is the first release of many to come. The double 12" will include a selection of very cool floorshaking mixes by Wackside, Kenny Blake, Supersmack and Franky Patina. There are also two 2-step mixes by Crystal Cru, one of them on a melodic tip with jazzy elements that I really like.


August 6, 2000

Tiefschwarz "Water" (Benztown Records 12" Test Pressing)

A one-sided taster of the forthcoming Tiefschwarz 12". Just the instrumental version here, but it already shows that this one will be huge when it will get released complete with a vocal version. A very strong productions with a killer groove.

Mezzoforte feat. Juliet Edwards "Gardenparty" (Peppermint Jam/Clubtools Records 12")

A classic from 1983, back for more with stunning new mixes by Can 7 and Sounds of Life released just at the right time to make us forget the rainy weather in Europe. A latin house cut that stands out of the many releases of this style that are currently around.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Did anyone say, summer sucked this year? Did you think there was too much rain and not enough light and uplifting vibes around? Did you forget to check out the Can7 and Sound Of Life remixes of "Gardenparty"? If you don't have this release, then you are lost. No jazzy, latin style influenced house-collection is complete without the "S.O.L Brazil mix" The bomb and around as white label for quite a while now. Buy or be sad!


July 30, 2000

Kenny Dope presents "The Illout / TheBig Hit" (DopeWax Records 12")

Kenny Dope relaunches DopeWax Records with this release. "The Big Hit" is a discofied house stomper that is simply irresistible. "The Illout" is an old-school funky track with the trademark beats by Kenny Dope.


July 23, 2000

Olav Basoski "Opium Scumbgaz" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

Hard houser Olav Basoski giving us a heavily pumping percussive latino house track on the original while there is also a laidback dub and a cool beats version. The Cleptomaniacs give a funky edge with some filter effects.


July 16, 2000

Antonio "Raices Roots - Musica del Corazon" (Tribal Winds Records Double-Album)

By now, you should know Antonio by his 12" releases on Tribal Winds Records. Words simply can't describe the beauty in this music. You can feel the spirit and magic that this music spreads everytime you listen to it. Let the smooth, laidback and percussive grooves take you away to dreamland...


July 9, 2000

Ann Nesby "Love is all we need" (Wackside Remix)(CD-R Promo)

As you can find out on the Wackside interview, Ann Nesby's label doesn't want these mixes to be released for some reason, what is a great shame since these mixes really pump on the dancefloor, especially the dub. Definitely the best remixes, much better than the mixes by KCC and DJ Sneak that were released in the US on Perspective Records.


July 2, 2000

Afro Medusa "Pasilda" (Knee Deep Remixes)(Urban/Universal Records 12")

Knee Deep turn this latin influenced song into a club stomper on their remixes. The original Problem Kids is included as well. An oustanding package!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Knee Deep in the HOUSE! The Bomb, BOmb, BOOOOMB!!! Brian Tappert, Karotte, Wackside, Michi Lange, Boris Dlugosch, Mousse T, Deep T....and last but not least Knee Deep themselves ROCKed every club here in Germany with this wicked and FLAWLESS song within the last few months. This IS surely one of those bombs from the WMC that everyone was waiting for! There are four mixes on this vinyl, but the best is still the Knee Deep club mix with it's dramatic changes and slowly build up tension. This IS sex on the dancefloor. Incredible!


June 25, 2000

Kings of Tomorrow "It's in the Lifestyle" (Distance Records Triple-Album)

An outstanding album off 13 songs and tracks, produced by the Kings of Tomorrow. The album includes many soulful vocal productions, and lots of slamming tracks, some on a funky disco-ish tip, others on the jazzy tip 


June 18, 2000

ThE 2 Of MaNy "Pas Or'dinaire" (CD-R Promo)

A very hot promo CD-R coming from Switzeralnd, produced by t\t\o\m - Mark Stone, Fabio Tamborrini and Amadeus Paulussen. It is a jazzy track with a deep live bass and a very cool and laidback guitar. Soulful vibes for a long and hot summer night.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Todd Gardner featuring Anthony Goode & Nadine "Do you know House?" (Dance Tracks Records 12")

You got to check out the message in the lyrics that is brought to you by Anthony Goode & Nadine on this Todd Gardner production. This house track will catch you the first time you hear it with the positive vibes it spreads.

Too bad there is no acappella included that could be played to all those people that don't understand the true meaning of House Music.


June 11, 2000

Jody Watley featuring Roy Ayers "I love to love" (MAW Records 12")

Jody Watley is back with this production by the Masters at Work with Roy Ayers on vibes, keyboards and organ by Josh Milan. Also included are guitar, trambone, trumpet and saxophone. To keep it short: soulful and timeless house music that shouldn't be missed.


June 4, 2000

With a lil' Help from my Friends Volume 1 (Tribal Winds Records 12")

Two fantastic tracks are featured on this 12": "Mamoska" by Vinnie Colaiuta which features Herbie Hancock - a jazz combo delievering a percussive track with a housy groove. The other side has "Pa'que Gozen" which is another one of those spiritual and percussive musical journeys by Antonio Ocasio.


May 28, 2000

Awa Band "Timba" (Defected Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Tiefschwarz, Dimitri & Tom and Full Intention are behind the mixes on this absolutely hot record. Tiefschwarz give it a jazzy feeling over a groovy house beat.  Dimitri & Tom deliever a laidback groove while Full Intention add a pumped up groove.

Shinichi Osawa presents "Sakurahills Disco 3000" (Sony Records Japan Triple-Album)

What a compilation Shinichi Osawa presents. Lots of exclusive japanese titles can be found here, covering various adaptions of the classic disco sounds. Highlights are "Real thing" by SHD 3000 featuring Monday Michiru, "Always in Heaven when I'm with you" by DJ Spinna featuring Christian Urich, an exclusive mix of "Inspired" by Satoshi Tomiie featuring Diane Charlemagne, "Petitions" by Fantastic Plastic Machine, a Jazztronik remix of "Game" by Bird, "Substream" by Kyoto Jazz Massive. As with all japanese vinyl, this is an expensive purchase.


May 21, 2000

Rain (A Lil Louis Painting) "Give it up" (KingStreet Records 12" Promo)

Of what I heard the original dates back to 1995 and comes here with mixes by the Masters at Work with live instrumentation and a deep grooving bass. Albert Cabrera goes for a heavily pumping bassline topped with a delicious organ ride.

Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler presents "Trionisphere 3" (KingStreet Records 2x12")

Outstanding double-pack with four new productions coming from Kerri Chandler, all with the deep and groovy feeling you can find on his records. "Lovin you" features male vocals and a jazzy sax while. Both "Red sun" where he teems up with DJ Deep and Anthony Falagan and "You are my life" which is written and performed by Anthony Falagan are deep and laidback garage numbers. Finally there is "Grass cutter", a percussive drum track.


May 14, 2000

Next Evidence "Climats EP" (Basic Records 12")

"Spirit of the Night" is deep and soulful track with male vocals over a laidback and percussive groove on the vocal, the dub using a bumpier beat. The other side holds "Blowin'", a jazz-house track with lots of percussion.


May 7, 2000

Sunkids featuring Chance "Rise up" (YellOrange Records 2x12")

The long awaited follow-up to "Rescue me" is finally here. Four mixes are on this double-pack with the Basement Boys providing both a vocal and instrumental mix that are piano loaded, there is a latin-esque Cricco Castelli mix and the reworked Deep Swing version on a gospel-ish tip.

Kenny Bobien "Blessed (A Gospel Dance Theory)" (SoundMen on Wax Records Quadruple-Album)

The sub-title "A Gospel Dance Theory" describes this package perfectly: Kenny's soulful and gospel vocals are layed over songs produced by Big Moses, Kerri 'Kaoz' Chandler, Jovonn, B.O.P., Backroom Productions, the Basement Boys and Kenny himself that are full of that positive spirit that will make you happy. Beside new material, the singles "Blessed", "Let me show you" and "I can't give you anyhting" are included, and everything is coming in extended version on this heavy quadruple vinyl package.


April 30, 2000

Legacy featuring Mikkhiel "All" (Metaphor Records 12")

Anthony Nicholson is back with another one of his unbeatable deep and laidback grooves, this time featuring Mikkhiel on vocals who gives it a wonderful soulful feeling.


April 23, 2000

'Little' Louie Vega featuring Blaze "Elements of Life" (MAW Records 12" Promo)

Just go through the names involved in this project: 'Little' Louie Vega, Blaze (Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan), Alexander Hope on vocals, Cindy Mazelle on background vocals, Luis Quintero on percussion, Gene Perez on bass, Mike Ciro on guitar, Albert Menendez on keyboards. Lots of latin influences to be found here, especially on the 'Latin Jazz Dub', but don't forget the beautiful 'Dance Ritual Mix' with the full vocals over a percussive and jazzy groove.  

MAW All-Star Sampler (MAW Records Double-Album Promo)

This should have been released some time ago, but maybe the Masters at Work decided to wait until they can celebrate 10 years of being in the business. "Magica ILusion" by KenLou kicks the package off in a latin style with a wicked guitar, followed by Albert Cabrera's "In pursuit of the pimp mobile" on a jazzy old-school groove tip with a cool trumpet. Next is "A place in the sun" by Frankie Feliciano, a mellow and jazzy house track. "That's Happiness" by The Backroom Project is a female vocal houser with a classic string arrangement, followed by "C-Room" by Benji Candelario, a percussive track. "Loft in Paradise" by Danny Tenaglia has a live piano by Peter Daou over a hypnotic house beat. "Like Morning" by Johhny 'D' & Nicky 'P' finishes the package off with a bubbling house groove with a disco-ish feeling.


April 16, 2000

DJ Dove featuring Angela Johnson "Illusions" (ClubTools Records 12" Test Pressing)

Given away in Miami to the worlds most famous DJ's and mailed to a few lucky ones, this tune was first out in 1994 and gets now a new release with a full vocal added by Angela Johnson. DJ Dove's mix is on a soulful old-school tip while Jazzy M. pumps it up by keeping the souful feeling alive. Astrotrax give it a groovy feeling with a nice bassline.

A:xus featrung Naomi "You make me feel (Peace & Love & Happiness)" (Guidance Records 2x12")

Joey Negro delievers a wicked remix with a real old-school feeling and the keys from the Colonel Abrams classic "Music is the answer". Mazi goes for solid house mixes with a wicked guitar while Harley & Muscle give it a deep and mellow feeling. The original version is also included here and is on a laidback tip with a funky edge. 


April 9, 2000

George Benson "The Ghetto / El Barrio" (featuring Joe Sample)(Verve Records 12")

The Masters at Work and Tommy LiPuma team up for a wonderful and timeless production. An unbelievable remake of the classic "The Ghetto" - you won't get that melody getting out of your head for a long time.


April 2, 2000

Amel Larrieux "Get up" (The Remixes)(Sony/Giant Step Records 2x12" Promo)

The Jephte Guillaume mixes I reviewed in late december '99 from dubplate are now coupled with brand new mixes by Ron Trent who uses lots of musicians to create another classic in the making. Not to be missed...


March 26, 2000

Lisa Fisher "Woman" (Masters at Work Mix)(Bootlegg 12")

Since WEA Records hasn't been releasing it commercially so far, someone made a bootlegg of the album version (I guess thats what it is). 'Little' Louie Vega & Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales deliever a smooth and soulful version with a classic disco-arrangement. Hopefully there will be a full release of it soon.


March 19, 2000

David Morales "Higher" (Azuli Records One-Sided 10" Test Pressing)

Exactly two years after David Morales presented "Needin' you" (at the Winter Music Conference in Miami in 1998) he comes up with the follow up that will be out on Azuli Records who will present this at this years Winter Music Conference

Already a DJ veteran (hope you don't mind me saying this, David) he knows exactly what makes the people jump on the dancefloor, and this funky track with a slamming beat proves this once more.


March 12, 2000

GTS featuring Loleatta Holloway "Share my Joy" (ArtImage Records 12")

Since it was first played by the world's top DJs, this one was getting attention by almost everyone that heard it. The stunning vocals by Loleatta Holloway coupled with strong mixes by Bobby D'Ambrosio and Benji Candelario are set to make this a huge hit. Bobby goes for an uplifting and stomping groove on his mixes with the unbeatable DEF-mix piano-sound while Benji uses the hook of "Cuba" (the Gibson Brothers classic) to create a laidback groove.


March 5, 2000

Mary J. Blige "Give me you" (Universal/MCA Records 2x12" Promo)

More house mixes coming for Miss Blige, this time from Boris Dlugosch and Royal Garden. Boris Dlugosch goes for a bumping groove with a funky edge while Royal Garden turn it into a stylish disco-ish groove.


February 27, 2000

Joe Claussell & Chuck Perkins "Jazz Funeral" (Guidance Records 12" Promo)

Something special with Joe Claussell and Boyd Jarvis on the production. Spoken words over a very percussive groove with a wicked sax and moody keys on top, continuing the Spiritual Life vibe.


February 20, 2000

Mateo & Matos "Celebrate Life" (Large Records 12")

What a way to celebrate the 50th release on Large Records. "Celebrate Life" featues Sam Lopez on vocals over a groove that won't go out of your head for some time with nice disco-ish keys, and the trademark Mateo & Matos groove. The flipside has "Higher (take U)" and "Movin' on" which stays in the tradition of slamming Mateo & Matos grooves. 


February 13, 2000

Afro Celt Sound System "Release" (Masters at Work Remixes)(Realworld/Virgin Records 2x12" Promo)

This has to be one of the hottest records in recent months. A total of seven mixes are featured on this double-promo: four on the house tip, three on the NuYorican Soul tip. The house mixes are on a jazzy tip with nice keyboards and a fierce groove which comes to full effect on the dub mixes. The NuYorican mixes take it to another level with a great beat.


February 6, 2000

Soulsearcher "Do it" (Defected Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

I got this ultra limited double test-pressing from a very good friend last week (you know who you are). Unfortunately, I don't have a track listing so I don't know who did the remixes. But as its predecessors, this has got a catchy groove with a cool guitar, and female vocals. Some cool dubs that work the guitar to full effect are included as well as some heavily pumped up versions.

Ministers De-La Funk featuring Jocelyn Brown "Believe" (Remixes)(Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

The main attraction on this double-promo are the DJ Spen & Karizma mixes which turn this into an uplifting gospel-ish stomper with an irresistible funky and percussive groove and a killer piano on top of it. The Ministers De-La Funk original version and a new edit of it are inlcuded as well as a filtered and pumped up dub by Richard F.

January 30, 2000

Jasper Street Company "Till I found U" (Basement Boys Records 12")

DJ Spen and Teddy Douglas produced this masterpiece of house music in the Basement Boys tradition with kicking horns, a deep bass, a guitar and guest keyboards by 'Little' Louie Vega. The vocal version starts off with the instrumental part before the vocals come in. The flip has a beautiful hornstrumental and an acapella. Miss this at your own risk.

Mary J. Blige "Deep Inside" (Timmy Reggisford Mixes)(Bootlegg)

It is a shame that many Timmy Reggisford remixes of r&b records don't get released. But gladly someone was able to put out this bootlegg. A simple but effective groove with a jazzy sax topped by Mary's outstanding vocals make this a winner.


January 23, 2000

Kevin O's Unreleased Mixes "Back to Zanzibar" (Groove-N-Stuff Recordings 12")

This is out for a few weks now, and it shouldn't be missed by any serious garage head out there. This EP includes unreleased mixes by Kevin O of "Sneakin' in & out" by Caroline, "Higher" by Dana Byrd, "Stay with me" by Vanessa McMillian and "More than anything" by Darryl D'Bonneau.


January 16, 2000

Everything But the Girl "Temperamental" (DJ Spen & Karizma Remixes)(Atlantic Records 2x12" Promo)
Everything But the Girl "Temperamental" (Wamdue Project & Ananda Project Remixes)(Atlantic Records 12" Promo)

The double-promo has four mixes by DJ Spen & Karizma where they show us once again their capability of creating a club stomper with a funky touch. The single promo has an ultra deep version by Wamdue Project which is nearly 15 minutes long and a more percussive mix by Ananda Project which is led by an accoustic guitar.


January 9, 2000

Monday Michiru "Higher" (Joe Claussell Remixes)(Polydor Japan Records 12")

Another expensive 12" that I added to my collection, and you should do the same. Joe Claussell is bringing you a 14 minute plus 'Spiritual Life Vocal' version that has a real spiritual feeling, a killer violin and it gets a percussive break in the middle to die for.

Barbara Tucker "Stopy playing with my mind" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12" Test Pressing)

Jason "Whiplash" Hernandez and Freddy Turner produced this monster track that many DJs are looking for at the moment. On the main vocal version that has a pumping and energetic groove and filtering effects, Darryl D'Bonneau is also featured on vocals. On the vocal dub version, it is only Barbara singing over a deep bubbling groove .

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