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Justin Imperiale "Deeper than EP" (Cabana Records CD Promo)

The long awaited premiere release on Cabana Reords is finally here, courtesy of Justin Imperiale who presents a fantastic three tracker. First off is "Deeper than", a journey into jazzy late night house grooves featuring a marvellous sax by Marcos and keys by Jerome, with Esteban adding the percussion to this wonderful production that is spreading a mellow vibe. Next up is "Jazz-a-nova", a track that melts deep house with the raw energy of jazz-funk, featuring Dennis (the Dragon) on keys and Ian Fisher on guitar. Fresh and full of jazz-funk flavors - a track to dance to. Last but not least is "From above", a spiritual journey into soulful deep house grooves featuring a beautiful flute by Joni Love alongside sweet percussion and fantastic spacial keys. What a terrifc release!!

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Jarrier Modrow "Rare soul" (Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

After the first ever house label in Brazil - Grooveland Music - kicked off strong with "Afrika" by e.deep, they are back with the equally strong "Rare soul" by Jarrier Modrow. His original version is a unique blend of acoustic with analogue elements that reflect their soulful influence on soulful dance music. Carlos Mena provides two remixes, with his 'Basement Remix' taking the track to deeper grounds, giving it a slight dark edge. In contrast, his 'Backyard Mix' features afro flavors and spoken words, turning into a laidback affair. Finally there is the 'Bossa Dub' by e.deep that spices things up with added brazilian elements and a richer groove.

Bruce Jeffers "Transitions" (4 Real Records CD Promo)

"Transitions" by Bruce Jeffers has been causing quite a stir already and has now finally been given a release by Stacey Mallory's 4 Real Records. The 'Main Mix' is driven by a truly funky bassline and featues smooth percussion alongside wonderful jazzy keys and a great xylophone, with joyous strings being included as well. The 'Vibe Mix' is a lovely varation that is on a more mellow tip thanks to the sweetened groove.

Larry Rauson and David Tobon "Divination with voices" (Rausonmusic Records CD Promo)

For his latest offering, legendary producer and musician Larry Rauson teams up with David 'Vibes' Tobon for an incredible thirteen minute workout that features a wonderful piano and magnificent synth lines over a smoothly thumpin' groove, with sweet voices enhancing the heavenly feeling of the track. Digital downloads of Larry Rauson's new productions are exclusively available at Dancetracks Digital.

Nikos "Bright like a star EP" (Under My Skin Records CD Promo)

Finally the wonderful "Bright like a star" is getting a full release after being featured on Roger Sanchez' "Release Yourself" compilation last summer. Starting off with a jazzy flute and sexy female spoken words over a smoothly thumpin', percussion enhanced groove before the melodic keys, sultry vocals courtesy of Nita Hutton and saxophone come in, this song is the perfect companion for warm summer nights with its sunny vibe. "Rhone", the second track of the EP,  features Alabama bluesman Rhone Fowler over a soulful, deeply rumblin' groove that is enriched with melodic keys and a wicked organ ride.

Mary J Blige "Seven days" (Underground Access Records 12")

The label credits the artist as MJB, but it is undoubtly Mary J Bllige whose "Seven days" has been given the makeover by Timmy Regisford who delivers a real delight with these laidback house takes that are based on a smoothly thumpin' groove and feature marvellous strings that give it an orchestral touch, with a lovely guitar and wicked keys enforcing the sweet vibe.

Stephanie Renee "Fever" (DeepHavenMusic Records CD Promo)

Deep Haven Music present a song perfect for the summer with its uplifting vibes written and produced by Marlon D and Sterling Ensemble, with lyrics and vocals by Stephanie Renee. "Fever" is a wonderful production featuring a deep bassline and marvellous melodic keys together with sweet percussion, creating a soulful musical background that serves as playground for Stephanie Renee's emotional vocal performance. With vocal, instrumental and dub versions to choose form, this is sure to become a favorite in the clubs.

Beyonce featuring Jay Z "Deja vu" (Pedro London Remixes)(CD-R)

Last week we brought you the 'Money Dub' of this Pedro London reworking of Beyonce's new single that features Jay Z, this week we add the vocal versions to it. The main version is a soulfully stormin' and funked up affair while the 'Hyped Mix' is pumping it up a bit more and adds some electronic keys and additional raps to it, turning out a peaktime affair. These mixes should be out on vinyl within the next two to three weeks.

Karol XVII & MB Valence "Drum in peace" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Poland is in the house! Indeed - they are with this production by Karol XVII and MB Valence who bring us the lovely "Drum in peace" which features great keys and drum breaks that will rock the dancefloors, with an enlightning spoken word message added as well. The mixes range from peaktime madness to deeper moments over to electro house, offering something for everyone to enjoy and dance to.

Christina Aguilera "Ain't no other man" (Pedro London Remixes)(CD-R)

"Ain't no other man" is the first single from Christina Aguileara's brand new longplayer "Back to basics", and Pedro London gets the honours for delivering an outstanding reworking of the song for the dancefloors that uses a fierce four-to-the-floor groove that harmonises beautifully with the wicked vocals, and part of the original instrumentation are sampled in a brilliant way. Wicked remix that tops the commecially available ones.

Kelis "Bossy" (Redsoul Remixes)(Virgin Records CD Promo)

What first started in january of this year as an edit/remix only a few selected people got hold of, is now getting a full release by Virgin Records UK. There are now two remixes by Redsoul to choose from, with the ' Remix' being a soulful yet heavily thumpin' 4/4 interpretation with wicked keys while the 'Onit Remix' is a pumped up affair built around a tribalish groove.

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