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MD X-Spress "God made me phunky" (Remixes)(Defected Records CD Promo)

Mike Dunn's "God made me phunky" is one of those tunes that has stayed a DJ's favorite since its initial release back in 1994. And with this phat remix package (that also includes the original in re-mastered format), this track is guaranteed to continue its success. Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero turns the track into a resistless tribal house stomper with old-skool chords, while Aaron Ross & Alix Alvarez team up for a lush deep house interpretation. Izmabad (aka Simbad and Karizma) stray true to the original while infusing the track with the trademark Karizma sound (and with vocal and dubs included, its an invitation to get creative). Groove Assassin is jackin' up things on his reworking, while the 'Unreleased Remix' is on an old-school deep house tip.

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Del Mia "This is Del Mia EP" (Feelin' Music Records CD Promo)

The band Del Mia is the latest signing to Feelin' Music, and with their "This is Del Mia EP" they present two wonderful organic, funk soaking productions "Meami" and "U4 Ria" that are drenched with summery vibes, having an undeniable Balearic touch to it - think of warm melodic keys and lovely guitars to get the idea. Deep Factor provide remixes on both tracks that keep things soulful while spicing the vibe up for serious dance floor action.

DJ Hoffmana featuring SeeU "Toccami di sera" (EM Records CD Promo)

With the Balearic tinged "Toccami di sera", DJ Hoffmana presents a  magnificent, summery production on a laidback tip full of lovely melodies created by sweet guitar riffs, melodic keys and sexy vocals courtesy of SeeU. Blue Deep rework the track into a thumpin' yet soulful deep house affair, while Peat79's interpretation is a funkily groovin' affair. Lastly we have Javier Varez who serves a deep'n'fierce yet smooth rework that is full of classy synth melodies and guitars.

Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri featuring Fabrizio Scarafile "Winds of Victoria" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Gotta Keep Faith present the beautiful sun drenched, latin flavored "Winds of Victoria" by Ciappy DJ and Davide Murri which is all about a mellow, laidback groove that is topped with sweet vocal chants, wonderful tenor saxophone by Fabrizio Scarafile and jazzy keys. The stripped down dub strengthens the beats and drums for a more intense vibe, while the 'Cuban Jazz Libre Mix' is a marvelous piece of jazz-salsa.

DJ Elias & Evanz D "El sol" (NuDeep Music Records CD Promo)

NuDeep Music is a brand new label by Peers & DJ Rico which kicks off strong with "El sol" by DJ Elias & Evanz D, a deeply rumblin' track built around a percussion enriched, funktified groove that is topped with wicked laminar synths and chords that give the track a summery deep house feeling. The 'Jazz and Dub Mix' slows the pace for a laidback take on a jazzy latinesque tip. Lastly there is the 'Bonus Mix', a short edit that has got a live feel to it.

Exclusive Preview: Luis Machuca & Kavita "Spiritual" (Freedom Mix)(i2i Records CD Promo)

Luis 'Friskybeat' Machuca presents "Spiritual" which features an inspirational vocal by Kavita over a smooth, old-skool styled backing groove that is enriched with lovely melodic keys and chords, altogether creating a captivating vibe that is guaranteed to keep your feet moving.

DJN Project "Wheels of love" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

"Wheels of love" by the DJN Project is a wonderful, laidback house gem featuring passionate r&b styled vocals by Rick Galactic over a deep yet smooth, percussion enriched backing groove, with lush keys accompanying the vocals. Nef Nunez provides the remix, subtly aggravating the groove and adding extra synth lines to give the track a slightly more fierce yet still very soulful feeling.

Exclusive Preview: Eddie Nicholas "Soul resurrection" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Mantree Records present the truly soulful "Soul resurrection" by Eddie Nicholas which is produced by Eric 'Emuzik' Johnson, with mixes courtesy of Rasmir Mantree. "Soul resurrection" features sultry vocals by Eddie Nicholas and warm melodic keys over a smooth, percussion driven groove, with the result being a laidback yet uplifting affair. The 'Resurrected Mix' adds a lovely piano and takes the track deeper while at the same time giving it a more hypnotic feel, while the 'Resurrected Voodoo Mix' flips the beats and drums completely around to give the track an even more mesmerizing feel.

Selegna "Away" (Shines Records CD Promo)

"Away" is a deep house jewel written and produced by Ron Sebastian, with the original version being on a mellow tip featuring beautiful laminar synths and jazzy keys alongside sweet vocal chants over a deeply rumblin' groove. The 'Rising Sun Edit' slightly toughens the vibe and takes the track deeper, with an extra jazzy saxophone added. Gene King serves a phat remix built on tight beats, rollin' bassline and marvelous jazzy keys. Lastly we see DaSouL and Fabrizio Diglio team up for laidback interpretation featuring wonderful jazzy keys over a smooth percussion enriched groove.

Danny Clark & Jay Benham featuring Angie Brown "Attracted to you" (Hermosa Records CD Promo)

Danny Clark and Jay Benham team up with songstress Angie Brown for the feel good "Attracted to you", a classic production perfect for summer with its uplifting soul-funky vibes and sing along vocals. Lucien Foort reworks the track into a peak time tribal houser, while the Bongoloverz contribute a fierce main room reworking driven by a catchy piano to the package. The Dutchican Soul interpretation gives the track groovy feeling on a funky edge, while Jusitn Michael goes deep and uses wicked keys and a piano to add an old-school touch to the track.

Jon Cutler featuring E-Man "It's yours" (Remixes)(Bargrooves Records CD Promo)

In 2001, Jon Cutler released the now timeless classic "It's yours" through Chez Music, featuring a wicked spoken word performance by E-Man. Right in time for the summer, this uplifting track returns with slammin' remixes. DJ Fudge keeps the vibe deep on his take, with a lovely funky edge added, while David Penn gives the track a smooth afro-tribal feel. In contrast, Bart B More turns out some slightly tougher vocal and dub mixes perfect for the main rooms with their twisted synths, while his 'Deep Down Dub' is an electrofied affair. The original vocal completes the package.

Exclusive Preview: Chip E & K-Joy & Cassio vs Kalim Shabazz "Like this peak bomb" (A ToT Mash-Up)(CD-R)

Our friend ToT (aka Timmy Richardson) presents a not to be missed mash-up that takes the 'I wanna see you freak Nwk, NJ Mix' of K. Joy's "Like this" to new heights by backing it up with the 'Original Mix' of Kalim Shabazz' "Peak bomb". A simple yet very effective mash-up that is absolutely irresistible on the dance floors.

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