The Reviews for 2000.

December 24, 2000

Martello Bros. "Remember" (T.O.I. Records 12" Test Pressing)

A quality record coming from my country (Switzerland, of course), produced by Pietro Becci & Mirco Esposito and remixed by Steve 'Pokerflat' Bug. A simple but very effective groover with female vocals.

Milk & Sugar "Higher & Higher" (Parts 1, 2 and 3)(Milk & Sugar Records 3x12")

A very hot record coming from Germany that has been around for some time now, spread over three 12". Best of the pack are the Bini & Martini mixes that use a deep bubbling bass and cool guitar, and the David Morales remix 

Toni Braxton "Spanish guitar" (Joe Claussell Remix)(LaFace Records 12" Promo)

The main vocal version is a bit to poppy and commercial, so it is up to the dub where Joe Claussell & Jephte Guillaume are us kinda surprise since it is not the usual spiritual thing - check it out for yourself!

DJ Camacho featuring Claybone "Keep your head above water" (Wake Up Records 12")

Soulful vocals by Claybone over a laidback groove with jazzy keys and guitar, produced by DJ Camacho.

Boo Williams "Jaz Mandrake / Windmill" (Ovum Records 12"  Promo)

Two irresistible tracks with a jazzy edge, brought to you by Boo Williams on one of this years most constant labels.

Bang The Drums III (Jersey Underground Records 12")

You know what this series is all about: quality grooves with fantastic drum programming. This is chapter three, and it sounds still fresh and is a good DJ tool.

Deidra Jones "Alive" (Part 1)(Benztown Records 12")

Did you know that she has been a background singer for Randy Crawford, Michael Jackson and the Weather Girls? I already reviewed this from a limited promo at the end of August, and here is now Part 1 of the retail package with new hot and stunning mixes covering both the commercial and the soulful areas of house music. 

East West Connection presents "Once I've been there" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

The labels philosophy "soulful music for funky people" lives on and here we get a song on a soulful house tip full of live instrumentation and featuring male vocals. There is an outstanding selection of mixes included on this 12" - check it out.

Andreas Bender "Cabassanova" (i! Records 12")

The title track is a cover of the Coffee classic "Casanova" giving it a soulful and jazzy feeling with a bumpy house beat. The flip holds two tracks, both on the jazzy tip too.

Aquanote "Only" (Naked Music Records 12")

Since its start in 1998, this label has grown and has got a reputation that not many labels have. It simply stands for quality, and they've found their own combination of house music with funky, jazzy and soulful vibes, covering various styles on each and every release. The saga continues...

Update featuring Phillip Ramirez "Ride that dream" (Animus Records 12")

Soulful house music with a touch of philly and disco featuring the joyful vocals by Phillip Ramirez, mixed by Bobby & Steve.

Johnny 'D' & Nicky P. get loose at "The Brooklyn Zoo" (4th Floor Records 12")

"Wild Kingdom" will remember you of the Miles Davis classic "The Doo-Bop Song" which is superbly arranged over a smooth house groove with a kicking beat, with a beats version featured too. "Outright animals" is a simple, driving track.

The Wikkamen Project featuring Jenny B. "Down on it" (SoundMen on Wax Records 2x12")

The original vocal and instrumental versions on disc one have an old-school jazz-funky disco feeling to it while the two instrumental takes on disc two add fierce house grooves under the jazzy instrumentation.


December 17, 2000

The Rurals "Farmyard Flavours :Part 1:" (Viva Records 12")

Unbelievable!! Another EP with three smooth and soulful groovers on a laidback tip, and it sounds as fresh as their first release.

Shaboom "Totally" (David Morales Remix)(Atlantic Records 2x12")

I don't remember when I heard first this remix, but it has to be more than six month ago. This is the best mix of the ones available on this double 12" (the others are by Mark Bell and Doc Martin), and there are also some other tracks included: "Sweet Sensation", "I'll never let you down" and "Never felt this this way before".

Russell "Last dance" (Basement Boys Records 12")

The long awaited new Russell 12" is finally here. It has a driving groove with lots of peruccsion and a guitar, topped by Russell's stunning vocals. There is a cool 'Santana Mix' on the flip working the guitar to the max.

Britney Spears "Stronger" (Miguel Migs Mixes)(Jive Records 12")

Surprise, surprise: Miguel Migs doing a remix for Britney. He creates a bumpy groove topped with a smooth guitar and cool keys on laidback tip. The mixes are a bit slow so I had to pitch it up for my mix.

Eternal Sun featuring Nedelka "Growing up" (Wave Records 12" Promo)

DJ Romain & Matt 'Keyz' Echols bring us a nice vocal house track with a stomping groove featuring Nedelka on vocals and a jazzy trumpet. 

Boyd Jarvis "Atmos-Fear" (Wave Records 12" Promo)

This is a track with a driving and bumpy beat and wicked keyboards. The dub is on a darker edge.

Cleptomaniacs featuring Bryan Chambers "All I do" (Defected Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Resung by Bryan Chambers for the commercial release after the demo version with Stevie Wonder's vocals was widely available on bootlegg. Beside the 'Original Mix' the Cleptomaniacs add a slice of disco on their other mixes. Jason Jinx goes for a stripped down, bumpy groove while Bini &  Martini give it a funky edge.

Chevallier "Crack city" (T.O.I. Records 12" Test Pressing)

A track with a really catchy hook over a kicking beat that won't get out off your head for some time.


December 10, 2000

Astrotrax "The Energy" (Part 1)(Defected/Edel Records 12")
Astrotrax "The Energy" (Part 2)(Defected/Edel Records 12")

Already massive from the "Summer 2000 Sampler" in the BMR mixes by Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange that are also featured here, you also get the original Astrotrax mixes, bubbling mixes by King Unique, a 2-step version by Stanton Warriors and best of the pack the stomping mixes by Jose Nunez.

Naked Soul featuring Glenn Underground on Piano "Voices of Itur" (L'amour Records 12")

Thise one hasa laidback groove with a jazzy piano by Glenn Underground and some vocal chants over the groove.

Scott Grooves featuring Chris Codish "Organ Nights Part 1 + 2" (Spiritual Life Records 12")

Finally out after being on promo for a more than a year. In addition to part 1 there is also part 2 on this 12". This record has the best hammond organ solo heard in the last couple of years.

Mateo & Matos "Idris rises" (Spiritual Life Records 12")

As with "Organ Nights", this one has been around on promo for more than a year. There is a new edit of the original promo version togehter with a beats version. The flip has a remix by Joe Claussell with extra added percussion, guitar, piano and strings. 

Yukihiro Fukutomi "Music is the healer" (Bobby D'Ambrosio Remixes)(File Records 12")

A japanese release featuring hot, hot remixes by Bobby D'Ambrosio which have a driving groove with nice keyboards, and not to forget the lovely female vocals.

Universal Agents "West of Athens / East of Washington" (Ovm Records 12")

"West of Athens" is a track with an irresistible groove and jazzy keys on top of it, creating an afterhours feeling. "East of Washington" strips it down to a minimal groove. 

Tedd Patterson presents Blackbone "Roots Revisited" (Black Vinyl Records 12")

New remixes by Albert Cabrera and Blak Beat Niks. Albert Cabrera works the tribal groove to the max while the Blak Beat Niks add an extra flute and give it a smoother touch.

Def Sol featuring Chellena Black "I don't need you no more" (Paradax Records 12")

"I don't need you no more" is a house track with a stomping groove and deep bass coupled with jazzy keys, topped by the stunning vocals of Chellena Black. The flip has "Destiny" by Martin Villeneuve, a progressive tribal track and "Groove is in the air" by Willy Sanjuan, a laidback percussive groove.

Marva King "Want me" (Subliminal Records 2x12")

Erick Morillo, Jose Nunez and Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero produced this slamming track with strong vocals by Marva King which is driven by a fierce groove. Sandy Rievera goes for a driving beat with nice keyboards while Richard F. brings us a filtered funky remix.

Soulstice "Lovely" (OM Records 12")

The title says it all: lovely music full of soul with classy mixes to choose from.


December 3, 2000

D.P.N. "Housetronic / New York 2000" (ReWax Records 12")

The swiss label that brought you "Soul talkin'" by Deep Bros. is back with another winner, and again this release is strictly limited. Produced by Domenico Carluccio, "Housetronic" is a deep bubbling track while "New York 2000" is a hommage to Jaydee. Both tracks got remixed by C&M who turn them into afterhour jams.

Talking Heads "Once in a lifetime" (Y2KHeads Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

Another club classic getting a house re-rub for the new millenium. I don't know who has done the mixes, but don't get fooled by the people who tell you it is a Masters at Work remix - they didn't do it, they were just the first ones who played it.

Monday Michiru "Sunshine after the rain" (MAW Records 12")

New mixes by Masters at Work (both a vocal and an instrumental), similar to their original remixes that were only available on japanese promo 12".

Sade "By your side "(Naked Music Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")

There was rumour about these mixes for some time, and now here we have them on bootlegg. Sadly, the quality of the pressing is really bad, and since the two mixes here give the song a nice soulful house edge it is simply a shame Sony Records won't put them out. 

MAW Unreleased Mixes "Ekabo / Elements of life" (MAW Records 12")

"Ekabo" by MAW featuring Wummi is featured here with an instrumental version while "Elements of life" by 'Little' Louie Vega featuring Blaze comes with a totally different dub 

Africanism "Do it!" (Yellow Records 12")

Bob Sinclair and Eddie Amador team up on this driving funky track with a minimalistic feel.

Elisha La'Verne "You are the one" (KingStreet Records 12" Promo)

Out earlier this year on limited promo on Avex Records, it is now set fur a full release soon. Satoshi Tomiie has done a powerful and catchy remix with that typical DEF piano. The dubs take it to the industrial and harder grounds while the instrumental is based around the uplifiting piano.

Lenny Fontana presents The Exclusive Club featuring Sonya Rogers "Touch & go" (Distance Records 12")

A beautiful piece of discofied house music with Sonya Roger's vocals remembering me of the disco divas. 

Crystal Clear "Say it "(YellOrange Records 12")

After the worldwide smash "Live your life", Crystal Clear are back with another sure club stomper. The main vocal is driven by a catchy piano over a bumpy groove. The vocal version on the flip makes use of a stompin house groove while the dub adds some funky flava.

Kylie Minogue "Please stay" (EMI Records 12" Promo)

7th District are really smart guys for using only a minimum of the vocals on their mixes that are on a mellow tip with a fierce groove.

The Rurals "Lush / Grey clouds" (Peng Records 12")

I don't remember how many records I reviewed by The Rurals this year, but you simply can't ignore their smooth and laidback grooves they create on each and every record they do.  

Soul Vision "You've been on my mind" (Fluential Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

A double pack with lots of mixes to choose from by Sandy Rivera, Ian Pooley, Mazi and Freddy Turner. Not as strong at the first listening as other stuff that Soul Vision put out, but still a contender for lots of play in the clubs.

Deep Sensation "Can't give you up" (Guidance Records 12")

Three tracks here. "Can't give you up" is a jazzy deep house cut while "Get up (Remix)" and "Don't stop" combine house grooves with classic funk flava.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Spice Girls - Holler (MAW Remixes) (Virgin Records 2x12")

Superfierce remixes by the infamous MAW. There is nothing more to say, but to buy this doublepack with six absolutely slammin mixes! Wicked vocal and dub mixes and pumping beats. Nothing else is to be expected if Kenny Dope and Louie Vega reconstruct the Spice Girls.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: MJ Cole " Crazy love" (Clubtools/Edel Records 12")

Michi Lange on the Re-Mix and he fullfills all expectations. A pumping and danceble bassline goes along with the soulful vocal. Defintly the right stuff for the dancers of the night. Surely a great reconstruction of the already well known 2Step version. Go & spin that funky beat!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Milk & Sugar "Higher & higher" (Edition1) (MSR Records 12")

Munich: the city has more to offer than just fashionable clubs like P1 and very chic bars. Labels like CNF, Virginmusic and definitly Milk & Sugar show the right direction.This months uplifting housebomb gets thrown from Milk & Sugar. I heard this song the first time a couple of months ago, when Hubee played it at Frankfurt's ruling houseclub U60311.Now it's available for all houselovers. My fav mix is the wicked dub on the b-side with the fattest sax and guitar part this time around. The best mix for a nice AfterHourFuck@Home. Wanna make love?!?

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Norby feat. Edinho Queiroz "Te quero" (DeepCulture Records 12")

Summer's over and what else but a FINE latin house tune.Produced by Frederico Scavo and Marco Di Crescenzio and sung by the Brazilian Edinho Quieroz; this stomper has all it takes to rock the clubs. A sure MUST play for all those, who liked Pasilda and Timba! Pure Sex and smooth passion!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Georgie Porgie "Life goes on" (UrbanDJ/Universal Records 12")

The clubbers at U60311 know this song for months, and now it's out on German vinyl. Still, Richard F's 'Le Spank Mix is' the one to play and there were no good other mixes added. I hope it gets a broader club-play now.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: King Unique "Love is what we need" (Look ahead) (Defected/R.O.I. 2x12")

Hamburg's finest undergroundlabel R.O.I. promotes the hot records of the British kult-label Defected now and starts with the long awaited bomb remixed by noone else but the hot Knee Deep guys. Vocalsmasher and deepe Dubs, everyone will find the right mix on this cool doublepack.Buy it.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Sade "By your side "(Ben Watts Remix) (Epic/Sonymusic Records 12" White Label)

Sade returns after eight years of being away from the music-bizz. Usually a deadly time to stay away from the studios. Ben Watt from EbtG helps Sade to conquer the dancefloors with his nice pumping mix. Surely a must-play during these wintermonths and finally the first officially promoted housemix of a Sade song!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Jill Scott "Gettin in the way" (MJ Cole rmx) (Epic/Sonymusic Records 12")

She is it! In my opinion the best female voice around right now. After having worked for and with The Roots and Mos Def, she delivers her own album and has no problems being compared with Erikah Badu. MJ Cole remixes the song in his typical 2-Step style and I wish it was a housemix. Nevertheless, it is high quality 2-Step and worth to listen to it!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Artful dodgers "Please don't turn me on" (FFRR/EastWest Records 12" Test Pressing)

This white label includes the superhot Sounds of Life remix. You get what you expect. Pumping and fierce beats reminding me a bit of Boris Dlugosch's mix of Moloko's "Sing it back". Made to be a clubslammer. Hunt 4 it!


November 26, 2000

Snowboy "Casa forte (Unreleased Mixes)(Spiritual Life Records 12" Promo)

There has always been speculation about these unreleased mixes. There is a full 'Body & Soul Extended Mix' which is a complete vocal workout as well as a organ and key driven instrumental version.

Silent Poets "Save the day" (Restless Soul Remix)(Yellow Records 12")

This is another one of those wonderful remixes by Phil Asher with lots of live instrumentation including an acoustic guitar, rhodes, bass, percussion, mute horn and flugel.

Sade "By your side" (Sony Records 12" White Label)

This is not the bootlegg, this is the 'official' Sony UK white label that was sent out to the DJ's (there is also a Sony US promo around in limited quantaties now, but I haven't managed to find one so far). This is the Ben Watts remix that gets lots of play since it appeared on bootlegg. 

Ministers De-La-Funk featuring Jocelyn Brown "Believe" (Full Intention Remix)(Defected Records 12" Test Pressing)

Full Intention bringing us a set of slamming remixes which bring Jocelyn Brown's vocals to full effect over a fierce groove.

Ananda Project "Glory glory" (Remixes)(NiteGroove Records 12")

Not as strong as the first 12", but there is that nice dub by the Timewriters which is on a moody tip. 

Ben Hart "E.P." (Brickhouse Records 12")

This is the first release of the coming Bricktracks series. Both "Perfect love song" and "Theme from midnight" are laidback house grooves with decent samples and moody guitar licks. 

Natural Rhythm "Orange Marmalade" (Large Records 12")

Standing in the tradition of outstanding EP's, this one here features four tracks on a deeep tip with an overall old-school feeling.


November 19, 2000

EBTG versus Soul Vision "Tracey in my room" (Virgin Records 12" Promo)

Take an acapella of Everything but the Girl, take the music of Soul Vision's "Come into my room", combine them and you've got a slamming track for the dancefloor.

Daft Punk versus Soul Searcher "One more time" (Bootlegg 12")

The retail 12" is selling really well with the vocoded vocals by Romanthony over a groove only those french guys can come up with. This bootlegg uses the vocals of Soul Searcher's "Can't get enough" and sounds a bit different, but it has the same irresistible touch. 

Loleatta Holloway "Dreamin'" (Jazz'N'Groove Mixes)(Defected Records 12")

Another set of slamming remixes of this classic. These mixes are more soulful than the ones previously available.

The JohNick Orchestra "The dance" (SubUrban Records 12")

Nicky P. with the help of Barry D on keys, David Acker on guitar, Ray Grappone on percussions and Latasha on vocals creates a laidback and percussive groove. Out for a while but still worth picking up.

Belizbeha "Hold on" (SubUrban Records 12")

This label never fails when it comes to release quality vocal productions. Featuring vocals by Shsuna Antoniuc and both a deep bass and nice horns over a soulful groove on the original version, there are remixes by Tommy Musto and Choco included. 

Cassioware "Hot baby the go-go dancer" (Funky Soul Records 12")

Talk about sexy vocals on this one (maybe Cassioware recorded them while being in a certain kind of situation). Talking 'bout the music: a piano driven, driving house groove.

Too Strong presents No Chance "Feel the vibe (DJ's in a Deep House)" (Club-U-Nite Tracks Records 12" Test Pressing)

The two producers behind this use very strong female vocals over a catchy groove. A nice selection of mixes included from the funky side over a dub with jazzy keys the to a deep bubbling version.

Unknown "Come over 2 my place / Roots + wings" (12")

All I know about this 12" are the track titles that are written on the labels. "Come over 2 my place" is a simple track with a rocking groove and female vocals. "Roots + wings" uses arabic female chants over a bumpy house groove.


November 12, 2000

Quincy Jones "Secret Garden" (CD-R Promo)

A very hot remix from a very talented young DJ. Staying close to the original version by just adding a soulful groove underneath it. Should make it to vinyl - hopefully. 

Sade "Couldn't love you more" (CD-R Promo)

Like "Secret Garden", it stays close to the original by just adding a laidback groove underneath it.

Spice Girls "Holler" (Masters at Work Mixes)(Virgin Records 2x12" Promo)

Masters at Work give the return single for the Spice Girls the club treatment. A couple of vocal and dub mixes to choose from (but only the vocal mixes will make it to the retail 12"), all driven by a fierce groove with slamming beats.

David Morales "Needin' you 2000" (Bootlegg 12")

This huge anthem from 1998 gets rereleased with vocal versions. This bootlegg included the two versions that already got played by David Morales on New York radio. One is the original added with female vocals while the other one is a total rework which uses both female and male vocals. It has a nice groovy feeling to it.

M.A.S. Collective "Release your mind" (DJ Spen & Karizma Remix)(Slip'N'Slide Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

DJ Spen & Karizma give this already huge club hit a soulful feeling with some extra gospel elements over a stomping groove. A total of four mixes provided including an acapella and two dubs.

Fused "Saving Mary" (Bob Sinclar Mixes)(Columiba Records 2x12")

This is already the third 12" promo, this time featuring mixes by man of the moment Bob Sinclar. He gives it a stomping funky groove and adds some disco-ish strings.

First Choice "The player" (Fluential Records 2x12")

This double-12" features the already classic Mousse T. & Boris Dlugosch mixes as well as the new Olav Basoski remixes. Inlcuded are lots of vocal and dub mixes, together with some acapella versions.

Raw Essence featuring Maxine McClain "Do U love what U feel" (Z-Records 12")

Dave Lee giving us another one of his lovely disco-ish productions. Check the 'Sunburst Mix' which has a stomping groove that should keep the crowd shaking their bodies.

Sheena Easton "Giving up giving in" (Universal Records 2x12" Promo)

The mixes of interest for us on this 2x12" promo are by Joey Negro (aka Dave Lee). He gives this cover version of the Three Degrees 70's classic a touch of disco over a stomping groove. Both vocal and dub versions inlcuded.

Elite "Satisfy my love" (Tiefschwarz Mixes)(Champion Records 12" Promo)

Germany's Tiefschwarz once more delivering fierce remixes with their usual cool keyboards sitting on top of a bumpy groove. 

Finley Quaye "Spiritualized" (Francois K. Mixes)(Epic Records 12" Promo)

Francois K. delievers two mixes. The dub is a deep and moody affair with a driving groove while the vocal version adds an extra guitar.

Jaffa "Elevator" (MAW Mixes)(Stereo Deluxe Records 2x12" Promo)

The Masters at Work delievering a set of groove mixes on this double 12", all featuring wicked keys.

Kenny Dope "On percussion" (DopeWax Records 12")

Both "Tribal Dance" and "Buggin' on percussion" have the one thing we love Kenny for: slamming beats. Both are simple tracks, perfect to play around with.

Black Masses "Give it all U got" (TomTomClub Records 2x12")

This is a good example how soulful garage music should be done: groovy, soulful and fresh sounding.

Satin Souls "Recover / The Pace" (Trax of Interest Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Recover" is a laidback and groovy track with female vocals while "The Pace" is a perfect track for your early morning set with its even more laidback feeling.

Arnold Jarvis "Special kind of love" (KingStreet Records 12")

Already around as bootlegg titled "My love", this is now the full release. The 'Jazz-N-Grooe Primetime Club Mix' is the one from the bootlegg. The 'Jazz-N-Groove Old School Mix' is more soulful and doesn't use that stomping groove. The flip has mixes by Benji Candelario which are on a deeper vibe with a bubbling groove.

"Seasons Limited 03" (Seasons Records 12")

It's all about The Rurals on this limited edition 12" (only 1000 copies made). The tracks heare are on a laidback and soulful tip as only The Rurals can do.

The Rurals "That feelin'" (Remixes)(Peng Records 12")

Taken from the "Headsongs" album, there are three nice and soulful remixes on this 12" of the song which features female vocals.

Pete Moss "Deep desires" (Large Records 12")

Three tracks on a deep and moody tip.

Seafoam "Ambergris EP" (Guidance Records 12")

Four tracks on a deep, partly ambient tip for the after hours set.

Homebase "Constant love" (Guidance Records 12")

Pure afterhours music with three very different mixes.

Joe T. Vannelli Project featuring Mijan "Do you love me" (DreamBeat Records 2x12")

This is Joe T. Vannelli with another one of his energetic productions in his very own style. The Robbie Rivera mixes are on a filtered funky tip with a latino-style piano on top.


November 5, 2000

Antonio Ocasio "Whisper loudly" (Wave Records 12" Test Pressing)

Antonio Ocasio, owner of the highly acclaimed NY based label Tribal Winds Records, brings us a journey into african rhythms featuring Boyd Jarvis on keyboards. It is a warm, conga driven groove with a deep atmospheric feeling to it.

Alton Miller "Deep Experience EP" (Chord Records 12")

Deep and laidback vibes courtesy of Alton Miller for your latenight session.

The Rurals "Window pain" (Society Hill Records 12")

The original is produced by Basil. As usual, the Rurals bring us a laidback groove on a mellow tip. Pete Moss speeds it up and gives it heavier but still deep groove.

Star "Reality" (SoulFood Records 12")

DJ Rasoul brings Star (a female vocalist) back with a deeply grooving track on a moody tip.The flip has "Another love", a jazz-funky midtempo-jam.

Peter Hechter "Late night sessions" (Pentrate Records 12")

This EP has four tracks by Canada's Peter Hechter, ranging from the deep and mellow to driving and fierce grooves, but all keeping it deep.

"AbstractFusion 2" (TrackMode Records 2x12")

This is an eight track compilation with a couple of really nice tracks. "Chigaco heights" by Glenn Underground has a moody groove topped with jazzy keys. "First call in the morming" by Larry Heard kicks off on a downbeat jazzy tip before it changes to a deep laidback jazzy groove. "Busted" by Ewan Janson is a deep ambient track on a midtempo tip. "Future Primitive" by Theo Parrish is a jazzy midtempo-groover. More do be discovered on this 2x12" - check it out for yourself.


October 31, 2000

Runner up this week: Jovonn "Vibe Strumental EP" (TrackMode Records 12")

Once again, Jovonn goes for the really deep grooves. "Circle Dance" makes us of percussion, organs and xylophones. "Strings of De La" has some really cool keyboards while "Floor Vibes" is a deep and minimalistic groove.

Runner up this week: Glenn Underground "Nothing but a groove" (NiteLife Collective Records 12")

Glenn is taking is onto a jazzy vibe with this record. A deep bubbling and percussive groove with jazzy elements on top of it. The flip has a dub with a club friendler beat that is not to far away from Masters at Work.

Bebel Gilberto "Sem Contencao" (Ziriguiboom Records 12")

Unfortunately, the Albert Cabrera club mix is on a commercial tip so go straight for the Ugo & Sanz remix on the flip which uses a percussive groove with laidback keys.

Damaged Sole (Deep4Life Records 12")

Chris Gray is back with a three track EP full of deep grooves - and I mean deep. Not to forget the laidback feeling this tracks have. Simply beautiful.

The Open Door "Fallin'" (HipBone Records 12")

This one will target a wider audience than usual due to the mixes included. As always, the jazzy elements are here, but the mixes vary from jazzy house grooves (by Julius Papp) to stomping deep mixes that are close to ambient music.

Pal Joey "Sol 2 Sol EP" (Dance Tracks Records 12")

"No more" has a stomping groove with a jazzy sax, guitar and female vocal on top of it. "This is class" uses jazzy sax, flute and piano over a solid house groove while "It feels good" just uses jazzy sax, xylophones and  over deep bubbling groove.

Jazz'N'Groove present "Midnight Sky" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12")

Long awaited, finally here. A deep bumping groove with some filtering effects on top. Sure to rock the dancefloors.

Sevynn "Free" (Silk Entertainment Records 12")

Produced by M-Doc, it is up to Steve 'Silk' Hurley and Kelly G. to deliever the mixes. Mr. Hurley goes for another one of his stomping, piano-driven grooves while Kelly G. goes for a bumpy house groove.

Kelly G. "The Underground Basement Files Volume 1" (Silk Entertainment Records 2x12")

This 2x12" includes previous unavailbe mixes of "Go down moses" by Kelly G. and Steve 'Silk' Hurley as well as other tracks on the gospel-house tip.

Frankie Valentine "Midnite Sun" (Rekawa Sound Records One-Sided 12")

Jazzy and spiritual vibes over a percussive groove on a laidback tip. Go and get it.

King Unique "Love is what you need (look ahead)" (Defected Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

The original mixes by King Unique are based around a stomping house groove while Madison Avenue give it their flava. The standout mixes are courtesy of Knee Deep whos vocal mix was already featured on the "Summer 2000 Sampler". Now here we also get their cool dub versions that are perfect for playing around. Finally, there are two acapellas inlcuded.

Soul Providers featuring Michelle Shellers "The hand that I've been dealt" (Look at You Records 12")

The original mixes make use of spaced out keys over a bubbling house groove while the remixes by the Pound Boys (who recently changed their mixes to a more retro style) go for a stomping groove.

Pound Boys featuring RaShaan Houston "Be with you" (Look at You Records 12")

As mentioned above, the Pound Boys now go for retro style house grooves. This production sounds like an old philly record with an up-to-date house beat underlaying it.

Black Mighty Orchestra featuring Be Noir "Give me your love" (Irma Unlimited Records 12")

This italian classic gets the remix treatment by none others than DJ Spen & Karizma. A stomping groove with a soulful overall feeling is the resuls that we get to enjoy. There is also the Crazy Penis rework bringing back memories of the early 80's grooves.

Natalie Cole "Livin' for love" (Frankie Knuckles Remix)(Elektra Records 2x12" Promo)

Frankie Knuckles club mix starts a bit hard but it gets into the piano-driven DEF-mix sound as soon as the vocals come in. His instrumental is pure classic DEF-mix while the dub again goes for the harder edged side of Frankie.

Backroom Congregation "Sunday morning" (Basement Boys Remix)(Thickk Records 12")

DJ Spen giving the last years release new life with his gospel-ish and stomped-up remixes.

Richard Les Crees "Dengon" (i! Records 12")

Once again, i! Records provide us with a jazzy masterpiece with japanese vocals on top. Outstanding remixes included by Fredrik Stark and Larry Heard. Not to be missed.


October 22, 2000

Runner up this week: 'Little' Louie Vega featuring Arnold Jarvis "Life goes on" (MAW Records 7")

This one has an almost acapella like version spread over two sides. For the collector and the serious DJ, but might be hard to get hold off.

Runner up this week: Kenny Bobien "Father" (Frankie Feliciano Remixes)(SoundMen on Wax Records 2x12")

Frankie Feliciano has turned this brilliant song into an even more brilliant remix by adding his Ricanstruction formula. Check the 'Harmonica Mix' for the extra kick with an outstanding harmonica.

SuSu Bobien "Keep it to myself" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

Produced by Kenny Bobien and Big Moses, this is soulful garage music with a mellow and laidback feeling.

Changing Faces "That other woman" (JohNick Mixes)(Atlantic Records 2x12")

This r&b monster (produced by Joe) gets the remix treatment by JohNick who deliever a laidback and soulful groover that comes in various mixes.

Utterance "Grant me utterance" (Deep4Life Records 12")

When you're looking for a really deep grooving garage record, then this one is for you. Deep and moody with male vocals.

Dennis Ferrer "Ghetto Discotek Building" (MadHouse Records 12")

The standout track is "So beautiful" featuring Anthony Flanagan on vocals over a deep groove. "Shout!" is a track with a deep and moody groove. "Is this real" is an electrifing track while "On my way" uses gospel-ish vocals and horns over a laidback groove.

Ann Nesby "Lovin' is really my game" (Perspective Records 12" Promo)

The only interersting version is the album version produced by Steve 'Silk' Hurley which is on a disco-tip with strings and a stomping groove.

Club Session "Don't move" (Jon Cutler Remix)(Chez Records 12")

Jon Cutler delivering a fine remix on a laidback tip with a killer trumpet solo on top of it.

Willy Washington featuring Paul D. Ralph "Ain't no runnin' away" (Tommy Musto Remix)(Dance Tracks Records 12")

Tommy Musto giving this a beautiful remix treatment with a rocking groove that makes this one available for a wider audience.

Everything but the Girl "Lullaby of Clubland" (Atlantic Records 2x12" Promo)

The vocal version of choice is by Ben Watt who delievers a driving remix with a simple but catchy piano. Matthias Heilbronn goes for the deeper versions. His vocal is a deep bubbling groove while the instrumental is on a laidback jazzy tip.

Yurai "Love light" (TetKalé Records 12")

Jephte Guillaume produced this wonderful record which has a spiritual feeling to. Music for your body & soul.

Donna Summer "The power of one" (Altantic Records 2x12" Promo)

Tommy Musto turning out a remix with a nice saxophone over a NY-style groove.

Frank O'Moiraghi "Soweto Funk" (YellOrange Records 12")

Funky house music from another planet. Slamming from the beginning to the end and sure to rack the dancefloors. The flipside has just three short but usefull acapellas.

Jerome Sydenham "Aro" (Ibadan Records 12")

Taken from the forthcoming album "Saturday", this is an afrocentric track with a killer hook on it. There is a lso a version with an outstanding guitar solo.

Hezekiah Walker "Let's dance" (House Remixes)(Jive Records 12")

E-Smoove delievering a fierce gospel-ish remix using driving keys and a stomping groove while Kelly G goes for a deeper groove with a more underground feeling.

B.O.P. Entertainment "Rendition of Soul Volume 3" (SoundMen on Wax Records 2x12")

Another sampler showcasing on productions by B.O.P. Featured are Kenny Bobien with "See you again", Divas Inc. (Dawn Tallmann & SuSu Bobien) with "Raise up", Donna Montgomery with "Need somebody" and Sir Dane with "Symphony". 

Enrique Iglesias "Sad eyes" (Interscope Records 12" Promo)

The interesting version is courtesy of Eric Kupper who delievers a solid remix using his standard formula. It is a question wether you like the vocals that are a bit cheesy or if you don't like them.


October 15, 2000

Lucy Pearl "Don't mess with my man" (Unreleased Mood II Swing Remixes)(Pookie/Virgin Records 12" Promo)

This promo 12" has two new mixes by Mood II Swing that are a full vocal and an instrumental of the 'Pacifc Ocean Highway' mix that I reviewed on 2x12" promo two weeks ago.

MJ Cole "Crazy love" (Michi Lange Remixes)(Edel Records 12")

Michi Lange turns this 2-step anthem into a strong house track on his vocal and dub mixes.

M&S "Salsoul Nugget" (Bootlegg 12")

Bootlegged ahead of its forthcoming release on FFRR/London Records, this is a really clever re-rub of a philly classic that is already rocking many dancefloors all over the world.

Boney James Rick Braun "Grazin' in the grass" (WB Records 2x12" Promo)

Chris Brann delievers some fine mixes. His main mix is a driving affair while there is also a more laidback version and a groovy dub. Not to forget the P'Taah dub with its spaced out effects.

Ideal "Whatever" (House Mixes)(Virgin Records 2x12" Promo)

Forget about the Jason Nevins mixes on disc one, the second disc is the one to check out. Richie Jones delievers a set of tasty club-house mixes.


October 8, 2000

Grace Jones vs. Funkstar De Luxe "Pull up to the bumper" (ClubTools Records 12")

Funkstar De Luxe with a slamming remix on the funky-house tip following their successful remixes of "Sun is shining" and "Rainbow Country".

"Disco Forever Sampler I" (BBE Records 12")
"Disco Forever Sampler II" (BBE Records 12")

Four tracks taken from "Disco Forever" which is compiled by Dimitri from Paris. All tracks are re-edited by Dimitri. The first 12" includes "Que Tal America" by Two Man Sound and "Love Hangover" by Touch, the second 12" inlcudes "Just as long as I got you" by Love Committee and "I got a thing" by Silver Platinum & Gold.

"Defected Accapellas Volume 1" (Defected Records 12")
"Defected Accapellas Volume 2" (Defected Records 12")
"Defected Accapellas Volume 3" (Defected Records 12")

32 Accapellas spread over three limited 12" of recent and past Defected Records hits.

The Committee "Scream & Shout" (Full Vocal Mix)(Subliminal Records 12")

This Sandy Rivera and Jose Burgos prodcution gets a full release which includes the full vocal version featuring Kim Armstrong on vocals. Also included is a new dub and an accapella.

Dajae "Time" (Kit Dynamite Records 12")

The vocal mix by E-Smoove (already reviewed from the "Credence Summer 2000" sampler) gets coupled with a dub by E-Smoove and a funky mix by Steve 'Smooth' & Josh Da Funky 1.

E-Smoove "The guitar" (Henry Street Records 12")

E-Smoove aka Eric Miller brings us a stopming house groove with a laidback guitar on top of it.

8B "It's alright, it's alright" (YellOrange Records 12")

Todd Gardner back with his latest production which uses a jazzy piano over a groovy beat with a deep bassline - a jazz-house monster jam.

Soul Brothers featuring Joi Cardwell "Let it go" (DeepSoul Records 12")

It was about time that this wonderful vocalist got a soulful song!! Produced and mixed by Mike Dunn and Byron Stingily, this is simply a beauty. Ralphi Rosario does his thing on the flip.

Mutiny "Secrets" (Sunflower Records 12" Test Pressing)

A stomping groove with a sample of a disco-classic and female vocals on top of it. 

Kings of Tomorrow "IN the night" (Distance Records 12")

Lifted from the triple-album "It's in the lifestyle", this 12" has a fierce and driving remix by Sandy Rivera and two mixes by Soul Vision that are on a deeper tip.

Romain & Krivit featuring Linda Clifford "Philly Groove" (Remixes)(Vision Records 12")

Already a hit when first released on Metro Trax Records, now we get a Joey Negro remix with a stomping disco-house beat and Linda Clifford vocals. Digital Soul pumpt it up the heavy way.

Jasper Street Company "Smile" (Basement Boys Records 2x12")

This has the full 12" version and the 'Smile Da Deepah Dub' - yes, this is the one with the beautiful guitar. Also included are remixes by Stefano Gamma that add a funky guitar and an accapella version.

Karizma "Shades of 'K' EP" (Basement Boys Records 12")

There is this slamming vocal track "Don't go" featuring Sandy that comes complete with a 'Deepah Dub' that makes use of a killer guitar. The flip has "Shades of K" is a funky groove with weird sounds. "Oneofdemnites" samples "Knights of the Jaguar" over a funky groove.

Bob Sinclar "Champs Elysées Sampler Part 1" (Defected Records 12")
Bob Sinclar "Champs Elysées Sampler Part 2" (Defected Records 12")
Bob Sinclar "Champs Elysées Sampler Part 3" (Defected Records 12")

Three limited and numbered 12" sampler as preview to the forthcoming "Champs Elysées" long player. A diverse release including the club hit "I feel for you" as well as soulful moments, and retro vocals by the classic voice of D-Train. Also there are sure floorfillers included.

Playin' for the City feat. Karl the Voice "A Remix Tribute" (Density Records 2x12")

One of the most uniqe house ensembles that comes from France got the remix treatment from Miguel Migs and Dave Warrin among others. Two songs were choosen for this project: "Orbit" and "Interplanetary Dream". A deep and moody affair.


October 1, 2000

Runner up this week: Dennis Ferrer "Soul Collectives Volume 1" (Large Records 12")

A stunning four track EP that shouldn't be missed. "Unconditional Love" is a soulful song featuring Christopher McCray on vocals over a soulful and deep bubbling groove. "Give it up" is a deep groover with a laidback jazzy edge. "NJF" is driven by a jazzy piano over a driving house groove. "All the things I look 4" has got a bumpy house groove with a jazzed-up underground feeling.

Runner up this week: Lucy Pearl "Don't mess with my man" (Mood II Swing Remixes)(Pookie/Virgin Records 2x12" Promo)

We haven't heard much of Mood II Swing recently, but they are back with a big bang!! Smooth and soulful with the vibe of the original r&b version kept alive, but with the energy that is needed to rock the dancefloors on the main vocal and instrumental mixes. There is also a harder dub and the 'Pacific Ocean Highway Mix' that is on an old-school groove with a laidback feeling - my favorite.

Eric Kupper presents Organika "Havana" (Wave Records 12")

After being around on limited one-sided 12" on Hysteria Records, this is the full release that includes the 'Bonus Beats' on the flip, created by Rob Rives.

Modjo "Lady" (Roy Davis Jr. Remix)(Barclay Records 12")

The original mixes are really huge over here in Europe although they are too commercial for my taste. Here, Roy Davis Jr. gives it a more underground feeling with a deep groove. There is also a 'Acoustic' version included for the more sensual moments of your life.

Andricka Hall "Stay inside my life" (SoulShine Records 12")

Sweet garage music coming your way with a cool organ ride and a laidback guitar. Swiss DJ Jaime Lewis giving it a different touch with a nice bubbling funky groove.

DJ John 'Julius' Knight "Knighttime Funk 2" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12")

Both "Crazy" and "First love" will satisfy the lovers of house music with a funky edge and filtered effects. 

B-Funk Production (T.O.I. Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Ladies & Gentlemen" is a simple and funky but very attractive funky house track. "How smooth you are" is a deep and minimalistic track with a funky edge.

"The Baltimore - Chigaco - Phoenix EP" (POJI Records 12" Test Pressing)

Let's get underground - real underground - now and discover grooves from different cities. Phoenix: Saint brings us his track "Sunshine" which is on a moody tip with a simple and deep bubbling groove. Baltimore: DJ Oji & DJ Pope (B.I.T.S.) bring us "Die for my brother", a track with a stomping beat and a true underground feeling. Chicgao: DJ Greg Cash brings us "Celebration to the lord", a stomping track with keys played in a gospel-ish way - I really can imagine a vocal version on that one!


September 24, 2000

Erykah Badu "Next Lifetime" (Deluxe Pusher Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")

These mixes come from the Naked Music camp, and they are as good as their own productions. Too bad these mixes are only available on bootlegg (were they ever commissioned?), but hopefully you'll be able to get a copy.

Kim English "Higher things" (Jazz'N'Groove Mixes)(Nervous Records 12")

Released at last, after being out on promo for many month now. Jazz'N'Groove bring us fierce mixes with a driving groove. The original version by Maurice Joshua is included as well.

Jask presents The Thaisoul Orchestra "The latin vision / Jack's theme" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12")

"Jack's theme" is a driving, deep and jazzy track with a killer sax solo. "The latin vision" uses both jazzy keys and a jazzy sax to create a nice latin flavoured track.

Fused "Saving Mary" (Robbie Rivera Mixes)(Columbia Records 12" Promo)

Robbie Rivera with a fine remix using funky elements, and soulful they are too. 

Arnold Jarvis "My love" (White Label 12")

I'm not sure if this is the correct title, and also I don't know who is behind the production. But what I know for sure is that this one is set to blow the dancefloors with its driving groove and the stunning vocals by Arnold Jarvis.

Melanie B "Tell me" (Steve 'Silk' Hurley Mixes)(Virgin Records 2x12" Promo)

Steve 'Silk' Hurley is giving us a nice package of vocal and instrumental/dub mixes that are all based around a kicking beat.

Bibi "Summer" (Chez Records 12")

A laidback track on the jazzy tip, perfect for a warum summer night (damn, why is summer already gone?).

Heller & Farley "Rising sun / Deep sensation" (Remixes)(Junior Records 12")

"Rising sun" gets remixed by Scott Grooves. The mix starts with a cool organ ride before the vocals come in and the mix starts to really kick off. "Deep sensation" is on a minimalistic and progressive tip, remixed by Peace Division.

Miguel Migs featuring Leedia "Mi destino" (Black Vinyl Records 12")

A smooth and soulful vibe topped with lush vocals by Leedia, produced by Miguel Migs. Interested? Listen to it in my mix!

Dajae "Time" (Credence Records 12" Promo)

Joeski delievers a simple but effective dub that makes us of a jazzy sax over a stomping groove. Dano add a more aggresive feeling on their mixes.

Kenny Dope presents "Brazilica" (DopeWax Records 12")

"Brazilica" is a twelve minute peace of samba house with those heavy beats we love Kenny for. "At the bank" takes us back in time with its old-school feeling over a slamming groove.

Brother of Soul "Music" (Guidance Records 12")

Paul Hunter brings has three tracks, all with  really deep bubbling grooves with a jazzy edge, the standout being "Music".

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: The Team "The word is grease" (Zeitgeist/Polydor Records 12")

If there wasn´t this nice and kicking "Hart & Held" mix, I would call this vinyl just a waste of remix-budget. Anyway, the guys from Wackside safe another time a shitty song from meaninglessness. Smart and groovey, you know what I mean!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Milk & Sugar "3rd anniversary E.P." (Milk & Sugar Recordings 12")

Nice sample of some fine work coming from the Munich based underground dance label. It´s their third year and it seems they get better each year. Congratulations and keep on jamming.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Spike "Never gonna let u go" (Zeitgeist/Polydor Records 10")

Fierce mixes by Tiefschwarz and Sharam make this 10 inch collectors item to my personal hot tune of this month. Only 40 copies sent out in Europe and a double-vinyl with more kicking mixes by Tiefschwarz, Sharam, DJ Antoine and Nerio´s Dubwerk will lead to a major club-success and a heavy radio rotation! Spike are back and we are really happy about this with those mixes!


September 17, 2000

Monday Michiru "Sunshine after the rain" (White Label 2x12")

Available in large quantaties so you should find a copy without any problem. It kicks off with the classic Masters at Work remix that was previously only available on limited japan 12" promo or japan album. The other three mixes here are by Knee Deep, two of them already reviewed earlier this year on limited promo.

Ananda Project featuring Terrance Downs "Glory glory" (Nite Grooves Records 12" Promo)

This, the third single taken from the forthcoming album "Release", features mixes by David Morales who gives us a glamourous production which uses piano chords, a thumping bass and keyboards by Peter Daou.

Tony Touch featuring Total "I wonder why? (He's the greatest DJ)" (MAW / Kelly G Mixes)(Tommy Boy Records 12")

The a-side features the already reviewed vocal and dub mixes by Masters at Work, the b-side has new mixes by Kelly G who creates a bumping house track. 

Mariah Carey "Against all odds" (Pound Boys Mixes)(Columbia Records 12" Promo)

This ballad (originally written by Phil Collins) sees the Pound Boys on remix control. Their mixes use a thumping beat that is topped with a funky bass, a piano and a guitar.

Brothers Vibe Traxx "El Baile (the Dance)" (SOM Underground Records 12")

A bubbling house track with a laidback groove that uses cool percussions.

Deepswing featuring Xavior "Takin' me higher" (Bini & Martini Remix)(R.O.I. Records 12")

Bini & Martini delievering a fierce and funky, retro-style remix with a nice slab of percussion.

Johnny Corporate "Sunday shoutin'" (Defected Records 12" Test Pressing)

I don't know how many more mixes will come... Here we get a new edit by Albert Cabrera and two new accapellas making just use of the "Clap your hands" chant and the screaming. The flip has the 'Erick Subliminal Mix'.

Janet "Doesn't really matter" (DefSoul Records 12")

Surprisingly, Jonathan Peters is bringing us decent remix with a laidback groove. The Spensane mixes use a stomping beat.

Mineral Music "More than you know" (T.O.I. Records 12")

"More than you know" is a stomping house track with a funky edge and an irresistible feeling. "Bright phase" on the flip is on the moody tip with a funky bassline and nice keyboards.

Subsystem featuring Lisa Millett "The Best of you" (Azuli Records 12" Promo)

The Bini & Martini mixes are using a driving beat and some filtering with an overall disco-ish feeling while Knee Deep deliever once more a slamming remix with a nice funky edge.


September 10, 2000

Sisqo "Incomplete" (DefSoul Records 12" Promo)

Forget about the 'Mainstream Dance Mixes' by Jonathan Peters, they are crap. The mixes to check out are the 'Slang Gospel Mixes' by Joe Smooth, they are on a decent house tip with a gospel feeling.

K. D. Lang "Summerfling" (WB Records 2x12" Promo)

Chris Brann delievering the mixes on this double-promo. The Wamdue mixes use spaced-out keys while the Ananda mixes use a wicked guitar over a warm house groove.

The Temptations "I'm here" (Metro Mixes)(Motown Records 12" Promo)

Metro giving this r&b song the house treatment. Nothing special at all, but still a solid record. I'm still trying to figure out the differences between the 'Main Mix' and the three edited versions on the flip - all sound the same and play for about four minutes...

Jazzy M "Jazzin' the way you know" (Knee Deep Mixes)(Perfecto Records 12" Promo)

Knee Deep turning it into a lovely jazz-funky house groover.

Loleatta Holloway "Dreamin'" (Reshape Records 12")

No, this is not the Satoshi Tomiie remix (that should be out on Defected Records later this year), this is an italian remix with a nice dub that plays around with the original beats and groove.

The White Legend "Let the music play" (Funkstar Deluxe Mixes)(White Label 12")

Funkstar Deluxe remixing the (of course !!) black legend Barry White. The result will please the lovers of pumpig house grooves, and Funkstar Deluxe keep the formula they already used for their Bob Marley remixes. The flip has a remix that stays closer to the original.

Native Soul featuring Oliver Cheatham "Our day will come" (Afro Art Test Records 12")

Soulful house music featuring the legendary Oliver Cheatham (remeber "Let's get down saturday night"?) on vocals. On the flip, Black Science Orchestra giving it some afro feel and the Problem Kids adding the funk on their take.


September 3, 2000

DJ Mike Cruz presents Inaya Day & Chino Ro "Movin' up" (Wamdue Mixes)(Nervous Records 12")

Chris Brann delievering both a solid vocal and dub mix on this 12" with a catchy groove and nice keys. 

K-Ci & JoJo "Tell me it's real" (AM:PM Records 12" Promo)

Out of the four mixes, three are for UK-Garage heads, the one for the house people comes from Astro Trax and uses a deep bubbling bass and and a laidback, jazzy guitar.

Romero "What hope have I" (Champion Records 2x12" Promo)

Deep Swing are hot in the UK at the moment, and these remixes prove why. The first vocal mix goes for a discofied groove while the second vocal mix goes for a jazzy feeling. A dub is included too. DJ Antoine & Mad Mark go for a piano-driven and more commercial mix. With Sabrina Johnston on the vocals, this should do well in the clubs.

Charlie Watts Jim Keltner Project "Airto" (CyberOctave Records 2x12" Promo)

Restless Soul and Modaji bringing us a nice selection of mixes on this double-pack. It's all about jazzy music here with accoustic, contemporary and even a housey version included.

Soul' Amour "Uknown" (White Label 12")

It kicks off with a tribal-ish groove and a repeated 'Allegria' chant before the trumpet comes in to give it some jazzy flava. Simple but very effective.

Jasper Street Company "Music" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Taken from the "New Birth EP", this has the extended version and an instrumental. As usual, DJ Spen & Karizma give us a stomping groove with some funky elements.

Mateo & Matos "Don't ever stop lovin'" (Glasgow Underground Records 12")

Jersey Street add lots of percussion and give it a laidback, jazzy feeling.

Johnny Corporate "Sunday shoutin'" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

More remixes, this time from Harry Choo Choo Romero who uses some jazzy elements over an irresistible groove and Erick Morillo who adds some nice breaks and re-edits to the original. This double-pack also includes the original version and some of the remixes that are already available on the US double-12".

Benjamin Diamond "In your arms" (Joey Negro Remix)(Epic Records 12" Promo)

Dave Lee can't be beaten on his game of producing slamming disco-house tracks. Listen and enjoy.

Knee Deep "Can we really do this?" (Fluential Records 12")

"Can we really do this" is taken from the "W.M.C. 00" 12" (out on R.O.I. Records a couple of month ago) and is featured with the original version and a slamming remix. The flip includes two new tracks, both made to rock the dancefloors.

Atlantis featuring Naomi Nsombi "No more escuses" (Giant Step Records 12" Promo)

Ron Trent and Jonathan Maron produced this one. A typical Ron Trent production, with an extra jazzy edge and female vocals.

Fredrik Stark "Restrospect" (i! Records 12")

Four tracks, all with an old school feeling and some jazzy flava.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: The Tabledancers "Unknown" (Limited 12" Testpressing)

Christopher Cross, one of Americas biggest ballad singer and popstar of the 80s, got a very pumping remix-treatment on this wicked hot testpressing "Ride like the wind" did never get sampled so cool before. Actually, I don't remember right now at all having heard a housetrack using "Ride like the wind" as a source for samples. Filter effects and a very kicking and steamy bassline are the right contents to make this track outstanding! A great buy!!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Soul Providers "Rise" (UrbanDJ Records 12")

Including the Bini & Martini, as well as a Pound Boys and a new Gardeweg remix, this vinyl will easily satisfy every DJ's needs and make every clubber happy. The Bini & Martini mixes are probably the most often played ones for months now in Germany's houseclubs; I do prefer the Pound Boys mix, which is more soulful and more gospelish in my opinion and knows how to please the Garage-lovers. The Gardeweg mix is a bit too hard and commercial for my ears, but perfect for the big clubs.


August 27, 2000

Runner up this week: Tiefschwarz featuring Deidra Jones "Alive" (Benztown Records 12" Promo)

Just a few weeks after the one-sided taster of "Water", there is already another hot promo by Tiefschwarz featuring Deidra Jones on vocals. Three mixes included here, with the B1 version being my favorite with its lovely instrumentation.

Fused "Saving Mary" (Columbia Records 12" Promo)

Fused are back with a new single that comes complete with Sounds of Life remixes who give it a summer feeling with a lating edge.

Squallor vs. DJ N-Joy "Uh Playboy's" (DJ N-Joy Remix)(CGD East-West Records 12")

Famous italian group Squallor getting remixed by Swiss DJ-Noy. The mixes are based around a catchy disco-ish groove that should rock the dancefloor. The vocal versions are a bit strange so go right to the flip for the instrumental versions.

Awa Band "Timba" (Nerio's Dubwork Remix)(Edel Records 12")

Edel Records put out two 12" on the german market which include a brand new remix by Nerio's Dubwork which is definitely hot for the summer with the warm, latinesque feeling.

ATFC presents OnePhat Deeva "Bad Habit" (Jose Nunez/Sandy Rivera Remixes)(Defected Records 12" Promo)

I finally got the UK promo which has both the vocal and dub remixes by Jose Nunez as well as the Sandy Rivera remixes. Sandy gives it a totally different feeling with his remix that is driven by a piano over a stomping beat.

Kylie Minogue "On a night like this " (Bini & Martini Remix)(Parlophone Records 12" Test Pressing)

Those itialian guys do it again, especially on their dub mix which really kicks with a stomping groove.

Funky Green Dogs "Fired up" (Bini & Martini Remix)(Urban Records 2x12" Promo)

And just another hot release with Bini & Martini on remix duty. Like the Kylie Minogue, this one has a dub mix that is set to rock the dancefloor.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: The Beloved "With you" (Causneffect Records 12" Promo)

Michi Pohl does the remix on this vinyl. He goes for a very undergroundish vocal-dub kind of mix, which will perfectly fit in any peak hour DJ set. Cool beats and a break, when the vocal starts. Good work from a non so known remixer of who we might hear more in the future.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Gloria Gaynor "Last nite" (Causneffect Records 12" Promo)

Remixes by Kid Alex, the Munich based DJ Linus and causneffect artist/remixer Shahrokh deliver three really cool mixes. Two of them really underground, the third mix sticks close to Miss Gaynor's original. All of them are for sure better than the ones, that already got released in Germany, and for this reason you should go and buy this new promo!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Giorgio Moroder feat. Amor "On the radio" (Causneffect Records 12" Promo)

Another of this "Gorgio Moroder reworked" series. This time Donna Summer gets 2Step mixes done by Delacola. Sounds extremly strange if you listen to it for the first time, but you get used to it and eventually, you might like these mixes even more, than the not so well done housemixes, which came out of this song a couple of months ago.


August 20, 2000

Runner up this week: 'Little' Louie Vega featuring Arnold Jarvis "Life goes on" (MAW Records 12" Promo)

Another 'all-star' line up here featuring Arnold Jarvis on lead vocals and Lisa Fisher on background vocals. Then add the drum programming by Kenny 'Dope', bass by Gene Perez, guitar by Mike Ciro, trombone by John Wheeler, trumpet by Pete MacNamara and saxophone by John Scarpulla. What you get? An exceptional, timeless production with a soulful vibe, right for hot summer nights.

Runner up this week: Johnny Corporate "Sunday shoutin'" (Remixes)(4th Floor Records 2x12")

Already huge in the clubs in its original instrumental form, here are the remixes, some of them complete with female vocals. My favorite is the remix by Osunlade that has a jazzy feeling and comes with a warm and smooth groove. 95 North revisited their original version while Tommy Musto gives us both a gospel-ish version as well as another one with a hypnotic groove. 95 North and Tommy Musto team up for a vocalized original, and DJ Choco makes a dub out of it. And finally, an acapella is included. More mixes to come on Defected Records soon.

Byron Stingily "Stand right up / In my mind" (Nervous Records 12")

Finally, the unreleased Basement Boys mixes of "In my mind" get released on that 2x12". It comes with a truly stomping beat. "Stand right up" is also by the Basement Boys and is an uptempo disco-house production (and just forgot about the included Johnny Vicious remixes - they are so bad).

Full Intention "Everybody loves the sunshine" (Dtension Records 12")

Originally written by Roy Ayers, Full Intention updated it for the new millenium by giving it a disco-house groove. The result is kinda cheesy, but somehow I like it. Knee Deep turn it into a latin house vibe. 

ATFC presents OnePhatDeeva featuring Lisa Millett "Bad habit" (Jose Nunez Mix)(Edel Records 12")

Another fierce remix of this song now available, courtesy of Jose Nunez. Jose gives it a stomping groove with a latin feel that works a treet. Unfortunately, only the vocal is on the vinyl (on the Defected promo thee is also a dub version).

Michael Procter "Paradise" (Make Me Sweat Remixes)(MyChan Records 12")

On the a-side there are the original vocal and dub version (so far only available on a limited white label 12") that sound somehow similar to his older material. The b-side has the 7th District Inc. remixes on a bumpy garage tip.

D'Layna "Special "(Fierce Records 12")

The mix of interest is courtesy of Sandy Rivera. He keeps it on a deep bubbling vibe with nicely floating keys.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Robbie Rivera presents Rhythm Bangers "Bang" (Remixes)(Milk&Sugar Records 12" Promo)

Maybe the original promo was my "I cannot stand this track" vinyl No.1. Cheesy pianoline, commercial track and supposedly one of the biggies at the WMC in Miami. Anyway, this remix-vinyl has two very cool Bini & Martini remixes and I have to say, that the boys know how to rework a track and make a playable tune. They use a female sample and reduce the annoying male sample almost entirely, add a cooler beat and just transform this track into an underground teaser. Respect!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Deep Swing feat. Xavior "Takin me higher" (R.O.I. Records 12" Promo)

Defintly THE gospel-BOMB to play right now!!! Phattest tune so far on the German underground, and for all those real Houselovers, label: Records Of  Interest, based in Hamburg (surely our leading city for housmusic). Great voice and really great, very uplifting beats, reconstructed by the italian top-remixers Bini & Martini. I'm even tempted to say, that this is their best remix so far. It was played last saturday at U60311 in Frankfurt/Germany actually three times during the night by DJ Karotte, DJ Hubee from Wackside and their Italian guest and new resident at U60311, DJ Maurizio from Nerio's Dubwork and the crowd went crazy each time. You HAVE to hunt for this promo! As a tease, I should let you know, that we can expect more remixes of this outstanding song by the boys from Knee Deep and B.O.C.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Mineral Music E.P. (T.O.I. Records 12" Promo)

Another high quality release from Hamburgs' R.O.I. label; this time a very deep and moody two track vinyl on their sublabel "tracks of interest". Perfect tool for all DJs, who want to build up some tension in their sets and excellent mixing tool between two vocal songs, as well as perfect background to put some fierce Diva-accapella over those pumping beats. To describe it simple: stomping Housesound from Hamburg! GO AND CHECK IT OUT!


August 13, 2000

Bobby D'Ambrosio presents Kelli Sae "Here I am" (Remixes)(ClubTools Records 12")

This remix 12" includes more mix from the DEF-mix camp. Bobby himself is present with two vocal and one dub version while David Morales adds both a drum and reprise version.

Roland Clark "I get deep" (Shelter Records 12")

Finally availble, the minimalistic and deep original version gets coupled with new mixes by Freddy Sanon & Paul Simpson along with the accapella.

New York Thunder "My definition" (The Remixes)(Aroma Records 12")

Stevie 'Sole' Middleton delievers an irresistible remix with a simple groove and catchy keys.

DJ Pope featuring Una "Watching you" (Poji Records 12")

True garage with gospel-ish vocals and a laidback lead-guitar and nice keys over a bumpy groove.

Cassioware presents The New Hope Baptist Choir "New Hope" (Funky Soul Records 12")

A quality gospel house production featuring a choir for the background vocals. Uplifting from the beginning to the end.

Marlo "Wait until the morning" (Estereo Records 12" Promo)

Estereo Records are on a roll at the moment. Here we get a house track with an irresistible and bubbling groove.

Brothers of the Underground "The Red Room Sessions" (SOM Underground Records 12")

Three tracks to make your set more interesting. "Time after time" is on a retrospective tip while "Morning Serenade" (which is produced by DJ Camacho) makes us of a laidback and jazzy guitar. "Reach into the sky  (heavenly horizon)" is a driving house track with a jazzy edge to it.

DJ Camacho featuring Sheba Jordan "Love one another" (Wake Up Records 12")

Old school garage with a wicked organ ride and nice jazzy keys.

Groove Collective "Some People" (Victor Simonelli Remix)(Liquid Sound Lounge Records 12")

Victor Simonelli's mix kicks off with a percussion solo before the instruments and the groove get added to create a jazzy extravaganza.

Aquanote "True Love" (Naked Music Records 12")

I wonder if there will ever be the day where I won't buy a release on Naked Music. Let's keep it short: this is another classy soulful house track with a cool selection of mixes.

Miguel Graca presents Soulnotmind "Speak my mind" (Bombay Records 12")

A laidback guitar leads the way on this soulful house groove with a remix by Johnny Fiasco that uses a pumped up groove to create a moody affair.

Pitch Black 2000 (Next Moov Trax Records 12")

"Tu me  tienes" by Trent'N'Boyz featuring Lisa Lopez has a latin feeling over a stomping beat. "Kao's get moody" by Kerri Chandler is another deep bubbling track as he likes to give us on a regular basis. "Jessie's Speach (Remix)" by Romatt uses a nice organ ride over a fierce groove. "Eclipse" by Jovonn is a deep groove with moody keys remembering me of the "Doo-Bop Song" by Miles Davis.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Madonna "Music" (Maverick/Warnermusic Records 2x12" Promo)

Can anyone please tell the italian Supermama, that she should get new remixers please?!? Do you remember the times, when MAW, Morales or Murk remixed her? Gosh, I wish these times came back and Madonna would get this excellent remix-treatment that she was used. If there wasn't the original mix and the Groove Armada remix on this doublepack, I could never ever find anything cool about that package. The original is heavily played on the radio and I'm sure everyone knows this cool and funky song. Groove Armada keep the vibe alive, just reduce the vocals and ad a electro-housey beat. Victore Calderone and Deep Dish destroy the nice song and go for techno mixes, that don't touch me at all. Boring, mainstream, commercial...just sad!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Modjo "Lady (hear me tonight)" (Barclay/Universal/France Records 12")

A big magazine from the UK wrote, that this is the follow-up from "Stardust". Well, the idea is similar and it is a really funky track, but not really comparable to the hype that went along with "Music sounds better with you". Still, "Lady" kicks ass big time. Very nice melody and a ear-catching voice-sample. I heard this tune last saturday three times at my favorite club U60311/Frankfurt, Germany played by three different DJs (karotte, Hubee from Wackside and Maurizio from Nerio's Dubwork) and the crowd was freaking out every time! Gonna be BIG!!!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: ATFC "Bad Habit" (Remixes) (Defected/Clubtools/Edel Records 12")

This is the German release and it finally has the Jose Nunez Vocal mix everyone has waited for here so long. Unfortunatly the ATFC dub isn't on the release, but at least the still most played and best mix of this wicked tune: the ATFC club mix! Great for those, who weren't lucky to catch the promos, when those were around.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Awa Band "Timba" (Remixes) (Defected/Clubtools/Edel Records 12")

Finally the most-hunted Nerio's Dubwork remix. It's a BOMB!!! It finally uses the congas in a way, that makes you feel like being on a balearic island or partying down in Rimini, Italy, where Signore Maurizio from Nerio's Dubwork is a well known DJ. Great remix, hard to get before and only a few lucky ones had the acetate of it. Obviously it really rocks the clubs as I found out last weekend! There are most of the promos' remixes on these two single 12" and we all can be happy about this smart release policy.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Tiefschwarz feat. Deidra Jones "Alive" (Benztown/Edel Records 12" Promo)

Great new tune of the guys from Tiefschwarz. More underground and less commercial as "Music", due to this maybe not such a hot seller, but definitly a DJ-pleaser, for those who like it soulful and deep. Two great vocal mixes and a incredible hot dub will rock every floor worldwide, sure about this!!!


August 6, 2000

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Sharon Phillips " Touch me" (Brickhouse Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

After their successful clubslammer "Back in the days" (Supersmack), here's the second bomb on Brickhouse Records: "Touch me" is a really soulful and uplifting song with a variety of really cool remixes. Wackside themselves did two mixes, one of them uses the MAW beat of "V.I.P." by GUS GUS, the other mix is pretty retrodisoesque and both are slamming in their own way. Kenny Blake, well known because of his 2000 version of "Tom's Dinner" ads a very pumping mix and a dub, that samples this underground classic "The speaking of the trees" (artist unknown). For the so called UK Garage lovers there are two mixes by the Frankfurt based producers/remixers Crystal Cru. Including the original album version this doublepack delivers eight excellent mixes, that won't let anyone unsatisfied. Go on the hunt for it!

Denise Nejame "Way that I feel" (White Label 12")

Only one version can be found on this white label 12". It is done by the Lab Rats who deliever a driving house groove.

Groove Junkies "Music is Life" (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark Mixes)(Champion Records 12"  Promo)

DJ Antoine & Mad Mark are behind these new mixes that are driven by a catchy piano.

Osunlade presents "Latina Cafe" (Yoruba Records 12")

Two tracks inlcuded on this 12" where the title gives you an idea what to expect. "Power to conquer" has a stomping beat and is on a jazzy edge with spoken words. "Udeia de Ogum" is an instrumental track on a more laidback tip with a jazzy feeling.

Deep Theory featuring Haley "Do it" (Large Records 12")

The original 'Lava Bar Vocal' has a laidback and deep bubbling house groove while Miguel Migs gives it the Naked Music treatmeant. More quality sounds from Large who never dissapoint.

Rhythm Section featuring Donald O "Do you know" (MAW Records 12")

Not the kind of record I'd expect to see on MAW Records, and I guess you'll either love or hate it. It heavily samples the Chic classic "My forbidden lover" and the result is a bit cheesy and commercial.

Joey Negro featuring Taka Boom "Saturday" (The Azuli Remix Collection)(Yola Rcorfds 2x12" Test Pressing)

These are the 'Gridlock/Solar Remixes' and they are on a different label than the mixes I reviewed last week (now who will release the record?). Nothing spectacular to be found here, just solid variations playing around with the keys and the vocals, and filtering effects are included too.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Spiller "Groovejet (If this ain't love)" (Kontor/Universal Records 2x12" Promo)

Doublepack of this years italian summer hit by DJ Spiller (Housenation/Italy). It's a BIG clubtrack for months by now and who doesn't know this beautiful mediteranean track with its dreamy Salsoul sample "Love is you" by Carol Williams. This doublepack has, besides the original version, new vocal versions by Germany's most know remix and production team, Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange, as well as new mixes by Todd Terry and Ray Roc, who all keep the original vibes alive. Great doublepack with nice mixes, definitly worth to buy!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Moca feat. Deanna "Higher" (Knee Deep Remixes) (UrbanDJ/Universal Records 12" Promo)

For those who liked the Knee Deep teaser on the Azuli Records doublepromo, this is the perfect full pleasure vinyl. It has all Knee Deep mixes in its full lenghts - a dub mix, the Classic club mix and the really outstanding Magic Disco Ride!!! As expected Knee Deep add their magic beats and make this anyway already great song even cooler and more underground. The Classic club is very soulful and has a murderbreak, that will make the crowd freak on the dancefloor and their Magic Disco Ride mix is a complete modification of the original with new keys and uses the lyrics only as teasing sample. Great rework done by great remixers!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Tony Touch "I wonder why (He's the greatest DJ)" (TommyBoy/EastWest Records 12" Promo)

The bomb, another MAW remix or just one of the hottest and most thought after promos right now?!?! Anyway, the MASTERS are back with some new stuff and their Tony Touch remixes are wicked and slamming! The song reminds totally of "He's the greatest dancer" and this is most likely its intention. Louie and Kenny add their magic beats and deliver a really undergroundish dub, that is perfect for the after hours and a Main mix for the peak hours. Hey Mr. DJ play this funky song for us, okaaayyy?!!?!!?

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Alex Gopher "The child (Remixes)" (Solid/V2 Records 2x12" Promo)

Brandnew and another of those most hunted MAW remixes on the Berlin based underground label V2 Records. If you liked the Alex Gopher original, you'll like Kenny Dope's and Faze Action's totally slammin' reconstructions of this smooth housetrack. My favorite is the Kenny Dope Bonus Beats mix, that shows his outstanding skills to program beats. Flawless! Fits perfect to all these Latin influenced housetracks of this summer. Beats that make you freak out, simply said: way cool!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Magma 2001 "Bum Bum Baby" (Undiscovered/UrbanDJ Records 12")

If it hadn't this totally deep and smooth Magma Dub mix, I would never recommend buying this corny record. The Klubheads mixes are commercial and not very interesting, as well as the Extended edit...BUT the the Magma dub out! Boy, this is freakin' cool! One of those dubs, that I can completly imagine in a Boris Dlugosch set at the break of dawn, when he sents the crowd into Xanadu, who know what I mean?!?

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Different Gear vs. The Police "When the world is running down" (UrbanDJ Records 12")

If you think Stings voice is cool and if you like the remixes of "Voices inside my head" a couple of years ago, then you'll LOVE these mixes. Surely one of the hottest records that were around the last few months since the WMC in Miami this spring as bootleg gets now a release for all these DJs who were hopeless about finding the bootleg ever. Additionally to the bootleg vocal mix, there is a dub mix, with just some background vocals. Great stuff with a pumping beat.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: ATFC presents OnePhatDeeva "Bad Habit" (Test/Defected/Clubtools Records 12" Test Pressings)

Man, THIS is one of the hottest records of this summer! Since I heard Brian Tapert and Boris Dlugosch play this in late spring this year I was crazy for it. Now there is a single promo with remixes by Armin Van Buuren, ATFC and the Stanton Warriors and a excellent doublepack, that will please all the better DJs in this world with a accapella, very useful, when it comes to mixing it with the original. I heard Michi Lange doing this and the crowd was completly freaking out. Spen & Karizma add some remixes, buts ound kind od old school this time with a groovey piano. My favorite mixes are still the ATFC mixes. BIG TIME MUST BUY! I heard there are some cool remixes by the Dronez around as well, but still didn't find these.


July 30, 2000

Cleptomaniacs vs. Stevie Wonder "All I do" (Bootlegg 12")

Already hot with those that have it on CD-R or acetate, now that it is available on bootlegg it will rock the dancefloors all over the world for sure. The Cleptomaniacs use the original Stevie Wonder track and add a drving funky groove.

Joey Negro featuring Taka Boom "Saturday" (Incentive Records 12" White Label)

Joey Negro back with a winner, a y2k update of the '97 smash by East 57th St. A stomping groove with Taka Boom suppling the vocals. 

Magic Touch "Good inside" (Azuli Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Loleatta Holloway's "Crash goes love" gets sampled over a fierce and stomping disco groove. Remixes are courtesy of the Harlem Hustlers and Eddie Amador.

Linda Eder "Vienna" (Tommy Musto Mixes)(Atlantic Records 2x12" Promo)

Tommy Musto saving this one (forget about the other mixes by Lenny Bertolodo) with his warm and smooth groove working perfectly with Linda's vocals.

Bah Samba "All I ever wanted" (Dubs)(Estereo Records 12")

If you like the vocal versions (released this week), you wan to search this promo 12" with the dub mixes that is believed not to be released.

Basement Jaxx "Bingo bango" (David Morales Remixes)(Astralworks Records 2x12")

Out for a few weeks now, David Morales turns this massive UK club hit into a strong latin houser coming in a variety of mixes.

Miguel Migs "Take me to paradise" (Naked Music Records 12")

A classy follow-up to the previous 12" that keeps the high standard of the Naked Music releases and stays to their tradition.

Markus Encohson featuring Frank Adahl "C-Ourselves" (Vinyl Soul Records 12")

After delievering a couple of standout remixes, Markus brings us a production on his own on a soulful garage tip with gospel-ish vocals on top.

IPO featuring Emily Davis "Freedom" (EasyStreet Records 12")

A Mitch 'Mad' Moses production with the standout mixes coming from John Cutler on a groovy tipy with smooth keys.

Catalan FC & Sven Love featuring Connie Harvey "Make a joyful noise" (Look at You Records 12")

A smooth gospel-ish houser with a laidback guitar. The remixes by the Pound Boys strip the groove down to a stomping beat.

De'Lacy "No more lies" (EasyStreet Records 12" Test Pressing)

Long time no see for De'Lacy. This is a solid house track with a jazzy piano, but some new mixes could help this one break to a wider audience.

Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn "Arriba, Abajo!" (Wave Records 12")

A groovy track with jazzy keys, an irresistible groove and acidic tones on top of it.

Moonchildren "Beyond love" (Deep4Life Records 12")

As the previous released on this label, the four tracks included on this 12" are pure soulful and laidback deepness.

En-Core featuring Stephen Emmanuel and Eska "Coochy Coo" (Virgin Records 2x12" Promo)

The props go to the Fusion Groove Orchestra for their groovy mixes on a jazzy tip. As with their own "If only I could" (I hope you got that one!) there is a cool George Benson-ish guitar featured.


July 23, 2000

Credence Summer 2000 (Credence Records 2x12" Promo)

The new dance offshot of EMI Records, Credence Records, present a summer sampler with six tracks. Among them there are a pumping Stella Browne remix of "I want you" by CZR featuring Delano, "Holding on" by Damien J. Carter featuring Mel Candy on a funky disco-ish tip and "What a night" by 7th District featuring Janine Cross (which I already reviewed a few weeks ago). The highlight is "Time" by Dajae, an E-Smoove produced funky houser with a wicked guitar.

Different Gear vs. The Police "When the wolrd is running down (you can't go wrong)" (Pagan/Urban/Universal Records 12" Promo)

One of the biggest records at the Winter Music Conference in Miami this year gets its official release. In addition to the bootlegg version there is also a dub included.

Sonique "It feels so good" (Serious Records 12")

The mix of interest comes from Can 7 who deliever a chunky and soulful mix.

Amel Larrieux "Get up" (Remixes)(White Label 12")

Not an official release from her label, this looks like a bootlegg with mixes on a bubbling uptempo tip, probably done by Nakes Music's Miguel Migs.&nbsp

Love Connection "The bomb" (Remixes)(Time/Zeitgeist/Polydor Records 2x 12")

Already reviewed by Thomas Fath last week, get the details there. I overlooked it first, but after a second listen I got to admit that the Can7 and Wackside mixes are great for the dancefloor.

Tony Touch "I wonder why (He's the greatest DJ)" (Masterst at Work Remixes)(Tommy Boy Records 12")

Very reminiscent of Sister Sledges' "He's the greatest dancer", these Masters at Work mixes are on a smooth laidback tip.

First Choice featuring Rochelle Fleming "Let no man put asunder" (Remixes Part 1)(Deluxe Audio Records 12")

What makes this an essential purchase is the included acapella, but you shouldn't miss the Pussy 2000 'Classic Mix' with its laidback guitar. Part 2 of the remixes isn't that exciting, I'm even dissapointed of the Black Science Orchestra remix which is on a crazy disco-ish tip.

Jakatta "From Rio with Love / American Booty" (Z Records 12" Promo)

Joey Negro once more presents his formula of discofied grooves on a house tip. "From Rio with Love" is on a classic disco-ish tip while "American Booty" is based around a stomping groove.

The Committee "Scream & Shout!" (White Label 12")

S. Rivera, J. Burgos and J. Sealee present this 12" subtilted "Miami 2000 Limited Vinyl Release". They keep it simple but effective with an infectious groove.

Anonymous #1 "I got a feelin'" (R.O.I. Anonymous Records 12")

No info about the producer or artist included on the record. What you get is a stomping house track with a disco-ish feeling.

Eddy & Dus "Starlite" (The Remixes)(SolidStateOfHouse Records 12")

Garage music coming your way from France. Truly soulful vocals over a groovy beat with a laidback guitar.

Spero featuring Dannie Scott "You make me say (ooh lalala)" (AfterHours Records 12")

Seems to be the week with of the guitars. Female vocals and a laidback guitar over a soulful groove. Mazi  replaces the guitar with spacey keys on his mixes.

B.O.C. Productions "V-Stylez EP" (Trax of Interest Records 12")

Lars 'LB' Behrenroth presenting a taster of the forthcoming B.O.C. Productions album. Classy house tracks on a bumpy tip.

Street Corner Symphony featuring CeCe Rogers "Symphonic Tonic" (Universal Records 12")

After a couple of 12" with various remixes, there is now a full vocal version with CeCe Rogers singing over the discofied groove. An acapella is included too.


July 16, 2000

DJ Deep & Jovonn "Back in the Dark" (Remix)(Distance Records 12")

A new remix by Jovonn of this deep underground smoker. The original version, an instrumental and the bonus track "Spring" are also included.

Kerri Chandler "Rain" (Nervous Records 12")

I can't believe how many classy releleases Kerri Chandler is bringing out on a regular basis. No exception here: quality house music with a killer groove.

Larry Heard "Missing you" (Remixes)(TrackMode Records 2x12")

In addition to the original version (that was previously out on a limited edition 12") there are a couple of new remixes by Larry Heard, Theo Parrish and Son Dexter that all stay on the midtempo tip while Bernard Badie speeds it up.

Glaubitz & Roc "Sunshine Day" (Remixes)(Edel Records 12")

Already really huge over over Europe since it was first released on Peppermint Jam Records, here it comes now on Edel Records with mixes by Michael Lange, Phatts & Small, DJ Pippi and the original version, all working the sampled original by Osibisa to a maximum club effect.

Spero featuring Mea "Everything" (Dialogue Records 12")

Lucious vocals over a deep floating groove with Miguel Migs giving it the bubbling Naked Music treatment.

I love Aline "The Power / No Fool"(Enchante Records 12"

The french presenting soulful grooves on this 12". "The Power" comes with an At Jazz remix on a laidback groovy vibe while "No Fool" comes with a Charles Webster remix on a deep bubbling tip.

Deep Swing featuring Xavior "Generate Records 12")

E. Wikman and J. Donaldson going from strength to strenght with their receint productions and remixes. A fierce house track with a killer sax you get here.

Julius Papp & Dave Warrin "The Inner Peace EP "(i! Records 12")

i! Records continue to release house tracks based on jazzy vibes.

Love Rush "Luv 2 see ya (Dancin)" (Azuli Records 2x12")

Coming on two separately sold vinyls, the first 12" has the original vocal and a Joey Negro remix, both on a stomping groove, and the dub by Spen & Karizma. The second 12" has the Spen & Karizma vocal and a progressive remix by Olav Basovski.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Dave 202 feat. Boris G. "Believe in love" (Proton/UCMG Records 12" Promo)

According to the letter that was included in the package, this is gonna be the anthem of the Streetparade in Zurich/Switzerland. Wether or not, at least the housemixes could become big in the clubs. A pretty cool club dub and club vox mix really work for me and hopefully for all those DJs worldwide, who like good pumping housestuff. Definitly a dancefloor filler!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Love Connection "The bomb" (Time/Zeitgeist/Polydor Records 2x12")

Already out on italian vinyl, this gets a big doublepack with remixes in Germany on Zeitgeist, one of Universals sublabels. Great mixes by Can7 and Wackside, which isn't surprising at all, if you look at the quality of their latest remixes. Can7 goes for a more soulful mix and a pumpin' dub, while Wackside go straight to the dancefloor with both mixes. More mixes are to be found by Phat's & Small, who sound like Donna Summer, Phil Fuldner, who goes back to disco and Daniel Klein, who gives us a damn raw dub. Cool stuff and almost a magic session style all-star mix-package of some of Germany's and Europe's finest remixers!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Sasha "If you believe" (WEA Records 12")

One of the biggest German popstars gets a American remix-treatment by noone less than the Wamdue guys and Bobby D'Ambrosio. Bobby gives us some classic garage-vibes to this rather cheesy and corny sounding popsong. Thanks to Bobby that he did a very Def-mix sounding dub for all those DJs out there. Should be big on the dancefloors! The Wamdue mix is called 'Speakeasy Radio Edit' and unfortunatly sounds like done for radio-play.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: DJ Shahrokh feat. Esther Adams "Bad Girls" (Causneffect Records 12")

Remember this old Donna Summer song? Now back for 2000 with mixes by George Morel, Tom Lorenz and Esther Adams herself...funky and and still sounds good after all those years.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: 7th District Inc. feat. Janine Cross (CNF Records 12")

The first release on causneffects sublabel, which targets more American style house. Four cool mixes, my favorites are the Rhythm Masters dub and the 'Classic Anthem' mix, are definitly made to fill the clubs. Brian Tappert rocked with the Rhythm Masters dub serveral dancefloors while he was touring with Marlboro on their Club USA tour through Germany and this should be hint enough to understand, how excellent this song is! Wicked!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Overdub presenst Echo Boys - Soul Cha Cha (Remixes)(DeepCulture/WEA Records 12" Promo)

The original was sent out to some DJs here in Germany a couple of weeks ago, but obviously wasn't to big. This second promo has remixes by Ralphie Rosario and the Wackside guys. Rosario's mixes are kinda boring and sound like a step back, Wackside are again the winners as many times before with a very undergroundish interpretation of this latin-style housetrack.


July 9, 2000

Ultra Naté "Desire" (Strictly Rhythm Records Germany 2x12" Promo)

This double holds the original version, the Joey Negro remixes, the Pussy 200 remixes, an acapella and a new mix by Kerri Chandler that is not on the US promo reviewed last week.

The Lost Tribes of Ibadan 2 (Sfere Records 12")

Dennis F. and Kerri Chandler at it again, putting out unreleased material. The flip has two mixes by "Inspiration" by Arnold Jarvis while on the other side is an (at least to me) unknown track with a latin feel.

ATFC presents OnePhatDeeva "Bad Habit" (Defected Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

After the 2-step mixes by Stanton Warriors we finally get the Spen & Karizma remixes. They turn it into a serious bubbling house track on their mixes.  Also included are the original version by ATFC together with a dub, an accapella and progressive mixes by Armin van Buuren. More remixes by José Nunez and Sandy Rivera will be released on another promo soon.

Spiller "Groove Jet (if this ain't love)" (Remixes)(DreamBeat Records 2x12" Limited Edition)

This massive track had to be re-released with a full vocal and remixes. The main version is the original added with female vocals. The remixes are courtesy of Boris Dlugosch & Michael Lange, Todd Terry, Ray Roc and Solar, all staying true to the original vibe but adding their own groove and keys, so these mixes are mainly variations of the original.

Eric Kupper presents "Havanna" (Hysteria Records One-Sided 12" Test Pressing on Blue Vinyl)

A one-sided taster with the full 12" coming in a few weeks. An instrumental track with that needs to be discovered.

Africanism "Tourment D'Amour/Block Party" (Mighty Bop Sessions/Yellow Records 12")

DJ Gregory delievering two fierce afro-house tracks.

Ministers of Sound present Testament "Work it out" (AfterHours Records 12" Promo)

Testament are back with another gospel-ish vocal house stomper.


July 2, 2000

Bang the Drum II (Jersey Underground Records 12")

Brothers Vibe produced the four tracks on this EP. It's all about the drums and lots of percussions - a perfect programming tool for the DJ.

Pressure "Tears for you" (Remixes)(95 North Records 12")

Very strong remixes to be found on this 12" by Lars LB Berenroth who delievers a beautifully floating vocal version and Dennis F. who gives us a nnicely bubbling groove on both his vocal and instrumental versions.

Stephen Simmonds "I can't do that" (Masters at Work Mixes)(Priority Records 12" Promo)

'Little' Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales giving another r&b song the club remix treatment, strong as ever with wonderfully produced beats.

MJ Cole "Sincere" (Naked Music & Jazzanova Remixes)(Talkin' Loud Records 2x12" Promo)

A 2-step anthem getting soulful remixes. Miguel Migs and Jay Denes add their Naked Music flava and create two groovy mixes. Jazzanova give it a jazzy rub.

The Klub Family featuring Sybil "When I fall in love" (Manifesto Records 2x12" White Label)

This double 12" has the Knee Deep mixes (which have already been bootlegged) and new mixes by Robbie Riviera. Robbie gives it a stomping funky edge with filter effects that should work well on the dancefloor.

Alex Gopher "The child" (V2 Records 2x12" Promo)

Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales going for a house groove built around slamming beats while Faze Action go for another one of their laidback grooves.

Ultra Naté "Desire" (Kerri Chandler mixes)(Strictly Rhythm Records 12" Promo)

The mixes I've been waiting for. These are the ones for the deep and soulful heads where Kerri Chandler goes for deep bubbling groove with a jazzy edge, featuring a cool guitar and a beautiful trumpet.

Joe Claussell presents "Spiritual Insurrection" (Ibadan Records 12")

Joe Claussell putting out another spiritual and percussion layed production with jazzy keyboards. As a special bonus, a new dub version of "Je Ka Jo" is included.

Afterglow "Suite No. 1 - Jujazwarfare" (Clairaudience Records 12")

One of my favorite producers of the past year, Anthony Nicholson, is bringing to you this jazz flavoured track on a laidback groove.

Jiva "Stars" (Giant Step Records 12")

Tom & Joyce and Tauriva are both giving us jazzy house mixes of this little gem.

Taja Sevelle "Never givin' up" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Teddy Douglas and Jay Steinhour bringing us a house track with really sexy vocals (and you gotta take a look at the cover !!).

Roy Davis Jr. "Unreleased Basement Jaxx Vol. 2" (Bombay Records 12")

"at Sunny" is driven by a wicked guitar lick with classic disco-ish vocals on top. "Sweet as you" features Angie Love and comes on a laidback vibe. "Comparison it is" comes with a spoken message over a stomping groove.

DJ Chus & Davis Penn featuring Daren J. Bell "Sunshine" (Black Vinyl Records 12")

House vibes for the summer with a 'beach' feeling - know what I'm talking 'bout? Music for the hot season of the year that will make you move, sweat and love your woman all night long...

Nightsource "Nocturnal Elements" (Large Records 12")

DJ Rasoul and Miguel Migs team up for this EP where they present easy floating grooves with a laidback feeling.


June 25, 2000

Sundiatta O.M. "Paradise" (Prescription Records 12" Promo)

Ron Trent and Sundiatta O.M. are behind the latest offering from Prescription, an athmospheric and percussive track with a live piano and escalating bass.

Kerri Chandler "Kerri's Jazz Cafe" (Flipside Records 2x12")

Kerri Chandler is giving us a double 12" with four tracks, all filled with jazzy elements. On disc one, he leaves the house territory to give us slamming jazz music, while on disc two it is pure jazz house extravaganza. 

Coldfeet "Shamafaced" (NiteGrooves Records 12" Promo)

Francois K. with the thelp of James Preston and Matthias Heilbronn is behind the mixes that consist of powerful vocals which compliment a filtered and funky bassline and a driving groove.

NuSpirit Helsinki "Change" (Guidance Records 12")

There seem to be no boundaries for this label. This is not a house record, this is just beautiful music. "Change" is a midtempo groover coming in different style: there is a 'Space Disco Mix' which is on an old-school jazzy tip and a 'Twisted Afro Mix' - the name says what you can expect.

Santessa "Nowhere" (Wamdue Project Remix)(DiscoVolante Records 12" Promo)

Wamdue Project bring us a smooth remix with a laidback guitar on a spiritual vibe.

Bah Samba "All I ever wanted" (Estereo Records 12" Promo)

A beautifual song with female vocals over a jazzy and percussive old-school groove. Willy Washington adds a smooth and laidback groove to it.

South Street Player "Who keeps changing your mind" (Remixes)(Cream Records 2x12" Promo)

Full Intention do their usual thing by adding a stomping groove, but its the 'Karousel Vocal Mix' by Paul Harris that is my favorite with its laidback and percussive groove. Paul Harris also gives us a vocal dub with a bubbling dark groove.

Crystal Clear "Live your life" (Junior Jack Remix)(ClubTools Records 12")

Even more mixes that will make it difficult to choose the one to play. Junior Jack adds a funky guitar riff over a catchy house beat.

Cleptomaniacs "Time out for Love" (Fluential Records 12" Test Pressing)

Yes! You 'got to take some time out' for this groovy gem that has a driving beat. DJ Phenix turns in a deep rub with a funky edge.

Ministers of Sound featuring Paul Walton "Got to hold on" (Dialogue Records 12" Promo)

Ron Carroll and Spero Pagos aka the Ministers of Sound bring us a stomping house track with a funky edge and nearly gospel-ish vocals on the main vocals while their 'Experimental Vocal' has some extra jazzy keys. Rick Garcia delievers a driving dub version.

Eman and Ceybil Jefferies "Day by day" (HipBone Records 12" Promo)

Finally, we've got Ceybil back!! The main version is driven by a jazzy piano and the beautiful vocals by Eman and Ceybil over a percussive and smooth groove. The flip has two driving dubby versions.

Destroyer "Love like this" (DJ Spen & Karizma Remixes)(Nervous Records 12")

Remixers of the moment, DJ Spen & Karizma, deliever a slamming set of mixes with a stomping and funky house groove topped by the soulful vocals.

Pam Frazier "Thinkin' bourt your Love" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Here we have DJ Spen & Karizma with one of their own productions featuring with a funky groove and a wicked guitar.

HomeCookin' featuring Marcus Begg "All about the mind" (SoleMusic Records 12")

Seji of Bugs in the Attic fame is behind this soulful groover with a laidbak overall feeling and smooth vocals.

JoVonn featuring Kaaye "My angel" (NextMoov Records 12")

Coming your way with a heavier groove than usual, but JoVonn keeps the deep feeling alive on it. There is a 'Basement Vibe' instrumental that features nice xylophones. A remix by Dennis F. who goes for a groovy garage vibe with jazzy keys concludes the package. 

Club Session "Don't move" (Chez Records 12")

A laidback groove with fender rhodes and smooth bass guitar topped by male vocals - sweet vibes coming from Geneva/Switzerland.

Alton Miller "Love ballad" (Distance Records 12")

Soulful house music on a midtempo tip with a deep feeling and laidback vocals. The dub has an extra percussive edge.

Big Sexy presents Yost & Funk "Juste like me EP" (i! Records 12")

"Just like me" is a simple, percussive track with a deep bass and a jazzy edge. "The way we are" is a jazzy track with a driving beat. "Another way around" has an irresistible groove with a percussive edge and jazzy keys coming in around the middle.

Kick Squad "Trees EP" (Peng Records 12")

"Honey" is a jazz house track with a sax played in a true jazz style. "Havanna Leaf" is a house track with a cuban feel.

Freil "West of Motebe" (Transfusion Records 12")

A wicked jazz-house track with nice keys and Restless Soul delievering a remix taking it to a relaxed mood.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Armand Van Helden - Full moon (Armed/FFRR/EastWest Records 12")

Armand is back again with the second 12" release from his latest album "Killing Puritans". Not as hard and wicked as "Kootchie" but pumping at least as much as the first 12" did. Armand goes back in the time, back to 1990/1991, when everyone was spinning the coolest Hip House and ads a very funky and year 2000 compatible club-vibes. Cool, to say the least!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Funky Green Dogs - Fired up 2000 (Universal Records 12" White Label)

Remeber this bomb in its original version? I remember having been in NYC when this first came out year ago. It was one of those moments, that you'll never forget. Tenaglia was playing it and the crowd at Twilo was freaking out on the dancefloor. Now about 4 years later "fired up" gets a full rework by noone else but the incredible italian remixers Bini & Martini, who are way big in all clubs with their remixes for the new Gabriel song. The change the vibe on "Fired up" completly in a more latin-influenced and soulful direction and take away the rough darkness of the classic versions. Should be really hot in the clubs, especially because the funky guitar reminds in some way of Boris Dlugosch's "Sing it back" remix, that he did for Moloko.

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: Earl 16 - Free the world (DeepCulture/WEA Records 12")

A song, which I would surely never listen to, if it would not have received this wicked remix treatment from DJ 88 Keys, a DJ and remixer from Cologne/Germany, who is still in everyone's ears because of his rocking production "Everybody up" on the upcoming German label Clubstar/MoreMusic. Not a really cool song, but very danceable and funky due to DJ 88 Keys skills and ability to add a real pumping beat to a song. Check out your local dealer and get this record!

Guest Review by Thomas Fath: DJ 88 Keys - Everybody up (Remixes) (Clubstar/MoreMusic Records 12")

One of those tracks, that couldn't be avoided in a good houseclub the last few months. Now out with more remixes by Superfunk's Mike 303. He adds some harder and faster sounds, which can be ok played at the right time. I still go for the original which has this way cool discoish vibe. Great stuff to please the crowd and make people jump on the dancefloor! 


June 18, 2000

The Goodfellas "Soul Heaven" (Azuli Records 12")

Featuring vocals by Lisa Millet, this one comes with mixes by Bini & Martini and the Pasta Boys. A guaranteed floor filler with mixes using an irresistible bassline and a chic-ish guitar or alternatively on a flamenco filled tip.

Mark Grant "Jazzy Kinda Sum'n" (Cyclo Records 12")

A nicely floating track with a wicked jazzy guitar. Also included is the bonus track "Ubiquity" on a jazzy tip with a bumpy groove.

Dimitri from Tokyo presents Tomigaya Traks "Don't hold back (Your Love)" (Basenotic Records 12")

Dimitri from Tokyo aka Dimitri from Paris presents a nice house track with disco-ish strings and a deep bubbling groove. The flip has "Yo te Quiero" which has an old-school funky groove with slamming beats.

Brothers Vibe present "Wave Files 3" (SOM/Underground Records 12")

Two tracks included here. "Two Thirty Seven:AM" has jazzy keys over a deep bubbling groove. "Do you want me" has a simple bumpy groove and female screams over it, nothing special.

Bob Sinclair "I feel for you" (Remixes)(Defected/Edel Records 2x12" Promo)

Beside the original version and the Astrotrax remixes (I reviewed those last week) there are new mixes by CZR who pump it up a bit and add some filtered effect and Spiller who give it a different funky edge.

Knee Deep Bros. "WMC '00" (Records of Interest Records 12")

One of Germany's most respected remix teams release an EP as taster for their forthcoming single "I'll be there for You". "Can we really do this" cleverly samples the philly classic "You've just the right size". "Hooked on your lovin" comes in two versions and has a nice 70's edge. "Come to get me" is a nice funky house track.

Kylie Minouge "Spinning around" (7th District Remixes)(EMI Records 12" Promo)

7th District turn out a driving remix with a stomping beat and a sample of a disco classic (but I don't remember where they took it from although I'm sure I have it in my collection), and - maybe the best part of it - the vocals are totally reworked.

Northside Connection featuring Angie Brown "(Now that) I've found it" (In Demand Records 12")

The original is a nice garage production with remixes by the Soul Renegades that take it to a deeper level. 

Colourful Karma featuring Terra Deva "For the Music" (Remixes)(Boombastic Records 12")

The Charles Webster production gets the remix treatment from A.T.F.C. and Sounds of Life who both give it a funky edge.

Jeff Sharel "Tribute Final" (Statra Records 12")

The original has a jazzy sax based around a simple old-school groove. Mateo & Matos add an irresistible, deep bubbling house groove on their remix. There is a bonus track titled "Nyabinghis" which consists of a wicked groove with slamming beats.

Secrets of the Planets "Birds" (Earth, Moon & Sun Records Limited 12" Promo)

DJ Duke brings us a laidback and percussive track with a wicked guitar and flute on a spiritual tip.


June 11, 2000

Bob Sinclair "I feel for you" (Astrotrax Remix)(Defected Records One-Sided 12" Test Pressing)

Astrotrax give this anthem a smooth and funky garage touch with an extra added jazzy flava.

Montana Sextet featuring C'Loni Brooks "Ooh I love that!" (Philly Sound Works Records 12")

Vincent Montan Jr. is bringing us a house track with xylophones and a cool guitar.

Rochelle Flemming "It's not over" (Remixes)(AfterHours Records 12")

These are the remixes we've been waiting for a couple of weeks. Full Intention added a stomping and funky groove that give this an anthemic feeling.

Mike Delgado "Jazzmania" (NuPhonic Records 12")

Licensed from 83 West Records, the classy original version (released in 1996 on the "The S.O.B. EP") of this jazz-house track is included here as well as a brand new remix by Ashley Beedle

A Man Called Quick "They just want" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

A very dancefloor friendly track with a stomping beat and funky flava.

Fusion Groove Orchestra featuring Steve Lucas "If Only I could" (Curious Records 12" White Label)

A cover of the Sydney Youngblood classic on a bumpy garage tip with a George Benson-ish guitar and disco-ish strings.

Monica A. "Hope" (DreamBeat Records 2x12")

Joe T. Vannelli is back with this driving house track with a nice funky edge on his Attack mixes. Also inlcuded are Carnival mixes with a salsa feeling. 


June 4, 2000

The Mood Men "The Moody Groove EP" (i! Records 12")

DJ Tony V brings us a jazzy house track with a nice selection of mixes.

Yellow Sox "Flim Flam" (Remixes)(Yoshitoshi Records 2x12")

This track is licensed from NuPhonic Records and was first released in 1996. The original version is included here as well as an unreleased mix with a nice organ and remixes by Olav Basovksi on a progressive tip, Smith & Selway on a trancey tip and David Alvarado on a minimalistic but driving tip.

Box Office "Juest leave me" (R*Senal Records 12")

Ernest St.Laurent and Mr. Honk produced this catchy number featuring female vocals with a nice bass guitar on the original version. Roger Sanchez is responsible for the remixes with a feeling that will remember you of "Free" by Ultra Naté.

Ultra Naté "Desire" (AM:PM Records 2x12" White Label)

My white-label 2x12" has absolutely no info about the producers or remixers involved. This should pick up where "Free" left off: a catchy house record with a cool guitar and crossover potential. Some mixes seem to be courtesy of Joey Negro with an added disco-ish feel.

Maureen Parker "Whatcha do" (Tilted Records 12")

Four nice mixes to choose from. Miguel Migs gives us a nice bumpy groove while Julius Papp & Jay J. Hernandez go for a disco-ish dub (damn, I don't remember what they sampled). Brent Laurence gives us a funky vocal version while Marques Wyatt goes for a deep bubbling dub.


May 28, 2000

Misia "Sweet pain" (Francois K. Remix)(BMG Japan Records 12")

Francois K. doing a sweet and soulful remix for Misia that will be featured on her forthcoming album "Misia Remix 200 Little Tokyo".

J-Shin featruing LaTocha Scoot of Xscape "One night stand" (E-Smoove Remix)(Slip'N'Slide/Altantic Records 12" Promo)

E-Smoove with a tasty remix of a r&b song featuring a catchy piano over a bumpy house groove.

Mariah Carey "Can't take that away (Mariah's Theme)" (Morales Remix)(Columbia Records 12")

David Morales with one of his better remixes covering both his actual style and the classic soulful style. But why is the mix that David plays on New York radio not included on this 12"??

Kelis "Get along with you" (Morales Remixes)(Virgin Records 12" White Label Promo)

More Morales remixes on this second promo 12", this time in a classic Red Zone dub style.

Marie St. James "Closer I get" (Remixes)(Yoruba Records 12")

Frankie Feliciano delievering another one of his soulful remixes while on the other side JohNick are on remix duties.

Ricky Nelson "Do I do" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

The Brothers of Peace are back with this production in their trademark pop-house style with underground oriented mixes on the flip side.

Crystal Clear "Live your life" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

This has the potential to be one of this years big summer hits, especially in the new mixes on this double-promo that are on a catchy house tip and Life Elements mixes that are pumped up grooves with filtering. Also included is the original 'Djaimin Mad Club Remix'. 

Artful Dodger & Robbie Craig featuring Craig David "Woman trouble" (Sunkids Remixes)(FFRR Records 12" Promo)

Originally a two step production, now licensed to FFRR Records who commissioned house remixes by the popular Sunkids. Their 'Future Discotech' uses modernized disco-strings over a rockin' house groove while on the 'Latin Thumper Mix' they go for a thumpin' groove.

Romanthony "Bring U up" (Glasgow Underground Records 12")
Romanthony "Bring U up" (Remixes)(Glasgow Underground Records 12")

The first 12" holds the original version and bumpy remixes while the second 12" holds deep bubbling house remixes.

Darryl D'Bonneau "Just to be with you" (EasyStreet Records 12" Test Pressing)

The Black Masses Orchestra is responsible for these remixes on the gospel house tip.

Crash Tha Party featuring Sylvia Simone "Dyin' to be dancin'" (New Generation Records 12")

A cover of the Empress classic with a New Jersey style house remix by Todd Gardner, the flip holding two nice r&b mixes.

Thaisoul featuring Marcel "Journey into the Light" (Vinylicious Records 12")

Jask is back with this laidback spiritual groover.

Lisa Shaw "Always" (Naked Music Records 12")

There is no stoppin' for Naked Music. They give us another one of their smooth and souful takes on house, complete with mixes by Petalpusher and Restless Soul.

Donnell Jones "Where I wanna be" (House Remixes)(LaFace Records 12" Promo)

Another r&b song getting the house remix treatment. Spero Pagos is going for a driving house beat while the Joe Smooth mixes sound like Pete Heller's "Big Love".

Pressure "Tears for you" (95 North Records 12")

95 North delievering a slamming remix with a wicked guitar on top of it. More mixes by Dennis F. and B.O.C. to follow.

Intense featuring Charvoni "All I do is think about you" (SoundMen on Wax Records 2x12")

The spirit of New Jersey garage is alive, coupled with the gospel vocals by Charvoni.

Precious "It's gonna be my way" (Emi Records 2x12" Promo)

DJ Spen & Karizma go for an organ driven stomping house groove while Stella Browne go for a pumping funky groove with filtering.

7th District featuring Janine Cross "What a night" (Credence Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

The austrian guys once more release a stunning garage production with a set of stomping house mixes. 

Driza "Let it out" (Oyster Music Records 12" Promo)

CJ Mackintosh goes for a bumping house groove while RIP go for a piano-led groove.

Kenny Blake "Tom's Diner" (ClubTools/Edel Records 12")

The Suzanne Vega song gets housed up again, in a melodic way with a funky house beat.


May 21, 2000

The Ananda Project feat. Gaelle Adisson "Cascades of Color" (Remixes)(Nite Grooves Records 2x12" Promo)

Joe Claussell once more gives us a spiritual and percussive remix while Ben Watts (from Everything from the Girl) goes for a deep bubbling house mix with nice keys. Also included are two new mixes by Wamdue and two progressive house mixes.

Martin Solveig "Heart of Africa" (Part 2: Matthias Heilbronn Mixes)(Chez Records 12")

The second installment of mixes by Matthias Heilbronn, soulful and jazzy as the first part.

Sarah Jane Morris "Dream on baby" (Ron Trent Remix)(Irma Unlimited Records 12")

Ron Trent with another one of his remixes using the U.S.G. style percussion and a heavy piano on top of it.

Unsolicited Dubz "RocSette's Grooves / R & P Vibe (Part 2)" (Front & Back Records 12")

"RocSette's Groove" is a nice piano-ladden latin-house track while "R & P Vibe (Part 2)" is a deep bubbling house groove with female vocals.

DJ Rasoul featuring Star "Faith in Love" (Large Records 12")

The voals on this warm, soulful  and deeply grooving production are somehow remembering me of the classic "Love come down".

Solar House "The Roots" (Large Records 12")

"Got 2 b U" is a laidback grooving house track with female vocals and jazzy keys. "The Roots" has a jazzy flute on top of an old-school groove. "Peace of mind" has a driving beat with jazzy keys on top of it.

Arnold Jarvis "Learn to give" (Remix Record One)(Hysteria Records 12")
Arnold Jarvis "Learn to give" (Remix Record Two)(Hysteria Records 12" Test Pressing)

Licensed from Italy's Equal Records and coming in various remixes. Record one has a solid remix by Eric Kupper with a nice sax while Jonathan Tedesco goes for a harder dub mix. On record two you can find a sax-driven instrumental version by Eric Kupper which is the best of the remixes. Also included is a harder club mix and another vocal mix with acidic keys.

Glenn Underground "Society Rules / City People" (Guidance Records 12")

"Society Rules" is a jazzy track with a wicked organ over an old-school type groove while "City People" has a guitar and vocal harmonies over a deeply bubbling house groove.

Kevin Yost "Funk-N-Stuff" (Plate Records 12")

A deep groove with jazzy keys courtesy of Kevin Yost.

Lenny Fontana presents Black Sun "Work to do" (Estero Records 12" Promo)

The Isley Brothers classic reworked by Lenny Fontana with a modern disco-ish groove.

Samble Orchestra "Love Vibes" (LifeLine Records 12")

A deep percussive track with both jazzy flute and vibes on top.

Fresh & Low Productions present Fresh Juice II "Especiale" (Black Vinyl Records 12")

A jazzy and percussive track with a deep floating groove.

East West Connection "Rollin" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

Another production that shows what the label stands for: "soulful music for funky people". An old-school song getting the club treatment by Black Science.

Dino & Terry "Croque Monsieur" (Guidance Records 12")

Dino & Terry are finally back with this jazzy grooving track, both on the old-school and house tip.

Boo Williams "Breakin' Point EP" (TrackMode Records 12")

Another great EP with jazzed-up tracks.


May 14, 2000

Satoshi Tomiie "Inspired" (Dub Remixes)(Sony Japan Records 12" Promo)

This 12" promo has the Frankie Knuckles dub remix, an accapella and the instrumental of Satoshi's own remix.

Phlash "Phlash 3000" (Parts 1 & 2)(Estereo Records 2x12" Promo)

Four tracks produced by Phil Asher on this double-promo (that will be released on two separate 12"). "Participate" features male vocals over a soulful and deep bubbling groove. The other three cuts "High Breed", "Sparkling not still" and "1471" have all a jazzy edge and are build around mellow grooves.

Moca featuring Deanna "Higher" (Remixes)(Azuli Records 2x12" Promo)

This is the second double-promo that holds remixes by Knee Deep who give it a funky feeling on both their vocal and dub mix - the dub having extra xylophones. Kings of Tomorrow go for a deep bubbling underground take.

Steve 'Silk' Hurley "Jack your Body 2000" (Silk Entertainment Records 12")

The a-side holds a re-produced and re-edited version of the 1986 original. The flip has the Y2K remixes which are totally different with added disco-ish strings.

Gabrielle "When a woman" (Bini & Martini Remix)(GoBeat Records 2x12" Promo)

The only mixes interesting on this double-promo are the ones by Bini & Martini that are simply irresistible with their funky edge.

ATFC "Bad Habit" (White Label 12")

This one was getting lots of attention at this years Winter Music Conference in Miami and will be out later this year on Defected Records. This is a cover of the Jenny Burton classic, coming here in its demo/original version that is on a funky beat with in-demand filter effects on top.

Bobby D'Ambrosio presents Kelli Sae "Here I am" (ClubTools Records 12")

Only the David Morales club mix and Bobby's special club mix made it to the commercial 12" (I reviewed a test pressing of this back in december 1999 which includes additional mixes by both David Morales and Bobby). There is a new vocal dub mix by Harlem Hustlers with a stompin' house beat and a Roy Malone goes for a crossover pop-house mix.

Sessomato "Moody" (Junior Records 12")

A cover of the ESG classic, created by Joey Negro. A classy updated version with an extra jazzy flava.

Terry Hunter "Off the wall "(Vinyl Soul Records 12")

The attraction on this 12" is the soulful club mix by Terry Hunter himself that is on a laidback groovy tip. The GT Express mixes are based on a pumping house groove.

Julius Papp / Face "Control / Rhode(s) Warrior" (Estero Records 12")

"Rhode(s) Warrior" is a jazzy track build around a driving beat. "Control" is a laidback and jazzy percussive track with a Twin Towers remix taking it into deeper grounds.

Limbo Experience "Illusion" (Yellow Records 12")

The original version is on a laidback deep-house tip with a jazzy piano that can be found on all mixes on this 12". Tom & Joyce add a groovier beat to it while Rollercone go for a more percussive take that keeps the laidback feeling of the original.

Kimani Wilson "Kozmik Listening 101" (Vinylicous Records 12")

Jask giving us more of his deep and mellow medicine in form of this fine remixes on a jazzy tip with a cool guitar.

Glenn Underground "G.U. Essentials Pt. 3" (Dust Traxx Records 12")

G.U. is back with an EP of three tracks, all on a jazzy tip. "Get Back" samples the Masters at Work classic "I can't get no sleep" while "Conquistador" is on a bumpy tip. "Super Nova" is a jazzy track with spaced out keys.

Ann Nesby "Love is what we need" (Peppermint Jam Records 12")

A great return for the ex lead singer of the Sounds of Blackness. Mousse T. produced and mixed this fine and smooth house track with a sweet guitar, but of course the vocals are the highlight on this 12".

Knee Deep presents Upper Class "Welcome II Da Disco" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12")

This is an example how a track with a reminisce to the glory disco era should be: a funky groove, disco-ish strings and catchy hook that will make the people move.

DJ Oji "Deep into the Vibe of House / Set our Souls free" (Poji Records 12")

"Deep into the Vibe of House" is a percussive and deep bubbling track while "Set ur Souls free" is a percussive drum track.

DJ Spen presents Jasper Street Company "New Birth EP" (Basement Boys Records 12")

A five track EP including the 12" "Till I found you" and "Gold helps those (who help themselves)". New tracks are "I wanna sing" with female vocals and "Music" with male vocals, but with a funky groove. Finally there is "Smile" with female lead vocals over a deep bubbling groove with a funky edge.

Miguel Migs "Find whats mine" (Yoshitoshi Records 12")

Female vocals over a bumpin' house groove.

Bruce Wayne featuring Luvain Maximen "I choose to live..." (X-IT Records 12")

The main mixes are based around a catchy and bumpy house groove with a dub that works the funky guitar to the edge. David Martin delievers a laidback and soulful version.

Weird Science "Feel the Need" (Lab Rats Mixes)(NuLife Records 12" Promo)
Weird Science "Feel the Need" (Joey Negro Mixes)(NuLife Records 12" Promo)

The Lab Rats go for a stomping beat on their main vocal mix while on their 'Let loos on the Boogie' they create an unstopable boogie feeling . Joey Negro gives it a retro feeling with a disco-blend. 


May 7, 2000

Lara Fabian "I will love again" (Morales Mixes)(Columbia Records 12")

The feeling on the club mix is nearly pop-house due to the cheesy vocals, while the dub goes for a piano-driven Red Zone style.

Groove Junkies featuring Mijan "Music is Life" (Champion Records 12" Promo)

Beside the Deep Swing mix I already reviewed on test pressing two weeks ago, the full promo has the original vocal on a smooth garage tip and a bumpy dub version.

Bougie Soliterre "Superficial" (Quietriot Records 12")

This is a wonderful piece of smooth and soulful vibes on a laidback groove with vocals by Kavita Sing and Bettina

Scott Grooves "The Next Day" (One-Sided 12")

The only information available is that this is taken from the forthcoming Scott Grooves album, but no label mentioned. It is a deep house groove with a great jazzy piano on top of it.

Soul Vision featuring D'Layna "Don't stop" (Unreleased Mixes)(Deep Vision Records 12")

Another remix featuring female vocals over a deep bubbling and simple groove.

M.A.S. Collective featuring Judy Peterson "Release your mind" (Airplane Records 12")

A stomping and driving house beat topped with gospel-ish vocals to create an irresistible feeling.

The Spirituals "Still away (to my Jesus)" (Undiscovered Records 12" Promo)

Don Carlos is back with a stunning production on the soulful jazz-house tip with gospel-ish vocals and a killer trumpet. There is a jazzy instrumental take on the flip that shouldn't be missed.

Divas of Color featuring Chanelle "Love it's over" (KingStreet Records 12")

This Al Mack production comes with mixes by Soul Creation that are on a soulful garage tip with laidback keys.

Fluid X "Change / Tension" (Wave Records 12")

Rob Rives is back with a two tracker. "Change" is a long, deep and laidback afterhours track. "Tension" is a progressive house track.

Tom Chasteen "Freedom" (IbadanSfere Mixes)(F-111 Records 2x12")

The mixes to go for on this double-pack are the ones by Kerri Chanlder and Jerome Sydenham under the pseudonym IbadanSfere. They are driven by both guitars and a deep organ. The 'NJ Dub' features Anthony Falagan and takes it into deep territory.

Fresh & Low Productions "Burnin' Love / Ain't no ceiling" (i! Records 12")

Two deep and moody tracks.

Soul Mecca featuring Thi-Lai "Just for you" (DJ Oji's 'Real Love' Remix)(Centaur Music Records 12")

Deep and soulful garage remix by DJ Oji destined for the underground.


April 30, 2000

City People Productions "Simplicity" (White Label 12" Test Pressing)

Produced by Warren Qway, this is a simple and deep bubbling track with a minimalistic feel. To get a copy, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Moca featuring Deanna "Higher" (Azuli Records 2x12" Promo)

This David Morales and Albert Cabrerra production comes on full promo now (the one-sided 10" was already a 'Pick of the Week' in march) with the original instrumental and a full vocal version as well as new mixes with acidic keys.

The Police "The world is running down" (White Label/Bootlegg 12")

A simple 4/4 groove added to this classic to make it a stomper on the dance floors. You might find this under the title "You can't go wrong" at your store.

Kut'N'Paste "My family depends on me" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

A cover of the Simone classic with a funky guitar and the in-demand filter effects over a stomping house groove.

Glenn Underground "Operation Jaz House" (NiteLife Collective Records 12")

Jazzy house grooves coming your way on this 12". "Operation Jaz" features Mike Saxon on scatting and on guitar while on the flip there are two instrumental tracks.

Martin Solveig "Heart of Africa" (Part 1: Matthias Heilbronn Mixes)(Chez Records 12")

Matthias Heilbronn delievers a set of smooth and jazzy mixes full of percussion and soul.

Aaron Carl "My House" (Remixes)(Ovum Records 12")

Dennis F. is taking us on a mellow and laidback ride while Hollis P. Monroe goes for a deep bubbling groove. Doc Martin and Eddie Amador team up and create a simple and percussive bumper.

STP featuring Kevin Yost "" (i! Records 12")

"Things unsaid" has jazzy keys over a bubbling and percussive house groove. "Latin Holiday" is a simple percussive track while "High Strung" is a jazzy drum&bass track.

CPEN "Pirates Life EP" (Seasons Records 12")

Seasons Records continue to release EP's of high quality. "Pirates Life" uses spaced out keys over a bumpy and driving house groove. "Liquid Steps" uses a jazzy piano over a deep grooving house beat. "Third Quarter" is a downtempo jazzy track with a trumpet solo on top of it.

Mettle Music Collective "EPTwo" (Toko Records 12")

Both featured tracks "Lounge Lizard" and "Basement Vibe" are jazzy and laidback house groover. Attaboy turn "Lounge Lizard" into a deep grooving affair with an irresistible feeling. "Basement Vibe" gets remixed by Trailer Trash who give it  jazz-funky edge.

Kings of Tomorrow "Tear it up" (Original/Bob Sinclair Remixes)(Distance Records 12" Promo)
Kings of Tomorrow "Tear it up" (Lenny Fontana Remixes)(Distance Records 12" Promo)

K.O.T. once more create a stomping house groove with the sampled "It should have been you" keyboard line and Julie McKnight on vocals. Bob Sinclair adds a funky flava to it while Lenny Fontana goes for a solid garage groove.

Michelle Weeks "Follow your dreams" (Remix)(Z Records 12" Test Pressing)

Sounds of Life turn this garage anthem it into a funky stomper with a touch of disco in it oo. And as usual, Z Records include the acapella.

Jazmin "Don't push" (Stonebridge Mixes)(Edel Records 12"  Promo)

A very clever remix by Stonebridge combining the sounds that are in-demand at the moment. You get a driving and funky house groove with filter effects, topped by the soulful vocals of Jazmin.


April 23, 2000

Groove Junkies featuring Mijan "Music is Life" (Deep Swing Mix)(Champion Records 12" Test Pressing)

After some time of silence Champion Records are back with a record that already got lots of attention in Miami. This test pressing just has the Deep Swing remix which has a funky and stomping house groove with Mijan on vocals.

Sabrynnah Pope "Black Man" (Slip'N'Slide Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Spread over two 12", Guiro's mix with jazzy keys can be found on disc two together with a short acapella and a remix by Alliance DC which is a bumpy house track (the dub is on disc one which also features the italian mixes by Ivan Iacobucci and Jamie Lewis).

Danacee "Stop" (Tiefschwarz Remixes)(Benztown/Edel Records 12")

While we still have to wait for the new Tiefschwarz single "Alive", they give us another one of their remixes with the typical Tiefschwarz-aestethic sounds coupled with the soulful vocals of Danacee

The Rurals "Rural Stiles EP" (Peng Records 12")

EP after EP full of soulful vibes is coming from The Rurals. Here we get "Show me", a laidback groover, the deep and jazzy vocal "Red Kickers" and "Mountain Clouds", a disco-house groover.

Jesper Dahlbäck "Sand & Vatten" (Svek Records 12")

Both "Sand" and "Vatten" are laidback jazz-house track with a laidback feeling.

Kimani Wilson "Kozmik Luv EP" (i! Records 12")

Four tracks on this 12", all on a groovy laidback tip with a jazzy and percussive feeling.


April 16, 2000

Runner up this week: Satoshi Tomiie "Inspired" (Remixes)(Sony Japan Records 2x12" Promo)

Disc one holds Satoshi's own mixes: the classic vocal version is here, a reprise version and a new club version. Disc two has a remix by Frankie Knuckles in a classic DEF-mix style full of pianos, keeping the original vibe of the record alive. Boris Dlugosch gives it a more funky feeling.

MAW featuring Wummi "Ékabo" (MAW Records 12")

Another great peace of afro music originally written by Fela Anikulapo Kuti got reworked by the Masters at Work and comes in bot afro-beat and afro-house flavor.

Soul Providers featuring Michelle Shellers "Rise" (Look at You Records 12")

This US release includes new piano-led, bumping garage mixes by the Pound Boys. Also included are the orignal version and the Bini & Martini vocal remix.

Stacy Kidd featuring Artesha "Thank you" (YellOrange Records 12")

The 'Main Vocal Mix' is a simple bumping house groover while the 'Funky Guitar Mix' adds a funky guitar over a stomping groove.

Kavita "Everyday" (FlipSide Records 12")

Kavita Singh is back with this soulful groover mixed by Bougie Soiterre.

DJ Pope featuring Marty St. Michaels "I need you" (BlackVinyl Records 12")

The Blak Beatniks deliever the mix to go for on this 12" under the name of Boogie Bruthaz. Take Marty's falsetto vocals over a groovy house beat with a wicked bass - and not to forget the jazzy piano.

Platinum Doll featuring P.Y. Anderson "Let love live" (SubUrban Records 12")

First, congratulations to SubUrban for their 50th release!! Both Tommy Musto and Frankie Feliciano deliever hot and soulful mixes.

Dawn Tallmann "Through the Fire" (SoundMen on Wax Records 2x12")

Just another hit for her after "Be encouraged", this time remixed by Frankie Feliciano on a laidback Ricanstruction tip and Albert 'Sterling' Menendez who goes for a soulful, mellow ride that changes into a deep bubbling groove in the middle.

Kenny Bobien "Can't give you anyhting" (Remixes)(SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

The Ministers of Funk (aka Ron Carroll and Spero Pagos) remix this gospel house track that is taken from Kenny's actual album (damn, I still haven't got a copy of it) and give it a laidback and groovy feeling with an jazzy edge on their main vocal mix.

Revisionaries "Love Life" (HipBone Records 12")

More lush and soulful vibes with a jazzy edge from the HipBone crew. Jules St. Cyr uses a swinging philly-style piano and gospel harmonies over fluid grooves while Vicky Bell changes the beats in a downtempo direction on her shuffled dub. Filthy Rich does his usual thing with familar loops and effects, but this should work well on the dancefloor.

Black Science Orchestra "Soul Power Music EP" (AfroArt Test Records 12")

Lots of references to classic old-school vibes can be found on this EP. From the six tracks here, check "Uptown" which is an organ bruised and horn battered jazz-funk track with a 70's feeling, or take "Philadelphia #2" which has a disco-funk feeling with classic strings.

Soul Vision featuring LT Brown "Come into my room" (Remix)(Deep Vision Records 12")

The remix we've been waiting for that should make the dancefloors rock. A simple but effective groove with LT Brown's vocals on top.

Spenitch "I'm blessed" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Another stunning record with a catchy groove on the funky tip, courtesy of DJ Spen and Karizma.

Aquanauts "70's Devotion" (Guidance Records 12")

Don Carlos is back with a three tracker. "Tribute" on the a-side  is on a disco-funk tip while on the flip there is the driving "Dance the freestyle" coming in two variations.

Gabriel René with Nicole Weisberg "Don't you cry" (OM Records 12")

The main mix has an afro-latin feeling to it. The dub version has an added house beat while Natural Rhythm add some spaced out keys on their mix.

Groove Collective "Some People" (House Remixes)(Liquid Sound Lounge Records 12")

The 'House of Bell-Hop' mix by Vicky Bell and DJ Jeannie Hopper has a stomping house beat with a jazzy sax on top while 95 North go for a deeper feeling with a smoother groove and both jazzy flute and jazzy sax.

Sweet Abraham "Spreading outward EP" (Deep4Life Records 12")

"Diaspora" is a classy deep house track while "Wallflower" is a track for your afterhours set. "Days since Past" is a jazz-house track.

"Spritiual Vibes EP" (Groove-N-Stuff Records 12")

Both "I thank you" and "Who are you" use gospel-ish vocoals over a stomping garage groove with a spiritual-edge.


April 9, 2000

Stella Browne "Every woman needs Love" (Perfecto Records 2x12" Promo)

Surprisingly to see a house record on Perfecto Records, but one that is already working the dancefloors all over in Europe with its stomping beat, disco-ish strings and filtered and funky groove. Full Intention deliever the remixes that are not very different from the original version but will for sure help this to be a big hit.

Kerri Chandler "Digitalsoul Session Two" (Large Records 12")

The right music for spring: easy floating house grooves with a laidback and old-school feeling, courtesy of Kerri Chandler.

Antonio "Romance en el Barrio" (Tribal Winds Records 12")
Antonio "Inner Dance" (Tribal Winds Records 12")

Antonio is back with two releases for those who love the percussive side of spritiual house grooves.

Blue Six "Pure" (Naked Music Records 12")

Jay Denes back with Monique on vocals. As usual, it is on the soulful side with mixes by Jay himself, Miguel Migs and Aquanote, all of them going for laidback grooves with a jazzy feeling.

Pete Moss "Outward Bound EP" (Recline Records 12")

Pete Moss back with another EP that features deep house music with an old-school edge.

The Baltimore Washington Project (POJI Records 12")

Producers from both Washington and Baltimore - two underrated cities in terms of house music - are featured on this EP. Both DJ Mandril and 95 North outta Chocolate City go for simple underground grooves. From Charm City we have DJ Pope with a jazz-house track, DJ Oji with an underground track and an acappella courtesy of Sam 'the man' Burns.

Jersey Street "How could I be loved" (Glasgow Underground Records 12")

Just another winner after "Cried me a river" on a laidback and groovy tip with a cool and jazzy dub and nice pianopella.

Winter Music Conference Special Gold Pack (Hole Records 2x12" Promo)

This double 12" features upcoming material from Hole Records. "Good Luck" by Sabrinaah Pope and "Sweet Sensation" by Tanya Louise are solid garage numbers while "Happy" by Jimi Polo features a jazzy piano over a bumpy house groove. Finally, there is new vocal-dub of "Understand me" by Michael Watford.

Miz Gisele "In his motion" (Liquid Groove Records 12" Test Pressing)
Miz Gisele "In his motion" (Remixes)(Liquid Groove Records 12" Test Pressing)

The original 12" features a deep bubbling house groover produced by Louie 'Balo' Guzman and mixed by Oliver Stumm, coming in vocal and dub versions. The remix 12" features dub mixes by A Touch of Class on a bumpy tip and Saucermen on a darker tip.


April 2, 2000

Guiro featuring Angela Johnson "Free" (Remix)(SoleMusic Records 12")

Sounds of Life give it a funkier edge on their mixes with a clubbier beat.

Michael Procter "Paradise" (Purple Music Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

95 North deliever a nice deep bubbling vocal and a peak-hour dub version. The second disc has two dubby versions from the original promo 12" that I reviewed last year. 

Earth, Wind & Fire "Boogie Wonderland 2K" (Tiefschwarz Mixes)(Sony Music Records 12")

Tiefschwarz rework this classic with much more soul than other remixer did with other EWF classics before. 

Brother's Vibe "Dub Plates 5" (SOM Underground Records 12")

"Bongoso" is ten minutes of - you guessed it - percussion, especially bongos. "Smooth Ride" is a laidback jazzy groover while "Scat Track" uses a jazzy guitar scat.

Jersey St. "Cried me a River" (Remix)(Junior Records 12")

Boxsaga give it an ambient feel with a nice drum-break on their remix while Diesel is going for a deep house scorcher. He also delievers a cool 'Repriseapella'.

Kelis "Get along with you" (Morales Mixes)(Virgin Records 12" Promo)

David Morales with a solid remix with a nice jazzy edge, especially on his instrumental version.

Jocelyn Brown "Love's gonna get you" (2000 Remix)(White Label 12")

I'm not sure wether this is an offical remix or a bootlegg-remix of Joecelyn's 1985 classic. It has a bumpy groove with a funky edge.

Mike Saxon "Lake Shore Drive" (NiteLife Collective Records 12")

More laidback vibes from this quality label, this time from Mike Saxon.

St. Germain "Rose Rouge" (EMI Records 12")

The french master of Jazz-House is back with another stunning production.


March 26, 2000

Taana Gardner "Work that Body" (Angel Moraes Remix)(WestEnd Records 12")

The first ever remix of a WestEnd Records classic, with Angel Moraes being the lucky one that was choosen. He is giving us one of his irresistible grooves here.

Urban Soul featuring Shawnee Taylor "Jump into the water" (KingStreet Records 12")

Maurice Joshua gives this Roland Clark production the right club appeal with his bumping house mixes, the dub having a deep feeling.

Deepah Ones featuring Jasper Street Company "Dancin'" (Basement Boys Records 12")

DJ Spen and Karizma coming with a stomping funky houser that has a cleverly sampled Chic-ish guitar and the vocals by Jaster Street Company. The dub has wicked spaced-out keys.

C&M Productions featuring Marcel "True House" (Remixes)(Deep Touch Records 12")

Eddie Amador goes for a simple groove while Jask is giving it a deep feeling with a laidback guitar and jazzy sax.

Big Moses featuring Ja'Nel "For you" (BassMental Records 12")

The original version is a piano-led garage production that gets a deeper and more soulful feeling in the 'Sfere of Life Miix' by Dennis Ferer. There is also a deep and nicely bubbling dub version included.

The Pound Boys featuring Rashaan Houston "The right Way" (Remix)(Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

The original vocal version by the Pound Boys gets coupled here with new deeper mixes by the US Collective (don't know who they are).

Manifesto: W.M.C. Sampler 2000 (Manifesto Records 12" Promo)

Two tracks inlcuded here, the one of interest is "When I fall in Love" by The Klubb Family featuring Sybil that comes in a Knee Deep remix. It's on a disco-funk tip with a sampled bassline that is very familiar to me, but I cannot remember the name of it.

Soulsearcher "Do it to me again" (Remixes)(Defected/ClubTools Records 12")

Here we have the 'Soulsearcher Vocal Mix' that is the most soulful mix of the ones available now, and it also includes the full vocals by Thea Austin. Junior Jack is giving us a club mix with a stomping groove and a dub that adds more funky elements.

Guiro featuring Angela Johnson "Free" (SoleMusic Records 12")

A nearly old-school groover with an ultra-cool guitar and jazzy keys.

Jersey St. "Cried me a River" (Junior Records 12")

A moody track with a really deep bass and jazzy overall feeling with female vocals.

Natural Rhythm "The Jive EP Remixes" (Seasons Records 12")

Both Swag and Attaboy deliever grooovy mixes with an irresistible feeling on an afterhours tip.

Callisto "Bruised Kncukles EP" (Guidance Records 12")

Four deep and moody tracks for the afterhours session, produced by Dana Kelly.

MKL vs. Soy Sos "Her Song" (DanceTracks Records 12")

Ragga-ish vocals over a bumpy house groove with jazzy sax, piano and trumpet, coming in different variations.

Jazmina "Rescue me" (Remixes Part 2)(Slip'N'Slide Records 12")

The second 12" includes the full vocal version and a second dub version by Joey Negro as well as another mix by Solid Groove.


March 19, 2000

Barbara Tucker featuring Darryl D'Bonneau "Stop playing with my mind" (Strictly Rhythm Records 2x12")

Finally out on double vinyl including the two original mixes, a two step variation by Artful Dodger and a vocal and two dubs by Full Intention who clevery rebuild the track around the sample and add some filtering effects.

'Little' Louie Vega & Marc Anthony "Ride on the rhythm / Keep it comin' now" (Atlantic Records 2x12")

A re-issue of those two classics from 1991, "Keep it comin' now" (which features Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri) for the first time released commercially with all six versions that were promoed.

Innerzone Orchestra featuring Paul Randolph "People make the world go round" (Kenny Dixon Jr. Remix)(Planet E Records 12")

Kenny Dixon Jr. delivers another one of his very moody and deep excursions, this one starting off slow before he speeds it up after a break in the middle to a retro groove with a jazzy sax.

DJ Deep featuring Oliver Portel "Inner Peace" (Chilly Funk Records 12")

A nicely floating deep house track with wicked keys.

Pete Moss "Softshoe EP "(Ovum Records 12")

More deep house coming your way in form of this three track EP. All tracks have a classic edge to them, my favorite track being "Plenty of Time".

Aaron Carl "My House" (Ovum Records 12")

The main vocal is a minimal and stomping house groove with Aaron's vocals while the dub gets onto the funk territory with an added funky bass. Finally, there are some spoken words.

Robin Jones "Royal Bembe" (Royal Palm/Kudos Records 12")

A traditional that got remixed into a mellow house dub.

Terence Parker "I wanna F.F.U." / Seven Grand Housing Authority "Love's got me high"(Intangible Records 12")

"I wanna F.F.U." is a track sampling the classic vocal line 'You wanna funk, I wanna funk' and a funky bass. "Love's got me high" is a nice garage number with a cool organ and male vocals on top. 

Amber "Above the Clouds" (Eric Kupper Remix)(Tommy Boy Records 12")

Eric Kupper with one of his better remixes with nice and smooth keys on the vocal version and a funkier take on the dub version.

Lego "Jazzmorphosis" (83 West Records 12")

Three different versions to choose from: the first one has a jazzy sax over a stomping house groove, the second one has a jazzy piano over a stomping house groove and the third one uses the jazzy sax over a pumped-up groove.

Monday Michiru "Sunshine after the rain" (K.D. Remix)(White Label 12")

I guess K.D. are Knee Deep. Their mixes are based around a funky bassline and get added with classic strings and nice keys. The only downpoint is that they didn't have access to those wonderful background vocals that the Masters at Work used for their remix.

Lovebirds "Lovebirds / The Limit" (Trax of Interest Records 12" Test Pressing)

Superbird produced this two little gems provided on this 12". "Lovebirds" is on a laidback tip with warm guitar licks and smooth beats. "The Limit" is perfect for afterhours play early in the morning with its dreamy keys and groovy feeling.

Kid Alex presents Tonic People "Hambit / Just can't forget" (Trax of Interest Records 12" Test Pressing)

A youngster from Germany (he is just 17 years old) releases two tracks on this 12" that should keep the crowd rocking the floor. "Hambit" has slamming beats with wicked keys on top while "Just can't forget" has a classic disco-funk feeling underlined with a stomping house groove.


March 12, 2000

Tony Watson "Passages" (Ibadan Records 12")

A one sided affair with just one track track which starts with a simple, deep groove before some jazzy and spaced-out keys get added to create a hypnotic groover.

Destiny's Child "Say my name" (Maurice Joshua Mixes)(Columbia Records 2x12" Promo)

Maurice Joshua again remixing Destiny's Child. He goes for a combination of classic disco sounds (just think of those strings that got used) and an upfront house groove, as well as for a stomping house groove, both coming in vocal and dub versions. The second disc has various r&b mixes.

LaTanya "Keys" (TVT Records 12" Promo)

I know this is several weeks (or month) old but it took me some time to find a copy since it got not released. Kelly G did the mixes which use his trademark bumpy grooves.

Soul Creatures featuring Gill hicks "Was that all it was" (Defender Records 12")

The philly classic by Jean Carl gets covered, and the result is full of percussion and a deep bass but still has that classic philly-disco feeling to it. There are a vocal, a dub and bonus beats and a house version (that you should forget really quick).

Billie "Take it easy" (Purple Music Records 12")

Produced and mixed by Jamie Lewis, there is a stylish Body & Soul version as well as a funked-up groover.

Michelle Weeks "Gotta keep tryin'" (Basement Boys Records 12")

No stoppin' for the Basement Boys - they produce another slammin' track with a stomping funky groove with featured vocalist Michelle Weeks

Philly Classics Lost Tracks (Philly Sounds Works Records 12")

This is something for the lovers of Montana Sextett/Montana Orchestra and Vincent Montana Jr. There are four tracks here that bring that Montana sound back - including an interpretation of "Heavy Vibes". I simply love it...

Boo Williams "Mistic Dreams / Chrissy Jazz" (Ovum Records 12")

"Mistic Dreams" is a deep and mystic track with a jazzy-hypnotic groove while "Chrissy Jazz" is a moody groover on a laidback tip with jazzy and spacey keys.

Jazmina "Rescue me" (Remixes)(Slip'N'Slide Records 12")

The a-side holds the original version and an acapella. On the flip, the are two new mixes. The first mix is by Joey Negro and has a driving groove with spheric keys topped by Jazmina's vocals. The second mix is a simple funky groove by Solid Groove.


March 5, 2000

City People Production "City People" (Promo CD-R)

City People Production are Simon Concannon and Warren Qway. The track on this promo CD-R is kept simple (and somehow remembering of some classic Chicago house from the mid 80's) and has got an effective groove with a nice laidback keyboard and the repeated vocal line 'City People', and some fine percussion.

Soldiers of Universal Love "Got 2 get 2 Heaven" (Undaground Therapy Records 12")

Roy Davis Jr. once more proves that he can do more than just produce simple house grooves. This one has a jazz-funky edge with Stephane Vera delievering the deep house mixes.

Tedd Patterson presents Blackbone "Roots" (Black Vinyl Records 12")

A deep bubbling groove with nice keyboards and percussion.

Dawn Tallmann "Be Encouraged" (Rampage Records 2x12")

Chris Brann delievers both a vocal and dub version on a laidback groovy tip with a deep bubbling bassline while Matthias Heilbronn goes for a soulful and jazzy groove.

Loreta "Trouble with boys" (Tiefschwarz Mixes)(Reprise Records 12" Promo)

This US promo has two dub versions by Tiefschwarz titled 'Loreta is High Part 1' and 'Loreta is High Part 2', but only the first has been released commercially in Germany. It is somehow reminiscent of their own club-hit "Music". 'Loreta is High Part 2' really kicks off when the jazzy piano comes in.

Crystal Clear featuring Alessandra "Live your life" (YellOrange Records 12" Test Pressing)

Already reviewed in early january (on Basement Planet Records) and now set for a full release soon on Tony Humphries label, the bumpin' 'Djaimins Mad House Mix' is featured here along a new 'Dub House Mix' which is one hell of a funky-filtered groove.

Jovonn featuring Stephanie Cooke "Joy" (Estereo Records 12")

Soulful garage coming from Jovonn with the usual deep feeling on the 'Jovonn Joy Mix'. Check the 'Fun Vibe Mix' which has a nice jazzy edge thanks to the xylophone, and the 'Instro Joy Mix' takes it even a bit deeper.

Swirl People "EP 1" (TronicSole Records 12")

A four track EP with deep bubbling, jazzy grooves. Something for the DJ to play around in the set.

MJ Cole "Crazy Love" (Todd Edwards Remixes)(Talkin' Loud Records 2x12" Promo)

Todd Edwards delievers two mixes with his usual nearly 2-step beats and two mixes on a stomping disco-ish tip with strings not unfamiliar to Jamiroquai.


February 27, 2000

Wamdue Project "You're the reason" (Remixes)(AM:PM Records Promo 12")

The test pressing reviewed last week just had the dub version by the Lab Rats, this 12" now has the full vocal remix by the Lab Rats together with three other mixes for the commercial and progressive floors.

BlackLatin Soul "Sunshine" (Front & Back Records 12")

A bubbling bass with a real jazzy piano on top - it is simple but classy.

Rochelle Fleming "It's not over" (Part 1 of 2)(Afterhours Records 12")

Againg, the Ministers of Sound (aka Ron Carroll and Spero Pagos) produce a stunning vocal record, and what a vocalist they found in former First Choice lead singer Rochelle Fleming. A stomping house groove with gospel-ish vocals and a organ coming right from the church. Lego funks things up on his dub and beat versions on the flip. Can't wait for part 2.

Precious "Stand up" (Mood II Swing and Can 7 Mixes)(EMI Records 2x12" Promo)

Another female pop act getting the remix treatment. Can 7 go for a stomping groove with a funky touch, and on the dub they use some spaced out keys. Mood II Swing deliever a nicely floating house groove with nice keyboards that harmonies perfectly with the vocals, and they also added vocoded vocal samples.

Pascal "Full Vision" (Rotax Records 12")

"Flight Time" is a jazzy midtempo groover with a fender rhodes and deep bassline. "Into a dream" is a deep house vocal cut with a jazzy edge. "For you" uses a jazzy sax over a funky groove.


February 20, 2000

Mary J. Blige "Deep Inside" (Kojak Remix)(Barclay/MCA Records 12")

Yet another remix of "Deep Inside" by Kojak who uses a funky and bumpy groove with jazzy keys.

Randy Crawford meets Tiefschwarz "I'll be around" (Deep Culture Records 12")

A beautiful combination of Randy Crawford's vocals and Tiefschwarz's soulful and melodic grooves. A nice selection of mixes on this 12" including a full vocal version, another vocal mix with a piano-pella intro, and two dubs.

Osunlade presents "Beats de Los Nuertos" (Yoruba Records 12")

A very interesting EP including a track with an african chant over afro-house groove, a simple perucssive track and a deep house track featuring male vocals and a jazzy piano.

Wamdue Project "You're the reason" (Remix)(AM:PM Records One-Sided 12" Test Pressing)

I think this is the Lab Rats remix that is getting lots of attention from DJs. A simple and funky groove just using the main vocal line 'Youre the reason' and a saxophone.

Sunburst Band "Radiant EP" (Z Records 12")

A Joey Negro production - you know what to expect: up-to-date disco grooves.

Moloko "The time is now" (Echo Records 2x12" Promo)

You know the deal: promos on Echo Records are easy to get. This double-pack has mixes by Can 7 on a soulful and funky house tip, but my favorites are the Francois Kevorkian mixes, especially the stripped down and laidback dub. The mixes are on a percussive Body&Soul tip with a nice jazzy piano.

Byron Stingily "Why Can't you be here?" (Nervous Records 2x12")

This Danny Tenaglia production is taken from the forthcoming Byron Stingily album. The main version is on a smooth house tip with an nice organ. There are also two versions on the Twilo tip, but not at hard as usual and with a more soulful feeling to it.

Stephanie Cook & Kenny Bobien "Love's been right here" (King Street Records 12")

Produced by Moise Laporte and coming with stunning Blaze remixes on a classic New Jersey garage tip with a jazzy edge. Mike Dunn's mixes are on a soulful house vibe.

Tom & Joyce "Vai Minha Tristeza" (Remixes)(Wave Records 12")

Eric Kupper and Francois Kevorkian team up for these remixes. Their vocal mix is on a jazzy tip with Francois-esque percussion and Kupper-esque keyboards, topped by a classy sax. The dub is build around a deep bubbling groove.

Romatt "Froggy'z Congaz" (The Secret Remixes)(Chez Records 12")

Two unreleased mixes, one each by Matthias Heilbronn on a jazzy edged mix and DJ Romain & Matt 'Keyz' Echoes who go for a percussive groove.

Torso "El Toro "(Peppermint Jam Records 12")

House on a jazz-funk tip with a laidback feeling to it with a Can 7 remix that takes it deeper to the jazzy side of things.


February 13, 2000

Mary J. Blige "Deep Inside / Let no man put asunder / As" (MCA Records 2x12"  Promo)

House mixes of three songs included on this double-promo. "As" is featured with the Maurice Joshua remix that was released in the UK last year. "Let no man put asunder" is here with the Maurice Joshua mix and a Shelter mix that features Rochelle Flemming on additional vocals. "Deep Inside" comes in a Hex Hector remix, a Shelter mix (it's not the Timmy Reggisford remix) and a Roy Davis Jr. remix. If you find one, buy it.

Deep Textures Volume One (Metaphor Records 12")

"Right Now" by Kerri Chandler featuring Rose on vocals is typcial Kerri production with a stomping beat and jazzy feeling. "The Rhythm" by Melvin Moore is a minimalistic hosue groove with spoken male lyrics. "Get Down" by Jovonn uses male vocals by Kaaye and is another deep affair with that typical beats and grooves by Jovonn. "Music of Love" by Jask featuring spoken male lyrics by Marcel Schooler is a using a jazzy flute and spacey keys over a percussive house groove.

Joey Negro featuring Taka Boom "Must be the Music" (Subliminal Records 12")

Already a favorite with many DJ's and when you listen to it you know why: a stomping and fierce beat with a disco edge only Joey Negro can do, coupled with some filtering effects, and Taka Boom is giving it the kick with her vocals.

Bini & Martini "Happiness" (Azuli Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

David Morales mixed this new single from Bini & Martini, but honestly, I don't know which are his mixes on this 12". All mixes are using the same disco sample and some filtering over just different kind of beats, so all I can say is that this funky and discofied track should work well on the dancefloor.

Moonchildren "Ran Away" (Deep 4 Life Records 12")

Chris Gray with a three track EP where "Ran Away" is my pick - a deep and laidback groover with a jazzy piano. "Silent crying" is also on the deep side with a jazzy edge while "No Other" is more percussive.

Alton Miller "Spaces & Places EP" (TrackMode Records 12")

A three track EP with simple, but effective and jazzy house tracks, all being on the laidback tip.

Bang the Drum (Jersey Underground Records 12")

Tony Rodriguez, Eddie Cruz, Todd Gardner and Kick Affiliates produced the five tracks on this EP. It's all about the drums and lots of percussions - a perfect programming tool for the DJ.

Summerland "Soulmate" (Naked Music Records 12")

I simply love this label - every release needs to be hunt down. Restless Soul give id a deep and funky bassline while Swag go for jazzy take, both on the old-school tip. Miguel Migs goes for bumpy house groove with a funky bass and some jazzy elements. The original version is on the same jazz-funk vibe that Jamiroquai uses.

Kevin Yost & Peter Funk "Another World" (i! Records 12")

'Mr. Jazz' Kevin Yost teams up with Peter Funk to create a stunning record. Two of the mixes are on the jazzy side with spacey keys and a bumpy beat while there is also a drum'n'bass mix and a downbeat jazz mix.

Romatt Project "The Passion EP" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

"Spanish Dancer" is a simple house cut with a jazzy guitar leading the way. "Passion" uses a rock guitar over a bumpy house groove.

Club Artists United "I believe I can Fly" (Soul Subsidiary Remixes)(SoundMen on Wax Records 12")

Markus Enochson and Rasmus Sellberg give this the remix we've been waiting for. A groove full of soul, with a live bass and a jazzy organ ride that are the perfect playground for the gospel vocals.

Wambonix "Deep Down" (Earth Records 12")

A Wamdue produced EP with three deep tracks. "Deep Down" is a laidback, jazzy groover on the midtempo tip. "You're still here" is a fierce afterhourse type track with a jazzy edge while "Scattered Dreams" uses some jazzy keys over a percussive groove.

Those Guys "Love Love Love / Sierra Leone" (Basement Boys Records 12")

"Love Love Love" is a driving house cut courtesy of the Basement Boys guys using a killer violine and the repeated "Love Love Love" vocals. "Sierra Leone" is featured here with the so far unreleased vocal version - not too much vocals included to be exact.

Eternal Sun "Afro-Swyped / The Quest" (Wave Records 12")

Wave Records are known for releasing 'special' records that incorporate many different styles. DJ Romain and Matt 'Keyz' Echols use lots of percussion and afro elements here to create two fierce afro-house tracks.

Kimani Wilson "Sunny Jive Groove" (Vinylicious Records 12")

Mixed by the Pound Boys (aka DJ Dealer and DJ Craig C.) who changed their style to really pumping grooves recently. Two of the mixes are driven by a jazzy piano while the other two use wicked keys.


February 6, 2000

Soul Providers "Rise" (Bini & Martini Remix)(Azuli Records 12")

Licensed from Look at You Records and given the remix treatment by Bini & Martini who give it a pumping groove with some decent and deep filtering effects that bring the catchy vocals to full effect. The original version which is also included is a deep bubbling groover.

The Rurals "Corker" (Remixes)(Records of Interest Records 12" Test Pressing)

Licensed from Peng Records (they released a couple of great Rurals EPs last year) and given some funky remix treatment. The original with its moody groove and deep bubbling beat is coupled by a B.O.C. remix that uses a rougher beat, some additional percussion and keys but keeps the moody feeling alive. Knee Deep funk things up by using filtering effects and a pumpier groove.

Subculture featuring LeJuan "My Way" (AfterHours Records 12")

AfterHours is on a roll at the moment with another winning vocal release produced by Rick Garcia and Ron Carroll. A fierce beat added with the sample of "Dr. Love" on the original version creates an irresistible groove with the subtle vocals by LeJuan. 'The Ministers Way' goes for a souful groove with a soulful feeling while 'Danielles DJ-Friendly Dub' has a simple and pumped up groove.

Underwolves "So blue it's black" (Restless Soul Remix)(Blue Records 2x12" Promo)

Two housey mixes (vocal and instrumental) by Phil Asher (under his Restless Soul moniker) are included on this double-promo. The mixes are on a easy and laidback tip using percussions, a  harmonica, bass, a  wicked guitar.

Mary Mary "Shackles (Praise You)" (Maurice Joshua Mixes)(Columbia Records 12")

Maurice Joshua uses both a guitar and a trumped played in a latin way to create a percussive and latin-esque house mix, with vocal, dub and instrumental versions to choose from.

Stephane B. featuring Live Orchestra "Back to New York" (Cyber Records 12")

It is coming from France, but it is not that funky stuff that they are known best for. This is a laidback and percussive jazzy groover with a trumpet and a funky bass. The flipside has "Don's stop the feeling" which is having a funky guitar over a driving beat.


January 30, 2000

Runner up this week: 2 DJs AT WORK "All Night is Party Time - Unreleased EP" (DreamBeat Records 12")

Some previously unavailabe mixes that don't use the "Dr. Beat" sample of this club smash are now available on 12". The 'Salsa Mix' is an instrumental on the - you guessed it - salsa tip with a pumping groove. The 'N-Joy Make it Pump Mix' takes it into the filtering territory while the 'We like it Funky Mix' goes for a driving funky take. Finally, the radio edit (that uses the "Dr. Beat" sample) is also included.

Romain & Danny Kirvit "Philly Groove EP" (MetroTrax Records 12")

Romain and Danny Kirvit are bringing us two track full of the classic philly vibes, coupled with a stomping house groove.

Yoruba presents Marie St. James "Closer I get" (Yoruba Records 12")

Both a mellow club vibe and deep version are included here of this garage production, coupled with a r&b version.

Boyd Jarvis presents Elements "The EP" (Dancetracks Records 12")

"Mood Swing" is a driving house track with a wicked organ solo. "Guitar Space" is on the percussive side with a xylophone part included. "Can't stop me" is featuring Muarice Laugchner on vocals and is a retro-style house track.

Mary J. Blige "Deep Inside" (Pound Boys Mix) / Mariah Carey "Petals" (Pound Boys Mix)(Bootlegg)

The Pound Boys deliever very club-friendly versions with a pumping groove and both feature a nice piano. 

Guy "Dancin'" (Grant Nelson Remix)(MCA Records 12" Promo)

Grant Nelson remixing the return 12" for r&b act Guy for the house dancefloors. A catchy groove with a bassline not unfamiliar to Moloko's "Sing it back" should make this work for the dancefloor. His dub is on a deeper vibe.

Astrotrax "It's over" (Defected Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Already reviewed as part of the Defected Millenium Sampler, "It's over" now comes as 2x12" with lots of mixes. The original vocal is on a bumpy garage tip, but there are other mixes with disco-ish strings and some filtering. Jason Jinxx adds different keys to give it a driving feeling.

Mood II Swing "Move me Dub" (Earth, Moon & Sun Records 12" Promo on Blue Vinyl)

A jazzy sax over a percussive groove with NuYorican Soul style beats on the a-side while the b-side is having a pumping house groove.

Rapsody featuring MC Lyte, DaNaCeE and Khaled "Time for a Change" (Tiefschwarz Mixes)(Mercury Records 12")

A laidback house groove with a weird violine and an interesting combination of different vocals, mixed by germany's Tiefschwarz boys.

Raw Deal "Sky High EP "(Talkin' Loud Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Raw Deal aka Jim Robins deliever funked-up, percussive tracks with jazzy grooves. The house heads should check out "Sky High" which features jazzy elements over funky bubbling beats and a dark bassline, the result being a driving track that should work even so it is no 'house' record. For mixing jocks, both "The stand off" (a deep bubbling beats version of "Sky High") and "Zulu Beats" are also interesting.

Bob Sinclair "Champs Elysées EP" (Yellow Records 2x12" Promo)

Bob Sinclair's remix of "Outro Lugar" by Salome de Bahia is still very successfull in the clubs, but Bob doesn't sleep. This man simply knows how to drop a funky groove that will cause the people to moove their feet. Pumping grooves, a disco-ish feeling and some decent filtering are used on the tracks of this double-pack.


January 23, 2000

Runner up this week: Cunnie Williams "Spirit / Barry's Mood" (Peppermint Jam Records 12")

"Spirit" is remixed by Masters at Work. They give us a nearly NuYorican Soul style groove with a simple but catchy piano line. Check the soulful background vocals. "Barry's Mood" is remixed by Mousse T. and Ferry Ultra in a very percussive way with lots of classic disco elements used, and Cunnie's vocals are remembering me of Barry White.

Ron  Trent "Music, Life & Culture (Musica Komoda)" (SI Project Records 12")

I can't get enough of these U.S.G. grooves that Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson developed a few years ago. This one has vocals by Keba in Mandingo (I guess this is an african language or chant).

Seaform "Mile Highe E.P." (Guidance Records 12" Promo)

A four track EP including track on a laidback jazzy and moody groove tip.

Yvonne Gage "Someone like U" (No Pretense Records 12")

Coming out of the Focus Records camp, this is a funky slice thanks to the funky bass-guitar with a nice organ ride topped by Yvonne Gage's vocals.

Shot featuring Fela James "Feel the Music" (Easy Street Records 12")

The Romatt club vocal has a bumping groove while their dub pumps things up for a tougher edge. 4 Guys from Connecticut deliever a smooth, piano-led garage mix.

Moodyman "Don't you want my Love" (Pandamonium Records 12")

Moodyman gives us an ultra deep bubbling goove with a killer sax on top on mix one while on mix two he goes for a slower, funked-up groove in late 70's funk style.

Letrice Cherry "Funky Tonite" (Mission Records 12")

Todd Gardner produced this stomping house track with a funky edge and the catchy vocals by Letrice Cherry.

Boo Williams "Bigfatwoman" (NiteLife Collective Records 12")

"Big fat Woman 2000" has a hypnotic groove with a catchy piano hook. "Out of Sink Jaz" has jazzy keys and a wicked organ.

John Cutler presents "The Trip Meisters E.P." (Remedie Records 12")

"Flute IE-Pebbles" has a jazzy flute over a bumpy house groove. "Loop de Loop" is a simple percussive looped groove while "Vibrations" is a downtempo groover with spaced out keys.

David Bendeth "Feel the Real" (Audio Deluxe Records 12")

Unfortunately, the 'Jazz-N-Groove Ultra Classic Vocal Mix' of this 1979 soul classic that I reviewed last year is not included on this 12" here. What you get are a vocal and dub mix by Jazz'N'Groove with their classy SoulFuric style piano and bass lines, and in addition a filtered dub.


January 16, 2000

Crystal Clear "Live your Life" (Basement Planet Records 12" Test Pressing)

Only around in very limited quantaties, and already picked up by Tony Humphries for release on YellOrange Records. Featuring vocals by Alessandra, this has a nicely bumping house groover on the Djaimin mix. New Generation give us two mixes on the french house tip with added funky flava.

The Soul Immigrants "EP One" (i! Records 12")

More soulful and laidback grooves on the jazz tip courtesy of D-Pac and Yogi.

H2O "Got to be me" (Liquid Groove 12" Test Pressing)

The new H2O single is driven by a chic-ish guitar over a house groove on the old school tip.

Urban Babies featuring Roland Clark "I already miss you" (Liquid Groove Records 12")

In addition to the mix from the one-sided test pressing from last year, there is the acapella and a groovey Ashley Beedle remix.

Negrocan "Cada Vez" (Swing City Records 12")

A record that I've overseen last december on the latin house tip that is already getting lots of attention everywhere.

Larger Than Life featuring Dawn Tallman "Be Mine" (SubUrban Records 12")

DJ Dove produced this nice vocal number with Tommy Musto & Osunlado providing the remixes on a groovy and laidback tip.

Simply Red "Your Eyes (Mousse T. Mixes)(EastWest Records 2x12" Promo)

Mousse T. delievering remixes based around a funky bassline, nice percussion and a jazzy sax. There is also a version which takes it a bit deeper with nice keyboard play and the same jazzy sax.


January 9, 2000

Special Review: DJ's on Vinyl Volume 7 (New Generation Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

This should have been released in june '99, was then put back for release in september '99, but as of now it was not released at all. This is too bad since there are a few goodies here I will concentrate on . "Higher" by Dana Byrd was already a 12" single, and comes here in a nice remix. "Stay with me" by Vanessa McMillan is a fine production by Larry P. Rauson Jr. with a stomping beat and a sample of a classic I don't remember at the moment. But the highlight is "Pillow Talk" (unfortunately I don't know the name of the artist), another stunning production by Larry P. Rauson Jr. It is a deep bumping garage track with a second part that drives me crazy for its irresistible groove.

Yasushi Ide "Tatiana / Plein Soleil" (Kenny Dope & Masters at Work Remixes)(Yellow Records 12" Test Pressing)
Yasushi Ide "Someday / Certain Peace" (Rainer Trueby Trio & Kyoto Jazz Massive Remixes)(Yellow Records 12" Test Pressing)

If you missed the japanese 12", you can get these on french release in february. The first 12" includes Kenny Dope hip hop mixes of "Tatiana" and the so far unreleased Masters at Work dub mix of "Plein Soleil".  The second 12" includes the Rainer Trueby Trio remix of "Someday" and two Kyoto Jazz Massive remixes of "Certain Peace".

Ibadan Records IRC024 (Ibadan Records 12")

An untitled EP including the 'Original Extended Version' of "Atmospheric Beats", sounding like recorded direct from a dubplate. Both "Escravos de Jo" and "Orixas" are featured here in 'Demo Dub' mixes.

Wamdue Kids "King of my Castle" (Remixes)(Strictly Rhythm Records 12" Test Pressing)

Already reviewed but those mixes shouldn't be missed so here we go again. Roy Malone's mix who made it such a big hit in Europ is inlcuded as well as the Bini & Martini remixes (including the so far unreleased dub version) that takes it onto a more funky level.

Delerious "Get up" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12" Test Presssing)

Frank DeLour takes a pumping groove, adds a disco-ish feeling to create a funky slice of music, with a female vocal version also included.

Tribute "Spread Yourself" (Dimitri from Paris Remix)(Boombastic Records 12" Test Pressing)

Matthias Heilbronn's tribute to the to the Paradise Garage (sampling the classic "Peanut Butter") gets a lovely grooving remix by Dimitri from Paris that is closer to the original than Matthias version.

 Richard Les Crees "Paradise" (i! Records 12")

A four track EP of moody and laidback  grooves, all based around a jazzy guitar.

Cassioware "It's gonna be alright" (Wake Up Records 10")

Dave Camacho produced this percussively bumping, soulful garage number with Cassioware's lush vocals on top.

Nightsource "The Rise Above EP" (Naked Music Records 12")

Miguel Migs and DJ Rasoul team up for this four tracker, a collection of groovy and laidback tracks on the moody side.

Petalpusher "Surrender" (Naked Music Records 12")

It's Miguel Migs again, here with with a vocal production featuring LaGerald Normand. This is a deep and moody affair, and Attaboy are delievering an even deeper groove on their remix.

The Deviants "Obvious" (Large Records 12")

Rob Mello and Golide McGoldrick take a solid groove, add some spacey keys and effects - the result is a bumpy house rhythm.

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