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Mr. V "Welcome home" (Vega/Defected Records CD / Digital Download)

Image Victor Font - better known as Mr. V - has become a household name in the house music scene in recent years as DJ, producer, remixer and also as MC. On his debut album, he showcases his talents, drawing on his influences and inspirations to create songs that are full of heart and soul, fusing house beats with street flavors such as r&b and hip hop. The tracks feature social lyrics (listen to "Make peace" to get an idea), infectious grooves and beats (listen to "Put your drink down" or "Wind ya body"), with some laidback moments to be found as well. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

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Chieko Kinbara "Time to love" (Grand Gallery Records 12")

Chieko Kinbara has been working with many of house music' biggest producers on the her longplayers "Strings of life" and "Love & respect", including Louie Vega, Osunlade, Rasmus Faber, DJ Spinna, Danny Krivit, Yasushi Ide. On "Time to love" (lifted from the album "Strings of life") she collaborates with Blaze for a beautiful song that is spreading a laidback feeling through the wonderful instrumentation that includes a lovely guitar and jazzy keys over a smooth groove, with Chieko Kinbara blessing us with her magnificent violine play. The dub version is more of a reprise with the beats coming in around the middle of the track.

The Groove Victim "House apnea" (Foul Soul Records CD Promo)

In 2007, Jay Brown aka The Groove Victim will launch Foul Soul Records, with the debut release to be "House apnea". Two of the four tracks made it to our desk for an exclusive preview. The 'GVA Clinic Mix' is all about percussive elements and stompin' beats, with wicked spaced-out keys taking you on a ride through this 13 minute journey. The 'Moov Mix' is a tribute to JoVonn, one of his favorite producers, with many reminisces to be found throughout the track like deep beats and incredible keys.

SoulTempo featuring Kissey Asplund "Brazil" (SoulTempo Records CD Promo)

DJ Jaycee unleashes a soulful bomb on his SoulTempo label with "Brazil", a track that is built around a smoothly thumpin' groove that is enriched with sweet percussion and a deeply rumblin' bassline.Warm melodic keys, a lovely guitar and the sensual and sexy vocal performance by Kissey Asplund give the track a soulful and laidback feeling. The 'Dirty Mix' roughens the groove and takes it to a deeper and moodier level while keeping it soulful.

Exclusive Preview: Janet Jackson "40+" (Jaycee InDaMix)(CD-R)

Jaycee is taking on Janet Jackson - if I'm not mistaken its "20 (Intro)" from her current "20 Years Old" longplayer. Jaycee takes the intro and reworks it into a deeply rumblin' house track that is enriched with wicked keys, while the beats create an irresistible vibe.

Guy Robin featuring Anthony Moriah "Angel of love" (Hustle Music Records CD Promo)

Hustle Music present something special here as "Angel of love" is produced by up and coming prodcuer Guy Robin who is just 17 years old! Nonetheless, he presents a wonderful production with "Angel of love" featuring an emotional and sensual vocal performance by Anthony Moriah. The 'Original Mix' is based around a deep yet laidback groove, with melodic keys perfectly accompanying the vocals, while the 'Underground Mix' takes it to a deeper level with a rumblin' groove and spheric keys.

Monkey Harris "Future Grooves EP" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

The next release on Gotta Keep Faith will be a slammin', retro-flavored three track EP by Monkey Harris titled "Future Grooves EP". "K9" is a groovy track built around a relentless groove featuirng male adlibs and wicked keys, with some extra acid drops shown here and there. "Riddim" is a thumpin' deep house track with an old-school touch thanks to the wonderful keys used, while "Dark matter" is on a moody vibe featuring a deeply stormin' groove and spacey keys. A versatile EP by Monkey Harris that should not be missed.

Rasmir "X 2 C" (CD-R)

Once more, Rasmir Mantree has pulled all the stops and delivers a slammin' track that will take dancefloors by storm. "X 2 C" has a hypnotic feel thanks to the relentless' groove that features rollin' beats and a deeply rumblin' bassline alongside percussion elements, with the galactic keys on top amplifying the irresistible vibe.

Alex Dimitri "The Italian Style EP" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Earlier this month, we exclusively reviewed "Fly away" by Alex Dimitri, a track that starts off with deeply rumblin drums and beats before the percussion elements come in, followed by jazzy keys and melodic chords that give the track a laidback feeling that is perfect for afterhours and early morning play. Now this track has been picked up by Look-At-You who will release it soon, together with "Whaz up", a track featuring sexy female vocals and a wicked organ ride over a funked-up groove with a bassline as funky as it gets. The digital release will include some additional mixes not to be on the vinyl.

Smokin Beats featuring Steven G  "Show the world your love" (Smokin Beats Records CD Promo)

With "Show to the world your love", Smokin' Beats have a beauty in their hands with Steven G delivering a passionate vocal performance. The 'Classic Club Mix' is pure garage heaven with classy jazzy keys over a smoothly thumpin' groove, while the 'Master Blaster' mixes turn the track into a peaktime favorite with their wicked electrofied keys that create an irresistible vibe.

Panevino featuring Charles Dockins "The best of me" (Panevino Music Records CD Promo)

In early june this year, we brought you an exclusive preview of this track that will be released soon on the brand new Panevino Music record label. Produced by Sandro Endrighetti and Renato Abate aka Panevino, "The best of me" features legendary producer Charles Dockins who provides an emotional and inspiring vocal over a fierce groove that is enriched with a funky bassline, classic strings and warm melodic keys. DJ Meme provides a fierce'n'stompin remix that is full of beautiful old-school Philly-Disco flavors. This powerful song is a guaranteed floor filler where it will be spreading an uplifting feeling.

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