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Soul Oasis presents K. Joy "Like this" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

The older one amongst us will surely remember the 1985 house classic "Like this" by Kimberly J. Salter aka K. Joy, back then produced by the legendary Chip E. (if you don't know this classic track yet, check the 'Original 1985 Remix' which is included in this package to experience a real timeless underground house classic). Now, over 20 years later, this track return in the form of these fresh remixes. First we see Peter 'CWB' Mooka teaming up with K. Joy for the 'Deep House Mix', a deeper than deep interpretation featuring marvelous chords that give it an old school touch. Next is Chazz who gives the track a tougher edge on his 'South African Mix', while the 'I wanna see you freak Nwk, NJ Mix' by the team of Cassioware, Chip E. and the O.G.'s features additional vocals by Cassioware and is a slammin' piece of raw underground house with a dirty edge. Closing the package is DJ Kemit's 'ATL Club Mix', a smooth percussion enriched, funk soaked reworking featuring lovely keys and chords.

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DaSouL & Hooger "King lione" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

With "King lione", Consortium Muzik present a magnificent mellow jam with a funky twist that is beautifully instrumentated, with a deep smooth groove leading the way for sweet percussion elements, sexy vocals and warm melodic keys and chords. The dub strengthens the beats, drums and percussion elements to create a deeper, more intense feel, while the 'Special Mix' changes a few bits here and there to result in a great choice for your set.

Exclusive Review: Keith Walton featuring Greg Sankovich "ReUnion" (CD-R)

"ReUnion" by Keith Walton is a wonderfully orchestrated production using a deep backing on a laidback tip as playground for lovely chords and strings, with a guest performance by pianist Greg Sankovich who is pulling out all the stops on his jazz soaking solos. Nothing more needs to be said, simply let yourself be taken on a joyful nine minute plus journey into this jazz flavored deep house gem.

JoMar featuring Natasha Koss "Step 2 this" (Deep'N'Sound Records CD Promo)

Joe Rizla and Marcelo Cruz team up as JoMar to present the laidback "Step 2 this", with Natasha Koss delivering a beautiful sweet sensitive vocal that is accompanied by lovely keys and an outstanding organ ride, all nicely arranged over a smooth percussion enriched deep house groove. The 'Deep Vox Mix' takes the track to deeper grounds, replacing the keys and organ with wicked chords. Lastly the 'Beatme Dub Mix' creates a hypnotic feeling through the percussion driven tribal groove and the cleverly used vocal snippets and chords.

Amera Light & Gadget Ninja "Bang bang" (99 Carat Records CD Promo)

"Bang bang" features sexy female vocals and male spoken words over a deeply rumblin' groove, accompanied by a lovely guitar and jazzy keys. The Brasilian Soul Crew reworks the track into a mesmerizing groover that features wicked keys and chords over a captivating afro beat, while. The Vicious 1 contributes a stompin' interpretation to the package.

Heather Johnson "Pretty" (Mark Grant Mixes)(Loveslap Records CD Promo)

Heather Johnson follows up last years "Pillow talk" with "Pretty" coming our way in form of fabulous Mark Grant remixes that are built around a deeply rumblin' groove that has a relentless kick to it, with the wonderful keys perfectly accompanying Heather Johnson's sensitive vocals. Look ahead for the release of the original version as well as the follow up single "You and me" that is currently in the works.

Kentphonik featuring Khensy "Hiya Kaya EP" (Stalwart Records CD Promo)

South African DJ Kent, DJ Euphonik and Turni form Kentphonic who present the "Hiya Kaya EP". The title track is a marvelous production that melts African influences with elements of traditional house, with the result being laidback afro house that has a fresh timeless sound. DJ Rork's remix intensifies the vibe by using a tribal flavored groove and adding lovely strings, while Rocco takes the track to deeper grounds on his reworking that features wicked chords. "Sunday showers" is a fantastic deep'n'laidback groover that features a beautiful instrumentation including jazzy xylophone and warm keys, with DJ Rork subtly powering up the vibe on his take.

Mathew Mulholland "Moving on" (616 Records CD Promo)

"Moving on " by Matthew Mulholland is a beautiful deep house production featuring melodic keys and chords over a deep yet smoothly stormin' backing groove that is enriched with sweet percussion elements and lovely female chants that altogether create a mesmerizing feel on a laidback tip. The dub gets slightly more percussive and features an extra moog solo, letting you chose between to equally great versions.

Exclusive Review: Cooly's Hot Box "Friend of mine" (Martin Faltin Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Review: Geno Stanley "I Wish" (Martin Faltin Remix)(CD-R)

Our man Martin Faltin sent over two more great remixes this week. First up is his interpretation of "Friend of mine" by Cooly's Hot Box (taken from the 2002 album "Take it") that keeps the funky flavors of the original intact, with the smooth 4/4 groove taking the track straight to the soulful dance floors. Next is Geno Stanley's ballad "I wish" (released in 2004 on the "It must be love" album) which gets a slightly broken beat flavored backing, with the result being smooth r&b flavored house.

Nef Nunez "Feelin' it" (Seed Records CD Promo)

"Feelin' it" by Nef Nunez is a deeply thumpin' track that features catchy keys and synths alongside sexy male vocals that together with the driving groove creates a mesmerizing vibe guaranteed to rock the dance floor. The 'Mute Pass' strips the vocals and synths, while the 'Bass and Beat Mix' is gets rid of the keys also to reduce it to beats, drums and percussion elements.

Solution "Feels so right" (2008 Remix)(Unkwn Records CD Promo)

In 1992, Solution released "Givin' it all I got" on E-Legal Records, but it was the b-side track "Feels so right" that became an instant classic and is considered one of Victor Simonelli's finest moments thanks to a gorgeous piano backed up with seriously bass heavy beats. This brand new Justin Winks remix subtly updates the track for today's dance floor while keeping the original vibe alive, with that resistless piano guaranteed to create a frenzy. Also included on the vinyl release are the original version and the 96 edit.

Soulmakers "Falling" (Duffnote Records CD Promo)

Soulmakers' feel good anthem "Falling" premiered on the Duffnote Records "Miami WMC 2008 Sampler", with the track getting lots of attention thanks to the captivating keys, lovely strings and uplifting vocals by Chloe Fiducia nicely arranged over a fiercely stormin' backing groove. Now the full package is here, with the Cookie Monsterz serving a heavily thumpin' take that features a classy piano, while the Stereo Mutants smooth things down on their bumpy reworking. DK Jones contributes a stripped down dub featuring great chords to the package, while lastly we see label head Richard Earnshaw re-tweak the original and adding his unique touch to it.

Alex Finkin & Reverend P "Africa" (Animal House Records CD Promo)

After the ultra massive "Lion in a cage" (the original mixes are out on Animal House Records while the Jon Cutler remixes are out on Planet Le Funk Records), Alex Finkin and Reverend P return with the hypnotic "Africa" that cleverly combines a deeply stormin', afro flavored tribal beat with resistless synths and African chants. Both included mixes (vocal and dub) are sure shot winner that will take dance floors by storm.

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