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Exlusive Preview: Domenico Ferruggia featuring M-Seilla "Nosso mundo" (Flyhigh Studio CD Promo)
Exlusive Preview: Domenico Ferruggia featuring Janet Dawkins "Come with me" (Flyhigh Studio CD Promo)

Spirit of House proudly presents you these two productions by Domenico Ferruggia (and we do have another production from him to bring to your attention in the near future). "Nosso mundo" features a passionate female vocal and spoken words by M-Seilla over an irresistibly groovy backing track that is enriched with a wicked funky guitar and wonderful jazzy keys. Together with the vocals, the keys give the track a fantastic latinesque feeling. "Come with me" features the voice of Janet Dawkins over a smooth yet fiercely stormin' groove that is topped with a sweet and emotional vocal performance alongside melodic keys and great horns that give the track a classic, timeless feeling.

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Exlusive Preview: Vacano featuring Sonya Vitale "All I want" (CD-R)

"All I want" is written and produced by Stephen Heart & Alan Scobie, and it is currently available for signing. Featuring the powerful and sexy voice of vocalist Sonya Vitale, "All I want" is an unplifting production featuring a lovely guitar and deep bassline together with jazzy keys, all of which are layered harmonically over the groovy backing track that is spreading a funky feeling.

Vincent Montana Jr. & The Philly Sound Orchestra featuring William 'Smoke' Howard "That's what love does" (Philly Sound Works Records 12")

Vincent Montana Jr., the legendary producer, arranger, composer and creator of the Salsoul Orchestra, presents a teaser from the forthcoming "Revival Project" album. "That's what love does" features the vocals of William 'Smoke' Howard and is full of the authentic Philly Soul sound and vibes, with the original version being on a laidback tip, having a '70s feeling to it - has this truly been produced just recently?. Louis Benedetti gives it a subtle rework, turning it into a smooth and lush garage house tune.

Fuzion featuring Nicole Wright "Beautiful" (Original / Soul Creation Remixes)(Fuzion Records 12")

George Mena & Franke Estevez team up with singer and songwriter Nicole Wright for "Beautiful", a fierce production spreading an uplifting feeling through the passionate vocals by Nicole Wright that are layed over an infectious backing groove that uses a driving bassline and wicked keys together with a lovely guitar that gets to full effect on the 'Instrumental Guitar Ride Mix'. The original mixes are now accompanied by Soul Creation remixes that give the song a timeless and classic garage outfit full of jazzy vibes thanks to the fantastic keyboard lines.

R. Kelly "Trapped (Part 1)" (DFA Remix)(FallOut Records 12")

Darryl James & Fred Mc Farlane aka DFA take on "Trapped in the closet (Chapter 1)" by R. Kelly and turn the r&b original (that is on a downtempo tip) into a thumpin' garage tune featuring sweet percussion and wicked keys, with the result being a soulful reworking that is speading an irresistible feeling.

Rokia Triore "Miriama" (UnRestricted Access Records 12")

Malian singer Rokia Triore is the latest to get the Quentin Harris & Timmy Regisford reworking as her song "Miriama" is turned into a powerful yet soulful Shelter anthem that combines the spiritual african elements of the original with that epic keyboard driven sound Quentin Harris & Timmy Regisford have invented. The vocal mix is lead by Rokia Triore's amazing voice, while the dub is on a rougher, bass-heavy tip.

Mood II Swing featuring Lauren "Magical life" (KingStreet Records 12")

The legendary house producers Mood II Swing (aka Lem Springsteen & John Ciafone) return with "Magical life" featuring vocalist Lauren Chaplain. The track is on a swingin' tip, based on a bumpin' groove that is created by a wandering bassline and tight beats that get topped with warm melodic keys and a smooth vocal performance that gives the song a soulful edge. And with that legendary and distinctive Mood II Swing sound to be found in the production, this track should be huge.

Various "Southport Weekender Volume 4" (suSU Records 2x12")

suSU Records present this phat double-12" featuring some exclusive tracks, selected by Tony Humphries and DJ Spen (who most likely will be responsible for the mixed CD reelease coming soon). The Tony Humphries selected 12" includes "Let the music" by Brent Laurence featuring Emily Mcintosh (coming soon on his own Tony Records as 12" release) and "Free" by Stephanie Mills - both in exclusive JK edits only to be available on this release. The other side includes a new remix of the Rosie Gaines classic "Closer than close" and "Love can be" by Donatella Movement. The DJ Spen selected 12" includes an exclusive remix and the acapella of "4 the love" by Karizma featuring DJ Spen, the Bohannon classic "Let's start the dance" and "That's what love does" by Vincent Montana Jr & The Philly Sound Orchestra.

Rhythm Slaves "As we go on" (ZooGroove Stereo Records 12")

Richard Gow, under his Rhythm Slaves moniker, presents the soulful "As we go on" featuring jazzy keys and sweet male vocals over a smoothly stormin', percussion enriched groove. His 'Deeper Mix' gives the song a more mellow and laidback vibe. Bobby & Steve provide the remix, adding more energy to the track by using a powered up, deeply stompin' groove.

Exlusive Preview: Earth Wind & Fire "The way you move" (Harbor House Remix)(CD-R)

Earth Wind & Fire just returned to the scene with their new album "Illumination" that includes the "The way you move" featuring Kenny G who gives the track that little something extra with his extraordinary saxophone play. Harbor House take on this great track and rework it for the dancefloor by adding a fiercely stormin' groove underneath the original music. According to rumours, it will be available on vinyl soon (look out for "I like the way you boot" by Harbor House).

Franck Roger "The Earthtrumental Project Part 3" (Real Tone Records 12")

Volume three of the "Earthtrumental Project" sees Franck Roger dropping two vocal free tracks. "Stormy seas" is a gentle deep house track with sounds and tones lent from the ocean, coupled with melodic keys and a deeply stormin groove, while "Dub life" is a deep percussive groover featuring electronic keys that is on a techy Detroit-ish tip thanks to the minimal tones included.

Classic Reviews

Glenn Jones "I am somebody" (RCA Records 12", 1983)

An uplifting club classic from the early '80s, featuring a wicked vocal by Glenn Jones over a bouncin', funked-up groove.

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