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Jamie Lewis & Michael Watford "It's not over (baby please)" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

In 1998, Jamie Lewis and Michael Watford teamed up for the first time for the now classic "For you", then a couple of years later they brought us their next smash "It's over". For the 50th release on Purple Music, the two team up once again, presenting the funk soaked, irresistibly groovin' "It's not over (baby please)" which has classic written all over it thanks to the incomparable vocals by Michael Watford alongside lush keys and a wonderful sax by Andy Funk, altogether creating a mesmerizing feel on the dance floor. Three equally great mixes are featured in the package, with the 'Monster Party Cut' offering a fantastic alternate vocal with different lyrics.

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Greymatter featuring Emma Brammer "I wish you knew" (Souled Remix)(Unique Uncut Records Digital Download)

Souled take on Greymatter's debut single "I wish you knew" which features a sensitive vocal performance by Emma Brammer. Souled rework the track into a truly deep affair with a rough edge that features lovely keys that together with the stompin' beats and vocals create a mesmerizing feeling. Digital Downloads available at DanceTracks Digital.

Exclusive Review: Jimmy Abney "Hello" (Martin Faltin Remix)(CD-R)

Martin Faltin takes on Jimmy Abney's "Hello" (taken form the recently released "Return to forever" album, available on Yoruba Records) and takes the loungey original to the soulful dance floors by adding a laidback groove underneath the original orchestration on his 'Smooth Remix', while the 'Dope Remix' makes use of heavy beats and drums to intensify the vibe while keeping it soulful all the way.

H&H Soulsurvivers featuring Cazza "He'll be right there" (Remixes)(Beat Monkey Records CD Promo)

The beautiful "He will be right there" by H&H Soulsurvivors gets wonderfully reworked by Jonny Montana who takes the bumpy broken beat track that features an inspirational vocal courtesy of Cazza to the next level by using a smooth yet captivating groove and masterly performed keys and synths (you can choose between vocal and instrumental versions). Also included in the package is a remix by Calssy Menace who takes the track straight to the main floor with his energetic vibe.

Naked Soul featuring Glenn Underground "Muzic EP" (Music Plan Tracks Records CD Promo)

DJ Fritz (aka Soul Child) and DJ Pap are Naked Soul who team up with Glenn Underground for this magnificent three track deep house EP. Kicking things off is the smoothly stompin' "Chicago connection" that features sexy female vocals alongside atmospheric keys and chords over a percussion enriched groove, followed by "Free form" which is on a more relaxed vibe and features marvelous jazzy keys alongside wicked percussion elements. Lastly there is the fast paced "Los hermanos" that combines jazzy keys with classy horns and atmospheric synths into an uplifting dance floor shaker.

Matthew Bandy "Human" (Revival Records CD Promo)

"Human" by Matthew Bandy is real deepness, with thumpin' beats leading the way for sweet percussion, melodic synths, lush organ chords and a wicked male spoken word. Jamie Thinnes relaxes the vibe on this 'Seasons Revisited Mix', giving the track a laidback feeling with sweet keys, while Jay Tripwire uses hard hitting beats and spaced-out synths to create a piece of interstellar deep house. Lastly there is the moody 'Mikez Creation Edit' that drops most of the vocals while adding a hot guitar and cool synths.

Musical Solution presents BPM featuring Pete Simpson "Sing it" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

On "Sing it", Musical Solution team up with singer Pete Simpson to deliver a soulful house masterpiece featuring an outstanding vocal that comes your way in a variety of breath taking mixes. First up is John Mateo whose vocal is a smooth laidback affair full of wonderful melodies, while the dub gets way deeper and takes the track to the underground floors with a pumpin' feel and captivating chords. Label head Greg Dorban's interpretation is masterly orchestrated and oozes with its classy soul-funk flavors, while Central Avenue deliver peak time magic on their 'Club Dub' that features catchy synths over a resistless bumpy groove. Last but not least there is Darryl James' reworking that gives the track an organic feel, keeping the vibe deep and soulful.

DJ Aphreme featuring Donna Hidalgo "Your love" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

DJ Aphreme (aka Martin Mamzer) presents an energetic yet soulful production featuring a passionate vocal performance by Donna Hidalgo over a fiercely stormin' groove that is enriched with wicked synths and melodic chords that together with the vocals create an irresistible feeling. DJ Oji contributes a splendid re-edit of the song that twists a few things here and there, giving you the choice between two equally slammin' vocal takes. An instrumental completes the package.

Mix2Inside featuring Joyce Elaine Yuille "My best thing" (Part Two)(Mix2Inside Records CD Promo)

Italian label Mix2Inside/Pret A' Porter Music return with a soulful remix package of "My best thing" which features a passionate vocal by songstress Joyce Elaine Yuille. The 'Soul Eternity Vox' is spreading an uplifting feeling through the vocals and organic instrumentation that has a real live touch to it. The 'Naked Sax Remix' gives the track a more laidback and deeper feel, with parts of the vocals stripped to let a jazzy sax do the talk. M-Sol contributes a fiercely thumpin' instrumental remix to the release that is all about phat keys, sweet synths and a lovely funky guitar.

Sonny J Mason "Life is the music" (Salted Music Records CD Promo)

London's Sonny J Mason delivers a beauty with "Life is the music", a midtempo soul stomper that is oozing with its funk, hip hop and r&b flavors, featuring an uplifting vocal with positive meaning. Miguel Migs reworks the track for the house floors, with his 'Salted Vocal' being an infectious funky house reworking with lush synths that brings out the best of the uplifting vocals. His 'Salted Dub Deluxe' strips it down and lets the synths turn slightly techy, while the 'Bump the Tech Dub' uses an old-school flavored breakbeat groove as playground for a gritty bassline and wicked synths. Lastly there is the beautiful 'Petalpusher Vocal' which is a melodic deep house interpretation with a great breakdown that makes use of that massive breakbeat groove introduced in the 'Bump the Tech Dub'.

Ursula Rucker "Untitled flow" (Kenny Dope & Franck Roger Remixes)(Vega Records Digital Download)

One of last years biggest underground tracks is back in fresh remixes by Kenny Dope and Franck Roger who both add their unique touch to spoken word "Untitled flow" by Ursula Rucker. Kenny Dope's fiercely stormin' mixes feature an acid-tinge which maximize the spoken words into a hypnotizing affair, while Franck Roger takes the track to deeper grounds on a slightly dark techified edge. Digital Downloads available at DanceTracks

DJ Dealer featuring Lisa Millett "You're all I need" (Look At You Records CD Promo)

This is the first single lifted from DJ Dealer's "Joyride" album, with Lisa Millett providing the inspirational vocals on this cover of the Ashford & Simpson classic. Lots of versions to choose from, with DJ Dealer offering the original (album) version, a 'Chorus Dub' and instrumental. Staffan Thorsell and MoD team up for deepened down affair featuring great keys and synths over thumpin' beats, while Joe DiPadova & Shea Marshall give the track a kickin' edge with wicked synths accompanying the vocals. Charles Dockins goes dark and dirty with his acid-tinged take, while Tony Loreto turns out a deep anthemic reworking featuring lush synths and chords (now do we hear some reminiscence to the classic Frankie Knuckles remix of Melanie Williams' "Everyday thang"?). Lastly Madueno contributes a hypnotizing dub with phat synth stabs.

Yass "My only" (Defected Records CD Promo)

Up and rising French producer Yass drops his latest bomb "My only" featuring a passionate vocal performance by Leslie O'Smith over a resistless percussion enriched groove, with the captivating keys and chords perfectly harmonizing with the vocals to create an uplifting feeling that is guaranteed to ignite dance floors. The 'Deepa Dub' drops most of the vocals for a deeper vibe, while the 'Peaktime' mixes (vocal and dub) fire things up a bit for an even more intense vibe perfect for those bigger rooms or peak time play.

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