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Simon Grey featuring Robbie Smith "Together" (Ceremony Records CD Promo)

It has been some time since we've heard from Simon Grey on these pages, but with "Together" he returns in a huge way. "Together" is a truly organic production featuring a marvellous live jazz-funk instrumentation and fantastic emotional vocal courtesy of Robbie Smith, with the arrangement of the song being top-notch, featuring great breakdowns and builds. Label head Dave Storm is responsible for the beautifully edited dub version that is a great choice to the main vocal version.

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Dominic Dawson presents Amrick Channa "Hangin' on a String" (Look At You Records CD Promo)

Dominic Dawson and Amrick Channa are two newcomers who present a lovely cover version of the timeless Loose Ends classic "Hangin' on a string". Their 'Main Mix' is on an old-school tip featuring warm melodic keys alongside a heartfelt vocal performance by Amrick Channa over rollin' beats. Two dubs to choose from, with the 'Funky Dub' turning it into a funkily' thumpin affair, while the 'Electro Dub' is on a bass heavy tip featuring electrofied synths.

H2O "Living for the future" (2007 Remix)(Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Originally released in 1995 on Liquid Groove Records, the Oliver Stumm produced "Living for the future" gets a new life with brand new mixes. France' DJ Rork delivers an uplifting, pumped up interpretation that stays true to the original distinctive keys, while Richard Earnshaw comes up with a more soulful and groovy reworking that features irresistible keys. Also included are the 1996 remixes that have only been released on a highly limited 12" on Panthera Records (the record store and label who celebrated his10th anniversary back then).

P Diddy "Tell me" / "Last nite" (DFA Remix)(FallOut Records 12")

Darryl James and Fred McFarlane coming up with a hot two tracker, taking on two songs from P Diddy's latest longplayer "Press play". The chosen tracks are "Tell me" featuirng Christina Aguilera and "Laste nite" featuring Keisha Cole who both have been given the DFA re-rub featuring warm melodic keys over bouncing beats that give these reworking a groovy feeling.

Panevino featuring Xavior "Don't waste my time" (Part 2)(Panevino Music Records CD Promo)

This wonderful production by Panevino aka Sandro Endrighetti & Renato Abate gets a well deserved second part that is kicked off with a reworking by Marquito who gives it classic, soulful touch feauturing great jazzy keys and lovely strings over a smoothly thumpin' groove. Panevino deliver the deeply stormin' and relentless 'Rustico Mix' featuring whicked keys that make this a peaktime favorite.

Ralf GUM "Easy" (Part 2)(GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

This part two of Ralf Gum's "Easy" will be a digtial only release, including some brand new classy mixes. "Easy" gets funked up in the alternate mixes by Ralf Gum & CrisP, spreading an uplifting feeling through the soulful vocals performed by Inaya Day, while the dub is all about the funky ingredients, letting them build an irrestibile vibe. King DK delivers a very organic, soul-drenched interpretation featuring great bass and guitar that gives "Easy" a more relaxed vibe. Also included is an instrumental version of the 'Raw Artistic Soul Dub' that was included in the first part of "Easy".

DJ Reeplee "I love the way" / "Make up your mind" (Souvent Records CD Promo)

DJ Reeplee follows up his massive "Natural High EP" with another slammin' release that includes two tracks. First up is "I love the way" which features a male spoken word over a deep yet smooth backing groove that is enriched with sweet percussion, warm melodic synth lines and jazzy keys. The 'Remix' roughens the groove a bit and uses moody keys to give it mor of an underground feeling. "Make up your mind" is a groovy affair built around a deeply thumpin' beat and features a sexy female vocal alongside a wicked funky guitar and funky bassline.

GramophoneDzie "Jackin' Beats EP Vol. 1" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

GramophoneDzie are DJ's Sasha Radosavljevic and Marko Hollywood from Belgrade (Serbia) who present the lovely "Jackin' Beats EP Vol. 1" which is kicked off by the moody "5 Deep", a track built around a deeply rumblin groove enriched with funky flavors and featuring great keys. "Jackin' it" takes it deeper using phat beats, wicked keys and  sexy female vocals. Tommy Largo provides a remix of the latter track, giving it a fuller sound and adding male vocals alongside old-school hip-house elements and acidic keys.

Hillary Sargeant "Fanga" (Remixes)(SoWhat Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of the original release follows the remix package, extending the range of available mixes with some great alternations. Abicah Soul deliver an irresistible, percussion driven afro-house groover featuring wonderful flute and keys, while UPZ's 'Phunky Mix' is a stomping affair featuring wicked keys perfect for peaktime play. Lastly there is Roger Allard's 'Soca Mix', a downtempo soca style mix taking you straight to an island (at least in your imaginary) with its mellow, relaxed sounds.

Kemal "Winter Alleys EP" (Indeependent Records CD Promo)

Indeependent is the brand new sub-label by Jamie Lewis world famous Purple Music imprint that is dedicated to the deep, underground sounds of house music. The premier release on the label is courtesy of Los Angeles based producer Kemal who delivers a phat three track EP. "Dreamseller" features sexy female vocals over a deeply groovin' beat enriched with great keys, while "Mega drums" is all about deeply rumblin' drums and spacey keys. "My faith" is included here in its instrumental version, being a deeply stormin' affair featuring spheric keys.

Jupiter Ace vs. Alison David "Dreams come true 2007" (DoubleShock Records CD Promo)

The wonderful "Dreams come true" by Alison David is back right in time for spring with a package of great new remixes. Park Street (remember their massive remix of Groove Junkies' "Oh lord 2006"?) turn out a groovy reworking full of soul and uplifting vibes on a laidback tip. Erik D's interpretation is a smoothly thumpin' affair featuring lovely funky elements algonside wicked keys. Jupiter Ace provide a pair of progressive electro house mixes sure to be heard at the next rave.

Cookie Monsterz featuring Nicole Tyler "I won't stop" (SoulFunk Digital Records CD Promo)

The Coookie Monsterz present the follow up to their highly successful debut release on Tempogroove. "I won't stop" comes in a variety of flavors, featuring singer Nicole Tyler who provides a passionate vocal performance. The mixes included provide something for everyone, with the 'So Soul Mix' being on a laidback tip with melodic keys leading the way. The 'Club Dub' (and the accompanying instrumental of it) is a thumpin' affair, featuirng an irrestistibly catchy piano that make this a dancefloor favorite. The 'Dub Mix' is a filtered and powered-up affair of the 'So Soul Mix' with extra funky elements, while the 'E-Funk Mix' is a stormin electro-funk version for the bigger rooms. The release also includes the bonus track "Latin quarter", a groovy funktified house track featuring great keys and latinesque percussion.

Goldbumpers "Change" (Holographic Records CD Promo)

With "Change", Abbeloos Olivier delivers a discofied house stomper full of funky ingredients that features vocals by Myke alongside a jazzy tumpet by Dominique Ntoumos. "Change" will keep the crowd moving and make them  sweat thanks to the hands-in-the-air feeling this track is spreading.

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