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Ralf Gum vs Dennis Legree & Inaya Day "Try me" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

"Try me" is a duet by Dennis Legree & Inaya Day produced by the hands of Ralf Gum and Benny Pecoraio for whom it is the first production after several great remixes. Their original version is an uplifting and catchy affair featuring slammin' beats and warm melodic keys that create wonderful harmonies, while giving the song an irresistible feeling. Roberto De Carlo provides the remixes, delivering a timeless soulful reworking on the vocal version that has a jazzy-funky flavor to it, being driven by a smooth yet fierce groove. On the dub, he intensifies the funky feeling, turning out a steadily grooving and totally irresistible track that will keep the dancefloors moving.

Aaron Ross presents Graceland "Call me" (Remixes)(Stalwart Records CD Promo)

"Call me" by Graceland (aka Aaron Roos & Andy Kremer) was originally released on Osiris Records back in december last year, however it didn't get the exposure it deserves. Gladly the french labl Stalwart give this song a second life with DJ Rork being responsible for the new interpretations. His 'Essential Mix' underlines the soulful vibes of the original and the sweet vocals by Lauren David by using jazzy keys alongside a smoothly stormin' groove and funky bassline, while the 'Fusional Mix' is a pumped up dub with a funky edge destined to devastate the dancefloors. Also included is a brand new dub by Aaron Ross that is reminiscent of Todd Terry's style, adding a New York flavor to the song. This new package should ensure that this great song is now getting the attention it deserves.

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Exlusive Preview: DSF featuring Lilian Siba "Mary you" (CD-R)

"Mary you", a track inspired by the lost of a good friend, is a fresj production by DSF from Greece that we bring to you as an exclusive preview. It features the sweet voice of Lilian Siba over a smooth afro house backing track that comes complete with a lovely guitar, jazzy keys and strings that together create a nice melodic feeling, while Lilian Siba is providing an emotional vocal performance.

Keith Thompson "Africa in your veins" (Waking Monster Records 12")

"Africa in your veins" is lifted from Keith Thompson's longplayer "Long time coming", with the release featuring a nice selection of mixes. Africa's Mahoota of BOP fame delivers an extended version that is built around smooth tribal beats and melodic keys, letting the smooth afro vocals and chants grow. David Skizo is providing two remixes: his 'Afro Blue Roots Mix' comes with a true afro beat and great guitar, while his 'Tribal Dub' is a more powerful affair with a stormin' groove. Keith Thompson himself provides the 'Joburg Dub' that slwos things down a bit, having a funktified afro vibe to it.

Exlusive Preview: Rasmir "If guitars could talk" (CD-R)

After bringing Rasmir to your attention with "Native girl" and "917" a couple of weeks ago, we now bring you his newest production "If guitars could talk". This track features a male spoken word vocal of one of Rasmir's poems titled "The package" that is placed over a percussion loaded, irresistibly thumpin' house groove that is enriched with jazzy keys and a wicked guitar that makes this track something special.

DJ Oji & Caroloyn Victorian "Everything U want" (KingStreet Records 12")

Baltimore's own DJ Oji teams up with local songstress Carolyn Victorian for "Everything U want", an uplifting production featuring a sweet and soulful vocal performance over a smoothly rumblin' groove that is enriched with a deep bassline, with the harmonic keys and lovely guitar giving the track a laidback vibe. The 'Demo Mix' comes with a tougher drum kick, giving the track a powered up, more driving feeling.

David Brown "Sea of love" (Smooth Agent Records 12")

The latest offering from Smooth Agent Records is the DJ Quad produced "Sea of love" by David Brown who provides a great vocal over a backing track of tight beats, lazzy bass and spacey keys, the result being a mellow late night groover. Sean Smith is fireing it up with a grooving bass, clapping beats and great piano line, letting the soulful vocals shine. The flipside features mixes by Kenny Carvajal who creates another one of his superb deep house journeys with lush chords and great keys over a smoothly stormin' groove.

Terry Hunter featuring Dana Divine "Be thankful" (DopeWax Records 12")

"Be thankful" is the collaborative work of Terry Hunter, singer Dana Divine and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales who is responsible for the beats and drums on this production. As you would expect, this is a drum heavy track having a jumpin' feel good vibe to it, with Dana Divine providing a great vocal performance alongside the catchy keys. The flipside features a broken beat mix courtesy of Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales that keeps the feel good vibe alive.

Steal Vybe "Electronic Arrangements EP" (WestEnd Tracks Records 12")

Chris Forman & Damon Bennett aka Steal Vybe prove their diversity as this three track EP is orientated towards elecontric music, moving away from the organic garage they are beloved for. "Techtronic" is a deep and groovy affair, with electronic keys and analog elements sitting on top. "Algorythm (here comes the sun)" combines lush chords, trumpet, jazzy keys and latin drums together with spaced out keys, creating a mellow late night gem. Finally, on "Odyssey" jazz house meets deep Detroit influenced house vibes, creating a melodic deep house journey.

Jephte Guillaume presents Eddie-F "Revelation (Part 1)" (Tet Kale Records 12" Test Pressing)

Jephte Guillaume continues to release spiritually rich house music on his own Tet Kale imprint. "Revelation" is featuring emotional vocals sung in french by Eddie-F over a thumpin' backing track full of percussive elements, with a lovely flute together with a sweet background chorus giving the track an uplifting feeling. The instrumental on the flip takes the song to a deeper vibe, letting the percussive elements and flute create an irresistible vibe.

M.o.D "Perfeccion musical" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Swiss duo M.o.D aka Juan Suanshine & Staf have been busy lately with various remixes and productions that gave them a worldwide reputation. "Perfeccion musical" is their latest offering, a production that is based on a fiercely stormin' groove enriched with various keyboard lines that make this track a choice for peak hour play. With four mixes to choose from and play around with, this one is guaranteed to rock the dancefloors.

Jihad Muhammad featuring Carolyn Victorian "Reflections" (UK Basic Records 12")

"Reflections" is a marvellous deep house track that is based on an irresistibly bouncin' groove that features infectious vocal hooks from Carolyn Victorian together with a jazzy instrumentation that includes piano and saxophone. Remixes are courtesy of JoVonn who offers a tougher dub which has a true underground feel to it thanks to the edgier beats used, while Iwanai Music provide a subtle reworking with a fuller groove and deep bassline.

Classic Reviews

Various "Underground Dance Music Vol. 1" (Big Beat Records 12", 1992)

This EP was considered a classic the day it was released as it includes gems such as "Holdin' on" by Michael Watford, "Spread some love" by Tony Ransom and "Sunday afternoon" by Rudoulpho.

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