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Yukihiro Fukutomi "EP 1" (Pantone Music Records 12")

Pantone Music is a new label out of the UK that will release the album "Equality" by japanese producer Yukihiro Fukutomi later this year. "EP 1" is a taster for the album and features three selected cuts. "Hooked" featuring Lady Alma is an uplifting production featuring a warm groove and melodic keys together with sweet percussions and Lady Alma's outstanding vocal performance on top. Lady Alma also provides her vocal capabilities on "Peace", a bumpin' house track with broken beats and jazzy keys. "All over the world" is jazz-funk on a broken beat tip at its best, featuring a wicked instrumentation and the soulful voice of Victor Davies.


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Various "The Souls EP" (Iwanai Music Records CD Promo)

Canadian label Iwanai Music kick off 2005 with this lovely "The Souls EP" featuring two very different productions. "Back then now" by Basic Soul Unit is a jazz house track driven by a wicked piano line that is combined with phat drums and moody keys, spreading a Detroit-ish techy vibe. The second track "Afrikan soul" by Stacy Mallory has been a Pick of the Week here at Spirit of House back in may last year. It is based around a funky groovin' bassline that is added with tight beats, percussion, wicked keys and a live played jazzy piano that is simply irresistible.

Reel Soul featuring Daemon "Take me to a place" (Ricanstruction Records 12")

"Take me to a place" is an emotional production with a live band vibein its original form, featuring guitar licks and jazzy piano line giving the track a laidback feeling. Fanatix use a vintage groove as backing for their uplifting reworking that adds a true garage vibe to the song, by keeping it soulful and emotional.

Various "Hook Up Tunes" (Bootleg 12")

This bootlegg features house reworkings of three different r&b hits. First off is "U are the one" which is actually Justin Timberlake's "Senorita" that is turned into a bumpin' house groover with melodic keys, funky bassline and a warm guitar lick. The second track is titled "Watch 4 falling rocks", but in truth it is "All falls down" by Kanye West featuring Syleena Johnson. It comes with a deeply stompin' groove and moody keys. Finally there is "Floetic" (titled here "Get your flow on") by Floetry, being on a fierce tip with its smooth but slammin' groove and melodic keys.

Donna Allen "He is the joy" (Traxsource-Only Remixes)(SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

Here are more remixes of "He is the joy" which are only available online through Traxsource as they will never get a vinyl releasae. DJ Sley turns out a fierce and uplifting reworking featuring a wicked bass and strings that together with the great keys and lovely guitar create an irresistible vibe you need to move your feet to. Also available are dub, instrumental and reprise versions by MoD.

Shawn Christopher "You can make it" (SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

Legendary Chicago diva Shawn Christopher is back with this Ron Carroll production. On the 'Original Mix', Ron Carroll accentuates Shawn's vocals and gives the track a classic touch, while on the 'Southside Dub', he goes for a gospel stomper driven by a wicked piano hook, just using ad-libs of the vocals to create a nearly hypnodelic feeling. Jamie Lewis provdies the remixes, coming in two flavors: first is the 'Classic Mix' giving the song a smooth yet powerful outfit with a driving groove and jazzy instrumentation. Second is the 'Dark Room Mix' that turns the track into a tribalistic groover that also features jazzy elements.

Audiowhores fetauring Alexis Hall "Subject of my affection" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

SoulFuric Deep are back with sweet vibes courtesy of the Audiowhores. "Subject of my affection" features a wonderful vocal performance by Alexis Hall, together with a great flute riff, organ stabs and rhodes chords, all placed over a smoothly stompin' beat. The result is a jazzy and laidback feeling on the 'Original Vibe' while the dub uses vocal snippets and tougher drums together with spaced-out keys to create an infectious groove, perfect for big rooms.

Mood II Swing featuring Carol Sylvan "Closer" (Kings of Soul Remixes) / Hundred Birds "Too close" (KingStreet Records 12")

KingStreet continue with their mighty releases featuring remixes and unreleased stuff. First are the Kings of Soul remixes of the Mood II Swing classic "Closer". These mixes (vocal and dub) use a thick bass over swinging drums that are added with wicked keys and Carol Sylvan's choppy vocal. The flipside features two unreleased mixes of Hundred Birds "Too close": there is an instrumental version as well as a hot piano driven mix.

JoVonn featuring Staci T. Smith "It always comes" (NextMoov Records 12")

NextMoov are going deep with "It always comes" written by featured vocalist Staci T. Smith. JoVonn's production is on a soulful tip with a bumpin' beat, warm chords, thick bass and jazzy flute all layed under Staci's sweet vocal performance, creating an organic feel.

Stephanie Cooke "A new day" (Home Records 12")

Reviewed back in december last year, this 83 West production featuring the sweet and sexy vocals of Stephanie Cooke, has just been released by Home Records. In addition to the 83 West mix that is based on a warm groove and added with melodic keys, there are two new mixes included. DJ Karizma strips it down to deeply stompin' beats and techy-edged keys while Quentin Harris turns it into a fierce and driving garage affair with a bumpin' groove and great keys section.

Exclusive Preview: Dubtribe "The rhythm in your mind" (Sean O'Daniels Remix)(Imperial Dub Records CD Promo)

Imperial Dub Records dissapeared at the end of 2003 from the scene with the "DUBStudio Remix Project Volume One" finished but not released. Now they decided to come back, and they've choosen this project for the first release after their return. It will include remixes by Steven Dimitri & DJ Emi, Clayton & Fulcrum and Sean O'Daniels whos mix we've got  for an exclusive preview. His reworking is on a mellow and truly melodic tip, spreading a laidback, almost ambient vibe through the spaced-out keys and smoothly stompin' groove.

Louie Vega "Elements of Life - Extensions"(Vega Records 4x12" and CD)

Louie Vega's solo project "Elements of life" is remixed by some of the worlds biggest talents, all adding their uniqe sounds to the original productions: Kenny Dope, A Touch of Jazz, Joe Claussell, Glenn Underground, DJ Gregory, Jazz'N'Groove, DJ Spinna, Frankie Feliciano. But this is not simply a remix project, there are also new recordings included, some of them just recently released on 12". Beside the CD, there is also an eight track, DJ friendly quadruple vinyl release featuring extended mixes from the CD.

Classic Reviews

Serious Rope "Happiness/You make me happy" (Morales Mixes)(Mercury Records 12", 1994)

Probably one of the lesser known moments of David Morales, these mixes combine both his classic piano-driven DEF-mix and darker Red Zone styles.

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