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Soularis "Change the world "(SunSoaked Records CD Promo)


SunSoaked is the brand new label by Soularis that premieres with the uplifting "Change the world" by Soularis, with vocals courtesy of Pete Simpson. The original is a mellow and laidback production featuring a wonderful instrumentation including a magnificent guitar solo alonsgside Pete Simpson's soulful voice. Soularis 'Sun Soaked Mix' is a fierce yet smooth affair with warm melodic keys, while the 'Soularis Dub' is pumping things up. Groove Assassin delivers probably his best remix to date, a deep and soulful interpretation that is absolutely resistless, while the Central Avenue remix keeps on grooving and grooving in a smooth yet fierce way. "Change the world" is an incredibly catchy song full of feel good vibes with an anthemic chorus that will catch you with the first listen.

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Flashback: Even Adamafio "Africa" (RausonMusic Records Digital Download)

Evan Adamafio's "Africa" was released on 12" by Dancetracks Records on vinyl back in 2002 and is now available digitally on Dancetracks Digital as part of the "Africamental" release. Evan Adamafio and Khalis Bayaan produced this outstanding piece of music with Larry P. Rauson providing a deep and soulful mix with a beautiful instrumentation. Evan's inspiring voice gets backed up with strong background vocals.

Exclusive Preview: The Groove Victim "Summit Park EP" (Foul Soul Records CD Promo)

The Groove Victim aka Jay Brown presents the follow up to "House apnea" (the debut release of Foul Soul Records that will be released soon). "Summit park" comes in two variations, with both of them being driven by an irresistible deep techy groove that features sharp beats and a moody bassline. The 'Keys Mix' features a great jazzy piano alongside techy synths, with the 'Vibes Mix' replacing the piano with a wonderful vibraphone solo that gibes it a slightly smoother feeling.

Krispaglia "La Deep Aglia EP" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Behind Krispaglia is Christoph Pagliaroli who presents the lovely "La Deep Aglia EP". The EP contains four tracks, all being on a mellow tip featuring deep funktified grooves with a warm melodic instrumentation that lets the tracks spread a laidback, almost chill out feeling.

D3 featuring Ivana B "Freedom" (TriCircle Records CD Promo)

D3 is Davor Devcic who teams up with singer Ivana Babic for the uplifting "Freedom", a deeply groovin' discofied affair in its original version that features a passionate vocal. The 'D3 Club Mix' is firing things up by intensifying the funky flavors and using a pumped up beat while keeping the groovy vibe alive. DJ Circle's reworking gives the track a funky'n'fresh house outfit that keeps it soulful with the warm instrumentation. Christian Hornbostel comes up with a powerfully stompin' interpretation perfect for peaktime play thanks to the catchy keys used.

Groove Junkies presents TC Moses "Free your mind" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

The Groove Junkies kick off 2007 with a big bang as they present the massive "Free your mind" featuring the extraordinary talented TC Moses on vocal duties. The main version is an uplifting, soul drenched production that is absolutely relentless thanks to the funkily groovin' backdrop that is enriched with a beautiful instrumentation. On the 'GJ MoHo Madness Dub', the vocals are stripped down and the groove is toughened up slightly to intensify the funky flavors, turning the track into an irreistible funktified peaktime gem. The 'GJ Alternate Madness Dub' strips even more of the vocals, giving you the choice between two equally great dub mixes.

Freakquence LAB & Cambis featuring Kwame "Love will find a way" (White Lotus Club Records CD Promo)

"Love will find a way" is the colalborative work of Frequence LAB, DJ Cambis and gospel singer Kwame who delivers an inspirational vocal performance on this production. The original is a deeply stormin' attack to the dancefloor with a discofied groove, funky instrumentation and phat sample of a disco classic. Secret Soul smooth it down and add a cool guitar riff to give it a more relaxed vibe, keeping the disco-funk vibe alive. Christian Alvarez comes up with a thumpin' electrofied affair while Bee-Low gives it a deep interpretation on a moody tip with techy keys.

Art & Pleasure featuring Jessy Howe "You" (Soultonic Records CD Promo)

Soultonic celebrate their 10th release and 1st birthday with this release by swiss duo Art & Pleasure that features a sensual and sexy vocal courtesy of Jessy Howe. "You" is an uplifting production based around a funktified groove that features a warm melodic instrumentation that harmonises perfectly with the vocals. Steven Stone gives it a jazz-funk vibe on his dub that enforces the funky flavors on the groove and features additional jazzy instrumentation. A lovely reprise is included in the package as well.

Simone de Nauw "Luv" (Pesto Records CD Promo)

"Luv" is produced by Jon Silva, with the vocals written and performed by Simone de Nauw in a sexy way. The promo package offers none less than twelve mixes to choose from, with the orignial being on a groovy tip with melodic keys. The dub is a stompin' affair with catchy keys that make it perfect for peaktime play, while Spin Sciene turn out deep interpretation with spacey keys perfect for afterhours play. On the 'Catchbass' Remix, Jon Silva goes for a deep bass driven ride. The other eight mixes by Jon Silva and El Farouki let you choose from a variety of electro house interpretations.

Roed Svensk "Que pasa" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

With "Que pasa" by Roed Svensk, ReelGroove Records present a latin house track that will bring sunshine to your heart and the dancefloors, letting you forget it is actually wintertime. Roed Svensk's original is on a laidback vibe, perfect to chill to the groove. Danny Clark provides the remixes, with his 'Synth Mix' powering up the groove and adding some lovely synth lines, while the 'Dub Mix' is a funked up affair to be played at peaktime. The 'Intro Mix' is perfect for opening up your set. Lastly there is a remix by Bryan Dalton who comes up with a moody, athmospheric reworking.

Tony Silipo & Tony Lombardo "Snuggle" (Groove Sense Records CD Promo)
Matt Sofo "Dreams" (Groove Sense Records CD Promo)

Groove Sense Records open up 2007 with two strong releases. First up is "Snuggle" by the team of Tony Silipo & Tony Lombardo, a deep'n'funky track that is groovin' from beginning to the end, with strings reminiscent of earlier Ten City releases. The 'Sun Mix' is a slightly modified version with great breakdowns and an added jazzy piano solo. Next is "Dreams" by Matt Sofo, a stormin' disco house track with a jazz-funky edge that is guaranteed to keep the crowd moving. The 'Stripped Back Mix' adds some electronic flavors to it, while the 'Side Show Project Mix' is a nice reprise variation of the main version with a lovely intro.

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