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Exclusiv Preview: Martino "Mars" (Iwanai Music Promo CD)

From time to time, you are getting pleased with jewels as it is the case with the next release upcoming on Iwanai Music (the label by John Kumahara & Ryan McAdam) courtesy of Martino. The track is based on an extremly groovy tribal beat that keeps coming in a smooth way, featuring a deeply rumblin' bassline together with several layers of spaced out keys and femal vocal chants, and even sounds of steel drums are included. In some parts, it sounds as it comes straight from outer space, making this something truly special. Refreshing and redefining house music as you find it extremly rarely.

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DJ Rain / Audiomoe "Urban Excursions Vol. 1 - Part 2" (Magnify Music CD Promo)

 Image DJ Rain (aka Darrel Edwards) releases an EP full of fantastic deep and jazzy house grooves, with a guest appearance Audiomoe. This the second vinyl EP release of the much acclaimed "Urban Excursions Vol. 1" album. The EP is kicked off with the 'Piano Remix' of "See how it works", a delightful and smooth jazz-house piece featuring a wonderful trumpet and marvellous piano line, creating a laidback feeling. This is followed by "Imamanuel's reign" that comes your way as a midtempo track, featuring soothing female vocals together with sultry keys that create a laidback chill-out vibe. Next up is "Never going back" by Audiomoe that combines electro elements with spacey keys, creating a melodic and soulful house track with a techy edge. Closing down this EP is the reprise of "See how it sounds (Ode to Mark)" created by Solide State Saints, taking you on a journey into organic late night  house vibes on a mellow tip.

Lisa Shaw "Hot skin" (Soulfulboy Edit)(CD-R)

Got this lovely re-edit in the mail a couple of weeks ago. "Hot skin" is taken from Lisa Shaw's current longplayer "Cherry" and is a great song in its own right, coming your way on a groovy and laidback tip featuring sweet vocals and smooth instrumentation, edited by Soulfulboy in a respectful way.

Mariah Carey "Don't forget about us" (Quentin Harris Shelter Antehm)(Island Records CD-R)

This remix will be released as part of a 2x12" release and on CD single. Quentin Harris pulls all the stops on his reworking, delivering a twelve minute plus anthem that starts with an organ solo before the smooth tribal groove and vocal kicks in. Halfway through, it gets tracky on an intensified tribalish groove, being reminiscent to classic C&C Music Factory productions in some parts, with the extra percussion and the keys and organ giving the song an irresistible vibe.

Exclusiv Preview: Filsonik "Steal dreams" (CD-R)

Original review from April 3, 2005: To be released at some time later this year on Yoruba Records (no date set yet), this is the result of a collaboration of Filsonik and Scott Wozniak. "Steel dreams" is a cool and laidback affair kicking off with a percussion and drum driven groove, before the sweet steel drums, guitar and flute come in. Together with the sounds of blowing winds, the result is a perfect track for those warm summer nights.

Exclusiv Preview: Wozsonik "Deep horizon" (CD-R)

As I've recently been going through all the music I've got at this years Winter Music Conference, I came across this track that has not yet been given a release date. Scott Wozniak is behind this lovely production that is on a smooth vibe, based on a deeply stormin' groove that is topped with warm melodic keys and a jazzy flute, with sweet percussion helping to create a groovy feeling.

Shaheer Williams featuring Stephanie Cooke "Show me" (Fanatix Remix)(Soul Groove Records 12")

Last years massive "Show me" is back in brand new remixes by UK dou Fanatix (Aaron Ross & Neil Pierce). Stephanie Cooke, one of the most respected singers in the dance scene, provides a fantastic vocal performance over the groovy backing music that consists of a fierce groove that is topped with melodic keys and wicked synth stabs that are combined perfectly with Stephanie Cooke's voice.

The Craftsmen "Tales from the Bosphorus" (Casa Del Soul Records CD Promo)

Originally hailing from Istanbul/Turkey, The Craftsmen are now based in Miani and deliver two lovely house tracks on this release. "Wish" is a groovy track on a laidback tip featuring the voice of singer Cana Cankaya alongside melodic keys which give the track a relaxed vibe. Juke Joint toughen things up on their take, delivering a more tracky vibe. "7PM" has a moody edge to it, featuring boh laminar and jazzy keys over the deeply thumpin' groove.

Exclusiv Preview: Soul Khula "Deep'n'low" (C&M Remix)(CD-R)

This is one of many exclusives that I received over the past few month that deseves to be heard. This C&M remix combines the sweet and soulful female vocals with a thumpin' groove that is enriched with a funky bassline, lovely guitar and melodic keys alongside sweet percussion. The result is a groovy track that is spreading a feel-good vibe.

Runner Up: Panevino featuring Namalita "Life & love EP" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Behind Panevino is the swiss duo of Sandro Endrighetti and Renato Abate who make their debut on Look-At-You with an EP that has two different offerings. "Life is..." features the wonderful voice of Namalita over a smoothly stompin' groove that is topped with a funky guitar, with the warm chords and jazzy piano line creating an irresistible hook. The dub lets the guitar and piano do the talk while stripping most of the vocals. "Don't do that" is a track perfect for peak hour play feauturing a heavy funked-up bassline and a sinister synth line, with the dub featuring a guitar riff reminiscent of "Eye of a tiger" (the title track from the "Rocky" movies).

Various "DJs on Board Volume 1" (OnBoard Records CD Promo)

Italian based OnBoard Records present this lovely EP that offers a great selection of tracks that are set to keep the bigger floors moving. "We gotta love" by Funky Juice kick things off with a slice of funky disco-house groove featuring a spoken male vocal on top. Next up is "Talk 2 me" by Faz, a track driven by a funky guitar riff over a stompin' groove. The flipside features "The rhythm" by 90 Connection that features an irresistible synth line over the stormin' groove. Lastly there is "Keep the groove" by Kimar that cleverly combines that uncomparable groove from the Donna Summer classic "I feel love" with the vocals from the Shannon classic "Let the music play".

Exclusiv Preview: Clean Up "Into the funk" (DC Records CD Promo)

DC Records present more funked up house vibes in form of "Into the funk" by Clean Up. The track is based on a driving beat that creates a groovy feeling, with the funky ingredients like the guitar riff and the vocal parts creating an irresistible funky vibe. DJ N-Joy provides the dub version which intensifies the groovy feeling while having most of the vocals stripped, featuring an alternate guitar riff that keeps it drivin' until the end.

Danny Rampling "Break for love" (Defected Records 3xCD)


This mixed triple CD marks 18 years of Danny Rampling as a DJ and his significant contribution to the history of club culture. It also marks his retirement from music (he is about to open a restaurant) that he celebrates with this release that showcases his Halcyon years on the disc titled "Sounds of Shoom", while the "Love Groove Dance Party" disc covers the more recent years. Also included is the "Balearic Soul" disc that lowers the tempo, documenting the balearic era of his career

A great collection featuring many unforgotten classics that truly is a worthy farewell for a legend in the dance music industry.

Classic Reviews

Madonna "Erotica" (Maverick Records 2x12" Promo, 1992)

Highly sought-after promo release featuring a wicked selection of Masters at Work remixes - it got bootlegged as only a limited amount of promo copies were made with many mixes not being released commercially.

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