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Ralf GUM featuring Diamondancer "All this love for you" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

While Ralf GUM's artist album "Uniting Music" has been given a May release date (to be reviewed on Spirit of House soon), we can enjoy his collaboration with Detroit based poetry artist Carolyn Ferrari - better known as Diamondancer - on "All this love for you", a track where she gives us her personal view of her first decade in house music. Ralf GUM's original is a hypnotizing affair featuring fierce chords over a relentlessly swingin' groove that is guaranteed to get the dance floors packed. The remixes are courtesy of Rocco who adds his unique style to the track, turning out a soulful tech-house masterpiece on his 'Main Mix', while his 'Spoken Mix' is on a slightly deeper, more laidback late night / early morning vibe. With various instrumentals and beat versions included, this one is not be missed.

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Rene Hewitt "Scent of a spanish guitar" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

With "Scent of a spanish guitar", Rene Hewitt presents a wonderful production that is all about the lovely melodies created by a sultry spanish guitar and beautiful chords, all perfectly arranged over a smooth yet fierce percussion enriched backing groove that gives the track a relentless feeling.

Exclusive Preview: Martino "Cultured girl" (Abicah Soul Remix)(Iwanai Music Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of the incredible Martino & Karizma and David Harness remixes, Iwanai Music got another slammin' reworking of Martino's "Cultured girl" ready to drop. Abicah Soul take the track do deeper than deep grounds, with a smoothly thumpin' beat leading the way for sweet percussion elements, the sexy female vocals by Syreeta Neal and the trademark Abicah Soul chords and strings, with the result being on a laidback yet hypnotic tip.

Soul Oasis presents Nef Nunez "Vibrant" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Jef Nunez follows up his successful "Lifted Soul EP" on CyberJamz Records with "Vibrant", a relentless track built around heavily thumpin' beats and a funky as hell bassline, with magnificent spaced-out keys and chords by the one and only Scott Wozniak creating a hypnotic feeling. Jesse Outlaw provides the remixes, taking the song to deeper grounds while adding a killer break, jazzy piano and cool spoken words to it. An instrumental of Jesse Outlaw's remix and bonus beats of the original version complete the package.

Maji & Seraj "Progress" (Joe DiPadova & Shea Marshall Remix)(Getaway Records CD-R)

Joe DiPadova and Shea Marshall present a slammin' remix of Maji & Seraji's "Progress" that builds and builds from the start till the end, kicking off with a deep'n'smootlhy groovin', percussion enriched groove that is topped with a wicked jazzy piano, with a captivating organ ride and spaced-out chords to follow to intensify the vibe to an absolute climax.

Lisa Shaw "All night high" (Salted Music Records CD Promo)

Lisa Shaw's highly anticipated full length album is set for a September release date on Salted Music. To bridge the time until then, the single "All night high" will be released, a sexy late night production that is all about warm melodic textures over a deeper than deep groove, letting Lisa Shaw showcase her exceptional vocal capabilities. Miguel Migs gives the track a wonderful soul-tech makeover that is absolutely relentless and guaranteed to create devastation on the dance floors, while Justin Michael & Solo rework the track into an uplifting, old-school flavored funk soaking affair. Lastly Dave Warrin contributes deeply groovin' dub destined for late night play.

Joe Flame "Something 4 you" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

Joe Flame is on a roll at the moment with his D#Sharp label that has been putting out one great release after another in recent months. "Something 4 you" is built around a fiercely thumpin' beat that is enriched with sweet percussion elements and wicked keys alongside sexy vocals courtesy of Joe Flame, altogether creating an intense vibe that stays soulful all the time.

Exclusive Preview: Albert Sterling Menendez featuring Mario Inchausti "Truth" (DJ Man-X & Reel Soul Mix)(DeepHaven Music Records CD-R)

DeepHaven Music are busy working on a lot of projects at the moment, and we're honored to be able to give you a sneak tip to the upcoming Albert 'Sterling' Menendez production titled "Truth", remixed by the team of label head DJ Man-X and ReelSoul. "Truth" is an uplifting affair featuring a passionate vocal performance by Mario Inchausti and outstanding keys that are perfectly arranged over a deeply groovin', absolutely relentless groove. This one is guaranteed to take dance floors by storm.

Exclusive Preview: Jessica Williams "Mingle with the night" (Paradax Records CD Promo)

Paradax Records is one of those labels that never fails with a release, and their latest release simply confirms our statement. "Mingle with the night" by Jessica Williams is a wonderful song, with the vocal version courtesy of Estranjeros being a marvelous laidback affair built around a smooth yet deep, percussion enriched groove and warm melodic keys that let the sensitive vocals by Jessica Williams shine. Soulato fire things up on their funkily groovin' dub, while the 'Souljack Freak Dub' is taking it to the underground with its raw edge and deeper than deep thumpin' beats. Aaron Arce provides a soulfully stompin' interpretation that is lead by a beautiful jazzy piano, followed by the deeply thumpin 'Afterhours Dub' that features wicked chords and keys. Roqsta goes all electro on his take, while Victor Simonelli & Vince Sortino deliver a very cool dub on a deeper edge with some classy discofied elements.

Arnaud D featuring MJ White "I'm Africa" (Music Plan Tracks Records CD Promo)

Arnaud D teams up with MJ White for the hypnotizing "I'm Africa" that comes your way in different flavors. The 'Original Mix' is a catchy affair featuring wicked keys and sultry vocals courtesy of MJ White over a heavily stompin' beat, while the 'Afro Beat Mix' uses a resistless, percussion enriched afro house groove as base for the vocals and compelling chords. The 'Underground Mix' goes to way deeper ground, with the keys adding an electronic touch to it that is perfect for peak time play or the bigger rooms.

Exclusive Preview: Stevie Knicks "Edge of 17" (Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn Remixes)(Atlantic Records CD Promo)

Stevie Nicks' 1982 pop-rock classic "Edge of 17" gets revamped by Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn who takes the song straight to the dance floors by injecting a fiercely stormin' backing groove that is topped with great chords and synths that harmonize perfectly with Stevie Nicks' charismatic voice, with the result being absolutely retlentless and captivating. The bad news is that apparently these mixes won't get released...

Bangana "Aurora" (Heya HIFI CD Promo)

The latest Bangana production is inspired the famous polar light known as "Aurora" (natural different colored light displays, which are usually observed in the night sky, particularly in the polar zone - more info here). "Aurora" is a deep and hypnotic tech house track on a slight dark edge that features mesmerizing synths and a wicked male vocal over an irresistibly stormin' backing groove. The dub drops the vocals to let the groove and synths create an intense vibe.

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