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DJ Pope featuring Lynette Smith "Addicted" (Hustle Music CD Promo)

'Addicted' to sing and dance to it is what this track will make you when you listen to it. Produced by DJ Pope, "Addicted" features an emotional and soulful vocal performance by Lynette Smith over a fierce backing music courtesy of Kerri Chandler that is absolutely irresistible, spreading the deep and soulful vibes Kerri Chandler is famous for, featuring sweet percussion and melodic keys together with a smoothly stompin' groove. An instant classic that will be around for a long time.

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Kimara Lovelace & Fanatix "Just a dream" (Home Records CD Promo)

Finally gonna be released soon (remember Spirit of House brought it to your attention back in march), this Fanatix production that features the incomparable soulful voice of Kimara Lovelace now comes complete with an instrumental and Reel Soul remixes. While the original are perfect for peaktime play with their pumpy edge, the remixes give the song a deeper, more mellow vibe featuring melodic keys over a smoothly thumpin' groove, bringing the sultry vocals to full effect.

Fish Go Deep with Tracey K "The cure and the cause" (Go Deep Music 12")

Ireland's Fish Go Deep launch the first release on their own Go Deep Music label. "The cure and the cause" is a delightful garage production on a soulful tip, featuring a strong vocal by Stacey K over a deeply stormin groove that is topped with a jazzy piano line and warm keys. Dennis Ferrer provides the remix that comes in both vocal and instrumental versions, giving it a tech-soul feeling by using sweet percussion together with sultry synths over a driving backing groove.

Roy Ayers "Remixed - Sampler Part 3" (BBE Records 2x12" Promo)

This is the thrid 2x12" sampler for the forthcoming Roy Ayers "Remix" album, featuring a couple of interesting remixes. Pepe Bradock delivers some groovy midtempo mixes of "I am your mind (Part II)", giving it a deep feeling. Mr. V takes on the same song, giving it a lovely bouncin' vibe that keeps it real, with the dub beiin on a deeper tip. DJ Marky & XRS deliver a drum'n'bass interpration of "Mystic voyage", while Jeremy Newall takes on "Mystic bounce", delivering a grooy downtempo reworking.

Blaze "Gloria's muse (the yoga song)" (WestEnd Records 12")

"Gloria's muse (the yoga song)" has been a favorite with many DJ since it appeared on the "Spiritually speaking" album. Long overdue, Danny Krivit and Karizma deliver remixes of this huge song that serve as a teaser for the forthcoming "Blaze Revisited" album on WestEnd Records. Danny Krivit's '718 Mix' is overflowing with various synthesizer and chord melodies, while his 'Beat Dub' is a sparser and deeper experience with latin piano notes. Karizma adds a chunky groove, giving it a more tracky feeling by keeping it deep and jazzy thanks to the piano.

Mix2Inside featuring Natasha Lew "Special love" (Pret A' Porter Music 12" Promo)

Pret A' Porter Music is a brand new label by Mix2Inside kicking off strong with "Special love" featuring Natasha Lew on vocals. Mix2Inside's 'Jumpin Vox' is an uplifting funky house jam featuring a lovely guitar and melodic keys over a bumpin' groove, while the 'Mr. Bords Dub House Floor' is a stripped down affair with a techy edge. Johnny Costa delivers the 'Latin Flowers Dub Mix' that turns the track into a latinesque groover. The last mix is courtesy of Luis Radio who gives the track a bumpin' outfit featuring warm melodic keys, creating an old-school feeling.

Africanism featuring KC Flightt "Voices" (Bob Sinclar Remix)(Yellow Records 12")

The timeless classic by KC Flightt that got originally released back in 1990 and has been huge ever since, has been reworked by Bob Sinclar whos intensifies the irresistible feeling of the original, using a fiercly driving tribalised groove as playground for the spoken vocals and background chants.

Bangana "Refresh" / "Bang bang bang" (Heya HIFI CD Promo)

Heya HIFI introduce new artist Bangana - to be precise not exactly a new artist, but an alias for the SUMO boys Alf and Combo that they will use for their tracky late hours material. On the first release under this new alias, Alf and Combo deliver two phat tracks: "Refresh" is a bouncey and techy affair featuring electronic keys that has an organic touch thanks to the voices added, while "Bang bang bang" is a track with clever breakdowns, built around bangin' beats that are topped with wicked keys and catchy vocals.

DJ Jeroenski featuring Jessie K "Wiser" (Refunkt Records CD Promo)

DJ Jeroenksi returns to Refunkt Records to follow up the success of "My one love". "Wiser" features Jessie K on vocals over a powerful groove that is enriched with sweet percussion and an aboslutely irresistible piano line that is giving this track a definite peaktime flavor. The breakdowns and the sweet and soulful vocal performance further intensify the irresistible vibe created by the piano.

Masterbuilders "Tony's groove" (CD Promo)

While we are waiting for the Masterbuilders longplayer that is planned for an early 2006 release, they give us a taster in form of "Tony's groove", a stompin' and discofied track full of funky flavors that is spreading an uplifting feeling through the feel good vocals and wicked groove.

The Funk Ensemble "Spanish Harlem EP" (Purple Music Tracks Records 12")

Upon the recent success of "Skunk", The Funk Ensemble return with a phat two track EP, where both tracks are set to rock the dancefloors whenever they get played. "Spanish harlem" is a driving funktified track with a spanish flavor courtesy of the guitar solo, while "Moon dancing" is an irresistible track that is spreading a hypnotic vibe.

Classic Reviews

Sole Fusion "The chosen path" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12", 1995)

Masters at Work aka 'Little' Louie Vega & Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales getting a bit techy and trancey with keys courtesy of Larry Rauson - a track made for underground play that still sounds fresh.

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