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Exclusive Preview: Paris Brightledge & OGC " Michelangelo" / "(Love) complicated" (CD-R)

Here we have two currently unsigned exclusives for you, courtesy of Chicago based production team Organic Groove Continuum (Adrian Roberts and Brett Owsley) and legendary singer and songwriter Paris Brightledge (he co-wrote and performed the timeless classic "It's alright" released back in 1987 on DJ International Records). "Michelangelo" uses a smoothly stompin', funk drenched backdrop as playground for Paris' sultry vocals and warm melodic chords to create an uplifting feeling. On a more intense tip comes the relentless "(Love) complicated" which is built around a fiercely thumpin' groove that is topped with Paris' unmistakable vocals and lush synths. It's just a matter of time until these two beauties will find a home.

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Barbara Tucker & Tuccillo "One desire" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

One of this years biggest dance music hits is set to extend its success street with this pack of brand new remixes. Quentin Harris takes the track to deeper, slightly dark ground on his resistless 'Re-Production' mixes, while his 'Other Mix' is more of a deep tech-house affair. Alix Alvarez contributes a reworked take of his vocal version as well as an irresistibly pumpin' dub to the package, while Japanese newcomers Tomoki & Nono go deep on their floaty and spacey interpretation. Hoshiko Oki & Jere McAllister team up for a groovy, funk drenched affair on a laidback tip perfect for lounging. Lastly there is 'Barbaras Desire Mix', a fierce yet smooth re-rub featuring warm melodies over a groovy backdrop.

Exclusive Preview: Xela Saitta "Daylight" (Martin Faltin Re-Rub)(CD-R)

There ain't no stoppin' for Martin Faltin at the moment as he unleashes another bomb with his interpretation of Xela Saitta's "Daylight", taking Ripperton's 'Atmospheric Edit' to the next level by adding a deep, funk soaked groove that is enriched with sweet percussion elements to the track, turning it into a captivating dance floor stomper.

Exclusive Preview: Various "Latin Impressions Volume V" (Stellar Records CD Promo)

"Latin Impressions Volume V" is not your average Latin house release, in fact this package will take you on a journey into the many different flavors of Latin dance music. First up are Victor Simonelli and Vince Sortino with "Cumbiana", a deeply stormin' track featuring great horns alongside a jazzy piano to create a infectious vibe. Next is "Espiritu xeneize" by Victor Simonelli featuring a wonderful accordian over a smooth groove, altogether spreading a laidback feeling, followed by Raf'N'Soul's "Latin xpression", a live percussion session that is simple yet very effective and mesmerizing. Finally we have "Samba party" by Nick Hussey & Graeme Park which is an uplifting affair featuring great keys and chords over a deep and fierce, Samba flavored groove.

Melchyor A "To carry on" (Razana Prod. Records CD Promo)

Andrianirina Jean Yves aka Melchyor A presents the beautiful "To carry on", a laidback production featuring passionate female vocals over a smooth yet relentless, funk flavored groove that is enriched with sweet percussion, melodic keys and a lovely jazzy saxophone. The 'Njaka Dub Mix' strips the track of the keys to put the emphasis on the groove to let it spread a more intense vibe. Completing the package are an instrumental and a drum tool version.

Roland Clark "Connection" (DJ Garphie Mixes)(Home Records CD Promo)

"Connection" is a relentless production featuring a spoken word message by Roland Clark, available to us in the DJ Garphie remix that combines the captivating vocals with a deeply thumpin' groove and phat synths, altogether creating a hypnotic vibe that will take dance floors by storm.

Djed featuring Anthony Goode "Do you still know house" (Part 1)(Certified Organik Records CD Promo)

A few years back, Todd Gardner's "Do you know house" became an instant classic, and now he presents Djed's "Do you still know house" featuring infectious vocals by Anthony Goode over a hypnotic tribal house groove, borrowing the most memorable parts from the Mr. Fingers classic "Mystery of love" to give it a classy old-school touch. Pablo Martinez goes deep on his take that features lush chords over thumpin' beats, while Justin Imperiale gives the track a more minimal yet resistless tribal feel, with the atmospheric chords intensifying the vibe to the max. Lastly Steve Rigmaiden serves a deeply stormin' interpretation featuring spacey keys. Watch out for part two coming soon with more remixes.

Jihad Muhammad featuring Chris Dockins "No more war" (Camio Records CD Promo)

Jihad Muhammad's "No more ware" features a heartfelt anti war message performed by the one and only Chris Dockins over a laidback groove that is enriched with warm melodic keys and a lovely guitar in its original form. Groove Assassin is firing things up on his edit while staying close the original, followed by DJ Man-X who gives the track an organic live feel on his rework that features marvelous keys over a funk drenched groove. Bradford James & Trinidadiandeep as Seedadiandeep smooth things down on their laidback take that features jazzy keys and a lovely sax over a laidback, percussion enriched groove. The Dolls Combers go groovy on their old-school flavored interpretation, while Dom Navarra contributes a deep hypnotic version to the package. Lastly Deep Inc. give the track a stompin' outfit, with dramatic synths accompanying the vocals.

Soul Oasis presents K.Joy "Butterflyz" (The Cocoon Unreleased Mixes)(CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Here they are, the unreleased mixes of K.Joy's "Butterflyz" we've been waiting for! Art Jones' 'Funky Mix' is a deep funk drenched affair that combines K.Joy's sensitive vocals with warm melodic keys to create a wonderful soundscape. The 'Cocoon Rmx' by Tim McCalister is the vocal companion to the 'Instrumental McEdit Dance Mix' from the first part, spiced with extra synths for full effect. Paul G adds to mixes to the package, with his 'Butterflyz in Space Mix' being a deep captivating affair using spaced-out synths over a deeply rumblin' groove to create a mesmerizing vibe, while his 'Strobe-Light Mix' is a groovy, funk flavored affair featuring wicked keys.

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter presents Ricoh "Not moved" (Blak Ink Music Records CD Promo)

"Not moved" is the follow up to Wil Milton and Rodney Carter's highly successful collaboration on "Am I invisible" with singer Ricoh. "Not moved" is deep house at its best, featuring Ricoh's passionate voice over a deep yet smooth backing groove that is enriched with wonderful keys and chords. Beside the vocal, instrumental and orgapella versions, there is the masterly 'Wils Piano Play in The Dark' version which strips the vocal down to make room for a gorgeous piano solo.

Studio Apartment featuring AK "Beautiful sunrise" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

"Beautiful sunrise" is one of the most memorable tunes from Studio Apartments recent "The Rising Sun" long player, featuring sultry vocals courtesy of AK. Beside the previously released '12inch Original' and 'Sunshine Soul' mixes (available through Apt. Records), you get brand new remixes by Quentin Harris who delivers a soulful makeover built around a deeply groovin' backdrop that is enriched with warm melodic synths alongside a 'Pocahontas Dub' that is a on a darker tip featuring hypnotic synths and twisted vocals over a relentlessly thumpin' beat.

Shana "Uyangichomela" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Shana are a south African group formed in 1997 who sing in their native language Zulu, presenting "Uyangichomela" to a worldwide audience through Ralf GUM's GoGo Music label. The original version courtesy of DJ Christos (Christos Katsaitis) is built around a sweet yet deep afro house beat, enriched with warm atmospheric chords that give the track a beautiful late night / early morning feel. Ralf GUM provides the remixes, with his 'Classic Mix' adding a funky live instrumentation including great horns to intensify the vibe while never letting down the afro-soul feel. His 'Deep Mix' is a hypnotic affair featuring lush chords over a relentlessly stormin', deep groove, with the 'Deep Dub' minimizing the vocals to let the chords do the talk. The 'Classic Reprise' is completing the package.

Cisco presents The Robot Dance Connection "Volume 1" (Need Light Records CD Promo)

Need Light Records is a new French label formed by Miss Chrysalide & Cisco, presenting their debut release "Volume 1" by The Robot Dance Connection. "Carnival jaz" is coming in two parts, both having a definite old-school underground touch them, with the deeply thumpin' beats, latinesque flavors and lush synth chords creating an irresistible vibe on the dance floor. The third track "Slow motion" is a truly deep down tempo affair, featuring spacy synths alongside cool vocal samples to create a sexy hypnotic feeling.

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