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Kim English "Missing you" (Remixes)(Litmus Records CD Promo)

This is one of two remix packages of classic Kim English tracks (the other one is the Scott Wozniak remix of "Ces't la vie" on Nervous Records). A&G Project provide a groovy reworking that features sweet percussion and comes with a funky edge thanks to the deeply rumblin' bassline, with the melodic keys and sensual vocals adding the soulful flavors. Richard Earnshaw's interpretations are on a bouncy tip, featuring an irresistible backing groove that is enriched with wonderful harmonic keys. While the vocal version is a soulful and sexy affair, the instrumental puts the keys centerstage, letting them create a more hypnotic feeling.

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Louie & Blaze "Joshua's jam" (Vega Records 12")

'Little' Louie Vega and Blaze team up for "Joshua's jam", a sublime slice of deep afro jazz house that features percussion from the one and only Luisito Quintero and keys from Selan. "Joshua's jam" sees the house legends at their most esoteric, jamming all the way through it and delivering an inspirational track that features a lovely guitar and wicked organ riffs alongside a groovy beat that has a sligh offbeat edge.

Boo Williams & Adam Pickrell "Calipso for the masses" (Capture Records 12")

After a two year break, Boo Williams returns with this collaboration with Adam Pickrell where he explores a new direction. "Calipso for the masses" is a summery house groove that combines latin-flavored percussion, deep bassline and jazzy keys and a wonderful flute to create an irresistible vibe. On the flip, Demarkus Lewis takes the track to a deeper mood, firing it up and adding a funky edge to it. Digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Xpanded Dimensions "Space jungle" (Sacred Rhythm Music Records 12")

Anthony Nicholson presenting a special piece of spiritual house here, exploring the outskirts of it and delivering a track that combines an outer space opera of organic beats, fantastic piano line and wicked laminar keys with jungle sounds. It's a then minute epiccoming in both vocal ("Apoasis") and instrumental ("Periapsis") incarnations as well as the stipped down "Red  dwarf" (base drums and chants).

Mr. A.L.I. "Introduction to Mr. A.L.I." / "Missing you" (Nite Life Collective Records 12")

Nite Life Collective presents this wonderful two tracker by Mr. A.L.I. "Introductoin to Mr. A.L.I." features seductive vocals, jazzy trumpet and piano alongside sparkling keys to create a deep and laidback journey into jazz house grooves. The 'Swing it, Baby' remix gives it a tougher edge, uisng a raw bass groove an funky guitar riff. "Missing you" is a soulful vocal track that features passionate vocals by Nature Love together with a funky guitar, jazzy saxophone and breezy strings that provide the backing. The dub is a mellow and chilled affair that lets the vocals and saxophone take control. Lego's remix takes the track deeper and gives it a moodier feeling. Digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

DJ Spinna featuring Selan "Back 2 U" (Papa Records 12")

"Back 2 U" pairs DJ Spinna and Selan for a sweet slice of soulful r&b that features Selan not only on keys, but also on vocal duties. The Realm (aka Pete Kuzma, Toni Economides and Oli Lazarus) are responsible for the delicious and respectful four-to-the-floor flavored uptempo remixes that feature an extra does of funky elements. Digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Bobby & Steve featuring Pete Simpson "In my heart" (ZooGroove Stereo Records CD Promo)

Original Review from April 6, 2006: The team of Bobby & Steve and James Ratcliff returns with this soulful production that features Pete Simpson on vocals. "In my heart" is an uplifting, smoothly stormin' production with a funky edge thanks to the guitar riff and bassline, enriched with warm melodic keys and a sensual vocal performance by Pete Simpson. DJ Spen & the Muthafunkaz provide the remixes, adding their magic touch to the song that is firing things up. With additional keys and an organ ride that adds a gospelish touch to it, these remixes take the song to another level.

Hardsoul featuring Ron Carroll "My life" (Hardsoul Pressings Records CD Promo)

With "Back togehter", Hardsoul (the duo of brothers Roog and Greg van Bueren) and Ron Carroll created in 2003 what is seen by many as the soulful anthem of the past years. Now just in time for summer, they present the follow-up "My life". The original is a gorgeous vocal house track that features lovely strings, melodic keys and a great guitar alongside Ron Carroll's soulful vocal - however it sounds just a bit to much like "Back together". Ron Carroll goes for a pumping affair with catchy keys. Lastly there is the Knee Deep dub, an irresistible electrofied interpretation with acid drops that builds up to an incredible climax.

The Layabouts featuring Jay Henry "Be yourself" (Healthy Records CD Promo)

For the fourth release on Healthy Records, The Layabouts team up with singer Jay Henry. "Be yourself" is an uplifting track that features an irresistible funky guitar alongside warm melodic keys and a powerful yet soulful vocal performance by Jay Henry over a humpin' groove, with a great breakdown in the middle. The Bongoloverz provide the remix that reworks the track into a peaktime stomper with its tribalistic percussion and incredible piano hook, creating an irresistible vibe.

Stereo Mutants "Muma's & brothers" (SoulFunk Digital Records CD Promo)

SoulFunk Digital is a young label that has been very successful with its first six releases, and they now move to their seventh release "Mama's & brothers'" by rising stars The Stereo Mutants. It is an uplifting funky house track featuring an emotional male vocal over a funky backing groove. The dub version is a thumpin' peaktime affair with wicked keys. The first remix is courtesy of Danny Clark who creates a drivin' jazz-funk reworking, while the second remix sees Danny Clark team up with Darren Flecta for a more laidback take that is full of funky elements.

Franck Roger "Back and forth" (Sonar Kollektiv Records 12")

Sonar Kollektiv continue their prolific "Innervisions Series" with a production by french deep house maestro Franck Roger. With "Back and forth", he shows his rougher and techier side as he entertains us with a raw track that features a filtered guitar, wicked percussion, clever synth harmonies and deeply stormin' basslines. Digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

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