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GU & Black Mamba "Your nativity" (Philosophie Music CD Promo)

After this young Detroit based label kicked off strong with the first release "Small minds" by Soul Tempo feat Lafayette Parker earlier this year, the follow up "Your nativity" produced by Glenn Underground and DJ Pap is guaranteed help the label build a reputation for wonderfully crafted, soulful house music. "Your nativity" features spoken female vocals over a deep and fiercely stompin' groove that is enriched with melodic keys and sweet percussion. Flip it around for a fantastic instrumental version that features an incredible jazz piano. Late night house music at its best.

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Sueno Soul featuring Lelani "A better love" (Stealth Records CD Promo)

The Sueno Soul collective (Alex 'Sueno' Wheeler & Domenico 'Dom' Navarra) presents "A better love" featuring vocalist Lelani, coming in a great variation of mixes. The original is a groovy and soulful affair featuring melodic keys alongside a sweet and sensual vocal, spreading an uplifting feeling. The 'Latin Magic Dub' by Domenico Navarra sweetens things up into a latinesque jam, featuring sweet percussion, lovely guitar and a great flute solo. Rocco gives the song a deeper vibe using a smoothly stompin' groove alongside the flute and melodic keys.

Inner Soul "Support your DJ" (Deeply Rooted House Records 12")

"Support your DJ" is a catchy deep house production featuring spoken male vocals by Daniel Thompson alongside both a jazzy piano line, vibraphone and sweet percussion over a smoothly thumpin' groove. This track is spreading a laidback feeling and also comes in a lovely driving instrumental mix and a dub mix on an old school tip.

Mr. Ali & Eddie Arroyo "Dance all night" (Unified Records 12")

After offering the premier release for Unified Records, Mr. Ali presents a great follow with the soulful and deep "Dance all night" which features a sultry vocal performance by Eddie Arroyo over a backdrop of warm chords, jazzy keys, sax, clarinet, trombone, deep bassline and shuffling beats. Be sure to check the second part of this nearly 11 minute track to hear all of the musical bliss. Ron Carroll provides the remix, adding a bumped up groove and looked keys.

Working Underneath featuring Natalie "Positive vibes" (Haus'Flor Records CD Promo)

For "Positive vibes", John Crockett & Charles Gattling aka Working Underneath team up with singer and songwriter Natalie Walker who delivers an impressive vocal performace. The 'Main Mix' is a warm and melodic production featuring jazzy keys over a deeply stormin' groove. The 'Working Underneath Mix' gives the track an underground feel, using kickin' beats and sleazy bass, with a jazzy piano line leading the way. The 'Deep Space Mix' is a twelve minture journey that has a techy feel to it thanks to the synth lines used, with the the mix starting off with a five minute instrumental part.

Steal Vybe featuring Stephanie Renee "After hours" (Quentin Harris Remix)(SpaceKat Records 12")

After the magnificent Steal Vybe remixes that are only available as digital download at Traxsource, Spacekat Records just released fresh Quentin Harris remixes on vinyl. These mixes feature the distinctive Quentin Harris sound that he is being worshipped for, coming your way both as vocal and instrumental versions.

Peven Everett "Easy livin'" (Unified Records 2x12")

Peven Everett returns with the wonderful "Easy livin'" presented by Unified Records as 2x12" reelase. This song is filled with complex arrangements and a tremendous vocal by Peven Everett, featuring a steady bassline, crisp beats, lovely piano and stellar guitar play. All mixes are spreading a lively and organic feeling, being on a groovy tip, spreading souful vibes all over.

Stereo Mutants present J&K Project "Say U want" (Bubbls Soul Records CD Promo)

Behind the J&K Project are Joe Biddle and singer Katie Tokus whose original version is on a jazzy tip featuring a great saxophone over a broken beat style groove that is enriched with a deeply rumblin' bassline. The Stereo Mutants transmit the track to the dancefloor by adding a fierce beats and wicked keys to it on their 'Island Mix', while on the 'Floating Dub' they use a stompin' groove to create a driving feeling.

Born To Funk "Souma bana" (SoulFuric Trax Records CD Promo)

Born To Funk (aka Ferdinand Lijnkamp & Mattijs Muller) present "Souma bana", their debut release for SoulFuric, a fierce and driving track. The 'Main Mix' uses a phat bassline together with wicked keys, saxophone and a catchy african chant over a stompin' groove to create an irresistible feelng. The 'Sono Di Koursou Mix' is a bit softer, using an afro house groove together with a hot guitar riff to enhance the groovy afro vibe of this track.

Euan Mitchell "Spirit" (Soul Tonic Records CD Promo)

Soul Tonic is a brand new label out of Leeds, England, that is kicking off with "Spirit" by Euan Mitchell. It is an uplifting production blending together jazzy elements with gospelish vocal chants and a soulfully stormin' house groove. Morten Trust adds a wickey jazzy keyboard line and a funked up bassline groove that underline the soulful jazzy vibes, while Seminal Grooves provides a smoothed down version based on a mellow bumpin' groove.

The Sura Quintet presents Manzo "D-Minor" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

SoulFuric present the Sura Quintet who present "D-Minor", their debut for the label under the name of Manzo. The 'Extended Main Session Mix' is a driving track based on a stormin' groove that is topped with an uplifting jazzed-up saxophone and lush keys, spreading an irresistible vibe. Christian Hornbostel provides the 'Deep Tribe Mix', turning the track into a tribal groover with a deeper edge, creating a more laidback feeling.

C Dock presents Dirty Rice "El matador's flow" (Jazzu Records CD Promo)

Charles Dockins will soon unleash his new label Jazzu Records. "El matador's flow" by Dirty Rice will be the first release, a wicked track featuring rolling percussion and catchy male vocal chants together with a spanish guitar and a thumpin' groove that is destined to trock the dancefloors. Beside the vocal version there is a lovely 'Dubmental' with nice breakdowns and a 'Loop Science Mix' that replaces the spanish guitar with spacey keys.

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Sub-Urban Soul "Domything" (SubUrban Records 12", 1993)

The first release on this legendary label by Tommy Musto (that now seems to be gone), including remixes by Victor Simonelli.

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