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Ananda Project featuring Heather Johnson "Let love fly" (Joe Claussell Remix)(NiteGroove Records CD Promo)

The magnificent "Let love fly" by Ananda Project gets a majestic reworking by the one and only Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell who turns out an eleven minute epic masterpiece. The angelic voice of Heather Johnson combined with Joe's unique and incomparable orchestration and arrangement are a match made in heaven, resulting in an unrivaled journey through spiritual house grooves. The 'Simulacrum Dub' with its added funky flavors is creating a mesmerizing vibe that won't let loose.

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Exclusive Preview: Hap from Greeland featuring Juno "Play with you" (BSC Deep Mix)(Amfibius Records CD-R)

This remix by the Brazilian Soul Crew will be released on the forthcoming "Disko Bay EP" through San Francisco based label Amfibius Records. Their interpretation of "Play with you" is on a wonderful laidback tip, featuring beautiful keys and melodies that harmonize perfectly with the sweet passionate vocals by Juno, all nicely arranged over a deep percussion enriched, smoothly thumpin' groove.

Marcelo Cruz "Latin soul" (Cabana Records CD Promo)

"Latin soul" is a quite slow paced (we had to pitch it up for our mixshow), wonderfully orchestrated Latin house production that is spreading a mellow feeling. Marcelo Cruz' original version is all about a funk oozing, percussion enriched groove that is loaded with jazzy keys and a lovely saxophone solo. Justin Imperiale slightly strengthens the beat and gives the track an even funkier vibe, with a masterly played guitar by Ian Fisher replacing the jazzy keys and saxophone.

Mauritzio "Old bastard" (Remixes)(Cabana Records CD Promo)

Cabana Records present a slammin' remix package of Mauritzio Baiocchi's "Old bastard" track released earlier this year. Justin Imperiale contributes the 'Chi Imperiale Remix' to the package that combines the original keys with a funk soaking groove and wicked synths. Da Monkey Nutz give the track a kickin' feeling on their take while keepings the vibe percussive and funky. Lastly Cory Minto is twisting the beats and drums around on his deeper take that is the choice for the bigger rooms thanks to the massive breakdowns and catchy synths used.

Fabio Genito "Papawenda" (Deeper Shades Records CD Promo)

The latest addition to the Deeper Shades artist roster is Italy's Fabio Genito who presents the phat "Papawenda", a deep percussion driven track on the spiritual side of things featuring captivating chord progressions that give the track an atmospheric touch. The stripped down 'Organic Dub' takes the track to deeper grounds, with the synths creating a hypnotic vibe guaranteed to keep your feet moving. Two drum tool mixes complete the package.

Exclusive Preview: Heather Headley "I wish I wasn't" (Mr. Mama DNY Rmx)(CD-R)

We've stopped counting how many different versions of Heather Headley's "I wish I wasn't" have been released over time (with many of them being crap). Mr. Mama delivers a fresh reworking based around a deeply rumblin' that is enriched with phat percussion and lush keys and chords that altogether create a mesmerizing feeling that will catch you in an instant.

Mario Held featuring D'Argento "Alone" (2 Delicious Records CD Promo)

The choice pick of this production by Swiss Mario Held which features a sexy vocal by D'Argento is the Richard Earnshaw remix thanks to this man's trademark bumpy groove and captivating synths. As always, his remix is relentless and pure class, guaranteed to create a frenzy on the dance floors. The original is a more commercial affair with main-room styled synths and chords reminiscent of the Duran Duran classic "Save a prayer". Both Chris Reece aka Leventina and Johnny Handsome contribute electro flavored remixes to the package.

Dr. Drummer "Disco Feelings Vol. 4" (Pino Music Records CD Promo)

Dr. Drummer blesses us with the fourth volume in his "Disco Feelings" series, coming your way as a selection of four lovely disco flavored tracks. The standout track is "Come with me" and features sweet'n'sexy female vocals alongside a jazzy trumpet over a smooth, disco-funk drenched groove. Both "Cosmic voyage" and "Electro dance" feature lush keys and synths over fierce grooves and are on an undeniable modern disco tip. Lastly "Mestizo eyes" is a down tempo gem on a classic disco jazz-funk tip.

DJ Dealer featuring Charles Dockins "Joyride" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

"Joyride", the title track from DJ Dealer's solo album which features a wicked spoken word vocal courtesy of Charles Dockins, has been given a full single release that comes your way in form of a massive eleven mix package. Kicking things off is the main (album) mix and accompanying dub, followed by the organ mixes (vocal and dub) that add lovely chords to the track. Andre Harris follows up with his chunky, funk dripping remixes (vocal and dub) that create a relentless vibe on the dance floor, while Matthew Bandy (Deep House Souldiers) reworks the track into a smooth deep house groover that is built around deeply thumpin' beats, with the melodic chords and keys creating an uplifting vibe (you can choose between vocal, instrumental, reprise, instrumental reprise and acapella versions).

Jaaxx'N'Lowe "Lost between midnight and dawn" (2 Delicious Records CD Promo)

This package by 2 Delicious Records has some tasty remixes to offer. First we have Mr. Moon supplying a heavily stompin', funk soaked reworking that features warm melodic keys alongside lovely synths, followed by Costa Martinez who goes deeper on his thumpin' take that features hypnotizing chords and synths. The remixes is orientated towards the main rooms with its catchy piano and synths over the driving groove. Lastly LnM Project provide an electro rub.

Philip Manet "Softness" (TriCircle Soul Records CD Promo)

TriCircle Soul present the beautiful "Softness" by Philip Manet, a wonderfully instrumentated jazzy deep house track that has an atmospheric edge to it thanks to the lovely synths used. De Fontaine takes the track deeper and gives it more of an emotional touch while DJ Circle's dub is a funkier take that keeps the jazzy feel alive. Lastly Didier Vanelli serves a groovy reworking on a slight Balearic edge.

Haldo featuring Erika Scherlin "Come into my life" (Proceed Records CD Promo)

With "Come into my life", Haldo presents a soulful gem that features soul singer Erika Scherlin who provides a passionate vocal performance. Haldo himself provides three mixes: the main vocal which is soulful house at its best on a classic tip, the 'Re-Edit' which has a slight electro touch and the 'Floor Mix' which fires up the vibe for some serious dance floor action. Miskibo contributes a deep reworking on a laidback tip to the package, while DeepRed provides both a smooth yet deeply thumpin' dub and a deep hypnotic dub with catchy synths.

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