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Darryl D'Bonneau "Say you're gonna stay" (JellyBean Soul Records CD Promo)

After the success of the Scott Wozniak remixes of "Revenge", Jellybean Soul dig out another Darryl D'Bonneau classic from their vaults: "Say you're gonna stay", a fabulous soulful gem from 1995 featuring heartfelt vocals that got the remix treatment from heavyweights DJ Meme and JoVonn. DJ Meme delivers a feel-good interpretation featuring a gorgeous piano and classic strings that together with the smoothly stormin' groove create an uplifting feeling, while JoVonn goes as deep as it gets and turns out an absolutely relentless gem that is all about the vocals and incredible keys (check the dub which features additional freaky keys that are guaranteed to give you the thrill). As a special treat, the original version is included as well. Watch out for the forthcoming "Remixed & Reimagined" album featuring many more of Darryl D'Bonneau's classic songs reworked.

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Rene Hewitt & Louie 'LooweeR' Rivera "Sunrise" / "Escape" (iMusic Underground Records CD Promo)
Rene Hewitt & Jaysun Merced "Native" (iMusic Underground Records CD Promo)

Rene Hewitt launches his own record label iMusic Underground with the release of three beautiful tracks, teaming up with some very talented producers. On "Sunrise" and "Escape", he teams up with Louie 'LooweeR' Rivera to present two laidback tracks, with both of them making use of a sweet'n'deep, percussion enriched groove, melodic chords and jazzy keys. "Sunrise" also features a funky guitar riff and jazzy flute that give the track a mellow vibe. "Native" sees Rene Hewitt team up with Jaysun Merced, a track that gets deep with stompin' beats leading the way for the percussion elements, vocal samples, melodic chords and spaced-out synths.

Studio Apartment "Hope EP" (4th Floor Records CD Promo)

Japanese production duo Studio Apartment are known to fuse various genres such as House, Jazz and Brazilian into earth shattering dance floor tunes. With the "Hope EP", they present a slammin' four track release. "For eruption" is a heavily thumpin' affair featuring spheric synths with a techy twist, while "Hope" gets all bouncy and features melodic keys alongside spaced-out chords. "Star flyer" is a tribalistic, percussion driven track complete with lovely synths, while lastly we have the sweet and laidback "Secret voyage", a beautiful Brazilian flavored Jazz-House production.

Benny Pecoraio "Sueno" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

This is the first release in Barcoda's brand new "Sounds of Summer" series, bringing the magnificent "Sueno" from Benny Pecoraio to your attention. "Sueno" lays the foundation for what to expect from this series throughout the summer: sun drenched, soulful house grooves that are suitable for any occasion, whether this is chillin' on the beach, dancin' under the moonlight or enjoying sunrise. In its original form, "Sueno" is an exquisite latinesque jam that is wonderfully instrumented and has got a laidback vibe to it. Mirco Esposito is turning up the heat on his fierce yet soulful remix that adds a classy old-school disco-funk edge to the track.

Ciappy DJ "Toomba" (Jean Records Deep CD Promo)

With "Toomba", Ciappy DJ (aka Marasciulo Gianpiero) gets all deep and hypnotic thanks to the relentless tribal-drum driven backing that is guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor. Three versions to choose from, with the 'Main Depth Mix' being a simple yet effective affair featuring wicked vocal samples. The 'Spiritual Vocal Dub' is all about a catchy male vocal, while the 'Afrikan Soul Mix' uses lovely chords to give track a melodic touch.

Blast from the Past: Tension "A place called heaven" (Azuli Records 2x12")

Let's get back in time to 1993 when Lenny Fontana and Michael Paternostro teamed up to produce the now classic "A place called heaven", a track that became extremely popular when Azuli Records released a double-pack of remixes where Joey Negro and Heller & Farley added their magic touch to it. A timeless piece of music that sounds as fresh as 15 years ago.

Andy Holder featuring Erik Dillard "Jump for joy" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

On "Jump for joy", Andy Holder teams up with singer Erik Dillard to present an uplifting production on a deep, soulful tip that features a superb vocal performance. His 'Nuwavonic Remix' takes the track to soulful broken beat territory, with lush chords accompanying the vocals. Central Avenue fire things up slightly with a tightened groove and captivating keys, while Patrick Green contributes a groovy, deeply thumpin' vocal dub to the package. The Dharma Project takes the track to deeper grounds, giving it a slight techy edge thanks to the electronic synths and chords used.

Lorenzo al Dino featuring Beverley T. "Let life shine" (Part 1)(TriCircle Records CD Promo)

Summer 2003 saw the release of this wonderful production by Lorenzo al Dino on the now defunct Distance label. Featuring a sweet and sexy vocal performance by Beverley T., "Let love shine" is a quality feel good production on a soulful tip, complete with a wicked trumpet solo. Also from the original 2003 release comes an irresistible dub by Joey Musaphia that is all about a fiercely stormin' funktified backing groove and phat keys and chords. DJ Circle's brand new dub is the pick for peak time play with its tougher, slightly dark sound.

Bobby D'Ambrosio featuring Kelli Sae "Love forever more, Amen" (Grant Nelson Special Edit)(SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

Grant Nelson serves a  not to be missed interpretation of "Love forever more, Amen" where he reworks the massive club remix by Fabulous & Jones and takes it to the next level by spicing up the groove and twisting a few bits here and there. Vocal and instrumental edits as well as a full acapella are included in the package.

Souldynamic & DJ Roland Clark "Make a choice" (Tempogroove Records CD Promo)

With "Make a choice" by Souldynamic, Tempogroove present the second full release lifted from their previously reviewed Miami sampler. "Make a choice" features a powerful spoken word by none other than Roland Clark over a smoothly stompin' groove that is enriched with melodic keys and chords in its original form. The 'Bad Choice Mix' goes deeper and gives the track a slightly tougher feel thanks to spacy synths used. The Audiowhores offer a harder remix that is perfect for the bigger rooms and peak time play, with the driving beats and phat synths and chords creating a mesmerizing vibe. Beat and acapella versions complete the package.

DJ Pap featuring Cei Bei "It's the music" (Raisani Records CD Promo)

DJ Pap's "It's the music" finally gets a full single release after the original version was released last year on the "50 Degrees Dubai Heat" EP. The track features a sensual vocal by Cei Bei over a deep, groovy backdrop that is enriched with warm melodic keys to create a mellow vibe - thankfully an instrumental is included as well. Remixes are courtesy of Italy's deep house dons Harley & Muscle who rework the track into a wonderful deep, laidback affair featuring marvelous keys and classy strings over a deep yet smooth groove, while Rocco goes even deeper to give the track a kickin' interpretation complete with phat electrofied synths. On his dub, Rocco further intensifies the vibe with additional synth layers and jazzy keys added to give it a hypnotic touch.

Soul Purpose "Blow" (Defected Records CD Promo)

"Blow" marks Soul Purpose return to Defected, following up their highly successful "Salsa House". The original version of "Blow" is a rather minimal, deeply rumblin' track that create a hypnotic vibe on the dance floor through the deeply thumpin' beats & drumz, cool vocal snippets and catchy synth hooks. 'Ms Sax Mix' adds a beautiful jazzy sax and additional synths to give the track a melodic jazzy touch.

Exclusive Review: Big Cee and Julz "L.A. nightlife" (CD-R)

Big Cee and his partner Julz go deep again with "L.A. nightlife", a track that features warm melodic chords and vocals of Big Cee over a smooth'n'deep, yet fiercely stormin' groove, with the result being a mesmerizing track that will please all deep house headz and dancers. Dance floor madness guaranteed !!

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