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Mr. V "The Dance Ritual Project" (Sole Channel Music Records 12")

Sole Channel Music unleash a beautiful EP of jazzed-up house grooves here, courtesy of Mr. V. "Somethin' with jazz" comes with bumpin' beats and light piano touches, together with Mr. V's half-rapped vocals. This is a great four-to-the-floor groover with a true jazz flava thanks to the jazzy piano line. The flip features "Un dia bonito", a latinesque groover with vocal scats by Miss Patty and a wicked jazzy piano solo by Ben Kohn. Beats of both tracks are featured as an extra bonus.

Exclusive Preview: 280 West featuring Diamond Temple "Fly" (Blaze Remix)(PhutureSole Records CD Promo)

One of the defining moments in soulful dance music of 2004 is back in brand new interpretations by Blaze. They rework the song into a complete new direction, using a subtle backing music for the magic voice of Diamond Temple. Smoothly thumpin' beats, sweet percussion, melodic keys and a great piano line let the emotion of Diamond Temple's vocal performance shine all over. The big surprise on this release is the 'Temple Dynasty Mix' which is an interpretation of the song by Felicia Temple (the youngest daughter of Diamond Temple). Just accompanied by piano and cello, Felicia Temple delivers a wonderful interpretation full of soul and emotion where she is showcasing her vocal capabilities. A real delight to listen to.


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Glenn Underground featuring Cei-Bei "Fall'en raine" ((NiteLife Collective Records 12")

After the brilliant "Mental black resurrection", Glenn Underground is back with "Fall'en raine" featuring the sweet and soulful voice of Curtis Harman aka Cei-Bei. The song kicks off with a wonderful spoken word intro before the mellow groove and the jazzy instrumentation are kickin' in, starting to spread a laidback feeling. The instrumental on the flip gives the jazzy instrumentation place to grow, and includes an extra moog solo.

Kemeticjust "Thank you" (Pooled Music Records 12")

Pooled Music serve a very tasty release here by the production team of Kemeticjust. Their original versoin is on a smooth tip, with a moody groove and spacey keys that are spreading a mellow vibe. Osunlade gives the vocals more space on his interpretation that has a jazzy touch to it, with deeply stormin beats leading the way. Check out the Freeestyle Man remix for something different, giving the song a techy outfit that is on an ambient tip.

Alexander Hope "Big mistake" (Roots Vocal Mix)(WestEnd Records 12")

Already reviewed back in october last year as part of the "Southport Weekender 2" 2x12" on SuSu Records, this beautiful cut now got a full 12" release on WestEnd Records. Produced by the mighty Blaze, "Big mistake" is a bumpin' garage production featuring smooth keys and the sweet and soulful voice of Alexander Hope whos giving the song lots of emotion. The dub strips the vocals and focusses on the tribalish groove.

Eddie Matos "Music with my soul" (Season Records 12")

Seasons Records do have a hot three tracker here from Eddie Matos, bringing us some laidback jazzy house vibes. "Sunday afternoon" blends funky elements with a jazzy saxophone and shuffling beats - and it brings back memories of the Crusaders classic "Streetlife". "Sundaze" is a percussively bumpin' track with a dubby bassline and great jazzy piano line. Finally there is "Thoughts of you", a track for latenight action with a smoothly stompin' grovoe and melodic chords.

Jill Scott "Whatever" (Quentin Harris Remix)(Restricted Access Records 12")

There are a phletora of mixes available of Jill Scott songs with not all of them making it to vinyl. This week we've choosen the Quentin Harris remix of "Whatever" (there is also another great remix that will be revealed next week) which you should be able to find in most import record stores. Quentin offers a much more sedated but still mighty sounding reworking here (compared to some of his previous work), giving the emotion laden song a deep and powerful feeling.

Reel People "Second guess" (Remixes)(Papa Records 12")

The excellent "Second guess" gets a second life in form of brand new remixes by Grant Nelson and DaLata. Grant Nelson delivers both a vocal and instrumental versions on a soulful, smoothly thumpin' tip where the original orchestral instrumentation shines through perfectly. In contrast, DaLata provide a mellow bossa-jazz remix on a downtempo tip.

Aretha Franklin "Good news" (Airex Groove Quickmix)(CD-R)

"Good news" is from Aretha Franklin's 2003 album "So damn happy" and has been given the remix treatment by Eric Wikman of Deepswing who takes the song straight to the dancefloor with stompin' beats that accentuate the r&b flava of the song and serve as playground for the powerful yet soulful voice of Aretha Franklin. It is available right now as limited 12" release which also features Eric Wikman's remix of "Hard times" by Queen Latifah.

Runner-Up: Chuck Love "Frozen in Minneapolis" (Salted Music Records CD Promo)

Chuck Love from Minneapolis with his first release for Salted Music, and what a banger it is. First up is "Back in my life" featuring singer Fourfeet. This bumpin' track is heavily bouncin' and swingin' along and features a chopped saxophone and a funky bassline. Next comes the uplifting "Spread the love", featuring vocalist Demonica together with absolutely irresistible guitar riffs and a killer jazzy saxophone over the fierce and driving old-school groove. The third and final track is the instrumental "El divorcee", a percussive latin flavored track featuring a chunky bassline and flamenco-style guitar.

Druw & Perez featuring Don-E "A little sunhine" (Copyright Records 12")

This is the debut from London duo Druw & Perez and features UK soul legend Don-E on vocals. The original version is a bumpy affair on a laidback tip with a warm groove, the jazzy saxophone and trumpet giving the song a bit of an orchestral touch. Knee Deep go for a driving groove with a funky edge that keeps the soulful vibe alive while Copyright add it an afro touch on their take that is coming in both vocal and dub versions.

Classic Reviews

Corrina Joseph "Wanna get down (when U get down)" (Altantic Jaxx Records 12", 1996)

A classic Basement Jaxx production featuring their trademark sounds together with a great vocal performance by Corrina Joseph.

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