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Yass "He reigns" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Paris based DJ and producer Yass follows up last years massive "I believe" with "He reigns", a slammin' production featuring an inspirational gospel vocal by Leslie O'Smith over a relentless groove, with the background vocals and organ chords intensifying the gospel vibe. The dub stripps most of the vocals, letting the groove, chords and background chants create an incredibly intense vibe you can't resist to dance to. The 'Innersoul Badyard Dub' uses a fiercely stompin' beat and electrofied keys to give the track a deeper, underground-ish vibe.

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Exlusive Review: Anane "Let me love you" (Bocsecrets Remix)(CD-R)

Maurizio Baiocchi delivers another one of his hot Bocsecrets reworkings with this interpretation of Anane's "Let me love you". He takes this wicked track with sexy female vocals by Anane and a rap by Mr. V to the next level by giving it an old-school electro touch using a broken-beat styled groove and great electro drops.

Patrick Green featuring Will Barnes "Shades" (Sofitone Records CD Promo)

"Shades" is a spoken word track by DJ and producer Patrick Green which features spoken word artist Will Barnes. Patrick Green's original versions are on a deep vibe, featuring spaced-out keys and a wicked guitar that let it spread a laidback feeling. DJ Rocco gives the track a deep techy outfit that keeps it soulful while being absolutely irresistible and devastating on the dancefloor. The included instrumental, dub and acapella versions are perfect to play around.

Mr. Cubanix "The Breakthrough EP" (deVICE Records CD Promo)

Mr. Cubanix aka David Reyero has been regularly featured in the past on Spirit of House with his great edits. Now, after presenting "Revelation" in december last year, he brings us "The Breakthrough EP" with three slammin' tracks. Kicking off is "Hot steppa", a groovy track with sweet percussion and wicked keys. Next is "Breakthrough", a stompin' funked up house with cool keys that give it an uplifting feeling. Lastly there is "Gosando", a percussion driven tribal track with spaced-out keys.

Raul Moros "Amazonica" (SoulFuric Trax Records CD Promo)

Raul Moros is one of Simon Van Kesteren's monikers (another one he uses is Soul Conspiracy) presents "Amazonica", a resistless track built around a stormin' four-to-the-floor groove that is topped with wicked keys that create a feel good vibe. Raul Moros supplies three great variations on his mixes, with a fourth interpretation by DJ Jeroenski being inluced as well.

djB & Neal Paul "Eccentric mood" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

djB, one of Singapore's leading house DJs, teams up with his friend Neal Paul for "Eccentric mood", a driving yet smooth tribal house track that features wicked keys alongside a sweet organ ride. The 'Organ Dub' roughens things just a bit with dirtier keys, while the 'Zouk Mix' smoothes the groove down to give it a more relaxed feeling. The bonus 'DJ Tool' is a worthwile beats version with some nice effects.

JJK "Trax For My Head EP" (SoulFuric Trax Records CD Promo)

John 'Julius' Knight presents a phat three track EP that continues where his previous releases left off. All three tracks are guaranteed to take dancefloors by storm with their irresistible beats and catchy electrofied keys. "The cut" is a thumipn' peaktime monster that will let the crowd go crazy, while "The rush" is perfect for chillout and after hours with the laminar keys that give it an ambient touch. "What is love" is a groovy track with old-school keys somewhat reminiscent of David Morales remixes from back in the day.

Blake Reary "Step it up" (Hermosa Records CD Promo)

With "Step it up", Hermosa Records present an uplifting production by Blake Reary. His original version is an off beat styled, funked-up house track with synthesized vocals and great keys. Richard Earnshaw reworks the track into a glamorous and sexy peaktime favorite, while Justin Michael comes up with a groovy interpretation with wicked keys that grows and grows. Lastly, Solo subtly reworks the original and turns it into a bouncey affair with an eleco-funk feeling.

DJ Tekin featuring Taclan "Save my soul" (Raisani Records CD Promo)

Tekin Cihaner aka DJ Tekin presents a slammin' production with "Save my soul" which features Taclan Gorgun on vocals. "Save my soul" is an infectious yet soulful thumper featuring wicked keys, classic discoish strings and a cool guitar riff alongside the sultry vocal performance. Davidson Ospina & Oscar P deliver a stompin' remix with catchy keys that is perfect for the bigger rooms while keeping it on a deep vibe.

Exlusive Review: Angie Stone "Stone love" (UPZ Reprise)(CD-R)

"Stone love" is the intro and title track from Angie Stone's third longplayer released in 2004 which has given a makeover by UPZ who underlay the sexy vocals with a smoothly thumpin' groove that is enriched with a wicked guitar riff and incredible jazzy saxophone solo, creating a laidback groover.

Deep Factor "Warriors theme" (Feelin' Music Records CD Promo)

This is the third release from Deep Factor for Feelin' Music Records, seeing them deliver a wonderful instrumental production as follow up to their previous vocal releases for the label. "Warriors theme" is a laidback jazzy house track featuring a killer flute solo that is accompanied by a lovely guitar and female vocal dubs, with a funky bassline leading the way for the smooth relentless groove. The dub is firing things up, adding extra funky ingredients and a jazzy piano to give it a more underground feel. There is also a beautiful reprise version in the package that is perfect for kicking off your set.

Melchyor A "Kiss my soul" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

With "Kiss my soul", Melchyor A presents a laidback and mellow house production on a jazz-funk tip featuring an incredibly funky bassline and passionate female vocals alongside great horns and wicked keys. DJ Rico's 'Dub Beat Mix' takes it to deeper grounds using a heavily thumpin' beat, while giving it a strippd down, more underground feel.

Fabio Bacchini presents Darth Funk "Freaky Edits Vol. 1" (White Label 12")

Fabio Bacchini continues to drop funky house bombs with the release of "Freaky Edits Vol. 1" which brings you his interpretations of the 1980 classic "Stomp" by Brothers Johnson and "Its automatic" by Zoot Woman from 2002, both getting twisted and flipped around, with some great filtering effects added, into thumpin' funky house tracks that will take dancefloors by storm.

Ty Black "Tru love" (DFA Remix)(Jellybean Soul Records CD Promo)

Stacey Mallory and Ty Black continue their successful collaboration with "Tru love", a fierce production by Stacey Mallory featuring a passionate vocal performance by Ty Black, with DFA providing a set of irresistible mixes which are built around a groovy percussion enriched groove and feature a wonderful instrumentation including a jazzy xylophone solo alongside warm  melodic keys.

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