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Exclusive Preview: Joe DiPadova featuring Ryan 'RB' Brown & Tara Kimes "Papago morning" (CD-R)

From time to time, you hear a piece of music that blows you away, like "Papago morning" by Joe DiPadova did when I first heard it. This production features all live instrumenation including lead and rhythm guitar by Ryan 'RB' Brown, rhodes, bass, drums, congas and bongos, and on top of this comes a magnificent vocal performance by Tara Kimes. "Papago morning" is a very organic prodcution based on a funky foundation with the rest of the instrumentation adding a unique flavor to it, a wonderful combination of various styles of music, always sounding live and being full of emotion. Then there is the dub that features an additional trumpet and male vocal, being on a laidback tip, spreading a smooth mellow vibe. Simply wonderful music.

Steal Vybe featuring Stephanie Renee "It's real" (Z Records CD Promo)

Chris 'Cee Rule' Forman & Damon 'Mr. Dizzy Fingers' Bennett present this wonderful production featuring the incomparable voice of Stephanie Renee. Their original version of "It's real" is spreading an infectious organic vibe through the funky bassline, sweet percussion, lovely guitar and melodic keys, that serve as playground for the soulful vocals. Joey Negro is using a driving groove based on sharp beats to spice things up while keeping the organic vibe alive. While his club version is featuring the original instrumentation, the dub is having a west coast flava to it, replacing the original instrumentation with spaced out keys.


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Exclusive Preview: Nikos featuring Sonja Moore "Let it show" (from the "Black Athena EP")(CD Promo)

"Let is show" is a brand new production from Nikos that will be released in the near future on Traxsource as part of the "Black Athena EP" that will also include "My crooked soul" reviewed a couple of weeks ago. "Let it show" features upcoming singer Sonja Moore and guitar play from Mr. Darryll Crooks who was just touring with Al Jarreau. It is a warm and melodic production full of soul, based on a deeply stompin' beat, featuring a laidback guitar together with wicked keys and a wonderful vocal performance.

Jihad Muhammad "Melt in U" (Mr. V Remix)(Hustle Music Records CD Promo)

The original mixes released a couple of weeks ago will soon be followed by these remixes courtesy of Mr. V who is taking it to a whole new direction, giving it a much more laidback outing on his mixes that are built around a deeply stompin beat that gets added with the sexy female spoken vocals, percussion elements and keys as the track grows and grows.

DJ Ino featuring Yoio C "It's around" (The World's Most Beautiful.Remix)(Seasons Limited Records 12")

The Worlds Most Beautiful aka Kemal & Steve Doze deliver two great remixes of "It's around" featuring sublime vocals by Yolanda Molina over a bumpin' deep house groove topped with melodic keys and guitar, creating an uplifting and fresh vibe with a jazzy edge. The dub version strips away most of the vocals, but keeps the chorus.

Matthew Bandy & Jake Childs "Feel it" (Seasons Records 12")

The team of Matthew Bandy & Jake Childs are behind this deep houser, featuring the vocal talent of Derek Mayo. "Feel it" comes with warm chords and smooth percussion together with soft vocals over a deeply rumblin' groove, with the dub being a lush and blissful excursion into afterhours territory. Sultry deep house music at its best.

JoVonn "Catch that feeling EP" (Home Records 12")

JoVonn returns with a phat three track EP that brings you soulful underground grooves. The title track "Catch the feeling" features KT Brooks on vocals over a deeply stormin' groove featuring jazzy keys, spreading an uplifting feeling. "Perks" is pure underground featuring spoken words over a deeply stompin groove, while "Sanctuary" takes you on an afterhours journey with its laminar keys over a smoothly stompin' groove.

Franck Roger presents the Earthrumental Project Part 2 "Jeware" (RealTone Records 12")

The hardest working producer from France in house music right now, Franck Roger, hits hard with "Jeware", a production featuring multiple layers of percussion together with crisp drums, a jazzy piano line and great synth melodies, topped with an african chant. "Jeware" will make you think of those great releases on Spiritual Life Records, spreading a similar vibe.

Thievery Corporation featuring David Byrne "The heart's a lonely hunter" (ESL Records 12")

"The heart is a lonely hunter" by Thievery Corporation features Talking Heads singer David Byrne. The track featues an intoxicating afro-beat rhythm with distinct vocals and a cool horn section. Louie Vega delivers a luscious extended version with added funky ingredients, making this an irresistible groover. In contrast, the Thievery Corporation remix uses a kickin' 4/4 beat to create a tribalish feeling.

Jazztronik "Madrugada" (Especial Records 12")

This is one of those hard to get japanese 12" releases that will only be available for a short time in european and american record stores. The original version has a percussive, latin piano driven feel to it, with an extra touch of flamenco and comes complete with uplifiting vocals and strings. Louie Vega is responsible for the remix, giving the song a  laidback four-to-the-floor feeling with a thumpin' beat.

Halo and Side Street Players featuring Maya "This love" (City Deep Records CD Promo)

CityDeep Records kick off strong with their first release produced by Halo & Side Street Players, featuring a wonderful vocal performance by Maya Sykes and wicked keys by Ken Rangkuty. Featuring a melody that won't get out of your head for a long time, "This time" is based on a steadily bumpin' groove and rumblin' bassline, added with both jazzy and laminar keys that together with the emotional vocal create an irresistible vibe.

DJ Spen featuring Vonita White "My devotion" (Craig C Remix)(Devotion Records CD Promo)

These are exclusive mixes that won't be released on vinyl, the only way to get them im online at Traxsource. Craig C takes the DJ Spen production and reworks it into powerful yet smooth funky stomper that allows the raw vocals from Vonita Whilte take center stage and add an uplifting feeling to the song.

Cerrone "Not to shoo shabby" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

The saga continues with another hot hot hot remix of a Cerrone classice. This time, Jamie Lewis takes on the 1979 "Not too shabby", an ultra cool funky disco jam on a midtempo tip in its timeless original version. On the club mix, Jamie Lewis transforms it into a fierce disco house stomper that conserves the original vibe, creating an intense and cool funky feeling. The dub is a wicked combination of the classic funky elements with the stompin' disco house beats and electro keys.

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Tears of Velva "The way I feel" (KingStreet Records 12", 1993)

A Kerri Chandler & Yahya McDougald production for the mistery (?) artist named Tears of Velva. One of the earliest releases on KingStreet, being a timeless classic.

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