Picks of the Week

Various "Da way it should be done EP" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

Image Consortium Muzik present a wonderful EP here that brings you a variety of artists. Donnell King presents "Galactic pleasure" which features sexy spoken words over a deeply rumblin', funktified groove that is enriched with jazzy keys and a wicked guitar. Jazz legend Nina Simone sees her classic "Black is the color" transformed for the dancefloor by Klearvision who turn it into a driving affair that has a deep and moody vibe to it. The second interpretation of the song is courtesy of Andy Tamashi who takes it even deeper, with a wonderful jazzy piano leading the way.

Andy Tamashi goes solo on "It couldn't rain 4 ever", a true deep house production with magnificent ambient-ish keys anc melodic chords that give the track a laidback feeling perfect for afterhours play. "Strength of a man" is produced by Jalal Johnson and features an outstanding vocal performance by Carolyn Victorian and wonderful jazz piano over a deeply thumpin', slighlty techy backing groove. The 'Acoustic Mix' adds a beautiful acoustic guitar and sweet percussion to give it a sweeter feeling.

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Gerideau "Changes" (4 Real Records CD Promo)

We haven't heard from Gerideau for some time, but now he returns with the Stacey Mallory produced "Changes", a wonderful song featuring a marvellous vocal performance by Gerideau over a deep'n'smooth backing groove that is enriched with a lovely piano, wicked keys, great strings and sweet female background vocals. The 'Underground Mix' toughens things up, taking it straight to way deeper grounds, with moody keys leading the way for the soulful vocals.

Byron Stingily presents LeJuan "Piece of meat" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

With "Piece of meat", Byron Stingily presents an instant classic that will stick in your head for a long time to come thanks to the wonderful vocals and beautiful music. The 'Original Mix' is a classic affair with a slight moody edge, while Quentin Harris adds his magic touch to it, using his trademark beats and synth lines to give it a deep'n'soulful feel. Ron Carroll's remixes are a bass-heavy affair, with warm melodic keys giving it a classic sounding. His instrumental lets the keys tell the story over hardened beats.

Exclusive Review: Estranjeros "Be my" (CD-R)

Estranjeros (David Montoya and Juan Flores) follow up their yet to be released "Salambo" with another great production. "Be my" is a powerful track kicking off with a relentless percussion enriched beat and a hot piano riff before wicked keys, a wonderful flute and sexy male vocals come in to create an intense feeling.

Exclusive Review: Beyonce featuring Shakira "Beautiful liar" (J & J's SoulTempo Mix)(CD-R)

Two of the sexiest ladies - Beyonce and Shakira - on this planet team up for "Beautifual liar" which has been given some commercial house remixes by Maurice Joshua and Freemansons. Thanks to J & J aka Jere McAllister (of Mr. A.L.I. fame) and Jaycee there exists now also a soulful'n'deep reworking that combines the sweet vocals with warm melodic keys, all arranged beautifully over a deely rumblin' groove.

Bongoloverz featuring Joyce Ouko "Cheza" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

The Bongoloverz return right ni time for summer with the uplifting "Cheza", featuirng vocalist Joyce Ouko. The track uses an irresistible, smooth tribal house beat as base for a lovely guitar, wicked horns and sexy vocals from Joyce Ouko. The 'Vocal Club Mix' uses catchy keys to intensify the vibe, with the 'Vocal Dub Mix' taking the acidic synths centerstage. Also included are three DJ tools (beats, hookapella and percapella) that invite you to get creative.

Yass featuring LT Brown "I go deep" (Grei Matter Records CD Promo)

"I go deep" is produced by Yass and Sebastian Grand (from the Funky Chocolate & Deeply Rooted crew) and features an inspiring vocal performance by LT Brown alogside a wonderful piano courtesy of Alexandre Destrez (St. Germain's keyboarder). "I go deep" is jazzy, deep and sexy at the same time, with a slight dark touch to be found as well. While the 'Main Mix' is all about LT Brown doing his thinkg vocal-wise, the 'Dubstrumental' is all about the keys and piano. The 'Extended Dub' is a nine minute plus extravaganza letting both the keys and vocals shine, turning the dancefloor into a frenzy.

Frank Degrees "O samba e" (Slip'N'Slide Records CD Promo)

Frank Degrees (his real name is Frank Degryse) presents an irresistible latin house production with "O samba e", a track that is spreading an uplifting feeling through the powerful groove, catchy brasilian vocal and wicked keys that create an intense vibe. The 'Extended Version' relaxes things just a little bit to give it a more laidback vibe, while the 'Frank & Moses Fussen Remix' turns the track into a summery, balearic flavored affair with sweet percussion and a lovely guitar.

Joe Rizla "Black Tie Affair EP" (Black Keys Music Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of the first release on this brand new label comes the follow up, bringing you two more great tracks. "Jack the dance floor" is a deeply rumblin' tribal-ish affair built around a percussion enriched thumpin' beat that gets topped with wicked spheric keys and female ad-libs. The second track is "Mind games", a stellar production featuring spaced-out keys over a deeply stormin', percussion enriched groove (reviewed here back in November 2006).

Mr. Fuzz presents Da Fuzz "The first time" (Gotta Keep Faith Records 2xCD Promo)

This is a massive project will be split into two separate releases to hold the ten version that will be included. These mixes are the result of a remix contest, with the best ones chosen. With "The first time", Mr. Fuzz aka Frederic Faupin presents a deep and groovy track featuring a sweet female vocal alongside wicked keys and lovely guitar in its original form. ORC (Organic Groove Continuum), Alex Dimitri, Georg Neufeld, DJ Rico, Randu Brusseto, Gramophonedzie and Spiritual Blessings provide the remixes, all giving the track a unique sounding. There is something for everyone in this splendid package.

Steal Vybe "Surface 2: The arrival" (Steal Vybe Sub Grooves Records CD Promo)

The follow up to "Surface 1" is called "Surface 2: The Arrival" and bring you three new slammin' tracks. First up is "Give back", a deeply stompin' track that is spreading a hpynotic vibe through the tribal-ish groove and laminar keys. Next is "Contact", a relentless track featuring lush spaced-out keys over a deeply thumpin' beat that is enriched with sweet percussion. Lastly there is "Monosoul", a more laidback affair using melodic keys over a smooth backing groove.

Wipe The Needle "Wipe the Needle EP 1" (Slip'N'Slide Records CD Promo)

Wipe The Needle is a Stockholm/London based duo deliering a phat three track EP of raw house grooves on a jackin' edge. "All I am" is all about dirty beats and a deep bassine, topped with spheric keys to create a hypnotic feeling. "Slaves" is a deeply thumpin' affair featuring male spoken words, laminar chords and acidic synths, while "Warehouse 88" is an old-school flavored, gritty acid-house track. A great selection of tracks to jack every dancefloor.