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George Mena & Franke Estevez "Lose control (The Album)" (Fuzion Records Digital Download)

Image George Mena & Franke Estevez have been taking the dance music scene by storm with both their original productions as well as remixes for various artists in the last few years, thanks to their musicianship and love for the music. Earlier this year at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, some of the songs from their debut longplayer "Lose control" have been live performed, building anticipation among the attending music lovers. Now the album has been releaed, including both instrumental and vocal productions featuring a variety of dance community's best known artists such as Arnold Jarvis, K.T. Brooks and Temple Dynasty to name just a few. All the songs on the album showcase the versatility and skills of George Mena and Franke Estevez as they bless us with their uplifting and top quality productions that include influences from various musical genres. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

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Jesse James Project "New beginnings EP" (Seed Records CD Promo)

The "New beginnigs EP", the second release on Seed Records, is produced by Jesse Outlaw & Bradford James and released under the name of Jesse James Project. The title track "New beginnigs" is on a mellow vibe, with deeply thumpin' beats leading the way for a wonderful jazzy flute, funky bassline and warm melodic keys that give the track a laidback feeling. "Con ella (Live Mix)" is a wicked track with a live jazz fusion feel to it, featuring sexy female vocals alongside outstanding keys and a deeply rumblin' funktified groove.

Joseph and Jeremias "The Spiritual High EP" (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

The "Spiritual High EP" is produced by Joseph and Jeremias Santiago (FTL Records) and features a passionate vocal performance by Lem (best known for his work with Mood II Swing). The EP features "Good to me", a true deep house production that is spreading a laidback feeling through the mellow groove and heavenly keys that accompany the smooth voice of Lem, the result being an inspiring song.

Melchyor A "One day" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

"One day" by Melchyor A (born in Madagascar and now living in France) is a mellow and laidback production spiced with jazzy flavors and featuring a male spoken word vocal. The 'Main Mix' uses a relentless deep groove and melodic keys to create an irresistible vibe, while the 'Jazz-N-Groove Beat Mix' features a lovely guitar and trumpet over a beat driven backing track. A beautiful release that should  not be missed.

UPZ "Ki sa ou di" (soWHAT Records CD Promo)

soWHAT is a new digital label out of Israel that will release stuff from UPZ as well as other upcoming artists. The first release is courtesy of UPZ and features creole vocals by Patrick G (from Haiti), with a great selection of infectious mixes to choose from. The 'Voodoo Mix' is a calypso inspired affair built around a smooth tribal groove that is enriched with a wicked organ and lovely keys. The 'Kwaito Mix' is on a deeper and laidback vibe featuring a lovely flute, while the 'DxD Mix' takes it to the darker side with some electronic elements. For a wicked drums and beats version, check the 'Drum Mix' showcasing Idan K's talents. Fabio Bacchini's interpretation twists the track into a disco-funk inspired house track. Lastly there is a very useful acapella included.

Marlon D featuring Stephanie Renee "Greater love" (Halo and Jamie Thinnes Remix)(City Deep Records CD Promo)

Marlon D's latest recently released "Greater love" that features a sensual and emotional vocal performance by Stephanie Renee gets the remix treatment from Halo & Jamie Thinnes. The take this lovely, deep an laidback track to another level by firing things up with an even deeper, somewhat moody groove, with the wonderful keys harmonising perfectly with Stephanie Renee's vocals. With vocal, instrumental and dub mixes to choose from, this is a great remix package.

Corinne Bailey Rae "Put your record on (DFA Remix)(CD-R)

After reworking "Like a star" by britisch blues & soul sensation Corinne Bailey Rae for the dancefloor, Darryl James now takes on her so far biggest hit "Put your records on". He delivers a ten minute long, epic reworking that is built around a smoothly thumpin' groove and features outstanding keys and a lovely organ ride alongside the sensual vocals and acoustic guitar from the original.

Soulseekers "Unconditionally (Part 1)" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

The third release on ReelGroove is courtesy of New Jersey hailing production duo Soulseekers who deliver a fierce yet soulful production with "Unconditionally" that features a passionate male vocal performance over a driving groove that is enriched with a funky bassline, lovely strings and warm melodic keys. Davidson Ospina's remix takes it to a deeper level, using a bouncey groove as playground for the vocals, keys and orchestralesque strings.

DJ Karizma "Karizma's FU to the Booters" (CD Promo)

As someone is booting Karizma's stuff, he decided to release a "MP3 bootlegg" on his own which you can find at Southport Weekender forums. The vinyl booty is titled "DJ Karizma - Unreleased Nuggets 2" while he calls his release "KARIZMA'S F.U. To the Booters". Two tracks included on this release: a kickin' dub of "Precious" and "Kristy burnt", a splendid take on Pepe Bradock's "Deep burnt" that wasn't for public sale.

Twisted Rhythm "All tonight" (Solid Soul Records CD Promo)

Stewart Milne & Martin Murphy aka Twisted Rhythm continue to bless us with their funktified disco house grooves. This time they unleash an ingenious reworking of the Curtis Hairston classic "I want you (all tonight)" from the early 80's that takes the vocals and classic synth lines and combines them with a powerfully stompin' four-to-the-floor groove to create an absolutely relentless track reminiscent of 80's club music.

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