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Cool Million "The Tom Moulton Session" (Deeplay Music Records CD Promo)

Image What a pleasant surprise this release courtesy of soul boys Rob & Frank (Cool Million) is!! Tom Moulton, the legendary godfather of Disco (remember he is the person behind the idea of extended 12" versions for club play) takes on "Give me love" (featuring CJ Anthony) and "Lift me up to the sky" (featuring Laura Jackson) to add that distinctive, timeless 80's boogie touch to them, turning out two wonderful dance floor shakers that ooze with their soulful flavors and marvelous orchestration.

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Clemems Rumpf and the legendary Michael Procter team up for "Let it go", a super smooth production lush melodic keys alongside a beautiful jazzy saxophone and Michael Procter's incomparable voice over a laidback groove. We can't wait to hear the full project (currently only the radio version is available to us)(MyChan Records CD-R). "The Whitelabels EP" sees Lars Peter Stovring and Morten Trust team up as Funkworks to deliver two massive tracks previously only available as limited vinyl release. "Dancin' (I just can't sCoronabrostop)" is a cool funk drenched affair on an 80's old school tip with a killer break to die for, while "No one to stop us" is reminiscent of Philly Disco with its beautiful strings and jazzy keys (Soulmagic Records CD Promo).

Eddie Nicholas sent us the unreleased 'Twirl Mix' by Harley & Muscle of his magnificent "Groovin'" (yes we are aware the other Harley & Muscle mix we reviewed last April is not out yet either) for an exclusive review. This version is built around a deep yet extremely groovy backdrop and phat chords that together with Eddie Nicholas' unmistakable vocal create a relentless feel good vibe (Slaag Records CD-R). Behind Galaxy Group are Tonee Green and Charles Spencer who team up with singer Lady Alma for "Don't play" which gets remixed by DJ Spinna who adds his distinctive sound to the song to turn out an anthem like interpretation with classic written all over it, where Lady Alma's sultry vocals are in perfect harmony with the melodies created by marvelous keys and chords. On a different vibe is Ruffy & Tuffy's bumpin' remix which has got a chunky feel to it (Loveslap! Records CD Promo).

More exclusives coming your way in form of these next three: "Move out" by William Rosario & Andrew Rags Richardson which features an inspirational vocal by Joseph Salder over a classy old skool styled backing groove, with the lush synth chords and keys intensifying the classic feel to the max, letting the track spread a mesmerizing vibe on the dance floor (Sweatin' Records CD-R). Mauritzio Baiocchi returns with "Jaal", an absolutely irresistible track driven by a fierce afro-tribal groove that is topped with outstanding vocals by Ady Thioune and wicked synths altogether creating a hypnotic feel. The 'Dub of Kondo' gets deeper and is even more infectious thanks to the incredibly captivating keys and organs. Also included is an instrumental version (Cabana Records CD Promo). Like the preceding "Jaal", "The ritual" by Justin Imperiale is a track that is utterly hypnotic, with a deeply stormin' percussion enriched groove leading the way for sexy female vocals and spacy atmospheric synths and keys (Cabana Records CD Promo).

DJ Aphreme's beautiful "Go! feel my love" which features Lenny Hamilton on vocals gets reworked by the Brazilian Soul Crew who rework the track into a deeply thumpin' affair on a laidback tip, with neat keys and synths accompanying the sensitive smooth vocals. Beside vocal and instrumental versions there is also a dub that goes even deeper and features a gorgeous organ ride (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo). The Mikey Gallagher produced "Knock me down" by Vienna gets the Blackliquid treatment who give it a heavily pounding outfit, with cool synth melodies, jazzy keys and sax accompanying the sexy vocal by Vienna (Shanghai Session Records CD Promo). Miq Puentes presents the groovy Latin house jam "Ay que lindo" that is spreading an uplifting feeling through the catchy piano and lovely guitar. Lots of mixes to choose from, offering something for everyone, with JedSet reworking the track into soulful yet fierce thumper (the reprise is a wonderful beatless affair), while Wumm server two equally great deep house versions. Suneil S uses wicked synths to create a captivating feel, while Coronabros gives the track big room feel (SoulHeat Records CD Promo).

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