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Carolyn Victorian "I'm back" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

What a marvelous package this is!! A wonderful vocal performance by Carolyn Victorian coupled with a beautiful deep yet laidback instrumentation on Alan Smithee's original version create a mellow feeling. Then you have excellent remixes by the likes of Beppe Gioia who serves a jazz-funk drenched bumpin' vocal alongside a deeper dub, whereas Abicah Soul goes deep and organic with great keys and chords accompanying the vocals. And finally there is an over eleven minute long anthemic rework by Tony Loreto and Jacko that goes as deep as it gets, with an irresistible yet smooth groove leading the way for lush keys and strings, with a killer organ coming in half way through. Not to be missed!!

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Dom Navarra featuring Antonio "New life" (Part 2)(SofiTone Records CD Promo)

Gladly these wonderful mixes we've reviewed back in January of this year are getting a full release soon. Italy's DaSoul and Hooger present their wonderful interpretations of Domenico Navarra's "New life", giving the song a deep and laidback feeling on their main take created by delightful jazzy keys and a mellow yet deep backing groove, with their 'Special Version' adding extra horns and using moody chords. The Positano Brothers' version is firing up things to give it a more energetic vibe while keeping things soulful and jazzy.

Exclusive Preview: Diviniti "Love will stay" (Martin Faltin Re-Rub)(CD-R)

Martin Faltin is blessing us once more with a splendid rework, this time taking on the beautiful "Love will stay" by Diviniti (released through Woman on Wax Records in early 2005). It's all about the gorgeous harmonies created by masterly keys and the sensual vocals, with the smooth funk drenched backdrop spreading a laidback yet infectious feeling.

Born To Funk "Get funky" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Ferdinand Lijnkamp and Mattijs Muller aka Born to Funk present "Get funky", a deep and simple yet resistless peak time track with a slight techy edge guaranteed to take dance floors by storm thanks to the funk soaked groove and wicked keys. The 'Organ Dub' replaces the keys with an organ ride which gives the track a slightly deeper feel, while DJ Rico smoothes down the vibe for a funky laidback groover. Lastly Spiritual Blessings go deep and spacey while not letting down the funky vibes.

Exclusive Preview: DJ Dayzee "No sleep" (CD-R)

Hot on the heels of "In rhythm" comes DJ Dayzee's new production "No sleep", and like its predecessor its pure classy deep house that is absolutely resistless thanks to the deeply stormin' groove, compelling keys and mesmerizing male vocals used, altogether creating a hypnotic vibe you can't resist to dance to.

Exclusive Preview: Brandy "I wanna be down" (Darren Campbell Dub)(Sounds of Subway Records CD-R)

Brandy's 1994 r&b hit "I wanna be down" gets taken straight to the underground house floors by Darren Campbell who gives the track an old-school feel by using a deeply rumblin' groove along with wicked synth chords which together with the vocals are guaranteed to spread a mesmerizing vibe on the dance floor.

Sean Smith featuring J.L. from BSTC "Cloud 9" (Part 1)(Smooth Agent Records CD Promo)

Smooth Agent owner Sean Smith presents his first full vocal production titled "Cloud 9", featuring passionate vocals by J.L. from Chicago based jazz funk group BSTC. The original is a smooth yet fierce affair featuring lush keys over a funk drenched backing groove, remixed by DJ Staxx aka Abicah Soul who uses a deep organic groove and his trademark synths to turn the track into a hypnotic underground anthem. Andre Harris is firing up the vibe with a heavily stompin' funk soaked groove and spacy chords, while Doc Link along with keyboarder Angel A serves a deep percussion enriched thumper topped with warm melodies.

Da Lata featuring Diabel Cissokho "It's not your job" (Papa Records CD Promo)

Da Lata return with the massive "It's nor your job" featuring Senegalese singer/kora player Diabel Cissokho. "It's not your job" is an absolutely infectious mixture of various musical styles and instruments from around the world, featuring a memorable guitar riff alongside incredible vocals over a funked-up, slightly broken beat afro groove. Da Lata themselves take their wonderful original version to the house floors by adding a smooth 4/4 groove, while Yass is intensifying the vibe with a fiercely thumpin' beat. Next are Faze Action who relax the vibe on their disco tinged interpretation, followed by The Layabouts who serve a hypnotic reworking featuring lush synths over a deeply rumblin' groove.

Boddhi Satva featuring Robert Walker "Get up" (Jersey Soul Remixes)(Seed Records CD Promo)

Boddhi Satva's "Get up" gets another batch of slammin' remixes, this time courtesy of Jersey Soul (aka Dave Lalla and Big Logan), with John Crockett providing the keys. The 'Shelter Mix' is a deep hypnotic affair using thumpin' beats and infectious spaced-out synths to create a resistless vibe, while the 'Saltfish & Bammy Mix' is a dubbed-out ragga house rework featuring phat keys. The 'Johnny Sox Tek Jazz Mix' is on a deep tech-soul-tip, while lastly the 'J Soul VS J Sox Mix' toughens the vibe for the bigger floors.

Anthony Romeno featuring Jaze Knight "My home" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Anthony Romeno follows up his massive "I won't let you go" with the uplifting "My home", featuring vocals courtesy of Jaze Knight. The production is groovy and laidback, featuring beautiful melodies and heartfelt vocals over a smooth, funk spiced backdrop. You've got the choice between lots of alternate mixes which intensify the funky vibe, add a jazzy touch, or take the track to deep thumpin' grounds. And the catchy hook is so resistless it won't get out of your head for a long time.

DJ Meme featuring Gavin Bradley "Chanson du soleil (sun is coming up)" (Playmore Records CD Promo)

With "Chanson du soleil (sun is coming up)", DJ Meme presents a feel good production featuring uplifting vocal by Gavin Bradley over a smooth Disco tinged house groove that is enriched with classic strings and melodic keys. Various remixes are included in the package, with Word of Mouth (aka Graham Lord from Audiowhores) taking the track to deep hypnotic grounds, while RedSoul turns the track into a fierce Disco house stomper. Greg 'ReelGroove' Dorban's interpretation is a laidback affair featuring jazzy keys and lovely chords over a smooth backdrop, while Hugo Puntito toughens the vibe on his progressive take. Lastly Thomas Toccafondi serves a minimal yet very effective, relentless tribalistic rework.

De Melero & DJ Pippi & Tuccillo "El amor es mas" (Purple Tracks Records CD Promo)

Ibiza DJ's Cesar de Melero, Tuccillo and DJ Pippi team up to present "El amor es mas", a track with a definite Balearic touch that features sexy female vocals and phat chords over a relentless percussion enriched groove. The mixes included in the package range from groovy over deep to peak time, with a bonus remix by Jamie Lewis included which is perfect for late night / early morning play with its slight dark touch. Surely something for everyone here.

DJ Jeroenski & Jorn "Make me groove" (Peppermint Jam Records CD Promo)

DJ Jeroenski teams up with former football player Jorn to present "Make me groove", a rather tough track in its original form featuring gritty electronic synths over a fiercely stompin' groove. Phonic Funk are responsible for the remix, reworking the track into a chunky affair built around a funk soaked groove and catchy synth hooks.

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